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Dear Sir, This is to bring before your readers an important issue and I wish to highlight the sensitivity of the issue so that the media focus may provide some leeway for solving the problem. There are many private companies in India. They are taking undue advantage from their employees, by imposing load of excess work. Executive officers often take credit for work done by the employees. Such officers are considered as efficient and faithful persons of the company. Poor employees are unfortunate as they are not getting any increment nor appreciation of work and instead getting harassment. Many companies are taking undue advantage of the unemployment they face. In the country job crises and unemployment is a cause of undue advantage, harassment, cruelty, exploitation etc. there is no choice but to accept the challenge of cruelty injustice etc, which effect their health. They face grave consequences of life, and compelled to take the same decision as Indian farmers do when faced with life-threatening situations. There is no longer humanity in the company atmosphere. They work beyond the prescribed working hours. Company allot specific slab of work to complete. And without completing the slab, they are not allowed to leave the premises. Who will safeguard the poor employees and is there any government authority to check the company, whether they abide by the rules and regulations of the country’s laws? Are they taking any action against the errant companies? They should be urged to so in the interests of peace at the workplace. 49 EASTERN CRESCENT | MAY 2014

Yusuf Khan Nemat Khan Via E-mail Dear Sir, It is Assam, which has the highest number of Muslims in its population after Kashmir. The present prime minister of India has been representing citizens of Assam as a RS member for a long time. However, his august presence has hardly made any difference to the everyday lives of the people. Muslims of the state have been facing innumerable problems, such as lack of educational opportunity, discrimination, communal violence, injustice and insecurity. Partly as an answer to these urgent issues, the AIUDF (All India United Democratic Front) was established. It is not only a political party like others; rather it is a struggle for freedom, justice and providing citizens with their rights, in the eyes of the Assamese Muslims. People in Assam have now grown to accept that the founder of AIUDF, Maulana Badruddin Ajmal is a sincere leader who is working for all-round development of the state. Insha’Allah, first Allah and then the people of Assam will not let the soul of AIUDF die. We hope the true spirit of AIUDF has always remained, and will continue to remain more powerful than any other force. This is because AIUDF is a political efflorescence of the religious, social and cultural aspirations of the people. They are committed to see it grow from strength to strength. Abdul Hafiz Karimganj, Assam.

Dear Sir, This Eastern Crescent is the first English magazine which I started to read in my life. I am overwhelmed by it. Its articles laced with a certain charm, forcing readers to read it avidly. This is partly because the magazine consists of various serious topics of the age. The more important thing which I love so much is the answers and questions asked by people about their religious issues. It is bridging the wide chasm, which was between Ulama and common people. I give my best wishes to the team of EC, and pray for them to get success. Abdul Rahim Jogeshwari (E) Mumbai Dear Sir, The Lok Sabha election is going on and every party wants to let the cat of each other’s bag. Sometime Modi’s scandals such as Modi’s abandonment of his wife, matter of journalist lady and recently the fixed interview with Rajat Sharma came out. Every one blames each other and gives hate speeches which increases the communal tension and politicians keep baking their cakes. They are showcasing for the people a verdant landscape, making promises while the simple common man is in great confusion whether to believe them or not. The heat of the hustings show that political leaders of all stripes are playing with democracy. Hence voters should be urged to vote without fear or favour and not be lured by false promises. Adnan Basar Yazdani Muradabad, Karola

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