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Donald asks‌

Is the citi fx pro forex broker a SCAM ? is the Citifxpro broker another forex scam ? i see they are new but i saw some good reviews on them at: i would like a second opinion about them. but i think im ready to fork over my money !

admin answers: Citi-FX Pro is a joint project between Citi and Saxo Bank. Saxo Bank is a large reputable forex broker based in Denmark that has been in business for I believe more than ten years. You can find an article on it at h-citi-fx-pro-for-private-client-access/


So, no I don’t believe a new company that is a joint project of these two companies would be a “scam”. Other than that however, I cannot speak to anything else about the company because I have never used them as a broker. The source below has more information about Saxo Bank and is also where I found the link for the article.

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Your Questions About Forex Reviews Forex Brokers  
Your Questions About Forex Reviews Forex Brokers