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William asks‌

Does anyone know a good forex scalping system they have been able to use consistently with success? Thanks.? I trade forex but I must admit it is tricky. Does anyone know how to scalp consistently and successfully? I do appreciate your answers in advance.

admin answers: Whenever a system works, it does so by removing a little of the inefficiencies that allow it to work. The more you use the system and the more widespread the system’s use is, the less likely it is to work. Scalping has been around a long time so any current scalping system would be working on very thin margins on the brink of not working at all which is probably why so many have taken to selling their system rather than exploiting it themselves.


It’s relatively simple to come up with a system that seems to work but once you take into consideration the spread of the trade and the taxes, it’s quite likely there’s no profit and potentially a loss instead. The only mathematically rigourous system would be volatility pumping via Shannon’s Demon, however it would be very rare to find currencies with the volatility needed to overcome the spread and taxes of such frequent trades.

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Your Questions About Forex Systems Scalping