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Linda asks…

What’s so good about following your mother? What’s so good about following your mother? It is told that First, she gave me go signal to have my training with an institution that deals with foreign exchange, and that told me that my training would consist of forecasting the forex. They are located at a place far from our house and they won’t give me allowance. But I really love the training that the institution would be giving me. Then a certain banking institution called me up for an interview, my mother told me to have my training with that bank, which I do not prefer. I followed her and took my training with that bank, but my whole training was a mess. Second, when I had my menstruation, she asked me not to shampoo my hair, because it is her belief that doing so would cause death. I followed her and I really felt gross for not shampooing my hair for about 5 days. Now, I asked her to allow me to go with my friends on a concert. She allowed me. So I informed my friends about it and they were so happy to hear that from me. In the evening, when I talked about it with her, she told me not to go anymore. She was worried that I might be held up and shot on my head, just like what happened with a college graduate, since the venue of the concert would be in the concert grounds of a very popular mall far from our place from 8 to 11 in the evening. Is is still good to follow her? I am planning to go against her will since I think her decisions are not that good. Please give advice. Thank you =)


admin answers: With the first case, you must have decided for yourself. You should have gone with what you love. Anyway, your mother is not the one who is going to be trained and get grades from your OJT. On the second case my dear, not shampooing your hair simply because you have a period is definitely not good for you. You’ll feel irritated with your period, then the gross feeling of not shampooing your hair after a long journey is totally a mess. It is totally a myth, in which case you must not believe, simply because it would not do good for you. Third, remember to value “word of honor.” I believe that she should not have done it since in the first place she allowed you. Instead, she thought of fetching you from the place. Poor you. Next time, decide for yourself. It is not always that you are beside your mother deciding for you. What would you look like when you get employed, get married or get old? Depend always on her? Grow up and act your own age! Decide by your self. There is “no next time.” Hope this helps.

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