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By Katie Simmons and Carmen Melendez, East Cobb County Council (ECCC) Of PTAs

ast Cobb is known for strong involvement in our community and in our schools. The East Cobb County Council (ECCC) of PTAs has taken this to a new level by combining efforts between the Family Engagement and Diversity committees. The goals of both groups have always been similar but this is a new initiative is called the MultiCobb Diversity Awareness Group.

The MultiCobb Group is rooted in the 5 National Standards for Family-School Partnerships as well as the Georgia PTA’s definition of Diversity and Inclusion: Standard 1: Welcoming ALL Families with an understanding that cultural norms may differ across diverse populations, but the goal to make every child’s potential a reality is universal. Standard 2: Communicating Effectively with the goal that two-way meaningful communication can be achieved with the aid of interpreters if needed for student success to be achieved. Standard 3: Supporting Student Success with the goal of continuous collaboration of students learning and development both at school and home, and have regular opportunities to strengthen our knowledge and skills to do so within a diverse culture of families. Standard 4: Speaking Up for Every Child with the goal of empowering families to be advocates for their children and to ensure that students are treated fairly and have access to learning opportunities. Standard 5: Collaborating with the Community with the goal of collaborating with community members to connect students, families, and staff to expanded learning opportunities, community services, and civic participation.

8 April 2017

The MultiCobb Diversity Awareness Group has a Facebook Page and meetings happening monthly at varying times and locations to serve the needs of the group. The group will give a voice to the diverse families in Cobb County as a safe and supportive place to find resources, connect with people of diverse backgrounds, and find civic minded events within Cobb County to assist with. Katie Simmons is the Family Engagement Chair for ECCC PTA’s and also the Rocky Mount Elementary PTA President. She has been a resident of Stockton’s Mill in East Cobb since 2009 with the husband Travis, and three kids. Her oldest son attends Simpson Middle School and her two younger children attend Rocky Mount Elementary. PTA has been a passion of hers on a local level and now a council level. Family Engagement and Diversity committees working together has also been her goal this year. Carmen Melendez is an East Cobb resident since 2003. She has two children, a fifth grader at Kincaid Elementary School and an eighth grader at Dodgen Middle School. She graduated in Law from UAM of Madrid, Spain, and also obtained a Ph. D in Spanish Linguistics in 2009. Currently she chairs the Diversity & Inclusion committee for ECCC PTA. Along with her extensive volunteering in PTA, she enjoys writing academic papers, photography and traveling.


April 2017 East Cobber  
April 2017 East Cobber