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Six days of sound and cinema, from a Limehouse Church to Spitalfields, from iconic Amy to deluded Elvis


Vincent Gallo in Techno Western Kasper Hauser Ray Winstone in The Hot Potato Identity and the power of change in Indignados


A Symphony Of Sound with Minima and 60-piece Choir, Tsukamoto Boutique Masterclass and Indian New Wave


WorldPride with EEFF and Amnesty International UK, from tragedy in Call Me Kuchu to How To Survive a Plague

\\\\ LONDON 2012

EEFF celebrates the coming of the Games with a veteran celebration of ‘48 and new Olympic and London cinema


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CREDITS Artistic Director Alison Poltock Head of Operations Gemma Mitchell Head of Programming Andrew Simpson Head of Press Stuart Haggas Strategy & Development Stephanie Pamment Associate Art Director James Pretty Festival Assistant Isma Arif

The Day She Came To Dingle. This promises to be a sonic celebration of music and film, a theme that continues throughout the festival to our closing night when Graceland comes to the East End with the UK Premiere of The Last Elvis, an acclaimed feature from Argentina about a delusional Elvis impersonator.

Shorts Programmers Jenna Blencowe Rebecca Brand Rebecca Davies Laura Kloss Kieran Lavery Gemma Mitchell Andrew Simpson Matt Strachan

As the Olympics come to our neighbourhood, we’ll be exploring their effects with a series of Olympic-themed films, and acknowledging our home in one of the world’s most diverse quarters as we present a strand of work exploring notions of identity and displacement.

Indian Programme Consultant Deepti DCunha

With last year’s debut director award winner Vikramaditya Motwane joining us as our directorin-residence, we’ll have a focus on new Indian and Bangladeshi cinema, and a whole series of LGBT documentaries and dramas including the Teddy Award-winning Call Me Kuchu supported by Amnesty International UK. Another important strand runs under the banner Resistance and Revolution with films from Occupy Central Park to Ai Weiwei. In fact Art plays quite a big hand this year, headlined by the World Premiere of Make Your Own Damn Art, a feature documentary about Turner nominated British artist Bob and Roberta Smith.

Programming help Hannah Millar Programme Designer gilesmarshdesign.com

Cine-East Co-ordinator Alexandra Isaacs Industry Programmer Cassandra Neal

2001 was quite a year. It was the year that sheep became the enemy when Foot and Mouth ravaged the land. It witnessed the birth of iTunes, Wikipedia and the artificial Liver. Bob the Builder topped the charts as millions queued to see Lord of the Rings, Bridget Jones or Battle Royale; the Hubble Telescope discovered extra-terrestrial activity, the Netherlands became the first country to allow same-sex marriage and a terrorist attack on America changed the International political landscape, forever.

Cine-East Assistant Jessica Gyll Event Co-ordinator Samir Eskanda Event Co-ordinator Jen Gardner Partner Liaison Meryem Dipdere


Volunteer Co-ordinator Sarah Bell

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Volunteer Co-ordinator Pearse Connery Press & PR Margaret_ Website Management Mint Link Ltd

A momentous year, and certainly an important one for us, as a corner of Britain’s great capital started pining for a filmmaking forum to house all the feverish activity happening in and around London’s East End. The head of Tower Hamlets Arts and Events, Stephen Murray identified and supported that need: and so the East End Film Festival was born. With such culturally fertile ground to play in, the last decade has been spent nurturing and cultivating those East End roots, creating Industry awards and training workshops whilst reaching out around the globe to develop an International platform from which to exhibit the very best in contemporary world cinema. Our 2012 edition opens on Tuesday 3 July in the glorious surrounds of St.Anne’s Church in Limehouse, with the UK Premiere of Arena: Amy Winehouse,

With new voices and uncompromising visions at our heart, the East End Film Festival has long since championed the discovery of new filmmakers, exploring the limits of the moving image whilst extending beyond artistic and cultural boundaries to reach out and present good old-fashioned entertainment. With films from over 40 countries and activities for all ages and backgrounds, inclusivity is key to all we do. To that end, and to celebrate the run up to what we fully expect to be our best EVER festival, we kick off the summer’s festivities on Sunday 1 July with our festival fringe: CINE-EAST. CINE-EAST runs from 12 midday to 12 midnight, taking over every cinema, bar, café, nook & cranny of London’s East End with literally hundreds of documentaries, dramas, animations, filmmaking competitions, workshops, in fact all things FILM – and all things FREE. And all of you are welcome. I hope you can join us,

Alison Poltock Artistic Director


BEST FEATURE FILM EEFF2012 As a leading showcase for first and second features, we are proud to once again present our Best Film Award. Last year’s winner Vikramaditya Motwane received our top award for his debut film Udaan, and we welcome him back this year as our directorin-residence to co-curate a focus on cinema from the Indian subcontinent.


To recognise the most unique, human and arresting stories presented to us

this year, and to celebrate our new partnership with the UK’s leading documentary film festival Sheffield Doc/Fest, the East End Film Festival is renewing its commitment to non fiction cinema in 2012 with its strongest ever line-up of documentary feature films from around the globe.

year we had the pleasure of watching an unprecedented number of excellent new films from all across the UK. The winner will receive £6,000 of equipment hire from Decode, one of the country’s leading camera rental companies

Best UK Short Film

Festivals may have programmers, juries and directors but it’s the audience who really count. Let us know your opinion after any of our shorts screenings and cast your vote for this year’s festival favourite.

This year we were overwhelmed with a massive amount of submissions, proving that UK new talent is alive and well. From suburban stories to experimental snapshots, road trips to romance, this

Feature Jury

Joe Wright Joe Wright is an English film director best known for Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, The Soloist, and more recently Hanna. He is currently directing Anna Karenina, which reunites him with actress Keira Knightley.

Documentary Jury

Sandra Hebron Former LFF director Sandra Hebron has worked in independent cinema since 1986, and continues to curate and review films whilst training as a psychotherapist.

Dexter Fletcher Dexter Fletcher has been a familiar face in British Cinema since first appearing as a child actor in 1976 as Baby Face in Bugsy Malone. He recently won critical acclaim with his debut feature film Wild Bill, which went on general release earlier in 2012.

Our Patrons I always film in the East End when I can. I love it. The area really hasn’t properly been explored, both visually or culturally and it needs to be represented more. Festivals like the East End Film Festival make people more aware of the area, and that’s a good thing. Danny Boyle Director: Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours



Adrian Wootton Adrian Wootton is the Chief Executive of Film London – the agency charged with developing the film and media industry in the capital – and the British Film Commission – the unit responsible for promoting the UK as the best place to produce feature films.

Kim Longinotto Internationally acclaimed director Kim Longinotto is one of the preeminent documentary filmmakers working today, renowned for creating extraordinary human portraits and tackling controversial topics with sensitivity and compassion. Highlights include Sisters in Law (2005), winner of a 2008 Peabody Award and two Cannes awards.

Cairo Cannon Cairo Cannon is an independent film producer currently developing several feature projects. She co-runs Cannon and Morley Productions (CAMP), London with writer/director Carol Morley. Camp makes shorts, documentaries and feature films that have shown in cinemas, on TV, at festivals worldwide, and in galleries.

Inigo Gilmore Inigo is an award winning journalist and filmmaker who has worked across the world, with extensive experience in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. He has covered a number of conflicts and disasters, operating in challenging circumstances, including countries where journalists are unwelcome.

Liz Harkman Liz is the Managing Director of Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival. Encounters is the UK’s longest running competitive short film and animation festival, becoming a qualifying festival for Academy Awards Short Film Category in 2010.

Sarah Chorley Sarah Chorley completed her Documentary Research MA, then worked on independent docs and for a variety of film projects, before joining Shooting People in 2011.

Sam Martin & Tony Shocash Decode Equipment Hire is a leading camera rental company in the UK; providing high-end 3D, HD camera and grip equipment. They are the sponsor of this year’s EEFF Best UK Short Film.

SHORTS Jury Thank you to all our patrons for their continued support: Steven Berkoff Tony Grisoni Asif Kapadia Michael Nyman Pawel Pawlikowski Nitin Sawhney Jason Solomons Jaime Winstone Jeremy Wooding Stephen Woolley Joe Wright

Toni Grisoni Tony Grisoni is an award winning screenwriter and film director. His credits include The Red Riding Trilogy, The Unloved, In this World and Brothers of the Head. He is also a prolific short film maker.

Branding We’re proud to unveil our brand new logo and look for East End Film Festival 2012. James Pretty lead on the EEFF’s original logo back in 2003 and now, under the guises of his new creative branding studio, STUDIOPRETTY, agreed the time had come for a re-brand. The festival had grown and needed a new identity and a fresh new logo that could be easily transferable between all the different modern modes of communication. The inspiration for the poster campaign came from a combination of a great image for our closing night film, El Ultimo Elvis, and a nod towards the plethora of activism content in this year’s line-up. www.studiopretty.com




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OPENING NIGHT ARENA: AMY WINEHOUSE — THE DAY SHE CAME TO DINGLE St. Anne’s Church Tuesday 3 July, 7.00pm £20 + pre-screening Q&A with Director Maurice Linnane, Arena’s Anthony Wall and Other Voices Philip King

Returning to the marriage of sound and image that has so successfully marked previous Opening Night Galas at the East End Film Festival, the EEFF this year opens with a tribute to a unique musical talent. Arena: Amy Winehouse (a BBC Arena/Other Voices co-production) combines never-beforeseen concert and archive footage to gives us a glimpse into the world of a true musical icon. Exposing a unique talent and exploring her deep affection for jazz, soul and gospel, this film is anchored by live concert footage from arguably one of Amy Winehouse’s most incredible performances. Recorded in December 2006 when on the brink of international fame, her stripped down renditions of You Know I’m No Good, Rehab, Love Is A Losing Game, Me and Mr. Jones, Tears Dry On Their Own and Back To Black were performed in a hauntingly atmospheric church in the small Irish fishing village of Dingle, and the EEFF can therefore think of no better venue than the beautiful, gothic Hawksmoor Church of St. Anne’s in Limehouse to present what is a moving portrait of a musical icon. Originally recorded for acclaimed Irish television programme Other Voices, this footage has been specially augmented with an extensive interview and rare archive footage of some of music’s greatest names, including the legendary Mahalia Jackson; Sarah Vaughan; Ray Charles and the Shangri-Las. Screening in St Anne’s Church, this will be the only opportunity to experience this spell-binding celebration of song on the big screen, and will be followed by a night of live performance by some very special guests, before an afterparty late into the night. We look forward to welcoming you to EEFF 2012, in cinema and song.

CLOSING NIGHT The Last Elvis (El Último Elvis) Director: Armando Bo Argentina|2012 Rich Mix Sunday 8 July, 7.00pm £15

The East End Film Festival prides itself on being a festival of fixation. Committed to cinema as an exercise in the bold, the inventive and the strange, the EEFF routinely champions voices that speak of lives lived dangerously. What’s more, as our opening night film (see opposite) attests the EEFF is a festival uniquely obsessed with the overlap between sound and image. There is therefore no more perfect a Closing Night Gala than Armando Bo’s barnstorming debut El Ultimo Elvis, a dark, tender portrait of idealistic self destruction, with killer songs.

in a truly astonishing performance – as a man who has convinced himself to believe that he is the reincarnation of Elvis Presley. Funny and tragic, we are delighted to present the film with Armando Bo in attendance. The EEFF therefore invites you to join us at the RichMix for our Closing Night Awards ceremony, where we will be presenting the Festival’s Best Feature, Best Documentary and Best UK Short Awards, followed by our screening of The Last Elvis. Afterwards we will be taking our audience to our very own Graceland, which seems only fitting: after all, nobody bows out quite like the King.

A Sundance Film Festival hit earlier this year, Bo’s film portrays a delusional blue collar Elvis tribute act – here played by real life impersonator John McInerny

Supported by

Rich Mix Cinema 35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road London E1 6LA ww.richmix.org.uk



Whatever warnings we may receive to the contrary, British filmmakers continue to make exciting work, much of which manages to escape the taste for lurid gangsterism normally associated with cinema from these Isles. Wild Bill, the directorial debut of EEFF 2012 Best Film Juror Dexter Fletcher, nobly attests to the way in which British filmmakers are using the UK’s unique cultural relationship with urban, working class life as springboards for startling, believable stories.

role in independent cinema in the UK, 3 Mills Studios return as the supporter of the EEFF’s British Strand, and as well as having provided the production base for EEFF Patron Danny Boyle’s upcoming Trance, is also the home for Twenty8k – starring Bend It Like Beckham’s Parminder Nagra. The latter is one highlight in a series of British films with a particular ‘London’ slant, also including Ray Winstone’s tribute to the ingenuity of East End chancers, The Hot Potato.

The reference to Wild Bill is apt, because that film utilised 3 Mills Studios, London’s largest studio for feature film. Playing a crucial

Comprised of 21 features, much of the EEFF’s British Strand feels particularly relevant in a year of change and development for

East London. Swandown, Andrew Kotting’s travelogue of he and Iain Sinclair’s journey from Hastings to the Olympic site on a swan shaped pedalo, is an examination of the relevance of Englishness for 2012, while the focus of the moving Jaywick Escapes is somewhere left behind by holidaying East Londoners. Bob and Roberta Smith portrait Make Your Own Damn Art, meanwhile, offers a revered artist preaching creativity as a vital part of democracy, a fitting testament to the vibrancy and creativity of the EEFF’s home city.

UK |2011| 60 min UK Premiere St Anne’s Church Limehouse Tuesday 3 July, 7.00pm

Arena: Amy Winehouse

Director: Maurice Linnane Centring on the late singer’s admiration for her soul/jazz predecessors – not least Mahalia Jackson, Sarah Vaughan and Ray Charles – Amy Winehouse features rarely-seen concert and archive footage of a musical icon, and offers a timely reminder of an often forgotten side of an immense talent, and her place in music history. Followed by Q&A

UK |2011| 58 min World Premiere Stratford PictureHouse Sunday 8 July, 1.30pm Olympic Day: 3 films for £10

Builders and the Games

Director: Margaret Dickinson Builders and The Games explores the ramifications of the Olympic development from the perspective those on the ground, offering a firsthand account of both the problems and the triumphs of the changes taking place in East London around the Olympics. Followed by Q&A

+ Pudding Mill Lane

UK | Ausra Linkeviciute | 10 min

UK |2012| 48 min London Premiere Genesis Thursday 5 July, 8.15pm

Jaywick Escapes

Directors: Karen Guthrie, Nina Pope Once the favourite holiday destination for London’s Eastenders, Jaywick in Essex is now the third poorest place in the UK. Following a handful

of the town’s inhabitants over the course of a year, Jaywick Escapes is a touching, empathetic exploration of the causes and effects of lives lived under the circumstances of poverty and social exclusion. Followed by directors Q&A

+ LINES IN THE SAND UK | Martina Sicock & Michael Gilroy | 15 min

UK |2011| 46 min World Premiere Genesis Sunday 8 July, 3.45pm

Cyprus/UK|2011| 102 mins UK Premiere Genesis Thursday 5 July, 7.30pm

Dave Pearson: To Byzantium

Fish n’ Chips

Director: Derek Smith Dave Pearson, an artist born in Hackney who lived a far more low key life than his talent would dictate, left behind over 20,000 pieces of neglected art to be uncovered by his friends and family following his death in 2008. To Byzantium documents the epic task to rescue the Pearson’s work, as well as the achievements and obsessions of an extraordinary artist, now rightly being rediscovered by the UK arts community.

UK |2012| 75 mins World Premiere Rich Mix Saturday 7 July, 9.30pm

Make Your Own Damn Art: The WoRld of Bob and Roberta Smith Director: John Rogers Bob & Roberta Smith, in reality one person called Patrick Brill, is an artist

UK|2012| 97 min World Premiere Genesis Saturday 7 July, 9.00pm

Director: Elias Demetriou Andy, a hard working Cypriot immigrant living in London, has deepfried his way into oblivion as a chip shop employee over the years. Deciding to leave London for his native Cyprus to open his own chip shop, his dream turns into a nightmare as he comes to realise that Cyprus, for all his efforts, just isn’t London. A hilarious comedy of manners, identity, and battered cod. Followed by Q&A

renowned for his humorous, polemical work. Occupying a unique position as both revered figure and an outsider who works out of a garden shed in Leytonstone, he is committed to art as a vital part of the democratic process. Following its subject over three years, this is a unique insight into both a man and the power of art in society. Followed by Q&A with John Rogers and Bob & Roberta Smith

East End Babylon

Director: Richard England Retracing the story of East London’s cultural heritage through the rise of street-punk band The Cockney Rejects, and made by the same team behind Oil City Confidential, East End Babylon is an essential document of a portrait of Rock n’ Roll turbulence, West Ham fanaticism, and the history of East London in a period of creativity and social upheaval. Followed by Q&A


Greece, Qatar, France|2012| 83 min UK Premiere Rio Sunday 8 July, 1.30pm

UK |2012| 89 min World Premiere Genesis Saturday 7 July, 7.00pm

Mustafa’s Sweet Dreams

Nice Guy

Director: Angelos Abazoglou Mustafa, a 16-year-old boy who works as a pastry shop apprentice in Gaziantep, the “Capital of Baklava” in Eastern Turkey, dreams of becoming a famous pastry chef in Istanbul. The journey he goes through leads him to more than just bright lights in this charming ode to a grand tradition.

Director: Pascal Bergamin An unemployed stay at home dad begins venturing out at night, and soon becomes implicated in the web of a group of vicious criminals. A startling account of the dangers of suburban inertia, and the London underworld, as one man’s moral compass spins out of control. Followed by Q&A

UK |2012| 75 min Stratford Picturehouse Saturday 7 July, 1.30pm Olympic Day: 3 films for £10

Personal Best

Director: Sam Blair A hypnotic study of the art of sprinting, this startling documentary, made in partnership with Adidas, reveals the hopes and struggles of London’s grassroots athletes preparing for the Team GB tryouts taking place shortly prior to the East End Film Festival. Come to Stratford for a special tribute to their efforts in the wake of the results. Followed by Q&A

UK |2012| 63 min World Premiere Rio Thursday 5 July 6.30pm

UK |2012| 80 min Stratford Picturehouse Saturday 7 July 6.00pm Olympic Day: 3 films for £10


Ping Pong

Director: Hugh Hartford Pensioners from across the planet compete in the World over 80s Table Tennis Championships in Inner Mongolia. Eight players with 703 years between them guide us through the extraordinary world of Veteran sports, as the competition is interwoven with intimate and candid portraits of home lives. An exploration of the hope, regret and immediacy of growing old. Followed by Q&A

UK|2011|45 min World Premiere Genesis Thursday 5 July, 6.30pm

UK |2012| 84 min Rich Mix Saturday 7 July 1.15pm

From Cable Street to Brick lane

Director: Hazuan Hashim, Phil Maxwell From Cable Street to Brick Lane is an independent, feature length documentary dealing with the fight against racism and fascism in the East End of London. The film explores how different communities came together in the 1930s, 1970s and 1990s to challenge racism and intolerance. Followed by Q&A

Riot From Wrong

Director: Ted Nygh A noble attempt to provide a voice to the voiceless, Riot From Wrong examines the underlying reasons behind the social unrest that swept through the UK in August 2011, and features interviews with those involved in and affected by the trouble, as well as politicians, journalists, and those close to Mark Duggan. Followed by Q&A with director and young people from Fully Focused Productions

Strawberry Fields

Director: Frances Lea A twisted tale of sibling rivalry, sexual awakening and mind games set over a hot English summer. Gillian attempts to run away from her strange and oppressive sister Emily, and unexpectedly finds Kev, who suddenly makes anything seem possible. A bewitching debut from director Frances Lea. Followed by Q&A

UK |2012| 93 min London Premiere Rio Saturday 7 July, 3.30pm


Director: Andrew Kötting A travelogue and odyssey of Olympian ambition, filmmaker and artist Andrew Kötting’s poetic film-diary

about encounter, myth and culture is also an endurance test for both he and historian Iain Sinclair, as they pedal a swan-shaped pedalo from the seaside in Hastings to Hackney via the English inland waterways, and are joined on the way by the likes of Stewart Lee and Alan Moore. Followed by Q&A

UK |2011| 87 min World Premiere Genesis Wednesday 4 July 7.00pm

UK |2011| 72 min World Premiere Stratford Picturehouse Sunday 8 July 6.00pm Olympic Day: 3 films for £10

UK |2012| 78 min World Premiere Genesis Friday 6 July, 6.30pm

The Tempest

Director: Rob Curry, Anthony Fletcher A group of teenagers meet twice a week to rehearse a performance of Shakespeare’s final play in Oval, South London. Blending drama and documentary, The Tempest follows them as they use the play to create a portrait of what it means to be British, a process altered by the arrival of the London riots. Followed by Q&A

The Hot Potato

Director: Tim Lewiston Two East End chancers ‘find’ a lump of Uranium and crisscross through Europe to find a buyer, accompanied by a love interest and encountering a diverse cast of bizarre characters who are all out to steal the ‘Hot Potato’. Set in 1969 an based on true events, Hot Potato is a ripping yarn in the classic Ealing mould. Followed by Q&A

The Olympic Side of London

Director: Daniele Rugo Surveying the cultural landscape of the Olympic development, historian Iain Sinclair narrates an examination of the transformation of Stratford from working class community to vibrant cultural hotspot, utilising the voices of East London’s people to ask whether there is life after the Olympics. Followed by Q&A

UK |2012| 81 min World Premiere Genesis Friday 6 July, 8.30pm

The Pharmacist

Director: Patrick von Boetticher A pharmacist working on the outskirts of London responds to a routine of monotonous work by befriending an injured man hiding out in an empty shop next door to her workplace, a decision that eventually puts her in danger, with tragic consequences that make returning to her old life impossible. Followed by Q&A

UK |2012| 105 min World Premiere Genesis Thursday 5 July 7.00pm


Director: David Kew, Neil Thompson When a teenage boy is accused of a fatal nightclub shooting, his sister (Parminder Nagra, Bend It Like Beckham, ER) attempts to clear his name. Soon caught up in a hidden world of corruption, media manipulation and a terrifying gang; the Twenty8k. An atmospheric Londonset thriller with a powerful lead performance. Followed by Q&A


n a e p o r Eu There are many who cultivate a view of European cinema as a bastion of polite, airy sophistication. The East End Film Festival though, knows different, and EEFF 2012’s European selection is therefore stacked with the brave, the provocative, the inspirational and the outright weird. A selection of 19 feature films includes additions to festival themes, taking in the borders, confused identities and revolutionary energy of Tony Gatliff’s Indignados; a series of films speaking of activism as far afield as Eastern Europe and Japan; the liberating power of music in Luke Haines portrait Art Will Save The World; and artist’s cinema in Polish painter Wilhelm Sasnal’s It Looks Pretty For A Distance.

Meanwhile the EEFF reaffirms its commitment to discordant youth with a riotous, touching crowd pleasers, such as punk era coming of age comedy Sons of Norway, which features a cameo from Johnny Rotten; the burgeoning sexuality and social shame of teenage girl in Turn Me On, Goddammit!; tearaway immigrant youth in Snackbar; and the rowdy French girls of Chicks.

Finally two bizarre, unique films arrive to change your outlook on the world. Carre Blanc imagines a future dystopia of caste systems, suicide and human hamburgers in the very definition of an arresting debut; and The Legend of Kasper Hauser sees Vincent Gallo take on two roles in a Techno Western reimagining of the famous tale consisting of dance beats, UFOs and biker chic. Our selection, then, is proof that cinema can be both profound, and mind blowing.

France|2011| 77 min UK Premiere Rio Friday 6 July 11.30pm

Carré blanc

Belgium|2011| 115 min London Premiere Rich Mix Saturday 7 July 7.30pm Aubin Cinema Sunday 8 July 3.00pm

Come as you are (Hasta la vista)


Director: Jean-Baptiste Léonetti A gravely stylish vision of a dystopian future, Jean-Baptiste Leonetti’s debut feature internalises the seemingly disparate influences of Luc Besson, Jean Luc Godard and Park Chan-wook to fashion a French society run by a mysterious, arbitrary caste system. Protagonist Philippe negotiates the “game” inside an urban machine that turns its victims into hamburgers, and is ultimately forced to choose between his meteoric rise and his marriage.

Director: Geoffrey Enthoven Sight impaired Jozed, paraplegic Philip, and wheelchair-bound Lars convince their parents to let them embark on a ‘wine tour’ to southern Spain that is in fact a cover for visiting a brothel. An offbeat road trip in search of wine, adventure and women that makes for a relentlessly charming, heartfelt crowdpleaser. Followed by Q&A with director and story inspiration, Asta Philpot

Ireland|2011| 70 min World Premiere Rich Mix Friday 6 July, 7.00pm

Art Will Save the World

Director: Niall McCann Luke Haines is regularly decribed as one of the greatest English contempory songwriters, who launched Britpop and jumped ship as soon as it set sail. His wry commentaries respect

few boundaries and his musical arrangements are uniquely suited to both the worlds of music and film. Art Will Save The World explores the work, legacy, struggles, battles and future of this perennial outsider of Britpop and the British music scene. Followed by Q&A with director and Luke Haines, followed by live performance by Haines at RichMix (See page 25)

France|2009| 92 min UK Premiere Stratford Picturehouse Friday 6 July, 8.30pm

Iceland|2011| 80 min London Premiere Rich Mix Sunday 8 July, 3.30pm

ChickS: Life at the Ranch (CHICKS: LA VIE AU RANCH)

Either WaY (Á annan veg)

Director: Sophie Letourneur The communal life of a group of Parisian girls revolving around an apartment affectionately known as ‘the Ranch’, is the stage for Sophie Letourneur’s debut feature, which tells of a life of talking, smoking, drinking and partying. Bold, natural and utterly believable, Chicks underlines how poorly served cinema often is for female characterisation.

In presentation with

Director: Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson Exhibiting the droll humour of the best Scandinavian cinema, Hafsteinn Gunnar Sigurðsson’s low budget debut is a 1980s set comedy following Afred and Finnbog, two road workers spending the summer painting the roads of remotest northern Iceland. Set to the backdrop of Iceland’s spectacular scenery, Either Way is a hilariously tart take on male bonding.

Germany|2012|100 min UK Premiere Genesis Sunday 8 July, 1.00pm


Directors: Tamar Yigit, Branka Karaman is the story of one family and two battle fronts. Zhera, the daughter of a military widower has returned from Istanbul to visit her father and brother. The film portrays the contention that can exist in families as they struggle to understand her decision to become a practising Muslim and her desire to continue studying in Europe.

France|2012|88 min UK Premiere Rio Sunday 8 July, 8.30pm


Director: Tony Gatlif Inspired by Stephane Hessel’s bestseller ‘Time for Outrage’, veteran director Tony Gatlif’s powerful take on current global events shows us a world in flux through the eyes of a female illegal

Poland|2011|77 min UK Premiere Genesis Friday 6 July, 8.40pm Egypt/Denmark |2011|72 min London Premiere Barbican Wednesday 4 July, 8.00pm

1/2 Revolution

on the streets and alleyways of Cairo as two filmmakers head out onto the streets to find out what is really going on, and promptly end up coming into direct contact with Mubarak’s forces. Followed by director Q&A

Directors: Omar Shargawi, Karim El Hakim The finest portrayal to date of the reality of the Egyptian Revolution of January 2011, this first person documentary chronicles events as they unravelled

immigrant, taking us to the heart of the Occupy movement, the poverty of displaced people, and the dissatisfaction of a younger generation in revolt.

+ THIS IS NOT MY HOME UK | 2012 | 11 min A man looks back on the most significant events of his existence, bringing to light his past and stolen dreams.

In presentation with

IT LOOKS PRETTY FROM A DISTANCE (Z daleka widok jest piekny) Directors: Anka Sasnall, Wilhelm Sasnal Unfolding in a secluded village, the debut of world-renowned Polish painter Wilhelm Sanal centres on the relationship between a scrapper and a young woman. Monotony gives way to creeping unease and finally chaos after a mysterious disappearance, in a deeply unsettling vision depicting the hardship of modern rural Poland.

Turkey|2012|92 min UK Premiere Rio Friday 6 July, 6.00pm

Poland |2011|84 min UK Premiere Stratford Picturehouse Thursday 5 July, 8.30pm

Night of Silence (Lal Gece)

Simple Desires (Proste Pragnienia)

Director: Reis Çelik The winner of the Crystal Bear at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, Reis Celik’s brilliant drama is quite literally a chamber piece, confined totally to the bridal chamber on the night of an arranged marriage between a 14-yearold bride and a man recently released from prison after serving a sentence for two honour killings, setting the stage for a surprising struggle for power. Followed by Q&A Germany/Japan|2012|73 min UK Premiere Genesis Saturday 7 July 5.30pm Activism Day: 3 Films for £10

Director: Mara Stacharski An emotionally charged tale of a family fracturing under the strain of life’s disappointments. An artistic woman, her husband’s criminal response to the demands of being a breadwinner, and a son led wayward by teenage lust. Blind pursuit, communication breakdown and familial alienation, set to the backdrop of an unknown Polish city.


Directors: Julia Leser, Clarissa Seidel Since the catastrophe of March 2011, protest has been fermenting in Japan over the county’s reliance on nuclear energy. In the first street demonstrations since the 1970s, 10,000 protesters descended on Koenji, Tokyo, an occurrence that promises to be the first of many. Radioactivists is a potent exploration of Japan’s rocketing protest culture, and the cues it is taking from Occupy and the Arab Spring.


Lithuania |2011|90 min UK Premiere Stratford Picturehouse Wednesday 4 July, 8.30pm

Netherlands|2012|83 min UK Premiere Rio Wednesday 4 July, 6.15pm

ANARCHY Girls (Anarchija Zirmunuos)


Director: Saulius Drunga A young girl from provincial Lithuania meets the big city in Anarchy Girls, Saulius Drunga’s punky debut. Detailing a young girl’s submersion into a life of rebellious youth and a relationship with her tomboyish, landlady, Anarchy Girls caused a storm of controversy upon its release in Eastern Europe as the first Lithuanian film to portray a lesbian relationship.

Director: Meral Uslu Another debut speaking of discordant youth, former documentary filmmaker Meral Uslu’s film centre’s on a group of Moroccan toughs who take refuge at the snackbar owned by Turkish immigrant Ali. Uslu’s film is touching and naturalistic, as well as an evocation of the ways reckless youth can be both criminal and innocent. Followed by Q&A

Romania|2011|145 min UK Premiere Rich Mix Saturday 7 July 6.15pm

Austria, Bulgaria| 2012|102 min UK Premiere Rich Mix Saturday 7 July 5.30pm

Norway|2011|87 min UK Premiere Rich Mix Friday 6 July 7.00pm


Sons of Norway (Sønner av Norge)

Director: Jens Lien A film about rebellion, punk rock, suburban hell and the struggle of a boy to come to terms with his mother’s death during the outbreak of the punk rock craze of the late ‘70s, Jens Lien’s funny, touching crowdpleaser is at heart the story of an unusual father-son relationship, with a smattering of anarchy, great songs and an appearance by Johnny Rotten himself. Followed by Q&A with lead actor Åsmund Høeg


Director: Silviu Purcarete Sent to work in a small town that can’t be located on the map, a doctor encounters a world in which all the patients are healthy and the local population live in a constant state of drunkenness, feasting and orgy. Laden with stunning visuals and dark humour, the debut of revered theatre director Silviu Purcarete is a magicalrealist wonder comparable to The Hourglass Sanatorium and Gabriel Garcia-Marquez, while still completely in a world of its own. Followed by Q&A

Spain (Spanien)

Director: Anja Salomonowitz A striking meditation on themes of displacement, intimacy and obsession, Anja Salomonowitz’s debut feature uses it’s strange, contextless setting of an unnamed Austrian city and its surrounding countryside to tell four interweaving stories: of a stranger; a gambling addict; a troubled immigration official; and his abused ex-wife, all of whom are on a quest for meaning. Followed by Q&A

Italy|2012|90 min UK Premiere Hackney Picturehouse Friday 6 July, 9.00pm

The Legend of Kasper Hauser (La Leggende di Kasper Hauser)

Director: Davide Manuli Kasper Hauser, a nineteenth century man who seemingly appeared from nowhere claiming to have had no

previous contact with society, is reimagined as an androgynous woman washing up on a Mediterranean island, and starting a war between the Sheriff and the Pusher, both played by Vincent Gallo. A tale of faith, suspicion and flying saucers set to the thudding beats of techno behemoth Vitalic, Kasper Hauser is the sort of astonishing experience modern cinema rarely manages, a Techno Western in a world of its own.

Estonia|2012|90 min UK Premiere Genesis, Saturday 7 July, 2.00pm Activism Day: 3 Films for £10

Norway|2011|76 min London Premiere Rich Mix Sunday 8 July, 5.00pm

THE NEW WORLD (Uus Maailm)

Turn me on Goddamit (Få meg på, for faen)

Director: Jaan Tootsen Dismissed as hippies by many Estonians, the New World Society are a radical experiment in communal living. Beginning as an effort to create a local car free zone, Jaan Tootsen’s award-winning film follows the New World’s battles with city officials and angry neighbours over four year, in the process offering a take on the limits of both idealism and social change.

Director: Jannicke Systad Jacobsen A prize winner at the Tribeca Film Festival last year, Turn Me On Goddamit! follows 15-year-old Alma’s stultifying life in Skoddeheimen, Norway, and the hormones and sexual fantasies that play havoc with her social life. A witty, Submarineesque take on female growing pains. Followed by Q&A with lead actress Helene Bergsholm

Spain|2012|97 min UK Premiere Rich Mix Sunday 8 July 2.00pm

d l r o W Disparate voices and communities litter what is a mammoth selection of 30 titles from countries outside the UK and Europe, a journey that takes in Japan, the Middle East, Sub-Saharan Africa and the American West, all with a commitment to the bold artistic vision characteristic of the EEFF.

Each year the East End Film Festival programmes a focus on the cinema of a particular country, a choice based upon the winner of the previous year’s EEFF Best Film Award. In 2011 Vikramaditye Motwane was presented the festival’s top award for Udaan, and EEFF 2012 is now delighted to present a focus on the Indian subcontinent, which includes a selection of Indian and Bangladeshi debut features and a Canada, France|2012|72 min London Premiere Rich Mix Sunday 8 July, 5.30pm



Director: Pedro Pérez Rosado Born into a Sahrawi refugee camp before being sent to live with foster parents in Spain, Fatimetu returns to her Saharan birthplace following the death of her mother and, despite having been absent for sixteen years, finds herself expected to resume family duties. Portraying the existence of a Moorish ethnic group in Algeria who are still waiting for status under international law, Wilaya is Pedro Pérez Rosado’s poetic evocation of being caught between two worlds. Followed by Q&A

panel event exploring one of world cinema’s most potent movements, with Motwane in attendance as the EEFF’s Director in Residence.

Other titles, such as the heartbreaking Call Me Kuchu and the powerful How To Survive A Plague, chime with festival themes of activism and gay pride. Russian epic Chapiteau Show weaves dancing bears, Marilyn Monroe, Cowboys & Indians, and rockabilly performance into four stories swirling around a strange nightclub by the Black Sea; and we excitedly welcome the edgiest Japanese cinema with Amir Naderi’s violent cinephilia tribute Cut and the legendary Shinya Tsukamoto, who will attend the festival to present restorations of his classic Tetsuo films, his latest cinematic descent Kotoko; and take part in a boutique masterclass.

USA|2012|91 min Barbican Sunday 8 July 4.00pm

In presentation with

Ai weiwei: Never Sorry

Director: Alison Klayman Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry is the inside story of a dissident for the digital age who inspires global audiences and blurs the boundaries of art and politics. Director Alison Klayman received unprecedented access to Ai while working as a journalist in China, and her film is a detailed, and nuanced exploration both contemporary China and one of its most compelling public figures.

mesmerising meditation on the cycles of life and nature as told through the interaction between humans and animals including giraffes, elephants, goats, chimpanzees and bears. A film in which to lose yourself.

Director: Denis Côté Nominally a portrait of the lives of the animals of Montreal’s Parc Safari, Denis Côté’s exquisite film is in fact 2012’s equivalent of La Quatre Volte, a


India|2011|74 min UK Premiere Rich Mix Thursday 5 July, 6.30pm

Russia|2012|207 min London Premiere Aubin Cinema Saturday 7 July, 12.00pm

Bijuka (Scarecrow)

Director: Ashtar Sayed A film that’s caused a huge controversy, Bijuka (Scarecrow) dramatises the true story of a young woman’s struggle to escape from an abusive marriage, and the rape and persecution she suffers at the hands of the authorities. Followed by Q&A

+ A Different Face

UK | Victoria Musguin | 16 min

Japan, France, USA, South Korea, Turkey|2011|133 min UK Premiere Rich Mix, Thursday 5 July, 6.00pm


Director: Amir Naderi A Japanese punk masterpiece made by an Iranian director in-exile, Cut has obsessive filmmaker Shuji running through the streets with a megaphone bemoaning the death of cinema and

India|2011|100 min Rich Mix Wednesday 4 July 8.00pm

In presentation with


USA/Uganda |2011| 90 min London Premiere Hackney Picturehouse Thursday 5 July, 9pm

Call me Kuchu

Directors: Katherine Fairfax Wright, Malika Zouhali-Worrall Following the last year of his life before his brutal murder, Call Me Kuchu encapsulates the struggle of David Kato, Uganda’s first openly

hosting clandestine rooftop film screenings until, finding himself in debt to the yakuza, he decides to turn himself into a human punching bag for the mob. Putting himself at the centre of an underground betting ring, and using his hatred for commercial cinema as a means to brace himself for brutal pummelling, he has days to earn back his debt in this excessive, moving and frequently ridiculous ode to cinephilia.

Dekh Indian Circus

Director: Mangesh Hadawale A funny, deeply moving account of how far a poor mother in rural India will go to take her daydreaming children to the circus, Dekh Indian Circus (Watch Indian Circus) is a prime example of India’s current wave of stylistically bold, emotive indie cinema. A subtle social critique; a comedy of errors; a tribute to familial love; and a treat for the eyes and the heart. Followed by Q&A, and preceded by a panel discussion on the Indian New Wave (see page 24)

gay man, and his struggle for the rights of Uganda’s LGBT community. Winner of the Teddy Award at this year’s Berlin Film Festival, this is an emotionally devastating portrait of bravery in the face of persecution. Followed by discussion with directors and David Kato Vision & Voice Award recipient Maurice Tomlinson


USA|2012|120 min London Premiere Hackney Picturehouse Sunday 8 July, 4.00pm

How to Survive a Plague

Director: David France Chronicling the emergence of the ACT UP and TAG coalitions and their struggle to turn AIDS from ‘a death sentence into a manageable condition’

Chapiteau Show

Director: Sergei Loban A film experience like no other, this four hour Russian epic tells four loosely connected stories of eccentric outsiders that all intersect, Tarantino-style, at the centre of a fire in a strange nightclub by the Black Sea. Interspersed with off kilter fantasy sequences that include Cowboys, Indians, and Marilyn Monroe dancing with a bear dressed as an astronaut, this hilarious, bewitching film is quite simply a one off.

in the early 1980s, award winning journalist David France’s debut is not just a moving chronicle of a significant period of activism, but a tale of people taking on the system, and winning. Followed by Q&A and discussion with director David France, Sir Nick Partridge, Chief Executive of THT, Matthew Hodson, Head of Programmes for gay men’s health charity GMFA, and Gus Cairns, journalist and former editor of Positive Nation

USA|2012|96 min UK Premiere Hackney Picturehouse Friday 6 July 6.30pm

Electrick Children

Director: Rebecca Thomas A young Mormon girl living in a fundamentalist community in Utah comes to believe that she has been the subject of an immaculate conception after listening to an illicit tape recording, and leaves for Las Vegas to find its source. A tale of faith, youthful misadventure and the underground music scene, Electrick Children veers clear of indie clichés, fashioning a strange, moving original with brilliant performances from newcomer Julia Garner and Rory Culkin.

In presentation with

USA|2012|95 min European Premiere Rich Mix, Friday 6 July, 5.00pm


Director: Geoff Ryan A young Marine veteran faces a battle to find purpose when he reenters civilian life. Struggling through a shattered economy whilst burdened with the physical and emotional scars of war, this is a testing account of a man left behind.

India|2011|180 min London Premiere Rich Mix, Saturday 7 July, 2.00pm

Brazil |2011|77 min UK Premiere Amnesty, Wednesday 4 July, 7.00pm

Japan|2011|91 min London Premiere Rich Mix, Thursday 5 July, 8.30pm

Jai Bhim Comrade

Look at me again (Ohle Pra Mim de Novo)


Director: Anand Patwardhan Shot over 14 years, veteran director Anand Patwardhan explores the plight of the Dalits, an oppressed caste in India more commonly known in the west as ‘Untouchables’. Exploring 2000 years of oppression through the creative resistance that has sprung up against it and the 1997 protest suicide of leading activist, poet and singer Vilas Ghogre, this is a monumental achievement for both documentary and Indian cinema.

Directors: Claudia Priscilla, Kiko Goifman A fascinating account of the role of gender and heritage in determining identity, Look At Me Again follows Silvyo, a transgender person born as a woman, as he travels back into his religious-fundamentalist past in North Eastern Brazil on a personal journey to reconnect with his estranged daughter.

+ Rites of Passage

Director: Shin’ya Tsukamoto A single mother, played by Japanese singer Cocco, suffers from double vision that speaks of wider instability, and as she slowly loses grip on reality, struggles to protect both her child and herself. Or perhaps they really are out to get her. Legendary provocateur Shin’ya Tsukamoto (Tetsuo: The Iron Man, see page 20) returns to his best with another tale of dizzying psychological descent. Followed by Q&A

USA | Jeff Roy | 21 min

Mexico |2011|82 min UK Premiere Genesis, Wednesday 4 July, 9.15pm

Canada|2011|91 min UK Premiere Rich Mix Friday 6 July, 9.15pm

Machete Language (El Lenguaje de los Machetes)

Director: Kyzza Terrazas A couple opposed to the injustice of modern Mexico through music and activism commit to an act of ‘poetic terrorism’. A potent punk statement on underground culture and the extent to which middle class kids can really reject their roots.

+ The Flower Seller Palestinian Territories | Ihab Jadallah | 18 min

NighT 1 (Nuit 1) Chile/Argentina| 2011|110 min UK Premiere Hackney Picturehouse Sunday 8 July 2.00pm

My Last Round (Mi Último Round)

Director: Julio Jorquera A young man becomes captivated with a middleaged local boxing champion, whose masculine façade masks a mutual attraction. Julio Jorquera’s touching debut is a challenge to perceptions of masculinity and sexuality in competitive sport, making it the perfect LGBT movie for 2012.

Director: Anne Émond In a messy Canadian apartment, a man and a woman embark on what they think will be a one night stand, and end up confessing harsh realities about themselves in the aftermath. Anne Émond’s taught debut feature wrings maximum effect from its single setting, making for a smart, sexy and tense indie, and an excellent alternative date night film.


Double Bill

USA|2012|90 min World Premiere Genesis, Saturday 7 July, 3.45pm Activism Day: 3 Films for £10

Occupy Central Park

Director: Philip Gara Occupy Central Park follows 19 year old Itamar Lilienthal’s adventures as he tries to organize a large concert and cultural exhibition in Central Park from within the Occupy Wall Street movement. The story of the greatest concert that never happened, Occupy Central Park captures the sights and sounds, and highs and lows, of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Egypt|2011|70 min European Premiere

Spain|2012|52 min UK Premiere Genesis Sunday 8 July, 2.00pm

Canada |2012|94 min UK Premiere Genesis Sunday 8 July, 2.00pm

On the Road to Downtown (Fi Al Tarik Le... Wust El Balad?)

Another Night on Earth (Otre Noche en la Tierra)

Reed: The Life and Works of Roy Kiyooka

Director: Sherif Elbendary The life of Downtown Cairo is elegantly captured in Sherif Elbendary’s study of the characters of a downtown neighbourhood, with the feel and spirit of a place going through dramatic changes and worlds reflected by its contradicting worlds and voices, and constant debate between its residents.

Director: David Muñoz Cairo, a country in the midst of revolution, has the worst traffic in the world. In endless traffic jams, passengers and taxi drivers talk and debate about their present and future, and we discover the outlooks and problems influencing a people in the midst of dramatic social change.

Director: Fumiko Kiyooka Reed is the fascinating story of Japanese Canadian artist Roy Kiyooka, who was the grandson of a renowned Samurai, and who in the 1960’s was a seminal force in the New York School of Painting, winning critical acclaim until he abandoned painting at the peak of his career to become a poet in the tradition of the wandering monk Basho to work with photography and music.

Bangladesh|2010|90 min Rich Mix Sunday 8 July, 1.30pm Japan|1989|67 min Japan|1992|83 min London Premiere Hackney Picturehouse Wednesday 4 July 6.00pm & 7.30pm

Tetsuo: The Iron Man

Director: Shin’ya Tsukamoto A strange man known only as the ‘metal fetishist’ is hit and seemingly killed by a Japanese ‘salaryman’, who then begins to be slowly overtaken by a strange disease that transforms his body into scrap metal, a process guided by his own rage and frustration. Shin’ya Tsuakamoto’s cyberpunk classic is presented here in a brand new restoration, introduced by Tsukamoto himself.

Sweden, Norway|2011|52 min Genesis Saturday 7 July, 1.00pm

The Guerilla Son

Director: David Herdes, Zanyar Adami Twenty-three years after he left Kurdistan at the age of five, Zanyar sits in his suburban Stockholm kitchen


Tetsuo: The Body Hammer

Director: Shin’ya Tsukamoto Tsukamoto’s sequel to Tetsuo sees his Iron Man transforming into a cyberkinetic gun after a gang of vicious skinheads kidnap his son. Eventually captured himself, they begin experimenting on him only to speed up the mutative process. As powerful, twisted and singular as the first instalment, ‘Tetsuo: The Body Hammer’ is again introduced in a brand new restoration, with Tsukamoto in attendance, in an unmissable double bill. Followed by Q&A

questioning his father, Taher, about why he was sent to Sweden on his own as a child at a time of war. On the edge of fatherhood himself, Zanyar and Taher’s conversations become increasingly emotional in this intense account of the Kurdish diaspora.


USA | Alexis McCrimmon | 13 min


In presentation with

Director: Tareque Masud A tale of a teenager who lives with his family under the shadow of the runway of Dhaka International Airport, who in his frustration and struggle for purpose falls in with a group of violent extremists. Runway is the final, touching and humane film from revered director Tareque Masud, who tragically died in a car accident last year.

Israel|2011|98 or 84 min London Premiere Rich Mix Wednesday 4 July. 8.15pm

The Law in These Parts

Director: Ra’anan Alexandrowicz An unflinching interrogation of the architects of the legal system used by the Israeli state to govern the Occupied Territories, Ra’anan Alexandrowicz’s Sundance Jury Prize winner is a coldly brilliant account of how a system originally designed to be temporary has persisted as a means of government for a whole population. A film that completely reinvigorates the cinematic debate around Palestinian rights and Israeli foreign policy.

Double Bill

Argentina|2012|90 min UK Premiere Rich Mix Sunday 8 July, 7.00pm

Dubai/UK/Bangladesh|2011|51 & 46 min UK Premiere Genesis Saturday 7 July, 7.00pm

The Last Elvis (El Último Elvis)

The Machinists & Voices from the camps

Director: Armando Bo Armando Bo’s phenomenal debut tells of a divorced singer (real life Elvis impersonator John McInerney) who lives as if he were the reincarnation of The King. Forced to care for his daughter, a bond develops, but the dream of being Elvis remains all too powerful in this tale of obsession, delusion and brilliant musical performance. Followed by Q&A

Director: Hannan Majid & Richard York The Machinists tells the personal stories of three garment workers and the boss of a fledgling trade union in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The filmmakers had unprecedented access to the garment factories and the lives of ordinary garment workers, and what emerges is an affecting portrayal of the human cost of Western high street fashion.

India |2012|52 min UK Premiere Genesis Sunday 8 July, 4.15pm

Chile|2011|95 min UK Premiere Rich Mix Wednesday 4 July, 6.30pm

The Rat Race


Director: Miriam Chandy Menacherry A tale of one teeming metropolis on top of another, The Rat Race portrays the workforce sent out at night rid the city of vermin. Touching on the hopes and dreams, many dreamed of bigger things. Miriam Chandy Menacherry’s film brings the subterranean life of India’s commercial capital alive, offering a human face of development.

+ The Guest

Director: José Luis Torres Leiva On a hot summer day in the south of Chile, small events shape the lives of visitors and employees at an old thermal resort. A beautiful, meandering drama of everyday moments, interaction with nature and romance as a day slowly unravels into fragments of happiness and discovery.

Voices from the Camps: A lyrical and poignant exploration of the plight faced by thousands of ethnic Biharis (stranded Pakistanis) forced to live in refugee camps in Bangladesh, Voices from the Camps is a moving account of the plight of a people that has lasted for forty years, and speaks

movingly to a generation of Biharis who count themselves as Bangladeshis and are longing to find the voice.

USA|2012|93 min London Premiere Rich Mix Thursday 5 July, 8.30pm

the digital age, We are Legion is a narrative of transnational reach, offering an insight into revolutionary action and beliefs unrestricted by borders, and a perspective on the new frontier of the culture war that could hardly be more prescient.

We are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists

Director: Brian Knappenberger An inside perspective on ‘Anonymous’, the radical ‘Hacktivist’ movement redefining civil disobedience in

+ Talking Heads (Muslim Women)

UK | Fathima Nizaruddin | 27 min

+ Bradley Manning Had Secrets UK | Adam Butcher | 6 min

UK, Bangladesh | Jameal Ali | 15 min 21

a grand day out

Build your own gromit Old Spitalfields Market Wednesday 4 July 6.00pm FREE

Whether reliving your school days or experiencing modelmaking for the first time come down to Old Spitalfields Market where famed veteran modelmaker Jim Parkyn from Aardaman Animations will guide you through a crash course in Gromit building.

From 5 to 95 this fun, accessible and fully inclusive workshop is open to all ages and abilities. So come down and have a play with Modelling clay!

In an Olympic year when Athletes are breaking world records ‘down the road’ in the Olympic Park , the East End Film Festival has decided to set one of it’s own. How many Gromits can we make in one day? Sign up to join in and create your very own Gromit. This is a FREE event with all materials provided.

To reserve a space at the mass animation table, go to wegottickets.com/eeff

Places are FREE however booking is essential

Mass Production VIDEO ART LOUNGE Vibe Gallery Sunday 1–8 July 12.00pm–6.00pm FREE

To mark the CINE-EAST premiere of the final 3 installments of their epic documentary project Do you love me like I love you, British artists Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard curate the Video Art Lounge. They present a collection of works that play with ideas of portraiture and documentary, including videos by Liliane Lijn, Jem Cohen and John Smith, alongside Vinyl, a documentary by Alan Zweig about what drives people to collect records. Zweig’s subjects include a car wash employee who claims to own over one million records and a man who threw out his collection rather than give it away because he didn’t want anyone else to own it. Presented in association with LUX 22

‘Do you love me like I love you’ is a series of 14 films featuring a compelling collage of famous, infamous and unknown individuals talking directly to camera about what the music of Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds means to them. The resulting 40 minute films are subjective human portraits of each of their classic albums, told through those who have lived and loved the music including the likes of Blixa Bargeld and Bobby Gillespie. The final three 40 min films will have their World Premiere at CINE-EAST as part of the EEFF fringe festival on July 1st at Vibe Live. This event is FREE and will be a highlight event, so get in the queue early as seating is on a first come first served basis.

A Symphony of Horror NOSFERATU

Germany|1922|88 min Spitalfields Market Saturday 7 July, 9.00pm FREE Director: F.W. Murnau East End Film Festival present the World Premiere of A Symphony of Horror, a unique collaboration between soundscapers Minima, Paul Ayres’ Queldryk Choral Ensemble and Hackney based spatial artist Lucy Jones to create a re-imagined film score and performance on the 90th anniversary of the classic 1922 film. Enter the fully immersive eerie and unsettling world of Nosferatu where the very walls of Spitalfields Market

will be alive with creeping shadows and silhouettes, and reverberating with the soaring tones of the Queldryk Choral Ensemble, featuring 60 choristers, accompanied by the festivals favourite soundtrackers, Minima.

Bring your own cushions and blankets or get down early to claim your seat. This will definitely be a festival highlight and one not to be missed. Film Starts at Sundown...

Nosferatu is the world’s first great horror movie and one of the pinnacles of the German silent era of filmmaking. Made by the German expressionist FW Murnau, the film has the genuine power to be creepy, odd, alluring, mythic, and beautiful by way of disturbing and enduring images. Max Shreck, in his most notorious role as the monstrous Count Orlock, is a vampire who comes out at night to tempt the living and of course, to suck their blood.

© Aardman Animations Ltd 2012


Displacement, Vault Identity and Cultural Heritage Rich Mix Sunday 8 July 2.00pm £10

In this special event at the heart of EEFF 2012’s Identity and Displacement strand, AHRC research network Media and the Inner World and The Institute of Psychoanalysis explore themes of identity culture and emotion at the heart of Pédro Perez Rolaldo’s Wilaya. Filmmaking, psychoanalysis and refugee studies will provide perspective on the emotional and cultural dilemmas touched on by Wilaya, and how they relate to experiences of cultural displacement and exile portrayed in the film. The panel will include Pédro Perez Rolaldo; Mary Bradbury (Psycohanalyst); Giorgia Doná, (Reader in Refugee Studies, UEL); and Andrea Sabadinni (Chair of the 7th European Psychoanalytic Film Festival).

East meets east

Stratford Picturehouse Saturday 7 July 4.00pm Olympic Day: 3 films for £10

Rich Mix Friday 6 July 4.00pm FREE

In 2009, the VAULT project was set up to give young people from across the 5 Olympic boroughs the opportunity to produce a series of short films exploring the Olympic Games past and present. The resulting five films take a fresh, young look at life during the1948 games, with first-hand tales from our London Olympic veterans alongside hopeful British athletes training to compete at the 2012 Olympics. Join us as we celebrate both these Games in a reception in honour of some very special 1948 and 2012 Olympic guests.

Witness the result of an exciting project in with East Meets East, which from April to June 2012 paired young East End filmmakers with award winning Romanian filmmakers, including Radu Muntean, scriptwriter Alexandru Baciu, editor Catalin Cristutiu and actress Anamaria Marinca. Developed by the Romanian Cultural Institute in partnership with Four Corners, the project ran a unique series of workshops for youngsters from the Olympic boroughs to develop their own creative ideas through film. The resulting short films – one documentary, one drama – will be premiered at EEFF 2012 at this special event, in the presence of its participants.

Tsukamoto Indian PANEL Boutique Masterclass in association with Little White Lies

Rich Mix Wednesday 4 July, 6.30pm £5 (£10 with Dekh Indian Circus) Prompted by Vikramaditye Motwane’s collection of the EEFF Best Film Award in 2011 for Udaan, EEFF 2012 is delighted to present a focus on the cinema of the Indian subcontinent. Offering a selection of debut features that begins with a panel hosted by London Indian Film Festival Director Cary Rajinder Sawhney, and both Vikramaditye and fellow filmmaker Mangesh Hadawale, whose joyous, award-winning Dekh Indian Circus will screen afterwards as the perfect example of what is one of the world most vibrant cinematic movements.


Little White Lies Thursday 5 July, 6.30pm £10 through wegottickets.com/eeff

One of Japan’s most revered alternative directors in a country that produces more than its fair share, Shinya Tsukamoto is a towering example of uncompromising artistic vision, incredible aesthetic and twisted perspectives. Most famous for his monumental Tetsuo films, Iron Man and Body Hammer, he is a director whose cyberpunk leanings have earned apt comparisons with David Cronenberg. Tsukamoto attends EEFF 2012 to present his latest film, Kotoko, as well as brand new restorations of the Tetsuo films. In this special boutique masterclass hosted in partnership with Little White Lies, he will discuss how he has managed to develop such a unique cinematic voice.

Art Will Save The World and Sons of Norway PartY

bob & roberta smith night Rich Mix Bar Saturday 7 July, 7.30pm £5 (£10 with Make Your Own Damn Art)

Rich Mix Bar Friday 6 July, 8pm? 8.00pm £5 (£10 with Art Will Save The World)

Organising prides in a hostile environment Amnesty International UK Friday 6 July, 7.00pm FREE, but advisable to book your seat through www.amnesty.org.uk/pride

London will host its biggest ever Pride Parade on 7 July 2012 when WorldPride comes to town. On the eve of this massive date in the LGBT calendar, Amnesty International UK will be screening ‘Homo@LV’, which investigates the complex history behind the organising of Pride in Riga, Latvia, followed by a panel discussion. Joining the panel will be Jamaican LGBT activist Maurice Tomlinson, Kristine Garina, Chair of Mozaika (Latvia), and Sam Dick, Head of Policy at Stonewall.

Following the World Premiere of Art Will Save The World, Niall McCann’s portrait of British musical genius Luke Haines, come and see Haines himself perform live at Rich Mix. Often cited as a founding member of Britpop, Haines is far too singular an artist to be effected with such labels, and after having found out why through a touching cinematic portrait, you can come and experience why in sound. Meanwhile, punk coming-ofage odyssey, Sons of Norway, is sure to be one of EEFF 2012’s true crowd pleasers, and to celebrate we’ll be combining Luke Haines’ performance with drinks courtesy of the Norwegian embassy, providing an after party to a pair of wonderful cinematic experiences.

Before the World Premiere of John Rogers’ film Make Your Own Damn Art, a document of the life and work of famous East London based artist Bob & Roberta Smith, come and see the musical side of the artist’s raconteur spirit as Bob introduces every member, past and present, of his groups The Apathy Band and The Ken Ardley Playboys, whose high spirits and audience interaction is the ultimate way to kick off a Saturday evening celebrating one of the UK’s true originals.

Image: © Amnesty International

Indian Music night Rich Mix Bar Wednesday 4 July, 8pm £5

As the East End Film Festival presents a special focus on new cinema from the Indian subcontinent, join us for a night of Indian music at the RichMix following our Indian film panel and screening of Dekh Indian Circus, featuring renowned artists and a line up designed as the perfect accompaniment to a night introducing you to the Indian cinema screening throughout EEFF 2012.

The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation present

Unpacking British Cinema The Brickhouse Friday 6 July, 7.00pm £10 or open to passholders VIP Tickets £20

The EEFF are delighted to take Moon as the industry programme’s Closing Night Case Study, using an in-depth session to unpack the inner workings of a major British production to explore how the individual roles of a film’s Executive Producer and VFX Supervisor and more come together to create a distinctive and successful British film. Continuing the celebration of Moon, Beattie Foundation invite you to an exciting evening of networking drinks

and performances as well as a live auction of Moon Memorabilia all in aid of The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation. www.beattiefoundation.com Fighting Corners Knowing that someone is fighting your corner is half the battle won. Your ticket price for this event is a donation to The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation. Book tickets through wegottickets.com/eeff


Crazy Little Thing Called Love (90 min) Rich Mix Friday 6 July, 9.00pm A shorts selection exploring the highs and lows of love, and how this universal emotion manifests itself to different people in different cultures. From first love to tainted love, high hopes to heartbreak, human love to… hand love. Let’s do it, let’s fall in Love. Programmed by Becky Brand Three Words (Три слова) Ukraine | Ilya Vlasov | 9 min Atlantis USA | Matthew Ornstein | 19 min Music Box UK, Turkey | Cherish Perez de Tagle | 10 min Il Luccheto (The Padlock) Itay | Ettore Nicoletti | 3 min Hand (Рука) Ukraine | Oleg Borshchevskiy | 10 min Scenes of an Adult Nature UK | Darwin Shaw & Samantha Whittaker | 10 min Rule Number Three UK | Tom Ludlam | 10 min

East Enders (106 min) Rio Saturday 7 July, 1.15pm The best new East End shorts, reflecting the powerful stories that make use of London’s most dynamic quarter, and representing the work of filmmakers based in East London taking their talent further afield. The furture is in good hands. Programmed by East End Film Festival Shorts Committee Feel UK | Ashton John | 7 min A Killey UK | Mitch Panayis | 12 min Kingsmead Eyes Speak UK | Gideon Mendel | 20 min Wild Life UK | Kevin Maynard | 6 min Gentlemen in Squalor UK | Alex Sufit | 3 min Ruby UK | Iain Mitchell |10 min Deleting Emily UK | Zak Klein | 15 min Music Box UK, Turkey | Charish Perez de Tagle | 10 min The Collector UK | Andrew John Rainnie | 18 min The Man in The Bookshop UK | Amber Dobinson | 5 min

I wasn’t expecting that!

(88 min) Rich Mix Saturday 7 July, 8.30pm

Have you ever searched for something online and got something completely unexpected? Like the randomness of an online search, this programme builds a false sense of security and then suddenly whips a rug from beneath your feet. Startling, sudden and just out right surprising, these films will keep you guessing until the last minute. Programmed by Laura Kloss

Crossroads and junctions, intersections and points of exchange: our lives are full of them, just like the roads. This selection of shorts takes us on a journey along life’s paths, both physical and metaphorical, to explore those glorious moments when two paths intersect. Enjoy the ride! Programmed by Jenna Blencowe

Cleaning Up UK | Thomas Guerrier | 14 min Injuries UK | Jean-Phillippe Blunt | 10 min Where There’s Smoke UK | Andrew Brand | 15 min Light Of Day UK | William Walsh | 7 min Pyskessa UK | Kirran Bruce, Duncan Bruce | 10 min Letter Tape Australia | Rowena Crowe | 9 min An Achilles Heel UK | Tom Kelly | 7 min Fred and Ginger UK | Andrew Burgess | 5 min The Impostors UK | Jules Stevens | 15 min

Lost in the City (85 min) Stratford Picturehouse Wednesday 4 July, 6.30pm A dozen films exploring isolation, lonliness and change in the modern city. From chance meetings to poetic musings on lost loves, and from meditations on the decay and decline of industry and the art of working with one’s hands to the disorientating nature of modern urban living, this is a chance to explore the city experience through cinema, and ride a techno escalator or two. Programmed by Andrew Simpson Ladybird Girl Ladybird Boy UK | Zoe Flynn, Bo Chapman | 5 min Rauf und Runter Germany | Gordon Volk | 6 min 26


(92 min) Genesis Wednesday 4 July, 8.30pm

arbeiter verlassen die Fabrik Germany | Anna Linke | 10 min Notes from the Underground UK | Lukas Demgenski | 9 mins Citizen 54 UK | Douglas Christian | 16 min Switez Canada/Denmark/France/Polda/ Switzerland | Kamil Polak | 21 min Frying Pan Alley UK | Joe Hardy | 5 min Nocturn UK | Leanne Welham | 15 min Friend Request Pending UK | Chris Foggin | 12 min

Snow UK | Peter Middleton | 5 min Factory UK | Bruno Ramos | 10 min This City UK | Ben O’Connor | 2 min The Art of Repair UK | Will Stewart | 13 min Your Crooked Heart UK | Peter Szewczyk | 7 min Print(ed) Matters UK | Verity-Jane Keefe | 11 min Brave New Old UK | Adam Wells | 9 min Vyner Street UK | Sogand Bahram | 6 min Let’s Go UK | Tania Haq | 11 min

Olympics (125 min) Stratford Picturehouse Sunday 8 July 3.30pm Olympic Day: 3 films for £10 In a year in which the Olympic Games come to London, filmmakers have been creating work of relevance to the Games. That they have done this directly, through both positive and negative tales of human and logisitcal preparation for 2012, is unsuprising. That so much work has emerged that also speaks to the collective human endeavour that characterises both the Olympic spirit and those critical of the Games, makes this a particularly rich selection of ‘Olympic’ short films. Programmed by The East End Film Festival Shorts Committee

Respect The Brutal UK | Enrico Masi | 5 min The Best Seat In The World UK | Danny McGuinness | 20 min Gold Dust UK | Mike Wells | 16 min Out Of The Game UK | Katherine Round | 18 min Olympisstake UK | Jonathan Brind | 30 min Ellie UK | Chris Dundon | 18 min The Beast of West Ham UK | Tara Manandhar | 18 min

(101 min) Stratford Picturehouse Friday 6 July, 6.30pm

(92 min) Rio Saturday 7 July, 23.30pm

Paranormal Activities

somethinglessness (101 min) Genesis Sunday 8 July, 5.00pm

(96 min) Genesis Wednesday 4 July, 7.00pm

Live each day as if it were your last. Carpe Diem. What a difference a day makes. Us humans hold a lot of stock in this magical period of time – it can move like a glacier or be gone in an instant. This programme of films explores those days that change your life forever. Programmed By Gemma Mitchell

Welcome the the EEFF’s very own X-Files – an unsettling selection of shorts about all things supernatural and uncanny. We’ll be opening our secret vault to unleash invisible demons, abductive aliens, cursed children, zombie mums, possessed walls, haunted submarines, Canadian goat people and a lady who swears she sees dead people. Join us – the truth is out there. Programmed by Rebecca Davies

There are some things that, if you lose them, change everything. A child, your livelihood, the love of your life, your mind. Eight short films explore these losses and their consequences, from weightlessness to directionlessness, through grief, insanity and back again. Programmed by Matt Strachan

Some films are made to make you feel on edge. Whether it’s the excruciating moments of family life, squirm-inducing romantic (and bro-mantic) advances, workplace meltdowns, or something altogether more sinister, this is a selection of shorts to make you shudder – with both laughter and unease. Hope you’re sitting comfortably... Programmed by Kieran Lavery

On this day

Wavelengths UK | James Spinney | 12 min Deep Blue Japan | Kazuhito Nakae | 20min The Reception UK | Gordon Vowles | 3 min Like Home UK | Brady Hood | 16 min The Pub UK | Joseph Pierce | 8 min R UK | Doyle Hooper | 18 min The Cake UK | Esther Richardson | 9 min Happy Birthday Jim UK | Giles Ripley | 5 min It’s Natural to be Afraid UK | Justin Doherty | 10 min

Dark Matters USA | Richardo Uhagon Vivas | 23 min Foto Spain | Ismael Ferrer Pacin | 7 min The Secret of Goat Canada | Park Bench | 15 min Carolyn’s Dead UK | Deva Palmier | 12 min (TBC) The Extraordinary Life of Rocky Belgium | Kevin Meul | 14 min Baby Steps UK | Stephen Graves | 3 min The Ash Can UK | Jamie Hewitt | 11 min No Ball Games UK | Richard Pengelley | 7 min

Come to Harm UK, Iceland, USA | Borkur Sigthorsson| 18 min Queens UK | Mitch Panayis | 11 min The Lion Shadows USA | Riccardo Spinotti | 20 min Dawid and Dominik UK | Andrew Salamonczyk | 6 min Callum UK | Michael van der Put | 14 min On Tender Hooks UK | Kate Shenton | 11 min The Choice Palestinian Territories, UK | Yasin Erik Bognar | 9 min Clouds UK | Gilbert James | 12 min

Well, this is awkward...

2 Star USA | Jacob Halajian | 10 min Glick’s Last Tour UK | John Henry Owen | 16 min Lady With The Lamp UK | Duncan Cowles | 4 min Stable for Disabled Horses UK | Fabio Youniss | 13 min Myra UK | Dan Smyth | 14 min 15 Summers Later Spain | Pedro Collantes | 5 min Office Romance 2.0 UK | Leon Chambers | 10 min Tracer Gun USA | Paul Grellong | 17 min Long Distance Information UK | Douglas Hart | 8 min


3 d n a e s v i s day u l 3 c r x fo hts of e ivity nig stry act ns, indu ver 24 sesseivoening & o s e h s t wi sterclas events ma working Y B D net SPONSORE WHAT’S YOUR




london.sae.edu www.saeuk.com

Asif Kapadia, Dexter Fletcher, Adrian Wootton, Cast and crew from Moon, Crew from Ping Pong, Jez Lewis, Nina Pope, James Mullighan (Director of Edinburgh Film Festival 2011, Shooting People), Lila Rawlings (Film 4), Chris Collins (BFI Film Fund), Maggie Ellis (Film London), Ed Wethered (BBC Films), Charlie Phillips (Doc/Fest) and Nicola Lees SAE, BAFTA, BFI, Skillset Creative, BritDoc, British Council, Film London Microwave, MEDIA, The Script Factory, IdeasTap, Firstlight, BFI Future Film, New British Cinema Quarterly, Doc Heads, Beattie Foundation, Sara Putt Agency, Four Corners, Shooting People, Music Sales Group, VODO and Imaginox How much access is too much access? 30 Minutes with... Meet the Agent, Breaking and Entering, Unpacking a British Feature: Moon, Releasing Strawberry Fields, Doc Heads Networking, Creating a Sustainable Film Industry





£30 including a BRICKHOUSE LUNCH

£70 including Brickhouse lunches

3 Day 1 Day FESTIVAL Pass FESTIVAL Pass As well as offering exclusive access to over 24 events, your pass will open up the doors to our Industry hub, The Brickhouse; offering a comfortable and private work/rest station, wifi connection and bar every day from 12pm–6pm. Pass holders will also have access to EEFF Press Screenings throughout w/c 25th June.

Purchase your pass at www.wegottickets.com/eeff

l Specia EVENING TICKETS Purchase your pass at wegottickets.com/eeff

BFI/Skillset Craft and Technical Skills Academy present Breaking and Entering

£6 For non pass holders Beattie Foundation present Unpacking British Cinema

£10 for non pass holders £20 VIP VIP includes meet and greet with Moon panelists and access to Brickhouse’s private Bed Bar.

All passes and tickets can be collected from The Brickhouse, 152c Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU. Opening Times – Wed 4 July, 11am


intimate venue, limited capacity 12.00pm–10.00pm

WEDNESDAY 4 JULY 12.00pm–1.30pm

MEDIA present: Navigating European Co-production

Have you ever considered producing a film as a European co-production? MEDIA Desk UK and guests will offer some hints on where to start, how to approach potential partners and how to learn to navigate the complex landscape of different sources of finance on the continent. www.mediadeskuk.eu



How Much Access Is Too Much Access?

The EEFF welcomes three contemporary filmmakers whose compelling documentaries bring burning issues to audiences’ attention. But is raising awareness a justification for any amount of access into the lives of potentially vulnerable people, and what responsibilities do filmmakers have when embarking on a project, both to society at large and towards their subjects? Exploring the line between lending exposure to a subject and respecting the boundaries of exploitation, this will be an in depth exploration of where the line lies in the world of nonfiction filmmaking.


The Script Factory present: Developing your Script

Script Readers are crucial to the film industry, and their assessment process is crucial information to all screenwriters. Having pioneered the first training for readers Lucy Scher, director of The Script Factory is coming to talk about reading, writing and the art and industry of screenplays. www.scriptfactory.co.uk

Nicola Lees presents: How to Pitch to Ten Different Types of Documentary Funders

It’s getting increasingly difficult to find funding for documentaries and so filmmakers are having to be increasingly resourceful. Drawing on interviews with funders and buyers from around the world this session takes you on a whistle stop tour through ten different types of funding and reveals what the buyers are really looking for in a project. (Hint: it’s not the idea...)


THURSDAY 5 JULY 12.00pm–1.15pm


The international film festival circuit remains a proven platform for the distribution of your film. But how do you maximise its potential in the highly competitive field and are film festivals the only option when it comes to propelling your career forward as a filmmaker? British Council answer these question alongside some of the industries top festival professionals.

In this hour long event, VODO’s Jamie King will discuss new distribution opportunities for filmmakers, the benefits of free sharing, and reaching massive P2P audiences online. www.vodo.net

British Council present: Maximising the Festival Circuit

VODO present: Don’t be Scared of Digital Platforms


Shooting People present Digital Bootcamp

The Internet is changing everything. James Mullighan (Ex Chief of Shooting People and Edinburgh International Film Festival) helps you navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape by examining case studies and the many funding, crowd-sourcing, production, marketing, audience-engagement, and distribution tools available to storytellers. www.shootingpeople.org


Four Corners present Digital Workflow

Join Four Corners as they discuss workflow issues for digital film from pre-production to post-production. This workshop will include shooting on different formats, the role of the camera department and the DIT, capturing and storing image data and deliverables for different output platforms. www.fourcornersfilm.co.uk


FRIDAY 6 JULY 12.00pm–1.15pm



Join BBC Films, Film 4, BFI Film Fund and Film London as they discuss how development is essential to creating a sustainable UK film industry; one that can compete on an international platform.

In this session a selection of music industry veterans, music supervisors and film composers will cover all aspects of the use of music in films; from engaging writers to create your film score, to licensing music rights and releasing soundtracks. www.musicsales.com

Why and when should you get an agent and how do you manage your agent relationship once you have found one? Sara from Sara Putt Associates will discuss how finding a great agent can be invaluable in navigating your way through the freelance jobs market. www.saraputt.co.uk

Creating a Sustainable Film Industry


Music Sales Group present: Featuring Music

Having an Agent in the Freelance World


Imaginox present Project Development Labs 2012

A project – based lab for 5 filmmakers with a current feature project. Selected teams will present their project to a panel of experts including a sales agent, distributor, financier, script developer and a social media expert. They will receive feedback on how best to take their film to market. Space is limited to five attendees. RSVP becky@imaginox.co.uk with ‘Project Development Labs 2012’ in the subject line. www.imaginox.co.uk

SAE Institute London spans over 50 locations around the world offering a wide range of courses & qualifications for careers in Sound / Audio Engineering, Music Production, Digital Filmmaking, Web Development, 3D / Interactive Animation and Games Programming.

Running throughout the three days

TICKETS) (FREE 5.00pm–6.00pm

BritDoc present: Out of the Cinema into the Retirement Home: New Spaces for Distribution Charting the summer release of documentary Ping Pong (www. pingpongfilm.co.uk), BRITDOC present an engaging route map of new distribution methods and outreach opportunities for UK docs. www.britdoc.org

Doc Heads present: Doc Heads Networking and Screening

Join Doc Heads for their Bi-monthly networking and screening, that brings together professional documentary filmmakers, shows their films, gives them a drink and gets them to talk. Formed in 2009 as a means to get all our filmmaking friends together, and increase collaboration between them, it has rapidly expanded to include a host of interesting and talented people from the Documentary world. Screenings will begin at 8pm.






Are you a young filmmaker looking for some advice for your next project? Want to meet other like-minded people your age in the industry? If so, why not join us for an evening of networking with emerging talent from some of the UK’s major youth organisations. Book tickets at wegottickets.com/eeff Pay on the door on the night.


Film London Microwave present: Releasing Strawberry Fields

Join the Strawberry Fields film-making team in conversation with Film London Microwave as they discuss the process of releasing Strawberry Fields through the Soda Pictures successful New British Cinema Quarterly. Covering everything from the marketing and release strategies to poster and trailer design, to liaising with exhibitors. This session will give real insight into collaborating with distributors for the first time and what to consider when releasing a low-budget film. www.microwave.filmlondon.org.uk



Pussy People By Andrew Lang (5 mins) Simply Rob By Tom Shrapnel (15 mins) Oil & Water By Gemma Atkinson & Fred Grace (10 mins) Abuelas By Afarin Eghbal (9 mins) Amar By Andrew Hinton (10 mins) My Name is Feker By Orlando von Einsiedel (12 mins) www.docheads.org

Bafta, Bfi and Skillset Craft and Technical Skills Academy present Breaking and Entering: Tips for getting into the film industry and networking drinks

In this hour long talk, some of the industry’s best new breakthrough talents across the departments share their journeys so far. And, having only just been where you are, they’ll offer tips, secrets and friendly advice to help you move forward in your career This will be followed by all-crafts networking drinks supported by BFI, BAFTA and Skillset Craft and Technical Skills Academy. Pay in advance at wegottickets.com/eeff or on the door on the night.


NBCQ present Networking Drinks

New British Cinema Quarterly in association with the East End Film Festival invite you to a networking event where you’ll have the opportunity to meet new contacts as well as catch up with old ones. This informal networking session could be the perfect opportunity to get your project up and running. We look forward to seeing you there. www.nbcq.co.uk

The Brickhouse, 152c Brick Lane, London E1 6RU 6.30pm–7.00pm (Limited to 30 people) A unique chance for The East End Film Festival’s Industry Delegates to take part in an intimate workshop with the UK’s leading contemporary filmmakers and top industry professionals. These half-hour discussions will explore the transition of established British director’s Dexter Fletcher and Asif Kapadia from their first to their second features; from the success of the debuts to the expectations and difficulties that come with getting an often more ambitious follow up off the ground. In addition, EEFF welcome Adrian Wootton, Chief Executive of Film London to discuss his career in the British Film Industry; from Director of London Film Festival to contributor of The Guardian and Sight & Sound.

Wednesday 4 July Asif Kapadia

Thursday 5 July Adrian Wootton

Friday 6 July Dexter Fletcher

TICKETS £10to n or ope lders o passh



The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation present Unpacking British Cinema The EEFF bring together the creative minds behind the major British production, Moon. Join The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation for a night of ‘Moon’ entertainment; including a panel discussion with the film’s Executive Producer, Trevor Beattie and Visual Effects Supervisor, Gavin Rothery as well as a live auction of Moon memorabilia. Your ticket price for this event is a donation to the Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation. www.beattiefoundation.com Pay in advance at wegottickets.com/eeff or on the door on the night.

SAE Institute London present: Kit Questions

The Brickhouse, 152c Brick Lane, London E1 6RU Drop in to our Industry Tech Room where our sponsors SAE Institute London will be on hand to help for the entire 3 days and answer your technical questions.

At SAE Institute London, you will find inspiring tutors and lecturers together with unrivalled facilities dedicated to creative students coming from all over the world. london.sae.edu


As far as I am concerned, we are a customer service company that just happens to offer courier and passenger transport services. Nhadine Mascoll, Head of Customer Services

020 7536 7171 Customer Plan bit.ly/excelservice Olympic Plan bit.ly/olympicsurvivalguide

Aesthetica Short Film Festival


VENUES & BOOKING Amnesty International UK Human Rights Action Centre 17-25 New Inn Yard, Hoxton, London EC2A 3EA To book tickets: www.wegottickets.com/eeff By tube: Old Street By bus: 26 / 35 / 47 / 48 / 67 / 149

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The Aubin Cinema 64-66 Redchurch Street Shoreditch, London E2 7DP Box Office: 0845 604 8486 www.aubincinema.com By tube: Shoreditch High Street By bus: 8

Hackney Picturehouse 270 Mare Street London E8 1HE Box Office: 0871 902 5734 www.picturehouses.co.uk/cinema/ Hackney_Picturehouse/

Barbican Cinema Silk Street, City of London, London, EC2Y 8DS Box Office: 020 7638 8891 www.barbican.org.uk/film By tube: Barbican By bus: 4 / 56 / 100 / 153 The Brickhouse 152c Brick Lane, London E1 6RU Telephone: 020 7247 0005 Entry is by pass or ticket only. To book tickets: www.wegottickets.com/eeff By tube: Liverpool Street / Aldgate East By bus: 8 / 25 / 67 / 205 / 254 / 388

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Rio Cinema 107 Kingsland High Street, London E2 2PB Box Office: 020 7241 9410 To book tickets: www.riocinema.org.uk By rail: Dalston Kingsland By bus: 67 / 76 / 149 / 243 Spitalfields Market & Old Spitalfields Market 65 Brushfield Street, London E1 6AA All events are FREE Seating available on a first come, first served basis. By tube: Liverpool Street / Aldgate East St. Anne’s Church Newell Street, Limehouse, E14 7HP To book tickets: www.wegottickets.com/eeff By bus: 15 115 135 D3 By tube: DLR to Limehouse, Westferry Stratford Picturehouse East London, Salway Road London E15 1BX Box Office Number: 0871 902 5740 www.picturehouses.co.uk/ cinema/Stratford_London/ By tube: Stratford

Vibe Gallery & Vibe Bar The Old Truman Brewery, 91-95 Brick Lane, London E1 6QL Telephone: 020 7247 3479 www.vibe-bar.co.uk By tube: Liverpool Street / Aldgate East By bus: 8 / 25 / 67 / 205 / 254 / 388

For detailed information about our events, venues and programme, please visit www.eastendfilmfestival.com or call our information line: 020 7364 7917 open daily between 11.00am – 5.00pm during the festival All venues are fully accessible for disabled visitors, except for the following areas: Rio viewing balcony is not accessible by wheelchair. Genesis Screen 1 is not accessible by wheelchair.

EAT, SLEEP, DRINK (not necessarily in that order) With delegates flying in to attend the festival from Argentina to Aberdeen, hotels in London are at a premium but this July they are Gold Dust. Therefore we are very pleased to announce that for 2012, Tune Hotels is the official Hotel Partner for the East End Film Festival.

Within easy walking distance of many festival venues and sited opposite The Water Poet on Folgate Street, Tune Hotels offer delegates excellent value and location to fully immerse yourself in all the festivals delights. With all official EEFF guests staying at Tune Hotels this is an ideal place to stay to catch that all-important 5 second pitch in a lift!

The Water Poet — Festival hub

huge main bar, two comfortable dining rooms, huge walled garden, a barn bar and basement cinema. Alongside a critically acclaimed events calendar, the amazing Sunday roast, summer barbecue and outside space are regulalrly voted among the best in London.

Savour a great atmosphere and traditional English cuisine at this cavernous festival hub. Expect much ruminating, versification and lively post screening debate where all official delegates, festival goers and staff will be rounding the night off! The Water Poet in Spitalfields is a multi-tasking gem of a Spitalfields pub boasting a number of rooms including a

In honour of this years event The Water Poet will have a designated area for East End Film Festival delegates to meet, greet and be merry, so look out for the signs on arrival. Tune Hotel – Liverpool Street, London 13-15 Folgate Street, London, E1 6BX www.tunehotels.com The Water Poet 9-11 Folgate Street, London, E1 6BX www.waterpoet.co.uk 33

THANKS TO... Special thanks to Stephen Murray, Head of Tower Hamlets Arts and Events and to Tower Hamlets for their continued support, Janet Triggs and the Arts and Events team (London Borough of Tower Hamlets), Jerry Deeks and all the reception staff at the Brady Centre, Mandy Kean (Aubin Cinema), Tyrone Walker-Hebborn and team (Genesis), Negede Assefa (Rich Mix), Charles Rubinstein (Rio Cinema), Ray Dervin and Georgina Godart-Brown (Spitalfields Estate), Andrew Sparrow and Elinor Barnett (Wellington Markets), Alan Miller and John Wright (Vibe Live), Steve Hartley (SAE), Paul Willey (Prime Focus), Nick Herbert and Greg Hoy (Excel Couriers), Heather Croall, Charlie Phillips and Hussain Currimbhoy (Sheffield Doc/Fest), Magda Stroe and Dorian Branea (Romanian Cultural Institute), Mia Roberts (Brickhouse), Claire Cooke and Robert Rider (Barbican Cinema),Simone Brookes, Meg and Peter Dunne (The Water Poet), Reverend Gordon Warren (St.Annes Church), Julie Gould and Richard (Tune Hotel), Phil Hebblethwaite (Stool Pigeon), Jim Parkyn (Aardman productions), Jane Pollard and Iain Forsythe, Phil Maxwell, Hazuan Hashim, Jackie Sharpe, Charles Sharpe (Good Enough Caring), Liz Haycroft and Adam Woodward (Little White Lies), Olivia Bellas, Tom Avison (3 Mills Studios) Amy Harrisson and George G Coombs (Elderfield Studios), Annah Wootton and Kam Star (Digital Shoreditch), Tania Harrison(Latitude), Jason Bick(Pulse), Mike Sperlinger(LUX), Pola Zito (K&S Films), Lucy Jones, Peter Mulcahy(Guardian), Deepti DCunha, Dr. Caroline Bainbridge & Dr. Candida Yates (MIW), Ginette Goulston Lincoln, David Bauduin (Match Factory), Oli Harbottle (Dogwoof), Yannick van der Kroft (Lemming Film), Thierry Wase-Bailey (Celsius Entertainment), Jake Garriock & Ben Luxford (Artificial Eye), Brady Hood, Mustafa Gundogdu, Asif Kapadia, Dexter Fletcher, Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie (Somewhere), Jez Lewis (Bungalow Town

Productions), Adrian Wootton and Maggie Ellis (Film London), Tricia Tuttle and Mariayah Kaderbhai (Bafta), Ed Wethered (BBC Films), Chris Collins, Shona Collins and Lizzie Francke (BFI Film Fund), Lila Rawlings (Film 4), Ed Fletcher and Kate Gerova (Soda Pictures), Eva Vincent (Nowegian Embassy), Vanessa Arelle (Mexican Embassy), Tolga Tuyluoglu (Turkish Embassy), Daphne Thissen (Dutch Embassy), Monique Quesada (US Embassy), Laufey Gudjonsdotlir (Icelandic Embassy), Peter Mikl (Austrian Cultural Forum), Gary Thomas and Will Massa (British Council), Alison Small (Creative Skillset), James Mullighan (Shooting People), Lucy Scher (The Script Factory), Sarah Mosses and Luke Moody (BritDoc), Tessa Inkelaar, Mia Bays and Kevin Dolan (Film London Microwave), Tristan Anderson (Doc Heads), Hatice Ozdemirciler and Agnieszka Moody (Media), Lucy Glover and Laura McFarlene (IdeasTap), Yen Yau (Firstlight), Noel Goodwin (BFI Future Film), Carla Mitchell (Four Corners), NicolaLees(TV Mole), Gary Downing and Lucy Bright (Music Sales Group), Laurily Adams and Sara Putt (Sara Putt Agency), Tessa Inkelaar, Mia Bays and Kevin Dolan (Film London Microwave), Hannah Patterson, Alexandra Taliadoros (Beattie Foundation), Jamie King (VODO) Becky Bazzard and Arjun Chatterji (Imaginox), Anthony Wall and Alexandra Mattholie (BBC Arena), Philip King and Tina Moran (Other Voices), Kim Manning Cooper and Loretta Fisher (Amnesty International UK), Alastair Hudson (IPPF), Elizabeth Benjamin and Hilary Cornwell (Margaret), Kat Oliver (Conway van Gelder Grant), Rebekah Louisa Smith (The Film Festival Doctor), Louise Rivers (Showbox Media Group) Marlena Lukasiak (Polish Cultural Institute), Cary Rajinder Sawhney (London Indian Film Festival), Adam Torel (Third Window Films), Jef Nuyts (IntraMovies), Virginie Selavy (Electric Sheep), Josh Saco (Cigarette Burns), Sarah Chorley and Stephanie Walton (Shooting People), Siobhan Pridgeon and Becky Brand (WFTV), Rebecca Davies, Kieran Lavery, Matt Strachan, Laura Kloss, Jenna Blencowe, Eftihia Stefanidi, Laura Kloss, Micallar Walker, Chris Harris and Claire Binns (Picturehouse / City Screen) Michelle Myrie (Films Office)

Sheffield Doc/Fest is proud to co-present the following films with the East End Film Festival: ½ Revolution

Ai Weiwei: Never Sorry

How to Survive a Plague

The Law in These Parts

We Are Legion: The Story of Hactivists

Jai Bhim Comrade

Get in the mood for the East End Film Festival - Register now for Sheffield Doc/Fest to join us at the East End Bar in Sheffield, 14-17 June. Get your pass and check out the full Sheffield Doc/Fest programme -


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24/05/2012 16:43



2 1 0 2 Y L U J 1



tUesDAY 3 JUlY WeDnesDAY 4 JUlY thUrsDAY 5 JUlY FriDAY 6 JUlY sAtUrDAY 7 JUlY sUnDAY 8 JUlY

2.00pm: My Last Round 4.00pm: How to Survive a Plague

6.30pm: Electrick Children 9.00pm: Kasper Hauser

9.00pm: Call Me Kuchu

6.00pm: Tetsuo 1 7.30pm: Tetsuo 2

hackney Picturehouse

rich Mix

6.30pm: Verano 6.30pm: Indian Panel 8.00pm: Dekh Indian Circus 8.00pm: Indian Music Night (in the bar) 8.15pm: The Law In These Parts

6.30pm: Riot From Wrong

6.00pm: 6.30pm: 8.30pm: 8.30pm:

Strawberry Fields Jai Bhim Comrade Come As You Are Spain Somewhere in Palilua Bob and Roberta Smith Party (in the bar) Shorts: Inter-SectionEx-Change MakeYour Own Damn Art

Cut Bijuka We Are Legion Kotoko

6.00pm: Night of Silence 11.30pm: Carre Blanc

4.00pm: East Meets East 5.00pm: Fray 7.00pm: Sons of Norway 7.00pm: Art Will Save The World 8.00pm: Art Will Save The World / Sons of Norway Party (in the bar) 9.00pm: Shorts: Crazy Little Thing Called Love 9.15pm: Night #1

3.30pm: 5.00pm: 5.30pm: 7.00pm:

1.30pm: Runway 2.00pm: Wilaya 2.00pm: Displacement, Identity & Cultural Heritage Either Way Turn Me On Goddamit Bestiaire The Last Elvis Closing Night Gala



1.15pm: Shorts: East Enders 3.30pm: Swandown 11.30pm: Paranormal Shorts

1.30pm: Mustafa’s Sweet Dreams 3.30pm: Indignados

1.15pm: 2.00pm: 3.30pm: 5.30pm: 6.15pm: 7.30pm:

6.15pm: Snackbar


eAst enD FilM FestiVAl 2012 3 – 8 JUlY genesis

7.00pm: The Hot Potato 7.00pm: Shorts: Well This Is Awkward 8.30pm: Shorts: I Wasn’t Expecting That 9.15pm: Machete Language

6.30pm: From Cable Street to Brick Lane 7.00pm: Twenty8K 7.30pm: Fish n’ Chips 8.15pm: Jaywick Escapes 6.30pm: The Tempest 8.30pm: The Pharmacist 8.40pm: It Looks Pretty From A Distance

1.00pm: The Guerilla Son 2.00pm: The New World 3.45pm: Occupy Central Park 5.30pm: Radioactivists 7.00pm: The Machinists & The Voices From The Camps 7.00pm: Nice Guy 9.00pm: East End Babylon

1.00pm: Karaman 2.00pm: On the Road to Downtown & Another Night on Earth 2.00pm: Reed: The Life and Works of Roy Kiyooka 3.45pm: Dave Pearson: To Byzantium 4.15pm: Rat Race 5.00pm: Shorts: Somethinglessness


All other venues

6.30pm: Shorts: On This Day 8.30pm: Chicks: Life At The Ranch

8.30pm: Simple Desires

6.30pm: Shorts: Lost In The City 8.30pm: Anarchy Girls

12.00pm–6.00pm: Video Lounge, VIBE Gallery 7.00pm: Organising Pride in a Hostile Environment Amnesty International 7.00pm: Unpacking British Cinema, Brickhouse

12.00pm–6.00pm: Video Lounge, VIBE Gallery 6.30pm: Tsukamoto Masterclass Little White Lies

12.00pm–6.00pm: Video Lounge, VIBE Gallery All day: A Grand Day Out Old Spitalfields Market 7.00pm: Look At Me Again & Our Story, Amenesty Int. UK 8.00pm: 1/2 Revolution Barbican

stratford Picturehouse

1.30pm: Personal Best 4.00pm: Vault 6.00pm: Ping Pong

12.00pm–6.00pm: Video Lounge, VIBE Gallery 12.00pm: Chapiteau Show Aubin Cinema 9.00pm: Nosferatu Spitalfields Market

12.00pm–6.00pm: Video Lounge, VIBE Gallery 7.00pm: Area: Amy Winehouse Opening Night Gala St. Anne’s Church

1.30pm: Builders and the Games 3.30pm: Shorts: Olympics 6.00pm: The Olympic Side of London

12.00pm–6.00pm: Video Lounge, VIBE Gallery 3.00pm: Come As You Are Aubin Cinema 4.00pm: Ai Wei Wei Barbican

Profile for Mila Lipowicz

East End Film Festival 2012  

Film Festival Programme

East End Film Festival 2012  

Film Festival Programme