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Donna asks…

Can someone critic my site: Can someone critique my website?I just launched a forex trading website that covers the basics about forex trading. I not a professional web designer –in fact I used some free templates to design the site. Can someone critique my site and let me know what I may need to do to improve the site. Please help. Thanks

admin answers: It’s a bit bare, but clean. The information is easily accessible.


Here are some things I ran into: - The link to the homepage on your 404 error page is broken. It points to ‘’ - There seems to be quite a bit of unused whitespace in the source code. That really serves no purpose other than to increase the size of the file that needs to be downloaded by someone viewing the site. Perhaps you could clean that up a bit to scrape some kilobytes off. - There seems to be some issues with the CSS style on The menu on the left overlaps the page footer (blue bar) which looks a bit messy. The site won’t win any beauty contests, but as I stated earlier, the relevant information is easily readable and properly accessible. And that’s really what this site is about. I tested with Firefox 3/3.5 btw

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Your Questions About Forex Trading Basics