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John asks‌

Can someone review my forex trade that I placed on USD/CAD on Thursday? Hello Forex traders, I am somewhere between a beginner to an intermediate forex trader. I placed a trade on USD/CAD on Thursday. Although I made some profit, It was not how much I expected. Can you please review my trade. I have posted my analysis behind the trade at

admin answers:


Overall, not too bad . . . You made a profit. Considering the timeframe you are trading, I don’t understand why you are referring to a an exit at 1.1006 “which looked like an important resistance”. It looked like recent resistance was ~1.1055 and sloping upwards. I would have tried to ‘trade the range’ of it coming down to ~1.1055 and having hat as a ‘buy on stop’ or not had any exit order in place, in the hope there was significant weakening due fundamental events (of which there are many these days).

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