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Betty asks…

Can a complete beginner use a forex robot? I have heard of currency trading. A set up a demop account a couple years ago. Of course it was a bunch of gibberish. I didn’t understand anything. But f course I am looking into a way I can be a at home Mom. I would be willing to learn about trading. But some of these robots make it sound like anybody can make money. If that were true, woudn’t everybody be rich? I have heard a lot of good things about FAP Turbo and Forex mega droid. I have also heard that these robots only work if you have been trading for years. I have tried cash crate, surveys, reading emails, and a bunch other stuff. I don’t like it.

admin answers: It is impossible for robots to consistently make money over the long term, if they could we would fire all the money managers and replace them with robots.


In the real world it takes a lot of education, Research and experience to consistently make money in the forex market.

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