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Betty asks…

Isn’t the real quaetion is Sri Lanka about who is going to unobstruct the implementation of the 17th amendment? and provide some accountability from government to ALL peoples so that Sri Lanka does not rebound back into war? The polls chief is stating that the security apparatus under the control of the Defense Secretary (a US citizen and Presidential brother) is impeding the process and denying the Election Commissioner adequate resources to do his job. There has been large scale obstructions of postal voting As well as clear signs of vote rigging of about a million votes – this item has come to the for several times from government sources attempting last ditch efforts to “add 1 million votes” through internet polling and through false issuance of voting cards.

1/3 -for-vote-rigging-at-killinochchi&catid=35:local&Itemid=50 It is good to see that public outcry regarding the outflows of Forex has caused the Central Bank to revise their position. o-intention-of-dividing-the-motherland–mahanayake-of-malwatte-chapter&catid=35:local&Itemid =50 The responsibility of State Employees is to ensure that the the 17th Amendment is implemented so that you attain the rights to perform your job duties with modern levels of accountability where the Central Government is an active partner in constitutional protections instead of a dictating force against it. There must be a restoration of law and respect of the law. We are in a stage that the due process of the 17th amendment is the saving grace of Sri Lanka. During times of conflict ordinary citizens and government employees had certain restrictions placed on them for the sake of national security and though national security is still a principle concern we must immediately take measures to ensure that the rights of citizens are not going to be continually trodden upon with National Security used as an excuse for government to harass citizens. Mahinda Rajapaksa had agreed to implement the 17th amendment to the constitution – being full aware that the the 13th amendment was a deemed a non-starter by the supreme court. Instead of doing so he has called for early elections and has had bands of thugs both involved in his government and imported into the country through his brothers invoke retaliatory tactics on the public. Lake House seems to be getting continually rewarded for moving from media to transportation for breakiong the law. Though the Election Commissioner does not have punitive powers the Supreme Court does and the actions of the IGP and Media should be fast tracked to the courts. The peoples of Colombo should know that if there are not protections for the citizens in outlying areas peacefully enacting their RIGHT of franchise then there will also not be such rights for Colombo. After 30 years of terrorism we must gather and put in place law and order based on constitutional law and procedures barring the at will practices the dictated government during past hostilities. VOTE FOR CHANGE – CHANGE THAT WAS OVERWHEMINGLY APPROVED BY


PARLIAMENT-CHANGE THAT WAS REFUSED BY SEVERAL ADMINISTRATIONS INCLUDING THE RAJAPAKSE REGIME TO ENFORCE A CRIMINAL GOVERNMENT-VOTE FOR CHANGE THAT WILL BRING SRI LANKA THE PROMISE OF A FUTURE WITHOUT ARMED BANDS OF THUGS BREAKING INTO YOUR HOMES AND KILLING YOUR FAMILIES IN THE NAME OF FALSE DEMOCRACY. SEND RAJAPAKSA HOME AND INITIATE THE RECOVERY AND RESTRUCTURING PERIOD THAT IS NEEDED BY ALL COUNTRIES AFTER WAR. I am not a politician – I am a Stateswoman and a major landholder asking all the peoples of my country to attain constitutional justice by voting for change and an end to impunity. Recovering the constitutional rights guaranteed under the 17th amendment for adequate disclosures to the public of what is being initiated on their behalf will help guarantee that government will not abuse powers by illegally holding onto such and there will not be a return to the past wide scale violences that has left up to a hundred thousand of our fellow countrymen dead in the past 30 years – Rajapakse is daily speaking of traitors to the country without acknowledging that his actions are most treacherous by not implementing the constitutional rights that protect ALL citizens and not just perpetuating a fiasco . Rao should know that her name has come up in some inconsistent dealings at CPC. anka&artid=uoX4MGiR

admin answers: Hm, Impressive. Looks like you are well over qualified for a job or position in the political arena. Good luck.

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Your Questions About News Forex Real Time  

The polls chief is stating that the security apparatus under the control of the Defense Secretary (a US citizen and Presidential brother) is...

Your Questions About News Forex Real Time  

The polls chief is stating that the security apparatus under the control of the Defense Secretary (a US citizen and Presidential brother) is...