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Directory GRAND OPENING Eastern Lighting opened its newest website for business in late December 2008. is your source for information about LED technology for Jewelry.

Warren Wang the President and founder of Eastern Lighting said, “I am excited to offer a great new resource for our customers to understand the new technology of LED.” This site is designed for the Eastern

Lighting customers to not only learn about LED, but to help understand which product(s) will fit their needs. Darrin Davis told us that “LED is the future of Jewelry Lighting, it makes diamonds and other gems sparkle beyond comparison.” He added, “customers that already are using LED tell us of dramatic increases in their sales. not only talks about the great technology, but also provides a blog space for the staff at Eastern Lighting to share news and events that are coming up. This space will provided the staff at Eastern Lighting a place to discuss frequently asked questions that may arise over time. and see for yourself what the new trend in lighting is. LED is a great step towards saving energy, as well as increasing jewelry sales. So type your way on over and see what all the fuss is about. While your there let Eastern Lighting know what you think. Simply tell them your thoughts on the new site. You may contact Eastern Lighting by email at or by phone at 1-800-839-3604 ext 111. They look forward to hearing from you. If you want more information about LED lighting for Jewelry call Darrin at 1-800-839-3604 ext. 111.

The great people at Eastern Lighting hope you will take the time to check out

L E D P e n d an t L ig h t ( t he m o s t po we r f u l o n t h e m a r k e t ) In 1962 General Electric created the LED. Standing for Light Emitting Diode, the LED was a weak lighting that used very little power. Today the LED has developed into a lighting source that will change the world. Not only does it use far less power than other types of lighting it also will last much longer.

Eastern Lighting and is proud to announce that we have produced the most powerful pendant light created to date. Using a mere 36 Watts of power, our pendant light uses the top of the line technology with the actual LED diodes being Cree XR5 LED’s. This means that not only are you getting a light that is rated for

50,000 hours, with a high Kelvin temperature, you are getting a light that has the best and most powerful LED on the market lighting up your space. The pendant has a number of options for installation, from replacing a recessed can light, to fitting onto a track, or even just standing alone. This light is right for you, so call today for


Warren Wang—President


Brent Neal –VP Sales


Darrin Davis—Sales and Marketing


Caleb Chen– Warranty and Repairs


Amy Wang—Accounting

Darrin Davis Editor

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Jewelry Lighting News

It’s a Buyers Market?

FLX inside a showcase

In real estate we have heard for years that this is a buyers market. Then it is a sellers market. Well today the concept of buyers market applies to everyone especially jewelers.

or a free appraisal. Work with a local restaurant and give away coupons for a buy one get one free dinner. Be creative and let your customers know you are doing this because your care. Example, “Because we care about you in these troubling times, stop by and pick up your free gift of a buy one get one free dinner at Fogcutter Steak House. “ This will bring people in the door.

As we have watched our economy from being a strong vibrant economy and in less than a year we watched the stock market fall 30%. Our customers have watched their investments and their retirement funds vanish. They are scared and we should be also.

“Think of the concept that will bring them in the door. Don’t be caught just focusing on your existing customer base. Think outside the box…”

It has been so long since retailers have really been in a buyers market such as this we decided to tell you about ways you can capture the customer. These are simple ways that cost less than $1000 to help you capture the customer. 1.


Train your staff. They are your best asset. Train them to not only sell but to consult.


Send out a survey. This does two things lets your customers know you care about their opinions and lets you see how your customers feel they are being treated. Remember keep an open mind when the surveys return. Take a look at other stores in your area. Does your store draw attention? If you see more customers in another store then you need to make your store “pop” more than theirs. You can do this with focusing on one showcase and buying LED lighting to bring people into your showroom for that showcase and hopefully they will buy from other cases as well. Some stores have reported as much as a 30% increase in sales by upgrading one case. Give something away. NO not a diamond or anything along those lines. Give away a free ring cleaning,


Think with the concept of what will bring them in the door. Don’t be caught just focusing on your existing customer base, think outside that box and focus on how to get new people into your door as well.


Train. Your staff is your best asset, or should at least they should be. Buy a Zig Zigler CD and make them listen to a chapter a day or buy them a couple of books and pass them around. This will not only motivate them, it will increase your sales as well.



Along with training is focusing on the customer. Today it is more important than ever to know that each customer is important. The customer you and your entire store hated to see coming a year ago, is now the king of the castle and quite important. With sales slumping around the globe, we can’t afford to not give every customer great service and try to sell them. Thank you notes. I don’t see these nearly as much as I used to. The thank you note is a great way to create customer loyalty.

Remember that today $100 may be a high dollar amount when last year it was $500. Send them to anyone who spend more than $100. You can pick them up for cheap especially if you shop on of the many going out of business sales in your area. 8.

Team up with another business. They say two heads are better than one. This not only will be helpful with picking their brain but you can tap into their customer base as they can tap into yours. Example: Each business gives out some kind of discount card for the other, such as working with a restaurant that gives out a 25% OFF card for your store with every meal purchased. You give out a free dinner when you buy a dinner type card with ever $100 spent in your store.

These ideas are just that ideas on how to keep an edge and increase your sales during slower economic times. The goal is to think outside the box and do things that will bring people into your store. Good Luck! +

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V a l en t i n e s D a y 2 0 0 9 A r e Y o u R ea d y ? Valentine’s day can be a good one for the Jewelry industry. Today’s market could make it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Though there are many things you can do to increase your sales. 1.

Price points. Offer quality merchandise at lower price points that will bring a new group of buyers into your store. These buyers may be spending less, though you are building a relationship with them that can last a lifetime.



Find ways to reach out to people, consider buying OTC, and offering fair price. One Jeweler stated that out of buying $1160 worth of jewelry from a customer he made $5000 from the sale of the jewelry to the referrals the customer brought in. Make sure you are more appealing than your competition. This includes appearance of your store, and your lighting to the customer service your sales staff offers.


Train your staff to be a customer service star. No matter how good your best sales person is they can always be better.

Following simple steps can make a huge difference in your sales numbers for the upcoming Valentine’s day and can continue to improve your sales for the upcoming year.

T R I V I A T I ME Well it is time to play some games. Trivia time is our space to give you questions and let you answer them. If you think you can get them all right email Darrin Davis at and you will get free shipping on your next order if all answers are correct. Order must be $500 or more and free shipping will be fore ground shipping only. This offer can not be combined with any other offer or discount. For more information please email


When was LED created?


Who was Ford’s Vice President.?


What kind of lighting and what brand of crystal is used on the Times Square Big apple at New Years eve.?


Who is the president of Eastern Lighting?


What Saturday Night Live cast member left in 1994 after being in a record 153 shows?


What word describes a number system with a base of 2?

15 years of serving you! Fifteen Years ago Warren Wang set out to sell lighting to the jewelry industry. Taking his lights around to tradeshows and working very hard to get his foot in the door, he made an impact on the Jewelry industry. Today the company has become a profitable leader in lighting the Jewelry industry. Mr. Wang still leads the company and you may still find him

out at a tradeshow selling his lights. Today Eastern Lighting has grown to 10 Employees and we now manufacture our own product line. Our latest invention is our FLX showcase LED lighting, with our two pin LED retrofit bulb soon coming out. We also have the most powerful LED pendant light ever made on the horizon.

Eastern Lighting and Mr. Wang look for a continued success in the Jewelry industry and beyond. 2009 Marks 15 years of doing business. Please join with us as we not only celebrate our 15th year, but also celebrate as we continue to change the Lighting Industry. After 15 years we are known as the Leader in Jewelry Lighting, Thanks to each of you!

With 3 watts per diode displayed

Eastern Lighting 13004 Murphy Road #212 Stafford, TX 77477

The new and improved LT8 model Eastern Lighting

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Over fifteen years ago, Eastern Lighting was born through the efforts of our President and founder solely selling our fixtures and bulbs at jewelry trade shows. Today, we’ve grown into a multifaceted company with a diverse staff and a customer base that spans the globe. In addition to our professional growth, our office has expanded from a small one room operation to a large business office attached to thousands of square feet of production space. We thank you, our customers for making the past fifteen years. We have thoroughly enjoyed helping your grow your business and in turn you have helped us grow ours. We look forward to working with you to grow your sales with our lighting. Please visit us if you are ever in the Houston Area.

Lighting jewelry for 15 years.

13004 Murphy Road Suite 212 Stafford, TX 77477

Phone: 800-839-3604 Fax: 281-980-7215 E-mail:

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09 Jan. Newsletter  

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