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Community Foundations are vital contributors to building social capital. They also play a vital role by providing a platform that enables individuals and firms to invest in their communities. Community Foundations are helping to deliver a more inclusive capitalism, one in which individual virtue and collective prosperity can flourish. Mark Carney Governor of the Bank of England



Howard Dawber Chairman

Tracey Walsh Chief Executive

With another year past, the opportunity to reflect upon the unique work of EECF is always rewarding. A personal highlight is the growing number of donors that are joining us as they realise the increased social impact they can achieve by working with us. Combine this with our encouragement of donors to network and work together and the impact is greater still; our successful pooled donor fund, Newham Giving, is an excellent example of this. Newham Giving sees donors coming together to fund positive holiday programmes for children and young people. Year on year the level of funding and the number of young people benefiting from this valued provision grows, as do the positive outcomes. Keeping younger members of the community safe, healthy and engaged is important so I am delighted that we had the foresight to establish this great initiative and I am thankful to the donors that support it. Similarly, in just one year, the 20 Fenchurch Street Legacy Fund has supported over 160 young people into employment. Individually donors of the Fund could not have achieved such success, but the power of the collective is clear to see. Working in an area that experiences significant levels of deprivation is a challenge, but we pride ourself on understanding the community and the organisations best placed to tackle local needs. Our annual research report, Vital Signs, is an excellent tool to help donors remain abreast of the communities we serve, and we are delighted that our 2016 report was so well received by those looking to invest in our communities. We are currently working on the 2017 report with the London School of Economics and look forward to publishing this in October. As we grow, EECF remains in good shape. We have our sights firmly set on a future that sees more donors investing in the East End and improved co-ordination between them, to ensure we are effectively serving those communities most in need across our entire area of benefit. I express my gratitude to EECF’s Board of Trustees and staff team for their significant contribution to our great work in what was another busy and productive year.

EECF brings the East End’s challenges, people, businesses and donors closer to each other. We work across a wide spectrum of philanthropy, but with the sole aim of creating an East End free of poverty. In 2016/17 we achieved our highest level of grant making to date with over £940,000 being awarded on behalf of a wide range of donors committed to addressing social needs at a local level. The impact achieved, particularly in relation to hard economic outcomes, was also our greatest to date. Thousands of people have benefited from the generosity of our donors, resulting in increasing numbers of people accessing opportunities they would not ordinarily have. We are increasingly proud of our work and so it was fantastic to be named winner of the 2017 Grant Making and Funding Award by Charity Awards. Congratulations to the team, our supporters and partners for this much-appreciated recognition.


EASY, RELEVANT We make your commitment to the East End easy, relevant and effective. Our experience enables us to connect donors, big or small, with people and projects that are delivering essential community services.


Knowledgeable staff and trustees with extensive experience of philanthropy and grant making supported by the findings from our annual social needs research.


How we help

Award-winning grant making and funding work and quality accreditation kitemark holder.


Providing guidance on investment and delivery to both donors and grant applicants as well as brokering volunteering opportunities to build the capacity of the voluntary sector.



A 27-year proven track record of grant making and community development, empowering donors and the community to tackle social issues effectively.


Our bespoke monitoring and evaluation system enables us to effectively measure your investment and the performance of the grantees.

Co-ordination & Influence Bringing together donors, agencies and service providers to improve the impact of investment in common areas of interest.

AND EFFECTIVE EECF uses its 27 years of expert knowledge to create bespoke giving options that match your needs and those of the local community. We will help you get your money to where it is needed most and ensure you have an engaging and rewarding experience along the way.

• Individual • Business

1. Choose to distribute funding for immediate impact

• Statutory


• Charitable trust

Establish a long-term legacy through an endowment

Create a bespoke philanthropic giving programme through a donor-advised fund

Pool your giving with other donors for greater impact through a local giving fund Direct your giving to support a particular organisation, borough or social issue through a donor-directed fund

Through our bespoke philanthropy services you can achieve social change in the community and in your business.

Your input

Expected outputs

Expected impact


Individuals and organisations supported

Behaviour and attitudes changed

Employees involved

Employee wellbeing increased

Awareness generated

Staff retention improved

Time In-kind support

Skills and quality of life improved


A YEAR OF AC In 2016/17 we achieved our highest level of grant making to date, totalling over £940,000. This was possible thanks to our wide range of donors, all sharing EECF’s vision of an East End free of poverty. Thousands of people living in need have benefited from our work and we provided an increasing number of residents with access to opportunities that we may take for granted. In summary, our exciting and productive year looked like this:


12,500 PEOPLE





East End Community Foundation would like to thank


CHIEVEMENTS Having listened to residents’ concerns, we also established a fund at the end of the year to address anti-social behaviour. Working in partnership with the Metropolitan Police and Poplar Harca we are expecting positive outcomes from this exciting collaboration, particularly in South Poplar where the initiative is being piloted. We also established a successful and ever-growing Construction Forum to address local unemployment. The well-attended meetings have highlighted the need to increase awareness of the vast range of jobs and careers available within the sector and led to an industry-specific jobs fair.



1,395 GAINED A






all our corporate partners and fundholders for their support.


MAKING GIV Utilising its Donor Directed Fund with EECF, we were able to effectively support the company before and after its annual staff fundraising event. As the staff at TD Securities had identified the charities they wanted to benefit from their charitable giving, EECF offered effective support to TD’s philanthropic fund by coordinating donations and ensuring swift payment to all grant recipients, saving the company both time and money. The TD Securities Fund awarded grants totalling £95,530 to five charities supporting children and young people. The activities delivered ranged from health care to creative writing. In total over 900 children and young people benefited from the Fund and of the 400 that participated in the Writer-in-Residence programme, teachers said that 100% of pupils had improved their writing skills.

969 40 3 100% beneficiaries

young carers received National Citizen Service awards

people trained to support those people with heart muscle disease getting back to work of young people had improved their writing skills as a result of the programme



Cardiomyopathy UK Support for those families affected by the disease


Crossroads Care

Support for young carers


Little Havens Hospice Specialist Palliative Care


Study Support

Additional weekend support for GCSE students


First Story

Writers in Residence Programme £15,530

VING EASIER Made up of people who are passionate about supporting those most in need, EECF’s Philanthropy Club members pool their donations with us to fund innovative projects and services. Throughout the year members meet through social events and learn more about local community needs through our research and presentations. Abreast of local needs, Club members vote on how their money is awarded and they also get to meet some of the beneficiaries. Last year the Club contributed to an elders’ tea dance as a way of reducing social isolation, as well as an apprenticeship scheme to support young people into work. In addition, the Club supported Cracked It, an exciting and innovative project that trains young unemployed people to enter self-employment as iPhone screen repairers. In addition to the grants awarded, and in recognition of the time and investment that is required to tackle deprivation, 50% of Philanthropy Club donations are committed to an endowment to support local needs in perpetuity. The endowment now stands at over £26,000 and the income that it generates supports future grant making.


young people trained


elders attended the Tea Dance

I enjoy being a Philanthropy Club member because I get a chance to support and see the community projects. These amazing projects are clearly changing the lives of local young people and improving the community for all residents. John Garwood


BRINGING YO As a donor of Newham Giving, Northern Trust is actively engaged in this multidonor fund focussed on providing positive holiday activities for children from low-income families. Funding local charities to deliver these essential services throughout the summer and October half term holiday provides an engaging and stimulating programme of life skills and a better sense of belonging for young people. School holidays can be a daunting time for both parents and children due to the increased costs in care, food and activities, particularly so for those on low incomes. Good quality holiday provision can be a lifeline for many and parents tell us about the positive impact it has on them, knowing that their children are engaged and safe. Many have been using the time to seek employment or permanent housing, source debt advice and work additional hours to increase their income. Committed to giving back to the communities it serves, Northern Trust encourages its staff to volunteer with some of the summer projects, adding significant value to the programme and raising the aspirations of young people. An important element of the feedback we received from the charities was their surprise at the growing demand for places, and how Newham Giving is improving continued engagement with young people throughout the remainder of the year.



local charities engaged to deliver the programme


£89,000 873


young people participated

Aston-Mansfield Beckton Skills Centre Bonny Downs Community Association Create (Arts) Limited Elevated Aspirations

Summer Youth Programme £9,000 Build it, Race it, Go Kart Project £9,500 Go Wild £9,000 Inspired: Arts £8,000 Performing Arts £8,000 Summer & October Half Term

Fight for Peace Lauriston Lights Newham Community Renewal Programme

Twilight Summer Holiday Afternoon Project Summer Camp Summer Living & October Half Term

£8,000 £5,900 £10,600

Theatre Royal Stratford East Freestylin’


West Silvertown Village BV Summer Extravaganza Community Foundation



As the social landlord of the former athletes’ village in the Olympic Park, Get Living London is committed to creating a positive living environment for all of its new tenants. Set up as The Inspiring Communities Fund, it focusses its support in and around the East Village and seeks out projects that address Health & Wellbeing, Togetherness and Arts & Culture. With grants of up to £3,000 this positive and open Donor-Advised Fund awarded eleven grants ranging from a peer support network for residents with long-term health issues to a community choir. Throughout the course of the year 543 people were supported through the Fund, with 173 attending healthy living sessions and a further 227 reporting to have learned new creative skills. Based in Stratford, Get Living London has worked hard to support and engage its new residents to ensure they settled in well to their new homes, and the effort has clearly paid dividends with residents telling us how much they enjoy living in the East Village.

543 beneficiaries


residents now regularly volunteer



people learned new creative skills


reported feeling healthier and happier

Academy Achievers

Academy Achievers


African Health Policy Network

HL3 Healthy Lunch, £2,980 Learning & Living

CH & CT Community Parkside Gardening Project Renewal Programme


E20 Knit & Natter Group



Elevated Aspirations

Kids Just Wanna Have Fun


Newham Music Trust

E20 Community Choir


Newham New Deal Partnership

Microfiction Community £1,950 Workshops

Stratford Arts Trust

Multi-sensory Theatre £2,994 Performances

The New Black Film Collective

888 Film Club


The Yard Theatre Limited

The Yard Drama Club


Theatre Royal Stratford East

Drama for Confidence


I joined the project to try something new. I spent most of my teenage years as a carer for my dad and I always felt alone. This project and the friends I’ve made have made me feel happy again. Samia, 19













Grants awarded April 2016 to March 2017








EMPLOYMENT & TRAINING Total number of grants awarded 60

52 50



35 28






Rahil, 19

0 £3 ,0 01 -£ 5,0 00 £5 ,0 01 -£ 10 ,0 00 £1 0, 00 1-£ 30 ,0 00

£3 ,0 0

£8 0


0£8 0

0£2 5






Thank you for trusting me. I learnt a lot and now want to move forward with my life. I’ve been homeless and getting in trouble but now I feel like I want to do something positive.



ORGANISATION ACT Training Beckton Skills Centre Bethnal Green Spear Trust Circle Collective Fight for Peace Leaders in Community Streets of Growth

PURPOSE Construction Access Programme Step up to Work Spear Centre Coach Publicis X Vocational Courses Youth into Jobs Earn Your Vision

Apollo Music Project Breadwinners Cracked It Create (Arts) Limited EFA London Skillspool Training CIC George Green’s School IDEA In2ScienceUK Innercity Films Island Advice Centre St Luke’s Church

Music Education Fresh Bread, Fresh Start Bootcamp Programme A Wealth of Stages Qualifications for Life Embrace IT Skillforce - Your Futures Hackney Debate Club In2ScienceUK Tower Hamlets Future Youth Advice Worker Training Read, Create, Play, Refresh!

£2,500 £1,814 £2,500 £2,500 £2,500 £2,160 £2,500 £2,500 £2,335 £2,300 £2,335 £2,488

Blue Hut Multisports SocietyLinks Sports Club Youth Activate E1 Schools Esol Classes Kitchenette Karts

£5,000 £5,000 £4,606 £5,000 £5,000

Acorn FC Children Ahead Newham Refugee Consortium Nurture Academy One World Foundation Africa Rhythms of Life Solace Step by Step The Drop-in Bereavement Centre

Tackle It Resource Area & Hub Route to Employment Creative Barbering & Hairbraiding Employment Support for Young People Empowering the Invisible through Learning Social Activities Fund Swim to Success Staying Well Activities

£7,000 £2,682 £5,000 £9,900 £4,000 £4,054 £4,055 £5,000 £4,000

Poplar HARCA Poplar HARCA

Apprenticeship Programme Job Shop

Breakfast and Befriending Group Manor House Development Trust

Food Poverty Project Food Project

£4,000 £9,920

Cafe Forever Island House Mudchute Association SPLASH Arts SPLASH Play St Paul’s Arts Trust

Football Coaching for Children & Youth Summer Youth Project Summer Play Scheme 2016 Commedia dell’arte - Let’s make a Splash Splash of Colour Roof Garden Summer Show - The Jungle Book

£2,648 £2,500 £3,000 £1,600 £2,777 £1,475

Eastside Community Heritage Forest Gate Community Garden INUF – Independent Newham Users Forum Leyton Orient Trust Newham New Deal Partnership S7 Academy of Community Excellence Sev Necati Training Team Up The Yard Theatre Limited WHEAT Mentor Support Trust

Young Journalists on the Move Grow your Health INUF Horizons Women Project Football Fans in Training Microfiction Community Workshops Sporting Community Leyton Women & Young People’s Safety Solutions Tuition & Enrichment Programme Industrial Devolution Believe to Achieve Project

£3,000 £3,000 £2,869 £3,000 £974 £2,908 £2,790 £3,000 £2,975 £2,996

North Greenwich Bowling Club Kekoa Coaching

Replacement of artificial grass Millwall Park Training Sessions

SkyWay Charity SocietyLinks St Hilda’s Community Centre E1 Schools Partnership BISHOPSGATE GOODSYARD Kitchenette





AWARD £9,856 £13,628 £15,000 £15,000 £ 15,000 £15,000 £15,000

£25,000 £7,000

£5,359 £800




ORGANISATION African Health Policy Network Akwaaba Chats Palace Circle Collective Clapham Common Boys’ Club Creative Lifestyles Diverse Leaders Project EFA London Evergreen Play Association Hackney Association Youth Club Helping Hackney Health Holistic Support IDEA Innercity Films MISGAV New Future Collective Sistahs Space Skillspool CIC Social Material CIC Stoke Newington Literary Festival Teen Action The Funding Network You Make It

PURPOSE Positive Nutrition Project Akwaaba Migrant Support Project Hackney Turtle Song Employability Programme Fresh n’ Healthy Creative Futures 2017 Tomorrow’s Leaders Programme Language for Change Evergreen Holiday Scheme JOBTRAIN in Hackney Downs E9 Breakfast Club Mothers’ Focus Group Hackney Debate Club On the Move - Windrush Stories Train & Gain Hackney Showroom Young Actors The Colour Purple 2 Empower Inspiring Fridays Our Community, Every Story Get a Job! Crowdfunding Support You Make It Business Partnership Manager

AWARD £4,980 £4,738 £4,954 £5,000 £5,000 £4,363 £5,000 £5,000 £3,658 £5,000 £5,000 £3,000 £2,500 £4,400 £5,000 £4,770 £4,595 £4,683 £3,602 £4,200 £3,632 £3,000 £5,000


Betty May Grey Over 50s’ Club Cubitt Town Bangladeshi Cultural Association Docklands Sailing & Watersports Centre George Green’s School Island Advice Centre Island Advice Centre Island Friends Island House Craft Club Island House Playgroup Island Rovers FC Isle of Dogs Bangladeshi Association Isle of Dogs Bangladeshi Association Kekoa Coaching Mudchute Association Mudchute Association Neighbours In Poplar Neighbours In Poplar School Home Support St John’s Bingo Club

Bingo Sessions Eid Celebrations DSWC Volunteer Programme Skillsforce - Your Futures Debt & Housing Advice Drop-in Sessions Advice worker training Administrator Craft Materials & Day Trip Two Year Old - Lead Worker Football Kits Day Trip for Children to Southend Eid Celebrations Equipment for After-School Football Staff Development Treehouse Older People’s Project Healthy Living Project Tower Hamlets School Home Support Bingo Group

£500 £200 £10,000 £3,300 £5,000 £6,500 £5,000 £400 £7,500 £800 £250 £200 £800 £800 £10,000 £4,000 £4,000 £3,250 £500


Purple Moon Drama Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre Shadwell Youth Organisation SocietyLinks SocietyLinks The Ensign Youth Club The Rooted Forum The Rooted Forum Wapping High School

December Showcase Summer Adventure Project Under 14s’ Football Team League Costs Summer Project SocietyLinks Training Courses Saturday Study Support Classes Shadwell Youth Club Summer Programme East Girls Project Wapping Festival of Code

£710 £3,000 £790 £3,000 £800 £700 £3,000 £3,000 £3,000


ORGANISATION Dream of Life Dream of Life High Rise Theatre Limited Purple Moon Drama Hind Grove Over 50s’ Social Club/Ebeegees

PURPOSE Dream of Life London Dream of Life London Dominic Garfield Tinderella Performance Costs Coach Trip to Chatham Dockyard

AWARD £6,695 £9,782 £9,900 £263 £250


Acorn FC Constant & Holmsdale TRA Cracked It East End Citizens Advice Bureau EFA London Friends of Mile End Park Griffettes Majorettes Half Moon Young People’s Theatre Home-Start Tower Hamlets Huddleston Residents Association Huguenots of Spitafields In2Science UK It’s Your Life Leaders in Community Limehouse Boxing Academy Linking-U Neighbours In Poplar School Home Support Senrab Football Club Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Centre Shadwell Youth Organisation Shahjalal Centre SkyWay Charity Society Links St Katherine’s Bingo & Social Club St Peter’s Community Wellbeing Projects The Diana Award The Geezers Club The Poplar Partnership Tower Hamlets Friends & Neighbours Fair Money Advice Tredegar Community Centre Wise Youth Trust Woman’s Trust You Make It

Football equipment Keep Fit Sessions for Women Bootcamp Programme Tower Hamlets Money Smart Language for Change Annual Park Life Summer Day Trip Speech Bubbles Christmas Party Street Party & Playground Maintenance 3-Day Festival In2Science UK It’s Your Child’s Life Learn a Trade Right Hook Equipment & Social Activities Christmas Dinner Tower Hamlets School Home Support Training Kit & Equipment Adventure Together Shadwell Active Girls Laptop SkyWay Futures IT Room Refurbishment Hall Hire Healthy Eating Club The Mentoring Programme Men’s Health Event Mayflower Remembrance Day Wellbeing Activities for Vulnerable and Elderly Tower Hamlets Payday Reduction Project Day Trip & EID Celebration Pathway 2 Work Domestic Violence Counselling Service Business Partnership Manager

£373 £430 £10,000 £10,000 £10,000 £784 £250 £4,550 £200 £200 £800 £8,000 £4,400 £2,500 £7,450 £663 £800 £4,750 £600 £7,500 £800 £500 £5,740 £780 £400 £360 £10,000 £800 £800 £6,000 £10,000 £450 £8,000 £7,000 £8,000


Eastlea Community School Eastlea Community School George Green’s School Langdon Park School Lister School Oaklands School Oaklands School

Philosophy Study Support Year 11 Geography GCSE English C/D Borderline Year 11 Maths Study Support Year 11 Maths and English GCSE Maths

Island Advice Centre Limehouse Project Lincoln Area Regeneration Group Mudchute Association Neighbours in Poplar

Advice Service Moneypenny Poplar Union Centre Manager Apprenticeship Programme Elders’ Healthy Living Projects


£4,000 £4,000 £2,990 £4,000 £4,000 £4,000 £4,000 £15,000 £15,000 £15,000 £15,000 £30,000



Join us as a member and actively engage in our work‌ As well as establishing a grant fund with us, there are other ways for you to be involved in our co-ordinated approach to tackling social deprivation in the East End. EECF is a membership organisation and by joining us as a member you can take advantage of a number of benefits. The added advantage for businesses is that our business membership offers exclusive benefits to complement and bolster your local corporate social responsibility programmes, including an opportunity to guide our work with voting rights at our AGM and the ability to stand for a seat on our Board. Furthermore, you can access exclusive volunteering opportunities and entry to exclusive knowledge-sharing and networking events.

Volunteer‌ Our volunteering brokerage service is open to Membership+ members and all of the voluntary sector organisations operating within our area of benefit. Understanding the needs of the community and the organisations operating within it, EECF is well placed to be able to offer you a range of engagement opportunities ranging from challenge days to skills-based volunteering. In 2016 we brokered over 550 volunteer hours.


Delancey supports EECF as a business member as they have amazing access to the community. They do something for us that no-one else can do. Katharine Walsh, Marketing & Communications Director, Delancey

NT & SUPPORT Our trustees Howard Dawber (Chairman) Zena Cooke Sister Christine Frost Praveen Joynathsing (from 7.5.17) Gabrielle Harrington Forhad Hussain Guy Nicholson (from 24.5.16) Manali Trivedi Katherine Webster (Vice Chair)

Canary Wharf Group London Borough of Tower Hamlets SPLASH Société Générale Christ Church London Borough of Newham London Borough of Hackney Northern Trust Financial Conduct Authority

Thank you to those that served as trustees during the year Sophie Fernandes (to 16.5.17) Ian Fisher (to 24.10.16) Eric Sorensen (to 28.9.16) Hamza Yusuf (to 29.4.16)

City of London Corporation Société Générale Royal Docks Trust London Borough of Hackney

Our team Our staff Tracey Walsh Chief Executive

Jude Fox FCA Head of Finance and Operations Chantell Mills Callard Development Director Paige Murphy Head of Grants and Community Engagement Kyrsten Perry Place-Based Giving Manager Tracey Primus Community Engagement Manager Michael Blake Development Officer Mariana Ferriera Administrator Poulia Tsakiri Office Coordinator Suzannah Wade Events Coordinator

Thank you We have had invaluable support throughout the year and wish to acknowledge certain people. To former trustees Ian Fisher, Hamza Yusuf, Eric Sorensen and Sophie Fernandes, to all of the volunteers at the Exchange Project, and to Katharine Walsh and Tim Lewis for their insight and support in helping EECF reach a wider audience, we thank you all for your support.






Incoming resources


April 2016 to March 2017


£1.5 million


including Gift Aid




1% 2016-17


Donations and legacies



Other trading activities







Incoming Resources

Total Income

£1,526,836 £2,447,272 2016-17


Raising funds



Grant making





Resources Expended

Other charitable activities Total Expenditure

£1,563,692 £1,489,429

The summary financial statement above is not the full annual report and financial statements. This is a summary of information derived from EECF’s Statement of Financial Activities for the year ended 31st March 2017. Within the 2015-16 Total Income of £2.4m is a one-off sum of £993K of S106 planning gain monies ring-fenced by the London Borough of Tower Hamlets to establish an endowment to support community activities.


The beauty of EECF is that you can make a substantial investment into them and they will then in turn redistribute that across the grassroots organisations that desperately need support. Jess McNicholas Managing Director, Head of Global Inclusion Diversity and Corporate Citizenship, EMEA Region State Street

East End Community Foundation Jack Dash House 2 Lawn House Close London E14 9YQ Tel: 020 7345 4444 Email: EastEnd_CF Company No: 8104415 Charity No: 1147789

Bankers: Barclays Bank PLC Auditors: PKF Littlejohn Investment Managers: Investec CCLA Sarasin & Partners

EECF Annual Review 2016-17  
EECF Annual Review 2016-17