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Law Making

and Predicament of By Muhammad Javed Qasmi


The writer is a teacher at Haque Education and Research Foundation (HERF), Kanpur, DP


he brutal gang rape of 23year -old woman on a moving bus in Delhi on the night of December 16, 2012 stirred the conscience of a nation. One year has passed but still the horrific memory haunts the sensitive members of the country at every step. As this dreadful incident animated the government regarding women’s safety, in the same way it created self-awareness in every high and low sections of the society. People came out of their respective houses and showing resentment demanded that rapists must be hanged as soon as possible. Their anger and agitation was absolutely right. As a result, acting promptly the Indian government formed the Justice Verma committee to

Nakedness, pornographic movies, drinking, Seeing lewd pictures and vulgar reading materials etc. are the main factors, which incite people to commit brutal rapes. 31 EASTERN CRESCENT | FEBRUARY 2014

make laws better regarding rape, sexual harassment and violence against women. A few months later, people saw change in laws as the tougher rules and regulations were enforced. But despite it, there is no dearth in rape cases and violence against women. Every other day a heinous rape incident is reported in newspapers. According to an international organization, Action Aid, within a year, only in Delhi there was a two fold increase in rape cases while there was a four fold increase in sexual harassment, molestation and

to say that the policy and law makers concentrated only on rules and regulations. They did not bother to ponder upon the reasons and factors which push people into these kinds of brutal crimes. If really India and its inhabitants are concerned about the predicament of women and wish to put an end on oppression against them, keeping it in mind that woman is an integral part and backbone of the society, and without her the world cannot be complete; some difficult actions will have to be taken. First and foremost all the sources have to be banned which encourage men

oppression. After the implementation of the new laws there should have been at least somehow a drop in the cases. But it did not happen so. It shows that tough laws are not enough to handle such cases.. If it is taken seriously, it will not be wrong

to tyrannize women. It may be hard but definitely, success will follow if proper steps are taken. Nakedness, pornographic movies, drinking, seeing lewd pictures and vulgar reading materials etc. are the main factors, which incite people to commit brutal rape. The young

If a girl does not bring a handsome dowry, her mother-in-law and sisters-in-law curse her, time and again and it snatches away her peace and contentment. generation watches pornographic movies and reads vulgar materials and try to put them into practice. In Delhi gang rape, after raping the girl brutally, the boys inserted a rod in her private parts. It was nothing except the bad impact of the Hollywood movie Chase in which the same thing is shown. If it is not so, then from where the very idea came into their minds? Such kinds of movies based on the heinous oppression of women must be banned and the director of


the sensor board must be punished. The novels and books containing vulgar material that spoils the morals and manners must not be published. Likewise, one of the reasons which causes oppression of women is the lax application of laws against the dowry system. It is observed, if a girl does not bring a handsome dowry, her motherin-law and sisters-in-law curse her, time and again and it snatches away her peace and contentment as it may even strain the relationship between wife and husband. As a result they suffer from different psychological problems. It is also an observation that the girls are not only cursed due to dowry but also compelled to commit suicide. Especially in illiterate families they are tyrannized. They are prevented from going to their paternal home. Their husband threatens them that they would leave them and marry another wife. Most of them are

burned alive and even acid is thrown on them. Sometimes they succumb to injuries. According to national crime record bureau (NCRB) statistics due to dowry, 91202 women have been murdered or they have committed suicide from 1 January 2001 to 13 December 2012. However, if the sources of the oppression against women are not banned, it will be like watering branches instead of cutting the root. Lawmakers keep on making rules and the oppression will grow rapidly.

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