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photo speak A local craftsman display a sleek motorcycle showpiece made of Bamboo during the World Bamboo Day celebration at Nagaland Bamboo Development Agency (NBDA) Dimapur recently

photo courtesy: Caisii Mao

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October 13, 2012

Youth Net in collaboration with the Government of Nagaland presents Eclectic Young Leaders Connect-2 Eastern Mirror Plus introduces the Resources persons

Baijayant ‘Jay’Panda (Odisha) Member of Parlaiment (Lok Sabha)

Gaurav Gogoi (Assam) Youth Forum on Foreign Policy

Binalakshmi Nepram (Manipur) Founder, Women Gun Survivors Network, NGO

A young politician who is redefining Indian Politics. Elected to the Rajya Sabha in 2000, re-elected in 2006, he was elected to the Lok Sabha in 2009. Jay had helped to form the Young Parliamentarians Forum (YPF) and was its Convener.

Gaurav is the co- founder of Youth Forum on Foreign Policy, the Founding Secretary of Farm2Food Foundation- (A network of progressive Young farmers which is promoting sustainable farming) and has also worked as a consultant with Club of Rome. Son of Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, Gaurav is an aspiring young leader of tomorrow.

Binalakshmi is a winner of CNN-IBN Indian of the Year award 2011. She is the founder of Women Gun Survivors Network, an NGO based in Manipur. She and her team work towards uplifting women from the trauma and agony faced in armed conflict by helping them to find ways to heal the scars that decades of violence have caused to the community.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar (Bangalore) Entrepreneur cum Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha) Rajeev Chandrasekhar is successful man who is a chip engineer by training. He is an entrepreneur and a Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha representing Karnataka. Rajeev Chandrasekhar was a part of the team at Intel that built the first Pentium processors at Intel and was one of Intel’s fastest rising stars. Karma Paljor (Sikkim) Editor Business, CNN-IBN Karma Paljor is the Editor Business and specializes in covering civil aviation as well. He has bagged a number of awards, notable among them is the News Television Awards (March 26, 2010)-TV News Reporter of the Year. Having started with The Times of India in Mumbai, he moved to CNBC TV18 in 2001. Conrad Sangma (Meghalaya) Leader of Opposition A young Indian politician from Meghalaya. He was first elected to the State Assembly as NCP members in the 2008 state elections and became the youngest Finance Minister of the state government at the age of 30 in 2008. Pradyot Deb Barman (Tripura) Maharaja of Tripura Editor-in-Chief, The North East Today. Pradyot Deb Barman is the current King of Tripura. He received NE TV’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2004. Pradyot is the Founder and Editor-in Chief, The NorthEast Today. Moji Raba (Arunachal Pradesh) Film-maker and cultural anthropologist Moji Riba is a filmmaker and cultural activist from Arunachal Pradesh and recipient of the Rolex Awards for Enterprise (Associate Laureate). Rolex recognized Moji for ‘helping to preserve and document the rich cultural heritage of India’s Arunachal Pradesh’.

Rajkumar Imo Singh (Manipur) Member of Legislative Assembly Son of former Chief Minister of Manipur, the late RK Jaichandra Singh, Rajkumar Imo Singh is currently heading Manipur State Congress Party as the General Secretary and is a new generation politician and entrepreneur who is bringing about a change in his state. Jarpum Gamlin (Arunachal Pradesh) CEO, Eastern Sentinel & Partner, Radio Ooo La La Jarpum is a household name in Arunachal Pradesh. A corporate turned media-entrepreneur dabbling in both print and electronic media with a daily newspaper and a radio FM. Larsing Ming (Meghalaya) Owner Lajona FC and Center Point, Shillong Larsing Ming is currently the Managing Director for Centre Point Group Enterprise (CPGE) which include Ri Kynjai-Serenity by the Lake, Hotel Centre Point, Infrastructure Development Consortium, North Eastern Information Technology & Communication Services, Centre Point Entertainment Network (CPEN). Hasina Kharbhih (Meghalaya) MD Impulse Social Enterprise and Ashoka Fellow/Aspen fellow Hasina is the founder and CEO of Impulse Social Enterprise, a social mission driven company that aims to uplift communities and advance the mission for equitable human rights especially human trafficking issues, HIV/AIDS intervention, livelihood support initiatives for rural Northeast India. Bhairavi Jani (Gurgaon) Director SCA group Bhairavi is a fourth generation entrepreneur and a Director at SCA Group of Companies that started in 1896 and comprises of various companies offering unique and world-class services in the field of supply chain and logistics.

Baichung Bhutia (Sikkim) CEO, United Sikkim Football Club Famous Indian sportsman known as the First Poster Boy of Indian Football. He is considered as the torch bearer of Indian Football in the International arena. Baichung Bhutia was Captain of India for 10 years and played 100 plus matches. For his contribution in Football, Baichung received the Arjuna Award and the Padmashree. Chekrovolu Swuro (Nagaland) Archer, Olympian Chekrovolu is household name in Nagaland and our pride, Chekrovolu is an archer who represented India in the London Olympics 2012. She was a member of the silver medal winning team in the Archery World Cup 2011 held at Turin, Italy. Sushmita Dev (Silchar) Assam MLA Sushmita is a new generation political thinkers and activists, Sushmita is also a scion of a reputed political family spanning at least four generations.

Yirmiyan Arthur Yhome (Delhi) Photojournalist Yirmiyan Arthur Yhome is a photojournalist with the Associated Press, the world’s oldest and largest news agency. Her most recent film ‘The Test’ won the best film Award at the first Red Ribbons International Film Festival in Ghana. Fr. Abraham Lotha (Nagaland) Lecturer Fr. Abraham is creating a niche for St. Joseph’s College to be amongst the Best Colleges in the North-East. With high efficiency, innovation, right direction and positive energy, Fr Abraham has taken education in Nagaland to a new level.

Himato Zhimomi IFS (Nagaland) Commissioner Secretary Dept of Tourism

Gaina Kamei (Delhi ) IRS Gaina Kamei, IRS, after completing her schooling and pre-university studies in Nagaland went to Delhi in 1986 and completed her B.A. (hons), MA and M. Phil. She then joined the civil services in 1994 as an officer in the Indian Revenue Service. She is also an alumna of the London School of Economics and Political Science, UK and including the University of Duke, USA, she undertook diploma courses on Leadership and Excellence and International Taxes respectively. Abu Metha (Nagaland) Press Secretary to CM An alumnus of St Edmund’s School Shillong and Fergusson College, Pune, Abu Metha is presently the Press Secretary to Chief Minister, Nagaland. He was the Founding Editor of Eastern Mirror, one of the leading daily English broadsheet newspapers in the region. Theja Meru (Nagaland) Singer and Entrepreneur Theja Meru is a singer and entrepreneur. He was part of a band called Blood and Fire, a Chennai based band in the ‘90s. Today he heads the Rattle and Hum Music Society which aims to network musicians from both National and International levels- notable one being the Thailand-Nagaland Handshake Concert. Neingulie Nakhro (Nagaland) MD Unitex Inc. Neingulie is an Entrepreneur and Proprietor of Unitex, one of the biggest music stores in the North East. He is also a news reader and hosts talk shows for DDKKohima. Hekani Jakhalu (Nagaland) Director, YouthNet Hekani is the Director of YouthNet and a lawyer by profession. She has an LLM, degree from the University of San Francisco, and has trained extensively at Harvard University, American University in Washington DC, Amnesty International- San Francisco, Aspen Institute, Italy etc.. ...continued on Pg 4


Mirror Plus

Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | October 13 | 2012

story teller

The Little Coin Twist - by Agnes Tepa


e were little girls, and my sister and I wore many dresses which were the exact same color, the exact same material, the exact same design and pattern, the exact same length, with only a little variation in the breath, designed by our super Mom designer. And we never had any complains, about the dresses at least. In fact we loved it and we simply took every dress that came along in our stride. Those dresses even made us look like twins sometimes, I guess, because people on the streets would often ask us, “Are you twins?” or tell us, “You look like twins.” Though my sister Neinuo was a year and a half older to me, we almost measured the same in height, except that I weighed a tad more than her. Twins, when it came to dressing, perhaps, but total opposites when it came to personalities, we were.

The total opposite that I was, I was quick to talk back, quick to getting irked, quick to throw tantrums, to be in a huff, quick to being in the bottom in the list of people’s favorites. I guess I simply landed on the last nerve of other people effortlessly. This trait of mine became more evident to me when an aunt of ours was visiting with us one autumn. Winter was fast approaching and that meant school term was soon going to be over for the year. It was an exciting time and a little more pocket money never hurt especially during that time. In those days, pocket money was in terms of two rupees to five rupees. With a one rupee coin, you could buy at least two big slices of cake, or buy plenty of toffees, or at least four “Kecie Meetha”, or four cone-shapedpaper-wrapped “Chanas” or…, or,…. The list can go on and on and on.

Neinuo always scored A’s when it came to people’s favorite and I scored minus (-) A’s, let’s say? Always the sensible, sweet sister, she also scored A+ in my list of favorites. Unlike me, she most often chose not to talk back to elders, nor did she throw tantrums when she didn’t get things done her way. I don’t remember her ever sulking in selfpity or speaking out her mind aloud. She always had a steady rein on her tongue, I should say.

mirror time pass hawaii



To answer the trivia question, look for a word or phrase that is hidden in the puzzle, but not in the word list.

Trivia: When Captain James Cook Discovered the Hawaiian Islands in 1778, he gave the them this name. (Look for a word or phrase in the puzzle that is not in the word list.) Answer: The _________________________________ ____________________________________________

And a two rupee coin meant you could buy just the double of everything you can buy with a one rupee coin. And unbeatably, a two rupee coin was preferred over a one rupee coin. Now, in that autumn, when our aunt was visiting with us, a two rupee coin decided to twist its fate, the very day our aunt was leaving. It was still early in the morning, too early to get dressed for school

Across 1. In Jesus’ parable of the sheep and goats, on which side did he say the goats would be? 6. “God loves a cheerful ______.” 8. How many times a day did the priests burn incense on the altar of incense? 10. Whose son was Methuselah? 12. One of the rivers of Damascus in whcih Naaman wanted to dip himself instead of the Jordan River 13. What seer told David where the temple would stand? 14. “Do you love ____ more than these?” 15. “There shall come forth a Rod from the ____ of Jesse.” 18. This was one of the chief places in the land of Moab, later called Areopolis. 20. Of what material were tombs often made? 21. Where the Samaritan took the wounded traveler 22. This person’s coat was said to have been woven in one piece. 24. Jesus told the paralytic to “take up his ____ and walk.” 26. “You shall make the ____ of woven work.” (Part of the priestly garment.) 28. This is the mountain where Aaron was buried. 30. What book has the reference to Abraham as being God’s “friend”? 31. At what place in the wilderness did the Israelites encamp where there were twelve wells and seventy palms? 33. Jesus anointed a blind man’s eyes, and told him to go and wash in the pool of ______. 36. The first person who is recorded in the Bible to say, “I was afraid.” 37. An old priest who had very wicked sons 38. River beside which Ezekiel had some his earlier visions 39. What tree is mentioned in the first and last books of the Bible? Down 1. Previous name of Bethel; the place where Jacob had the vision of the ladder to Heaven 2. What happened to slaves at the end of seven years service? 3. Whose son was king Saul? 4. The material of which the waterpots were made at the wedding in Cana of Galilee 5. In which book of the Bible do we find the account of the fall of the walls of Jericho? 7. What was one of the things

book review and my sister and I were not even wearing the same dresses that morning. But somehow, some luck-fairy decided to make me appear like my sister Neinuo to my visiting aunt, for a brief moment. Before she said her goodbyes to the family, my aunt decided to have a moment with my sister all to herself. But mistaking me for my sister, she beckoned to me calling out my sister’s name. Completely ignorant of what she was about to do, I simply went towards her knowing that she was not calling me but my sister. And to my utter surprise and delight, she put a two rupee coin into my palm and said to me,

Bliss by Harry Bliss

The sense of an ending by Sentinaro Alley

“Here, Neinuo take this two rupee coin and buy some toffees for yourself at school, and don’t tell your sister anything about me giving you this.” “Oh!” I said to myself and then blurted out. “But, but… dear aunt, I’m me and not Neinuo.” My aunt was jolted out of her senses by my reply and reacted as if she was once blind but had just received back her sight and was at a total loss of words and muttering something to herself, she told me to keep the coin. She had no other option but to surrender her two rupee coin meant for my sister to me. That was how twisted the fate of the two rupee coin was, that day. Inviting short story writers. Through this page, Eastern Mirror aims to provide a platform for Naga writers to exhibit as well as hone their writing skills. Let the readers be provoked through your art of story telling. Interested writers can send their materials to


the prodigal son’s father up Moses’ hands 32. “King Ahasuerus ordered the servants to while the Israelruled over one bring for his son at his ites were fighting hundred twenty return? the Amalekites. seven provinces, 9. This man was a king of 28. What David used from _____ to Egypt. to soothe Saul Ethiopia.” 11. What were the angels 29. The Israelites were 34. The type of coat called that were at each given six special Goliath had end of the mercy seat? cities to which 35. “And he [Moses] 12. “Sallu, _____, Hilkiah and anyone might took the _____ Jedaiah. These were the flee for protecwhich they had heads of the priests.” tion. They were made, and burnt 13. Where did Samson die? called the cities of it in the fire.” 15. What Esau received from _______. Jacob in exchange for his Answer in next issue of Mirror Plus birthright LasT Week’s Answers 16. Who said,”Be sure your sin will find you out”? 17. I am the only daughter of Jacob. 19. What golden creatures were included with the Ark of God as a trespass offering when it was returned to Israel by the Philistines? 23. This is another name for the city of Thebes in Egypt. 25. In which book of the Bible is the account of the handwriting on the wall? 26. Who was the mother of Zebedee’s children? 27. This is the man who, along with Aaron, held

comic fun

...when every cloud has a silver lining.

on Julian Barnes’

n odd book for a Booker but we have seen worse books win it. It is a pretty small book too, more a novella than a novel but size does not really matter, and we have The Great Gatsby to prove that. “The sense of an ending” is about one man’s need for closure to a set of feelings locked away for life’s most practical and mundane reason - existence. It starts sunny and carefree talking of childhood bliss, a time that always seems to be better than the present. Back then, things were plainer: less money, no electronic devices, little fashion tyranny, no girlfriends. There was nothing to distract us from our human and filial duty which was to study, pass exams, use those qualifications to find a job, and then put together a way of life unthreateningly fuller than that of our parents, who would approve, while privately comparing it to their own earlier lives, which had been simpler, and therefore superior. None of this, of course, was ever stated: the genteel social Darwinism of the English middle classes always remained implicit. It is also the story of friendship between four boys -“If Alex had read Russell and Wittgenstein, Adrian had read Camus and Nietzsche. I had read George Orwell and Aldous Huxley; Colin had read Baudelaire and Dostoevsky”. More specifically between Adrian, Tony and Veronica. But you also get a sense that the story is not really about the characters: tony, Adrian and veronica but that of Julian Barnes for there are passages when you just know that the writer has shape-shifted into the characters and it is him that you hear. But that is just the backdrop to a story which is actually about Eros and Thanatos, about time and memory and more importantly about history. Not of the events that we read in the newspaper everyday or the ones that the history books tell us that shaped the world but the history of events, words, thoughts, misread and misunderstood. Those that led to the choices and decisions that made us who we are today, that brought us to the present we are at. And how this history from memory is flawed. Adrian says, “History is that certainty produced at the point where the imperfections of memory meet the inadequacies of documentation…It’s more the memories of the survivors, most of whom are neither victorious nor defeated”. It’s a nice thing that the book is tiny because in parts it reads like an old man rambling about his missed opportunities, the humdrum of old age and an absolutely loser-ish love life. And if you are the type who read books like you are saving the world by doing so or watch a lot of movies – you know what’s coming. The plot is predictable. It is very tempting to brush it off as a passable read because it will make you think of it for about a day and just like that it will be gone. However, once in a while a profound phrase will jump out on you, in almost an epiphany like fashion and when you’re trying to figure where that phrase came from, you’ll remember that it was Julian Barnes. Therefore, it is a good read if you have a sleepy afternoon all to yourself.

“These colorful autumn afternoons remind me of how much I despise winter.”

[“The sense of an ending” by Julian Barnes won the Man Booker Prize in 2011]

Mirror Plus

Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | October 13 | 2012


CAMPUS BEAT Dear inquisitive, animated young collegians. We dedicate this space for you, young minds to share thoughts and outlook on life on campus. Be it about your education, studies, love, life, sports, about teachers, your angst, heartbeats or even a poem or a footnote you scribbled during a boring lecture in the classroom…share. Also get to know what your friends in different colleges across the State experience and create a vibe. Or simply dedicate your fond thoughts of that someone, somewhere through this page! E-mail us at

CBSE’S upper hand over State’s NBSE “If you can’t be the change you can be the cause for the change” “Education” the very word which has diverse meaning. Everyone would define it according to their own view! Let me too define it in my way “Education is a tool which differentiates one person from another in every aspect of life”.


as a 12th standard boy would definitely suggest many changes for the education system mainly focusing NBSE. Me myself studying in a CBSE affiliated school now can express my views rather experience on shifting from NBSE to CBSE. I can definitely assure CBSE has got the upper hand over state’s NBSE. CBSE now following the C.C.E (continuous and comprehensive evaluation) not only assess a student only in academics but over ally. He/she can show his talents in co-curricular activities such as sports, debate, quiz, hobbies and various more, the same I can see in NBSE syllabus but with fewer efforts. Students follow the activities and other programs for only marks and teachers too want that without bothering they learnt or not. When the students are given project works they main copy it from the internet without actually gaining the knowledge about the subject given. These certainly need changes. In CBSE the students needs to write it in his own handwriting so whether he wants to learn or not he certainly does! And that’s what our system is lacking! Comparing a student from our state with other state I can certainly see a lot of differences. I can’t blame every student but some few boys and girls change the whole attitude of the student community in the state. I can write in a blank paper with my signature “Our system definitely lacks in education” let it be infrastructure, exposure to students etc. We still don’t have a good college or a university for higher education. Let’s forget that too. Our government can’t improve the infrastructure of the present schools/colleges too. The primary schools are breathing their last with no proper campus, teachers and overall lack of infrastructure! NO HELP


is shown yet. WHY? Government of the state you have the answer!! The private institutions are the ones giving quality and quantitative education, I assume we Nagas don’t care for money that much like the rest country does because of the special status but that’s why there is a hole in the education system. We never bother about the funds given for developing? We are happy to send our children to private institutions’ and if asked why not government school than people would say “Aya government School to bese low ase mui nemete (meaning Govt. schools are too low standard for them)” Why these? Is not it because of us? Why don’t we “wake up”? who would bring the waking up call? Kohima Science College (est. 1961) the oldest in the state too is breathing its last with no good infrastructure but thank GOD the toppers in the H.S.S.L.C examinations are mainly from these old institution. It’s still giving quality education and the students utilizing it in the proper way. Fashion!!!!! The worst influence in education in Nagaland. The education system definitely needs to change these. Students going for classes in Nagaland can be mistaken for “modelers” walking in the ramp wow its , unbelievable; but saw many cases of these. Dressing up as Koreans changing their school uniforms to casual wear and going to school without any discipline is what student’s lack and if these can change, education would definitely prosper in Nagaland. I know there is attraction between opposite sex but bunking class and staying together, enjoying the time is not an option or solution for the students at this age. we have the beauty but not the desire to take that as a career option. we lack the attitude towards career. So better change it. CBSE got marks allotment for games and sports, where as the NBSE schools don’t even have playgrounds forget that you would find schools in heavy traffic places too!! How could government give them licenses to open in those places?? Its a shocking

nimals make people feel good. But we’re talking about more than feeling glad when they’re around. Your favourite animal can make you healthy and help you stay that way. You may be surprised at just how many ways a pet can improve your health. Here are some of them. As natural mood enhancer It only takes a few minutes with a dog or cat or watching fish swim to feel less anxious and less stressed. Your body actually goes through physical changes in that time that make a difference in your mood. The level of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, is lowered. And the production of serotonin, a chemical associated with well-being, is increased. Reducing stress saves your body wear and tear. Better physical fitness People who own dogs tend to be more physically active and less obese than people who don’t. Taking your dog for a daily 30-minute walk will keep you moving and ensure that you meet the minimum recommendations for healthy physical activity. Two 15-minute walks, one in the morning and one in the evening, will do the same thing. And after that, just playing fetch in the back yard with your dog will earn you healthful dividends. Keep blood pressure in check Having a pet can help you manage your

truth which cant be denied by anyone of the state elder or younger. We have to think for the younger generation. “We simply borrowed these mother Earth from the younger generation, we didn’t buy it” Recently it was flushed in the newspaper that Nagaland school institutions’ does not follow the “bag weight age law” which states a student would carry a maximum weight of 10% corresponding to his weight. These I think certainly add much to the deplorable condition of the education system of the state. If the NBSE can have a look on these “Education in Nagaland has a good perspective” since many of the students are young. Some suggestions which I think the Govt. and School heads of Nagaland can adopt are: • Teachers from outer state should be given proper accommodation and security. • Salary package definitely needs to be revised. • School should arrange school buses for the faculty and the students. • Allowing of mobile phones inside the hostel for residential schools. • Board should try to follow the competitive exams pattern in their syllabus. • Exposure cum motivational trip must be arranged to boost the imagination of students.

* you just can’t get over with LoviNgLy bLowiNg your guest’s plate of steaming hot rice to cool it. * you do at least recognize the guitar chords ‘G’ ‘D’ and ‘C’. * you are either KOREAN or AMERICAN. If you’re neither, you are JAPANESE. And, if you are none of the three, you’re BOSTI-. * A white formal shirt with Adidas track-pants is still the coolest combo ever. * you still haven’t come around to realizing that there is a world of differ-

Some of the points above are given by the teachers who left the state board school and came to our present school following CBSE curriculum. Until government reacts to the raising plea of the students; Education System in Nagaland has a lot to improve upon in the coming future If the state has to make an entry in the national level of competitive world where education is everything and foremost.

* * * * *

ence between “half-pants” and “boxers”. You travel the town in your Boxers and still don’t realise they are underwear. you still find Nagaland police personnel Quaint and funny. your house is submerged in calendars from hundreds of unions. you have cured the power department at least once in your life. Christmas day is December 24th’s night. you still can’t help turning to stare at a woman driver

twice. * your mobile phone always seems to have “network” only in places teeming with people. * something bad happens and you first question is “Which tribe”. * you never throw away empty soft drinks plastic bottles-they make wonderful water bottles. * some one lands an awful ‘Boil’ and you naturally conclude its because he never Bathes.. Chubakhumba Chang


Breeze brushes by, Tinkles the wind chain, Softly the sound wakes me, A bright day awaits, Darkness I see no more. Smile to God in prayer, Cuddle in His bosom of grace. Until breeze no more I feel, Tinkles O’chain no more wakes me, But brighter than today, A day I’ll wake up to, To embrace Him finally. There, my Perfect Morning. - Kikruneinuo ZB Liezietsu

Thank you Yours Truly Mann Vam De Sainik School Punglwa

It’s muddy when it rains It’s dusty when sun shines The road wasn’t comfortable You need someone to row Lest you never reached Tiresome it’s a journey But joy and joy when you saw The greenly that covers the village I took a view and satisfied But when I raised my lights to see A cross far a top the hill I’m sure there is a flowers valley Longing to see is my heart Then I rest my head and agreed that life’s is alike A difficult life it is But why don’t I long for paradise? Where it’s more than flowers? I curse myself, why life is not easy But again, I remember the road was narrow A few travel and few reached Lord I want to be there The flower of life valley With your Red, I’ll walk Step by step, but always forward. By: Wedekhro Naro Kohima College

KEEPING PETS CAN IMPROVE YOUR HEALTH blood pressure. In one study, pet owners had lower blood pressure and lower heart rates during rest than people who did not own a pet. That held true whether they were at rest or undergoing stress tests. Another study showed that children with hypertension lowered their blood pressure while petting their dog. Good for the heart Research has shown the long-term benefits of owning a cat include protection for your heart. Over the 20 years of one study, people who never owned a cat were 40% more likely to die of a heart attack than those who had. Another study showed that dog owners had a significantly better survival rate one year after a heart attack. Overall, pet owners have a lower risk of dying from any cardiac disease, including heart failure. Fewer strokes among cat owners Researchers aren’t sure why. But cat owners have fewer strokes than people who don’t own cats. It’s partly due to the effects owning a pet can have on a person’s circulation. But researchers speculate that cats may have a more calming effect on their owners than other animals do. It may also have


with Dr Michael Imchen

B.V.Sc & A.H, M.Sc.A.P.M,C.USG & R. Veterinary Surgeon Animal Concern, Circular Road

something to do with the personality of a cat owner. Cats often become the focus of their owner’s interest, which diverts them from other stressful worries. Managing arthritis together If your dog has arthritis, you can use the effort to manage his to help manage yours. When you make an appointment at the vet, also call and make your own doctor’s appointment. Regular exercise is important for both of you, so walk with your dog. Keep your medicine in the same place you keep the dog’s. That way you’ll see it when you get his. And if you can, coordinate taking your medicines at the same time you give him his medicine. People with rheumatoid arthritis benefit from movements like walking and throwing a Frisbee with their pet. And pets give you a distraction that can help take your thoughts off of your own condition. Sometimes just their presence can make you feel better. Fewer allergies, stronger immunity and asthma prevention Researchers have found that when

children grow up in a home with a dog or cat they are less likely to develop allergies. The same is true for kids who live on a farm with large animals. In addition, higher levels of certain immune system chemicals show a stronger immune system, which will help keep them healthy as they get older. Pet allergies are one of the most common triggers of asthma. But researchers have studied the effects of having cats in the homes of infants at risk for asthma. What they found was that those children were significantly less likely to develop asthma as they got older. There’s one exception. Children whose mothers have a cat allergy are three times more likely to develop asthma after early exposure to cats. Helpful for children with Autism Sensory issues are common among children with autism. Sensory integration activities are designed to help them get used to the way something feels against their skin. Or it may be how they react to certain smells or sounds. Dogs and horses have both sometimes been used in these activities. The children usually find it calming to work with animals. And animals easily hold the attention of children with autism. The benefits of keeping a pet is immense provided it is two way process. And it should not be just for the sake of keeping one or for that matter as a status symbol just like some of us. Pay attention to your pet’s health by visiting your veterinarian regularly, deworming and vaccinating your pet regularly or else it will be the other way round. (Dr Michael Imti Imchen can be contacted for pet and animal care related queries and concerns at mikeimchen@ Mobile-09436072892)



Mirror week-ent

Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | October 13 | 2012

...continued from Pg 1 Avalok Langer (New Delhi) Senior Correspondent, Tehelka Avalok Langer studied Political Science at the University of Delhi. He worked for two and half years at NDTV, mostly on shows pertaining to youth affairs. For Tehelka, he reports largely on conflict, social and political issues, the Northeast and is branching out into East Asia. However his core area of focus has been the Northeast.

Native Trax Society th 4 Music Awards of Nagaland EM News Network | Imti Longchar

3 Tetseo Sisters, a winner of the Trailblazer Award performing at IMC on Friday

Norden Wangdi (New Delhi) Fashion Designer Norden Wangdi, a name synonymous with Fashion, is a product of the prestigious National Institute of Fashion Technology from Delhi. His label with his wife Aparna known as “Aparna & Norden Wangdi”is distinctive as a unique interplay of colors, fabrics and textures.

5 Guest of honor RG Lyngdoh, former Home Minister, Meghalaya captivates the audience with a harmony on the Blues harp (Harmonica)

Mami Varte (Mizoram) Singer/ entertainer Mami Varte began singing at the age of 13. After the release of her debut album ‘Damlai Par’ in 2007, she has performed all over the Northeast and in different parts of India. She has won many prestigious awards in Mizoram. She also recently performed at the ‘Coke Studio @ Mtv’ Season-2 with a song directed and produced by Mr. Shantanu Moitra. Bano Haralu (Nagaland) Journalist Bano Haralu, a pioneering television journalist in Northeast India, has experience of both pre and post satellite era of the Indian television industry. In a career spanning two decades, she has worked with government – controlled Doordarshan and privately owned NDTV. She returned to Nagaland in 2009, where she is currently managing a Biodiversity and Wildlife Conservation Project. Lezo Putsure (Nagaland) Founder Smarter Nagaland & YouthNet Strategist Lezo Putsure is the founder of Smarter Nagaland and also the strategist at YouthNet. He returned to Nagaland in 2011 to set up his own firm .In partnership with YouthNet SN formed Nagaland Job Consultants – a job Placement agency and NCDC- A soft skill training institute which has helped private employment and also polished the skill set of local Naga Youth’s .


3 Rongsen Longchari being presented the ‘Song of the Year’ award for the song “Prayer” by chief guest Himato Zhimomi, Commisioner & Secretary, Tourism

AND THE WINNERS ARE: Song of the Year: Patron Award: Trailblazer Award:

Rongsen Longchari for “Prayer” Mr Himato Zhimomi (IFS), Commissioner & Secretary Tourism (a) Tetseo Sisters (b) Alobo Naga Best Music Video: Still Rhyming for “Give peace a chance.” Best Video Director: Charles Crezen Topno for “Give peace a chance” Best Sound Engineer: C Teeya Imsong (Tribes Music & Media Lab) for “A Khawahie yi” (Vizho Thakro) Best Gospel Song: Vizho Thakro for “A Khawahie yi” Best Producer: M&M Mediaworks for “Life goes on” (Imli Lee a.k.a Dejavu)

5 Benathung Humtsoe, winner of the Best Rock (Soft/Alternative) song performing at the show

Best Folk Fusion Song : Alem Alia Jamir & Ethnic Team for “Live a better life.” Best Pop Song : Alem Alia Jr & Kenei Chale for “Book of love.” Best Hip-hop/Rap song : Imli Lee ( Dejavu) for “Life goes on.” Best Rock (soft/alternative) song : Benathung Humtsoe for “On the right track.” Best Rock (metal/heavy) song : Cadence for “Journey of life.” Music Awards of Nagaland is an annual event instituted in 2009 with the aim of finding the best original songs and music videos recorded within Nagaland every year and to show case the talents of local singers and musicians beyond the confines of our State .

Ruthless Sabotage wins ROCK+ Longleng audition Heavy rains prior to the auditions did not stop the youth of Longleng coming forward to witness the band audition and also show their solidarity to the ROCK+ campaign. EM News Network


our bands auditioned with Ruthless Sabotage eventually emerging as winner. The first runner-up went to Rebirth and second runner-up was Eternal Soul. Nukshinaro, GIPA Coordinator, delivered a brief talk on the campaign and also said that in order for the positive people to come forward and get involved with society we need to show more care and concern. Sashing from the Drug Users Community also gave a brief motivational talk. Bauong Phom – Naga Orpheus 2012 participant, presented a few songs during the concert.

Earlier during the day, Dr Limaakum Jamir Jt. Director NSACS shared about prevention of HIV/AIDS with the students of Mt Carmel School. The Red Ribbon Club members of Yingli College also participated at the event. The 4th Phase Multi-Media Campaign (MMC) kick started in Mon on October 9. the campaign aims to promote awareness, compassion, education and support on the issue of HIV/AIDS and will culminate at Dimapur on November 3. The NSCAS Rock Plus now moves to Mokokchung where the audition is scheduled on October 13.

Chef Shangreiwon’s

Ruthless Sabotage members pose with Brand Ambassador Kokliba



METHODS: 1. Preheat the oven to 200°C.

For the crumble: Flour Oats Caster sugar Butter

50gms 25gms 25gms 40gms

FOR THE FILLING: Apple Sugar Water

200gms 50gms 20ml

2. Peel and cut the apple in to chunks.

Put the apples into a pan with the sugar and water. Cook over a low heat for 5 minutes and place in a small ovenproof dish.

3. Place the flour, sugar and oats in a bowl and mix well. Cut the butter into small cubes and add this to the oats and flour. Mix until it resembles an even crumb texture. 4. Cover the apple with the crumble mixture. Bake for approximately 20 minutes or until the crumble is golden brown. 5. Serve with cream and garnish with a sprig of basil.

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