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Helen asks…

Global broker for forex recommend: FXCM? Hi, I am on the road a lot – travelling between the UK, Canada and USA. My base for now, is the UK, but I may move back home to Canada in a year. Looking to get into starting trading in Forex – is FXCM a good broker for someone in my situation? I have tried their free demo and am satisfied. If I decide to go back to Canada, will it be much of a transition with this broker? they seem stable, and I would like to not have to switch brokers just for the reason of moving. Thanks,

admin answers: FXCM is great broker that has been doing this business for years. And if you are travelling a lot,


FXCM is definitely one of the best choice for you to partnering with.

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Your Questions About Forex Brokers In Usa  
Your Questions About Forex Brokers In Usa