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Lizzie asks…

does this Forex trade strategy work on the live account? I been using the demo account and thought of this little strategy which help me profit 200 dollars in one day for a couple of hours, but I don’t know if it works on a live account. First of all I buy as many trade as I could, and put them with a volume of .05, so that means you wouldn’t profit and lose that much. Majority of the trade will be losing money, so all i have to do is wait for one to gain some amount, and i will close the trade. Thus, profiting about fifty cent. I will buy the same trade again for a low volume. If the same trade profits again, then I will buy it for a higher volume like 1. I do the same with all the other trade. This is slow profit, but really works for me on the demo version. I’m not sure if it will be like that for the live version.

admin answers: It will not work.


Demo account is because of you large capital in it and your low volume . In the live account, with the trading style you play. When the trade goes the other way. You would have gotten a margin call. Forex trading does not work like this. If you want to be a full time forex trader. You have to take it like a business. - Proper money management - trading psychology - mastering price action - exit plans - stop loss placement etc. This is what we teach in Asia Forex Mentor. To an Awesome Trading, Ezekiel

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Your Questions About Forex Strategies That Work