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Steven asks…

what is forex trading status ? i have opened a demo account for EURUSD the status shows that Balance:5152.20 Equity:4729.30 Margin: 278.68 Free Margin :4440.52 Margin level 1682.65% i don’t understand the status please explain me in detail. i am new in forex trading.

admin answers: Margin – money that you have bought your open position. This is cash that is levreged. So if you have leverage 100:1 then 278.68*100= $27868 If EURUSD= 1.3934 then 1 EUR =1.3934 USD 1 forex mini lot = 10000 EUR=13934


2 forex mini lot = 20000 EUR=27868 if leverage is 100:1 then 27868/100= 278.68 which is your margin Free margin= Equity – used margin 4440.52=4729-278.68 margin level = free margin/used margin to learn how to calculate leverage and margin

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Your Questions About Forex Free Margin