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March 2, 2013

Meet the Hosts… Yupangnenla Longkumer | EM News Network

A show is never complete without a host (read anchor/emcee). It usually ends in a tragic mess when there is no host to anchor a show or the host does not possess that flair to win over the audience’s attention. In Nagaland, being a host is not just confined to the serenading of the audience with a silky yet entertaining sequence of events. More times than not, they need an extra dose of tolerance because it is more than just hosting a show. It starts from preparing one’s own script, often covering up the organisers’ blunders and giving out the best smile to the raucous foul mouthed audience. The most common in any concert or beauty pageants is wolf-whistling, screaming ‘the F-word’ and other expletives loud and clear. We have witnessed a number of hosts roped in from outside cringing, mumbling or biting their tongue in outrage on numerous occasions after getting a taste of the infamous scene here. And so it is this high tolerance utility well-worn by a few Naga hosts to manage unmanageable events that make them exceptional. Mirror Plus in this issue presents three of the best Naga hosts and hostesses - Arenla Lemtur, Toshizenba Longkumer and Moalemla Aier. Arenla Lemtur is the official host of the well-known singing competition - Naga Orpheus Hunt (earlier known as Naga Idol). Just a couple of month’s back she was blessed with a baby boy– ‘Imkumri’ (you can even see a small baby bump while hosting the latest edition of the NOH). Toshizenba Longkumer aka Zen has hosted number of shows especially beauty pageants. He is a well known choreographer. Toshi is also reknown for his sense of fashion and creativity. Moalemla Aier is a jolly and witty woman and takes it very seriously in making sure that the audience enjoys the show. She is also known for her involvement in social work. Arenla Lemtur Transition from print media to showbiz business well, its not exactly like I ‘moved’ from print to showbiz because I never had any thought of getting into the anchoring thing. In fact it just happened way back in 2004 when I anchored the annual music fest organised by the youth dept of Mokokchung Ao Baptist Church and from then on, I guess it just got stuck. Challenges of being a host for shows I won’t say that they are challenges but I guess the job would be more easy and smooth if there were some kind of a script prepared professionally whenever I go up on

stage. So far I’ve managed to get things done on my own. If there were such a provision, then my job would be a cakewalk. Biggest strength and weakness My biggest weakness would definitely be my temper and the tantrums I throw ‘sometimes’ on the set...... my strength, in one word- adaptability!!! Entertainment industry in Nagaland after 10 years uuhhmm... so much has changed since I first started anchoring 7-8 years back, especially in terms of production, there has been improvements. I must say that if we keep

Toshizenba Longkumer Master’s degree holder in Economics who would rather be a host Routine defines me. Perhaps you will not be too wrong in assuming that i suffer from a mild to moderate form of OCD. To me, routine demands discipline and in discipline I find beauty which however does not take away my streak of spontaneity. Apart from the glitz and glamour which defines the visage of beauty pageants there is a lot of hard work that goes behind it. The outcome of which would not be possible without proper planning and its immaculate execution; all of which, demand creative focus, practical insights and strict discipline. So much so, that creative focus and discipline becomes routine. This principle is not too far from the subject matter of Economics and hence the transition was not a complete U-turn, in fact it was, to some certain degree, expected/ bound to happen considering I am a keen observer of beauty and aesthetics. However, there are some people I would like to thank for believing in me even when i doubted myselfMiranda, Norah Dhillon and Makshi for providing me a canvas to paint my dream and DrLanu Jamir for the support and words of encouragement. On showbiz industry in Nagaland Considering the plethora of talents here in Nagaland it will not be impossible to stage a world class

show with the most recent musical “We Will Rock You” being an impressive confirmation. I’m not too sure whether we can club ‘showbiz’ and ‘industry’ together into a sentence in Nagaland. Nonetheless, in the past 4-5 years the quality of shows and responses has improved to a satisfying extend. What we need to do now is tighten the reins and infuse a sense of professionalism. We can only use the excuse of being an amateur for so long. The challenges of being a host and choreographer The world of showbiz thrives on its dynamism with its own share of sweet chaos. One can’t be too prepared nor be too sure, for in doing so, it takes away the charm of showbiz- last minute changes, confusions and adjustments. Reverse psychology apart, lack of preparation, professionalism and technical know-how, communication gap and nervousness inflamed by rowdy crowds are also some of the challenges we face. Strength and weakness My strength lies in the fact that I believe every girl is a potential beauty queen and my determination to help achieve that. Perhaps, my weakness also lies along that line; I do not admit defeat until the curtain calls, which by then would be too late. On Naga audience We love humour and most probably never miss a chance to let out a wise crack, which can be fun at times. But sitting comfortably in the cover of darkness, does not give anyone the right to ridicule those girls who are brave enough to pursue their dreams. Perhaps, we need to be a little less critical and a little more appreciative. For all that its worth, it requires guts to be on stage, which not many people can, let alone compete in front of a live audience.

up this trend, Nagas will and can be at par with our counterparts elsewhere but at the same time, if progress has to be made, we need to have a change of attitude especially when it comes to work ethics because we lack that a lot today. On Naga audience I’m going to say the same as earlier that much has changed with the audience as well then and now. Of course there are some spoilsports in the company who still won’t give up the usage of the four lettered word in every show. Apart from that, Naga audience have matured a lot in a certain degree.

Moalemla Aier Time on stage It’s my 6th year now. Challenges faced as a host? There are many, from handling a not so forgiving crowd to mismanagement of time to last minute changes. But by far the biggest challenge would have to be the last minute reshuffling of the sequence or the person invited on stage. Many a time’s people fail to turn up after agreeing to participate and it’s a big headache for us. I remember once at a certain function, more than 4 invitees failed to make it to the programme and the organizer asked me at the last minute to cover up on stage. I went blank with the names and so I ended up calling two guests present there on stage three times each. The audience never found out but it affected my performance and irritated the two very kind guests.

Doing last minute cover-ups Normally at all times. Let me share with you a certain incident that happened at one particular show three years back. It was a beauty pageant and the volunteers were not well oriented and the list given by a judge to be submitted to the tabulators was mistakenly handed out to me. I declared the semi finalist according to the given list (which was absolutely wrong). When we found out the mistake I was asked to go back on stage to rectify the problem and smoothen the bumps. The press had a field day the next day with the report being a major goof up by the hostess. That was not all, in the hustle bustle of everything they forgot to bring the crown and so that year the beauty queens were sashed but not crowned. Biggest strength and weakness My biggest strength here would have to be my presence of mind. My weakness on the other hand is most definitely my quick temperedness which leads to taking things or words to the heart which affects my performance. Nagaland entertainment industry in the next 10 years I feel we Nagas are very creative and adoptable. We have come a long way in the entertainment industry. With proper management ,training (for stage performance) , serious commitment of the people involved and the support of the general public we can do a lot more and achieve greater heights. On Naga audience Like anywhere in the world our audience is a mixed lot. But to be very honest our excitement gets the better of us at all times and so we are rowdy and harsh with our comments most of the time. We have to understand the fact that Rome was not built in a day and so give the person standing and performing on stage a chance by applauding and maybe shout out a kind word, I tell you this its not easy facing a crowd .


Mirror Plus

Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | March 2 | 2013

Continued from previous issue

“Can I see you after work?” Pete had said and kicked himself to death in his mind. He sure did take Katie by surprise but he definitely freaked himself out more than her. Katie had been too taken aback to react. “Never mind.” Pete said and turned to leave, wishing he hadn’t been that big a moron. “The stall closes at three…” blurted Katie despite herself and instantly grew red while Maggie gave a little whistle. To Katie it was like someone else had responded in her place. She wanted to run or hide… and was completely unaware of where her guts to agree to meet a guy she barely knew came from. Pete though, could hardly repress the grin on his face. Turning towards her hugely relieved, he cocked his head slightly to the right and raised his black coffee and said, “Great! Three it is…” Katie had come to know Pete over the past few months through various inter college activities. Her college and Pete’s had met at the University Soccer Tournament’s semi final earlier that year. Although Pete’s team lost the match, he did win a lot of screaming hearts from the opposing side. Kate never really had a crush for him but had always been intrigued by his quiet and unassuming ways. “Perhaps that was why she had said yes. Perhaps she wanted to know him better. Perhaps she felt he was safe to befriend. Perhaps she was just plain stupid…” A million plausible reasons to justify the meeting had crossed Katie’s mind now that she had foolishly set herself up for a date… Walking along together now in one well synchronized stride, Pete looked back at the past two years and wondered how quickly time flew. To him, their initial moments and their first rendezvous over ginger tea at Cliffs’ seemed like just yesterday. Sometimes they’d look back with merry fondness how they sat there on the sun beaten stone benches that afternoon for hours simply talking and laughing. There had been nothing much to dig about each other’s past… It was more like old friends filling up on things that took place in each other’s absence. No surprises, no disappointments – only two genuine people flipping through each other’s lives with keen interest, fascination and acceptance. Ever since that day, Katie and Pete seemed to grow in each other. Life’s new chapter had opened for them - a chapter in which both wanted to live forever. Love came to take its own mysterious course, bringing them together closer with the passage of time, binding them dearer with trust and hope. This Christmas was precious. Both Ka-

story teller

The Last Christmas Part II

- by “The Fountain Pen”, Kohima tie and Pete knew it would be memorable. Their plans together were not too elaborate and extravagant yet none was complaining the least bit for they both had secret plans to make up for the lack of other niceties. Katie had been keeping a secret which she knew would be a big surprise to Pete. She only hoped that it would please him too, as much. She had been overjoyed when she learnt about it a week back that she was three weeks pregnant. Katie never felt fear or unsure about it upon learning this. She fiercely knew that it was about time although they were still very young. Though she was not very certain as to how might Pete react to it, in her hearts of hearts, Kate knew that he would be delighted. And then they would sort things out as to how they want to go about taking on this big responsibility. Come what may, Kate decided that they would be there for each other like they have always been in good times or bad ones. Pete too had been very mysterious in his own way the past few days. Having spent two good years with Kate, he knew that she was the one for him and decided that it was time for her to know the same in a more obvious way. He wanted to show Katie his commitment by cementing their growing relationship with a proposal. And Pete just couldn’t think of a more appropriate event than Christmas Eve to do that. If she finds it romantic, even better he had thought to himself while buying that nice little ring for Katie. Pete was not sure what Katie’s response would be. He had always been nervous at the thought of taking such a step. However, with time Pete seemed to have matured in his thinking. This, according to him would only bring them closer even more and that their bonding would have more legitimacy. Marriage may wait a couple of years more until they are both on firmer grounds but they can definitely be engaged was how Pete reasoned himself out. In the parking lot, Katie and Pete put away the goodies they bought in the carrier attached to the bike, a Har-

mirror time pass countries of europe


















































ley Davidson which had been Pete’s 18th birthday gift from his dad. It was getting cold and they were eager to get home soon and warm up near the fire. The sun had begun to set, throwing crimson ember across the western sky and the chill was getting bolder which sent a shiver through Katie although they were both well clothed with thick jackets and woolens. Seeing that, Pete almost out of reflex, held Katie. “Ah baby, you’re cold! Wait till I get a sleek car for us so that you won’t have to shiver like this in the cold.” Pete said smiling, almost apologetic but meaning everything he just said. “Hey, I love your bike and you know that…” Katie replied. “So, is it the bike you’re with me for?” Pete teased, like he always loved doing. “Yes Pete, it’s the bike, it’s just so hot, I can hardly…” “Alright! That’s it!” Pete interrupted, knowing the joke was on him now and charged a screaming Katie with what seemed like a tickle attack only to end up in yet another warm kiss. Katie had always been a match for his teases and pranks, which was one reason why Pete felt so calm being with her. “You’re an idiot, you know that?” Katie was now smiling up at him… “Yes baby and I also love you an idiot lot…” Pete said with a straight face and both broke into laughter again. Pete then mounted the bike put his helmet on. “Ready when you are, Miss!” Pete said having started the bike. Katie took the seat behind Pete with ease. She had had a lot of practice by then. And with Pete, she always felt safe. “Take me home, darling…” Katie said almost in a whisper into his ears and Pete heard more than what she said because she did say more than what she actually did. They were both grinning as Pete eased the bike out of the lot and slowly merged with the bustling Christmas Eve traffic.

Across 1. “Greet each other with a holy ___” (Romans 16:16) 3. The part of Edom of Job’s friend Eliphaz 7. A town near Nazareth where Jesus restored a widow’s son to life 9. Leah’s oldest son 11. Part of a Christian’s daily spiritual life 13. Evil spirit beings who sometimes inhabited people’s bodies in N.T. times 15. The longest prophetic book of the Old Testament 16. He was born of a virgin 18. The ___ of Moses 19. Elijah slew 450 prophets of this false god 20. The Mighty Counselor 23. Opening the first seal revealed a horse of this color (Rev. 6) 25. “And the Lord God caused a deep sleep to ____ on Adam.” 27. Roman official who set Barabbas free instead of Christ 31. Jesus commanded his dead friend Lazarus to come out of this 32. Hebrews 9:22 informs us that without the shedding of this, there is no redemption 33. Another name for a woman by the name of Dorcas 34. “And God said to Noah, ‘The ___ of all flesh has come before Me, for the earth is filled with violence through them.” Down 1. “You shall ____ the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” 2. A desert area in the Sinai peninsula, where Hagar fled after Sarah treated her unkindly 4. Rachel said to Jacob. “Give me children, or ____ I die!” 5. Goes with the phrase “__ of the covenant” 6. “At the name of Jesus every ____ should bow.” 8. The name of a canal and a region in Babylonia where Ezra assembled the second party of returning Jewish exiles. 10. Youngest son of Jacob

Minutes later they were on the freeway and were to cover a busy stretch before they reach their exit and take a lesser busy street to Pete’s apartment about three blocks away. The sun had finally dipped beyond the western sky now and the wind turned even chillier… Katie held on to Pete like she always used to as he maneuvered the traffic with artful expertise. Once they reached the clearing, Pete stepped on the gear and speeded up and glided smoothly through the now well lit expressway. Riding on for a few minutes, Pete tried to slow down as the traffic was beginning to swell but somehow, the bike did not seem to respond. He tried the brakes again but they failed to have any grip on the tires. They were now in a midst of speeding highway cars running at over a hundred. Pete tried again to slow down because the speed at which they were running was hardly safe. No matter what Pete did, the bike just refused to respond. The race won’t ease down nor would the brakes respond to his commands. Pete then knew that something was seriously wrong. He was also well aware of the dangers they were exposed to on that busy expressway given the time and occasion. Although Katie did not know that something was wrong, she did know that they were speeding and that it was not very safe. “Pete, slow down.” Katie said feeling a bit uneasy. Pete realized very well that they were trapped on a speeding bike with no brakes on a highway but he did not want Katie to be scared. So he thought he would rather ensure her safety first. “It’s just fine baby… But you’ll have to do one think O.K.” Pete said in his usual cool. “Come on, Pete, this is hardly time to make jokes” Katie was laughing, although she was anxious somehow. “Take off the helmet from me and put it on.” Pete said through the honking of cars they ran past. “Pete, this is not funny.” Katie was desperately trying to reason it out with him. “Just do as I say Katie, come on…” He shouted back, trying to sound playful still. “Is something wrong?” Katie was clearly worried now that they were zipping through the heavy traffic, changing lanes and passing by cars. be continued

Through this page, Eastern Mirror aims to provide a platform for Naga writers to exhibit as well as hone their writing skills. Let the readers be provoked through your art of story telling. Interested writers can send their materials to

Bliss by Harry Bliss

Lunatic in my Head


Book title: Lunatic in my Head Author: Anjum Hasan Publisher: Penguin Books Pages: 290

here are no miracles in real life. It is in fact a lesson, or perhaps a gentle reminder that we dream, aspire, dare, even fail, and then simply go back to doing what we do best - carry on with a tad of lunacy in our heads. Anjum Hasan’s Lunatic in my Head loosens those complex knots of life, between what we want, what we can, and what really happens. Three characters, strangers to each other, yet conjoined by a common string bring to life Shillong, the city in which the novel is based. Rain drenched streets, dreamy youth smoking joints, their enigmatic fascination with rock music, literature, the authoritative Khasis and their antagonism against Dkhars (non-Khasis), snacking on peppered boiled potatoes soaked in tamarind water, and the wanting to break-free attitude, all of it and more is part of a picturesque narration that makes the reader fall in love with Shillong. Having grown up and lived most of her life there, Anjum Hasan does a brilliant job in grasping the laid-back nerve of the city, something that people over the years have associated Shillong with. Firdaus, Aman and Sophie Firdaus Ansari teaches English literature at the university. Saddled with a thesis on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and a boyfriend with who she has no future, she lives a static existence. Her dream to move out of Shillong shattered with her parents’ death many years ago. Despite the regret in her heart, Firdaus feels strangely connected to Shillong, and her longing for the city where she has lived all her life is inexplicable.

11. Aquila’s wife; helped the cities of the light” (1 Jn. teach Apollos the the plain and 1:7) way of the Lord pitched his 28. Animal to “more accurately” ____ even as whom Jesus 12. One of a group of far as Sodom.” frequently was five cities, of which 30. Patmos priscompared Sodom and Gomor- 29. “Lot dwelt in oner rah are best-known 14. Red and Dead are Answer in next issue of Mirror Plus each one of these LasT Week’s Answers 17. Jesus asked His disciples in Gethsemane, “Why do you _____?” 21. Look up to see this 22. Little, Screech and White are types of this Bible bird 24. “He leads me beside the _____ waters.” 25. “So then _____ comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” 26. We are to “walk in the ___, as He is in

comic fun

... painting your fingernails his favourite color

book review

Aman Moondy’s fascination with Pink Floyd is caught in a conflict with a more realistic decision of clearing the Civil Services exam. Not to mention, his infatuation with the lovely Concordella who is preoccupied with the Church and its sermons, than him. Aman’s failed attempts to revive the culture of music and art in the city by organising a ‘Happening’, eventually compels him to accept a plain and lacklustre future. And eight-year-old Sophie Das prefers to slip into her world of imagination whenever she can. She lies at the drop of a hat, to others and to herself, making up stories in a tick. With the tension brewing at home between her mother who’s expecting a second child and her uptight father who has given up his job as a professor, little Sophie likes to recoil from the unexciting reality and enter the mysterious world of Elsa and Jason, the lonely landlady and her son. Always an outsider! A common thread that binds the protagonists is that all three of them, Firdaus, Aman and Sophie, are Dkhars. The word is used to describe anyone who is a non-Khasi and is condescending by all means. Several instances in the book are evocative of this discrimination. Sophie is scoffed at by Khasi girls of her age because the waitress refuses to serve her tea and snacks at the wedding. Aman, consciously aware of his outsider status, remains silent when the bully, Max abuses the boiled-potato seller. And Firdaus feels no less than an alien when Ibomcha, her boyfriend talks about taking her to Manipur to meet his mother. Yet, they are the ones who love Shillong for what it is. Chapters that define moods The titles of the chapters are reflective of the characters’ temperaments and are aptly named Wonder, Anger, Love, Sadness, Courage, Fear and so on. Interestingly, the circumstances that Firdaus, Aman and Sophie find themselves to be in are similar. In Disgust, Firdaus gets molested by her supervisor, Thakur. In the same chapter, Aman realises he has absolutely no Pink Floyd connection with the girl of his dreams, Concordella, and she is in fact in awe of Banshan, the boastful preacher. And Sophie gets pulled into a frivolous scene because of Jason who not only forces her to drink beer but also leaves her stranded in the middle of no where. For anyone who has lived in Shillong, the book is pleasantly reminiscent of the imagery that Anjum has managed to capture in her description of the city. And for those who haven’t, the book makes for a perfect monsoon read along with a hot cup of coffee.

“Mr. Butler, there’s an annoying copywriter with a serious attitude problem here to see you.”

By Arunima Mazumdar

Mirror Plus




The Need for Entrepreneur Culture

Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | March 2 | 2013


CAMPUS BEAT Dear inquisitive, animated young collegians. We dedicate this space for you, young minds to share thoughts and outlook on life on campus. Be it about your education, studies, love, life, sports, about teachers, your angst, heartbeats or even a poem or a footnote you scribbled during a boring lecture in the classroom…share. Also get to know what your friends in different colleges across the State experience and create a vibe. Or simply dedicate your fond thoughts of that someone, somewhere through this page! E-mail us at

- A. Movi ~ Aloli Achumi, Delhi ~


find it in Nagaland; people have formed a perception over business creation over the years. These perceptions have been attributed to our attitude towards the business creation. In Nagaland, the historical cultures towards entrepreneur are not anything different. There are a number of factors that has stifled the culture of entrepreneurship in Nagaland. Most young students graduate from schools tend to seek “White Collar” jobs which they do not get. In addition to this unfortunate thing, the educational system does not teach students about entrepreneurship and how to start their own businesses after their course of study. The academic environment is geared to the western philosophies which may not apply to the Naga context. Meanwhile, the climate necessary for starting by young graduate such as finance and technological facilities are not available. Initiatives of the young people are exterminated right from the Naga homes which is very pessimistic about the entrepreneurial abilities of the young people. Most businesses are at the micro level because of the culture subsistence. To inculcate the feeling of entrepreneurship, it must start from home. Young people must be given every dime and support morally and financially to motivate them to take up entrepreneurial initiatives. In order to set towards the right mindset, many policy makers and civil societies are trying to make a breakthrough towards these stereotypes. Prominent NGO’s like YouthNet along with Zynorique Initiatives under the Sir Ratan Tata Trust are working towards the skill up gradation programme of the youth currently.


agaland as compared to many other states of India is still behind regarding many fields, with a number of youths with budding future and innovative talents. The talents are not realized and those realized are not put into practice. Majority remain reliant on Government jobs. Thus, causing more pressure on the stability of the Government. The small question:”WHAT DO I DO AFTER MY STUDIES?” always leads to bigger one. Very few are privileged to hold Government job while many are left unnoticed. The Government is obviously helping with jobs but how many can they accommodate? So what will happen to the left many? How will they earn their livelihood? We live our life once. So it is important that we make the most of life. Each one of us has some wishes, but many a time we take it for granted. So when we aim at nothing we hit nothing and wishes don’t always come true. We have to be OBJECTIVE and REALISTIC in our goal and put our best foot forward.

There is also going to be an Entrepreneur program under SRTT with Entrepreneur Associates soon. Any smart person can juncture in and start your ventures with smart guides and investments learned through the training. Don’t miss this once in a life time opportunity to work towards your goals. For more details, walk in to NJC Old NST, Kohima


on’t give your dog any medication until you have spoken to your veterinarian to make sure it is the right medicine for the dog and the circumstances. You should also ask for instructions on how to give the drug and the correct dosage for your dog. Pills, Capsules and Tablets To give a dog a pill, slip your thumb into the space behind one of the canine teeth and press upward on the roof of the mouth. As the mouth begins to open, press down on the lower jaw with the opposite thumb. Alternatively, press in on both lips from above the muzzle. As the skin pushes in behind the canines, the dog will open her mouth. Insert the pill well to the back of the tongue in the middle of the mouth. If you place the pill too far forward or to the side of the tongue, the dog will spit it out. Close the dog’s mouth and massage or rub her throat until she swallows. If the dog licks her nose, the pill has been swallowed. Blowing briefly into the dog’s nose may also cause her to quickly swallow the pill. You can also give her a syringe full of water to make sure she swallows, or give the dog a small treat after the pill goes down. Do not break the pill up into a powder. Powders have an unpleasant taste that dogs don’t accept well. Some pills also have a protective coating that is important for the delayed release of the medication, and crushing the pill will destroy the coating. Some pills can be given in food. This can be done by making up small “meatballs” of dog food. Give the dog one or two undoctored meatballs, then one with the pill pushed deep into the centre. Follow up with an undoctored one so the dog will continue to take the treats even if she gets a small taste of the medicine. There are also commercial treats available made specfically for administering medication that are sticky enough to make it difficult for the dog to extract a pill while eating the treat. They are soft so they mould easily around the pill. Always check with your veterinarian before giving any pills with food. Liquids Liquid medicines, including electrolytes and water solutions, are administered into the cheek pouch between the molars and the cheek. A medicine bottle, eyedropper, or plastic syringe without the needle can be used to dispense the liquid. Pinch the dog’s lips together. Insert the end of the dispenser into the cheek pouch and seal the lips with your fingers. Tilt the dog’s chin upward and slowly dispense the liquid. The dog will swallow automatically. If you must give the dog a large quantity of liquid, you will need to pause periodically and give her time to swallow. Do not try to push a full syringe of liquid quickly down the dog’s throat. Injections Injecting any foreign substance into the body always carries with it the danger of causing an acute allergic or anaphylactic reaction. Treating anaphylactic shock requires immediate intravenous adrenaline and

Thepfukuolie Kehie | St. Anthony’s College There are many fields in which one can find answers. “ENTREPRENEUR” a French word pronounced “on-truh-pruhner” meaning “a person who makes by starting new business” is something the young minds of Nagaland must be aware of. To be an entrepreneur one should have the desire for ‘Responsibility, Risk-taking, looking for economic opportunities and innovative’. If one posses these qualities, one should take full opportunity of that knowledge. We can see a number of good examples in our land, some people who have gained self-employment and also created employment for others, bringing out new ideas and being innovative in their venture. Many dreams are restricted to mere dreams because of FINANCIAL problems. The Government is not neglecting the many it couldn’t incorporate into its system. So why be parasites and drag ourselves and also others into misery? There are many scopes for a brighter self reliant future waiting to be explored.

Ways To Administer Medications to Dogs ANIMAL CARE

with Dr Michael Imchen

B.V.Sc & A.H, M.Sc.A.P.M,C.USG & R. Veterinary Surgeon Animal Concern, Circular Road

oxygen. This is one reason why it is best to have your veterinarian give injections. As a precaution, do not administer a drug by injection to a dog who has had any sort of past history of an allergic reaction to that drug. If it becomes necessary to give injections at home (for example, if the dog is diabetic), have your veterinarian demonstrate the procedure. Some injections are given under the skin (subcutaneous) and others into the muscle (intramuscular). Directions that

come with the product will indicate the correct route of injection. The injection itself usually is not painful, although intramuscular injections may hurt somewhat as the medicine is injected. Dogs should be restrained. Having an assistant is helpful. Begin by drawing the medicine up into the syringe. If there is an air bubble inside, flick the syringe to get the bubble to the top. Then point the needle toward the ceiling or

into a sink and press the plunger to expel all air from the syringe and needle. Make sure the correct amount is still in the syringe after the air bubble is expelled. Select the injection site, part the hair, and cleanse the dog’s skin with cotton soaked in alcohol. (Dr Michael Imti Imchen can be contacted for pet and animal care related queries and concerns at Mobile-09436072892)


Mirror week-ent

Eastern Mirror | Dimapur Saturday | March 2 | 2013

Reeva Steenkamp predicted ‘life was about to change’ two weeks before death Tragic Reeva Steenkamp predicted her life would change a ­fortnight before being shot by Paralympian boyfriend Oscar Pistorius. Her best friend Gina Myers said yesterday it was “ironic” that in death model Reeva had found the fame she had been striving for.


he revealed that in late January Reeva, 29, sent her a text message that read: “G [Gina] our lives are about to change I can feel it.” Two weeks later she was dead after being shot three times by Pistorius in the early hours of Valentine’s Day. Reeva lived with make-up artist Gina and her parents in Johannesburg. Gina said: “It’s ironic because she wanted to be famous for the right reasons…..Reeva had a big voice and a big heart with big dreams. I feel like her voice is the loudest it has ever been.”

Gina also revealed her friends now hope to create a foundation to remember Reeva by. She added: “At the end of the day an innocent girl was killed and the whole world wants the truth to come out. “We would like a foundation or something to come from this to speak Reeva’s voice. I will make sure something happens.” South African sprinter Pistorius, 26, said he shot the model believing her to be an intruder at his Pretoria mansion. He faces trial for premeditated murder.

David Beckham hits back at rumours he used a bottom double in H&M underwear campaign


e’s got the sort of body that sends women the world over into a hot flush. But David Beckham has been forced to deny recent reports that he used a bottom double in for his recent starring role in the H&M underwear campaign. Answering critics who suggested he had used a lookalike for some of the scenes, the 37-year-old footballer hit back at the speculation surrounding his nether regions and confirmed everything used in the advertisement is what nature gave him. Asked directly about

Richard Gere admits he only did Pretty Woman for the money Richard Gere has admitted that he’s never been a fan of possibly his two biggest movies - Pretty Woman and An Officer and A Gentleman.


hen people think of Gere they probably think of a chap in a uniform gallantly sweeping Debra Winger off her feet. “I wasn’t innately drawn to them as projects, I agreed to them because I needed the money or some other reason, and then I did the work to make it something I cared about. And they turned out to be two of my most successful movies, and ones I liked the most,” Gere told. However the star did admit that despite initially not giving a monkeys about the projects – he knuckled down and was the consummate professional once he’d got the job. “I was only ambivalent from that point in the beginning. By the time I make anything, I’m enthusiastic.I can’t do it otherwise. I don’t walk through anything. I never have done, and I never will,”

the ‘bum double’ rumours on live French television show Grande Journal on Thursday night, he said: ‘No I can say the crotch is mine and the backside is mine as well. ‘I heard this the other day. Someone said that I had a stand-in for my bum, but no, I can confirm that’s my bum.’ Last month, eagleeyed fans took to Twitter to debate whether or not the Paris St Germain player had relied on a lookalike for some of the scenes in the H&M underwear commercial, after spotting a shirtless man who looked very similar to Beckham in the background of a handout shot. The rumours were also fuelled by a back shot of ‘Beckham’ running along in his pants. While the real Becks has sleeve tattoos on both his arms, and several inkings on his back, the etchings were noticeably absent from one shot of the

the Arbitrage star said. Gere said though that he doesn’t buy into Hollywood, saying that there’s “nothing attractive”, about Tinseltown, which rather begs the question as to why on Earth he’s a film star. “I was always sceptical of everything, I wasn’t soaking up, I was pushing back, I was never seduced into any of it. There was nothing attractive about it.” Gere could’ve gone for another career, as a Mr Plow style snow shoveler for his dad, but instead chose Holywood instead and bought his dad a handy work saving implement. “It’s nice to have money, but the first thing I did with money was buy my father a snow-blower, because my job was to shovel snow and I wasn’t there to do it any more, so I was able to buy him a blower. It’s quite simple. And my life is still very simple. Money has never been a factor,” he said.

man dashing along the street. In fact, the man running along appeared to be virtually tattoo-free on his right arm, with only a few designs on his left. Beckham’s tattoo of son Brooklyn’s name on his lower back could also not be seen on the ‘double’, while the inking mid-way down his back also appeared to be significantly larger than the footballer’s. However, in a recent interview, Beckham said he completed his own stunts on the Guy Ritchiedirected advert, which sees him dash through Los Angeles in just his boxer shorts when his wife traps his dressing gown in the car door and drives off. Beckham is quoted as saying: ‘It was good fun playing an action hero for the day, getting to do all the stunts and ending up in unexpected situations.’ The father-of-four first launched his line of undergarments and casual loungewear, where costs range from £7.99 to £24.99, a year ago with a photo campaign. Speaking on Canal Plus show Grande Journal on Thursday night, Beckham also admitted one of his main jobs is now ‘to sell shirts’ for new team Paris St Germain, with him only playing in two games since signing for the side in January. He said: ‘If I can help to sell lots of shirts, no problem. Even better! It’s great to see so many people wearing my shirt. In most of the clubs where I’ve been, I heard the same thing, that I’ve come to sell shirts.’

Honey Boo Boo is not I’ll always be young at heart: Love Hewitt a good role model, says former Miss USA


ennifer Love Hewitt has spoken about why she finds it essential to keep her physical body well maintained so that she is mentally and emotionally in good spirits. The 34-year-old The Client List actress embraces her joie de vivre. She credits staying physically fit with providing her with mental and emotional vitality. Should Jennifer ever have chil-

The former Miss USA says Honey Boo Boo is not a shining example of a pageant queen and shockingly even compared the seven-year-old to a prostitute.


enya Moore may be known for speaking her mind ever since joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. And when it comes to commenting on the stars of other reality shows, she doesn’t hold back. The 42-year-old told: ‘Honey Boo Boo is not a role model for young women. ‘Her mother [June Shannon] puts her onstage looking like a glorified hooker!’ Honey Boo Boo, whose real name is Alana, shot to fame on the documentary Toddlers and Tiaras and later got her own spinoff title Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. Showing her life taking part in child beauty pageants as well as her downtime in Georgia, the TLC network episodes have come under much scrutiny for its vulgar content. Kenya - who won Miss USA in 1993 - thinks mothers like Honey Boo Boo’s June should be aware that the contests are not just about winning a prize.

She went on: ‘Pageants are about having poise and promoting self-esteem and self-worth. When a little girl wears a lot of makeup, fake teeth and extensions, like hookers do that’s just not appropriate.’ Kenya is not the only famous face to attack the youngster and her relatives. While the series is loved by celebrities such as Rosie O’Donnell, Miley Cyrus, Anderson Cooper and Tina Fey, Adam Levine spoke against it in December. The 33-year-old Maroon 5 singer told: ‘“Seriously, Honey Boo Boo is the decay of Western civilization. Just because so many people watch the show doesn’t mean it’s good. ‘So many people witness atrocities and can’t take their eyes away from them, but that doesn’t mean they’re good. That show is literally The. Worst. Thing. That’s. Ever. Happened.’

dren in the future, she would want them to adopt her approach to sustaining happiness. “I know I won’t be young forever,” she told. “But I want to show them that if you take care of yourself and have as much fun as you can for as long as you can, you will stay young at heart.” Jennifer is well aware of the benefits of being physically fit while being with child. It seems that with her biological clock ticking, the star is seriously pondering how her lifestyle supports family expansion. “It’s important to be in the best shape of your life

before having children,” Jennifer explained. “Doctors say that doing that will make the pregnancy better and labour easier, and allow your body to bounce back faster. Being fit will help after they’re born too. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching my friends with their kids, it’s that you have to keep up with them.” Jennifer claims that music on her iPod keeps her “in the right zone” while working out. One particular tune lifts her spirits so much that she is obsessed with listening to it every day. “[Katy Perry’s] song Wide Awake always gets me up in the morning,” she shared.

Gwyneth Paltrow recalls her worst Oscar red carpet She always looks effortlessly chic and sophisticated on the red carpet. But Gwyneth Paltrow has confessed to having at least two face-palm fashion blunders at the Oscars on her GOOP blog this week.


he Oscar-winning 40-year-old, who skipped Sunday’s ceremony, selected her worst-dressed years as 2000 and 2002, respectively. ‘The first is the Calvin Klein. It’s an okay dress but not Oscar’s material. I chose it because I wanted to disappear that year,’ the yoga-toned star said of the silvery cocktail dress. ‘Also, the goth Alexander McQueen I wore a few years later. There were a few issues; I still love the dress itself but I should have worn a bra and I should have just had simple beachy hair and less makeup.’ Gwyneth added: ‘Then, it would have worked as I wanted it to - a little bit of punk at the Oscars.’ The Royal Tenenbaums star has since relied on the keen eye of her stylist Elizabeth Saltzman, who’s also

styled shoots for American Vogue and Vanity Fair. ‘I think they are all pretty maje. I can say this because I have just about nothing to do with it,’ Paltrow said of her more recent red carpet attire. ‘Standouts for me are the pink Prada dress at the 2011 Venice Film Festival, and of course the white Tom Ford from the Oscars last year.’ Fashion experts have since called the angelic column gown and cape incredibly influential on all the white and light-colored frocks at this year’s Oscars. Among the Shakespeare in Love star’s favorite trend-setting fashionistas are designer Stella McCartney, funny woman Rashida Jones, pop star Beyonce, and leggy Cameron Diaz. ‘Stella McCartney always looks amaz-

ing. She has a way of making you covet her sweatpants and T-shirt, she just wears clothes so well,’ gushed Gwyneth. ‘I love Rashida Jones’ hot nerd vibe and Beyonce’s playfulness in trying different trends. I love Cameron Diaz’s ability to rock silver nails and layer tons of tiny gold jewelry. I am also very inspired by street style in London where I have lived pretty much for 10 years.’ The blonde Emmy winner has two films due out this year - the Spanish Picasso biopic 33 días and the highly-anticipated action three-quel, Iron Man 3. Gwyneth has been married to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin for a decade. She and the 35-year-old Englishman have two children - eight-year-old daughter Apple and six-year-old son Moses.

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