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The East Coast Conference 122nd Annual Meeting Easton, Connecticut

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February 1, 2012

Out to the World


Rev. Craig S. Carlson, Pasto


  Dear East Coast Conference Churches:  

It is with great delight that we wel come you to the Annual Meeting of the East Coast Conference which will be held at the Covenant Church of Easton on Ap 2012. ril 20 and 21,

The greater Easton area is both bea utiful and diverse with lovely Lon g Island Sound shoreline and beaches, wonderfu l walking trails in the woodlands and ample activities for the entire family. We have sec ured a list of accommodations at a dis counted rate for your stay and we encourage early registration and reservations so that you can secure your spot for our time together.

The East Coast Ministerial Associ ation will be meeting on Thursd ay and Friday (April 19 and 20). those clergy who enjoy golfing we For invite you to come early! We wil l be booking tee-times at a local course for Wednesday afternoon, golf amd you will receive a separate reg istration form for the Ministerial meetings and the golf. On Friday, we will open our che ck in registration at 2:00pm and the Conference Sponsored works offerings will be from 3:00 – 5:00 hop pm. These Workshops are open to all delegates and guests, and you will find the offerings listed in this brochure. We will gather for din ner together beginning at 5:30 pm followed by our opening service , of Worship and Celebration at 7:0 0 pm. Saturday morning check-in registration for the business meetin g will begin at 8:00 am, and we wil l begin with worship together at 9:00 am. The Call to Order will take place at 9:30 am. Following the business session, at around 12: pm, we will conclude our Annua 30 l Meeting with a luncheon. Gathering in these days is always rewarding as we discover God’s goo d work taking places in our churches, our camp, and our Co nference ministries. Not only do we boost our gratitude to God, we will also learn and grow. As we tell our stories and share in our Co nference mission we will be encouraged to serve with greater enthusiasm and passion. Your presence will strengthen the mission of our East Coast Confe rence. It is our delight to soon be hosting you in Easton. We welcom e you! Peace to you . . . His kind, Rev. Craig Carlson The Covenant Church of Easton

1 Sport Hill road — Easton,

CT 0661

2 Phone: (203) 371-8335 Fax: (203) 373-9025 Email: Church website: www.coveast

The 122nd Annual Meeting of the East Coast Conference What is the Conference Annual Meeting? The Conference Annual Meeting is the highest legislative body of the East Coast Conference, made up of representatives from Covenant churches throughout our conference stretching from New Sweden, Maine to Springfield, Virgina. Delegates gather together for worship and fellowship, to elect leaders, review finances, adopt a budget, and address the business of the conference.

What does it mean to be a delegate? Delegates are credentialed representatives from member Covenant churches. Delegates vote on the policies and procedures presented to the Annual Meeting. They are also provided premium seating during the business sessions, and are given the privilege of speaking during the meeting and voicing their position on matters.

What if I am a member of a Church that has not yet joined the ECC? If you are a representative from a church that has not yet joined the ECC (church plants, fellowship groups, etc) please register under “Guest� status.

Can I attend if I am not a delegate? Yes. You may attend the Annual Meeting without officially representing a local church or institution. Registered guests are provided with handouts at the Annual Meeting, as well as designated seating; however, they are not allowed to voice their opinions, ask questions, or vote. Everyone is welcome to participate in the worship sessions.

East Coast Conference // By-Laws Article 1 - Meetings Section 1 Meetings of the general assembly of the Conference shall be composed of duly accredited delegates, who shall act as members of the corporation, whose credentials have been certified by the secretary of the Conference or by a committee on credentials. Section 2 Representation A. Affiliated churches of the Conference shall be entitled to representation as follows: Churches with 99 members of less, two delegates; Churches with 100 through 199 members, three delegates; Churches with 200 through 299 members, four delegates; Churches over 300 members, five delegates. B. The elected members of the Conference Board and the Conference Superintendent shall be members of the corporation and delegates to the Annual Meeting. C. Each Conference administrative board, comission, and each recongized Conference-wide organization shall be represented in Conference meetings by the chairperson and on additional member. D. All Delegates to Conference meetings must be members in good standing of an affiliated church. No delegate may represent more than one organization. E. All delegates and alternates to Conference meetings must be registered prior to the meetings according to the arrangements made by the Conference. F. Each aided church is expected to have a lay delegate in addition to it’s pastor at any business meeting of the Conference G. All delegates to the annual meeting shall serve until the next annual meeting as delegates and as members of the Corporation H. In case an official representative of the Covenant is present in any official meeting of the Conference he shall be recongized as an advisory member.

Our Theme - “Where Justice & Evangelism Meet” Covenanters have always understood the Gospel of Jesus to be full of transforming power in both word and deed. As James wrote, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.” Jesus commissioned his Apostles to make disciples by “teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you.” Any Gospel other than that of Jesus is no gospel, but in fact, a hollow counterfeit - a form of religion, but without power. Advancing the Kingdom of God in the 21st century will require a renewed and reimagined commitment to the message and mission of Jesus - to evangelism and justice. As a people who embrace the way, truth and life of Jesus how shall we best uphold the practice of both dimensions of the Kingdom’s reign in our common life, not as opposites, but as parts of the whole Gospel. Where do Justice and Evangelism meet?

Workshops - Friday, April 20th | 3:30pm - 5:15pm

Reconciliation in Christ - Putting Feet on the Good Ann Farley-Rollé

Jesus prayed for us that we may be one, as he and the Father we seek to follow Jesus struggle & so often fail to live at peace with is designed to help provide framework and language to explore assumptions and the methods we naturally use which create or scripture, exercises, film clips and discussion to hone in on the h of the gospel. Then, we can gain spiritual insight to discern our conflicts we face so that we may live according to new creation

Missions & Justice with Bread for the World

Rukiya Davis - Bread for the World Come learn about the exciting relationship of the Evangelical Co for the World and how together we’re working to raise our voice abroad. The work of Bread for the World and the resources they build on the missions and justice work you already do – come le voice to make sure people have enough to eat.

Understanding Church Planting in the East Coast C

Jason Condon - Associate Superintendent & Director of Church What is church planting? How does it relate to established chur of the East Coast Conference? Join Jason Condon, our Director presents key principles and practices of our developing approac and interaction with some of our church planters. Both pastors questions are out-of-bounds!

d News

ere one. Why, then, do we who h one another? This workshop how to become aware of our perpetuate conflict. We will use heart of conflict and the promise actions, thoughts, and the n in Christ. (2 Cor. 5)

ovenant Church with Bread es to end hunger at home and y provide can help your church earn how you use the gift of your


h Planting in East Coast Conf. rches and the mission & ministry r of Church Planting, as he ch. Includes extensive Q&A time and lay-leaders welcome. No

Friday Night Speaker Al Tizon Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Professor of Holistic Ministry Palmer Theological Seminary Director of Word & Deed Network Evangelicals for Social Action

Al Tizon received his B.A. and M.A. in Religious Educational and Church Leadership Studies from Vanguard University of Southern California in Costa Mesa, CA and his Ph.D. in missiology from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. He and his family engaged in community development work, ministry to street children, and church leadership development among the poor in his native Philippines for almost ten years as missionaries with an international mission sending agency called Action International Ministries. An ordained minister of the Evangelical Covenant Church, Al served several churches in both the Philippines and the United States as associate and interim pastor for seven years and as lead pastor for five. Al is the author of Transformation After Lausanne: Radical Evangelical Mission in Global-Local Perspective (Regnum, 2008), coauthor of Linking Arms, Linking Lives: How UrbanSuburban Partnerships Can Transform Communities (Baker, 2008), along with Ron Sider, John Perkins and Wayne Gordon, Missional Preaching: Embrace, Engage, Transform (Judson, 2012), and coeditor of Honoring the Generations: Learning with Asian North American Congregations (Judson, 2012) with Sydney Park and Soong-Chan Rah. Father of four, Al resides in Upper Darby, PA with his wife Janice and their one remaining school-age child, (17). Their three older children—Candace (27), Christian (24) and Corrie (20)—are pursuing their studies and/or careers in CA and PA. In addition, their oldest daughter Candace and husband Edwin had their first child, a son named Julian in June 2008, and one on the way, making Al and Janice proud grandparents!


Friday, April 20th 2:00pm 3:30pm-5:15pm Conference sponsered workshops 5:30pm-6:45pm Dinner for all Delegates & Guests 7:00pm Worship & Celebration

Saturday, April 21st 8:00am Checkin begins/Coffee Hour & Gathering 9:00am Worship 9:30am Call to Order for the Business Session 12:30pm Luncheon for all Delegates & Guests

Covenant Church of Easton is located 60 miles southwest of Hartford, and 60 miles northeast of New York City. The easiest access is from Route 15/Merritt Parkway but is also accessible from I-95.

Accomodations All three hotels are on the same stretch of road in Shelton, CT; surrounded by many restaurants and attractions for easy car pooling to Covenant Church of Easton (20 minutes away driving). Please make your accomodations early - all accomodations must be made by Wednesday, April 4th. All hotels included free full breakfast in their arrangement. When making accomodations, please request

Covenant Church of Easton group rate.

Hotel Sierra 830 Bridgeport Avenue Shelton, CT 06484 203-225-0700 Studio suites $119 Wed April 18 $99 Thu April 19 $99 Fri April 20

Hampton Inn Shelton 695 Bridgeport Avenue Shelton CT 06484 203-925-5900 Doubles or Kings $109 Wed April 18 $109 Thu April 19 $89 Fri April 20

Hilton Garden Inn Shelton 25 Old Stratford Road Shelton CT 06484 203-447-1000 Doubles $119: Wed April 18, Thu April 19, Fri April 20 Kings: $129 Wed April 18, Thu April 19, Fri April 20 Photos courtesy of TripAdvisor

2012 East Coast Conference - 122nd Annual Meeting PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY. To register, please tear off & complete the registration form and return with payment to: The East Coast Conference, Attn: Annual Meeting, 52 Missionary Road, Cromwell, CT 06416. Additional registration forms are available for download on our website, All information is required for registration.

Your Church Church Name: ___________________________________________________________ City: _____________________

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What is your role in the church?

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online registration is also available at

Workshop Registrations

Workshops will be held at The Covenant Church of Easton Friday, April 20th | 3:30pm - 5:15pm

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Reconciliation in Christ - Ann Farley Rolle Mission & Justice - Rukiya Davis Church Planting - Jason Condon


Please select your meals for the weekend. (Price of meals are included with Delegate/Guest registrations)

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Dinner - Fri, April 20th | 5:30pm - 6:45pm Lunch - Sat, April 21st | 12:30pm - 1:30pm Any food allegies we should know about? ___________________________________________________________________________________________


Registrant #1

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Official Delegate ($50 Regular/$60 Late) Guest ($25 Regular/$35 Late) Meal Only ($13 Dinner/$11 Lunch) *only if no registration is selected


Payment Information Calculated by combining the subtotals for all registrants listed on this form.


Check (made payable to East Coast Conference)




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Annual Meeting Brochure 2012  
Annual Meeting Brochure 2012  

The East Coast Conference Annual Meeting Brochure for your reading pleaure.