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Joseph asks…

i m looking for forex trading in toronto canada, does any one know good broker in toronto canada?

admin answers: Calgarian is right. Forex is traded online so there is really no need for your broker to be based in canada for you to trade forex. You can apply online, make your deposit, submit the required documents and you can begin trading. You may check your options in this site. It will lead you to one of the leading, legitimate, reliable and trusted forex sites today. They offer among otherslive, personal help via phone, email or chat; no software to download with their web based trading platform; instant funding of your account using your credit card; live help in risk management; visual trading with their “inside viewer” facility; chatroom full of expert forex


traders; various trading tools and learning materials; etc‌.. More features can be seen at the site. They have regional offices in various parts of the world including one in Chicago, Ill., USA. All the best.

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Your Questions About Brokers Forex Canada  
Your Questions About Brokers Forex Canada