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Local News. Mr. C. C. Copeland, of Delta, Ont., is visiting H. S. Purvis. Quite a number of our townspeople attended the celebration at Daysland last Friday. Mrs. A. E. Clemens, who has been visiting friends in Innisfail, returned on Monday. Mrs. G. A. Purvis, who has been visiting her sons here, has returned to her home at Irma, Alta. H. King, of Hardisty, passed through town this week on his way to Calgary, where he expects to secure a bunch of horses. Rev. Mr. Carter conducted Church of England service on Sunday afternoon, and spoke on the subject of prayer, which will be continued at the next service on Aug. 2nd. Rev. W. E. Galloway, B.A., and his bride arrived last week to take charge of the work of the Methodist Church on this circuit. We bid them welcome and wish them success in their good work.

THE SENTINEL until the end of the year for 25 cents. Subscribe now. Clemens Bros. and Fowler & Breen have erected flagpoles on their buildings. J. E. Huget, representing the Donnelly, Watson & Brown Co., of Calgary, was in town this week. Have you friends visiting you, or are you going on a trip? Let the Editor know; or any other items of news will be appreciated. Rev. J. G. McKay, Presbyterian minister, of Lougheed, was ordained at Sedgewick on Tuesday evening, July 7th. Knox Church, Merna, will be dedicated on Sunday, July 29th. The Ladies’ Aid are arranging for a picnic on Monday afternoon. Committees are at work arranging a programme. Further particulars next week. The Sedgewick baseball boys went to Hardisty on July 1st where they sustained their reputation as ball players by winning the cup to be donated by Capt. Thomas, of the Camrose Mail. The boys are wondering how much longer they will

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have to wait before receiving the prize. There are about ten thousand acres in crop in the district tributary to Sedgewick. An elevator is urgently needed. A stockyard at Sedgewick would also be a great benefit to the district. Our baseball boys went to Daysland last Friday and played an exhibition game with the Killam team, the score being 32-3 in favour of Sedgewick. With a record of ten straight games this season we are justly proud of our boys. That strawberries can be grown in this district has been proven by J. F. Griner, who called THE SENTINEL office with a beautiful sample of the fruit, grown in the open, five miles southeast of here. The berry measured an inch and a half in diameter. Mr. Griner also has spring wheat three feet high just heading out. An interesting and well-attended meeting of the Sedgewick Board of Trade was held on Tuesday evening, July 7th, in the Burn Hall. Three new members were proposed and accepted by the Board–Messrs. Duncan McNabb, station agent; P. E. Wahlund, butcher, and A. J. Honey, publisher of THE SENTINEL. Many matters of interest to the town were discussed. Mr. Peterson was expected to be present to address the Board on the gold question, but did not put in an appearance.


Office: Sparrow Block Sedgewick, Alberta F. P. BEAIRSTO NORARY PUBLIC Sedgewick, Alta. Issuer of Marriage Licenses Fire, Life, and Accident Insurance Real Estate, Loans and Collections

Society Meetings. I. O. O. F. SEDGEWICK LODGE. No. 65, Independent Order of Odd Fellows, meets every Wednesday evening at 8 o’ clock. H. S. PURVIS, N. G.; W. E. Jose, Soc.




Sedgewick Lodge, No. 10 Knights of Pythias, meets every Thursday evening at 8 o’clock. Visiting brethren welcome.

Church Services.



Sunday at 2 p.m. John Burn, Supt.

PRESBYTERIAN service every Sunday at 3.15 p.m., conducted by Rev. J. O. McKay, of Lougheed.


CHURCH–Service held

every Sunday at 7.30 p.m. Rev. W. E. Galloway, B.A., Pastor.



ENGLAND–The next

service will be held on Sunday, Aug. 2nd. conducted by Rev. Mr. Carter. C. P. R. Trains No. 17.............Going West.............6.30 No. 18............Going East.............18.00


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GREETING. This week THE SEDGEWICK SENTINEL makes its humble bow to the people of this town and district. It will be our endeavor to supply a long-felt want in the community and from week to week we will place before you the news of the district. As to politics, we are bound to no political party, but we will advocate and support good morals and clean government no matter what party is in power.


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has no connection with any other newspaper and as all our interests are centred here the public may depend on us making it a successful enterprise. We make no apology for the size of our paper. We are young–watch us grow. Any assistance rendered in the way of sending in items of news will be appreciated by THE EDITOR....

A Happy Man The happiest man in the land today is the successful farmer. He sits under his own vine and fig tree, undisturbed by the maddening noise of the great city. Banks fail, railroads go into the hands of receivers, booming towns collapse, all business stagnates. But the wise farmer can snap his finger at these things. He is the monarch of all he surveys on his broad acres. And the honesty of his boys and the purity of his girls is guarded against temptations, and in them he is giving the country its best manhood and womanhood. The farmer is to be envied , and if he is not contented with his lot he is lacking in wisdom.

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Installation of officers took place on Wednesday evening, July 8th, of Sedgewick Lodge, No.35, Independent Order of Oddfellows, by District Deputy Grand Master French, of Wetaskiwin. The officers for the term are: P. G.–Ed. Jackson; N.G–H. S. Purvis; V.G–E.T. Matchett; Sec.–W.E. Jose; Treas.–H.L. Gray; Chap.–Rev. Wm. Menzies; R.S.N.G- B. Iverson; L.S.N.G.–R. E. Smith; R.S.V.G–E. Lafoe; R.S.S.–John Aitchieson; L.S.S.–Geo. Arnott; Warden–H. Hampton; Conductor–Dr. Atapleford; I.G.–G.E. Thomson; O.G–R.E. Brown. Refreshments were served during the evening.

{ { { { { { { { { { { { { { { { { { { {

See Geo. A. Thomson for best value in machine oil and binder twine. Mr. E.H. Malcolm, of Killam, Provincial Weed inspector, paid a visit to this district last week. A farmer near Crossfield was fined fifteen dollars for failing to advertise a stray mare within thirty days. J. L. Sparrow, about two miles south of the town has alfalfa over two feet in length, also fall wheat about thirty inches high. Mr. C. V. French, Editor of the Wetaskiwin Times, was in town last week installing the officers of Sedgewick Lodge, No. 35, I. O. O. F. Wm. McNeill, W. Hendricks and several others from the vicinity of Pleasington were in town last week proving up their homesteads. Mr. O. Lund, of the Pioneer Hotel, was in Edmonton on Sunday, where he delivered a lecture under the auspices of the Socialist Society. The bridge and culvert over Goose Creek, being built by the Sedgewick Board of Trade for the benefit of the district, are nearing completion. Eckert Bros. have started a glove factory on their homestead in Township 45-11-W.4M, north of Sedgewick, employing a number of girls. They have a gasoline engine and several machines. A sidewalk is being laid on Railway Ave. from Laurier St. to Tupper St. Grading is also being done on the hill by the Methodist Church. This work is being done under the supervision of Mr. John Burn, village overseer. A party of surveyors for the Great Northern Railway are at work south of Sedgewick, heading this way. The C. P. R. surveyors on the short line to Edmonton are now north of Daysland working this way. Prospects are good for Sedgewick. Watch us grow. We have a few loyal Orangemen in Sedgewick. This fact was emphasized on Saturday night, when immediately after midnight, not wishing to disturb the sanctity of the Sabbath any more than was necessary, they started out on parade with drums and whistles and–well, we don’t know what else, but they made a lot of noise, which seems to be a prominent feature of a 12th of July celebration.

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Local News.

I. O. O. F. Installation

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THE SEDGEWICK SENTINEL Mr. J.G McKay Ordained. The ordination service of Mr. J. G. McKay to the ministry of the Presbyterian Church took place at Sedgewick on Tuesday evening, July 7th, the service being conducted by Rev. Mr. McLeod, of Camrose. An effective sermon was preached by Rev. Mr. Edmunds, of Killam, and

life? And how many fail to catch it at all, to whom each day, and week, and year of their lives means no more than the disconnected words of the

Pioneer Hotel Sedgewick

blundering scholar means to him. Happy are they who comprehend the true meaning of the chapter of life.

Alberta Central Baseball League






First Class Accommodation for Travellers

after the regular forms of ordination were gone through, and candidate

The first game of the Alberta

accepted, addresses were given by

Central Baseball League was played at

Rev. Mr. Archibald, of Ponoka and

Strome on July 7th, when the boys of

Rev. Mr. McLeod.

that town defeated Killam by a score

Mr. McLeod, as the representative

The first game at Sedgewick was to

some very helpful advice, mention-

have been played on the same date

ing the co-operation of the people as

between our boys and Daysland, but

necessary to effective work on the

on account of rain the game was post-

part of the minister.

poned until the following evening, on

Mr. Archibald, as the hour was

which occasion the game was inter-

late, concluded the service with brief

rupted for a short time in the fifth

and effective remarks to Mr. McKay

innings by a heavy shower. There was

and those of his congregation pres-

a good playing done by both teams,


the “rooters” contributing liberally to

Mr. McKay graduated from Knox

the game. A noticeable feature was the

college, to Toronto, Ont., in the

friendly feeling existing between the

spring, soon afterwards coming to

teams; this is as it should be. A large

Alberta. He has now thrown himself

crowd witnessed the game, which

into his life work. May his great task

resulted in a victory for the home

of ministering to the higher welfare

team, the score being 8 to 0. The fol-

of men be fraught with great blessing

lowing is the score by innings:

and productive of great results.

Daysland….000000000-0 Sedgewick….30002300x-8

Presbytery of Lacombe. His preach-

Batteries–Daysland, Smith–Acer.



Sedgewick and Merna.

Fit Rite Clothing For Men live s up to the re put ation it ha s claime d– Keeps its Shape Has all the Newest Ideas Manufactured from Best Materials By Skilled Tailors a nd

Mr. McKay is now a member of the stations

$1.00 to $2.00 per Da y

of 8-3.

of the Presbytery, gave Mr. McKay


Ra tes :

Hot an d Cold Ba ths


Sedgewick, Jamieson-Baker. Umpire-


Clarke. Daysland was defeated again on July 10th, on their own ground, by

Life’s Lessons. Whosoever has any observation of

Sedgewick’s second League game

experience in the matter must have

was played at Strome on Tuesday,

noticed what a tedious operation

July 14th, against the team of that

learning to read almost always is,

burg, who were assisted by a first class

and were it not for the pliant mind of

pitcher from another place, and for

the child it would be far more so. The

the first time this season our boys met

brightest and easiest taught children

with defeat, the score being 2 to 0 in

will draw their words, make pauses

favor of Strome.

where there are none, and blunder in various ways before they acquire the ability to repeat the words they have learned to form a sentence which has an intelligent meaning to them. Much




Strome, the score being 8-6.



Strome……… Sedgewick .. Killam………. Daysland….



2 1 0 0

0 1 1 2

required after that before they get the meaning of the story contained in one short page. Is not this true of the best of us in learning to read the stern lessons of life? Are we not all dull scholars when we come to interpret the meaning of the hard discipline of sorrow


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MARRIED Nothing New to Him. “Ostend,” remonstrated his mother, “how often have I told you not to stare at people with your mouth open? They don’t like it, my son.” “But that gentleman won’t mind,” answered Tommy, “he’s a dentist.”

GALLOWAY–MCKINNON.–On Wednesday, June 17th, 1908, at the residence of the bride’s parents, Singhampton, Ont., by Rev. James Phimister, Isabella Mary, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Neil McKinnon, to Rev. W. E. Galloway, B. A., of Sedgewick, Alta.

H. D. Koenig REAL ESTATE and

insurance Sedgewick




and care which falls to the lot of even the most favored? Do we not learn slowly, and often through great tribulation, the solemn teachings of

The Eiffel Tower, Paris is painted every six years and claims, on an average, five victims on each occasion.

W. E. JOSE Watchmaker and Jeweler

Sentinel 6 mos. 25 cts.

Repairing and Engraving a Specialty


Sedgewick Sentinel  

Vol. 1, Issue 1 of the Sedgewick Sentinel, later renamed The Community Press. July 16, 1908.