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Crookedholm Transport Facility Site Safety Guidance

Introduction The Guidance contained within this publication is designed to provide simple safety information to all person(s) visiting East Ayrshire Council’s Transport Services Depot. Commercial vehicle repair sites can present a number of hazards. However by following this site safety publication the likelihood of any incident occurring should be reduced or eliminated. The guidance within this publication has been provided with the intention of ensuring that continuous site safety practices are followed at all times. All person(s) whilst on site shall be under the control and supervision of the Transport Management Team. All signage located within the Depot provides information and guidance to both drivers of vehicles and pedestrians alike and should be followed accordingly.

Arrival at the Transport Services Depot On entering the Depot you must: • Observe and comply with all relevant signage displayed. • Report directly to the Transport Reception Office. • All visitors are required to complete the visitor sign - in book located at the Transport Reception Office on arrival. • Exercise extreme caution at all times whilst manouvering in and around the site. • Persons entering the Transport Services Depot as part of a vehicle crew are advised to either remain in the vehicle or proceed to the designated waiting area within the Transport Services Depot. Information on designated waiting areas can be obtained from the Transport Reception Office. • Only authorised Transport personnel are permitted access to the shop floor. Access by others is only permitted under controlled supervision. • Unauthorised Council employees found on the shop floor will be reported to their respective section managers.

General Safety Rules • If presenting a vehicle to the Transport Services Depot for routine maintenance or repair works, be sure to follow the signage to the designated parking bays. Parking bays are located up the hill, to the front of the building. • If visiting the depot, to meet a member of staff, be sure to park your vehicle in the designated parking bays for visitors and follow the pedestrian walk way to the building entrance, reporting to the Reception Office. • Mobile Field Engineers arriving on site at the Transport Depot shall be required to provide appropriate Point of Work Risk Assessments and/or Method Statements. These documents shall be accepted either electronically or by paper copy, documents shall be presented to the Transport Reception Office on request. • Where appropriate ensure Personal Protective Equipment is worn where necessary. • Always drive safely and obey the prevailing speed limits. • Only park in authorised parking spaces. • Do not park in a location where your vehicle may cause an obstruction or obscure sight lines. • When walking around the depot, always be vigilant, particularly when walking in areas where traffic may be moving. • NEVER walk behind a reversing vehicle. • Any known spillages of oil and/or fuel must be immediately reported to the Responsible Manager within the site.

• Vehicles should never be left unoccupied with the keys in the ignition. Keys are to be presented along with the Driver Daily Defect book to the Transport Reception Office. • In the event of an incident occurring whilst visiting the Transport Services Depot, details of the incident must be reported at the earliest opportunity to enable the incident to be populated onto the Councils’ Incident Management System (SHE reporting system). • All injuries sustained, whilst at work, must be detailed in the relevant departmental accident book. • Where fleet vehicles are involved in any incident the relevant Motor Vehicle Claim form must be completed and returned to the Transport Services Depot at the earliest opportunity. • Smoking is strictly prohibited within the confines of the Transport workshops. • Use of mobile phones whilst in the Transport Services Depot is strictly forbidden except under controlled supervision from the Workshop Supervisors. • Should you discover a fire you must raise the alarm and inform the responsible Manager or a member of Transport Staff who will contact the emergency services. Evacuate the building by the nearest available exit and go to your assembly point. These are located at the staff/visitor parking bays. • The fire alarm system will be tested every Wednesday at 13:30 hrs.

First Aid • Designated First Aiders and First Aid Kits are available at the Transport Reception Office.

Leaving the Site • All Visitors as described above shall report back to the Transport Reception Office prior to departure. • On leaving the Depot, obey appropriate directional signs and speed limits.

Departmental Contacts Robert Stevenson,Transport Services Manager

01563 503250

Ryan Strain, Transport Team Leader

01563 503250

Transport Reception Office

01563 503262/01563 503264

Eddie Spence, Transport Fleet Care Officer

01563 503253

Mark Cox, Assistant Fleet Care Officer

01563 503254

Transport Administration Team


All workshop queries can be emailed to:

Crookedholm Transport Facility Site Plan

Pedestrian walkway MOT customer parking Pedestrian crossing Disabled parking Workshop entrance 20


Fire hydrant

Reception and First Aid area 20


Pedestrian crossing


Fire assembly point

Visitor/staff parking Hire vehicle drop-off point


Vehicle wash & vacuum

Fuel pumps Depot EXIT


Depot entrance gate


Depot site plan

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