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photo speak Pure tears of joy: A young bride become emotional and shed a few drop of tears right before her wedding ceremony in Tuli town, under Mokokchung district.

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Eastern Mirror weekend supplement

December 15, 2012

The online fashion affair There are so many things you can accomplish even if you are just staying at home, says Zuboni Humtsoe Imti Longchar | EM News Network


or a girl who always wanted do something different since childhood, she seems to have achieved it in style. Young still, in her early twenties, Zuboni Humtsoe is one of those innate fashion stylists and the proud owner of the online fashion and styling store Precious melove. This fashion store is on Facebook and the clothing items on display when ordered can be delivered anywhere in India. Maybe bless Mark Zuckerberg for Facebook and that someone for the brilliant idea of online shopping, but Zuboni’s achievement happens to be in itself as extraordinaire and unique as her passion to do different. At Precious melove, one finds modishly handpicked dresses, accessories and shoes from assorted shopping malls or that shop in the corner, thrift stores; vintage clothing which are mixmatched or incorporated to a different edge of fashion by Zuboni herself. The items, mostly feminine in design are unique by itself and are flaunted by cute young amateur models (regular school and college going girls, really) who none the less look glamorous enough to make professional ones go green with envy. “Fashion for me is something personal. It is portraying me, wearing what I love and not wearing the trend for rand’s sake,” melove’s Zuboni who is putting her dreams of achieving something different to reality defines her definition of fashion. She adds- Precious melove means “family of women coming together to celebrate style, femininity, freedom and what’s precious to us.”

While fashion is not just the aesthetics but a means of propagating women empowerment, it wasn’t exactly a planned ambition for Zuboni to begin an online fashion and styling store. It is like ‘God’s way of opening door is different from what we expect,’ Zuboni, who ironically is a political science graduate (with honours) from Delhi University, maintains as she reminisces how she began her venture with a meager Rs 3000 scholarship money after she was compelled to return home from Delhi because both her parents had serious health complications. “On way back home, I scrounged some clothes with the scholarship money and my neighbors and friends here at home were crazy about it. Gradually I started bringing in more clothing items and incorporating them with my style. Then the idea of starting an online store in Facebook came to me,” she said. Today, Precious melove online store has nearly 14,000 likes (members), in just over a matter of a year! Coincidentally, this online boutique turns one year old today, the 14th of December, since its launch on Facebook in 2011. On the occasion, Zuboni is putting up a fashion exhibit with the theme of celebrating style, modernity and Naga culture. The setting is Hornbill festival site, Kisama and the photo shots taken during the recently concluded Hornbill 2012 festival. “It is a beautiful concept if you bring in modernity and cultural roots and combine them to create

something elegant and regal,” she explains. This essence is clearly evident in her designs and ensemble which is put on show on her page. And what began as a home-work flourished into one of the most in demand online fashion and styling store for women. Precious melove now has a team of 14 models and three photographers - Lozano

Humtsoe (her sister), Temsuna Lemtur and Wondeno Ezung. Market demand for her handpicked clothing items are a rush from all of India and even abroad. “I am also getting orders from customers from Nepal, Australia, UK but I can’t meet their demands right now because it is very expensive and complicated affair,” she states.

Further, proposals for opening up boutiques in Guwahati and Shillong are also on the offering table. “I started with nothing but if you just believe in yourself, there are so many things you can accomplish even if you are just staying at home,” she remarks in a parting shot.


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Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | December 15 | 2012


ikram, wait a minute,” shouted the extremely lovely teacher of Silver School. She was in her mid-thirties with soft curly hair, large black eyes, an oval face with a smile that never fades and a sweet voice, almost perfect, except for that scar on her right wrist. Vikram stopped at once wondering what the teacher might want. “Vikram, you did really well in your exam and I am very happy with you for securing the highest marks in my subject,” said the teacher. “Well, thank you Miss, it is all because of you that I could do well in my exam,” said Vikram modestly. “Come with me, I want to give you something.” She took him to a nearby shop and bought him a pair of trousers and a shirt. He could not believe that his strict teacher would do this for him. Being the only son of a povertystricken family, Vikram was lucky enough to go to an American Mission School. He was a bright student; Vikram excelled in all the subjects especially English which was taught by the Bengali woman. With hard work and determination, he had reached class Seven. “Now, Vikram, take this and go and study even harder,” said his teacher with a big smile. “Miss, I don’t think I deserve it. But anyway thank you, I need this. Thank you very much,” he said. As he was going home with the wrapped package tucked under his arm, Vikram murmured, “I’m never going to forget this, Miss. I hope someday I’ll be able to repay the debt.” Things went on smoothly for a few weeks until one day a notice was found posted on the school notice board announcing, “Farewell to Miss Rani on 24th October.” That really came as a shock for Vikram and to many other students to think that their favorite teacher was going away. The farewell function was simple. She delivered a very encouraging speech. Eyes of the pupils were filled with tears. A week later a letter came from Miss. Rani saying that she had married a handsome man from a good family background and had settled down in Calcutta, her native place. Life returned to its normal pace. Days passed into weeks, weeks turned into months and months into years and it was already twenty years since Miss Rani’s farewell. One night in a street in Calcutta,

story teller

Vikram’s Teacher - by Longrangty Longchar a young man over six ft tall, with a square face and trimmed moustache was seen walking. He looked sad and depressed and had a frown on his face. An old woman, a beggar, came near him begging for a rupee. The young man felt sorry for her. So he put his two fingers into his breast pocket and produced a five rupee note and handed it over to her. Suddenly, his eyes caught sight of a scar on her right wrist. “No, it can’t be,” he thought. But the scar was too familiar and visible to ignore. He caught the old woman by her shoulder and asked, “Old woman, who are you? What is your name?” For a moment, she was surprised. She eyed him suspiciously and tried to remember him. But he was a total stranger. “I am…” she hesitated. “Tell me please, I mean no harm,” said the stranger earnestly. Quite convinced, she said, “I’m Rani, Rani Chopra.” “What! Rani Chopra! Did you work as a teacher in Patna twenty years back?” “Why? Yes, I had taught there in a mission school.” She was only in her late fifties so her memory was still intact. But her features were so miserable – wrinkled face, crooked back, thin hands and feet. She looked as if she were eighty years or more. “Do you suppose to know me?” she asked again noticing that he was staring at her. “Oh! Yes, I know you. I’m Vikram, Vikram Kumar.” “Vikram…Vikram…Ohh! That little boy from Bihar, right?” “Yes, thank God, you remember me,” said Vikram. “How you have grown! What are you doing here?” “Well, I am here on a business trip. You see after passing my Tenth class I could not go for higher studies. So I decided to become a businessman, and in the past few years I have become prosperous. Now, can you tell me what happened to you?”

mirror time pass Precious Gemstones

jewelry emerald agate turquoise pyrite jasper quartz diamond ruby hematite sapphire tanzanite opal

asteria pearl topaz precious value polish color carat rarity beauty fashion luster

To answer the trivia question, look for a word or phrase that is hidden in the puzzle, but not in the word list.


This is a word for a person who specializes in the science, art, and profession of evaluating gemstones.

Answer: ________________________________

“Oh! Vikram, it’s a long story. After I left Patna, I got married to a handsome young man. My father was very happy and gave fifty thousand rupees as dowry. But fate was against me. I first gave birth to a lovely baby girl, but my mother-inlaw forced me to kill her. They wanted a male. They demanded more and more dowry from my parents and threatened to burn me alive if I could not get it. My second child was a boy, but alas! He died when he was just four years. My husband accused me of his untimely death. They, my in-laws, forced me out of their house. My parents disowned me. I was left hopeless and homeless.” She began to weep. “Now, don’t cry. Have no fear I am here, leave aside your troubles and pain. I got the news that my father died this morning, this is my greatest loss and I am leaving for home tomorrow. I am sure my mother would welcome you. Please come with me and stay with us,” said Vikram. She remained silent for a few moments. “Thank you Vikram, tha…thank you very much. But first I must visit the slum to say goodbye to my friends, though I don’t have many.” “Okay, then I’ll meet you at the station tomorrow at 6:30 am. Don’t worry I will buy the tickets.” “God bless you, Vikram! Now I must go as I have to wake up early. Good night!” As Rani neared her hut, she got a severe headache and fell down on the ground. There was no one nearby to help her as they had all gone to bed. Slowly she lost her consciousness. “Mum,” said a young boy. She looked up and saw her four year old son standing beside her. She was not surprised and didn’t feel anything strange. “Come, Mum, let’s go home.” He helped her to stand. “No, Son I’m going to Patna tomorrow, I am sorry.” “But…but why? Let me take you home, we will be happy there. Come Mum…come…Mum…please…

Across 3. Ephesians 4:4 tells us that there is just one ___ (church) 5. During one O.T. battle, God caused this to stay in the sky longer than normal 7. The ____ man and Lazarus 8. Eve was made from one 9. Wood used to build the ark of the covenant 12. Wicked husband of Abigail who refused to help David and his men 13. Hell is sometimes referred to as “the second ___” (Rev. 2:11) 16. John the immerser once said upon seeing Jesus, “Behold, the ___ of God” 17. The mother of Jesus 19. Captain of King Saul’s army 23. He was murdered by his brother Cain 24. The blood of this animal cannot take away sins (Heb. 10:4) 26. Joseph, as a boy, was thrown into this by his older brothers 27. Place where souls of the dead go to await the Day of Judgment 28. David once hid from King Saul in one of these 29. The Old ___ was nailed to Christ’s cross 30. Another name for Palestine 32. “Why do you call me ‘___,’ but do not the things I say?” 34. Bible garment 36. Jesus was born when the ___ Empire was in power in Palestine 38. Had to make a tough decision about which woman was a baby’s real mother Down 1. Goliath was one of these 2. Wicked king of Israel whose wife was Jezebel 3. One of the false gods mentioned frequently in the O.T. 4. One type of creature that God made on the fifth day 6. Ark builder 10. The other faithful spy, along with Joshua, who said that the Israelites could take the land of Canaan 11. A free gift to the poor 14. He sold his birthright to his brother Jacob 15. In the Book of Revelation, one of the seven churches of Asia 16. Satan told the first one of these 18. Jesus once cursed a tree that should have been producing this fruit, but was

... being a bridesmaid at your best friend’s wedding

Bliss by Harry Bliss

comic fun

please come home.” He started pulling her hand. After a few moments she relented, “Okay, I’ll come, let’s go.” Rani felt as if she was walking in the air. She was so happy that she started laughing. Hours later, the dark sky over the slum turned grey, and a new day was born. Early next morning, Vikram went to the station as arranged. He began to wait – minute after minute, hour after hour. Time passed. But Miss Rani was not coming to the station. Finally the train started to move but he stayed back. He had resolved that he would not leave Calcutta without his old teacher, so he decided to visit the slum to enquire about her. There was nobody there except a lame old man, sitting by a thatched house. “Do you know Rani Chopra? May I know where her house is?” “Sure, I do know her. That used to be her hut.” The old man pointed with his index finger towards the hut. “Used to be…!? What do you mean? Did something happen to her?” Vikram sounded impatient and nervous. “I am afraid, yes something did happen to her last night. She was found laying there dead. I am really sorry, she was a nice woman,” replied the old man. Without another word, with a heavy heart and tears in his eyes, Vikram lowered his head and walked away to catch a train back home. Next morning, in a compartment in the Calcutta-Patna train, the dead body of a young man was found lying on the floor. After the police came and examined the dead body, it was dispatched for post mortem. “Inspector, who was that young man? How did he die?” asked the Superintendent of Police. The Inspector replied, “Sir, that young man was a businessman. I know him. He is Vikram Kumar. According to post mortem report his death was a natural cause – heart attack.” This story was first published in the Edith Douglas Hr Sec School magazine “Onward” in 2000. Some changes have been made for this edition. Through this page, Eastern Mirror aims to provide a platform for Naga writers to exhibit as well as hone their writing skills. Let the readers be provoked through your art of story telling. Interested writers can send their materials to

Reality Check

- Rev Dr Toshi Langu

Unity in Diversity


e talk much about the English language and communication, and even though we ourselves have much to be desired as far as this language is concerned, we tend to go on fault fishing when others are speaking - criticizing and making fun of them. But even Englishmen have faults of their own as far as language is concerned, mind you. Language comes in all sizes, colors, shapes, looks, styles, tones and tunes. You name anything and it’ll have a language of its own. Take for example “car talks”. How do they talk? “ Beep, Beep! or Honk, Honk!”. Cat talks?, “ Mew, Mew!” It may be said that everything has a language. However, Nagas are the most interesting as far as language is concerned and we are second to none in this area. Here is a tiny incident that took place during the just concluded and much hyped about Hornbill Festival, as Saddam Hussain would have said, “the mother of all festivals”. The countdown to the final days of Hornbill Festival was drawing near and one fine evening three boisterous Naga friends came to a food stall at Kisama and occupied a table overlooking the main arena of the festival. They looked and smelt and sounded as if they had had a wee bit too much of the festival. They appeared to be contractors or smalltime businessmen out to have a good time and they were having that in abundance. Language, as I could make out from their speech was not an obstacle in communicating between them for they were speaking in English, Hindi, Nagamese and Züthomix all mixed up. I will leave it to your discretion and best judgment to discern the backgrounds of these friends. They were in high spirit and one of them Mr. X said, “ Im vely vely hungly. Ret us be eating some fot. What is going to have you Y?” Mr. Y: “ I like pried jiken pery pery match and I want to hap pery pery hot king chily chatney. I will hab some pried pish also. What about you Z?” Mr. Z: “Im so hungry an tire I wil fers have a pot ( pop )an a cat (cake) with cofee bak I don wan any rice to eg now. Wha abou you Es?”(That is “X”) Mr.X: “Ami to Lo mat fly alo plaid lice alo jiken cully kabori ban raki” (Ami to roh mas fry aru fried rice aru chicken curry khaboli bhal lage) “I wirr corr the waitl ” And he shouted, “ Waitl, priz come herl!” The waiter, who was a lovely young girl came and took their orders. When the waiter was gone Mr.Y said, “ She is pery pery peutipul, so pram now on I will be looking like a PIP so that she is to like me. Two of you plis you gall me “Sir”, ok?” To this Mr. X replied, “ No,no no, Yes, she is vely rovry but I am thinking she is rike me mol than yo. She rook at me and smire at me an hel eyes is twinkring. So you corr me sel. Molobel, yo arl mallied and hav chinden but I am a sinker one. So two of yo priz corr me Sel and ret me make fliends with hel. We can be forring in rove tonight itserf ”. Mr. Y: I know Im married and hap children but Hornbill Bestibel is por phan an epryting is pree to do por all. My wipe cannot see an I can hap a girlpriend por one night. At this Mr. Z. interjected and said, “ Stat, stat, two of you always tinkin’ and talkin’ abou girls. This is shaneless. What useless frens I have. Come on lek us pray an starr to eg” By this time the food had come. Then he stood up and started to pray. “ O Lor my Ga, who arr in heaven, I thain’ you for this foo and as we partate of this foo hell us to remender the poor as we eg this foo. In the nain of Jesus, the Kin of Kins and Lorr of Lorrs I pray with thansgivin’, Amen” From then on the subject changed as they started eating.

not have enough the Spirit says to 19. Book in the New Tesof this for their the churches.” tament that records lamps 37. Tool used to the beginning of the 34. Aaron’s ___ chop down church budded trees; the proph20. He was told to go dip 35. “He who has an et Elisha caused 7 times in the River ____ to hear, let the head of one Jordan him hear what to float on water 21. Leah’s little sister Answer in next issue of Mirror Plus 22. Where Christ’s crown of thorns resided LasT Week’s Answers 25. You are not to muzzle me when I work 28. First human born 29. Jesus sometimes is referred to as the ___ of Judah” 31. What Prophet is quoted in the following? “Then the Lord took me as I followed the flock, and the Lord said to me, ‘Go, prophesy to My people Israel.’” 33. Jesus told a parable about ten foolish virgins who did not

Mr. Y started the conversation again and said, “My priends, this boot is pery pery gut. Tis is the perst time in my lipe Im habing to see in tis Hornbill Bestibel such pery beutipul poren girl eet king chily. This I tink is wanderbull.I phind her wit pull op courage to kam so par to Nagaland and eet king chily. I will neber porget tody poreber. Now I hab so meny tings to dill my wipe. I am sure she wil lap epryting I hap to sey” Mr. X: Mr. Y: Mr. Z: Mr. X: Mr. Z:

Yes the food is vely good but Honbir Festivar is vely vely cord (cold)so ret us oldel and dlink some zütho and wam us ap. Dat is a pery phine idea. Apter dat we can hap a lot op phan. OK, bak we mas ek fas. The evenin’ protran will starr soon an there will be sisteen items, an also the concer will have many sinners sinnin’ tonigh. There is also a rod concert fron Indira Gandhi Stadin if yo wan to go. Waiter please brin’ the bill” Then he asked, Mr. X. “ Ess, please pass my bad. I have my money bad there” He paid for the food and the rice beer and they started drinking. Al yo shul thel al so many items tonight Z? Yes, yes, I saw in Moron’ Espress tis mornin’.

While drinking Mr. X started singing, “ We wish yo a melly kismat, we wish yo a melly kismat, we wish yo a melly kismat an a happy new yell” Then he started with another, “ Jinger beer, jinger beer, jinger orr the way, Oh what fun it is to lide on a one hols open sri, oh! jinger beer…..” Not to be outdone, as both were trying to attract the waitress’ attention, Mr. Y started another song and sang, “ Epry body laps to tek a holidey, epry body laps to tek a rest, espending time togeter wit de pamily………” By this time all three of them were drunk silly as they had been going on a binge the whole day with all kinds of the Totally Prohibited Alcohol which had soaked Kisama as wet as a swamp while all of Nagaland was as dry as the Sahara desert. Mr. X made an effort to get up and said, “ Ret ash go to the lok concelt….” But by this time the other two friends were snoring and he himself fell on the table and started snoring or should I say “Esnoling?” Who says Nagas can’t live together in peace? Just make us dead drunk and see. (Rev Dr Toshi Langu is an Associate Pastor at Ao Baptist Church, Kohima and has an inherent interest in illuminating the intrigues and foible of the versatility of human life through writing. The writer can be contacted at -

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Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | December 15 | 2012





YouthNet - Sir Ratan Tata Trust Entrepreneur Program

Dear inquisitive, animated young collegians. We dedicate this space for you, young minds to share thoughts and outlook on life on campus. Be it about your education, studies, love, life, sports, about teachers, your angst, heartbeats or even a poem or a footnote you scribbled during a boring lecture in the classroom…share. Also get to know what your friends in different colleges across the State experience and create a vibe. Or simply dedicate your fond thoughts of that someone, somewhere through this page! E-mail us at

Eyes of Sympathy It’s nice to see the faces of joy When everything around seems great. Even though some hardly have bread! Picking up the remains, In every sort of terrains... Not sure what will happen tomorrow Lives their life like things borrowed! High eyes stares them, Some pities, some hate. Don’t know which will be his date! They live the moments with sacks. Filled with papers and plastic bags; that fills their hunger with few morsels And falls asleep in parcels! We look at them as if worried, But they see at us with sympathy ‘Cause we are the one’s to be pitied… - Chumchan Jungio

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YouthNet - Zynorique- SRTT (Tata) looks for 15 Young people for a 3 month crash course to know what it takes to work SMART in the construction sector. From Construction Related Letter/Bids/Offer Letters/Submission of Bills etc in Nagaland PWD format, BOQs and Schedule of Quantity, Autocad Orientation program Drawings , Google Sketchup, view 3D Drawings, printouts in Sketchup, On Site Practical, Understanding Working Drawings, Taking Measurements, Safety and Security Issues, Understanding Bar Charts and PERT charts. We’ve designed what it takes for you to beat the odds. Location- Kohima, YouthNet-Zynorique Office. Training starts Jan 15. Interviews for admissions to be held soon.. For more Info- 9774644151

Be a good gardener Our State, Nagaland is like Garden. Whatever we plant Will grow Our thoughts are Seeds we’re planting. They produce, each After its kind. And we, just like a Gardener, Can choose which Seeds we’ll plant And by the choice of Seeds we sow, We choose the Harvest we will reap. So don’t plant seeds Of hatred or war, Tribalism, corruption, Or sufferings. Plant, instead the

Seeds you and I want, The so called development, Then things we want will sprout. This gift of choice is given to all, And not to just a few. So lets take this power Which we’ve been given, And use it everyday, To make our state a Better place to live in. “Don’t be encumbered by history, Just go out and do something wonderful.” KUKNALIM - Apfuko Kehie Shillong

here is this one place I love to visit after a tiring, stressful or happy-go-lucky day. No matter how bleak or smokey it is, it’s just soothing. Two lovable folks live there: My maternal grandparents, Atsa and Apfutsa. The place holds a greater part of my childhood memories. Even my placenta is buried there!! It was more like a morung: the only difference was grandchildren of both sexes and different ages came together under this roof during school holidays. I did learned my share of what I should know as a girl. . waking up early,?? husking rice etc. fieldwork in the day

and later in the evening a mini rice-brew party, with our tea cups n sugar cubes. That was memory! Recently, the same house crashes down to ground zero. Time, tide and man does not wait to keep such place just for emotional matters. Such was not in trend at this crucial no-mercy smack-down genre. The house, the kitchen, the memorable place had to go any means. For some personal reasons I couldn’t watch the weary, hidden emotional eyes of grandpa. I just wanted to congratulate him for the new house, pat his grey head, shake his rough gnarled hands and see his toothless smile.

Unfulfilled…. Mmmm…. I am thinking how to frame this, can’t come up with a proper heading or how to begin with, and I am totally clueless how this is going to end, never had I been this blank. As long as I remember I always had an inspiration, whatever it may be I always had something or the other thing to hold up my feeling. Why is it ?? it because I am nearing worthlessness, is it because I didn’t fulfill any of the 2012 New Year resolution I stamped on my notice board, where I could see everyday and carry out but I hardly followed. 16 days until 2013. Another New Year pledge will soon take over the present. And I am terrified I may regret not fulfilling that too, not living up to the expectation I myself planned, not doing my bit to make my life and the people around

I wish to ‘crop’ the place and make way for the other party, but this was no photo, it was real life. As I chiseled away the black ashes of the remains, I had to comfort myself that things had to be chiseled away with times, they don’t last. Hammer and nails I worked on; they seemed to shriek at me as if protesting to stay forever! OK, ground zero but my mind still lively with all the memories. Only one thing matters though, lovables are alive and kicking. By Christmas, new memories to be made again. ..and that is where I belong. ~ Kikruneinuo Leizietsu

me sigh in relieve. Oh what a failure it is to have wasted a year not doing anything worthwhile. Warm and gaiety Christmas and New Year will soon come and go, family gathered will soon disperse, new dresses will be worn out soon, is my life gonna be the same…?????? - Katy N

Facts about Horses ANIMAL CARE

with Dr Michael Imchen 1.






Horses that seem wild today (such as Mustangs) are actually feral horses, usually descendants of horses that were imported to America from Spain in the sixteenth century. The only true wild horse is the Asian Wild Horse. No horses existed in Australia until settlers brought them during the eighteenth century, and no early horse fossils have ever been found in Australia Before being domesticated in the Middle and Far East around 4000 B.C., horses were hunted for their skin and meat, usually by being clubbed or driven over a cliff. After horses became domesticated around 4000 B.C., many Indo-European cultures regarded horses as a supreme sacrifice to their gods and often ritually entombed horses. People in the Caucasus practiced horse sacrifice as late as the 1800s. Famous owner/horse partnerships that helped change world history include Alexander the Great and his horse Bucephalus (“ox head”), EI Cid and Babieca (“stupid”), and Napoleon and Marengo (named after a battle) who after its death, had its skeleton displayed in London. A horse’s teeth are a good indicator of its

B.V.Sc & A.H, M.Sc.A.P.M,C.USG & R. Veterinary Surgeon Animal Concern, Circular Road



age. Hence, St. Jerome (A.D. 400), who never accepted payment for his writings, penned the famous adage “Never inspect the teeth of a gift horse,” which became the more familiar “Never look a gift horse in the mouth.” Though most horses live for 25-30 years, the oldest horse on record is “Old Billy,” who was a barge horse born in England and lived to the age of 62. The first year of a horse’s life is roughly comparable to 12 human years, the second year is comparable to human years, the next 3 years are comparable to 4 human years a piece, and subsequent years are comparable 2.5 human years. That means Old Billy was roughly 173.5 horse years’ Horses have five highly developed

senses: taste, touch, hearing, smell, and sight. They also have an enigmatic sixth sense, heightened perception, which is very rare in humans. 9. The eyes of a horse are larger than most other animals’, and they can move independently, giving the horse a shallow panoramic vision. Because its lenses are inflexible, a horse will focus on an image by moving its head to direct light rays to the central part of the retina. Horses can also see in colour. 10. A horse has an acute sense of smell that allows it to detect nervousness in a handler, and old-time horsemen would smear aromatic fluid on their hands when dealing with a difficult horse. Horses also become nervous around the smell of blood. 11. There are nearly 160 distinctive breeds and types of horses around the world, but the Arabian horse is unique in that it is the purest of all of the breeds. 12. Persians were excellent horsemen and their dominance in the east was largely

13. 14.



due to the Nisean horse, the “superhorse” of antiquity. The horse was a status symbol in the Persian Empire, and only aristocrats could own them. Horses were also used to play early forms of polo. Horses can differentiate between emotions in the human voice. Horses experience two kinds of sleep, SWS (Short Wave Sleep) and REM (Rapid Eye Movement), and they most likely dream. They need about four hours of sleep out of every 24 and can sleep standing up by a special arrangement of locking joints. Horses like music but are selective in their taste. They prefer calming or cheerful instrumental music, but are agitated by loud music such as rock. A horse’s hoof is extremely complex and sensitive. When a horse puts pressure on its hoof, the blood is squeezed up the leg into the veins, thus acting as a type of pump’ While the mare primarily cares for her newborn, occasionally

a sibling, the sire, or other mares will shelter and protect youngsters. 17. In a herd, one gender is not always dominant of another; for example, a female may rank higher than a male in some cases, and a male may rank higher than a female in other cases. 18. Horses have a strong band of muscles around their esophagus. This band is so strong that a horse’s stomach would typically burst before it would vomit. 19. There are many crazy horse laws, including one in Bluff, Utah, where an unmarried woman could be jailed for riding a horse on Sunday. And in several cities throughout the United States, newly married men were not allowed to ride alone, unless he had been married longer than 12 months. (Dr Michael Imti Imchen can be contacted for pet and animal care related queries and concerns at Mobile-09436072892)


Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | December 15 | 2012

Mirror week-ent

Methanilie wows Pfütsero at ‘Concert for Peace’

A glimpse of M-Fest 2012 Photo courtesy: Sashi Jamir

Legendary Naga musician Methaneilie Jutakhrie today performed here at Pfütsero Local Ground in the ‘Concert for Peace’ organised by Zawe Thra in association with Kuzhathede Collegiate Fellowship.


eiba Kronu, deputy chairman State Planning Board, in his address as chief guest was all praise for the purpose of the concert as it was designed to develop human resource development through the launch of the Pfutsero Scholarship Foundation to bring out quality music and to revitalise the youth through positive message of music. On Music, he said we want to bring quality music as everywhere quality is required today and hoped that through this concert a certain degree of perfection will emerge. He also termed the theme “Concert for Peace” as befitting as peace is wanted by everyone. He reiterated the commitment of the

Methaneilie performs at the concert for peace in Pfütsero on Friday

DAN government towards peace effort with a slogan “Peace for Development and Development for Peace.” Expressing happiness in landing here again after 30 years, Methaneilie said he loved being back. He also voiced satisfaction that his songs and musical journey has managed to bring smiles to

‘Gangnam Style’ turns deadly for PSY fan


46-year-old fan of South Korean pop sensation PSY died over the weekend while dancing to the singer’s international smash hit “Gangnam Style.” Irishman Eamonn Kilbride, a father of three, suffered a heart attack at a Christmas party in Burnley, England, last Saturday and died while showing off his galloping PSY moves. The tragedy was especially hard on his wife Julie, who was celebrating her birthday at the bash. Acute heart failure has been listed as the official cause of death, according to the report. “I want people to know how he would help anybody whether it was a life-long friend, or someone he had just met,” Julie Kilbride told the Daily Mail. “He was a great family man and he worked so hard. Eamonn was always the life of the party and loved dancing.” The sad news comes a week after PSY issued an apology to U.S. fans following the discovery of footage featuring the rapper making anti-American remarks at a rally in South Korea a decade ago. Video of PSY at anti-U.S. events in 2002 and 2004 were unearthed online and he issued a statement explaining his participation in the rally was “part of a deeply emotional reaction to the war in Iraq and the killing of two innocent Korean civilians that was part of the overall antiwar sentiment shared by others around the world at that time.” He added, “While I’m grateful for the freedom to express one’s self I’ve learned there are limits to what language is appropriate and I’m deeply sorry for how these lyrics could be interpreted. I will forever be sorry for any pain I have caused anyone by those words.”

many and has contributed to the society in terms of creating the happiness factor in many individuals. Vilato Kapfo, convenor and CEO, in his keynote address said Zawe Thra is a voluntary group in the age group of late 30’s to mid 40’s bonded by friendship and a common concern for the commu-

nity. The group will launch its philanthropic venture called the “Pfutsero Scholarship Foundation” at the concert with the view to partially or fully support meritorious students who cannot afford to pursue higher studies. He said the objective of the concert is to reform the society through

Mokokchung School of Music inaugurated Dr. Nicky Kire MLA & Advisor, Music Task Force (MTF), Nagaland on Thursday inaugurated the Mokokchung School of Music. Now, music lovers of Mokokchung district in particular and the people of the State in general have a better opportunity to attain professionalism in the field of music.


MLA & Advisor, Music Task Force, Dr Nicky Kire inaugurating Mokokchung School of Music on Thursday


n his inaugural speech, Dr Nicky said he was aware of little hiccups being faced by Mokokchung in setting up the school but espoused confidence that people of Mokokchung district would overcome this and kick start the school smoothly at the earliest. He was confident that the School would promote


‘our youth’ to blossom their talents and make professional in this field. “I have a dream of Mokokchung to offer music to singer of their choices’’ Nicky said. Commenting on the just concluded Hornbill Rock contest, the MTF Advisor said it is considered the best Rock contest in the country. He also said MTF, Nagaland is actively considering to do research on traditional music. Delivering the welcome address, I. Temsu Jamir, Vice President, Mokokchung District Art and Culture Council (MDACC) said the council is contemplating to tie up with other music schools in the country to make Mokokchung School of Music a real music school. DC Mokokchung, and MDACC President, Murohu Chotso, Additional Chief Election Officer and former DC Mokokchung Lithrongla Chishi also addressed the inaugural function. After the function Dr. Nicky Kire launched the M-Fest 2012.

Vidya Balan marries UTV CEO Siddharth Roy Kapur

Norah Jones says her dad Ravi Shankar will be ‘greatly missed’

aven-haired American singersongwriter Norah Jones, who exploded into the music industry by sweeping eight Grammys in 2003, has always been guarded about her famous father Ravi Shankar and their complicated relationship. She broke her silence following Shankar’s death on Tuesday, saying her father will be “greatly missed.” Shankar influenced musicians from George Harrison to John Coltrane, from Yehudi Menuhin to David Crosby. He also pioneered the concept of the modern megastar rock benefit with the 1971 “Concert for Bangladesh.” During the height of the counter-cultural music revolution of the 1960s, he also was in the lineup at the Woodstock music festival. But now to most Americans, Shankar is best known as the father of popular singer Jones. “My dad’s music touched millions of

education and extend their hand first to have peace and unity, which is why the concert has also been called “Concert for Peace”. The concert also aims to revive the brand name of Pfutsero through positive media coverage, he said. While the open air concert was free, free will donations were welcomed, the proceeds of which will be used as seed money for the Pfutsero Scholarship Foundation which will be established as a permanent fund for students who are economically challenged but otherwise have the aptitude for higher education. Local band Seven Milestones also performed at the mega concert. Former home minister Thenucho was also present at the show.

The last big wedding of this year has taken place with Bollywood actor Vidya Balan getting married to UTV CEO Siddharth Roy Kapur in South Indian and Punjabi traditions. The wedding took place at the well-decorated Green Mile bungalow in Bandra, contrary to earlier reports of a temple wedding in Chembur.


people. He will be greatly missed by me and music lovers everywhere,” reads the statement Jones issued this morning through her record label. Jones also talked about her dad’s genius: “I remember when I found out that John Coltrane had come to him once to study….That impressed me at the time, more than the George Harrison thing just because I was such a jazz nerd. But you know it’s all amazing. He’s inspired a lot of musicians.” Shankar had a notoriously complicated private life. In the course of his touring, Shankar had a relationship with concert promoter Sue Jones. The couple, in 1979, had a daughter, Geethali Nora Jones Shankar, better known as Norah Jones. Shankar never married Sue Jones and the affair was short-lived. Jones has always been very guarded about her desultory childhood contact with her famous Indian father.

he wedding rituals went on for over an hour at Green Mile Bungalow in the presence of family members of the bride and groom. Pretty bride Vidya wore a bright red south Indian silk saree with heavy gold ornaments while posing for photographers after the wedding. She was also wearing Punjabi-style chooda (wedding bangles) in her hands. Siddharth wore a yellow embroidered kurta. The food served was South Indian. The 34-year-old Bollywood actor underwent three changes in costume during the wedding ceremony, one of them being a mustard saree with a pink blouse, matching the groom’s yellow kurta and pink turban. Chairman and Managing Director of Tips Kumar Taurani tweeted this morning: “Congratulations to Siddharth Roy Kapoor & Vidya Balan...... God Bless Newly Wedded Couple”.

Priyanka Chopra tweeted: “Congratulations to my friends Siddharth Roy Kapoor and Vidya Balan!They make such a beautiful couple..heres wishing them happiness forever!” Madhur Bhandarkar tweeted: “My heart filled wishes to buddy Siddharth Roy Kapoor & Vidya Balan for the new phase of their lives together. Congratulations to the beautiful couple.” Since this is quite a private and low-key affair, early reports suggested that the marriage had taken place at 4.45 am at the Sri Subramania temple in Chembur. However, it now seems that preparations for the ceremony were happening at a bungalow in Bandra. The wedding ceremonies took about an hour and is rumoured to have been a mix of South Indian and Punjabi styles. According to reports, Vidya wore a mustard yellow saree

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with flowers in her hair and neck. The groom apparently wore a yellow kurta. The wedding was reportedly being conducted in both Punjabi and South Indian styles as Vidya is Tamilian and Siddharth is a Punjabi. There are reports that the newly weds are all set to hold a lavish reception in Chennai, but there is no confirmation of this report. The wedding functions of sangeet and mehendi were attended by family members - Vidya’s parents Saraswathy and P R Balan. The actress’ elder sister Priya and brotherin-law Kedar. A tweet from UTV Stars: “Bollywood Vidya Balan married Siddharth Roy Kapoor earlier in the morning today! We wish them a happy married life!” The entire wedding has been hush-hush affair with only Bollywood celebrity Rekha being invited for mehendi.

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