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The Best Guide to the Eastern

09/13 €1 from newsagents





A tip from James Beesley, professional at Monte Rei golf.


Feeling tired.


Growing Succulents.

Castro Marim Focus on

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Your retirement income. Right place? Right tax? We need to talk.

289 350 150 WNT28-pt Blevins Franks Financial Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK, reference number 179731. Where advice is provided overseas, via the Insurance Mediation Directive from Malta, the regulatory system differs in some respects from that of the UK. Blevins Franks Trustees Limited is authorised and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority for the administration of trusts and companies. Blevins Franks Tax Limited’s advisers only give taxation advice and are fully qualified.

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w w w. b l e v i n s f r a n k s . c o m

01/09/2013 23:57

Welcome... your September issue. My favourite month! Perfect weather; fewer tourists taking up my parking space, and the kids are back to school (only joking Jake). This month we had a walk around Monte Gordo and the castle in particular. The views are lovely and you get a real feel of how it once was when occupied. Then a short hop over the border to Ayemonte for some Tapas and a wander around the small streets, shops and marina. All in all, a nice way to spend the day and get the boys off of the playstation for a while. Regular features this month include growing Succulents from Mark O'Shaughnessy, the latest local sports news from Chris Wright and a great golf tip from James Beesley. Health expert Gareth Bullock gives us some interesting reasons why you may be feeling tired (although he forgot burning the candle at both ends... yawn). Have a great month. Editor

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PUBLISHER & designer Richard Bassett eDITOR Richard Bassett editorial co-ordinators Richard Bassett Snr. advertising Call 961 700 200 or email printed by Litografis-Artes Graficas Lda, Ferreiras Distribution 3,500 copies printed. All advertisers are issued copies for distribution, along with retail outlets. Cover Pic: Richard Bassett All rights reserved. Except for normal review purposes, no part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Every care has been taken in the preparation of this magazine, but the contents are only meant as a guide to readers. The proprietors of this magazine are publishers not agents or sub agents of those who advertise therein. The publisher cannot be held liable for any loss suffered as a result of information gained from this publication

Unipessoal Lda

“Casa das Portas” and now “Sobre a Ponte” are in the heart of historic Tavira. Come and experience the gallery of extraordinary images of the area and stunning range of gifts from Portugal and around the world. Casa das Portas, Rua Dr Augusto Silva Carvalho, 3 8800-324, Tavira Phone n: 00 351 281 321 025 Sobre a Ponte, Rua 5 de Outubro, nos 1 a 3, 8800-327, Tavira Phone n: 00351 281 328772 57_Sep13_Final.indd 3

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Things to do this month. Let us know your thoughts. Local news.

Does Osteopathy work? Feeling tired.

Ivo Machado Nobre on politics. Ayamonte.


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16PEOPLE 18 Focus on 22 PROPERTY 26 PROPERTY 34 GARDENING 36FinaNce 37CURRENCY ADVICE Paws for thought. Castro Marim. Advertising?

Property of the month.


A secure Retirement.


38 FinaNce 39 FinaNce 40 ENVIRONMENT 42 sport 44 sport 46 classifieds New VAT scheme. After a recession. Safe living.

The latest from Chris Wright. Golf tips from James Beesley.

Grab a local bargain.

From Premier Fx's Mike Skinner. 01/09/2013 23:58

What’s on

Things to do this Month

Here are just a few of the events going on in the East algarve. For more see

MARKETS Castro Marim: 2nd Saturday of the month. Estoi: 2nd Sunday of the month. Moncarapacho: 1st Sunday of the month. Monte Gordo: 4th Saturday of the month. Quelfes: 4th and 5th Sundays of the month.

São Brás de Alportel: 3rd Sunday of the month Sta Catarina: 4th Sunday of the month. Tavira: 3rd Saturday of the month. Vila Nova de Cacela: 3rd Sunday of the month. Loulé: Every Saturday.

Tavira's 1st 'Mediterranian Diet Fair' 57_Sep13_Final.indd 5

5 01/09/2013 23:58


SEPT 28th, 10.00-1300 The Old Market, Tavira, Bargains for all. In aid of the animals cared for at Canil de San Francisco, Loule. Want to sell something? Rent a table 10€s. ring Cynthia tel 281324795 or Pat 9192387 “

l The East Algarve Internationa s: Shanty Choir announce September:

fro m 5th Rehearsals will take place Âncora, Santa Luzia. in h, 0 16.3 , Every thursday r 20 and female singers is ove The number of both male tar, gui , eon ord musicians, acc now. We still nee d some keyboard, fiddler, etc. uese members as well!! And will welcome Portug traditional songs, such as The reperto ire consists of songs, Eng lish and German sea shanties, Irish folksongs, s is Koo der lea languages, our etc. We sing in different conducting in Eng lish. , enthusiasm is! Experience isn't necessary com tlm 926684061 email:koos.algar ve@gmail.

Contact us

This noticeboard is free for readers to use. Send us news, ideas or suggestions you’d like to share with our readers.

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full moon meditation & healing session Monday 16th September, ONLY €10 Call Estrelas on: 00351 968 240 362 email info@



EN270, CXP797A, Fonte Bispo, Tavira

Roll! Every Thursday from 9.30pm, Nando Diaz every Friday See page 13 for details


Postal Address:

Blues, Soul & Rock 'n



961 700 200


Benamor Golf 

To Tavira

EN125 Conceição WE ARE HERE To Cabanas

Find us near Benamor Golf Rua 25 de Abril, Nº 10D, Loja G 8800-161, Conceição de Tavira Tel 281 370 485 or 914 736 878 01/09/2013 23:58

News Jamie Oliver in love with Olhão

Rotary donate truck to food bank


Source: www.algarve123 .com

hanks to the sterling efforts of Rotary Clubs from across the Algarve including Tavira and Olhão, the Rotarians’ Wine Appreciation Fellowship and Rotary organisations in Brasil and the USA, a brand new refrigerated truck has been donated to the Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome Algarve. The driving force behind the project was Claire Larrson, last year’s President of the Rotary Club Estoi Palace International. Food Banks throughout the country collect and distribute tens of thousands of tons of donated products to more than 1,800 institutions. They also distribute cooked meals and food baskets to people in need. Nearly 16,000 people are currently helped in the Algarve. Shirley Dunne, President of the Rotary Club Estoi Palace International thanked everyone for their tremendous support before Claire Larrson formally handed the keys of the new vehicle to Nuno Alves, Director of Banco Alimentar.


Source: www.algarve123 .com


he team from the magazine «Jamie Magazine», of one of the most famous chefs in the world, has dedicated 12 pages to Olhão in its August edition, 2013. The text written by Kevin Gould and photographs by David Loftus describe the course through the city and its narrow streets, which it compares to a medina likely to be found in Marrakesh. The team accompanied people collecting clams in the Ria Formosa, visited the Culatra island, and fell in love with the “almost deserted” beaches, with only the “white clean sand, gentle breezes and intensely blue water”. Before, Olhão had made the news because of the ‘Folares’ (Traditional easter cakes) made by Filipe Martins (Kubidoce) and Jamie Oliver has promised to visit him in person.

Versus by António Aleixo cheer up VRSA

he historical centre in Vila Real de Santo António, one of the best conserved examples of European enlightenment architecture, is being furnished with street benches, where you can read versus from the Algarvean poet, António Aleixo,

engraved into the wood. This redevelopment of public space has the signature of Larus, a Portuguese furniture company. A graphical image was also implemented, shared by local businesses (shops and restaurants)

in blue and white, in allusion to the River Guadiana and the extensive coastline of the county. António Aleixo (1899 - 1949) is considered perhaps the greatest people’s poet ever in Portugal.

Where to pick up your copy of the East Algarve magazine As always, the East Algarve magazine can be picked up from advertisers for free; however, the magazine will also be available at the following locations for a only 1€ per copy. OlhÃo Quiosque do Mercado News Agent on the corner of the Market, Av 5 Outobro, 107, 8700 Olhao Santa Barbara Paulina’s Supermercado Santa Barbara de Nexe – 800 Faro Tel 289 999 145 SÃo BrÁs Newsagent next to SBA Computers. Casa Rui, Rua

Antonio Rosa Brito, no 36 Santa Catarina Quinta Fonte Do Bispo On the EN 270 near Santa Catarina, Tel 281 971 484 Fuseta Crispim Restaurant and Cubanito’s Bar (opposite the ferry boat station) Rua da Liberdade no 126 Fuseta, Tel 289 798 045 57_Sep13_Final.indd 7

Moncarapacho The Newsagent Kiosk Tavira The Newsagent Kiosk Green shack next to the Câmara ConcEiÇÃo Tabacaria Nova Loja Rue 25 de Abril, Ed Casa Nova, Loja M 8800-061

Cabanas Papelaria Mares, Rua Da Fortaleza, 67, 8800-591 Cabanas Tel 281 370 220 Pedras Da Rainha Reception, Cabanas, 8800591, Tel 281 380 038 Altura Tabacaria Alagoa, Rua Da Alagoa – Rotunda 8950-411 Manta Rota Papelaria Marta, Manta

RotaTel 281 952 680 Monte Gordo Talisma Bar Pastelaria Vasco De Gama (in the main square in Monte Gordo, opposite the Casino) V.R.S. AntÓniO Papelarte Elisabete Drago S. Rodriques Noronha R. Min Duarte Pacheco, Lote 1 – Loja B Tel 281 544 614

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Does Osteopathy work? Fisioclube Fuzeta reveals their statistics on Osteopathy.

Objective Study of the effectiveness of the osteopathy in subjects with low back pain in relationship with pain and functional incapacity in the Fisio-Clube. Background context: The pain and lumbar spine lombociaticas are among the most common complaints of individuals during the consultation and medical orthopedic represent common causes of absence from work. According to Rolland and Morris, at some time in life, 70-85% of all people suffer from back pain, accounting for an incidence of 2.5% per year. This represents a high cost of treatment for the health system, and Social Security, the high rate of withdrawal and inability to work . There are conflicting results in the literature review on the effectiveness of osteopathy in the treatment of low back and sciatic pain. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to evaluate the efficacy of treatments used in Fisioclube in individuals with low back pain and sciatic pain, the level of pain and functional disability. Method: The study included 33 users of the Centre for Holistic Therapies - Duarte Arrais Lda diagnosed with low back and sciatic pain. Applied to all

participants of the Visual Analogue Scale (VAS), sitting, bent, lying and orthostatic, and functional disability questionnaire Roland Morris (QRM) before the first treatment and at last treatment. We made a diagnosis and used functional and myofascial techniques (not trusted techniques). Results The study sample consists of 33 subjects, 21 male (63.6%) and 12 females (36.4%) and 51.3 ± 14.4 years old, with the youngest 33 and the oldest 82 years. Figure 1: Distribution of the sample by gender. Figure 2: Sample distribution for duration of pain. Figure 3: Distribution of the sample according to the location of pain. Effect of osteopathy in the evolution of pain and functional disability Figure 4 shows the evolution of the level of pain assessed by visual analogue scale in 4 positions. The level of pain higher initial occurred in lumbar flexion with an average value of 6.2 ± 3.6 while the lowest value in the lying position (4.8 ± 2.7). There was significant decrease in the level of pain after the sessions of osteopathy in positions 4 evaluation (p <.05). Moreover it was also a significant decrease in the number of items marked functional disability questionnaire at 10.3 ± 5.1 to 4.7 ±

5.4. The average number of sessions was 3.1 ± 1.3. Figure 4 - Evolution of the level of pain after the sessions of osteopathy; * p <0.05 Wilcoxon test. Figure 5 - Evolution of functional disability (Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire) after sessions of osteopathy; * p <0.05 Wilcoxon test. We studied the relationship between the duration of pain and the number of sessions and it has been found that the group with chronic pain performed a greater number of sessions when compared with the group of acute pain (Figure 6). However, this difference is not significant (p = 0.123). There is also no significant differences in the number of sessions of osteopathy when comparing participants with low back pain or sciatic pain, with or without hernia and with or without surgery (p> 0.05) (Fig. 7, 8). Figure 6 - Comparison of the number of sessions of osteopathy in patients with acute or chronic pain; * p> 0.05 Mann Whitney. As the duration of pain were treated more individuals with chronic pain 67% than 33% with acute pain. Conclusions With this study can be concluded that osteopathy used in FisioClube without even using trusted techniques manipulation is considered effective in treating low



Benamor Golf





We are here

Professional friendly service for both men and women, Cutting, colouring, perming and re-styling. CONCEIÇÃO DE TAVIRA, OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND TEL: 916 765 082

Gents Cut 9€, Ladies Cut & Blow Dry 18€. APPOINTMENT NOT ALWAYS NECESSARY 8 57_Sep13_Final.indd 8 01/09/2013 23:58


back pain and low back pain, with or without hernias and pre and post operative. The average number of sessions for treatment of these pathologies (low back and sciatic pain) was 3.1 sessions. If you have any of these conditions please contact us, we can improve your quality of life. Our statistics confirm this!

Fisioclube FUZETA

Holistic Therapy

› Osteopathy › Physiotherapy › Global Postural Re-education (RPG) › Nutritional Therapy › Iris Diagnosis › MicroKenesitherapie › Neuromuscular Balance › Auricular Therapy › Neural Therapy › Therapy Taping › Cupping Therapy › Quantum Therapy

Tel 962 777 701

email 57_Sep13_Final.indd 9

Pick n mix

Choose 3 for only €40 » Sole delight pedicure. » Exotic hand ritual. » Back neck & shoulder

massage. » Half leg & bikini wax. » Express anti ageing facial. » Eye collagen treatment. Situated down the avenue from Tavira train station in the square. I look forward to seeing you...

Tel; 919 630 255 9 01/09/2013 23:58


ny serious illness, especially painful ones, can make you tired. But some quite minor illnesses can also leave you feeling washed out. Here are 10 health conditions that are known to cause fatigue. Coeliac disease Is a type of food intolerance where your body reacts badly when you eat gluten, a substance found in bread, cakes and cereals. There are 250,000 diagnosed cases in the UK, but research suggests that up to 90% of sufferers don’t know they have it. Other symptoms of coeliac disease, apart from tiredness, are diarrhoea, anaemia and weight loss. Your GP can check if you have coeliac disease through a blood test. Anaemia One of the most common medical reasons for feeling constantly run down is iron deficiency anaemia. It affects around one in 20 men and post-menopausal women, but may be even more common in women who are still having periods. Typically, you’ll feel you can’t be bothered to do anything, your muscles will feel heavy and you’ll get tired very quickly. Women with heavy periods  and pregnant women are especially prone to anaemia. Chronic fatigue syndrome Chronic fatigue syndrome (also called myalgic encephalomyelitis or ME) is a severe and disabling tiredness that goes on for at least six months. There are usually other symptoms, such as a sore throat, muscle or joint pain and headache. Sleep apnoea Sleep apnoea is a condition where your throat narrows or closes during sleep and repeatedly interrupts your breathing. This results in bad snoring and a drop in your blood's oxygen levels. The difficulty in breathing means that you wake up often in the





10 57_Sep13_Final.indd 10

night, and feel exhausted the next day. It’s most common in overweight, middle-aged men. Drinking alcohol and smoking makes it worse. Underactive thyroid An underactive thyroid gland means that you have too little thyroid hormone (thyroxine) in your body. This makes you feel tired. You’re also likely to put on weight and have aching muscles. It’s most common in women, and it happens more often as you get older. Your GP can diagnose underactive thyroid by taking a simple blood test. Diabetes One of the main symptoms of diabetes, a long-term condition caused by too much sugar in the blood, is feeling very tired. The other key symptoms are feeling very thirsty, going to the toilet a lot, and weight loss. Your GP can diagnose diabetes with a blood test. Glandular fever Glandular fever is a common viral infection that causes fatigue along with fever, sore throat and swollen glands. Most cases happen in teenagers and young adults. Usually, glandular fever symptoms clear up within four to six weeks, but the fatigue can linger for several more months. Depression As well as making you feel very sad, depression can also make you feel drained of energy. And it can stop you dropping off to sleep or cause you to wake up early in the morning, which makes you feel more tired during the day. . Restless legs This is when you get uncomfortable sensations in your legs, which keep you awake at night. You might have an overwhelming urge to keep moving your legs, or a deep ache in your legs, or your legs might jerk spontaneously through the night. Whatever your symptoms,




8 9

your sleep will be disrupted and of poor quality, so you’ll feel very tired through the day. Anxiety Feeling anxious is sometimes perfectly normal. However, some people have constant, uncontrollable feelings of anxiety, which are so strong that they affect their daily life. Doctors call this generalised anxiety disorder (GAD). It affects around around one in 20 people in the UK. As well as feeling worried and irritable, people with GAD often feel tired



Bowen Technique


Feeling Tired?

Ten reasons you may be feeling tired from Health expert Gareth Bullock

Gareth Bullock BTA Advanced

Tm. 912540071

Everybody is better with Bowen 01/09/2013 23:58


Licensed by Ordem dos Médicos, ERS, INAC, EASA, ARS

EASTERN ALGARVE NURSING SERVICES Peter and Jo Diprose For FREE consultation Call 915 250 334 911 013 219

community nurses


English speaking, UK Trained & registered

NURSING CARE IN YOUR OWN HOME For a FREE visit for consultation in the Eastern Algarve area Please contact:

Sta. Barbara de Nexe, 8005-491 Faro GPS Co-ordinaes N-37.102282, W-7.963822


Villas from: £140,000 Ι Apartments from: £95,000

DESIGNED FOR THE OVER 55’S Monte da Palhagueira offers 33 houses and apartments, exclusively designed for the over 55’s. Set within a traditional village development of 22 acres, just 20 minutes drive from Faro International Airport, the village nestles in the tranquil and picturesque hillside of Gorjões, Faro in the Algarve. EXCELLENT FACILITIES The village offers many unique features, including its own own Anglican Church, public restaurant, tennis court, two swimming pools and an ornamental lake, all set within traditional village surroundings, bounded by stone walled lanes and terracotta tiled buildings. COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND In addition, village properties all have access to British trained medical staff, on duty at all times, via an aid call system linked to the village nursing home. MAKE AN ENQUIRY For further information please contact Clive Roberts on ++351 289 990900 E-mail: Ι Web: Monte da Palhagueira Village, Gorjôes, 8005-488 Sta. Barbara de Nexe, Algarve, Portugal. Part of the Amesbury Abbey Group, Church Street, Amesbury, Wiltshire SP4 7EX 57_Sep13_Final.indd 11

11 02/09/2013 00:01


In varietate concordia

(from the Latin – “United in diversity”, slogan of the European Union)


Ivo Machado Nobre shares his knowledge of Portuguese history, culture, and this month; Politics.

ello East Algarve magazine readers, this month I´ll write about politics. In Portugal the political parties are defined as being from the left or the right, due to their place in the semi-circle of the national parliament. Sitting on the far left are the Members of the Communist Party (PCP), then the left block Party (Bloco de Esquerda – BE), and in the most central of the left are the Members of the Socialist Party (PS). Sitting on the far right of the national parliament are the Members of the Popular Party (CDS-

PP), and in the most central of the right we have the Social Democratic Party (PSD). The left wing Parties pay more attention to workers, while the right wing ones focus more on the economy. The central Parties of both wings are always the most voted on national elections. On 29th September in all Portuguese cities a new Mayor will be elected; new autarchy chamber and new parish presidents. All EU nationals legally residing in Portugal are entitled to vote in these elections. Voters are registered in the parish corresponding to their address.

Enrollment is continuous until 60 days before each election or referendum. EU nationals may also be elected in these elections. Do you live permanently in Portugal? It is your right and duty to participate. Do you feel you can bring something new? You can run for Mayor or Parish President even as an independent. Have a nice end of summer, I´ll see you in October. Ivo Machado Nobre


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Pink Flamin o mingo the 19th hole

Bar & Brasserie, Tavira

Enjoy the views of the river gilテバ & join us for:

cocktails ツキ champagne ツキ fine wines a full selection of international drinks

Blues, soul & rock 'n roll LIVE! Every Thursday, 9pm, with Andre, Richard and a medley of Elvis songs from RichArd junior.

NANDO DIAZ Solo Guitarist & singer, Every Friday, Starts 9.30pm


in tavira town, located next to the tavira island ferry tel ange: 933 150 044, rich: 961 700 200 email: 57_Sep13_Final.indd 13

pink flamingo bar

13 02/09/2013 00:02


Just a hop accross the border, Ayamonte is an ideal place to visit for the day.


ith its attractive tiled plazas lined with trees and restaurants and bars, the fishing port and resort of Ayamonte makes an ideal stopping place between Spain and Portugal. It has more foreign tourists than other resorts along the Costa de la Luz in Huelva province, partly due to its proximity to the Algarve and its position as the westernmost resort along the Andalucian coast.

14 57_Sep13_Final.indd 14

Situated on the estuary of the Rio Guadiana, the second longest river in Europe, Ayamonteâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s development has been inextricably linked to its position on the border with Portugal. Until the 1990s, Ayamonte occupied a prime position for crossing the Spanish-Portuguese border, with its frequent ferries across the river to Vila Real de San Antonio here in Portugal. In 1991 the impressive suspension bridge was opened two kilometres north of Ayamonte which

took away the townâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s cross-border traffic on what is now a motorway linking the Algarve with Huelva city and Seville. The journey from Faro to Ayamonte now takes a mere 45 minutes. Ferries still cross from Vila Real to Muelle de Portugal in the centre of Ayamonte.The centre is a great place to take a leisurely stroll, as many of its narrow streets are pedestrianised. These link small, pretty plazas, which are tucked away but full of busy pavement 02/09/2013 00:02

cafes and bars serving great seafood characteristic of the Huelva Costa de la Luz. Visit the elegant Plaza de la Laguna, for a good choice of eating places with outdoor seating. Next to the main square, the Paseo de la Ribera, is the harbour and further along is the ferry dock. In the old town is the fifteenth-century Iglesia de San Salvador, worth a visit for its memorable tower with superb views across to Portugal. There are similar good views from the tower of 57_Sep13_Final.indd 15

the sixteenth-century San Francisco church nearby. Ayamonte is surrounded by protected areas teeming with wildlife. The Marismas del Guadiana, the marshes of the Guadiana estuary, are rich in birdlife, including herons, storks and flamingos. The Parador has an excellent restaurant and rooms with great views over the Guadiana river. The nearest beach is the new resort of Isla Canela, five minutesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; drive

away from the centre of Ayamonte. It boasts a particularly wide stretch of sandy beach, with chiringuitos (summer beach bars), parasols and hammocks for hire and showers. It is a fast-growing resort, with many new holiday apartment blocks, as well as a big hotel, and a golf course. However, it also has extensive sand dunes and marshes home to abundant wildlife. So if you're looking to fill a spare day with friends or family, try Ayamonte!

15 02/09/2013 00:02

People My name is George, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m only a few weeks old, and I was abandoned amongst some rocks with my sister. We were lucky to be found and taken to the animal shelter in Castro Marim where over sixty tiny kittens had been dumped in the last three months. We were looked after by a dedicated team of three part-time staff and a few volunteers who are predominantly English speaking. It is these people who desperately need your help. Please can you spare a few hours each week to make the lives of the poor kittens and cats a little more bearable? Feeding, cleaning, treating eye infections and most importantly, giving some tender loving care. I have been very lucky and found a purrfect home near Tavira but the friends I left behind have not been so fortunate. There are many other ways you can help so please read the rest of this article.

George in his new home where he loves playing in the flower beds. Unfortunately his sister, despite the efforts of the dedicated staff, did not survive.

Thank you. George



The animal shelter that needs your help!

ince a small group of volunteers became involved eighteen months ago, the sparse warehouse type building has been transformed into a more homely environment. A garden area with bushes, climbing frames and rocks means that the adult cats no longer have to stare at four concrete walls. There is also a designated quarantine area. Despite the wonderful work being done this is still a desperately stressful environment. There is a constant shortage of food for the hundred cats and kittens at the shelter. The staff and volunteers would be delighted to have some additional support and anyone with basic DIY skills would be greeted with open arms. Please give some of your time and in return you will receive an endless supply of love and cuddles from the kittens and cats. If you live in the Eastern Algarve and can help or would like visit the centre please contact: Paula Beaumont: tel:(00351) 969 210 019

16 57_Sep13_Final.indd 16

Vanessa Stevenson email: Other ways in which you can help: Fundraising, transporting animals to the vet, collecting food from supermarkets, escorting kittens and cats to the airport on their way to new lives in the Netherlands and Germany and generally supporting the marvellous work undertaken at the centre.

ABOVE: I lost a leg but I'm being well looked after TOP RIGHT. (L to R) Nelia Brico, eight years working at the centre, Vanessa Stevenson and Rhian Jones. At the back Christine Wright with George. RIGHT: Any more room on the rug? 02/09/2013 00:02

EastAlgarve m




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sponsored by

Focus on

Castro Marim

18 57_Sep13_Final.indd 18 02/09/2013 00:02


road that ran parallel to the river. It has also been important strategically in the defence of the Algarve. During the 14th century the soldiers of the 'Order of Christ,' who replaced the Knights Templar, had their headquarters in Castro Marim. At the time the border dispute with Castile was ongoing and the castle was very well positioned with views across the countryside in all directions and particularly across the Rio Guadiana. It fell into disuse when it was replaced by new fortifications in the 17th century - the fort of S達o

Photos Richard Bassett

astro Marim has, historically, been an important town because of its position near the banks of the Guadiana and its proximity to the coast. The remains of the first settlements in the area date from about 5000BC and it is thought likely that at this time the town was an island surrounded by shallow waters. For thousands of years it was a port that offered shelter to the ships that sailed the Guadiana collecting metals and other wares from Alcoutim and was also connected to Lisbon by a Roman 57_Sep13_Final.indd 19

19 02/09/2013 00:03

20 57_Sep13_Final.indd 20 02/09/2013 00:03

Sebastião, on the opposite hill above the town. The remains of the castle in Castro Marim, (which dates from 10th to 12th century), stand on one hill overlooking the town and the Fort of São Sebastião on the opposite hill, with the houses of the town in between. From the castle you can get a great view of the river, the salt pans (which are an important part of the economy of this area) and the sea in the distance. Main road through Castro Marim and cobbled seating area lined with orange treesCastro Marim is a town of typically Portuguese houses and quite wide streets and a lot of the area around is quite flat, making it ideal for bike rides or walks. It seems a very 'laid back' town... no hustle and bustle, just people going about their daily tasks and stopping to take an occasional break at one of the local cafés. A large area of land (some 2000 hectares) between Castro Marim, Monte Gordo and Vila Real de Santo António is the 'Reserva Natural do Sapal' (the salt marsh 57_Sep13_Final.indd 21

nature reserve), which is home to some 153 species of birds, including storks, avocets, sandpipers and flocks of flamingos. There are also more than 400 plant species and various reptiles, amphibians and mammals. There is a visitors centre at Cerro da Rocha which can provide guides to itineraries. View of the salt pans in Castro Marim from the castleIt is still possible to see some of the traditional crafts such as lace making and basket weaving in this area of the Algarve. Castro Marim itself still has local craftswomen making fine lace work, whereas Altura and Furnazinhas are known for their goods created from esparto and palm - like coloured mats for the home. The men folk of Odeleite concentrate their time making baskets from the reeds growing on the river banks. If you want to stay somewhere a little different, with wonderful countryside to explore, and relax into the Algarve way of life, then visit Castro Marim - you won't be disappointed!

21 02/09/2013 00:05


Make your

Property expert Robert Bijker explains why budgeting for advertising is vital for your rental property.






Happy Homes Algarve is currently looking for additional good quality rental Villas and Apartments to offer to our customers for next season. If you have a property to let, please contact us for more details'

Happy Homes has since 2003 provided outstanding property management services and value to non-resident property owners. covering every requirement, Including Inspection, maintenance, administration,letting and marketing services, we have developed relationships we are proud of with reputable accountants, architects, local councils, builders and housing professionals. Let happy Homes ensure that you have the best possible support to maximize and protect your investment for a brighter future!

C o n t a c t us t o d a y : 2 81 32 0 28 3

h a p p y h o m e s l d a. R u a D r. P a r r e i r a 1 3 7 next to Barclays Bank 8 8 0 0 - 3 46 T a v i r a






LHV - 1062

Covering the whole of the Algarve as independant real estate agents, we can provide you with unbiased advice when you decide to purchase a property and can introduce you to a wide choice of reputable mortgage banks, architects, lawyers, builders, chartered surveyors and interior designers. We have been in business for over 16 years, finding the right property for countless satisfied clients. We currently have over 900 properties available online and would be very pleased to help you find your ideal home.

If you are the owner of a good quality property and wish to sell, please contact us to arr ange an appointment TA VI RA

R u a J o sé P i r es P a d i n h a 1 7 8 880 0 - 3 5 4 T av i r a

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C o n t a c t us t o d a y : 2 81 32 0 28 1

www.l a n d a n d h ous es a lga r v e. c om

N 1 2 5 , B e n f a r r a s , B o l i q u e i me 81 0 0 - 0 6 8 B o l i q ue i m e

f you are a homeowner interested in optimizing your rental income you should take time to analyse if you are still on track to achieve your goal. Many of you know, as a villa manager I prefer to do this during September of each year. This gives me ample time to make adjustments if and when needed, to implement them before October and be ready for next year. Continuing economic uncertainty and a consolidation in holiday rental portals are adding to an already erratic booking pattern with an increasing number of consumers waiting until the very last moment to secure their accommodation for last summer. As some types of property and locations are more popular than others, this often meant renters had to settle for a compromise. There are many holiday rental portals out there. Some are more suitable to list your property than others. It all depends on the location and type of property you are marketing and the type of renters you are looking for. The consolidation in this sector meant for some another life line as they struggled to stay afloat, for others who bought or merged with competitors a way to try to increase the annual listing fee suggesting to home owners that due to their increased geographical coverage they reach more potential renters. As the internet is a global village, it remains to be seen if this strategy works for them. For a property management agent with many listings on various platforms it is much easier to identify what works and what doesn’t work. For an individual homeowner this is more difficult to find out, but not impossible. You just need more time and resources. Advertising in general over a longer period of time works well for branding, a one off is money down the drain. To attract interest from renters for your property advertising works well, but you have to be careful not to overspend. Having a good marketing mix and active management of ‘early deal’ and ‘last minute’ discount scheme can make the difference between 02/09/2013 00:05

Property doing fine or doing great in difficult times. Multi channel marketing is a combination of traditional means of advertising in daily news papers and holiday magazines, internet marketing such as having your own website and holiday rental portals and making use of the network of contacts of a well established villa management agency. The right mix can make it work for you, but none of them by its self is the Holy Grail. If you have been relying only on one source for your bookings, the chances are the number of weeks booked this year is lower than the year before. Some homeowners are reluctant to set an annual budget for the marketing of their home even though it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. A budget of Euro 400 to 600 will be more than enough, in most cases this is less than a week of rent in high season. Not investing in the marketing of your home is a bit odd. Having spent a lot of money to buy your place in the sun, then fit it out with many desirable features and

furnish it to a very high standard in keeping with its luxury surroundings, you basically have gone out of your way to make your property attractive to renters. Except you are not telling them! If you are marketing but are not getting the results you expected, there may be other reasons. Either there is something wrong with the marketing mix or the pricing of your property. Sometimes simply changing the photos will do the trick. It is best to address this issue as soon a possible because a week of lost rental income will be lost forever, unlike the inventory in a bookstore which you can always sell or discount the very next day. To find out how Happy Homes Algarve can help you and your home reach a wide target audience, call 281 320 281. By Robert Bijker. Happy Homes Algarve Lda.

Vintage Travel, the UK based tour operator specialising in quality handpicked villas with pools are looking for properties to expand their Algarve programme. Take a look at our website and if you feel your property should be considered; please contact Charlie:

Tel: 961 075 502 Email:

Rua Dr. José Pires Padinha 178 8800-354 Tavira Tel: 281 320 283 Fax: 281 321 901

Tavira House & Home Due to a recent increase in sales we are currently seeking all types of properties for buyers actively looking to buy now

Reduced to €398,000

Traditional style 3 bedroom, 3 bathroom villa with west facing pool overlooking the beautiful Asseca Valley with views of the coastline beyond, Tavira Rua 1º de Maio 45, Tavira AMI Licence: 9218 57_Sep13_Final.indd 23

New listing €225,000 Charmingly renovated 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom character country cottage set in the picturesque countryside of Santa Catarina, Tavira

Office: (+351) 281 328 210 Sarah: (+351) 917 708 209

23 02/09/2013 00:05

MAIN OFFICE – E.N.125, Cevadeiras, 8900-024 Vila Nova de Cacela TEL: 281-951165 FAX: 281-951438 CABANAS OFFICE – (Waterfront) Ava Ria Formosa, Centro Comercial Loja 2, 8800-591 Cabanas de Tavira TEL: 281-370277 FAX: 281-370761 LICENÇA No 504-AMI


APARTMENT CONCEIÇÃO - High quality 2 bedroom + 2 bathroom apartment, on 1st floor, within a modern development w/ access to s. pools. Within walking distance to the village, train station and Cabanas. €119.000

VILLA - PEDRAS DA RAINHA / CABANAS - 2 bed renovated villa, situated within an attractive holiday complex with s. pools, tennis courts, supermarket, bar, restaurant etc, 4 kms from Tavira and walking distance to the fishing village of Cabanas and train station. Sold furnished / equipped for 6 Pax. €189.000

EastAlgarve maga



PROMOTE YOUR BUSINESS WITH US from ONLY €65, UP to €295 for a full page If you would like to promote your business with the East Algarve magazine contact us on or Tel 961 700 200.

As an advertiser you automatically become a distributer, and will be provided with a number of copies to issue to your customers.

Company AMI 7673 Office: Tel/Fax 281 952 820 Mobile: 00351 911 041 861/2

REMOVALS & STORAGE LOCAL, NATIONAL & UK Packing service Mudanças e Armazenagem

Neil & Emily Richardson removals

“Caring for your possessions is second nature and we strive to care for yours as if they were our own” Tlm. +351 939 486 870 +351 939 486 807 Tel +351 281 963 191 or 0844 579 6577 (UK local) Email:

Casa Anibal R/C loja B, Estrada da Manta Rota 8900-038 Vila Nova de Cacela



historic centre tavira €110.000 Ref 1431 • Fantastic location • Completely remodelled • Equipped large kitchen • Living room • Two double bedrooms • 2 Bathrooms • No need for a car

conceição de tavira €115.000 Ref 1275 • Garage space storage • 2 Bedrooms • 1 Bathroom • Two balconies • Equipped kitchen • Close to benamor golf & facilities • Furnished

Apartado 166, 8800 TAVIRA

24 57_Sep13_Final.indd 24 02/09/2013 00:05

Bespoke packages tailor made to meet individual  customer's requirements.

Casas de Tavira Property Management

Management and rental packages which are  designed to suit the owner's individual needs. Packages include "Full Rental Package". This unique  package offers a full European marketing outlet to gain maximum occupancy and ensures that all utility usage is paid by guests during their stay (both long and short).

 8 years experience in the Eastern Algarve.  No Management fees.

Office located in the center of Tavira, Rua Dr Mateus Texeira do Azevedo No.24. From the train station follow the road straight down to the centre, it is located on the left hand-side.

Tel: 281 370 719 Email:


Pink Flamingo the 19th hole




Bar & Brasserie, Tavira

LwL, Nº40a, Rua 1º de Maio, 8800-360 Tavira Office: 00351 281 327 656, Lisa: 00351 910 019 604, Voip: 02070999193 Email: Web:

A rare opportunity to add your own touches to this outstanding villa. Which has been recently reduced in price to sell. Located on the on the hills of Santa Barbara De Nexe, with panoramic views of the country side, and ocean beyond . Built by an established local builder with over thirty five years of experience. The boundaries are walled and gated to accentuate the property, and add the feeling of security.

OLHAO / Moncarapacho Modern Four/Five Bedroom Villa with Pool & Sea Views - €780,000 This superb spacious four / five bedroom villa situated on the outskirts of the popular town of Tavira, on a premier urbanisation. The villa has recently been built, using top quality materials and finishing’s. The pool is south facing, meaning all day sun, and boasts stunning sea, town and county views. This is a fantastic opportunity, in a very sought after location. 57_Sep13_Final.indd 25

Three and four bedroom villas urgently required

Luxury Four Bedroom Villa with Pool - €495,000

Three Bedroom Quinta with Guest Cottage & Pool €330,000



Pink Flamingo Bar & Brasserie, 164, Largo Dr JosÉ Pires Padhina, Tavira

Lovely old Portuguese farmhouse, tucked away in a little hamlet, between Moncarapacho and Olhao. It boasts many original features, good quality renovation with lots of character, very homely and comfortable. The plot is a good size, giving you the feeling of privacy, but not isolation, with other properties dotted around in the hamlet. This would make an ideal home, or holiday home.



25 02/09/2013 00:05


Property of the month

2 self contained detached houses for the price of one!!! Pool, Tennis and lovely Sea views - sitting in 12 acres of land. Property required SĂŁo BrĂĄs, Estoi, Moncarapacho, to Tavira area, please call or email. 26 57_Sep13_Final.indd 26 02/09/2013 00:05


RUSSELL & DECOZ REAL ESTATE Tel: 00351 289 792 785 Mobile 963 085 580 Email:

* Total of 6 bedrooms * Indoor 5 x

10m POOL prepared for heating Doubles tennis court * 2 boreholes * watertank of 25.000 liters * Water * softener * Prepared for solar hot water and radiator central heating * 2 wood burners * SAT-dish * Alarm system * Sauna * Garage for 3 cars * workshop * Air conditioners. And more REF:- 1023V


Price: Location: Moncarapacho

AMI License nº 870 - Member of APEMIP nº 1178 Av. Maria Lizarda Palermo 43a, 8700 - 081 Moncarapacho, Algarve, Portugal 57_Sep13_Final.indd 27

27 02/09/2013 00:05

Designer Discounted Fabrics. Pergola & Outdoor Fabrics. Curtains, Throws & Cushions made to order. Hand Made Cards & Glassware. Gifts,Napkins & Scented Candles. Decorative Garden Furniture & Stoneware. New & Affordable Artwork Collection.

Conceição de Tavira, Just off the EN125, by Benamor Golf roundabout.

Open: Mon - Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am - 2pm Email: Tel 911 514 607, 911 514 523



JeM's S h o w r o o m

Second hand goods


Tel 919 767 066 WE MEASURE! WE MAKE! WE FIT! Hand sewn, made to measure curtains, HUGE selection of fabrics, Complete range of window furnishings, Furniture re-upholstered all in our workshop!

28 57_Sep13_Final.indd 28



Aldi Pingo Doce TAVIRA

EN270 To Tavira

Chicken Luis To Lidl


a re h e r


EN125, Edificio Cubo N.o 65C 8700-248 OLHAO, ALGARVE Tel/Fax; 289 701 380 Tlm 91 885 12 09 Tlm 91 463 14 82 Tlm 92 608 12 44 Email;

Email: Opening times: Mon-Thurs 9h-13h / 15h-18h Saturday 9h - 13h At the Old Mushroom Factory São Brás de Alportel

Old Wood store 02/09/2013 00:06

Vila Nova de Cacela Caliço A L G A R V E




Manta Rota Beach

5 famous golf courses only15 minutes away

Close to several riding schools



€22,000 24h Security, Daytime reception, Free internet access, Post service, Laundry, Petanque. Tavira, Vila Real & Spain: 11km, Faro airport 45 mins. Sea views, 5km from the coast.

Tel: (00351) 281 951 360 Tlm: (00351) 917 925 031

€20,000 GPS: N – 37º 11' 12" W – 007º 33' 00"


Rentals & Property Management Let us make renting easy.

Serving You and Your Guests with Complete Satisfaction in Mind

Management Packages tailored to suit your needs ✓Advertising & Bookings ✓Guest Meet & Greet ✓Car Hire ✓Golf ✓Transfers ✓Cleaning & Laundry Service 57_Sep13_Final.indd 29


Ana's Restaurant


Mini Preco




00 351 913 692 170 or UK 0161 298 4800

Mato Santo Espirito

Gran Plaza

29 02/09/2013 00:06





Specialities include


Fresh local seafood • Cataplanas • Special seafood rices • Fish noodles • Fresh grilled fish • Filet in Mirandesa style (considered the best meat in Portugal)• French veal steak • Duck breast in orange and honey

Mixed Grilled Fish €7.00 Chicken Piri Piri €7.50 Mixed Grilled meat €6.50


Rua da Liberdade n.º 126 Fuseta • OlhÃo • Algarve Telephone 289 798 045 Open for lunch & dinners Closed Weds

A Ver Tavira

Restaurant Piano bar

Calçada da Galeria, 13 8800-303 Tavira Algarve, Portugal Tel. 281 381 363

The Telegraph Trip advisor

Full menu available!

benamor Golf

Full English breakfast €5.50 Sunday roast €7.95 · Golf and lunch €35. Friday fish, chips mushy peas €7.50.



to tavira ConCeiCao


Sky sports, sport tv, all irish sports

we are Here

Follow the Signs

Car Park

Open 7 days a week 10.30am - till late. Limited food menu on Mondays free wifi for customers email Tel 965 524 351

Pool open to the Public. Daily, weekly and annual membership available!

30 57_Sep13_Final.indd 30


to Cabanas 02/09/2013 00:06

International Soccer Star in Fuzeta

Nani visits Crispim Restaurant, Fuseta


anchester United and Portugals soccer superstar Nani visited the popular restaurant in August. Owner Sondra said "It's

nice to have another star passing by our restaurant at Crispims Fuseta. Wonderful food and warm atmosphere with excellent service!"

nick and dani'S riverside bar

Brid itar y


River Gilao




Conceição de Tavira

Barbecue restaurant & take-away

BBQ NIGHT EVERY FRIDAY WITH LIVE MUSIC TEL (+351) 281 381 350 (+351) 914 736 878 To Tavira

Premiership football

3 sky systems on 3 large TV's. Including 3pm kick offs!! All sports shown

EN125 Conceição

Open from 10am Fully air conditioned with Wi-fi

To Cabanas


Rua 25 de Abril-20, 8800-161, Conceicão de Tavira 57_Sep13_Final.indd 31

Food served all day

Meals from €6, Snacks from €2.50 Tapas all €3 each, - piri piri prawns, garlic lemon prawns, scampi, chicken goujons, spicy wings, garlic mushrooms and lots more...

Large range of cocktails, Local Bottled beers Draught lagers and ciders, London pride, John smiths, Guinness, Heineken, Strongbow, Magners, Kopparberg, wkd, Somersby.

Benamor Golf 

English breakfast from €6 Inc. drink

Email; Facebook; river sidebar Like our page

Tel; 927 542 502

31 02/09/2013 00:07

32 57_Sep13_Final.indd 32 02/09/2013 00:07



hen you start playing with plants for your garden you have a refreshing alteration of scale, focusing on individual leaves as opposed to vast sweeps of a border. It is light work, intricate and absorbing, yet it can have equally high-octane impact. Succulent plants, with their plump, water-retaining leaves and stems, are often quite chubby compared to many species, yet close inspection can reveal that they look delicate and exotic. Many are ideal to adorn your garden. Succulents are a large, diverse group and what counts is somewhat debatable. Debatable succulents include halophytes (plants that grow in salt marshes), bulbs (many people consider a few bulbs such as Bowia and Heamanthus to be succulents), Welwitchia (a weird cone baring plant all the other generally accepted succulents are flowering plants) and even some cacti. Even if you exclude all these, you're left with a huge range: rain forest epiphytes (e.g. Hoya and Schlumbergera), alpines from the mountains of Europe, cacti from Canada and Patagonia, not to mention all those succulents from deserts and semi-deserts in fairly warm to very hot climates. For the purposes of this article, I'll just consider the warmer climate desert plants that are grown as houseplants in cooler climates. Even this group is very varied and sometimes plants with very different cultural requirements are included in the same genus (e.g. Euphorbia and Mammillaria). (Most the succulent bulbs will grow well if treated like this.) 57_Sep13_Final.indd 33

Light: Most plants (including succulents) are basically solar powered and succulents like more light than most. They'll do best on a south-facing wall (north-facing in the southern hemisphere). Although succulents do well outside all year here you must keep an eye on your plants, as succulents can be burnt by too much light and heat but this rather depends on the type and where you live. Also plants can aclimatetize to some extent. Heat: Many succulents will tolerate (if not prefer) to have a cool winter period when they only have protection from frost (many will tolerate some frost). However there are others that need to be kept above 10 degrees C. If you have a greenhouse, you may like to concentrate on the kinds that tolerate cooler conditions (they include most the small round cacti that have nice flowers, some large cacti, most Opuntias, most Crassulaceae, Aloes, Agaves, some Euphorbias and all Messembrianthemums). If you're growing your succulents somewhere that stays hot all the time, you should stick to the more tropical kinds: Melocactus, many large cacti, some Euphorbias, stapeliads, Kalanchoes, Pachypodiums etc. although you can probably get away with some of the more tolerant types like Aloes. Water: This is complicated. Most books advice to water about once a week from spring to autumn and not all in the winter. This is fine if you're keeping them cool in the winter, and don't have winter growing types. If you're keeping them warm all year, you really need to water all year, but probably a bit less in the

Words: Mark O'Shaughnessy

Gardeners spend a lot of time looking at the overall picture, and by way of a change it's good to get down and examine plants at really close quarters.

33 02/09/2013 00:07


winter. Winter growing kinds will need watering about once every 2 to 4 weeks in the winter. You really have to learn to tell when things are looking thirsty. The stemless Messembrianthemums are very fussy about when they get watered and they're all different! Fertilizer: Accepted wisdom says that succulents like low nitrogen fertilizer. However I think balanced fertilizer (with trace elements) is perfectly OK. Compost: Succulents will grow well in wide range of composts. Many people use peat based compost. Others use inorganic compost composed of things like pumice, perlite and sand. I mostly use a perlite-based compost and the only things I've found it doesn't work for are Bulbines. Anacampseros and,

34 57_Sep13_Final.indd 34

more so, Avonia like loam based compost. Pots: Old books recommend clay pots but plastic works just fine. Don't put plants in pots smaller than about 5cm as this will really dwarf the plants. If you're going to put multiple plants in the same container, make sure they like similar conditions and grow at about the same speed. Don't mix winter and summer growing plants or cacti and Crassulaceae (the latter take over) and don't mix stemless Messembrianthemums with anything. Pests and diseases: Again complicated as pests keep evolving immunity and the availability of insecticides keeps changing. The main problems are: Mealy bugs (white fuzzy things that look a bit like small woodlice), root mealy

bugs (similar but live in the soil), red spider mites (very small, cause brown scaring) and various types of rot. Many people use systemic insecticides and fungicides every year or so but crassulaceae really don't like systemic insecticides or Malathion. Red spider mites don't like being sprayed with water. I use bulb powder in the compost to prevent fungus and root mealy bugs. If you can put your plants outside or let them get cold in the winter, it will help keep the pests down. If you have a plant that dies at the base, you can often chop off the dead and dying bits and get what's left to take root. You may also be able to graft the top bit. Some more easily grown succulents (good to start with): Aeonium, Agave, Aloe, Apteranthus, Beaucarnia, 02/09/2013 00:07


Carpobotros, Cereus, Crassula, Dracena, Delosperma, Echeveria, Echinopsis (now includes Lobivia, Trichocereus etc.), Euphorbia (some, remember there are tropical and cooler climate species), Gasteria, Graptopetalum, Gymnocalycium, Haworthia, Kalanchoe, Lampranthus, Lithops, Mammillaria (easy species include: boccasana, gracilis and prolifera), Notocactus, Opuntia, Pachyphytum, Plectranthus, Rebutia, Sedum (warmer climate kinds the cold climate types should be grown in the garden in a cold climate), Senecio.


B E m - V ind o â&#x20AC;˘ W elc o m e


EN 125, c.p. 126-E 8800-118 Luz de Tavira e-mail: Tel: 281 961 189 Find us on facebook at:

Geojardim Landscaping & Garden Center 57_Sep13_Final.indd 35

To OlhĂŁo

To Moncarapacho

Luz de Tavira

EN125 Fuseta

To Tavira Look out for the Yellow flags

35 02/09/2013 00:07

By Gavin Scott, Senior Partner, Blevins Franks


Expert financial advice 7 Key ‘Habits’ For a Financially Secure Retirement in Portugal

f you are in the process of inheritance to UK resident children. moving to Portugal or have Pensions recently arrived, there are Retired people rely on their pension many important financial funds to provide regular income. considerations to plan for, and the There may be ways to improve your sooner the better. private pension funds to make them Tax residency and obligations work better for a UK national living Establish if and when you become in Portugal. resident in Portugal for tax purposes, Inflation and your long-term and what taxes you are liable to security here. There is a list of criteria that Inflation will reduce the spending make you tax resident. power of your savings over time. Take You also need to understand the steps now to protect your wealth in new UK tax residence rules, since it real terms, so that you maintain your can be harder than you think to lose standard of living through retirement. UK tax residency. Investment strategy Tax planning The first rule of any investment Taxation is higher than it used to be, strategy is that it should be but do not let this put you off. You specifically designed around your can often structure your savings, circumstances and objectives. investments and pensions to Your circumstances drastically be tax efficient. Do not change with retirement presume that what and a move to a was tax efficient new country, so Retired people in the UK is tax your strategy rely on their pension efficient here. needs to be funds to provide regular Seek specialist professionally advice on what income. There may be ways reviewed and arrangements adjusted to to improve your are effective suit your new and compliant life and goals. private pension funds to in Portugal. E s t a t e make them work better If you are not planning yet resident, In Portugal for a UK national living enquire about inheritance tax in Portugal. Portugal’s Non (“stamp duty”) Habitual Residents only applies to assets scheme which can offer situated in Portugal; the some very attractive tax advantages. rate is relatively low and your spouse Currency and children are exempt. However, Keeping savings and investments if you remain UK domiciled, as many in Sterling puts your income at the British expatriates do, you continue mercy of exchange rate fluctuations. to be liable for UK inheritance tax. A good rule of thumb is to match Seek specialist advice on how to assets to liabilities, so if you are mitigate or avoid this tax. spending Euros, your assets are in For all the above points, taking Euros. However you may have other advice from a professional tax considerations. Perhaps you will planning and wealth management return to the UK one day, or leave an expert is invaluable. It is the

36 57_Sep13_Final.indd 36

only way to be sure you have not overlooked anything, and that you have established all your options and how suitable each are are for you. Any statements concerning taxation are based upon our understanding of current taxation laws and practices which are subject to change. Tax information has been summarised; an individual should take personalised advice. To keep in touch with the latest developments in the offshore world, check out the latest news on our website

Rui Horta Law Office


Lawyer Purchase of Commercial and Residential Property • Mortgages on Property or Shares • Formation of Trust Companies • Banking & finance advice • Taxation Advice Development and Planning Law • Personal Injury • Contract Disputes • Powers of Attorney • Will and Probate • Debt Collecting and Process Service • Enforcement of Judgments • Maintenance Orders • Family Law and Divorce • Nationality and Residency Applications

Portuguese, English, Spanish and French speaking Solicitors offering clients the benefits of local representation.

Telephone: 281 325 635 or 281 325 636 Fax. 281 325 612 Mobile Phone: 96 4043 380 or 96 207 6556 E-mail: or Website: Rua 1° de Maio, no 9, 8800-360 Tavira - Portugal 02/09/2013 00:07

Expert currency advice Premier FX's Account Manager Mike Skinner keeps us up to date with the latest currency news.


elcome to the third installment in my guide to foreign currency exchange. Looking back over previous editions I discussed how foreign currency exchange brokers (FX) can save you money, ensure your funds are secure and that the process is easy, quick, without limits, and flexible to meet your needs. A question that is frequently asked is why is there a difference between the exchange rate that is advertised and what is offered when I need to transfer my money? A commonly used reference point is who provide live rates via their website. When banks trade in the Foreign Exchange Market between themselves for sums in excess of £3M this is the rate they use. Our aim as FX brokers is to get as near as possible to the interbank rate for wholesale amounts and provide more competitive rates than the banks offer to private and commercial clients. This can result in savings to you of between 3-5% on 57_Sep13_Final.indd 37

Getting the right exchange rate!

your currency transfers. Anyone who has to regularly transfer money will know that exchange rates can fluctuate, with changes occurring not by the day but by the minute! Over the last 6 months the interbank rate has varied between €1.14 and €1.18. Predicting movements is extremely difficult. Indeed the £ has suffered over the last few months despite encouraging financial reports that the UK economy is improving which you think would strengthen the £. Even now, while the £ has surged higher against the €, market confidence is poor and the prediction is that it will fall away again during the final quarter of 2013. The key is confidence in the UK recovery against that in the Eurozone. So how can you protect yourself against these fluctuations? There are some tools available to FX brokers that will allow you to agree a fixed rate and provide you with certainty. These range from regular payment plans, typically used for pensions or regular incomes, through to worst

case rates on large capital sums, such as when buying a house. These options are not easy explain within the confines of these articles but it is important that you are aware of them. Some people will want security; others are prepared to take a risk on a changing exchange rate. Availability of funds will also be a deciding factor, as some options require a deposit or full payment. Having a full understanding of your needs is vital for your Account Manager to provide you the best advice. Discussing your circumstances costs nothing and you could make significant savings. For those people who want to have more involvement there is a new option available – Premier FX Online. You can arrange your own spot transfers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can monitor live exchange rates and transfer your funds when convenient for you, via our simple and easy to use website. Please contact me for more details. Mike Skinner, Tel: 910 028 541

37 02/09/2013 00:07

Expert financial advice Keep up to date with our Finance expert, chartered accountant Ricardo Chaves from Blue Ribbon Finance.


n the 30th of May, the Portuguese Government has finally published the new law, that will allow some companies to changes their VAT regime. Some companies will be able to change their VAT regime (only in case they want) and start paying this tax only after receiving the monies from their clients. Basically currently companies pay their VAT either monthly or quarterly (from the date of issuing their invoices), this new option was created with a view to improve the cash flow of some small and medium sized companies, which were paying the VAT to the state, before they would receive it. At this stage only companies with a turnover in 2012 up to half a million may apply. This means that potentially 85% of the small and medium sized companies in Portugal, can change to this new system. But this doesn't mean that as many of them will do it, as there are some advantages to this new system, but also some implications as you can see below. First of all please be aware that companies (or sole traders) have until the end of September 2013 to decide wether they want to change

The new VAT (IVA) scheme

to this new Vat system (IVA Regime de Caixa). This is in case they want to do it for the last quarter of 2013 and for the year of 2014. After this, every year, until the 30th of October, all companies may apply for this VAT regime, which will take place in the following year (ie to apply this system for 2015 the deadline is 3010-2014). So this new law number 71/2013 is aimed to VAT taxpayers: • With a turnover on the previous year up to 500 thousand euros; • Not exempted from the tax (Article 9 or Article 53); • Not covered by the regime of small retailers (Article 60); • Without any tax debts Any companies opting for this VAT Scheme, will have to invoice with a different serial number and mention clearly on all these invoices the sentence: “IVA Regime de Caixa” (VAT Cash Regime). Also it will be mandatory to all these companies to issue a receipt as soon as the invoice has been paid, either in full or part. Also, this receipt will have to detail the amount received, which invoice is paying, the amount of tax that is being paid, the VAT numbers of both supplier and client and last but not

least, the mentioin “IVA Regime de Caixa” (VAT Cash Regime). Basically all companies and sole traders using this new VAT Scheme, will pay the VAT after receiving the payment of their invoices and not after issuing the invoices. However, in the same way, these companies will not be able to use any invoices from purchases if they aren’t paid yet. Now a days you can use any invoices either they were paid or not, to reduce your VAT liability. Since you are in this regime, you will deduct VAT on purcahses paid and will only pay VAT on sales already received. Please see below some FAQs So if my client does not pay me , when do I have to deliver the VAT ? If you have not received any payment delivery VAT which you can held that payment for 12 months. This means that if you issued an invoice on the the 14th October 2013 and this was was not paid by your customer, you will still have to deliver the VAT up to 14th of October 2014. The VAT system Cash applies to all payments? The new regime applies to all payments that are addressed for VAT , with the following exceptions : • Import, export and related activities ( Articles 13 , 14 and 15 of the VAT

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Code ) ; • Transmissions and acquisitions of goods and transactions treated pursuant to RITI ; • Community supplies of services; • Transactions in which the purchaser is liable for the tax (IVAReverse charge). Last but not least is important to

inform that even that your company is not on this new regime, if you have purchases from a supplier that trades under this, you will not be able to deduct the VAT if you haven’t paid. So this may mean that you need to reassess the suppliers you are currently using. Also, to any companies wanting to adhere to this

VAT regime, please be aware that by doing this you are automatically allowing the Tax Authorities to check on your bank accounts, if and when they decide to and without any previous warning. If you need any further clarification about this or other taxes, please contact us.

After a Recession in Portugal, the Tiny Green Fruits of Success

Portugal is finding that increasing exports is the way to pull its economy out of a recession. RAPHAEL MINDER


n February, Herdade de Manantiz installed its first irrigation system, an investment of 197,000 euros, or $263,000 that is meant to help quadruple production. In May, the company completed its first overseas sale — to a Brazilian retailer that bought 504 bottles of oil. It is pursuing buyers in Sweden and Japan for its oil made from galega olives, which are unique to Portugal. Its initial shipment of olive oil to Brazil sold at 60 reais, or nearly $26, a bottle, four times what is sells for in Portugal. “It’s difficult to change direction for very small companies like ours, but there comes a point when there is really no other choice,” said António Morais de Almeida, who is part of the fifth generation of the family that owns and operates Manantiz. Small businesses like Manantiz cannot on their own mend Portugal’s long-suffering economy. But as many of the country’s businesses have accepted that true growth must occur beyond the country’s borders, the economy is beginning to improve. Portuguese authorities said this month that rising exports were the main reason Portugal posted the strongest growth in the second quarter among the nations of the 57_Sep13_Final.indd 39

European Union. The country’s gross domestic product rose 1.1 percent from the previous quarter, according to data from Eurostat, the union’s statistics agency. Struggling euro zone countries cannot make themselves globally competitive by devaluing the local currency to make their exports cheaper because they belong to the currency union. But Portugal’s unexpected increase in G.D.P., which followed 10 consecutive quarters of contraction, “shows that you can increase export competitiveness even without the option of an exchange rate devaluation,” said Luis Cabral, an economics professor at New York University. Mr. Cabral suggested that Portugal had reached “if not the end of the recession, at least the beginning of the end of the recession.” Lisbon continues to have financing difficulties despite the bailout worth 78 billion euros it negotiated in 2011 with international creditors. Miguel Morale de Almeida, said Manantiz had wanted its irrigation system in place earlier in the crisis, but was unable to arrange an affordable bank loan. “Had a bank given us credit, we could have done this irrigation revolution two or three years earlier”. Eventually, Manantiz

managed to tap into European and Portuguese rural development subsidies to cover 40 percent of the construction cost. The rest of the financing came from the savings of family members, which Mr. Morale de Almeida called “a significant personal sacrifice, but a controlled risk.” Portuguese exports rose 6.2 percent in the second quarter from the comparable period in 2012, according to data this month from Portugal’s national statistics institute. Exports of fuels and lubricants soared 37 percent, as a result of the upgrade of the Port of Sines refinery operated by Galp Energia, the Portuguese oil company, which has turned Portugal into a net exporter of diesel fuel. Exports of food and beverages rose 11 percent in the quarter, while capital goods — excluding transport equipment — climbed 6 percent. Mr. Costa Reis cited, among other positive economic indicators, recent increases in business confidence and industrial productivity. Portugal’s unemployment rate also fell back to 16.4 percent in the second quarter, from 17.7 percent in the previous one, the first quarterly decline in two years.

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East Algarve – Safety at your doorstep


David Thomas shares his police experience in keeping the East Algarve a safe place to live and visit

am very grateful to Richard Bassett for inviting me to write a series of features for the East Algarve Magazine aimed at maintaining community safety in this area. The East Algarve has long been associated as having the lowest crime rate in the Algarve. However we must never be complacent and a safe community means all us working together and with the police and other authorities to maintain an environment which makes the area such a safe and enjoyable place to live and visit. In this series I am pleased to be associated with Rachel Robinson, owner of in Tavira who has plenty of experience in dealing with property safety issues through the management of over

40 57_Sep13_Final.indd 40

90 villas in her portfolio. With our combined experience we will be focusing on home protection and the steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of property crime. The features will look at a number of issues including: how to protect your home when going overseas; the GNR Safe Residence Program; crime prevention in rural areas; supporting the police in combating crime; looking after our neighbours, looking out for and reporting suspicious activities; and other topics aimed at reducing the risk of crime. So if you live in Alcoutim, Castro Marim, Tavira or Sao Bras there will be something for everyone. If you would like a subject covered we will be pleased to hear from you. So much for the introduction and

now for our crime prevention tip of the month which is: “When going out at night leave internal lights on in the lounge/kitchen, hall and a bedroom, never the hall on its own”. Try and achieve an “occupied look” and that will reduce the risk of crime”. In October we will focus on preparing your villa for the winter lock-down after summer letting when you maybe overseas. Have a safe and enjoyable summer. David Thomas Associaçâo Safe Communities Algarve 02/09/2013 00:08

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All the latest local sports news from Chris Wright.

ootballers and supporters from far and wide have converged on Olhanense as the Algarve’s only Premiera Liga team start their fifth season in the top flight. Fourteen countries are represented in the squad of twenty-five players including Italy, Senegal, Nigeria, Canada, Slovakia, Sweden and Brazil. It helps that manager Xavier speaks six languages but the common tongue frequently heard in training sessions is English! An opening day 2-0 defeat at V.Guimarães as centre-forward Maazou, a real handful upfront, netted twice. An early second-half goal and the harsh dismissal of centre-back Mladen put paid to any thoughts the Algarveans might have had of gaining a point. To add to their woes, the Olhão based team learnt they would have to play their first two homes games at the Algarve Stadium, Faro. The playing surface at the José Arcanjo Stadium has not recovered from maintenance work for the third time in four seasons. The fans converged on the Algarve Stadium for the fixture with last season’s third placed side Paços de Ferreira, who had played Zenit St Petersburg in the UEFA Champions League only days earlier. With only three players - former Portugal international keeper Ricardo

42 57_Sep13_Final.indd 42

and full-backs Luis Felipe & Jander surviving from last season, the home side was a blend of experience and exciting young talent although seven of the starting line-up were Portuguese. An early set-back for Olhanense saw Vitor Bastos replace the injured Ricardo Ferreira after just ten minutes. Five minutes later the home side went one up when P.Ferreira centreback Ricardo failed to clear. Big bustling centre-forward Mehmeti, on loan from Palermo (Italy), collected the ball just inside the penalty box, skipped past Gregory and drove the ball past Degra. P.Ferreira came back strongly and three times rattled the Olhanense crossbar! More drama was to unfold as half-time approached. The impetuous young Pelé, on loan from AC Milan, was shown a yellow card for kicking the ball away at a free-kick. In the ensuing confrontation he pushed Vitor and a second yellow resulted in an early bath for the young Guinea-Bissau midfielder. At the break João Ribeiro replaced Bigazzi as Xavier looked to bolster his defence and midfield. P.Ferreira laid siege to the Olhanense goal and how Hurtado managed to head wide in front of goal, only he will know. Equally Carlão was guilty of prodding the ball wide from only a yard out! In a frenetic five minutes of stoppage time it was

34 year-old skipper Rui Duarte who inspired the team to keep the goal intact and record a famous victory. This was Olhanense’s first victory in nine games between the two sides.

MEMORABLE DAYS FOR FANS Little did Matt Watts think he would meet one of his childhood heroes when he went along to the Olhanense Open Evening. Matt, from Southampton and on holiday in Tavira with girlfriend Becky Wesson, is a staunch Saints fan and remembers the day Abel Xavier played at The Dell. “He was an outstanding defender and immediately recognisable by his prominent hairstyle!” Football supporters from Germany, Italy, Ireland, Australia, the Netherlands, 02/09/2013 00:10

LEFT: The 2013/4 Olhanense team

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BELOW: Mauricio & Djalmir with young fans at the Celebration Dinner

Sweden and the UK joined members of the Olhanense Expat Supporters Group for the game against Paços de Ferreira. The Balshaw family from Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancashire, staying at the Real Marina Hotel apartments in Olhão, are fervent Everton fans. Roger Balshaw was delighted to be present to see former Everton favourite Xavier lead his team to victory, “The expat supporters made us so welcome and showered us with badges & programmes. Two days later we were invited to tour the Olhanense Stadium and Trophy Room but the icing on the cake was when we met some of the players and Xavier. We’ve had a wonderful time and I cannot describe how excited young Ted has been with the whole experience.” Joe Rosseirio from Australia was making a pilgrimage home having been born in the town.

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A BIG ‘THANK YOU’ Two icons of Olhanense football, centre-forward Djalmir and centreback Maurício, were guests at a Special Dinner held in their honour. Djalmir made 123 appearances and

scored 54 goals including twenty in the 2008-9 season when promotion to the Premiera Liga was secured. The extremely popular Djalmir is returning home to Brazil whilst his fellow countryman Maurício is still recovering from a serious injury. Chris Wright

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corte martains

CHRISTMAS DAY CELEBRATION 5 course lunch games prizes comedy\dancing with danny maverick 30€. limited places deposit reQuired the turkeys getting fat. 3 course lunch, wed to sat, 9€ - Fabulous 3 course Fish & Chips All day Fri 9€.

monte rei golf

Opening times; Wednesday to Sunday 10 am - 9pm. tel 964 581 213 or 966 775 417, Only 5mins from Monte Rei Golf 57_Sep13_Final.indd 43

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Alignment Drill

This month's tip from resident professional at Monte Rei Golf and Country Club, James Beesley.


hen practicing it is vital to have a target; positioned parallel to the target line. without one how do you know if the ball is To correct your alignment when practicing, lay two sticks going where you are aiming? or golf clubs on the ground parallel to the target line, When practicing you should select a creating the image of a railroad track. Your body will be target and make sure your body and on the inside rail with the ball on the outside rail. After clubface are aligned to this point. each shot note where the ball has finished in relation Setting up and aligning your body correctly gives you to your target and remember, alignment aids can only the best opportunity to hit be used on the driving range the ball where you want it to and not the course.By taking Name: James Beesley go. If incorrectly aligned your a few extra looks at the target From: Liverpool, England swing will naturally develop once set up correctly will help Club: Monte Rei Golf compensations in an attempt to program this and make it & Country Club correct the alignment fault. easier to transfer to the golf Position: Golf Professional By practicing with poor course. Turned Pro: 2012 off Scratch Background: BA Business Studies alignment is effectively For individual, group or playing Degree, University of Liverpool. practicing a swing fault and will lessons call +351 281 950 950 Associate of Science Degree in Golf result in more problems when or email at Management, Keiser University. going to the course. Lessons include all equipment Played for Club, District and To aim correctly, your body (feet, hire, golf balls & water. University Golf Teams. hips and shoulders) should be James

Pro stats

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Dino's - Cabanas Sunday 15th September;

A musical event with a difference

From Madrid, and the Spanish coasts, Antonio Aguilera makes his Portuguese debut, with Salsa, Merengue, Flamenco, Sevillianas and much more. A Four course lunch will be served at €14 per person. €5 deposit required at booking due to limited seating, sit down 1:30pm.

Saturday 28th September:

Charity quiz for the childrens home €5 for meal, €5 for the charity. For reservations call 912 827 058

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TGFH 57_Sep13_Final.indd 47Full Page ad SEPT2013.indd 1 TGFH - East Algarve ad

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Sept13 East Algarve Magazine  

The Best Guide to the Eastern Algarve, Covering Olhao, Tavira, Santa Luzia, Luz Tavira, Fuseta, Castro Marim, Cabanas, Monte Gordo, Vila Rea...