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7, No. 38November Tuesday, July 24, 2012 Vol. 7, No. Vol. 2, Tuesday, 8, 2011

People, pride, and plants abound in Bruderheim Volunteers with Communities in Bloom (CIB) in Bruderheim were recognized for their efforts following an old fashioned country style supper Friday evening at the memorial centre. Pictured from left to right are: Sharron Sinclair, Nadine Stielow, Wayne and Stephanie Olechow, Judy Koschade, Claire Olechow, (girl in front), Kallie Milliken, Cameron Olechow, Sarah Hauch, Carolyne Olechow, Bob Cote, Lucy Chang, (CIB judge), Mary Ellen Boyle, Karl Hauch, Sherry Cote, and Roger Younker, (CIB judge).

Many hours put in to sizzle at the Summer Sizzler Tracy Harding Staff Writer

Lamont Ag. Society is busy trying to get the final details figured out for the upcoming Summer Sizzler Fair days. The rodeo and fair in Lamont have been going on for more than 30 years, and will hopefully be around for 30 more years. As soon as 2011 Summer Sizzler was finished, there was no rest, as the ag society had to begin planning for 2012 Summer Sizzler. The fair is planned to take place July 27 through to July 29. The ag society has spent anywhere from 40-50 hours per week, for the last three months organizing all the events that will be taking place, and close to 3,000 hours by the time that things kick off Friday night. Those events include the ‘Under the Lights’ rodeo, a family dance featuring the band ‘CC and the High Riders’, and fireworks. Then on Saturday there will be the parade; which is in tribute to the 100th anniversary of the Lamont Health Care Centre, a pancake breakfast put on by the Lamont Lions for $5 a plate, the bench show, market square, chilli cook off, entertainment in the beer gardens, the rodeo and combine krunch. There is also the Midway, a adult

The winner of Lamont Summer Sizzlers combine Krunch in 2012. dance in the night time, and steak supper from 4-7 pm that is $15 per plate. Then on the Sunday there is a community church service at 10 am, followed by the tractor pull, and then the demolition derby. There will also be the midway that day as well. Also on the Sunday, if there are two combines still running, there will be a grudge match. The Summer Sizzler would not be able to go on

without two of the biggest supporters, Lamont Farm Centre and Beaver Creek Co-op, who also buy all the tickets for the Friday night which is free admission for all visitors and spectators. The rodeo that gets put on by Lamont Ag Society throughout the Summer Sizzler is one of the top rodeos in Alberta. As well the midway is put together by the Town of Lamont, and otherwise would not be able to be a go. The Sizzler is a great destination event for people from Edmonton and surrounding areas, and there are buses of kids that come out from Fort Saskatchewan. A returning event this year is the tractor pull, which has not gone on in the last number of years. This is a huge crowd pleasing event with two different classes; the mini pull and the heavy pull. Tractors have a weighted sled attached to the back of them and have to pull through the ring, building friction as it moves. The mini class is tractors of 500 horsepower, and the heavy are 1500 horsepower. After the tractors, then there will be diesel trucks (rig rockets) trying to pull the weighted sled as well. The ag society does do a lot for the community, between scholarships, helping out different organizations, as well as donating $10,000 to the Lamont Health Care Centre.

2 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Soaring club gives breast cancer survivors wings More than 20 members take to the skies near Chipman to experience a once in a lifetime thrill Michelle Pinon Editor

Breast Cancer survivors took to the skies near Chipman last Wednesday courtesy of the Edmonton Soaring Club. More than 20 members of the Breast Friends Dragon Boat Racing Team and support group were treated to a gliding expedition last Wednesday afternoon. Barb Weisbrot, who has been a member with the support group since January, was soaring through the clouds with pilot Guy Blood.

“I would do that again in a heart beat,” said Weisbrot, who described the experience as calm and peaceful. Flying at an altitude of 2,000 feet, Weisbrot got a chance to

soar through the clouds, view the sun on one side of the glider, and see an incoming storm on the other side. “I really loved

it.” Weisbrot also loves being a member of the support group. “It’s a great group of women who are there for the same thing.” The ladies have also gone through diagnosis, surgery and treatment. “No one story is the same, but it all boils down to we’re survivors.” She finds fellow members to be a great source of strength and inspiration. They train and work together to achieve the same goals. Weisbrot, along with her survivor counterparts train three times a week at the Y in downtown Edmonton,

and compete in dragon boat races throughout western Canada each summer. Weisbrot’s first race was two weeks ago in

Lethbridge. “Our teams won gold and silver medals.” Not only does it take a lot of physical, but mental strength to


Members of the Edmonton Soaring Club treated breast cancer survivors to flights in a glider to show their support for the members and the organization, Breast Friends Society, last Wednesday afternoon. Pictured from left to right are: Rick Miller, Guy Blood, Cathy Lumley, Lisa LePage, Lorna Nesdole, Dale Armstrong, Barb Weisbrot, Holly Prus, and Dave Innes. compete in the sport. “I was in awe of how strong we are,” added Weisbrot, who is looking forward to her next race on Aug. 18 at the Edmonton Dragon Boat Festival. You definitely have to keep fit, says the 57-yearold, who has enjoyed the many physical benefits of training and racing. Weisbrot says she’s also eating healthier, and says there have been so many positives in her life as a result of her experiences. She is thinking of going up in the glider again, and would like her husband Gary, and three children to do so as well sometime in the near future. The Breast Friends Society sponsors the drag boat racing team. The women range in age from early 40’s to late

70’s, are from every walk of life, and have varied fitness levels. They are proof positive that it is possible to lead full and vigorous lives after surgery and treatment for breast cancer. The Breast Friends Mission Statement:

*To encourage women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer to lead full and active lives. *To demonstrate the benefits of an active lifestyle through the sport of dragon boating. *To raise awareness

about breast cancer and encourage the pursuit of a cure. *To provide support and fellowship to team members. *To have fun!

Thank You The family of the late Edward Hoculak express our deepest gratitude to all our family and friends for their support during the recent loss of Edward Special thanks to Dr. Iordache, Dr. Slanina, and the staff at Lamont Health Care Centre & Park Memorial. Thank you to all who made donations in Edward’s memory to various charities. Helen Hoculak

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), July 24, 2012 - 3

Communities in Bloom fosters friendships Michelle Pinon Editor

“What makes a community is the people, and I can’t say enough about the people in the community.” Those were some of the heartfelt words

of potential places to retire. “Everytime I come here there’s something different and new,” added Chang, who wished residents all the best in the future. Even though Younker had only been in the community for less than 24 hours, he said it felt

better place to live. When George Campbell moved to Bruderheim in 1968 he said it was small. “Even today its small, but bigger in heart.” Campbell then wished folks the “best in everything” today and in the future. Members of town

council and staff were also thanked for their efforts, and received certificates of appreciation. Other recipients included several businesses, residents, and community groups who dedicate their time and energy towards CIB initiative.


Communities In Bloom judge Lucy Chang talks with volunteer Sherry Cote, right, as Judy Koschade, community services liaison co-ordinator for the Town of Bruderheim walks by.


Prairie Berries

Andrew, AB 780-365-2426



Bruderheim Mayor Karl Hauch extended to Communities In Bloom (CIB) participants and guests who gathered at the memorial centre for a banquet and awards ceremony last Friday evening. Town employees were also recognized for support of the CIB program that has been a part of the community for the past decade. This is the first year Bruderheim is competing on the national level of competition, and committee members were very pleased with how well things turned out. They, however, won’t know until mid-October the results and findings from CIB judges Lucy Chang and Roger Younker. But volunteers did have a good time showing off their projects and various venues throughout the community during the day long tour on July 20th. Chang thanked everyone in attendance for their testimonials, and the opportunity to come to Bruderheim. While this wasn’t Chang’s first visit to Bruderheim, she did say it was on her list

like he had been here forever. “We’ve had a great day, and we’ll carry it into our memory,” stated Younker, who was most impressed with the youth involvement in the program. “Events like this draw the community together and make us stronger,” added Hauch, who personally thanked participants for caring about the community, and volunteering to make it a

Thank you Blueskys Country Chrysler Vegreville and Deerland Fort Saskatchewan From Amber and Dustin Buryn

Imagine the fun you can have at the

Lamont Public Library Summer Reading Program

Wednesday 1:00 - 2:30 July 4 to August 15 ages 3 and up

Free Storytime/Games/Crafts

For more info call 780-895-2299

REVIVE GOSPEL SINGERS A Gospel Singing Quartet who sing Southern Gospel And Old time Gospel Music

PHONE: 780-998-0900


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They are coming to

Lamont Hall Sunday, July 29th at 10:00 am,

Lamont Rodeo and Fair day Weekend Everyone welcome Come early to ensure you get a seat 5004-44St, Lamont A.B.

Phone 780-895-2879 for more info

4 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, July 24, 2012


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When’s a deal not a deal? When’s a deal not a deal? When it sounds too good to be true! But my husband decided to play the game the other day over the telephone. What started out as an independent survey, quickly veered off the politically correct path and detoured into the land of Harper bashing, and then into elevator music la la land, and finally into a pitch of a lifetime. It was quite the ‘spiel deal’ as I call it. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a tape recorder at my disposal, because it was a rather animated and comical two way conversation. My husband patiently waited on the line until a representative of Caribbean Cruise Lines came on the line to cast their line. However, he’s not one to fall hook, line, and sinker for what audibly appears to be the tastiest morsel of bait. Very discerning, and ultra skeptical; my husband had the representative going through the hoops, running around the question as to why he would not secure his free two day cruise with a major credit card number. He also wondered how he would get from Alberta to Florida at no charge. The response was such that the company gets discounted rates through the major airlines and those special rates could extend them to him. Since he had 18 months to book his free cruise, he informed the representative that he would call back within that time period to make a reservation. No surprise that he was told that once he hung up the phone, the offer would not be extended. So much for the Grand Bahama Island. So long to the glass bottom boat adventure, swimming with the dolphins, basking in the Caribbean sun. I guess we’ll just have to settle for another long winter at home. At least we can take solace in the fact that we would have saved thousands of dollars on airfare, souvenirs, and gratuities. But for me there’s little comfort in the fact that a well disguised ploy led to another ruse, without any sober second thought. Moral compass? What’s that? And who’s steering the ship? Should I take solace in the fact there are still a few of us around to turn the tide? But then it begs the question: For how long, and who will follow? Sometimes I think, how shallow; how low can you go? Sinking to those depths is something I’m afraid I won’t ever understand. Some treasure isn’t worth the price. Michelle Pinon

5038 - 50 Avenue Box 1079, Lamont, AB, T0B 2R0 Phone 895-2780 - Fax 895-2705 Email:

Letter to the Editor Benoit turns his back on science Dear Editor, This month scientists from all across Canada held a funeral march on Parliament Hill for the “death of evidence.” They were protesting how MP Leon Benoit and his Conservative government are ignoring evidence in policy-making, cutting off funding to vital research and preventing government scientists from presenting

evidence to the public. This normally reserved group was moved to noisy protest by a set of decisions of the Conservative government that shows disregard for the hard work that our scientists do to generate knowledge for the benefit of Canadians. The Conservatives are eliminating the Experimental Lakes Area, which we have used for 40 years to protect us

from poisons in our water. They killed the mandatory long form census, depriving us of a clear picture and understanding of the circumstances that Canadians face in their daily lives. Scores of federal scientists will no longer be monitoring and reporting to us about the environment that our children and grandchildren will have to live in. I believe that to make

good decisions you need good data. Yet Mr. Benoit and the Conservatives are eroding that data, bit by bit. It leaves our government flying blind— and dangerously illequipped to protect the health and safety of Canadians. Ted Hsu, MP Science and Technology Critic for the Liberal Party of Canada

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), July 24, 2012 - 5

Recent moisture has benefited nearby crops Jazmine Inkster Throughout the past few weeks, the county of Lamont has experienced a multitude of rainstorms out in the crop land. Although the amount of rain varies greatly throughout the different regions of the county, with areas north and northeast of Bruderheim being hit the hardest, the majority of producers were able to receive a fairly good amount of moisture. Although parts of the county have been covered in almost constant rainfall, many places in our area received only 4/10 of an inch, while others measured up to three

inches. According to Terry Eleniak, agricultural fieldman for Lamont County, there were a few areas around Lamont that had reports of hail, luckily there was not a very large area affected. When there are large amounts of hail it can often be very damaging to the affected crops, knocking blooms and stems off of the plants. "Hail will damage anybody's crops" explains Eleniak. "The rain we have gotten throughout the past week has actually been extremely beneficial to the nearby crops, providing almost everyone with adequate and fairly even moisture. However, if we were to see a great deal

more of the rain we have been having recently, it could actually begin to damage and suffocate the crops. As water piles up in the fields, it prevents oxygen from travelling to the roots, resulting in the roots of crops beginning to choke and rot," he adds. Although the amount of damage to crops can vary depending on the age and maturity of the plant, many different factors can affect their growth. Excessive rain can cause moisture buildup, while strong winds can often cause irritants to be blown into the crops and can also cause breakage with many different types of growth. Most farmers take preventative

measures to help protect their plants, such as spraying them with fungicides, and other products. Although certain types of produce can be more at risk than others, there is no one type that is immune. "Bottom line is, all crops are susceptible" says Eleniak. For the most part, for now the crops are growing evenly with the majority, fairly healthy, and the outlook should stay that way depending on our future weather. "We should see many happy producers as long as we can stay away from the hailstorms." states Eleniak.

Kalyna Cafe has a whole new menu to experience Made with fresh foods that are from local businesses within Lamont County Michelle Pinon Editor

A fresh take on traditional fare, that's what you can expect this summer at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village. Marcia Ostashewski, executive director of the Friends of the Ukrainian Village, can hardly wait to talk about the newly created menu that offers a blend of locally produced products inspired by pioneer recipes. The Friends Society has collaborated with food consultants, chef Brad Lazarenko and his sister Cindy to create the fresh new menu which features borsch, breads and buns, ham and kielbasa sandwiches, village

sausage, pyrohy, cucumber salad, and honey cookies. To drink, is local roasted Kalyna Kava, and Uncle Milt's Old Fashioned Root Beer and Lemonade. "Food is an important part of hospitality, and that's why it's a big part of Ukrainian history and tradition," says David Makowsky, head of community and corporate relations at the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village. Makowsky says the village is first and foremost a community centre, and offering healthy, homemade fare is a great way to take away a part of the experience. He even encourages travellers, commuters, and area residents to stop by

Bethlehem Lutheran Church 5008 - 50 St. Bruderheim 780-796-3543 Pastor Richard Williams Bethelehem Lutheran Church Sunday Service 9:30 am Bruderheim, Ab. Bethany Lutheran Church Sunday Service 11:00 am Beaver Hills, Ab. “Come as a guest, leave as a friend”

Orthodox V Parishes

for lunch and refreshments, even if you don't have time to take the full tour. One of the most popular items on the menu are the honey cookies that are freshly baked on site. Ostashewski says the honey cookies were inspired by the Grekul family, and are made with honey produced by local beekeeper Craig Toth. Old Country Sausage, owned and operated by Rolf and Andrea Hinken of Bruderheim, are the folks behind the locally made gluten free kielbasa, and sausage. Their ham is made on site and is based on a historical recipe, using a tangy fruit jelly dating back to the 1920's.

The pyrohy are also handmade, and are entirely lactose free with no trans fat or artificial flavours. Only the freshest ingredients are used to make all of the culinary delights, and Ostashewski says they are planning to develop cooking classes in the future to further enhance the experience. The Kalyna Cafe, which is located in the barn, can be booked privately for meetings and conferences, and interested parties are encouraged to call the village during office hours. The site is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Sept. 3.

Lamont United Church 5306 - 51 Ave., Lamont 780-895-2145 Sunday Worship time 11:15 a.m. Everyone Welcome Rev. Deborah Brill Service Sundays at 11:15 am Everyone Welcome!

Lamont Alliance Church 44 st. & 50 Ave. 780-895-2879 Pastor Ron Wurtz Sunday Service 10:00 am

“Children and families are a top priority for us, come join us!”

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Bruderheim Moravian Church Welcomes You! 780-796-3775 Sunday Worship 10:30 am Located at the 4-way stop in Bruderheim

AA meeting Thursdays at 8:30 pm

Sunday Divine Liturgy 10:00 am 780-895-2149

Sunday, July 29 - Tone 7 - Peno 10:00 am -

Kalyna Cafe kitchen employees Sarah Zook and Joan Borys. Current Events •Summer Sermon series: “Women of the Bible”. •There is no Sunday School during the summer but there is A special Children story time in each service. •Nursery every Sunday. •Vacation Bible School, children grades 1-6, August 20-24th, 68pm, register through the Church. •Men’s breakfast, 8:am last Saturday of each month •Revive Gospel Singers Lamont Rec Center Hall July 29th 10AM.

Church Calendar

Roman Catholic Church Cluster of Parishes of Our Lady of Angels Fort Saskatchewan Roman Catholic Services Lamont Auxiliary Hospital Saturday Evenings 4:00 pm Our Lady of Good Counsel - Skaro 1st, 3rd and 5th Sundays 9:00 am St. Michael the Archangel - St. Michael 2nd and 4th Sundays 11:00 am For further information please call O.L.A. Fort Saskatchewan at 780-998-3288

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6 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Aikido becomes a family affair for the Pretty clan Martial art provides a multitude of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits for Lamont area residents Michelle Pinon Editor

Aikido has become a family affair for Katrina and Ted Pretty, and their four boys Ben, Elijah, Nate and Sam. The Lamont area residents are personal practitioners and strong advocates for the Japanese martial art which is currently being taught in the community of Bruderheim. Katrina says Aikido is the physical art of self defense, and children from four years of age and up are learning safe techniques and how to protect themselves through year round lessons which are being taught by Sensei David Kai. “The uniqueness of Aikido is that it does not oppose force, but harmoSensei David Kai. nizes with it, redirecting and neutralizing a partner’s force.” Katrina says Aikido is a very safe practice, and there have been no serious injuries, since classes started nearly four years ago. Katrina first heard about the local Aikido classes

through the Lamont Leader newspaper in November 2008. Initially, she thought the sport would be something the boys could do together, but her husband Ted insisted she join as well. It is a move she has not regretted, and one that has had many healthy benefits to her life. Aikido can be practiced anywhere, anytime and with anybody, adds Katrina, and has been a “huge blessing” in her life and the lives of family members. Aikido builds flexibility and endurance,improves hand-eye co-ordination, and fine tunes motor skills. Aikido also builds confidence and exposes each student to unique individual challenges and successes. Pretty says having most of her sons become leaders in classes has been very rewarding and beneficial to them as they have learned how to focus on other students needs and training and has taught them to serve the club and other people. The local club, the On Kon Dojo Martial Arts Association has a current membership of between 35 and 40 local residents, and welcomes new students at any time of the year. The club is affiliated with the California Aikido Association. Katrina always encourages prospective students to come and observe a class to see if it’s the right fit for them before signing up. Classes are held Tuesday and Thursday evenings as well as Saturday morning at the Bruderheim Memorial Centre. Yearly rates are $350 per adult and $250 per child. Katrina says it is a very affordable activity, and fun for people of all ages.

Members of the Pretty family. Back row left: Ben, Katrina, Eli, and Ted. Front left: Sam and Nate.


These students were front and centre during a recent exam day.

Eli and Ben Pretty put each other’s skills to the test.

Titan Towing 780-998-7668

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TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to the Municipal Government Act, R.S.A 2000, the Council of the Town of Mundare proposes to adopt Bylaw #833/12 an amendment to Land Use Bylaw # 825 to change the Land Use Classification of: LOTS 10 & 11, BLOCK 9, PLAN 610V & PLAN 610V THAT PORTION OF THE LANE IN BLOCK 9 LYING BETWEEN THE PRODUCTIONS NORTHWESTERLY OF THE NORTHERLY BOUNDARY OF LOT 7 AND THE SOUTHERLY BOUNDARY OF LOT 9

Please TAKE NOTICE that on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at The Town of Mundare Office located at 5128-50 Street Avenue, a Public Hearing will be held to hear from anyone who feels they may be affected by the proposed amendment. Anyone wishing to be heard either directly or on someone else's behalf may make oral representation at the Public Hearing. Written submissions are acceptable and must be delivered prior to the Public Hearing to the Administration Office address indicated above. Submissions must be received in the Town Office by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 2, 2012. Further information or a copy of the bylaw can be obtained at the Town Office. Colin Zyla, CAO Box 348 5128-50 Street Avenue Mundare AB, T0B 3H0 Dated at Mundare, AB this 18 day of July, 2012.

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), July 24, 2012 - 7

Lamont Summer July 27, 28, 29, 2012 In conjunction with Lamont Health Care Centre’s 100th Anniversary Celebration

FRIDAY NIGHT – July 27 LAMONT FARM CENTRE & BEAVER CREEK CO-OP host Friday Night Rodeo (Under the Lights) Featuring live in the Beer Gardens “CC & The High Ryders”






FIREWORKS 11:00 pm Hillside Park


SATURDAY – July 28 Combine Krunch

PARADE starts at 11:00 am. - Assembly 10:00 am

PANCAKE BRUNCH FOLLOWING PARADE - Lamont Lion’s Club, $5/person in the ARENA BENCH SHOW - NOON - Meeting Room – Crystal 780-662-7662 MARKET SQUARE ARENA - Laura

CHILI COOK OFF - [Entry deadline 10:30] Joanne 780-896-2223 BEER GARDENS 12:00 noon till 9:00 pm

Zak Yo-Yo o-Yo Y

Rodeo – 1:00 pm



Sponsored by Blue Ribbon Marketing & High Clouds Incorporated

Special Feature - Mutton Bustin’ during intermission Sponsored by Trevor Schinkinger Trucking. Pre-Register phone Deb 780-267-8280 Rodeo Clown


I.D. VIP TEAM - 1:30 pm at the Arena STEAK BBQ 4:00 - 7:00 pm. - Arena $15.00/plate

Special Feature “COMBINE KRUNCH” 7:00 pm - Rodeo Grounds Evening Dance featuring “CC & The High Ryders” 9:00 pm Arena SATURDAY ADMISSION: Adults $15.00/person (includes Rodeo and Dance) rby! Students $8.00/person (7-17 years). Rodeo Dance Only - $15.00/person NO MINORS

Demo De

Tractor Pulls

SUNDAY – July 29 Community Worship Service 10:00 am – Hall ll

WEBB’S TRACTOR PULLS 11:30 am at the Rodeo Grounds. nds. Phone T Tim im 7 780-573-3200 80-573-3200 “DEMO DERBY” 2:30 pm at the Rodeo Grounds. Phone Ken 780-632-1994 Midway, Beer Gardens, & Concession SUNDAY ADMISSION: Adults $15.00/person. Students $8.00/person (7-17 years).

Event Sponsors: Bull Riding – Webb’s Steer Wrestling – Pillar Contracting Team Roping – Servus Credit Union Saddle Bronc – Tervita Corporation Bareback – Canexus Chem. Canada Calf Roping – Beaver Creek Co-op Ladies Barrels – ATB Financial

Major Sponsors: • • • •

A&L Insurance Agencies Ltd. AFSC Bannister Pipeline Construction Blue Ribbon Marketing & High Clouds Incorporated • CIBC • Elk Island Child & Youth Ranch • Elk Island Mechanical • Elk Island Thrift Store • FGG • Gallason Ind.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Helical Pier System Hertz Equipment Rentals Hill Realty Inc. Hrehorets Bus Service Ltd. Husky Operations Ltd. Jay-Lynn Transport Ltd. KG Enterprises Ltd. Kootenay Energy Inc. Lamont Farm Centre Richardson/Pioneer Ltd. Rocky Mountain Equipment Smith Insurance Town of Lamont Trevor Schinkinger Trucking UFA (United Farmers of Alberta) Viterra Weiss Mechanical

Junior Event: Junior Bull Riding – Calibre Production Operators Junior Barrels – All Wick Welding

Novice Horse – Price Automotive Ltd. PeeWee Barrels – Malica Family Farms Junior Steer Riding – McEwens Fuel & Fertilizer

Associate Sponsors: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Back Alley Pub/Liquor Store Calvert Cattle Company Double D Custom Hats Equestrian Supplies Unlimited Fort Record Gondolas Steak & Pizza Lamont County Lamont Esso Lamont Foods Lamont Home Hardware Lamont Leader Lamont Triangle Lamont Vision Centre Parkview Restaurant Redwater Review Theune Financial Yogi’s Liquor Store

Canexus - Official Sponsor of Emergency Medical Services COME ON OUT & JOIN THE FUN! For more info call: Aaron 780-916-4727 Grant: 780-896-2222 Sandi: 780-895-2010 (Town of Lamont)

8 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1939 Chevrolet Master Deluxe takes Lamont resident many places he’s never been in gracious grand style Michelle Pinon Editor

Candy Apple Brandy Wine. Those words could be used to describe several different things; but the one thing it describes to Ewald Heinz is the colour of paint on his 1939 Chevrolet ‘Master

Deluxe’ car that he purchased more than a decade ago. “Every nut and bolt has been redone from one end to the other,” says the Lamont resident, who recently had his hot rod on display at the Show ‘n Shine during the Andrew Sport-off. “I try to go to as many

car shows as I can,” says Heinz, who spent the better part of five years rebuilding and restoring the antique gem. “I like going to the smaller towns, because they need the support,” adds Heinz, who competed in the Chipman Car Crafters Show ‘n Shine on June 3, and took home


Lamont resident Ewald Heinz showed off his beautiful automobile at the Andrew Sport-off Show ‘n Shine recently.

a third place trophy in the street rod category. Heinz is a member of the Main Street Cruisers Club of Edmonton, and has taken many trips throughout the country in recent years. “I’ve got friends right across Canada now,” says Heinz, who participated in the Cross Canada Hot Rod Tour in 2007. “I built it to drive,” adds Heinz, who has already logged on 10,000 miles. “I’ve taken it on the road for seven years.” His ‘39 Chevy has taken him many places in style and comfort. Under the hood, it sports a 350 cubic inch Chev motor, 400 turbo V8 engine. “The engine also has an Edelbrock Performer intake manifold. It’s a 750 Edelbrock, four barrel carburetor and chrome package.” The ‘39 Chev can also get up to 22 miles to the

gallon. Heinz has taken many trips and vacations in his automobile. While

hours a day on Saturdays and Sundays, for almost five years, to transform

he has received several offers to buy the beauty, Heinz says he will never sell the car as he plans on passing it down to his grandson. Heinz says he has always wanted to restore a vehicle, and when the opportunity arose, he had to snatch it up. So he worked after work five days a week, and six

the car. It has power seats with lumbar support, power windows and locks, air induction system, tachometer, and clock he built from scratch. “I spent $27,000 on it.” But Heinz said the restoration was a labour of love, and he would definitely do it all over again given the chance.

The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), July 24, 2012 - 9

Elk Island ‘extraordinary’ in Flemming’s eyes Impressive conservation legacy lives on nearly 100 years later Michelle Pinon Editor

Stephen Flemming is like every other visitor, peaking out the side windows and into mirrors to see all of the spectacular sights and sounds of Elk Island National Park; the only difference is the Jeep he is driving has a Parks Canada logo on the door. Flemming, who has been superintendent of EINP for the past year

and a half, is always amazed by the beautiful sights, sounds, scenery throughout the 194 square kilometre park. “I love living in the national park,” says Flemming, who resides in the original park office, a white two story house that was built in 1906. He and his family usually receive a daily visit from Bert and Billy Bob, a pair of old bulls who like to roam in the backyard.

There are many new baby bison calves born in the past couple of months.

Thinking about wildlife, Flemming points to the glove box where there’s a fact sheet. It states that there are 697 plains bison, 368 wood bison, 789 elk, 399 deer, 102 moose, 100 coyotes, and 253 bird species in the park. There is no resident population of cougars or black bears. “Perhaps it (the park) is not the fanciest, but it’s the one with the most history,” states Flemming, who believes there probably wouldn’t be any bison around today without the park. “They (bison) were close to extinction,” adds Flemming.”Elk Island’s story begins with the actions of five gentlemen who petitioned the Dominion Government of Canada to preserve one of the last remaining elk herds in the country. They put up a $5,000 bond, and fenced 41 square kilometre enclosure in 1906, establishing Elk Game Park.” Having a fenced area was also key to the park receiving a herd of bison from Montana in 1907. “They were taking them to Wainwright, but they came here instead.” Flemming said the bison came off the train

in Lamont before being herded into the park. “Now, a century later, some of the descendants of this herd are being sent back to Montana to bolster the bison numbers in the American Prairie Reserve.” Bryce Christensen, reserve manager for the American Prairie Foundation, could not be happier about the partnership with EINP and bison recovery program which has seen 70 plains bison transferred to Montana. “The Elk Island animals are disease-free, genetically pure, and they came from here what could be better,” commented Christensen. “These species have been successfully reestablished as far away as Russia, Alaska, Tennessee and in about half of the provinces and territories of Canada,” adds Flemming. Several of the families who settled in the area in the early 1900’s were directly involved in the establishment and evolution of the park, and Flemming is planning on exploring those local connections over the next year. “I want to hear their stories, and get a


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888 784 8441

better sense of local history from them.” He is hoping to gather personal accounts and photographs to incorporate

conservation legacy, Parks Canada is participating in stewardship partnerships throughout the proposed Beaver

Superintendent Stephen Flemming is looking forward to the park’s centennial in 2013. into centennial celebrations which are slated for spring 2013. EINP is Canada’s seventh smallest and only entirely fenced national park, but Flemming is quick to point out that its small size does not mean it has a small conservation influence. To mark the beginning of the next century of

Hills Biosphere Reserve to empower citizens to engage in hands-on conservation activities,” states Flemming. Elk Island is truly one of the world’s natural jewels, and Flemming can hardly wait to celebrate its success and continue to play an integral role in its exciting future.

10 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1914 - 2012

99th Annual

One of Canada’s Oldest Stampedes


CPRA Approved Stock: Franklin Rodeo Announcer: Brett Gardner Clown: Ricky Ticky Wanchuck


Sunday, July 29, 2012 1 p.m.

D PARADE GRAND Judging 10 a.m.


Parade 11:00 a.m.

PRIZES FOR BEST ENTRIES PHONE ENTRIES TO: 688-2387 or 688-3735 or 688-3316

Graham Sisterss


trick k riders

Saturday, 11 a.m. Sunday, 6:30 p.m.


Entries Ph: Peter Miciak 780-688-2286 TROPHY PRESENTED BY:

pro o rodeo o events

beer r gardens

APPROX. $21,000 in Prize Money


north h america’s top p cowboys

Trophies presented by the following: ALL ROUND COWBOY: ATB Financial SADDLE BRONC: Field Brothers BAREBACK BRONC: Paul Chrystian Memorial STEER WRESTLING: Bruce Hotel TIE DOWN ROPING: Bill Dorin Memorial Trophy BULL RIDING: Spur Resources Ltd. WILD HORSE RACING: NS Welding, Earl & Rose Kjelland, Ernie Dorin Memorial LADIES BARREL: Bruce Phos Inc. BOYS STEER RIDING - Chomik Brothers

WAGON SPONSORS 1st - Bill Dary Memorial 2nd - Joe Kawalilak Memorial 3rd - Kinsella Transit Mix Ltd. BEST DRESSED WAGON

pancake e breakfast 7:30 - 10:00 a.m. at the RODEO GROUNDS 7:00 - 10:00 a.m. at the COMMUNITY CENTRE CHRISTIAN COWBOYS GOSPEL SERVICE

George’s Harness & Saddlery, Ryley


$12 - 4:30 P.M. RAIN OR SHINE

1st - Mike Miciak Memorial 2nd - Art Grinde Memorial 3rd - Reinold Grinde Memorial



SATURDAY, JULY 28 (If Necessary)

Bruce Ag. Society


Children’ss Tentt sponsors


• Viking Reclamation Inc. • Crop Production Services • Bruce Phos Inc. • Viking Treasure Cove and Dollar Store

$20,, Children n 12 2 & Under r FREE



3:00 P.M. in the Beer Gardens! Bring your own instruments!

Chrysler Canada Battle River Implements L & L Steam Service Viking Auction Market Ltd. Viking Meats Wainalta Motors Ltd. Prairie Rose Bottled Water D & D Septic Service Beaver County Tofield Packers ConocoPhillips Round Hill Hotel Andrukow Group Solutions Inc. Cattle Country Corral Cleaning Bruce Shell Stayura Well Services Ltd. Camrose Machine & Welding Eastline Transfer OK Tire Prairie Fuels Deerland Stensrud Corral Cleaning Flo Form Countertops Blueskys Country Chrysler Ltd. Field Harvesting and Transport Keystone Site Service Rangeland Oil & Gas Service Ltd. Main Street Store Stayura Hot Shot Service Cargill Flaman Rentals Ray’s Trailer Sales Miller Auction Service M & D Enterprises Pomeroy Inn & Suites

Saturday, July 28, 2012 Locall Rodeo Pony Chuckwagon & Pony Chariot Races - 11 a.m. Other Events start Saturday at 1p.m. - Admission: 12 yrs & over - $6.00 MUTTON BUSTING (4-6 YEARS OF AGE) CALF SCRAMBLE LADIES BARRELS JUNIOR BARRELS



DANCE 18 Years & older only

9:00 p.m. - Saturday



at the Stampede Grounds

MUSIC BY: Badland Boars - $10



Saturday & Sunday

Friday, July 27, 2012 Barbecue Steak Supper 6 -7:30 p.m. $15 per person.



8 p.m. $25 per person

Phone 780-688-2216 for tickets Find Us on Facebook!

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), July 24, 2012 - 11

Love of horticulture and community abounds Michelle Pinon Editor

Iris Penonzek can’t say enough good things about Bruderheim or its residents. “I just love Bruderheim,” stated Penonzek, during a tour of her yard and garden this past Friday. The Communities In Bloom (CIB) judges, volunteers, town employees and council members couldn’t say enough good things about Penonzek, who has called the community home for the past 30 plus years. The former school teacher said it is a very friendly town, and she has gotten to know a lot of people in the community over the years. “I have a family of friends. I just don’t want to move,” stated the 83year-old, who spends as much time as she can outdoors in the summer. “The garden is nice because I get a lot of help from my friends,” added Penonzek. With the help of neighbours, Penonzek was able to put in another beautiful garden this year. With good combination of heat and moisture, Penonzek’s fruit, vegetables, and flowers are all thriving. She did receive a few offers from folks to help pick produce when it was ready. One of the offers came from Wayne Olechow, who admittedly used to raid her garden when he was a young boy. “She was my Grade 3 teacher,” added Olechow, who grinned from ear to ear with the memory. He also volunteered to tend the 83year-old’s garden when she’s away for holidays,” with a wink and a nudge. Penonzek says she usually gets enough strawberries to last all year, and is looking forward to this year’s offering. Her peas, beans, beets, carrots, onions, and potatoes also looked like they will be very bountiful. When asked how much time she spends tending her garden and flowers each day, Penonzek sheepishly admitted that she must


Iris Penonzek shakes hands with Communities in Bloom Roger Youners. Looking on is Mayor Karl Hauch and fellow judge Lucy Chang.

Need A

WATER WELL BUT ARE SHORT OF CASH? CHECK STATUS OF $5000 GOVERNMENT GRANT Bruderheim resident Iris Penonzek stands in her lush garden following a brief tour. come outside at least 20 the showering of gen- spending many more times a day to check on uine affection and com- years in Bruderheim, and things. pliments she received with the people she’s While modest in during the brief tour come to know as family. nature, Penonzek was Friday morning. She is nevertheless happy with looking forward to

& other Government Grants

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TOWN OF MUNDARE NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING RE: BYLAW # 834/12 TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to the Municipal Government Act, R.S.A 2000, the Council of the Town of Mundare proposes to adopt Bylaw # 834/12, an amendment to Land Use Bylaw # 825 to change the Land Use Classification of: Pt. Block 32, Plan 2864CL and Pt. Block 31, Plan 0840111 As shown on the attached map

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HELP WANTED Waitress Needed Andrew Hotel Call 780-365-3505 and ask for Amanda from the Urban Reserve (UR) District to the Commercial – (C2) District.

Please TAKE NOTICE that on Tuesday, August 7, 2012 at 7:00 p.m. at The Town of Mundare Office located at 5128-50 Street Avenue, a Public Hearing will be held to hear from anyone who feels they may be affected by the proposed amendment. Anyone wishing to be heard either directly or on someone else's behalf may make oral representation at the Public Hearing. Written submissions are acceptable and must be delivered prior to the Public Hearing to the Administration Office address indicated above. Submissions must be received in the Town Office by 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, August 2, 2012. Further information or a copy of the bylaw can be obtained at the Town Office. Colin Zyla, CAO Box 348 5128-50 Street Avenue Mundare AB, T0B 3H0 Dated at Mundare, AB this 18 day of July, 2012.

Career Opportunity Is now hiring for a residential multi-family project in Bruderheim

Experienced Framer Helpers Please send resumes to:

E-mail: Fax: (780) 674-9593 RCD appreciates the interest of all applicants. Only those considered for an interview will be contacted

12 - The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), Tuesday, July 24, 2012



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PROFESSIONAL Motor Vehicle Accidents, Fatal Accidents, Wills & More Elizabeth J. Tatchyn, B.A., LL.B BARRISTER & SOLICITOR

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The Lamont Leader (Lamont, Alberta), July 24, 2012 - 13

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Announcements Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Thursday evening 8 pm - 9 pm at Bardo Lutheran Church (downstairs) Please use back door. 473757 Ave Tofield. For more info please call 780-977-0517 TFN

Coming Events Please join us to celebrate Marge Dafoe’s 80th birthday and being 7 years cancer free. On July 29, at the Tofield Legion from 2 - 4:30 p.m. No gifts please. 47/48p ____________________________ AIR BRAKE COURSE in Lamont Tues. Aug. 14 or Bawlf Aug. 2 or Stettler Aug. 17. Limited seats available Pre-registration is required. For more information or to register call C.A.M. Driver Education, Government Licensed and Bonded since 1993. 1-877672-2131 47/49p ____________________________ Cowboy Church at Viking Auction Market, Jct of Hwy 36 and 26. Fri, July 27, 7:30 p.m. Special guest Herb & Crystal Taylor, Nashville recording artist / song writer. ALL WELCOME. Call Terry 780-384-2114 or 780-3362224 48p

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Help Wanted Lily’s Steak and Pizza now hiring part-time and full-time experienced servers. Please drop off resume at 4803-Queens Street in Bruderheim. tfn ____________________________ Cook needed to start immediately. Apply at The Garage Pub and Grill in Tofield or email ctfn ____________________________ HRS Logistics is currently seeking full time and seasonal professional drivers for seasonal and full time employment. Superior wages to suitable candidates. Deck experience an asset. Please submit current resumes and drivers abstract. To or 780289-2575 44/48c ____________________________ Required mechanically inclined person for truck dismantling yard. Yard and shop work, some hand tools required. Phone 780-662-3514 46/49C ____________________________ Housecleaner, preferably from Lindbrook area. 2 hours a week. Also wanted handyman for small jobs. References required. Reliability a must. Phone 780-6622016 p48

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Chipman Quilter Donates Work to Village Centennial Jazmine Inkster Student Reporter

The Chipman Historical Society is holding a raffle to support the community's centennial next year. The prize for the raffle is a handmade quilt donated to the society by resident Nadine Mielnichuk. Mielnichuk has been making quilts since she was 14-years-old, and it has been a lifetime hobby ever since. Since she started quilting she has made about 3,000 quilts, and always has at least one on the go. Of all the quilts she has made, they have never been sold. She generally makes the quilts as gifts for her family, to commemorate events in their lives such as weddings and births. Mielnichuk explained that she had quilts that were in multiple places across Canada, and even some in the United States. Mielnichuk is unique in her quilting practices as all of her quilts are made by hand, and she has never used a pattern other than those that come from her head. Her skills were passed down through generations with her being taught by her grandmother at a young age. “She always had a quilt on the go� remembers Mielnichuk. It was after a routine visit from the village fire department, that Nadine offered to donate one of her quilts as a raffle item to the Chipman Hist-orical Society. It was already nearly finished, and will be raffled off on August 17 2012, with all proceeds going to helping fund the centennial celebrations being held next year. The celebrations will be held from August 1117 of 2013, with events throughout the week. As the week goes on, the community will remember the changes that come even in day to day living while going through a century's time. Among the major events to be recognized through the week are the building of many historical buildings, some of which are still standing today such as the

Chipman Hotel, and the National Hall. The quilt Mielnichuk donated was recently appraised at around seven hundred dollars, and with the deadline approaching, the tickets have already been selling quite quickly. The draw will be made

on August 17th 2012. The tickets are $2 each, 3 for $5, or a book of ten for $15, and can be purchased at the Village of Chipman office where there is also a photograph of the quilt for those who wish to see it.

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Sale of Crushed Gravel/ Pit Run to Lamont County Resident Rate Payers Pit # 2700 (Hardrock Pit) SW11-56-16-W4M July 23, 2012 – July 27, 2012 8:00 am. – 3:30 p.m. A Maximum of 30 tonnes per rate payer residence (maximum of ONE Rate Payer per residence) Crushed Gravel: $15.00 per tonne For more information contact public works at (780) 895-2547


EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY Employment Opportunities Lamont County is currently seeking applications for the following positions: Data Entry Clerk and Construction Foreman Please visit our website at; email: or pick up information about these opportunities at the County Administration building.


Alberta Municipal Affairs adopted the Alberta Private Sewage Systems Standard of Practice 1999. It was declared in force under the Private Sewage Disposal Systems Regulation (AR 229/97) on June 1, 1999. The Standard of Practice under Article 10.2.1 requires a clearance of 90 m (300ft) to property lines from an open discharge. The previous regulation in force as of August 1990 also required 90 m (300 ft) clearance to property lines. However, the clearance requirement in effect between December 1977 to August 1990 was 45 m (150 ft) to property lines. Relating to a property that is to be subdivided, where an open effluent discharge is used the following is applied. If installed prior to August 1990 the distance of 45 m (150 feet) to the existing property lines is still acceptable when subdivision occurs. Current requirements are not to be applied retroactively. However, new property lines that are established to form new subdivided property must meet today's requirements of 90 m (300 ft.) between the point of open effluent discharge and the property line as they are being established under current requirements.

300' 150’

DEVELOPMENT PERMIT ISSUED DISCRETIONARY USE Appeal by August 7, 2012 Take notice that the following permit for proposed development as described below has been issued in accordance with the Lamont County Land Use Bylaw No. 675/07. 1.Legal Description: SE 34-55-20-W4 Land Use: Heartland Industrial (HI) Proposal: Construction of the west rail storage yard to facilitate Canexus’ truck and rail transload operations at their terminal, increasing rail traffic by 72 cars per day and 144 trucks per day. Permit No.: DP 2424/12 2.Legal Description: Land Use: Proposal: Permit No.:

Block E, Plan 90 R.S. (in Pt. W 1/2 20-53-16-W4) Agricultural (A) Construction of a new replacement school and parking area (Mundare School) DP 2423/12

Additional Information For additional information regarding these permits, please contact the Planning and Development Department at (780) 895-2233.

New property line

New property line


Existing property line


150’ Point of Discharge

Existing property line


Appeal The Land Use Bylaw provides that the person applying for the permit or affected by the order, or any other person affected by an order, decision or development permit of a Development Authority may appeal to the Subdivision and Development Appeal Board within fourteen (14) days after the date of notice. Appeal Fee - $150.00


The North Lane on Bridge: 74820 will be closed until further notice to motoring traffic. Bridge Sii te: Bridge: 74820, Tributary to Beaverhill Creek, Township Road 542 Location: 2 miles east of Highh way 834 near Chipman (SE 17-54-18-W4)

PHONE: (780) 895-2233 FAX: (780) 895-7404

TOLL FREE: 1-877-895-2233 EMAIL:

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