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Your Questions About Trading In Forex Market The following Question and Answer is brought to you by our Forex Consultant with interaction from members of the Yahoo Answers community.

George asks‌

Fore x Trading who it is Done? Hi can some let me know what is forex trading and how it is different from investing in share market or commodity market. Which market is more advisable to make a decent profit whether it is Forex Market,Share Market or commodity markek. Thanx.

admin answers: The forex market is the most liquid market where you can enter and exit the market almost anytime on anyday. Having said that, it is also with higher risk and higher return. If you are newbie into forex trading, I suggest you to first sign up for a demo account. Trade until you able to consistently making profit. Then, put in some real money that you can afford to loss.


You may loss it, treat it as tuition fee. Finally, hopefully you would have master the skill to win in the long run. Good luck.

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Your Questions About Trading In Forex Market