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Winter 2019

Newsletter p4 New visuals launched

p6 Meet Mo & Daphne

Making the choice in end of life care clear for the communities of Great Yarmouth and Waveney

Providing complementary therapy treatments in the comfort of your own home Aromatherapy. This uses aromatic plant extracts with therapeutic properties, applied through the skin to help relieve pain, swelling and other health problems creating a feeling of relaxation and calm.

Reiki. A gentle, non-invasive treatment that balances the energy flow within the body to help the body’s systems work better to give a feeling of wellbeing and peace.

“Before Chris came round, I had a really bad back ache, and my feet were swollen. After having massages my feet are nearly back to normal and my back is OK. Having Chris round every fortnight to keep on top of the problem.” - Michael

We have a team of qualified complementary therapists who are donating some of their time for free to provide therapies in the community to patients who have been diagnosed with a life-threatening condition. These therapists are led by Mary Pretswell MFHT, who has 25 years’ experience in complementary therapies. Patients are offered 4 free treatments, in order to experience the benefits that therapies can give. A full patient/therapist consultation will be held to decide on the most appropriate and beneficial treatment.

“Most professional

but very friendly, put me at ease straight away.” - Tracy

Reflexology. Works on the feet or the hands to stimulate the body’s reflexes in order to rebalance the body’s systems, enabling them to work better and improve general health bringing about a feeling of uplift and calmness.

Massage. Improves the circulation and muscle tone, improving the lymphatic system and helps improve mobility.

“My therapist is very good explains every thing to me. It is good I can have different treatments that are explained to me. If I could I would have Mary as my personal therapist.” - Hazel

Mary Pretswell MFHT Complementary Therapist Trustee, East Coast Hospice

Please contact us for a chat in confidence and Mary will be happy to answer any questions or concerns.

01493 718707 2

Letter from the Chairman Dear Friends

and especially in areas of deprivation which is so desperately needed.

The battle this year has been and still is a great worry as the community are still being misled regarding the Louise Hamilton Centre. When dear friends are being called liars when they say that the Louise Hamilton Centre will never have beds, that is the time to act!

We would, however, like to see more commitment from our MP’s. If they pushed hard enough, they could get the money. Cabinet ministers are not usually ignored. I promise you I work very hard even though my family and friends nag me to slow down. I cannot betray Margaret Chadd, she would never forgive me.

My letter to Anna Hills, CEO of the JPUH and her response to ECH categorically states that Mr S and Mrs L have nothing to do with the Louise Hamilton Centre and there is and never will be any palliative care beds at the JPUH. It would however, had been advantageous if this letter had gone to press.

May I say it was so wonderful to see the joy on the faces of all age groups at our inaugural Bubble Rush this June. It was a huge success and to see their brightly coloured faces, covered in foam was marvellous.

I am pleased that the CCG and East Coast Community Health have some beds at Beccles Hospital but they are HOSPITAL beds.

Our Santa Dash will be held again this year which again is another fun and family event for young and old alike. Please support us in your wills, legacies or possibly a monthly donation of £5.00 or £10.00 which you could pay by Standing Order. Even the cost of a cup of coffee would help.

Yet again, St Elizabeth’s Hospice have come into East Coast Hospice’s patch and I am sure the outcome will be the same. They have 7 shops in our catchment area and they have taken approximately £2M from the Gt Yarmouth & Waveney area during the last few years. This money has been propping up St Elizabeth’s Hospice in Ipswich when it could have gone towards our build.

We are growing and will succeed for you all. Please help us to help you. Best Wishes and my love to each and every one of you. A Very Merry Christmas to you all.

We are not a large, national charity but a local hospice charity like many others, and we depend on your help and goodwill. We are constantly told that the Government is giving money to the NHS 3

2019 has been a busy year here at ECH with a great deal more work being completed behind the scenes. Our team of professional services who are working on the project architects, mechanical, electrical and structural engineers and the quantity surveyor - have all been busying away to get final documents completed.

Did you know that an individual drawing has to be drawn up for everything from the wiring, heating ducts through to the placements of soap dispensers? We have a file full - it is not an easy or quick task to produce every single one of these. We are pleased to say that with this file full of drawings, we are now ready for the next stage.

We were really excited to receive the latest visuals for the project - don’t they look fantastic! A lot of work had to be completed before they could be produced and we are very grateful to Paul Robinson Partnership for these.

We are ready to build 4

The Big East Coast Brew and Bake This fundraising event is designed to bring people together over a cuppa and piece of cake, have fun with family, friends and colleagues, drink lots tea or coffee and enjoy yummy cakes while raising money to help build a hospice for the community in which you live. Where and When? The choice is yours. Choose your date and venue and invite everyone – friends, family, work colleagues! Spread the word! Hit your socials (Facebook, email, Twitter and Instagram) We have a poster you can print and personalise too. Tell us too, and we’ll help you get the message out there! Put your Plans into Action Our complete printable pack to help theme your day with bunting, posters and cake labels etc. can be found on our website: www.eastcoasthospice.org.uk/event/ brewandbake


Volunteering for East Coast Hospice In 2007 Daphne and Mo both retired but weren't ready to stop working, so they both decided to volunteer at the East Coast Hospice charity shop in Gorleston as they wanted to help raise money to build our local Hospice. “We both enjoy working here, we have become great friends and make a good team. We enjoy meeting customers and making new friends. In doing this we can spread the word about building and funding a hospice in Gorleston. Mo is a key holder and works all day Wednesday's. Daphne works Mondays and Wednesdays. We enjoy all aspects of running the shop, displays, rotation of stock, keeping it all looking nice and clean, serving and talking to customers, being happy and helpful. When Gorleston has the Christmas lights switch-on event, usually the last Sunday of every November, we always volunteer to run the shop for the day and really enjoy it. Customers expect to see us both in our Christmas jumpers and hats.

get on really well and enjoy working here. We look forward to seeing the building of the hospice begin, so we can see what all of our hard work has achieved. Mo & Daphne x�

We are a very friendly shop, all the staff

If you have some time you can donate and would like to volunteer at any of our shops, please pop in to your nearest one and speak to the manager.

Find your nearest shop at www.eastcoasthospice.org.uk/shop-page 6

Meet Josh… I started to volunteer for the East Coast Hospice charity in September 2018 after I left university, assisting the accounts and fundraising departments. In November I was given the opportunity to work for them full time. It was great to see first-hand how keen the charity is to provide opportunities for young people. In fundraising I got to help with events such as the Santa Dash and this year’s Bubble Rush – a great event that was a lot of fun to be part of.

My role in accounts included working with our shops and administering their income and payment systems. In July 2019 I moved into accounts fulltime, taking on more responsibilities as well as implementing a change of our systems to Sage. Working for a charity has given me a wide breadth of experience, working with both the public and our small team of great staff. It has been very rewarding to contribute towards the ultimate goal of getting the Hospice built. I look forward to when the hospice is completed and seeing how my role develops further.

Fancy a bit of gardening? (on a large scale)

We have 7.54 acres to keep maintained. Before we planted the trees and bushes, the grass could be cut easily with a ride-on. However, we don’t want to damage the saplings.

We are looking to set up a grounds task force of volunteers to help keep the land in a manageable condition until we are ready to get the builders on site. Maintaining the land is just as important a building block for the whole project, now and once built, as the physical bricks needed to build the hospice. If you are interested in joining our volunteer land maintenance group to support the build, please do get in touch.

www.eastcoasthospice.org.uk/donate/volunteer 7

Has the 2 pages of information in our last newsletter made any difference? The deception to the public and the bullying tactics must STOP There is no credibility in hiding behind others ECH criticised by Stur & Not in EDP & How do the public expect us to build when so many are still causing us trouble? People’s egos need to be put to bed

When will this scenario end? When will public be told the truth by LHC?

what has happened to the money?? Charity Comm informed money raised was for LHC hospice appeal accounts on CC state ÂŁ360k where is it? went to Palliative Care East To support LHC with NO beds the money was raised for beds!!! 8

Rules state that money raised for an appeal must be used for that purpose. If not, then given to another charity in the same area doing the same or similar appeal or returned to donors It can not be used for anything else or given to anyone else for any other purpose

We are led to believe that the money raised by the LHC for beds went in to PCE fund. With PCE closing shortly and the remaining funds will continue to support the running costs of the centre, how can this happen when this money was given for beds.

Patients are paramount and must come first!


Support us with just £2 per month the cost of a cup of coffee

www.eastcoasthospice.org.uk/donate or scan one of the QR codes below

No matter how much you give, your gift will help us to realise our vision and make the hospice a reality. Legacies Tributes Give at work In-kind giving Host a fundraiser

Make a single donation Recurring donations via bank account or through Virgin Money Giving, Just Giving or PayPal

A gift in your Will costs you nothing now but can make a difference for years to come “It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving... ...Love is not patronizing and charity isn't about pity, it is about love. Charity and love are the same -- with charity you give love, so don't just give money but reach out your hand instead.” ― Mother Teresa

Join our lottery today www.eastcoasthospice.org.uk/donate/lottery/

www.eastcoasthospice.org.uk/donate 10

Retail update... It’s been a tough year for retail as evident on the high street and we are no exception. With high rents and loss of footfall on the high street, we as a business had to make some difficult choices this year which resulted in us having to close a couple of shops (North Walsham and Great Yarmouth). It is vitally important that our loyal customers and new ones continue to support the shops during this time. On the other side of that we have just celebrated our 1st year back in Beccles after leaving the previous shop in September 2017. The community welcomed us back with open arms and the shop continues to thrive. If you haven’t visited yet then please pop along as Vicki and all the volunteers would give you a warm welcome. Did you know they also offer takeaway tea and coffee with a biscuit, yet another reason to visit. Online sales are on the increase so we will be concentrating on our eBay site, which you can access by logging onto our website. With the support from our shops we know it will be a success and will bring us in much needed revenue. All goods in our shops and in our eBay store are pre-loved goods - we do not buy in stock for re-sale unlike some others. Please continue to donate, don’t forget we can collect. If you have a few hours spare to volunteer our shops would be overjoyed to hear from you. Jane Allen Director of Retail



Oh, What a Show!

https://www.eastcoasthospice.org.uk/events-3/ 13

From the web... We were really excited when the new visuals from Paul Robinson Partnership arrived in our Inbox as the timing was perfect. To coincide with all the work that has been completed on the project, the website has been updated to reflect this. The existing Project Plan page has had a bit of a face-lift and now all the plans and visuals can be found clearly by clicking through from one button on the page. Take a look at www.eastcoasthospice.org.uk/ project-plan/the-project/

Ebay store takes off Over the past few months, we have been making real efforts to increase the traffic to our ebay store to increase sales. Our efforts have been quite successful and this has been reflected in the positive feedback received which is so important for the store ratings. We have had some wonderful items donated which have proved a hit with our regular ‘ebuyers’ and gained new customers both nationally and internationally. New items are added regularly so be sure to have a look at the bargains available. Thank you to everyone who has purchased through the store and given your feedback. As Jane mentioned earlier in her Retail update, charity shops can suffer on the high street just as much as any other shop. As more shopping is now done online, we are embracing this challenge to our shops by improving our ebay offering. 14

Around the Socials... As our ebay store grows, more and more of our high street shops have their own online presence with a Facebook page. This helps to promote the shop in it’s locality and links through to the charity Facebook page promoting events and news updates. You can follow your local East Coast Hospice Charity Shop on Facebook to keep up with any offers and events instore. Not only do we post updates on our website, we are posting regularly on the charity Facebook page. Are you following us and have you ‘liked’ our page? Did you see our post about the new visuals? Well Paul Robinson Partnership did and they shared our post so it reached an even wider audience. You too can help increase our profile and support the charity by sharing our posts. You never know where it may end up and that could be the one that makes a difference!


East Coast Hospice Sussex Road Business Centre Sussex Road Gorleston Great Yarmouth NR31 6PF

01493 718707 office@eastcoasthospice.org.uk www.eastcoasthospice.org.uk Charity No: 1129631 EastCoastHospice @ECoastHospice

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ECH Winter 2019 Newsletter  

ECH Winter 2019 Newsletter