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Michael asks…

I´d like open a request FSA.GOV.UK? Hello everyone, I am a customer of a forex broker based in UK, but I’m having several problems with the company, the main problem is: Whenever I place a pending order, the order opens the different value in the selected pending order. and I’m prejudice, I contacted my manager, and she says: The selected order is pending or is, a distortion appears in the records of operations, the error is the company, because if I make one request at a price X and it starts at a price Y. How can I make a complaint and request for investigation to the FSA, because I reside in another country outside the European community. these records that is altered, which appear as if I had entered with order instantly and not future order “pending”, is truly absurd!, and I have to explain the FSA, as it happens, so they repeat and see error. The problem is how to do this in secrecy, so that the FSA can take action and punish and I get my money back. Thank you.


admin answers: You are meant to complain to the firm first, then if that doesn’t work then you go to the Financial Ombudsman Service. You don’t complain to the FSA directly.

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Your Questions About Forex Brokers In Uk