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Pedaling business aside, a Rickshaw driver is seen taking an afternoon siesta under a shade on a hot summer day in Dimapur. em images/sorei mahong

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june 9, 2012

Art and the Divine Circle


- Seyiekelie Tepa

“I believe the very purpose of art is to make people think and take time to ‘stop and stare’ and change for the better…”


hat comes to your mind when you come across the term ‘Art’? Is this what you see: an artist with his brushes and paints and palettes and canvas and easels? Somebody said, “To someone who has been brought up on the standard equation of paint + brush + canvas = artists, the present day boundaries are moving beyond this horizon.” I totally agree with him because art has no limits, it has no walls or boundaries to confine it to a single thing. Art is a very broad term. And it is a very difficult thing to define it. To me, in very basic terms, art is creating or inventing something new with the creativity of a person. It means exploring one’s creativity. A machine can do so many wonderful things but it has no creativity of its own and therefore is incapable of producing art on its own. But an artist can produce art because creativity is ingrained in him by His Creator who is the quintessence of creativity. Through art a person can express his or her deepest feelings and emotions and ideas to bring about positive changes in the world. Art can take various forms. It can take the form of a painting, a film, photography, a sculpture, or it may refer to music, theatre, dance, literature and interactive media. As an artist, I have been exploring the world of art through colors, paints, brushes, canvases, sculptures and I am still learning and exploring many other media and techniques to create new things. Sometimes, my art works are used to produce other forms of art. For instance, my painting ‘The Divine Circle’ led to the emergence of a poem, composed by my wife Agnes, which expressed the painting and goes as follows:


Medium: Acrylics on Canvas

Size: 4 X 4 ft

INSEPARABLE Many people ask the question, “Why am I born? Why am I here on earth?” The answer to this question can only be found in the realization that we are here not by chance but because there’s a purpose and plan for us given by the Life Giver who knows us from the mother’s womb itself. This painting titled “INSEPARABLE” is the portrayal of this truth. The primary purpose of our life is to know him and be awed by His greatness and to live our lives beautifully for Him. The baby depicts humanity and the umbilical cord it is holding onto depicts humanity totally dependent on the Creator for life and our connection with God. When this cord is cut off the most important aspect of our lives is missed. The Morning Glory represents life lived beautifully when we are in a personal relationship with our Creator. The brush protruding out of the Morning glory represents the unique ability every individual is endowed with for achieving the very purpose for which we are made. The seven leaf-like hornbill feathers represent the victory attained after overcoming different challenges “Why am I born? Why am I here on earth?” in life. The traditional Naga house horn stands for the truth that we are the heritage of God. The bubbles depict brevity of life here on earth. The background depicts that life is beautiful and complete only when in relationship with our Creator.

The Divine Circle

There’s a circle for everyone Within it all battles are won Drawn by the Divine hand In it, one can withstand Every kind of blow In this world we know

Art is slowly but surely gaining momentum in Nagaland too. There are now more talented young artists and more people are learning to show appreciation for art and know its value. Because of the support and appreciation shown by some people, art has reached its present status in Nagaland and this will encourage and catapult younger artists to go beyond the pres-

Within the Divine Circle Life’s surely not a cycle ‘Tis where one can best function Bearing fruit for one’s action Done with the potential given For, here, opened are the windows of heaven

ent horizon. I hope the love for art will continue to grow in the hearts and minds of our people. And even as I describe to you my painting titled “Inseparable” I hope you enjoy a small taste of art presented to you. And I hope somehow it’ll touch your heart and cause you to think and to ‘stand and stare’ and know that God loves you.

(Seyiekelie Tepa is a recipient of Governor’s Award 2008 for his contribution in the field of Art, and also awarded the North East Young Talent Artist of the year during 2008. His work was featured at “Beloved-an Exhibition of contemporary Naga Art presented by Spic-M and funded by NEZCC in 2007. His painting was also showcased during a Group Show Exhibition at the India International Centre Delhi and many big names own his Art.)

Other times a painting may inspire me to work on sculptures or vice versa. I believe that a work of art should inspire a person to create another thing of beauty, which in turn should inspire another person and so on. Art, in that sense, is like a nuclear reaction when it causes inspiration and that is how it can make the world more beautiful and transform the ordinary and mundane things into special and beautiful things. I believe the very purpose of art is to make people think and take time to ‘stop and stare’ and change for the better. Art is meant to make our life beautiful. And the ultimate purpose of art, to me, is to share the love of God and glorify His name.

Facebook Shopping: Lesly Lobeni

T MIRROR Fashion Alert!

he reasons for us to grumble and whine about having nothing to wear and nowhere to shop are long gone. Whether we live in the bright city lights of New York and Paris or up-and-coming fashion forward cities like Delhi and Dimapur (which is more or less our situation), what connects us is our love for dressing up like we own it. While the couture on the catwalk may seem unattainable mainly due to our size-zero purses, we pay tribute to our high street stores. The likes of Zara, Mango and Forever 21 play a big role in our fashionable lives mainly because they cater to our wants and need. The high street stores have the capacity to bring us pieces from the runway at almost-attainable prices. It’s not exactly copying but more like serving as an inspiration and I’m not complaining! The only problem, however, is that we all look like clones. There are some pieces that catch every single eye and bring us all to break the piggy banks to buy it. Now, as much as you love it, imagine seeing it on 5

other people. My reaction is usually “Damn it!” and recently, I have come across many pretty young things that are very much getting sick of shopping from the high street for the same reasons. So what happens now? Online shopping is always an option especially with ASOS around but the uncertainty of delivery, begging someone for a credit card… is it worth the pain? So we ask ourselves again: Now what? What will this downtrodden fashionista do? The answer, lovely, is facebook. God bless Mark Zuckerberg eternally for the creation of facebook and its functions. Whether it was done so like the movie (‘the Social Network’) remains a topic of discussion and is something we needn’t be bothered with. To come back to the question of HOW facebook is the answer, I think most of you might just have a vague idea of what I am talking about. Fashion enthusiasts in the country heard this cry of help and have simultaneously embarked on a quest to help us. With the help of the facebook application in creating pages, there are various Page Shops that have come to our rescue. These Shop Pages are new and exciting yes, but the most unique aspect lies in their specialty of selling only single items. This means that you can purchase a dress or a skirt and be rest assured

Each shop has their own methods when it that you will definitely not see anyone else wearing to selling and buying but the one rule to comes as solved also is card credit the of it. The problem mind is ‘first come, first serve’ so you need in keep the mode of payment is duly done with your debit if you want something. They are also quick be to . card or a bank transection and it’s best that you don’t think priced well very The shop owners are just everyday people like it! want you if it about fashion. with affair love a have you and me who With this new almost-revolutionary form of In the process of finding unique pieces for themto be selves, they’ve kept us in consideration too so hats shopping that is amidst us, everything seems neon, for craving you’re Whether disposal. our at of to them for that! hem-dip tails, sheer, floral or even cut outs, it’s reMany of our very own Naga girls seem to ally all there. Take a peek, shop a lot, pout a little, have pioneered this movement and it has gone smile a lot and let’s see the prettiest profile picture with began it While country! viral all across the on facebook. international fashion bloggers selling items from Indian own our to on caught their closet and also Lobeni fashion bloggers, it’s not as exciting as these Shop “With a background in history, Lesly writing (fashion) pursue to behind that left from everything have Pages Pages. These Shop for the pure love for it. She is also a fashion bags, shoes, clothes and accessories. So even if blogger and shuffles between her freelance lot a is there piece, one in only each item comes fashion writer and occasional blog projects. to look out for and definitely something for each She loves to read and finds a thrill in stylish soul. fast paced city life. Her influence from the Some of the pages I’d suggest are Chica, history is evident in her love for all studying all melove, Precious and Drama A-J-Store, Closet and vintage.” old things owned by the young and stylish (Naga girls). There and Chic Of Republic like are also fashion bloggers As I Like It who update their stores occasionally shoe the For s. accessorie and with unique shoes lovers, don’t forget to check Dear Shoes.


Mirror Plus

Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | June 9 | 2012

story teller

The revival - Lula Longchar


he announcement that Sunday jolted even the sleepiest believer seated in church out of their reverie. Usually most church nappers woke up only after the benediction but that day it was prematurely interrupted even before the invocation by the deacon’s announcement that the church was organising a revival next month. It was not the news of the upcoming revival that woke them up though the townsfolk took their church activities very seriously and Sunday service was never missed by most. The announcement that a team of preachers from England would be coming for the revival stirred an anticipation within the hearts of many in the church. Among the many stirred was Akala, a very active member of the church youth fellowship who was also known for her moving testimonies every revival. She had recently watched the Titanic thirteen times and every time she had cried. She wondered if any of those preachers would look like Jack from the movie. At the front pew Pastress Lydia and the church choir looked forward to singing and dancing to revival songs which were rarely sung on Sunday service while at the back pew, Aunty Naro fervently hoped that God would work a miracle and heal what the local koberaz had so far failed. Behind the pulpit, Pastor Kikum worried about how he was going to translate the sermons from English to the local dialect since he had barely finished sixth grade in school. And that phoren accent! How was he ever going to decipher that? It was the end of March and the revival was due in a week. Spring had cast its spell on the beautiful hilltown of Tenemyong. Plum trees blossomed with pink flowers and gold marigolds and deep red roses bloomed in every garden. The paddy fields and the trees were a green so vibrant; it was almost as if it was photoshopped. This quaint little town nestled in the hills prepared for the coming revival by cleaning the streets and giving the buildings a new coat of paint. It was as if some royalty was coming to visit but then again Princess Diana was from England too and the folks in town just adored

her or what little they saw of her in magazine clippings. That Friday evening, the church witnessed the biggest ever congregation in its history of revivals. There was no seat that was left empty and while the volunteers rushed to get extra chairs, some were still left standing. Even the District commissioner who rarely came to church put in an appearance with his family. That night, the pastor introduced the local folks to the preachers who had come all the way from England and as the team led by Preacher Ian sang and spoke about the love of God, the congregation listened in silent rapture. Akala tried hard to listen to what the preacher was saying but she was continuously distracted by someone with blonde hair and pretty blue eyes. He looked so much like that guy from the movie! Preacher Ian felt so blessed that night as he rested in the small guest house along with his other two team members. He had not expected so many believers in this remote little town so far from his home.... his wife and kids. They would be so amused if they saw how these people gawked at them! He wondered how Arthur and Colin were doing in the next room. For Arthur, it was a whole new experience as he had never ever been outside his county before. The little town had its charm and though he had come with no expectations, he just wished it had better reception and the bathroom... While he mulled over what to share in church the next day, Colin was already snoring in bed. Typical Colin! Carefree and so at home anywhere! A legacy of his former lifestyle. . . The next few days of revival, the whole town was buzzing with talk about the phoren missionaries. The church was always packed and even people from the neighbouring villages had come to hear them preach. Pastor Kikum became less conscious of his language skills and translated with more confidence than before. The singing and the praying became louder and louder in the church and he wondered if it would be the same after they left. People started giving testimonies and Akala was specially moved by Colin’s testimony of how god had found him after he had lost everything to drugs

and drinking. The last night of revival was a stampede as the congregation danced and prayed as if in a frenzy. There was a lot of praying, fainting and crying and people started to talk in tongues. Aunty Naro jumped around in joy and praised god for answering her prayers. During the healing session, she had felt her sickness leaving her body as she prayed with the preachers and she could not contain her happiness! Pastor Kikum also arrived to an understanding that a theological degree or a flair in speaking did not qualify one to serve God. As long as he had that passion to serve God, the rest did not matter at all. After a very hectic weekend, it was finally time for Ian and his team to leave Tenemyong. Maybe it was God answering the prayers of some folks who wanted them to stay back for some more time or maybe it was the food and the new environment but Arthur fell sick and the team had to postpone their stay for a few more days. As the youth leader in church, Akala quickly volunteered to look after sick Arthur though she somehow ended up spending more time with Colin. Arthur did get better in a few days and the town finally bid farewell to the team. Numbers were exchanged, promises to return were made, some sighed with relief and some shed a few tears. The fervour that the preachers had roused in the town lasted for quite some time. However things soon got back to the way it was and slowly the turn up in church started to dwindle down. While some kept up with the changes they had made during the revival, most reverted back to their old habits. The buzz created by the visit of the phoren missionaries slowly fizzled out until nine months later, Akala had a baby boy. He had blonde hair and pretty blue eyes... Inviting short story writers. Through this page, Eastern Mirror aims to provide a platform for Naga writers to exhibit as well as hone their writing skills. Let the readers be provoked through your art of story telling. Interested writers can send their materials to –

mirror time pass The Birth of Jesus The story of the birth of Jesus is one of most beloved in the entire Bible. You may look at Matthew, Chapters1-2 and Luke, Chapters 1-2.l 1

2 3



6 7 8 10



12 13



16 17

18 19



22 23 24



27 28

LasT Week’s Answers Across: 2. Athens 5. Damascus 7. Corinth 9. Saul 12. Elymas 13. Jailer 15. Tarsus 17. Stephen 19. Tyre 20. Ananias 22. Holy Spirit 24. Barnabas 25. Earthquake DOWN: 1. Titus, 3. Julius 4. Gallio 6. Scales 8. Thessalonians 10. Aquila 11. Timothy 14. Felix 16. Jesus 18. Baptized 21. Nine 23. Three

Solution to Buzzword # 1 ANSWERS 2. Flutter - F , 3. Treason - A , 4. Mustard - A , 5. Giraffe - F , 6. Tornado – N , 7. Fixture - R Buzzword: FANFARE

ACROSS 1. Angel who told Mary that she’d have a Son 3. “The holy one to be born will be called the __ __ __.” 5. Old Testament prophet who said a ruler over Israel would be born in Bethlehem. 6. Where Joseph and Mary went to register for census 7. “Glory to God in the ___” 8. Governor of Syria when census was taken 10. Occupation of Elizabeth’s husband 15. Wise men from the east 16. The angel told Mary she had found ___ with God. 19. Town in which Mary was living before the birth 23. The king of Judea at the time of Christ’s birth 24. Name of the Caesar who called for a census 25. What Mary and Joseph offered at the Temple 27. The Wise Men brought gold, incense and ___ to Jesus. 28. Elizabeth’s husband DOWN 2. An angel told Joseph to flee to this country to

...finding happiness the second time around

universal uclick by Stahler

comic fun

keep the Baby safe 3. Devout man who waited at the Temple to see the Christ 4. God warned the Wise Men in a __ to take a different route home. 5. Where Mary laid Jesus after wrapping him in cloths 9. What led the Wise Men from the east to Jesus 11. They were tending flocks when an angel told them of Christ’s birth 12. Number of days after his birth when Jesus was presented at the Temple 13. “He will be great...and he will reign over the house of __ forever...” 14. Name of Elizabeth’s baby 17. Name for Jesus that means, “God with us.” 18. Jesus would be given the throne of this father 20. Mary’s relative who was also expecting a child 21. Elizabeth was filled with the __ __ when Mary visited her. 22. Name that was to be given to Mary’s son 26. Prophetess at the Temple who gave thanks for the Child

Answer in next issue of Mirror Plus

Reality Check

- Rev Dr Toshi Langu



oliticiandrome is a kind of psychological and mental ailment that besetscertain category of people, first discovered in Nagaland. Next to hypertension, politiciandrome has become the No.1 problem that physically besets the Naga person. However, neither the cause nor cure has so far been officially discovered. There is only a rumor that it started with a dream. There was this very ordinary Naga man who was not only poor but uneducated. He tried school in his pursuit to become somebody in the world, but even by the age of 19 he couldn’t get through class 5 in his village school. However, what he lacked in education was more than made up by his determination to become somebody so much so that by the age of 40 he had migrated to Kohima and had established himself as a smalltime contractor. By this time he was already walking like a contractor and talking like a contractor. However, his true aspiration was to become an MLA, or even better a minister or best of all the Chief Minister. Then he daydreamed that he would show the world what stuff he is made of. However, he had a small setback - he already had contested the municipal elections twice but failed miserably in both elections and he was now twice as poor. But he was not one to give up so easily on a lofty ambition just like that. Therefore, he decided to try God for once. He was not much of a church-goer but what else could he do? Desperate times require desperate measures and so he started going to church and smiling at people, shaking hands and saying “Hi! How are you?” which church goers do. He even started praying to God. But his prayers were also single minded prayers. He always prayed that he would do this and do that for God if He helped him succeed in his political ambitions. He went to Pray-ers (people who pray for others). He even tried fasting half a day but quickly decided that there had to be another, better way. In the same manner he tried God for two or three years but no breakthrough was forthcoming and so he slowly withdrew from the church. There was only one last option left for him which he was going to try by hook or by crook. That last option was sorcery and for this purpose he discreetly nosed around and located a very powerful sorcerer, known as “Brahmins” in this part of the world. Incidentally, Brahmins and Hindu pundits are very popular among Christians in Nagaland, in case you are not aware of it. They are not only highly paid but also honored guests in many well to do Naga homes. One fine day, the little man went to the sorcerer who immediately said,” I know what you came here for. You have come to the right place. I will help you if the price is right”. The little man’s heart was going “Thuk, thuk, thuk” and he was thinking “This man already knows my thoughts. Surely I have come to the right place”. Then and there he unloaded before the sorcerer all about his desires and wishes to become a politician. They negotiated back and forth about the fee but settled on Rs10, 000 down payment and another 5,000,000 after he gets elected as an MLA. For the 10,000 our man got a statue of Ganesh to whom he was to pray every morning and offer red flowers. He got a Tapez, which is an amulet, to be tied around his waist. He was also given 6 rings with different stones to be worn in the fingers of both hands for several specific purposes. Thus he came back home overjoyed and his fingers full of rings. That night he dreamed that he was praying before the Ganesh statue when suddenly a voice thundered from above. He was terrified but was excited at the same time. He prostrated before the statue too petrified to look up. The voice: What do you want, little man? Little man: I want to become a rich and powerful politician. The voice: Do you have the qualifications to become one? Little man: Yes sir, I guess so. The voice: What do you mean I guess so sir? Up to which class did you study? Little man: Class 5, but I am as intelligent and capable as they come. You see… The voice: Enough, little man. You are too small to be a politician. Little man: I know but look at Napoleon. He was small but what a politician he was and you must have seen his great great great grandson Nicholas Sarkozy?. He is… The voice: Okay, okay. Can you laugh like a politician? Give me your best. Try to laugh like one. Little man: He he he! The voice: Do you call that a politician laugh? It sounds more like a school girl’s giggle. You have to go ho! ho! ho! with gusto if you want to sound like a politician laughing. Anyway, do you have a cowboy hat and a sunglass? Little man: What for? I just want to be a politician, not a cowboy. The voice: Have you seen a public leader or a politician without a cowboy hat and dark sun glasses in Nagaland? Come on, stupid. To be a real politician in Nagaland you have to wear them at all times, day or night. The little man vows that he would not leave any stone unturned until he bought those. The voice: Do you have a Bolero or any big car? Little man: No, I only have a Maruti 800. The voice: Maruti 800? That toy car? Give it to a tinker. You have to have at least a Bolero. Little man: But why? The voice: Don’t you want to become a politician? Have you not seen the politicians and govt. officials drive at break neck speed and break all the traffic rules? You have to overtake anybody and everybody. If you are a politician you have to go first at any cost. This is called Bolero syndrome. You can’t do that with a worthless paltry car like Maruti 800. Moreover, if somebody does not let you pass in time you have to order your jawans to beat up the offender. That takes a lot of courage. Oh, by the way, do you have a VIP light by any chance? Every time you pass through towns you have to turn the light on and… oh yes! I almost forgot, You have to turn on the siren also and let it wail as loudly as possible so that people will know that you are coming. Cars or no cars in the street, you have to do it. Little man: What is a siren? The voice: Oh God! This is the limit. Don’t you even know what a siren is, you stupid gecko? A siren is that thing on a politician’s car that wails “Doooiiinng! Doooiinng! Doooiinng!” Even the sirens of politicians have to let everybody know that they are “doing”. By the way, are you good at lying? Little man: Why should I lie? It is bad and I normally don’t do it. The Voice: Wow, wow, wow, hold on you little hypocrite. When you go on election campaigns you have to smile a lot and make tons of promises that you don’t intend to keep. The important thing is to trick the voters to like you and vote for you. That you can achieve only by lying. Promise, promise, promise. It never harmed anyone to make promises. The harm comes only when you try to keep the promises. That requires a lot of lying. For politicians honesty and truth are anathema. In politics it is the End that justifies the Means. The voice: Anyway, do you drink alcohol and can you dance? Little man: Well, I do enjoy rum or whisky or brandy sometimes but I don’t like local rice beer very much. But what has dance got to do with politics? The voice: There, there. It may be one reason why you couldn’t become a politician. You see, when you become a politician you’ll have to throw parties, drink wine and dance with girls. Come on man, think of all the Road Shows you’ll be going to. You’ll have lots and lots of dancing to do. Think about the Italian Prime minister Burlosconi and the bunga party he used to have. Oh, that reminds me. Have you any experience in extra marital affairs? Little man: Not much. You see… The voice: That’s alright. It’s not everybody’s cup of tea. But to be a politician you have to keep a mistress here or a girlfriend there or anywhere you regularly go. It naturally comes with being a politician. The voice: One more thing… The little man woke up with a start. It was his wife shouting at him to get up and go find a gas cylinder. (Rev Dr Toshi Langu is an Associate Pastor at Ao Baptist Church, Kohima and has an inherent interest in illuminating the intrigues and foible of the versatility of human life through writing. The writer can be contacted at

Mirror Plus Y

Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | June 9 | 2012




Nagaland Career and Development Centre- A YouthNet and SMARTER NAGALAND initiative YouthNet is a non-profit organization with a mission to help youth acquire knowledge, develop life skills and form attitudes to enable them to become self directing, positive, productive, responsible and contributing members of society through active participation and involvement. YouthNet works in partnership with the government, community residents, grassroots organizations, educational institutions, corporations and philanthropies in all aspects of development while actively engaging youth in the process. Registered under the Registration of Societies Act 1895, YouthNet was launched on the 1st of February 2006 by a group of young Naga professionals educated and trained from schools and colleges across India and abroad. The main objective of these young men and women was to come together, draw their strengths and experiences and create a platform where young people can address any issues that affects them. YouthNet is not issue specific but rather target specific i.e the youth, and to be the voice of the young Nagas.

Soft skills training ~ Ela Susan James

“It has long been an axiom of mine that the little things are infinitely the most important.” - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


he world is beginning to place greater and greater emphasis on the need for soft skills especially in the workplace. We now know that it’s not just one’s technical skills that are important if one wants to succeed in the truest sense of the word. When Nagaland Job Consultants was launched and we realized that there was a gap between a degree and being employable, NCDC was initiated to bridge this gap and get people smart and ready for the real practical world by brushing their soft skills. So, what are soft skills? It is work ethic, communication skills, emotional quotient, and attitude and so much more. In short soft skills are people skills. Being aware of this need, Nagaland Career and Development Centre (NCDC) was initiated under Smarter Nagaland in partnership with YouthNet. Our vision is to equip our society with the necessary soft skills to complement the existing technical skills. In the first month itself, NCDC has been able to train 120 young people through its service centric, job centric and one day training programs with very positive feedback. The number of people we’re reaching out to is gaining so much momentum that in the month of June alone; we will have trained close to a thousand! To shed some light on why we need soft skills, let me point out the gaps first. Here are some scenarios: - You enter a clothes store in Nagaland and are treated to a quick scan from head to toe from unsmiling salespeople with a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude. - On the bus or in taxis, you have to tolerate hearing loud one sided conversations with details you wished you didn’t have to hear. - Seemingly well educated people standing behind you at the ATM, shamelessly peering over your shoulder. - When people attend interviews late, a crushed resume and shabbily dressed. - On visits to certain offices where you are not known to anyone, the typical greeting is a rude, ‘ki???’ These are basic things we ought to know, common sense right? Not so common after all. Most organizations just assume that its employees will come well equipped with technical knowhow and soft skills but unfortunately it is not so. For interpersonal relationships, in social settings, professional settings and just about every area of one’s life, soft skills is what will make one stand out. NCDC has tied up with various individuals, colleges, organizations and businesses that understand the importance of having an edge over their competition, to give their Clients that ‘WOW’ factor. Nagaland Career and Development Centre is here grow and also help you grow. We are committed to delivering quality training that is interactive, interesting and informative to make any individual reach higher to the best that they can be. For more information we can be reached at 8014697923/9089434613. [Ela Susan James is the communication trainer at the Nagaland Career Development Centre (NCDC)- a YouthNet and Smarter Nagaland initiative]


Dear inquisitive, animated young collegians. We dedicate this space for you, young minds to share thoughts and outlook on life on campus. Be it about your education, studies, love, life, sports, about teachers, your angst, heartbeats or even a poem or a footnote you scribbled during a boring lecture in the classroom…share. Also get to know what your friends in different colleges across the State experience and create a vibe. Or simply dedicate your fond thoughts of that someone, somewhere through this page! E-mail us at


“Desperately in need of improvement” Letters from students of Wangkhao College, Mon

A big college cannot be termed a good college or vice versa. While college rankings are known to define the value of educational institutions around the world, in Nagaland it is hardly so. Though many a college endeavours to equip students with quality educational programmes founded on strong departments, the stark reality is that there are more colleges lacking in even the basic requirements that would define a college. So, what would be the basic prerequisite of a good college? Obviously - one that offers excellent educational value, good teachers, options on educational programmes, good campus environment and transport facilities to name some. Bigger town centres like Dimapur, Kohima, Mokokchung, etc, are privileged to have a number of choices for students to pursue their educational dreams. But, sadly, for students of districts like Mon, the circumstances are altogether different. In focus on this issue this week is Wangkhao Government College, Mon. This small college with a total enrollment of 774 students remains a sorry tale of apathy and neglect as the students reveal. “No Principal, inadequate lecturers, only two major subjects to choose from, library with countable books, a lifeless campus, this college would definitely rank in the list of worst colleges,” students lamented. With Arts as the only option, for students with a mind for science or commerce have to seek to fulfil their dreams elsewhere.


ere is what students of Wangkhao College highlighted to Eastern Mirror Plus on the prevailing conditions of the college that desperately needs Change…

Amos Konyak, BA IInd Year Govt Wangkhao College Mon (a) Government Wangkhao College has been running without a Principal for a very long time. (b) Only two Assistant Professors, one each in English and Sociology department. In actuality, there is supposed to be 4 professors in each of the department. (c) Govt Wangkhao College is the only degree college in the whole of Mon District. The college has only Arts stream and many of the honours subjects from the particular stream cannot be availed. (d) Total enrolment of the college at present stands at 744 (2011-12) for which only two 30 seater buses are made available for the students. The college is located approximately 5 km away from the main town. (e) BA IInd year classroom and the college library share the same room. (f) The college library has no sufficient books and there is no Librarian (g) Sanitation is very pathetic and resembles that of a public toilet. Cattle excreta are seen in the campus. There is no proper fence/ walls, no proper urine sheds and toilets etc. (h) Classroom is build with bamboos and ropes still exist in the college. (i) The road leading to the college is so pathetic that, even on foot one can feel the jerk. (j) No auditorium. To all the readers, through this highlight of what we students at Wangkhao college face, I hope you will give some time to ponder upon, and help us toward paving a way for the uplift and betterment of the college.


with Dr Micheal Imchen

Dr Micheal Imti Imchen B.V.Sc & A.H, M.Sc.A.P.M,C.USG & R. Veterinary Surgeon Animal Concern, Circular Road.


ll domestic animals frequently suffer from number of deadly diseases. Some of the diseases are highly contagious and very often affect the young causing high death rate in them. These diseases are to be prevented not only for the sake of the animal but also to protect human beings as some of the diseases are communicable to humans. Vaccination is a must against viral diseases since there is no curative treatment against the viruses. Therefore, the maxim “ Prevention is better than cure “ is to be strongly followed to protect the animals from various diseases. Vaccinating is the best and least expensive way to prevent diseases. In the context of Nagaland, the Nagas , still

The col ege library (without a librarian)

A class in progress in one of the thatched classrooms of Wangkhao college lack of economics, philosophy, geography subjects etc. Honors in all the subject of arts must be provided in the college. Being the only college it must also have Science and Commerce stream.”

A col ege building of Wangkhao col ege Gopan “In Wangkhao college, prescribed syllabus is never completed in time due to short period of classes, prolonged running of college without a principal, bad road condition, poor library,

Topha K, BA IInd year “Proper infrastructure like college building, water supply, pathetic condition of college road, sanitation problems, insufficient lectures, development of library, vacancy of principal and so on are some of the major problems faced in Wangkhao college it is the urgent need of the hour that the department and the government look after the matter of the college at the earliest.”

Importance of Vaccination in Animals haven’t understood the importance of vaccination despite the best efforts of the vets , and in the process end up losing a lot, economically- in terms of the animal’s treatment or by the death of the animal, as well as their precious time. Vaccination against contagious and deadly diseases such as rabies, canine distemper, canine parvovirus, feline leukemia, feline panleukopenia, swine fever, foot and mouth diseases and other serious diseases are important to protect your animal’s health. Vaccination type and frequency of inoculation may vary based on your animal’s age, health status, species and geographical locale. Before vaccinations are given, a complete physical examination should be performed by a veterinarian to assess the health and lifestyle of the animal. This is why, owners should not administer vaccines to their animals. Points to be considered before vaccination • The animal should be healthy. • Ectoparasitic burden (eg. Tick, Flea, Mite, etc. ) should be corrected before vaccination. • Animals should be dewormed first before vaccination so as to elicite a better response. • Supplements like vitamins and minerals should be provided to improve immunity. • If animal is pregnant consult a vet before vaccination. Types of vaccines Cats Cats have a few core vaccines. • Feline Panleukemia Vaccine (FPV)

• Feline Rhinotracheitis Vaccine (FHV). • Feline Leukemia Vaccine (FeLV). • Anti-Rabies Vaccine (ARV). Generally, these vaccines are given at six weeks of age and repeated every three weeks until the kittens turn twelve weeks of age. Then,first booster at one year and subsequent boosters every three years. Anti-rabies vaccine are generally given at twelve weeks of age, if the bitch is vaccinated or else at six weeks of age and then re-vaccinated at twelve weeks of age. Boosters are given annually. Dogs Dogs, too, suffer from a number of deadly diseases which is highly contagious and even affect humans. Among the various animals vaccines available, majority have been developed for dogs alone. • Anti-Rabies Vaccine (ARV). • Canine Distemper Vaccine (CDV). • Parvovirus Vaccine. • Para-influenza Vaccine. • Leptospirosis Vaccine. • Infectious Canine Hepatitis Vaccine. • Corona- virus Vaccine. These vaccines comes together in combination or in two or three combinations or individually. These combination vaccines are usually given at six weeks of age and repeated after a month. Boosters are given annually. Anti-rabies vaccine regime is same as that of the cats. Pigs Pigs has their share of important dis-

eases but the most prevalent of them all in our context which causes huge loses to the farmers is the swine fever or hog cholera. • Swine Fever Vaccine . The vaccines are usually given to piglets at one month of age but can be given to pigs of any age. Boosters are administered annually. Cows Commonly used vaccines for cows available in the market are enlisted. • F.M.D Vaccine. • Anthrax Vaccine. • Black Quarter Vaccine. • Haemorrhagic Septicaemia Vaccine. The F.M.D vaccine is first given to calves of four months old and boosters bi-annually. But cows of any age can be exposed to it. The latter three vaccines are given to calves of six months of age and are repeated annually. No vaccine is 100 % effective. Effectiveness depends on such things asage of the animal, passive immunity the animal possesses when vaccinated, the stress of the animal, diseases, and other factors we don’t understand. Vaccines against some diseases are more effective than others. Good sanitation, management and nutritional practices are necessary to achieve the best results. At the very best, vaccines and injections are just an aid. (Dr Micheal can be contacted for pet and animal care related queries and concerns at Mobile-09436072892)


Mirror week-ent

Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | June 9 | 2012

AJ’s Young World

Robin Gibb’s former lover not invited to funeral


he mother of Robin Gibb’s love-child has not been invited to his funeral today The legendary Bee Gees singer who passed away from kidney failure last month after fighting cancer and pneumonia and suffering from a serious bowel condition - fathered a daughter, Snow Robin, with housekeeper Claire Yang three years ago but his wife Dwina has told friends she would be unhappy if Claire attended today’s service, though she hasn’t been banned outright. A friend told: ‘Dwina has said that she would loathe her to be there but there won’t be any scene whatsoever if she came along to pay her respects.’ Robin had a long affair with Essex-born Claire, who was asked to leave the Gibbs’ 12th century mansion by Dwina, 59, after she got pregnant. Meanwhile, fans of the 62-yearold singer can pay their final respects when his glass-sided carriage is drawn by four horses through his local town of Thame in Oxfordshire, South East England today. In a statement, his family said: ‘At his wish, he will say a final goodbye to fans and his home town of Thame, Oxon, prior to the funeral’. Dwina will read a poem she has composed especially for his funeral, while their 29-year-old son RJ has revealed that the hit ‘I Started A Joke’ will be played at the church along with the track ‘Don’t Cry Alone’ one of Robin’e final compositions from his Titanic Requiem, which premiered only weeks before his death. A memorial service for the star is expected to follow later in the year, possibly at St Paul’s Cathedral.

20 year old Ajungba, or AJ as he is known in the music world, has become the first new rap artist from the State and perhaps even the North East region to have 40,000 copies of his newly launched album ‘Young World’ sold in a single week, according to the chart report by Nielsen SoundScan, which is the official method of tracking sales of music and music video products throughout the United States and Canada. AJ told Eastern Mirror that in its first week, one of his songs in his fifth album, titled ‘Tear’s for Year’s’, also hit the North America chart. THE ALBUM ‘Young World’ has 13 songs in the exclusive album costing 300 INR (5$) and 10 songs in the non-exclusive costing 4$. Some of the popular titles in this album include “Young World”, “Tear’s for Year’s” and “Count on me.” Subsequently with the launch of this album, few of his music videos have also been recorded and can be viewed on YouTube in the link provided- “I know sometimes I do mistake, but hold on to my faith cause you never know what you got until it’s gone, so please follow me on”, says AJ. PREVIOUS ALBUMS The young rapper already has 4 other al-

bums to his credit before the launch of “Young World” - “My Baby Girl”, “Black Panther”, “AJ is back”, and “Wish I can rewind”, the first of which was released while he was just sixteen. CURRENT PROJECTS He has signed up with CuteKool Record and Distribution Company with John Warden, President of RV where big rapper names like Wiz Khalifa had previously appeared. Currently at home in Dimapur, AJ delightfully informs that RV Company is also distributing his latest work while a promotional tour is on the pipeline sometime in July where he is expected to perform in Thailand, Malaysia and the UK.

I’m not interested in politics: Aamir Khan


e doesn’t want to enter politics and candidly admits he has no solutions to problems. Actorfilmmaker Aamir Khan, revelling in the “dream reaction” to his TV show ‘Satyamev Jayate’, says his purpose is served if his efforts make people introspect. Each Sunday since May 6 had seen the 47-year-old bring Indian television audiences face-to-face with issues like female foeticide, dowry, child abuse, malpractices in medical profession and honour killing. An entertainer rarely does that, and Aamir is happy in his space. “I am not interested in politics, so I won’t be joining politics. I feel what I am able to do from where I am, from the the stream that I am in, is much more. I can contribute much more (this way). So I am happy doing that,” Aamir told IANS in an exclusive interview. He admits one TV show and one person’s efforts cannot bring about any change, but says “information and knowledge make you act differently”. And that, through ‘Satyamev Jayate’, is his effort. Excerpts from the interview to IANS: Q: Your show has received stupendous response from all quarters. Has the audience given it more love than you expected? A: This is a very dream reaction that we are getting...right from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, people are watching it in the small towns, villages, big cities... People across

all economic groups and across rural and urban areas are watching it. The way people are emotionally connected to it is great. The way it is moving them, touching them, and affecting them is very heartening. Q: You seem to have donned the role of a social reformer. Post ‘Satyamev Jayate’, do we see you take on a larger role at some point, perhaps join politics? A: I am not interested in politics, so I won’t be joining politics. I feel what I am able to do from where I am, from the the stream that I am in, is much more. I can contribute much more (this way). So I am happy doing that. Q: Is there any follow-up mechanism to the social issues that you have been raising on the show? A: We believe information and knowledge make you act differently. Giving a broad example, if you look at a film like ‘Taare Zameen Par, When the film was released, majority of the country’s population had no idea that there was something like dyslexia, a learning disability. Thereafter, it started having an impact that has continued till today. So what we can do with this show is - 13 ‘Taare Zameen Par’. We are trying to get the viewers to look inwards. We are not expecting you to join an andolan (revolution) on female foeticide, nor are we expecting you to barge in each house of your neighbourhood to check if they are doing it or not... what we are

Chef Shangreiwon’s

kitchen INGREDIENTS: Chicken Breast 300 gms Lemon Juice 10 ml Butter 50 gms Rosemary 2 pinches Chopped Garlic 50 gms Sliced Onion 50 gms Cabbage 100 gms Carrots 100 gms Mayonnaise 100 gms Bread Roll 4 pcs Lettuce 4 leaves Tomato 2 nos Chopped Coriander 20 gms Salt and Green Chilli to Taste

expecting is that you yourself should not do it, and if somebody is thinking of doing it, you should discourage them from doing it. We are trying to show the way forward. And by that I don’t mean that we have a solution. So in answer to what the follow up is to this - I don’t know what it is. What we are doing is basic, essential, fundamental and primary. And according to me, the follow-up or rather fallout of this will be very organic in itself. Q: Several individuals and NGOs work towards society’s betterment. But that hasn’t helped so far. What do you have to say? A: We are not discovering a new issue, we are actually tackling issues that are well known. Our research is based on work done by experts and social activists over the last 20 to 30 years. So their work is remarkable and important. Now what do I bring to the table? Their work is the foundation of our work, and I am using my goodwill, which I have earned over the last two-and-a-halfdecades. I am trying to put it to good use and using television, a fantastically strong medium, to address issues on a mass scale. Q: You have let go of the aura around a celebrity to come closer to the country’s masses and their problems. How gratifying is the experience? A: It’s been an amazing

journey to come in contact with people from different parts of the country and from different cultures. I have had the good fortune of learning so much more about the country. It has got me closer to the people of our country. It is a huge learning experience for me to do this show.

Ethnic fashion show held at Longleng As a part of the Phom Day cum Youth Expo 2012, an ethnic fashion show was held on June 7 at PBCA Hq. Longleng with Project Director DRDA Longleng, Imnukshila Jamir, as a guest of honour.


Fashion show during the celebration of Phom Day cum Youth Expo at Longleng on Thursday

Speaking on occasion, she exhorted the Phom youths to turn to the fashion industry, both modern and traditional designs. She said fashion today has become a big industry and said that she was really impressed to witness the rich modern designs as well as traditional attires. She encouraged the young upcoming Phom designers and wished them the best in their future careers. Earlier, welcome by beating the traditional log drum was presented by Hukpang Students Union while invocation prayer was pronounced by Associate Pastor LTBC Mongngoi. Welcome address was delivered by General Secretary PSC, Shatung Phom. Highlights of the programme included special number by Heong-ngeu band, Act play by Phom Lempong school and love poem by Tamlu Students Union. The show showcased designs by local designer Shayen. (DIPR)

R&J MESSAGE BOArD Hello Jundila (Ajung MKG)… No matter how old you get, I don’t think you’ll ever grow up. Now don’t go around distributing orange/coconut sweets to ur neighbors, like last year..hehehe… Happy birthday! Bunch of sisters all the way from Dmp;DDDD Hey Deep-dingding………… wishing you all happiness on this your birthday. Have a great day – God bless you……. lotsa luv – Reenlingling :)

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Jumbo Chicken Sandwich with Rosemary Mayonnaise To grill the chicken: Marinate the chicken breast with lemon juice and salt for 2 hours. Grill the marinated chicken over hot non stick pan turning both sides until done. Shred the chicken and set aside. For the vegetables: Cut cabbage and carrots into julienne. Put butter in a heated pan; sauté rosemary, chopped garlic, sliced onion and julienned vegetables. Sauté for about 5 minutes on medium flame and remove. To assemble: Mix the cooked vegeta-

bles with mayonnaise, shredded chicken, chopped coriander, salt and green chilli.

* Chef Shangreiwon, Exotic School of Cooking


Slit the bread and place the lettuce leaves, sliced tomatoes and stuff the mixture.

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