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A young lad in full traditional attire seen during a cultural festival held recently in Mokokchung

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Vincent and his mean machine…….

But it goes way beyond just a biking passion


he is riding, he gets the feeling of being one with nature, as the ride along the road brings him to contact with splendid things like the rain, wind, sunshine, open sky and beautiful landscapes; or even birds passing by, which makes him feel like he could just reach out and touch them. His bike seat is his panoramic window to a world that he doesn’t know yet. And he goes on a voyage to explore and discover, learn and experience life beyond the place he calls home. By now, he has traveled the length and breadth of Nagaland on his bike, also covering all the International Trade Centres in the state- Longwa, Pangsha, Avangkhu, Mimi and Molhe Post. The plan to first cover Nagaland seems accomplished, because for him, it is incomplete to venture out and try to know a different world before that. After all, he insists, “I call myself a Naga, I am born and brought up in Nagaland.” Biking, for him, is more than just one special thing! Apart from “Explore, Discover and Adventure” that he associates with the bike, he loves the fact that he gets to gel with people in some remote corner of the state, besides getting to learn and listen to their stories. Of course, it’s the passion for riding motorcycles that has taken him places, but his several expeditions have definitely drawn him closer to the cause of the people in the rural areas. First off, health care, for the simple fact that basic medical care is something that he ardently wishes for these people. Each time he enters a village, it is his natural prerogative to visit a Sub-Centre or a Primary Health Centre. To his dismay, he has found that there is no sign of human habitation in many of the sub-centres and PHCs. Instead, there are deep green jungles, grass reaching up above his knees…the health centres sometimes nicely fenced, but no sign of a person walking up to that place.

“I understand that there are many poor people who are not accessible to basic facilities in remote areas, and even if they wish and pray a thousand times, it won’t be possible. I feel the pain for these people who have to suffer, but another sad thing is that they do not know how to voice out”, he compas-


Summer Colours

Vishü Rita Krocha | EM News Network

he sound of adventure excites him. It’s almost as if Vincent Belho cannot begin to measure the amount of thrills that biking allows him to feel. When

Vincent Belho

July 21, 2012

sionately expresses. “If we are not able to use what is given to us, what is the point?” he goes on to say, but understands at the same time, that it takes a lot of effort both from the government and the community concerned to make things work, which is not always the case when it comes to the rural shores. But one beautiful thing, he notes is the PHC at Wazeho even as he confesses, “I have not seen anything like it in the rural areas.” One may wonder….how much can a biker do for health care in these areas? Well, his adventurous spirit has even led him to a Nagaland Tour on bike for HIV Awareness, giving impromptu talks and sensitizing the rural people on the issue. He had also gone biking on a North East Tour mostly covering Shillong, Guwahati and Sikkim, which he recalls more as a cultural exchange, since he interacted with people in the college and students from different schools, where they were very curious on learning more about the Naga culture and the Naga food habits. Off to Darjeeling and further Nepal, it’s easy to see how he immensely enjoyed not only the ride but also sharing his knowledge about Family Planning and Contracep-

tives with the labourers in the Tea Gardens in Darjeeling. One will see the professional side of him as the Branch Manager of Nagaland Family Planning Association of India, whose love for bikes always beckons him to ride any given holiday. His latest travel diary consists of a ride in June that starts from Kohima, takes him through the road and a camping at Chizami, through Jessami, Akash Bridge, Matikhrü Village and Kanjang Village which is over 60000 feet above sea level and gives a bird’s eye view of a number of fascinating places. To go on a ride, the rule number one for him is the helmet while he persists on protection gears depending on the season but normally includes a rain gear, riding gloves, knee guards, riding jacket (or in its place, elbow guard and shoulder guard), and heavy & big shoes, because, he says, when you set out, there are sticks and bushes coming to hit you. And of course, protection gears always serve as a visual delight. If you might wonder what a biker carries on a tour, it’s nothing for luxury, just basic stuff, saddle bags, fast food, two little basins to cook rice, kerosene, stove and the basic things. There is no law and order problem in the state, but we are all aware of the insurgency and road conditions, he puts across. The sloppy, slushy and the muddy roads are only left to one’s imagination but he has been utterly surprised with discoveries of roads that serve as communication only by name. He does love the rush and the thrill of riding around these routes but mindfully says, “my pleasure should not be at the cost of the poor villagers.” The best thing he loves about travelling is that “it opens up your mind”, and urges that young people should travel in any way or any form because in his words, “unless you travel, you will be just like a frog in a well.” Biking seems innate in him. He first learnt to push a cycle as a small boy, ride a cycle and then he thought, he could ride a motorcycle, which, he definitely succeeded. But what could you say of a child who was never exposed to television in his childhood but was still thoroughly fascinated by two wheelers and yet, understood even at that age, that his parents did not have enough money to buy him a cycle? That, he waited till he was in a position to buy one himself, for decades together until he started working and earning, so he could view the world and taste the freedom, which only bikers can fully comprehend… To hear of his finest experience, one must transport the mind from Phor to Sütsü, which he rode amidst the pines and a grand view of Mount Saramati clad with snow during January. As he shares his expedition, I feel like I also understand the excitement, the beauty and the thrill, the sense of rhythm and freedom, and the feeling of oneness with nature, which he describes with such clarity and passion. He believes in riding for a long long time and that is also the reason why he strongly emphasizes on the importance of safety by wearing all necessary protection gears. “I wish all young people who have so much of energy get to ride for a long long time. I believe in being able to ride for a long time…and I ride with a purpose- to learn, explore and at the same time, understand the needs of people in the places I travel to…maybe I can be a facilitator for them.” In the near future, he plans to cover a lot more places, although he says, “in motorcycle, there is no luxury, just the innate urge, desire and calling to ride these adventures.” “It’s always about the bike” for the motorcycle enthusiast, who is also a father of 3 kids, a manager, a documentary filmmaker (a current project being a documentary travelogue) and a health care provider, all rolled into one.


ashion color trend this summer is exquisite heavenly colors. Vivid, soft neutrals colors are in- beginning with the most popular being soft mint green and of course, the eternal white. Wrap yourself up in heavenly colors this summer. 1. White: It is a never dying colour for Spring/Summer. You can play it cool with almost all colours. 2. Minty Green: It’s a soft and cool colour which goes very well with white, olive green and yellow. This frosty shade is a lovely mixture of blue and green. Go well with any color. 3. Citron Yellow: Enhances your skin tone and goes well with denim blue, white, and powdery blue. 4. Kelly Green: This colour will look very cool with white, wear anything from earrings to sandals. It will stand out and give the freshness to any wardrobe. 5. Shades of Pink: A touch of pink in your clothing gives the impression of youthfulness and femininity. 6. Neon: Neon is in this summer but it should be matched or played well, or else, it will turn out to be a disaster. Neon is friendly and cool with white. 7. Powdery Blue: Very soft, cool and mild colour. This colour too goes very well in almost all colours. FABRIC: Airy fabrics are in this season be it plain or printed. It is feminine and sexy in any type of garment design. *Inspired by Fruits and Vegetables World of Summer Season Modovina Mocha is a Professional Designer, who specializes in Wedding Gowns. She has, to her credit, Awards for Best Construction during her Graduation Show and Best Designer of the Nagaland Fashion Week, 2010. She currently teaches in the Government Polytechnic Kohima and is also the General Secretary of the Nagaland Designers’ Association (NDA). Apart from wedding gowns, she designs for both male and female including kids wear.


Mirror Plus

Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | July 21| 2012

story teller

Lhüsaku & the Igloo Army: Adventures of Lhüsaku-3 - Agnes Krocha Tepa


hüsaku seems to be entering a new phase of his life. He is for once paying rapt attention to our science teacher as she describes how Eskimos build their homes called, igloos, with blocks of ice. He is in a total igloo-spell I can tell. He has suddenly transformed into a serious person or so it seems. Why is he not playing with his friends at break time today? Perhaps he has now decided to seriously study and turn over a new leaf leaving all mischief behind. Oops! I got Lhüsaku all wrong for once. He is back to normalcy after school. But why are my brother Neizo and Lhüsaku’s brothers Atho-o (neizo’s best friend) and Akho-o (who once fell asleep whistling on a cherry tree) also following Lhüsaku today along with the other boys. What are they upto? They all seem very excited. I must tell my Mama to warn Neizo about Lhüsaku. Mama and Neizo always think Lhüsaku is some kind of superhero when he really isn’t. “Mama, where’s Neizo?” I asked the moment I stepped into our home. “He was with Lhüsaku’s gang after school today. I’ve a bad feeling about this one” I said. Mama simply laughed and said “Don’t worry. He’s gonna work on a science project with Lhüsaku and some other boys. Neizo’ll be fine.” Disappointed, I walked up to the bamboo grove below Lhüsaku’s house to find out what’s happening. And beneath the bamboo grove I saw the boys standing like soldiers and listening to Lhüsaku. I could hear Lhüsaku saying, “I am your major, your boss. You shall all address me as ‘Major” with a salute and do as I say if you

want to be in the camp we are going to dig.” Major Lhüsaku was donned in his all-timefavorite cowboy hat, his trademark as the boss. Then I heard him giving a detailed description of how the camp was going to look like. And of course, it was going to look like an igloo! A science project indeed! The sparkling eyes of his subjects were fixed on him. Poor boys, they are going to dig a mud igloo for Lhüsaku. They, like true soldiers, pledged their allegiance to him. Lhüsaku gave them further instructions about how they were to be trained as his soldiers. They were to run and climb over walls and fences and crawl beneath barbed wires, hide in empty water tanks in the neighborhood after school and do other crazy stuffs like that. Then I heard him saying “Rule # 1: You are forbidden to cry even if you get hurt during training, especially the little boys. Rule #2: Hold your urine and pee together in a row only in the allotted pee-time. ….Rule #..Anytime anywhere if I signal you through some gestures you must leave whatever you are doing whoever you are with and run after me….and from tomorrow you can bring your guns.” “This guy’s crazy” I said to myself. Lhüsaku‘s army soon set to work. Everybody had a gun. The guns were of various shapes and sizes. Some LMGs looked like cricket bats. Most of the guns were wooden ones carved out by the fathers of the soldiers. Taking turns the soldiers guarded their turf and dug the igloo. After about two weeks of digging I overheard Atho-o telling Neizo, “I’m so tired of digging but I so want to be in the camp.” Neizo nodded his head in agreement. I felt sorry for them. But there was no way they were going to betray their

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Answer in next issue of Mirror Plus ��������� ������������������������������ ����������������� Solution to Buzzword # 6 2. raccoon-O 3. cartoon-O 4. pancake-P 5. correct-T 6. dictate-D 7. oatmeal-E Buzzword: TORPEDO

Down 1. Son of Zephaniah (Zechariah 6:14) 2. Where grapes grow 3. Known for his furious

The toil of the army was not in vain. One fine day, their igloo camp was finally built. The soldiers shouted “Hip! Hip! Hooray!” And feeling elated Major Lhüsaku made his grand entrance into the camp. Only one person could fit in. So, after the boss came out the soldiers ecstatically entered the camp, one by one, according to their ranks. The camp did not end with the igloo. The igloo camp only propelled them to dig deeper and wider so that the whole army could stay. The day the deep-wide-camp was completely dug, Lhüsaku proudly said, “Tomorrow after class, we shall have a big celebration right here.” I decided to join in the celebration by observing them from the bamboo grove. And what a sight it was that I saw! I had never seen Lhüsaku so dismayed before. His soldiers seemed to be on the verge of tears too. Lhusaku’s boss, his dear father, thought of a better way of using the army camp and converted the army camp into a septic tank. Older people always know better, you see! Inviting short story writers. Through this page, Eastern Mirror aims to provide a platform for Naga writers to exhibit as well as hone their writing skills. Let the readers be provoked through your art of story telling. Interested writers can send their materials to

driving Jerusalem Endor is often 4. Condition of eyes (Lam- 26. Paul admitted referred to as one entations 5:17) in Acts 22:4 that of these 5. Christians are to rejoice before he was a 29. Fear not those with those who rejoice, Christian, he had who kill the body and ___ with those who persecuted “The but cannot kill the ___ ___” ____ 8. Anak’s father 27. Sister of Moses and 31. One of two sons 9. Skill or handicraft Aaron of Aaron who died 11. The language of the 28. The “medium” because he did not New Testament whom King Saul obey God 13. The apostle John was sought out in 32. Joseph’s uncle told (Revelation 1:11) Answer in next issue of Mirror Plus to “___ in a book” the 2011 #19 things that God was LasT Week’s Answers going to tell him 14. Creator of all things 15. Was said by Paul to have forsaken him, having loved this present world 16. Solomon was said to be wiser than this man who was in the group of the wisest men 18. Ham and Japheth’s brother 22. Paul said in Acts 20:31 that for three years he did not cease to “___ people, both day and night” 25. Another name for

comic fun

...caring for others

- Rev Dr Toshi Langu

Do Unto Others as You would Have Them Do Unto You


iddles may be things of the past to the intellectually minded modern man but sometimes it is worthwhile to visit the past too. With that notion in my mind, let me ask you a riddle. What is Asian looking, petite, pretty, smart and attired like soldiers, courageous but have no mustache? While you are at it, let me give you a clue through this story. Way back in the sixties I had an uncle who so passionately desired to become a policeman that he would endlessly entertain us with stories about life in the army or the police. Since his boyhood he dreamed about it and continued to dream through his youth. But in his late twenties he madly fell in love with a lovely village damsel and was obliged to get married. In five year’s time he became the father of two children but he still harbored the dream of his youth. Then one day, out of the blue, his wish came true. The fledgling State government of Nagaland introduced the VG (Village Guards) and went on a recruitment drive. He jumped at the opportunity and joined the VG, went through a training for six months or so and was commissioned as a constable with a salary of about 30 or 40 rupees. Now he could wear a police dress and carry a .303 rifle, which most probably, was passed down from the British era. The khaki uniform was so big that even his police belt could hardly hold it in place. The boots were so large they could accommodate two VGs at the same time and the .303 rifle was so long it stood almost as tall as him, but such mediocre misfortune wouldn’t dampen his spirit. Hand downs or not, a police dress is a police dress, a boot is a boot and a rifle is a rifle, aren’t they? He was so proud to have achieved his dream. One day, on the way to a new posting, they stopped at a small town and were given 15 minutes to have refreshments at the nearby tea stalls, which they were gratefully doing, when they heard their Sergeant blowing the whistle signaling their time was up. They rushed back to the truck. My uncle’s name was Tiyong which translated into English is “centre”. And since I am writing in English I’ll use the English version. When the soldiers rushed back to the truck the Sergeant pointed his big stumpy finger at my uncle and roared, “ Centre! Where’s your rifle?” My uncle screeched to a halt, saluted and shouted back, “ In the restaurant, Sir!”. While taking tea, he stood the rifle against the wall but forgot about it in his hurry to get back to the truck in time. For that he had to run fifty laps round their camp with a rucksack full of rocks and his rifle held above his head. Life, even in the Police could be fun. Well, now do you have an answer to my riddle? No? The answer is: They are the lady of the Nagaland Women Police. If there is anything that makes me proud to be a Naga, something that makes me hold my head high, it is those lovely, smart, well disciplined and courageous young women troopers of our State’s police force. Even among the ugly and chaotic jumbles of constructions and repulsive garbage dumps, light posts overloaded, weighed down, and buckling under countless private water and T.V. cables gnarled and intertwined and hanging grotesquely, and littered streets and sidewalks stained with pan juice like bloody slaughter houses, our lady troopers are a sight for sore eyes. They are not only cool, pretty and smart but well groomed and elegant in their own way. Their performance in Delhi during the Commonwealth Games has brought us kudos and here, they make us feel proud for a change. Thus, just seeing them reassure us that even in Nagaland not everything is hopeless. Bravo and well done lady troopers. The only chink in their bearing is the antiquated, heavy and ungainly SLRs that they are forced to lug around, (not that I doubt their fitness). Those rifles stick out like sore thumbs, distorting the impeccable reputation and glamorous image that the lady troopers have carved out for themselves. And I take the liberty to presume that it must be very damaging to their self esteem too. And why not? With all the latest trainings they’ve had and the great expectations of not only our State but of the nation on their shoulders, yet compelled to be burdened with those cumbersome and obsolete rifles, whose self esteem won’t be damaged? Had they been me, my ego would have been so deflated that I would be like an old vintage car with four flat tyres. Every time I see them patrolling I feel as if their rifles have grown longer by a few inches. But even with such archaic weaponry they do their job most commendably. My point is, our State’s lady troopers deserve better. Just try to picture them in your mind with AK-47s hanging from their shoulders. They could be world class sisters in arms. This brings us to ask certain uncomfortable but very pertinent questions. Even our dear brother Chidambaram was all praises for the remarkable execution of duty by our ladies in uniform during the Commonwealth Games. And if I am not mistaken too much, from what limited information I have, they were even promised better modern weapons. Did Chidambaram lie to the ladies, as many a gentlemen do in front of smart and attractive ladies, just to impress them? Or…, come to think of it, what about the special package for police modernization that, we, the naive common people hear of? Where did it go? Such huge amounts of money can’t just disappear into thin air. If that special package did something, it should be visible to our naked eyes also, should it not? Or do we need microscopes? Does the modernization of police also include, even though trivial and not very important, things like phasing out old and not very useful Arms and buying new and modern ones, or modernization is just construction of new and modern buildings and things like that only? Such are the stupid questions that keep pestering me at times. Can anyone help? Do I need the power that might be to give an answer? No, I don’t think so. As Bob Dylan sang: “The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind. The answer is blowing in the wind” Yes! The answer is blowing in the wind. All you have to do is pause for a moment and listen. My only point of appeal is this. Why not do a good turn to our ladies in arms and do ourselves a favor by getting rid of those cumbersome, clumsy looking and obsolete SLRs and equip them with AK-47s or something better? They have earned it and they deserve it. Let the Nagaland women police have what they deserve and allow us also to fully feel proud of them. Not half proud.

Bliss by Harry Bliss

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Across 6. Moses was of this tribe 7. High Priest who had Samuel as a student 8. He offered a moreexcellent sacrifice 10. Son of Reu 12. The number of thieves crucified alongside Christ 14. Jacob’s seventh son, first-born of Zilpah 17. A bad type of prophet 19. The first home of Adam and Eve 20. Cliff mentioned in 2 Chronicles 20:16 21. “Therefore let him who thinks he stands take ____ lest he fall” 22. According to Acts 20:7, Christians are to partake of the Lord’s Supper on the first day of every ___ 23. Brother of Rebekah, father of Rachel and Leah 24. Book before Nehemiah 29. “Thus Noah did, according to all that God commanded him, ____ he did.” 30. Samson was one 33. “Awake, awake, Deborah! Sing a ____” 34. The Dead Sea has much of this 35. Part of the body on which Samson smote the Philistines 36. One of David’s Mighty Men 37. The feet of the statue in King Nebuchadnezzar’s dream were partly made of this 38. Job’s homeland 39. That which Jesus took and gave thanks (Matthew 26:27)

Major, who maintained a register with the names of the members enlisted in the army. Against their names was a column which had their ranks written. That column was a dirty one because of the constant rubbing and rewriting of ranks. The soldiers were always getting promoted or demoted based on their performance.

Reality Check

“If Neil could only be half the man he is in his texts...”

(Rev Dr Toshi Langu is an Associate Pastor at Ao Baptist Church, Kohima and has an inherent interest in illuminating the intrigues and foible of the versatility of human life through writing. The writer can be contacted at -

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Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | July 21 | 2012




‘NAGALAND JOB CONSULTANTS’ – THE ONE STOP JOB SOLUTION YouthNet is an organization with a mission to help youth acquire knowledge, develop life skills and form attitudes to enable them to become self directing, positive, productive, responsible and contributing members of society through active participation and involvement. YouthNet works in partnership with the government, community residents, grassroots organizations, educational institutions, corporations and philanthropies in all aspects of development while actively engaging youth in the process. Our vision is focussed around Positive energy, Encouragement, Motivation and Appreciation. NJC was created to partly handle Unemployment issues in Nagaland and also encourage Young youths of Nagaland into moving into Private careers as the number of jobs in the Govt. is limited . Six months into the project NJC has more than 230 Candidates registered and has placed over 45 candidates locally and successfully in various industries such as Retail, Telecom, Hospitality, Tourism. NJC has already garnered very good feedback from the young People in Nagaland and has also recently tied up with IIJT( Kohima Centre) to bridge the gap between Technical education with job placements. This week there are also positions open for : All NAGALAND BASED JOBS 1) Civil Engineers – 3 posts 2) MBA – 5 posts 3) Administrators/ PR Manager- 5 posts 4) Mass Comm. with exp -3 posts 5) MA Sociology and Psychology- 2 posts

CAREER----- or Parents dream!


areer” a word which makes every youth in the present scenario worried. Why???? The answer for most would be because of their lovely parents. Mostly educated parents are culprit for their son’s/daughter’s failure. Many parents force their parents to take up a career which they never ever thought of. Going on their parents wish they end up ruining their life even after getting a job with a high salary package. They either become drug addict, smokers etc. Which eventually leads to major diseases and ends up taking their life? These all is happening in today’s juncture because they dint take the career they wanted to!! Today money is not everything. Life, happiness, family, love plays an important role in the future to alongside money. If you are happy with your career definitely you would do the best in that field. And if you are not!! The Pretty SCIENCE got an

Dear inquisitive, animated young collegians. We dedicate this space for you, young minds to share thoughts and outlook on life on campus. Be it about your education, studies, love, life, sports, about teachers, your angst, heartbeats or even a poem or a footnote you scribbled during a boring lecture in the classroom…share. Also get to know what your friends in different colleges across the State experience and create a vibe. Or simply dedicate your fond thoughts of that someone, somewhere through this page! E-mail us at


Some Few Errors in my Life Check gates are everywhere

Don’t be in hurry

Just passed away

t was in the year 2008, the first day in my life to set my foot in a city called KOHIMA, I, along with four other students and a lecturer with lots of thoughts on our mind to defeat our unknown rivals -YOUTH PARLIAMENTERIAN. After we reach, we hang around till its time to go back to our lodge. We ask one of the taxi drivers to take us to Check Gate (actually it’s near BSF camp, our lodge is at ATI). But to our surprise we were taken to Phesama Police Check Gate. That’s also another check gate anyways!

CBCK Youth Day has begun, I was told to represent my colony to take part in extempore speech. That was my first day to church. I entered the church compound, within a few minutes, nature calls me and I was compelled to attend it. I entered it unknowingly, but just in a second I discovered it’s not the right place for me. A cute lady came out with wonder in her eyes. I knowingly ask her, “IS THIS A LADIES TOILET?” “YES!!!!!” that was her reply.

nglish is the most difficult language in whole of the languages, even though I didn’t know any other languages. Being an English literature student I feel proud of myself till I saw my marks. One fine day in the college, one Office Asst. was sent by the Vice Principal to pass the information to every class. It so happen when the lecturer who should be in my class was absent. Knowing the lecturer’s absence He just “PASSED BY”. So being a Class Representative, I went to Vice Principal’s office to enquire what the information was. “May I come in madam?” “Yes, come in” “Madam, what was the information that was passing on?” “You didn’t have it?” “Yes, madam” “How comes...?” “Because He (Office Asst) ‘JUST PASSED AWAY’ ” “Passed away?????” I hate myself for not being able to use the right words, after a cute smile I said, “NO! NO! He JUST PASSED BY”. To be continued...


Don’t always lie

Don’t let someone lock you up, do it by yourself

attended an interview that was conducted by Planning Department for BPO /Call Centre Management. The interviewers ask me some questions and I responded, but in midst of the interview one Lady Officer ask me, “Do you speak Hindi and Assamese?” ‘’No, I don’t”, that was my reply. “Then nagamese?” “Little bit”. “BAHAR KOTESE?” With lots of stars above my head, I said, “Its here” (I say it in English because I don’t knew nagamese either). But anyways I was selected.

eing from a village, it’s not easy to adjust with the technologies in Kohima. A meeting was held at Cimorb Hotel. After the meeting got over, I went to the toilet. After everything was done from inside, I tried to open the door which I had locked from inside, but I couldn’t. I called for help and one of my colleagues came and instructed me to do this and that, but still it’s not working. He ran down to call the crews for help. “What if I can’t get out of here”, that was my thought. For one last time I tried, twisted the key two times, it went opened just to greet my colleague and a crew with a cute smile!!!!


answer to it…today’s scenario in the developed countries doctors and engineers are not everything. Every youth takes their career they like not of their parents. But why can’t we take the career we like??? Why??? Many of the youths’ in the LAND OF FESTIVALS would like to take their passion as their career. But few can achieve it and those who have gone against the will of their parents. I hope only 1 in 1000 would agree to their children taking the career of their will. Why only 1???? We being the children of the latter can’t go against them. We do what they say thinking the parents are right as always. But are parents not human beings to?? “Can every time parents be correct”? Can’t they ever be wrong? I hope they too can make mistakes as “Man is bound of making mistakes”. What is the use of making a child guilty throughout his life? If the child could not achieve his/her passion or dream in the first try give them a second chance too. Support and encourage them to try again and a day would come when they achieve the feat. Parents! PLEASE understand your children! Let him/ her give a try on the career they want to without your dream on their shoulders! Give your children all of your support and encouragement and they will conquer the world and show you what they are capable off!!!!!! Parents give a think about the present 65000 unemployed educated youths in our state. What is the reason for this???? Nagaland employs the maximum number of Govt. servants a year in whole INDIA. But these numbers never decreases. Why??? Parents I hope you would definitely know the answer for these! Our lovely and dearest parents! Do think about it in a broad open mind!! Many of the youths can never go against their case as of me too!!! Parents hear to your children’s plea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “God bless the students in their way to glory and success and parents to help them”



~ Wedekhro Naro Kohima College

On Butterfly Wings Methinks it was just yesterday, I was young and rathe to know all the novel things Still I am, yet there is a feeling of insipidity; I linger among the canopies like a butterfly Wishing I had its pair of wings, Thinking I’ll be gone with the wind… If life is but to tell a tale how I long those days to remain as a status quo, for the mistakes we did in childhood were but, wonderful mistakes to be treasured; Today here I stood again in the midst of nowhere, I lost myself in reverie, I stood, I scuffle, I reminisce and tried to excogitate, that’s when I realized my Raison d’être... the reason of being blessed to see this journey; there are times, I pretend to be gaiety, though sometimes I am not, yet, I am not a pretender; Tonight, if the moon refuses to stay with me till dawn and I’ve to let go of everything, maybe I’ll let it go, but definitely alone with this soul… I’ll certainly not mind if my minutes hasten towards the shore or up above the blue sky, for I believe wherever it takes me, it’ll definitely lead me to a serene place and that day I’ll seize the day and once again I’ll be on the butterfly wings… ~Atuno Meyase, Lady Keane College, Shillong

~ Manna Deb Sainik School Punglwa

Ultrasonography in Veterinary Practice ANIMAL CARE

with Dr Michael Imchen

Dr MichAEl Imti Imchen B.V.Sc & A.H, M.Sc.A.P.M,C.USG & R. Veterinary Surgeon Animal Concern, Circular Road.


ltrasound technology was originally developed during World War I to track submarines (sonar). Sonar uses the echoes returned when a sound wave hits an object to determine the object’s distance, size and shape. Ultrasonography is one of the modern methods of diagnosis in medicine. The system relies on ultrasounds, which are sound waves that are too high for the ears to detect. It is a painless, harmless and non-invasive method that does not rely on radiation. It can be used to detect problems with the internal organs of the human body. The use of ultrasonography makes it easy for diagnosis in gyneacology, cardiology, urology and endocrinology. Because of its noninvasive nature, ultrasonography is used as the first line of diagnosis before other invasive methods are used. Veterinary sonography has expanded rapidly over the last two decades on a worldwide basis. As both an art and a science. As with radiography, it would now be hard to imagine practicing veterinary medicine without ultrasound. Research on ultrasound was conducted on animals as early as 1949. But it was not until the mid-1970s that a few veterinarians at academic institutions began using sonography on clinical patients. Sonography has become an important and popular diagnostic tool in veterinary medicine because of it’s simple, non-invasive diagnostic nature that seldom requires the use of tranquilizers or anaesthetics, and equipment that is affordable and easy to operate has become available. The Veterinary Radiologists use the ultrasound examination for a large variety of disorders used to:

1. Detect and diagnose cancer affecting abdominal and other soft tissue organs 2. Determine the extent of spread of disease 3. Evaluate the urinary tract for cause of blood in the urine (stones, inflammation or neoplasia) 4. Determine the cause for abdominal pain 5. Determine the cause for intestinal disorders (vomiting/ diarrhea) 6. Determine the organ and cause for abdominal masses 7. Examine vessels for anomalies or other vascular abnormalities 8. Detect pregnancy, the number of foetuses and any aabnormalities, if any 9. Detection of calculi in the biliary system (gall stones). Benefits of ultrasonography. • Pregnancy The most common use of ultrasonography is during pregnancy. A veterinarian can use an ultrasound to if the animal is really pregnant, the number of foetuses and to see if there are any complications before the feotuses are born. • Internal Organs Ultrasonography can also be used to check major organs and make sure there is no pathology or lesions. • Live Images Most devices used for taking images of the body will only

take a still image, but with ultrasonography, the doctor can see what is going on in the body live. • Comfort There is no discomfort when using ultrasonography and there are no side effects from the process. • Safety In terms of exposure to harmful radiation ultrasonography is the safest than other methods like X-rays, dexa or magnetic resonance imaging as no harmful radiation is involved. • Convenience Ultrasonography can be more convenient than other methods of investigation because there are small, portable ultrasound scanners that can be used on patients that need to be treated outside the hospital or clinics. The growth of sonography in veterinary has developed tremendously all over the world and has become an integral part of the profession, even in other parts of the country. In this field of radiology, Nagaland is just in it’s infancy stage of just a few months old, where only a single clinic has the facility at it’s disposal. And it has a long way to go before it catches up with the rest of the world. (Dr Michael can be contacted for pet and animal care related queries and concerns at Mobile-09436072892)


Mirror week-ent

Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | July 21 | 2012

Imli Lee: The rapper comes a-rappin’ The name is Imli Lee a.k.a. Dejavu. And this young Rapper is going places Christy Newmai | EM News Network


ith the Best Hip Hop/Rapper award of the 3rd Nagaland Music Awards 2011 tucked safely in his bag and a debut album ‘Dejavu for Christ’ which has been documented as one of the Top 10 albums of 2011 by The North East Today (TNT), Mr Lee is surely going places. And that is not all. Imli Lee is also all set to feature in an upcoming Bollywood movie ‘Te Amo’ directed by Shiraz Henry and produced by Rebecca Changkija. “This is my biggest break so far,” the unassuming Imli says in a kind of ‘rap a tap’ way. Among this young rapper’s numerous performances is his show in Kathmandu and the Nagaland Get Gorgeous Model hunt moment. He also has several solo concerts to his credit while a number of projects are in the pipeline. I’m quite impressed. Rappers are not common in Nagaland. With head bangers and rock

PowerComm. Friday Live at Ozone Cafe EM News Network


ith the main objective to connect young people through creative activities, PowerComm. today launched ‘Friday Live’ at Ozone Café Kohima, which will be a regular feature every third Friday of the month. The idea behind this is also to bring life to Kohima town especially for the young people. Today’s Friday Live is FIFA sports competition carrying a cash prize of Rs. 3000 and Rs. 2000 respectively drawing in as many as 21 participants. Interestingly today’s competitors of the video game competition are aged between 11 to 31 years old. FIFA sports has been chosen as the first feature of Friday Live after observing that kids have nothing to do at home besides their studies. Serving as a form of recreation, Friday Live will feature artistic events such as Live Music, Board Games, Open Mic, Photo & Painting Exhibitions etc.

n rollers galore mostly dominating the music scene here, this music genre is the kind where ‘even angels fear to tread’ - if you get my drift. Sounds daunting yes, yet when Imli Lee rapped - “Born and raised up in the shadow... was never promised tomorrow…past to present, history to mystery…Dejavu…” it had the folks here rappin’ and tappin’ along. While catching up with him at a café in Dimapur, Imli quietly poured out his persona on the coffee table. I found out that there is a poet and a composer behind the rapper. His foray into rap music is an interesting tale. “I can’t express how…..I began composing from an early age of 14 and I wrote poetry. At 16, I had already written an exclusive book on poetry. Then from poetry, the rhythm of the verse graduated to the rhythm of the rap. “Rapping is all about rhyme,” he says. However, unlike most of the murky ding-aling rappin’ that we often hear, Imli reckons on

clean lyrics. “Rapping is not all about the unconstructive lyrics that one usually hears, and there is good and bad elements in everything. It is always good for a composer to be clear and clean with the lyrics. I opt for the good side of it,” is what he says. Imli tells me he feels that his greatest asset lies in his song-writing ability. Many have also given the thumbs-up to his lyrics as ‘‘original, clear, rare, brilliant and catchy’.’ And experiences are his muse. I am curious about whether there is any artiste in the North East that is looks up to. “It is undeniably Micheal M Sailo and Tali Yang,” pat comes the reply. Rapper Imli Lee’s parting shot at the end of our coffee session is for all upcoming rappers and music artistes……. “Never fake it. At the end of the day it is yourself that counts and trying to ape others makes no sense!”

List of talents selected in the Naga Talents Promo: Kohima audition 6 8



book review




50 Shades Of Grey ~ by Imti Longchar


ifty Shades of Grey is a 2011 erotic novel by British author E. L. James. Set largely in Seattle, it is the first installment in a trilogy that traces the deepening relationship between a college graduate, Anastasia Steele, and a young business magnate, Christian Grey. It is notable for its explicitly erotic scenes featuring elements of sexual practices involving bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism (BDSM). When literature student Anastasia Steele goes to interview young entrepreneur Christian Grey, she encounters a man who is beautiful, brilliant, and intimidating. The unworldly, innocent Ana is startled to realize she wants this man and, despite his enigmatic reserve,

finds she is desperate to get close to him. Unable to resist Ana’s quiet beauty, wit, and independent spirit, Grey admits he wants her, too—but on his own terms. Shocked yet thrilled by Grey’s singular erotic tastes, Ana hesitates. For all the trappings of success—his multinational businesses, his vast wealth, his loving family—Grey is a man tormented by demons and consumed by the need to control. When the couple embarks on a daring, passionately physical affair, Ana discovers Christian Grey’s secrets and explores her own dark desires. The second and third volumes are titled Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed, respectively. Fifty Shades of Grey has topped best-seller lists in the United Kingdom,

8 C3 Thug’s Lyf

United States, and around the world. It has been on the New York Times bestseller lists for 10 weeks, followed at numbers two and three by its two sequels. The series has sold 31 million copies worldwide, with book rights having been sold in 37 countries, and set the record as the fastest-selling paperback of all time, surpassing the Harry Potter series. Critical reception of the novel has been mixed.

Chef Shangreiwon’s


Chromatic Clef

SOLO 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Ruokuoseü Mary (Dance)- Contestant -17 Shuiphei (Dance )- Contestant -18 Visedelhou Terhüja (Singing)- Contestant -19 Reguigwangbe Hegui (Dance)-Contestant -21 Khriebu Pienyü (Dance)-Contestant-22 Mengukhrienuo Pearl Pienyü (Dance) – Contestant-23 7. Akho (Poping & Locking)-Contestant -24


INGREDIENTS 1/2 kg sponge cake 1 tin fruit cocktail 1 packet strawberry jelly 2 tbsp. chopped mixed nuts 2 cups milk 4 tbsp. sugar 2 tbsp. vanilla custard powder 200g fresh cream Method: Prepare strawberry jelly and leave to cool. Whip 200g of fresh cream until stiff and set in the fridge. Prepare custard as per the instruction from the packet

and set aside. Drain fruit cocktail and syrup from tins. Cut the sponge cake into cubes.

8. Hemand Lama (Drum Solo)-Contestant- 25 GROUP 1. Chromatic Clef (Instrumental & songs) Members- Gugu Sekhose, Aveteo, Theflie, Nelson and Angyan 2. C3 Thug’s Lyf (Rap Songs) Members- Seyievikho Linyü/Cinghpam Aventh/ Chanbe Ngulie

TO ASSEMBLE: 1. Divide sponge cake into top and bottom halves. Drench the bottom part with half the sugar syrup from tins. 2. Now, pour half the custard over it and place half the chopped nuts and chooped fruit cocktails. 3. Spread a layer of whipped cream. 4. Cover with top half of cake, drench with sugar syrup, pour remaining custard and decorate with remaining nuts and fruit cocktail. 5. And pour a layer of stawberry jelly and keep in refrigerator till jelly is set and serve chilled.

Mirror Plus, the Eastern Mirror weekend supplement Sub-Editors: Imti Longchar; Vishü Rita Krocha; Layout Designer: Viketu Atubu Liegise E-mail: Ph Nos: Kohima 0370-2291977 Dimapur 03862-246001


Happy Birthday, Trishu (Khuili) & Trish As both of you grow older year after year. We wish you always be happy year after year. And all of us wishing both of you. A Many, Many Happy Returns of the day. With love, Wangchuk, Asu, Appa & Mama Post your R&J messages on a postcard addressed to: R&J Board, Eastern Mirror, Circular Road, Dimapur or mail it at:

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