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Steven asks…

Any body make a full time living trading forex ? i wanted now if there any one who make a full time living trading in forex, im not necessarily asking if your rich, just if u make day by day, im been seeing decent profits and looking to make a living my self, only one thing concerns me, forex doesn’t have a lots of laws related to it, and i dnt want to do anything to get in trouble, is there any thing i shouldn’t do when trading, im looking to use a forex robot for assistance, is that ok. plz U.S. traders only

admin answers: Hi, people are making a full time living with forex trading. Recently I attended a webinar by Craig Harris. Craig Harris was a Texan construction worker who learned forex trading on his own and now makes daily 50-70 pips. 1 pip is equal to $10. 50-70 pips mean $500-700. This translates into a monthly income of more than $10,000.


Trading with a forex robot without learning forex trading basics will not help much. Many people make this mistake of buying a forex robot. But they don’t know how to optimize it. If you learn forex trading and understand how the market works, you will be in a better position to use a forex robot.

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Your Questions About Trade Forex For A Living  
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