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photo speak Steaming chow mein on sale being forked up by the owner of a stalls at Signal Basti evening bazaar on Friday evening

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January 12, 2013

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kids smile through a haircut Vishü Rita Krocha | EM News Network

And while children are engrossed in soothing music in a room full of bright, colourful toys and activities, accompanied by children stories being narrated to… an additional perk for the mother with a complimentary service of having their eye-brows done, their nails painted, etc, says Ayula Longchar on Hairy Poppins excusive salon for kids


hile getting a new hair-cut could mean a lot of fun for the young, modern generation, it isn’t for most kids who get hysterical at the very mention of it. “Hairy Poppins”, the only exclusive kids’ salon in the state and amongst the very few spread across the nation, comes as a saving grace to many young mothers who struggle with convincing their young children on this aspect. Strategically located amidst 3-4 schools in Dimapur at Duncan Junction, near Hope Academy School, Hairy Salon serves as a one stop solution for young mothers with children and is more of a playful saloon providing a complete indoor adventure for kids. The neatly decorated salon with colours that perfectly fits the taste of children also houses chairs made of toy-cars/bikes, and for little girls, cute pink-coloured princess chairs, giving choices for children to choose from. And while children are engrossed in soothing music in a room full of bright, colourful toys and activities, accompanied by children stories being narrated to, the little ones leave as happy customers, having the main objective of a hair-cut fulfilled, besides an additional perk for the mother with a complimentary service of having their eye-brows done, their nails painted, etc and the kids with a small gift of balloons, lollipops, and the like all for a good deal of Rs. 200/-. The brainchild behind this rare concept of a kids’ salon: Ayula Longchar, is completely a corporate person in her own words, and not very surprisingly, she has been in the corporate world for over a decade now. But the only thing that has driven her to establishing such a unique venture is her love for kids even as she confesses, “I have always wanted to do something for children.” Hairy Poppins comes as a result of having 6 niece and nephews, and the difficulty associated with getting their hair cut. ‘There are many parlours in Dimapur but it’s all for women; and while men get their haircuts easily done from some small barber shop, there is no place especially for small boys”, she states even as she cites instances of her nephew’s horrifying experiences of getting a mere haircut done. This is really how the idea of a kids’ salon came into being, but beyond that is her love for a hometown she always wants to be connected with. Although, having married and settled in Delhi for the past few years, she professes that, “I will always be a Naga wherever I am”. She currently works as a Senior Unit Manager in an MMC but she is definitely glad to have something of her own back home, which would also naturally give her more reasons to visit more often. And of course, it was also because she wanted to do something for the place she came from… as she goes

on to say, “It’s like giving back something to the society.” For the most part, she is also happy to have provided employment to 6 people at Hairy Poppins. When she started, she confesses, that the toughest part of the venture was not the procurement of stuff, which were directly sourced from Mumbai but hiring the staff “because I just didn’t want the best stylish, but I was also looking for good personality, someone who can smile and make a child feel at home.” “For me, it’s not just cutting the hair but also having a good time”, she says, and goes on to speak of one of her employees who is excellent with kids, tells them stories and keeps them engrossed in beautiful things as they get their hair done. That, well, is a tough job because it requires baby talks, ask them things like, “what’s your name”, etc, considering children can barely sit happy in a car for 5 minutes and start getting itchy, irritated, she explains. In all, it takes the attention of 3 people to get a single kid’s hair done…since they move a lot and also, more importantly, to ensure the safety of the kids. Money is important, she says, but emphasizes that “quality is more important for me”. Well, it looks like all the effort and hard earned money she has invested into the venture has paid off. While she confesses that for the first 6 months, she was not even thinking of profit, in flat 5 months, there are those who have already shown interest for “Hairy Poppins” franchise in places like Gangtok and Mumbai. The next desirable destination would be Kohima, she expresses even as she hopes to partner it with anybody interested in it. Understandably, she is quite taken in with the response and gratefully puts across, “by God’s grace, it’s better than what I expected… beyond my prayers and expectations.” “My dream and vision is to give a place for young parents with kids….that a little bit of burden is removed from them”, she says. While on the other hand, she also makes sure that her employees are content and happy. “I come from a corporate world and I know what it means to get your salary on the 1st of every month…we do have a small celebration for their birthdays, give them a half day on such occasions, it’s a positive environment”, she enlightens and goes on to add, “if my company does something for me, it is natural to put in 10% more of my effort…if I am happy and content, my work also shows.” “It is important to look into the welfare of your employees”, the graduate from S.D Jain College Dimapur further puts across. The lady who did not want to be stuck with government job or felt that she was not born to sit behind the desk, as she puts it, feels that Nagaland is in one phase where it can really really become a good city if only people do something for the society. It is also her hope that young people would invest their knowledge and skills they have acquired either from within the state or outside to good and proper use. As for her, she decided to do something for herself and improve the quality of her life as well, and for everything, she states with gratefulness that, “God has been good…and whatever we plan and succeed, we first give glory to God.” Having lost her dad some years back and with no brothers, she is also thankful for supportive brother in laws.

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Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | January 12 | 2013


y hands were frozen. My back, beneath layers of clothing, was trying hard to retain some body heat, while my feet also remained frozen cold inside my woolen pair of socks. Still I hurriedly put on my shoes and cleansed my watery nose with a handkerchief, turning the tip of my nose redder in the process. Despite the cold, I loved winter. There were just so many things good things winter brought along. And one of the best things it brought along was the opportunity to visit my grandparents who lived in one of the most beautiful villages lodged in the valley at the base of the Kapamodzü Mountains. That particular winter I was all the more eager to visit them because we were taking along my little baby brother, for the very first time, to the village. My two month old brother became the centre of attraction in the family. He was fair and pink and the cutest of all. Everyone seemed as if they couldn’t get enough of him and I loved to be on guard by his side whenever the opportunity arose. Also, I was eager to meet my paternal grandfather because I knew he would reward me for passing my fifth standard in first division. It well pleased him to know that I and my siblings passed in good grades and he always rewarded us handsomely. My mother packed our bags and I felt so lucky that I along with our baby brother were the only ones amongst our siblings going to the village, with our parents, this time. Apart from the driver, there were two others, distant relatives who helped us at home, going along with us. We had our afternoon tea and when the jeep was all loaded, I excitedly climbed it up and sat in the rear seat. My mother was in the front seat holding my baby brother who was all bundled up in warm

story teller

A Winter Journey - by Agnes Krocha Tepa flannelled cloths and woolen blankets mother had lovingly knitted. My father sat by them and we were soon on the road in full highway speed. It was then father and I started singing our usual on-the-road choruses “I’ve got peace like a river, I’ve got peace like a river,” ‘Thank you, thank you Jesus, thank you, thank you Jesus” and so on. The short-lived winter afternoon was soon shrouded by darkness. But my baby brother never once cried. We only stopped once to change his nappy. And as the jeep strongly drove us up the winding and steep hills, father and I took a break from singing and I started to feel sleepy. I did not know when I felt asleep but when I awoke, our jeep had come to a halt. I knew we hadn’t reached our village yet because I heard someone shouting outside in the dark. I did not understand why we were made to stop in the middle of the highway on a dark winter evening. But I had no time to wonder because a fierce looking young man soon came close to the jeep and ordered us all to get down. When we got down from the jeep and my eyes adjusted itself to the darkness, I discovered that there were many other vehicles also stopped and its passengers made to kneel in the drainage by the roadside. We asked no questions and obediently knelt in the drainage in the biting cold.

mirror time pass Niagara Falls



To answer the trivia question, look for a word or phrase that is hidden in the puzzle, but not in the word list.

Trivia 1: This French explorer is credited as first European to discover Niagara Falls in 1604. Answer: ______________________ (first and last name) Trivia 2: The two major sections of Niagara Falls - the American Falls and Horse shoe Falls-- are separated by this piece of land. Answer: _____________________________ (two words)

The people who made us do so were angry men in camouflaged uniform. I was too naive to figure out whether they were the Indian army or the police men or some of the underground militants. I was not interested to know either. I was angry too. The angry men continued to shout in unintelligible angry tones while firing gunshots into the air. They walked up and down the road in front of a long row of kneeling people in the ditch. Whenever they fired shots into the air, I was shivering, not with the cold but with fear and trepidation of who they are going to shoot at next. I sensed that the adults kneeling in the ditch were equally fearful. I could even hear some muffled sobs coming out from some women kneeling nearby. My mother, however, put up a brave front. She seemed neither afraid nor was she shivering like me. My father seemed a little tensed and understandably so. I dared not to cry or to speak. I simply watched the whole drama of gun shooting in the air and angry words lashing out of the angry men marching to and fro in front of us and communicating with some people over the wireless phone, while we knelt down in the cold ditch. “When are they going to shoot us?” must have been the one question that crossed the mind of everybody kneeling in the ditch that pitched black night. I had

ACROSS 2. Bible book, woman’s name 5. According to 2 Peter 2:22, a dog returns to this 7. He was born of a virgin 9. Precedes Obadiah by two 11. Nehemiah said “Oh no!” when invited to a meeting on this plain 12. Ephesians 1:7 says that we have redemption through Christ’s ___ 13. Ishmael’s younger brother 15. Isaiah prophesied that this king would release Israel from captivity 16. Precedes Amos by two 18. Eight people were saved from a flood in one of these 19. Ten Commandments given on this Mount 21. Judah’s daughter-in-law 23. He defeated Goliath 25. He was fish food 26. Esau came into the world this color 27. In Romans 10:2, Paul spoke of people who had “___ without knowledge” 28. A sower went out to do this 31. The person in Potiphar’s household who tempted Joseph to sin was what relationship to Potiphar? 32. Here, God planted a garden 33. Took forbidden booty from an Israelite war campaign, hid it under his tent, and died as a result 34. Peter said that if a Christian woman lives a godly life, her husband might be ___ without her saying a word Down 1. He pitched his tent toward Sodom 3. James 2:19 says that devils believe and do this 4. In Acts 10, Peter experienced one of these 6. Where Paul was when he had a vision telling him to go to Macedonia 8. In the O.T., the people frequently were said to lift up their ___ to God 10. Laban’s daughter, and Jacob’s first wife 13. His sons were Shear-Jashub and

made up my mind for when that moment comes. I was very angry with the angry men and for whatever reasons they made us kneel in the ditch and stopped us from travelling to our destination, I was not going to let them shoot at my little baby brother and mother. So, I prepared myself and decided that just when I sense that they are going to shoot at us, I would stand right in front of my mother and my baby brother and protect them by letting them shoot at me instead. “If they intend to shoot us, let them shoot me but not my baby brother and mother,” I said to myself. Such was the courage I gathered for myself when all of a sudden somebody shouted, “You can all go back to your vehicles. Now!” A deep sense of relief washed over the entire community of people who were forcefully made to kneel down in the ditch that winter night. I was relieved beyond measure that my little brother’s life was spared and ours was too. We slowly climbed back the jeep and continued on our unfinished journey. Nobody talked much about the horrifying ambush throughout the journey. My parents were probably worried about what my grandparents would say about travelling with their grandchildren at such a time. And we all did wonder who made what kind of negotiations to let us go free. I simply labeled that journey as one of the best of times in the worst of times and thanked God that we could go on our winter journey again. Through this page, Eastern Mirror aims to provide a platform for Naga writers to exhibit as well as hone their writing skills. Let the readers be provoked through your art of story telling. Interested writers can send their materials to

Maher-Shalal-Hash5:14 we are 31. Paul admitted Baz commanded in Acts 22:4 14. During his so-called to support the that before he triumphal entry feebleminded was a Chrisinto Jerusalem, and the ___ tian, he had Jesus rode on one 30. Jesus said to it, persecuted of these “Peace, be still!” “The ___” 17. He gave up a rib Answer in next issue of Mirror Plus 20. He named the animals LasT Week’s Answers 22. He offered a moreexcellent sacrifice 24. A paralytic’s friends made a hole in this to get him to Jesus 25. An epistle containing only 25 verses 26. Rachel’s weeping voice was heard here 27. Another name for Jerusalem 28. Separates us from God 29. In 1 Thessalonians

Bliss by Harry Bliss

comic fun

... knowing where you are on life’s map.

“January 11. Still struggling with the novel. Chopped more firewood.”

Foods you should eat to stay happy Here's a list of foods that have a de-stressing effect and boost your mood


f you’re an emotional eater, chances are that whenever tragedy strikes, you probably go running to seek comfort in ice creams, desserts and cookies, pizzas, burgers, etc — basically foods that are loaded with sugar and fat. However, you know that no matter how much a soothing effect these foods have on your emotions, they aren’t really great for your waistline. But still you gorge on them in times of despair and get racked with guilt later. We give you a list of healthy foods... Nuts Walnuts and almonds are the healthiest of all nuts. Nuts are fortified with the B group of vitamins, magnesium, zinc and omega oils that helps to keep cortisol (a stress hormone) levels low. Also, they are a good source of energy, balance out sugar cravings and aids metabolism. The monounsaturated fats present in nuts help in curbing overeating. But there’s no need to go overboard with nuts as they have high calories. Stick to a handful; say about 10-12 nuts daily. Broccoli Broccoli is considered as one of nature’s superfoods. It’s rich in folic acid that helps in reducing stress and irritability. But if you’re still averse to eating steamed or stir-fried broccoli, then eat it with a low-fat version of your favourite dressing. Salmon If you’re a seafood lover, then you’ll definitely relish this option. Oily fish (including mackerel and anchovies) but especially salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which aid in optimum functioning of the brain. Low levels of omega-3 have been associated with poor blood and energy regulation linked with stress. This in turn, helps you to deal with stress effectively. Milk Drinking a glass of milk can boost your mood because it contains a compound called tryptophan, which gets converted to serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. Also, the magnesium, potassium and calcium content in milk help keep blood pressure in control. Lactium, a protein in milk has a calming effect on the body. Also, drinking milk reduces symptoms of PMS and boosts energy. Hot cocoa Having warm beverages tend to raise the temperature in the body by a few notches. And the feeling of warmth that we derive from a slight raise in temperature, which we often associate with comfort, triggers a similar response in the brain. Chamomile/Green/black tea Theanine, an amino and glutamic acid found in tea, reduces tension producing beta waves and accelerates the production of relaxation inducing alpha waves in the brain. A UK study found that having four cups of black tea daily for about six weeks lowers cortisol levels. Having chamomile tea is known to have a calming effect and is great for aiding good sleep. Did you know? The antioxidants present in green tea aid curbing physiological stress and also a genetic tendency towards stress called COMT gene. Berries Take your pick from a variety of berries like strawberries, raspberries and mulberries. Berries have abundant antioxidant properties that support brain function and blood circulation. Raspberries are said to contain the most amount of ellagic acid that improves liver functions, regulating cholesterol levels and eliminating toxins. Since berries are sweet, they are the healthiest choices to satisfy your sugar cravings. Beetroots This colourful tuber is a great source of folate also known as vitamin B9. This vitamin promotes functioning of the liver and the nervous system, which usually gets congested under chronic stress.

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Youth Potential’

YouthNet, Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT), Zynorique and Entrepreneur Associates Initiative


Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | January 12 | 2013

nleashing Youth Potential’ - A Skill building program which YouthNet tied up with Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT), Zynorique and Entrepreneur Associates with its main focus on livelihood and employment for the young people of Nagaland. Under this program the team aims to train Construction Manager for either a Construction Company or an Architectural Firm/Engineering Company which will make them employable for these agencies and also train youth Interested in Entrepreneurship. YouthNet - Zynorique- SRTT will focus on 15 Young people for a 3 month crash course to know what it takes to work ‘SMART’ in the construction sector. Training under this field will cover courses varies from Construction Related Letter/Bids/Offer Letters/Submission of Bills etc in Nagaland PWD format, BOQs and Schedule of Quantity, Autocad Orientation program Drawings , Google Sketch up, view 3D Drawings, printouts in Sketch up, On Site Practical, Understanding Working Drawings, Taking Measurements, Safety and Security Issues, Understanding Bar Charts and PERT charts. YouthNet - Entrepreneur Associates - TATA looks for 15 Young Entrepreneurs for a 3 month crash course B-school Business training starting. Training under this field will cover courses varies from Accounting, Communication, MS Office, cash flow, budgeting, Photoshop, Branding/marketing, Business planning, Client Value Creation, People Skills. Through this initiative YouthNet, Sir Ratan Tata Trust (SRTT), Zynorique and Entrepreneur Associates aim at providing livelihood and employment opportunities for the young people of Nagaland. After successful completion of the training and who clear the course exceedingly well, 15 Young Entrepreneurs also get seed finance and 15 Young candidates trained with interest in construction industry will be placed under construction experts and local contractors with definite job placement. Person interested for enrolment in this course can walk in to Nagaland Job Consultants for registration or can contact +919774644151 for further detail/information.

Dear inquisitive, animated young collegians. We dedicate this space for you, young minds to share thoughts and outlook on life on campus. Be it about your education, studies, love, life, sports, about teachers, your angst, heartbeats or even a poem or a footnote you scribbled during a boring lecture in the classroom…share. Also get to know what your friends in different colleges across the State experience and create a vibe. Or simply dedicate your fond thoughts of that someone, somewhere through this page! E-mail us at

Do not make New Love Year resolution if you Regained can’t keep it


nother New Year is here. Thousands of resolution have been invoked by many an inspired people on the eve. Some to change their life style, some to pray more harder, some to earn more money, some to quit smoking or drinking, some to find new love, some to get married, some to cut down on extravagant expenses etc etc. I am also one of them, and have followed this ‘resolution culture’ since I was in class X. I remember that time making a resolve to be less shy and attend CYE every Sunday afternoon after Church. I did kept my promise of attending the youth service but my shy nature did not get any better. My confidence did not grow even with that ‘cross fingered’ swear to God resolution I made that fateful night. But that didn’t keep me from making more resolutions every coming New Year. However, after nearly a decade of keeping resolutions, I am beginning to wonder whether this has been of any help to me. For some or many, keeping a resolve is a stepping stone to a better person and brighter expectation. For me, I fumbled on my resolutions and seemingly succeeded on some few occasions, which I say is negligent. So did I make that resolution just to break that promise after some time? I guess I did. I know that making a resolution on New Years Eve has become a culture already

1. The sloth bear has the shaggiest fur. The sun bear has the shortest fur so it can keep cool in the hot forests of Southeast Asia. 2. The most accurate way to determine the age of a bear is to count the rings in a cross section of its tooth root under a microscope. 3. Bears have two layers of fur. A short layer of fur keeps the bear warm. And a long layer keeps water away from the skin and short fur. 4. Bears are very smart and have been known to roll rocks into bear traps to set off the trap and eat the bait in safety. 5. Bears live as long as 30 years in the wild. One captive brown bear lived to the age of 47. 6. Only the polar bear is a true carnivore. All other bears are omnivores, or animals that eat both plants and meat. 7. Sun bears have the longest claws of any bear. They also have the longest tongues, which can reach 9.8” long. 8. Bears can run up to 40 miles per hour, fast enough to catch a running horse. The fastest known human alive today is Usain Bolt, who can run 27mph. So don’t ever think of out running a bear. 9. The shape of a bear’s claw differs according to the type of bear. Bears that climb, such as black bears, have claws that are curved and strong to allow them to claw at tree bark. Bears that dig, such as grizzly bears, have straight and long claws. 10. Black bears are not always black. They come in a rainbow of colours from black to reddish brown (cinnamon bears) to light brown to white. 11. Unlike many mammals, bears can see in colour. 12. The world’s most common bear is the brown bear. 13. A swimming polar bear can jump 8 ft. (2.4 m) out of the water to surprise a seal. 14. A polar bear’s stomach can hold 150 lbs. (68 kg) of meat. 15. Panda bears have an extra “thumb” (which is actually an extra-large wrist bone) just for holding onto bamboo stalks. A panda bear can eat over 45 lbs. (20.4 kg) of bamboo per day. 16. The polar bear (Ursus maritimus) is the largest bear species. A male polar bear can measure up to 10 feet long and weigh 1,500 lbs., which is about the weight of eight human adults. Female polar bears are up to

but does it really help? For me, the resolve to quit smoking one fine New Years Eve did not do any good to me but led to increase on the number of cigarettes I puffed every day. Fortunately, I realized the harm of smoking after a versatile teacher of mine knocked some sense with much needed awareness knowledge on me coupled with facts and figures and of course pictures of black smoked out lungs I made the resolve when I willed it; when I realized the harm or consequence it does to me and not because I was obligated myself to a resolve. The point here is, New Years resolution for many are just whims and fancies and sworn in just for the heck of it because others are doing so. And sadly, that ultimately turns into a ritual which in the long run affects our decision making capabilities, on trust and of keeping promises. Remember if you cannot trust yourself to keep to your end of the bargain, you cannot trust others not will others do. Don’t keep a promise if you cannot keep it, as the adage tells us, don’t utter a New Year resolution that you are not sincere about of keeping it till the end.

~ Niuli Awomi ~


ow does it feel to hurt somebody or let someone hurt you? You don’t feel high and mighty when you hurt someone neither do you feel okay that somebody hurt you. Both ways aren’t easy to handle. With the latter, you get down on your knees, lick your wounds and cry your hearts out. Then you seek for solutions outside your world but when anyone volunteered to help,you get irritated by the distractions. Everything around you seems so distant and you feel everyone has turned their back on you. Your anguish heart reject and resist encouraging words of your dear ones. Then you lock yourself from others again.

Being all by yourself for a time being can bring you a perfect solution. Blame the pillow (not that it has done something wrong), punch it, cover your face with it and scream out loud, cry, hate, sob and do the crazy things to release your pain. And when you think you are done with it, get on your knees, be honest with yourself, and start to search for the things that might have went wrong. If you don’t find any fault on your part, you deserve a better life, so, go for it. And if you find any flaws, list it down, its time to straighten things up. Pray with your list of flaws, look back and forgive yourself, forgive the person who hurt you and be restored. Dangerous is to go out and be who you are before. Some people on encountering desperate lovers fall so easily only to realise they are hurt again. But, remember, you are now chiselled, hammered, sharpened and tough as you can be. The love you give is never wasted but it is not easy to regain it after you spent it all. Love regained is too precious to throw in a trash. Preserve it, condition it, and let it grow until you are sure that it is right time you give it away.

Maong Lemtur Dimapur The night is still The sky is clear The breeze is calm Silence all around But, i’m restless My mind isn’t clear, Nor calm Heart beat louds Yet the night is so perfect When in love. ~ Kikruneinuo ZB Liezietsu ~

Interesting facts about Bears ANIMAL CARE

with Dr Michael Imchen

B.V.Sc & A.H, M.Sc.A.P.M,C.USG & R. Veterinary Surgeon Animal Concern, Circular Road

50% smaller than the males. 17. Polar bears are the only bear species that is a marine mammal. 18. A polar bear’s fur ranges in colour from ivory to pale tan. Underneath its fur coat, the polar bear’s skin is black to help absorb heat from the sun. 19. The Sun bear (Helarctos malayanus) is the smallest of the bears and is about the size of a large dog. It gets its name from a blond chest patch of fur that looks like a setting sun. Sun bears are also known as honey bears. 20. Of the eight bear species, four live in the Southern Hemisphere and four in the Northern Hemisphere. 21. Spectacled bears are the only wild bears that live in South America. home to three of the world’s eight bear species: brown, American black, and polar bears. Almost two thirds of the bears in the world live in North America. 22. Polar bears live only north of the Equator, in the Arctic. Penguins live only south of the Equator, in Antarctica. Approximately 21,000 to 28,000 polar bears live in the Arctic. 23. During hibernation, a bear does not defecate. Its body can somehow recycle body waste into protein—a process scientists still do not understand. 24. Not all bears hibernate. Asiatic black bears, American black bears, some brown bear species, and pregnant polar bears hibernate. Sloth bears live in warm places with abundant food, so they don’t need to hibernate. 25. When U.S. President Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt refused to shoot a black bear cub on a hunting trip, a cartoon featured the event, and soon stuffed toy manufacturers popularized “Teddy’s bear.” 26. Only about 1,000 giant pandas live in the wild today. 27. The lips of bears are not attacked to their gums, which make their lips look rubbery. (Dr Michael Imti Imchen can be contacted for pet and animal care related queries and concerns at Mobile-09436072892)


Mirror week-ent

Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | January 12 | 2013

Rocking into the Guinness book of Records A music concert is scheduled to be held right after all guitar players/participants have attempted the Guinness World record on Saturday, January 12. Sky Group, the organisers of the Guinness World Record attempt for the Largest Electric Guitar Ensemble, says the concert will feature some rock groups from Nagaland known for their magnificent musical expression, pioneering instrumentalists as well as a number of upcoming musicians whose talents rightly deserve the Guinness event as a platform to show to the world what they can do. The artistes include local rock heroes, the prize winning Avancer, guitar instrumentalist Manen Jamir, experimental rock outfit Blend and one of Dimapur’s rising singers Syntyche Mongro. Aisle OF Fire Mhademo Ennio - Guitar Myanthung Ennio - Vocals Yanthungo Ennio - Bass Ponathung Patton- Drums Genre: nu-Rock, Rap metal

Avancer Opang - Vocals Yan - Keyboards Temsu - Guitar Alem - Drums Sunep - Bass Formed: 2009 Genre: Rock/experimental modern rock/ melodic . Winner of Rock Aware contest organised by NSACS in 2011 . opening act for Higher on maiden (UK) official tribute band of Iron Maiden . opened for firehouse concert- Dimapur

Eve Redemption Syntyche Mongro - Vocals Yanren Kikon - Guitar Lai Ozukum - Guitar Ato Dozo - Bass/Vocals Merry Jhumo - Drums Akok - Keyboards

Blend lai Ozukum - Vox/Guitar Merang - Guitar Benli Lkr - Bass Sai - Drums Formed: Oct’ 2011 Genre: Experiment genres jazz, blues, groovy beats and melodic touches, melodic progression.

Manen Jamir Guitarist, music teacher and mentor Genre: Rock/Metal

Urban Desire Amugha Roz - Vocals Merenlemba - Vocal/ Guitar Supong - R/guitarist Izra Sunar - Drums Lipokmeren - Bass Genre: Fusion Rock

First official portrait of Kate Middleton causes controversy She’s the most photographed woman on the planet, so when the first official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton was announced we were all rather excited, but the unveiling of the painting by Paul Emsley at the National Portrait Gallery has caused quite a stir, with one critic labelling it “rotten”.


he painting, commissioned through the Art Fund, was unveiled this morning at the central London gallery of which the Duchess is patron with the artist claiming he wanted a “natural” image of the 31 year old. Kate, who celebrated her birthday yesterday, reportedly sat twice for the artist at his West Country studio and Kensington Palace in May and June last year. Speaking of how he tackled painting the newest member of the royal family the artist claimed History of Art graduate Kate, Emsley said: “The Duchess explained that she would like to be portrayed naturally - her natural self - as opposed to her official self.” “She struck me as enormously open and generous and a very warm person. After initially feel-

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart and their new film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 have been nominated for top Golden Raspberry awards the annual ceremony that honours the worst in the movies. Leading the list of nominations are Pattinson and Stewart, who are up for the award of Worst Actor and Worst Actress, it was reported. Stewart has also been nominated for the same award for another fantasy movie Snow White and the Huntsman. The real-life couple are also in the reckoning for the Worst Screen Couple. Their vampire film has been nominated in every other category, including Worst Supporting Actor for (Taylor Lautner) and

The picture may well prove divisive, since it shows an unsmiling Kate with creases and shadows under her eyes looking older than her 31 years

Worst Supporting Actress (Ashley Greene), Worst Picture and Worst Ensemble Cast. Meanwhile it is reported that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s relationship is under strain. The Twilight stars reportedly can’t stop fighting and friends fear they could be heading for a break-up. Robert, 26 and Kristen, 22, briefly split last year when she cheated on him with married director Rupert Sanders, and Robert has struggled to forgive her despite reconciling. Friends believe their relationship will be truly tested when they are forced to spend long periods apart on different film sets in the near future.

ing it was going to be an unsmiling portrait I think it was the right choice in the end to have her smiling - that is really who she is.” The portrait reportedly took three and a half months to finish, but he may wish he spent a little longer on it, judging by initial reactions. Robin Simon, editor of the British Art Journal and Daily Mail art critic, reportedly said of the portrait to the MailOnline: “Fortunately, the Duchess of Cambridge looks nothing like this in real life. I’m really sad to say this is a rotten portrait.” Fortunately Kate herself doesn’t agree and according to Clarence House is happy with the likeness, they told EntertainmentWise: “The Duchess is pleased with the portrait. She really enjoyed working with Paul Emsley and The National Portrait Gallery for her first official portrait.”

Sharon Osbourne launches attack on lady gaga


nupam Kher is excited. His Hollywood film, Silver Linings Playbook has received eight Oscar nominations. Kher plays the role of Dr Patel in Silver Linings Playbook, which is directed by David O Russell. The film stars Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawerence and Jacki Weaver too. Says Kher, “This is the biggest moment of my life. As an Indian actor I feel rewarded for my 30 years of contribution in cinema. I am glad to have worked with a fabulous cast and crew. David O Russell is undoubtedly a brilliant filmmaker and he has proved it again. A major part of me as an actor feels satiated today!” The Oscars will take place in Los Angeles on February 24th, 2013. Silver Linings Playbook cast has also been nominated for 19th Screen Actors Guild Awards, on January 27, 2013.


is suit was bespoke, his shoes shined and hair carefully styled. But Ben Affleck had forgotten on little detail as he prepared for the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards - to wash his hands.

Sharon Osbourne has launched an attack on Lady Gaga after the singer openly criticised her daughter, Kelly. Sharon published a letter to the ‘Born This Way’ superstar yesterday (January 10) after Kelly and Gaga had their spat.


he Poker Face star penned a blog post on her official site urging Kelly to “take responsibility and accountability” for her bitchy remarks, saying it was astounding how she had now become “a beautiful slender woman who makes fun of others for a living is astounding”. She said: “Your work... with the Fashion Police is rooted in criticism, judgment, and rating people’s beauty against one another.’Appearance’ is the most used reason for bullying in the world.” She was responding to Kelly’s earlier claims that Gaga’s fans were cyber bullying her over her weight. Former America’s Got Talent Judge Sharon, 60, raged on her official Facebook page: “Your open letter is hypocritical and full of contradictions. “How sweet that you have empathy for my daughter, as you feel that she has taken a less passionate path in life. “You say her work on... Fashion Police is ‘rooted in criticism, judgment, and rating people’s beauty against one another.’ Welcome to the real world. “By your actions to Kelly right now, you have shown me that you are nothing more than a publicly seeking hypocrite and an attention seeker. “You know it would have been much more dignified of you to do this privately. I am calling you a bully because you have 32 million followers hanging on your every word and

The Argo star kept them stuffed in his trouser pockets as he strolled down the red carpet. But he had to take them out as he accepted gongs for Best Director and Best Film - revealing children’s scribbles all over

you are criticizing Kelly in your open letter. “A word from you would stop all the hideous, negative and vile threats from your ‘little monsters.’ Let me know if you want to continue this debate. I’m an open playing field for you my darling.”

his fingers. They were presumably doodles by of his adorable daughters, Violet, seven, and fouryear-old Seraphina. The drawings were indecipherable, although it could be argued that one

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was a single stemmed flower. Nevertheless the bearded Ben looked handsome and well put together in a black designer suit, white shirt and dark tie, along with shiny black dress shoes.

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