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Your Questions About Best Software Forex Trading The following Question and Answer is brought to you by our Forex Consultant with interaction from members of the Yahoo Answers community.

Nancy asks…

Best forex trading tool, please recommend? Hi everyone! Please recommend the best forex trading tool/software on the market. I’m looking for a newbie friendly one. Thanks!

admin answers: Are you looking for something like a forex trading system/signal provider? It’s hard to find one that actually have outstanding performance for a long period of time. I did some research and one of the program called “Million Dollar Pips” seem to be the most popular at the moment and working well (tested by users). I attached the promotion link below if you are interested. However, to make this system work you will need a broker that offers really


tight spread because it’s a short term strategy. Forex Ambush 2.0 is another popular one but I haven’t tested it yet.

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Your Questions About Best Software Forex Trading