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Welcome... your 120th issue, meaning we have now published the East Algarve Magazine for an incredible 10 years. We hope you've enjoyed reading our magazine as much as we have enjoyed putting it together for you. If you have, I'm taking this opportunity to ask a favour. In this issue on page 16, we introduce the charity SER Igual – Association for the rehabilitation of children with special needs in Tavira. You may not be in a position to help, but if you can, please take 5 minutes to read about them and about the important work they are doing. Also, we'd like to sincerely thank all our advertisers and contributers, without whom this magazine wouldn't exist. Wishing you a very happy Christmas, and all the best in 2019. This issue is dedicated with love to little Emily.

Richard Bassett Editor

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NEWS Local news. PEOPLE Beth Jackson meets the Coin Man. PLACES Mediterraneus Bistro. CHARITY SER Igual.


PROPERTY 2018 property update.

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PROPERTY Property of the month. TAVIRA Look out for our advertisers on the map of Tavira. CHRISTMAS Christmas lights in Tavira. GIFTS Christmas gifts from Tavira.


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HOBBIES Quilting. GARDENING Christmas Herbs & Spices. FINANCE Finance news from Blevins Franks.


FINANCE Finance news from Ricardo Chaves.

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FINANCE Financial advice from deVere. SPORT The latest from Chris Wright. CLASSIFIEDS Grab a local bargain.


News Vila Real de Santo António to have Algarve’s biggest Christmas nativity scene


he eastern Algarve city of Vila Real de Santo António will this year boast the biggest Christmas nativity scene in the region. The display will be inaugurated on Friday (30 November) and will remain on show until 6 January 2019 at the António Aleixo cultural centre. The 220 sqm scene took more than 40 days and 2500 hours to create, involving over 20 tons of sand, 4 tons of stone powder and 2,500 kilos of cork.

lhão Council has approved its 2019 Budget and plans to spend €32 million, with a focus on social housing, waste and upgrading the historic city centre. As for housing, "We have an aging social housing area that is in urgent need of repair and upgrade. We have already started this but there is more to do," said Mayor António Pina. In addition to social housing, low cost construction also is a top priority next year, "this measure will allow young couples to purchase housing at more affordable prices, which today is not possible as a result of the increase in house prices that has resulted from the high demand for property that Olhão is experiencing," said António Pina . The budget of €31,893,790 was approved by a majority (15 votes in favour and 10 against) on November 26. To the concern of many locals, next year’s spending includes the 'upgrading of Olhão's historic centre.' The last time this plan was tabled, based on drawings from a firm of Lisbon architects,

such was the outcry from those interested in preserving, rather than modernising, the historic centre, that the mayor retreated and tucked away the plan until quieter times. It remains to be seen how far the Council is to go in adopting the original modernisation programme, that included the removal of many of the famous calçada streets to replaced with machine-cut block paving, changing old bracket lights to those with modern 'designer' fittings etc but when the details are released, the Council can expect robust comment if 'upgrading' is being used as a a polite word for 'modernisation.' It’s local election year in 2019, so spending on schools is planned, in addition to more money for youth, sport and culture, social support and security with a municipal police force included in the 2019 plan. Doing up gardens and green spaces get a mention, but not the total replacement of the mature gardens to the east of the markets as this expenditure does not come from Council funds. As for tourism, with which the mayor is deeply involved, there are plans to create a

motorhome camping ground and ‘thematic cultural routes,’ as well as improvement of the space surrounding the fishing port. Almost as a footnote, the Council budget summary mentions improvements to the water supply network and sanitation although local hopes for an end to the raw sewage flowing daily into the Ria Formosa from underneath the city, are long forgotten. ‘Keeping the city clean,’ is almost an election banner, with the mayor concluding, “We are going to increase the inspection on the dumping of garbage and will improve the plan for solid waste collection. We have to study the placement and/or expansion of ecopoints and we need to strengthen the municipal fleet of urban waste collection vehicles." Mayor Pina, a Socialist Party member, should coast the local election next autumn despite increasing calls for a more open style of government, better communication of the Council’s plans and a continuing barrage of legal complaints against him for various infractions, mostly involving his penchant for courting property developers.





Olhão's 2019 Budget includes 'upgrading historic centre'


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To Coin a Phrase:




Having lived here for over 30 years during which time he's turned a hobby into a living, the 'Coin Man' met up with Beth Jackson to talk about life.


ou might know Billy Pitcock as “The Coin Man” at the markets, but we avoided business talk, because he works to live; he does not live to work. Bill’s more interested in his hobbies and the spiritual side of life, which began in his early days in the Kingdom Hall, where he first saw his lovely wife Anita. Billy: She was 7 and I was 5, and I thought she was gorgeous. Beth: Was it tough having that Jehova’s Witness isolation from main stream society? Billy: Personally, I never had any problem it. I was convinced that we were right and everyone else was wrong. Not being part of the worldly celebrations meant we were the elite; and suffering persecution ‘proved’ how much we loved God. Many other JW's did resent it though. Beth: Did you have your own faith? Billy: I walked with the omnipotent Creator of the universe at my side, my Friend, totally, absolutely secure until my early teens. Beth: Then? Billy: I started to question the hypocrisy, politics, chauvinism, and dogma: so many rules and regulations within our church. I was told to pray for guidance and I prayed until I cried. I saw no guidance, no answers, no anything from the One I thought loved and cared for me. Beth: How did it affect you?

Billy: It left a huge hole in my life for years, so I went searching for the 'truth'. Now I have my own spirituality. I practice Reiki, I have a little shrine in my garden, and I meditate regularly. I became a vegetarian a few years ago because I don’t want to continue to support the cruelty in the meat industry. Beth: What about the JW factor now? Billy: I was very fortunate that I was taught love and compassion, caring, turning the other cheek. Something bigger is there, similar to what you would call 'God'. I gleaned the obvious good part: the brotherhood of man, the desire to do good and to help. But I don’t want the legalism or doctrine. Beth: Going back to your childhood again, they wondered if you were autistic, didn’t they? Billy: Maybe not autistic, but certainly a little weird! Until I was around 12. Then I sort of woke up. I had been trying to balance everything: sounds, shapes, colours. I still get it: OCD, I suppose. If I feel it coming on, like when I’m driving I might try to organise oncoming numberplates, then I draw myself back. When I’m cutting coins, everything has to be in 9’s. If I finish the coin at a 7, then I’ll make the 2 extra cuts! Beth: Have those years left you with anything you can be glad for? Billy: Maybe compassion and understanding. When I see any-one who is strange, I think “I was like that once”.

Beth: How do you see yourself now? Billy: I am a positive rationalist. I’m very, very privileged. I can have a simple life living here. I’ve never gotten involved in credit, if I can’t afford it I don’t get it. You know: “Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you’ve got.” I don’t worry. A few years ago, when I was 50, the government hit me with a huge bill. The kids left home and I suffered for a while with empty-nest syndrome, and I smashed my foot up badly. I would get out of bed and write it all down. Like: “If we have to start again, it would be a challenge.” “Things, I can do without Things”. Beth: And God? Billy: I believe in God, but not the God of the Bible. My God will not get angry with me if I don’t believe in Him. But I love it when I am proved wrong. Beth: Well, there’s hope for you yet then! Billy: Ha Ha Ha! I'd like to think there's hope for all of us…. Footnote. Although I personally disagree with the elitism of the JW’s, neither do I dismiss the credibility of anyone who follows the way of the Biblical God wholeheartedly. I also disagree with other assertions here, but I am interviewing, not debating! If anyone wants to look into these matters, Tavira Christian Centre is holding an Alpha Course at the moment, where they can be discussed in an open and friendly manner. Contact Else: 912 467 792


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Situated down the avenue from Tavira train station in the square. I look forward to seeing you...

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A brand new Bistro in Tavira, tastefully decorated, serving superbly presented food, recently opened by our friend Pedro from Snack Bar Essencia.


ithout doubt the historic town of Tavira offers an abundance of fine restaurants and cafes and most recently a new restaurant, bistro, Mediterraneus will be sure to delight. Patrons, Pedro and Matilde are the former owners of ‘Essencia café’ a well established café which was on the main Rua da Liberdade near the centre of town and where most local and regular visitors will know them very well for great tapas, salads, snacks and drinks. Pedro and Matilde spent 5 years building Essencia and have now moved and created the chic, modern and bright bistro Mediterraneus, encompassing their former great success but with Mediterranean cuisine with a gourmet twist. The former building has been a house and shop and more recently a Portuguese taverna which had been closed for many years. Now completely renovated by Pedro and Matilde, from literally breaking the walls to the stylish finish and décor the building sits right in the centre of town with a large terrace overlooking the calming River Gilão. From here you can here ambient music from the buskers on the Roman Bridge as you feel the cool breeze. The new menu, created by chef Fabio includes appetisers of


Cured Cheeses, Garlic Prawns, Smoked Salmon Bruschetta, Sautéed Mushroom or Salmon Tartar with Fresh Cheese and Apple as well as hearty soups. Main courses of Fried Codfish with Traditional Seafood Beans, Tuna with Sesame Seeds, Potato Purée and Sautéed Vegetables, Salmon in Puff Pastry, Beetroot Purée and Passion Fruit Sauce as well as Meat dishes of Leg of Lamb, Tenderloin of Black Pork, Iberian Pork, or Duck Leg Confit with Spinach and Orange Sauce. There is of course Rib of Beef with a choice of side orders and sauces and delicious deserts of Chocolate Moose, Red Fruit Panacotta, Fruit Salad and a Cheese Board together with an good vegetarian and children’s menu. A full international bar serves fresh coffee, tea, cocktails and sangria, ports and aperitifs together with and extensive menu of regional wines from the Douro and Alentejo. The team of Pedro, Matilde, Marisa and Fabio look forward to welcoming you. It was a pleasure hearing all about their hard work and great plans for the future and to try the dishes which were delicious. Contacts; Telephone 281 326 744, Address: Rua Joāo Vaz Corte Real 43, 8800 351, Tavira Open every day 12h00 till 23h00 except Monday's. See Facebook 'Mediterraneus'










icardo Chaves, is well known for his regular informative finance articles for us here at the East Algarve magazine, he is a personal friend and a proud father of three children. Afonso, one of his sons is now 14 years old and was born with a rare condition Angelman Syndrome which affects just 1 in every 20 thousand children. Angelman Syndrome is a complex genetic disorder that primarily affects the nervous system and the characteristic features of this condition include delayed development, intellectual disability, severe speech impairment, and problems with movement and balance (ataxia). Most affected children also have recurrent seizures (epilepsy) and a small head size (microcephaly). The delayed development becomes noticeable by the age of 6 to 12 months, and other common signs and symptoms usually appear in early childhood. Alfonso was finally diagnosed at an early age after visiting Great Ormand Street children’s hospital and, ever since, Ricardo has raised awareness, funds and tirelessly helped other fellow parents, deal with their children’s condition. He has now helped create SER, the Association for the Rehabilitation and Equality in


Tavira, an association designed to provide essential care for disabled children who literally have no support from the government or after school care. Like many other parents of kids with special needs, Ricardo faces additional challenges. “With my other kids, I never had to go to the school to complain about anything, but with Afonso we had to go several times, to beg for his rights to be respected. This would include normal school trips, which were not available for the disabled, or the holiday break, which was and still is longer for kids with disabilities”. It was these challenges that persuaded Ricardo to found SER Igual, a non-profitable association in Tavira. Ser Igual translates to 'Be equal', but SER also stands for Special Rehabilitation Services. The association treats all the kids the same and specializes in improving and developing their physical and intellectual skills. The association began when Ricardo tried to get some after school care for Alfonso. Susana Cerejo was running an after school club and was the only one in Tavira who would accept his son. Together they decided to create a space that could help the children who really needed it most. Located in Mato Santo Espirito in Tavira, SER Igual has


SER Igual – Association for the rehabilitation of mentally ill and the disabled in Tavira needs your help!

there are still 46 days where these kids have no school and nowhere else to go”. Since opening in 2016, they started the summer camps, for which they had the support from the Tavira Municipality, where kids could go to the beach, surf, walk through the city and basically be entertained while their parents work, or enjoy a well-deserved break. The summer camps have been very successful and they have received interest from parents from other regions, such as Lisbon. They will repeat the camp this Christmas and in Easter and this Christmas they have been asked by the Loule municipality, to help the special needs children in the council and offer their services during the Christmas school break. Anyone can help the association, either by: ● Becoming a member and paying the yearly membership fee of 25€; ● Sponsoring the treatment of a child (the sponsorship can be for a month or for life) donate as much as you want; ● Using their services for yourself; SER has some of the best therapists and their physiotherapist is very experienced and highly skilled.


a multi-disciplined team that includes physiotherapists, speech therapists, development therapists, and a psychologist. SER helps 15 children, most of them from Tavira, every day. They start to arrive at 3pm, when their school day finishes and stay until 7pm when the centre closes. This is where therapies are undertaken, including Physiotherapy, Speech Therapy, Horse riding therapy, Hydrotherapy (in the pool), Occupational Therapy, as well as other essential treatments, Ricardo explained that “The idea for the association started because not only was there no answer to my son’s needs and treatments…. also when school finished at 3.30pm, I would have finish work. As there was no centre that would accept kids with special needs and as we couldn’t find one, we decided to create it, not only for our son to benefit from the therapies, which are essential for his condition but also for so many of his new-found friends that also now have a place where they can stay every day, after school”. Ricardo also explained, “that the other big challenge for all parents of disabled children is that the school closes for about 90 days per year, but parents are entitled to just 22 days holiday per year. So even if we could take 44 days,




São Brás de Alportel She has been working in Tavira for more than 15 years and anyone can book an appointment. For members the price of each session is 25€ and the while being treated you would be helping the association. Completely independent and a non profit association, SER is filling a much needed essential gap to help these children and their families. The building was donated by Beatriz Salerno Material de Construção, Lda and Wisdom Reference, Lda, and all employees are sponsored by companies such as ERA, estate agents, Nautiber boat company and Venezia, pastelaria Tavira, SER welcomes visitors who may wish to donate or possibly sponsor a child, every little will help. Visit SER at Rua Maria do Rosário nº 12, R/C Esq 8800-228 Tavira, Email: Telephone 963 411 275, or see Facebook 'Ser Igual' for further details and donations.


Rua Colégio de São Brás, 405 A CP: 8150-132

Tel: 914 267 339

Open 7 days 7.00am - Midnight We are Over 100 here varieties of Teas São 26 varieties of Brás Crepes 23 varieties of Lidl Hot Chocolate Ice cream, Tavira Loule Pizza & pastries Faro



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2018 Property update


Property expert Robert Bijker from Land and Houses Algarve provides his regular annual update on the property market in 2018

very year in December we reflect on the past year and provide an outlook for the property market in the year ahead, 2019. The past 12 months have been very exciting as real estate continued to be popular for both permanent living and investment purposes. The total number of visitors to the Algarve decreased a bit year-on-year, but this was to be expected after two consecutive years of record breaking numbers. Strong demand for both residential and investment property saw prices of existing properties rise by 9.5% which is just above the top end of our expectation of 9% made in December 2017. There are various reasons to be less bullish for the upcoming year. The demand for properties in 2018 continued to come predominately from buyers from Scandinavia, France, Germany, Italy and The United Kingdom and often in relation with the NHR program. The British continued to buy property seemingly undeterred by a relatively weak Pound and ongoing Brexit saga for most of the year, although in Q4 some buyers had second thoughts as poor visibility about what the future will bring created uncertainty. However, the majority of buyers from the UK did not want to put their life on hold and hedged themselves once agreement has been reached over the purchase price of a property. In general, the majority of buyers in 2018 were cash buyers. For those buyers who needed a mortgage to complete their purchase this was also a good year as banks are competing again for business which helps to keep costs down and the historic low level of interest rates proved to be a boon. For 2019 we are cautiously optimistic. A major factor is that the global economy is slowing down. The IMF has lowered their economic growth forecast for 2019 and 2020 in light of elevated political risk. Growth is still expected, however, at a lower rate than expected 9 months ago. Trade wars, rising nationalism, Brexit, the threat of interruption in global supply chains are all contributing to an increase in uncertainty. In addition we are nearing

the end of QE and interest rates can be expected to rise to levels more suitable to where we are in the economic cycle. Higher interest rates and increased levels of uncertainty are no friends to business. On the other hand, the price of oil has dropped from $86 per barrel in October to $60 in November which helps to soften the blow if the price stays around current level. On the 11th of December the House of Commons will vote on Theresa May’s historic Brexit deal agreed by European leaders. The agreement aims to offer a smooth divorce to end Britain’s 45 year involvement in the European project, however, many details will have to be ironed out before December 2022, adding to years of uncertainty and potentially another cliff-edge. The deal is a compromise and is all about damage control. As a result both Remainers and Brexiters are not very happy. If Brexit was all about Britain taking back control of its own destiny, it has not delivered. The truth is that a hard or soft Brexit would always come at a cost. In order to provide clarity, the government will publish an economic analysis of the cost of no-deal versus the current agreement. This may also make it painfully clear that from a purely economic point of view it would be better to stay. Ever since the referendum in 2016 the economic loss has been considerable. The UK economy has grown below capacity as the strain on resources of corporations, both financial as well as managerial, took its toll. According to EPFR, a data provider, UK equity funds have had net outflows of $1.01tn as investors withdrew funds on concerns about the impact of Brexit on Britain’s corporate sector. (E.g., JP Morgan alone spent over Euro 400 million to prepare for Brexit). Demand for properties in the Algarve outstripped supply in 2018 as strong economies bolstered both local and foreign buyer’s confidence about the future. For some, the Golden Visa and NHR program was just the icing on the cake. The NHR program was first introduced in 2009 and has been highly successful in attracting foreigners to take up residency in Portugal, often allowing them to purchase a larger property due

to their increased purchasing power in light of the tax benefit. The program has come under attack by tax authorities from Finland, Sweden, Norway, France and the Netherlands as they deem the 10 year tax holiday resulting from double taxation treaties, unfair. Most people do not want to dispute with tax authorities and as such it is good to know there are other tax efficient solutions in Portugal for foreigners that make tax mitigation just as worthwhile. Both newly built properties and good quality resales have been quickly snapped up as they appeared on the market. With limited supply it has become a seller’s market. In some cases prices of new developments reached unprecedented levels as builders aimed for a moon shot; some succeeded and others reduced prices shortly after the introduction to more realistic levels. Renovation of old properties/ ruins in town centres continued to be popular amongst investors as there are several benefits as part of the urban rehabilitation program, such as a lower VAT rate (6%) on construction materials which effectively reduces building costs by more than 10%, no cost for the building license, exemption of IMT (property transfer tax) and exemption of IMI (council tax) for 3 years. Some banks offer preferential (lower) interest rates to finance the renovation work. The rehabilitation program supports the improvement, renovation/restoration, repair and conservation of property for residential use. As demand for this type of property is outstripping supply, it remains a financially rewarding opportunity to buy and renovate a property in urban centres. However, despite these favourable incentives and conditions, there are still many old properties that remain unused and sometimes in ruin which is an undesirable situation in light of the stress in various cities and towns for affordable housing. As such, the government has plans to allow local municipalities to dramatically increase the council tax (IMI) in case a property has been vacant for more than two years and could start with an increase in IMI by 600% as early as 2019. The IMI can continue to increase 10% per annum


Property thereafter, up to a maximum of 12 times the original IMI value. In this strong market it is hard to comprehend why various banks still have many unsold foreclosed properties on their books, especially in light of the speed at which they repossessed homes at the beginning of the crisis. This may change over the next 12 to 24 months as Lonestar who owns 75% of Novo Banco has reached an agreement to sell off a large chunk of foreclosed properties (a mix of almost 9000 residential and commercial properties) to Anchorage Capital Group, a New York based investment adviser for Euro 390 million while the book value is 716.7 million. This is part of the clean-up of the balance sheet of Novo Banco, with the balance to be covered by the resolution fund. These are properties that can



come back on the market sooner rather than later, likely to be priced at a discount to similar properties, as ACG tries to reliquify. We continue to be in a low interest rate environment, although rates have started to rise. The interest margin banks charge their best customers fell to 1%, which is 15 basis points lower than a year ago. For those who prefer a fixed rate over a floating rate mortgage, the interest rate is 1.31% (almost unchanged from a year ago) for a 5 year fixed mortgage consisting of the interest margin of the bank and the 5 year swap rate of 0,31%. The current interest rate of a floating rate mortgage is 0.76% (1 % - 0.24% / 3 month Euribor) but one would be exposed to interest rate fluctuations. Demand for mortgages continued to increase in 2018 and we noticed a




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Covering the whole of the Algarve as independant real estate agents, we can provide you with unbiased advice when you decide to purchase a property and can introduce you to a wide choice of reputable mortgage banks, architects, lawyers, builders, chartered surveyors and interior designers. We have been in business for over 16 years, finding the right property for countless satisfied clients. We currently have over 900 properties available online and would be very pleased to help you find your ideal home.

If you are the owner of a good quality property and wish to sell, please contact us to arr ange an appoin tment TA VI RA

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N 1 2 5 , B e n f a r r a s , B o l i q u e i me 81 0 0 - 0 6 8 B o l i q ue i m e

preference for fixed rate mortgages. The question is for how much longer will interest rates stay low? The ECB does not expect to rise rates until the second half of 2019. As a mortgage on a property is a long term commitment, it makes sense to lock in the current low interest rate for a fixed period of time. In Portugal most mortgages have a floating rate based on 3 or 6 months Euribor. Rising interest rates are therefore passed on to the homeowner hurting disposable income and economic activity and may become an issue in 2020/2021. We remain concerned about the rise of populist and nationalist parties across Europe and the effect this can have on financial stability in 2019, with Italy being a case in point. Since the populist coalition government came to power, Italian sovereign bond yields have gone up as investors are worried about the government’s plan to increase public spending even after the EU rejected its draft budget over concerns about the country’s vast debt burden. The yield on 10 year bonds is currently 3.29%, up from about 2% before the general election in March 2018. If the yield stays at the current level, the debt servicing cost increases by € 9 bn per annum. The ECB keeps interest rates artificially low but eventually they have to move up. When rates move higher it will be a bigger burden for nations with high debt levels such as Portugal. The economy of Portugal has grown over the past two years and is in relatively good shape. The Bank of Portugal expects GDP to grow by 2.3% in 2018, 1.9% in 2019 and 1.7% in 2020. We believe that the numbers for 2019 and 2020 will be due for a downward revision in line with lower economic activity in Europe. Debt to GDP is still high at 121.2 %, the third highest in Europe after Italy and Greece. This is a major vulnerability as Portugal will need to stay on a firm downward trajectory to bring the ratio close to or below 100% in 2025, especially when economic activity slows down. When forming a well informed opinion about the market outlook for 2019, one has to take into consideration not only the economic prospect of Portugal for the year ahead but also of other economies. Over the past 12 months the economy of Portugal has benefited from a solid and broad based economic expansion in Europe. However, there are clouds on the horizon. The IMF has revised downward their global economic growth numbers from 3.7% to 3.5% in 2018 and to 3.5% for 2019 and 2020. For the Euro area the ECB lowered its forecast due to global trade tensions that dampen external demand. It now expects real GDP to growth at 2.1% (down from 2.3%) for 2018 and respectively 1.9 and 1.7% for 2019 and 2020 (which we believe

Property could be too optimistic in light of rising trade and financial risks). Despite recent disappointing data and signs of weakening business confidence the ECB has indicated that it will go ahead with its plans to end their quantitative easing program by the end of 2018 as it sees enough evidence that inflation will rise gradually on the back of the lowest levels of unemployment since 2008 and rising profitability of companies. With tight labour markets the ECB expects wages to rise. The year 2019 will see the start of quantitative tightening after a prolonged time of quantitative easing and brings us in uncharted territory with possibly higher levels of market volatility. During the course of the year there have been some measures introduced which we think are negative for the buy-to-let investors, namely new restrictive rules for short term holiday letting, additional red tape to comply with collecting of a tourist tax if and when implemented by local councils in the Algarve, and the introduction of additional price bands regarding the AIMI (Municipal Property Tax surcharge) for properties (or property portfolios) with a value of Euro 600.000 and above. The new rules regarding short term holiday letting are not only a setback for the holiday sector but also for other parts of the economy as it is adding uncertainty to homeowners and prospective buyers interested in covering some of the expenses by renting out properties. This is an issue which has been highlighted by various property associations like the Association of Hospitality, Restaurant and Related Institutions of Portugal (AHRESP), Associação dos Profissionais e Empresas de Mediação Imobiliária de Portugal (APEMIP) and the Association of Local Accommodation in Portugal (ALEP). Councils are from now on allowed to restrict the number of licenses in a neighbourhood. In addition, homeowners with a condominium can also be stopped from renting out to vacationers if a majority of neighbours are against it, for whatever reason. In addition, condominiums can also demand an additional and controversial payment of fees when a property is rented out of up to a 30% to cover the increased use of communal areas by holiday makers. Instead of a national law with clear rules and regulation, decision making has now moved to a local level where subjective reasons can and will come into the equation. Instead of unifying homeowners at condominium meetings it will more likely divide them. It is public knowledge that the A.L. legislation is a mess and as such it may not come as a surprise that out of an estimated 200,000 available accommodations in Portugal only approx. 25% (51.000 properties registered by year end 2017;

source Deloitte) are legal and registered with the correct license. Local councils are now allowed to introduce a tourist tax, should they wish to. Last September the Algarve Intermunicipal Community AMAL approved the foundations for the tax to be introduced of which 15 of the Algarve’s 16 municipalities gave their approval. Only Silves was against the tax, which raises € 1.50 per person/per night up to a maximum of 10 nights. Each council will still have to vote on this at a local level, which could lead to some councils taxing tourist while others don’t, adding to confusion to holiday makers. The relatively small charge can add up for a family of four. For those homeowners involved in short term holiday letting on a legal basis (Alojamento Local) this is another cost burden they just do not need versus the 70% illegal dwellings they compete with. An exact launch date still has to be decided. The AIMI comes in effect when a person owns residential property worth more than € 600.000 (€ 1.200.000 for couples), with 0.7% tax up to € 1 mln, and 1% in excess of € 1 mln to 2 mln. For property above € 2 mln the rate is 1.5%. This is in addition to the annual IMI (council tax) of 0.4% of the value of a property. In our best case scenario we expect

transaction volume of residential housing to show a small decline in 2019 due to a lack of supply, increasing interest rates and global tensions, while we expect prices of existing homes sales to rise between 3 – 4%. We also expect healthy demand for good quality newly built properties when priced right. Over the past years the abundance of cheap and easy money from a loose monetary policy has benefited economic growth and employment and indeed inflated prices of financial assets as a rising tide lifts all boats. As we are slowly moving away from a loose monetary policy to a more normalized monetary policy it is likely that the biggest increases in property prices are behind us. Considering all of the above, we expect 2019 to be another good year. Robert Bijker, Director Land & Houses Algarve – Yellow Homes Tavira Office Rua Dr. José Pires Padinha 178 8800 - 354 Tavira Tel: 281 320 281 Fax: 281 321 901 (AMI – 6232) Vilamoura Office EN 125, Benfarras Boliqueime 8100 - 068 Boliqueime Tel: 289 301294 Fax: 289 301439

Company AMI 7673 Office: Tel/Fax 281 952 820 Mobile: 00351 911 041 862 Casa Anibal R/C loja B, Estrada da Manta Rota 8900-038 Vila Nova de Cacela




REF 2425 • Extremely well presented • Plot of 3000m2 • Build area 200m2 • Private pool • Air conditioning • Only 5km from town and beach • 3 Bed 3 bathroom (large suite) • Only 1km from Monte Rei golf course • Views of countryside and ocean



Property of the month


RUSSELL & DECOZ REAL ESTATE Tel: 00351 289 792 785 Mobile 963 085 580 Email:

Delightful 3 bedroom Quinta divided into 2 self contained living units. Sitting in 4.100m² of land, ideal for a horse or vegetables.

Idyllic Quinta set in the rolling hills but still only a short distance to village or town facilities, beautiful views from a single level well maintained traditional farm house recently improved. Versatile property for business, friends or family.

* Old Nora (well) * irrigation tank * 2 x electric water heaters * 220V electricity * telephone line installed * biological septic tank * wood burner * double glazing * shutters * feature wooden ceilings * South

facing part covered terrace * outdoor kitchen with bread-oven * some garden with lawn * 'Eira' threshing bed * citrus orchard * superb country views * Storage rooms * Meadow (perfect for horses) * Carport REF:- 1798Q

LOCATION:Santa Catarina do Fonte do Bispo


AMI License nº 870 - Member of APEMIP nº 1178 Av. Maria Lizarda Palermo 43a, 8700 - 081 Moncarapacho, Algarve, Portugal

PROPERTY REQUIRED: Moncarapacho, São Brás, Estoi, to Tavira area, please call or mail.



Tavira Castle

1 Elle Salon 2 Ruy Barros 3 Thai Massage

To Tavira train station and Lidl

Paio Peres Correia

1 La Baguette

10 ibelle


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Beach Ferry

Pingo Doce

Vila Gale Hotel

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Roman Bridge





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da Fonte sa da s


(Oppostite the Municipal Swimming pool)

5 To Modern Feel

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nn t’A an mM

R. Silva Domingues Av. D o

c Tavira Câmara t Tourist Information

BARS & CAFES 1 La Baguette 2 Somewhere Else (Daves Bar)

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a R. d

eira s Fr s


Abstracto Traditional Portuguese Cousine

Rua Dr. Antonio Cabrera, 34 8800-344, tavira Tel 937 037 712 Gardens


Rio Gilao

Roman Bridge

Tel: Chuttcha +351 924 289 594 Vorakorn +351 923 145 282 Facebook: Thai Massage Expert

• Foot Massage (Reflexology) • Oil Massage • Traditional Thai Massage • Therapeutic Massage for Pain Relief • Sport Massage (Deep Tissue) Av Dr. Mateus Teixeira de Azevado TAVIRA, 8800-379 Loja No 24 From the station walk down to center

Rua da Liberdade n.º 37 Tavira Telephone: 00351 281 326 011

Restaurant & Take-away

Carly Richards Personal Trainer & Fitness Instructor Sports/Deep Tissue Massage available

Restaurante Abstracto


Bishops Square

Tailored training programs. Training in your home or workplace. All equipment provided Free Consultation. Discounts on block bookings Diet Plans, Nutrition advice, Cardio, Boxing, Weights, Core building, Rehabilitation, Stretching and Flexibility

Call Carly to book your free consultation +44 7732-801565 Over 10 years experience


♦Draught Guinness ♦Coors Light ♦Large selection of ciders ♦Hot & cold food served all day ♦Fun friendly atmosphere for all the family ♦Sky sports & BT sports ♦3pm Premiership kick offs Rua Almirante Candido dos Reis. Tel 926 763 653.


d an s t en li c , s d n ie fr r u o wishes all a d an s a m t is r h C ry r e partners a M Happy new year

MAIN OFFICE – (Waterfront) Ava Ria Formosa, Centro Comercial Loja 2, 8800-591 Cabanas de Tavira TEL: 281-370277 Mobile: 91 7212498 OFFICE – E.N.125, Cevadeiras, 8900-024 Vila Nova de Cacela TEL: 281-951165 Mobile: 91 2177055 LICENÇA No 504-AMI


2BED+2BATH APARTMENT - CABANAS - Situated on ground-floor, in an urbanisation with access to 4 s. pools, within walking distance to all amenities and beach access. Sold furnished and equipped. ENERGY CLASS - C €159.500


Algarve roof & property renovations From leaks to roofs and balconies, to complete renewals. Guttering supplied and fitted, flat roofs specialists and complete property renovations insode or out; All maintenance work, painting, jetwash service etc. Call Jason Tel: 960 136 445 or 281 324 602

AMI 8799

LwL, Nº40a, Rua 1º de Maio, 8800-360 Tavira Office: 00351 281 327 656, Voip: 02070999193 Email: Web:

New 2 Bedroom Apartment on Resort near the Waterfront – Cabanas de Tavira, 225.000€

3 Bedroom Villa with Private Pool & Panoramic Sea Views – Estoi, Price: 590.000€ Ref: 4673054

Ref: 2866101

Nice two bedroom apartment, under construction, situated within a lovely coastal resort, less than 1000 meters from the waterfront of Cabanas de Tavira. The resort benefits from a restaurant, cafe’s, a pub, two swimming pools, landscaped gardens, and lots more, making this is a great resort for holidays all year round. Prices from 225.000€


This villa is in a pretty elevated location in between, Estói and Moncarapacho, with a real feel of being in the country, yet knowing that all amenities are close by, giving you the best of both worlds. This villa is light and airy, with good sized rooms, and built using good quality materials. The terraces have fantastic panoramic sea and country views. With a good rental history, this property is ideal as a home or rental property.

Modern 2 Bedroom Apartment with Stunning Sea Views & Pool – Fuseta, Price: 250.000€, Ref: 4635843

Spacious and modern apartment in a unique location, a few minutes’ walk from Fuseta beach. Lots of natural light, great finishes and a beautiful terrace, fantastic views over the lagoon, the island of Fuseta and the sea. All amenities, including supermarket, shops, cafes, restaurants, beach and the island taxi boats, is only a few minutes’ walk away.



Contact Smartamoves: Mobile +351 915 744 005 Office +351 281 027 082 Email:

Rua Maria Helena Vieira da Silva 15-D Mato Santo Espirito 8800-601 Tavira


This beautiful apartment is a modern 2 bedroom apartment on the first floor, located on the Fonte Salgada road, 5min drive from Tavira town centre. The kitchen is fully equipped and includes a dining area. The apartment includes a double bedroom with en suite bathroom, a double bedroom and a shared family bathroom. The lounge is a comfortable size and it leads on to a balcony. With this apartment, there is also access to a roof terrace with spectacular views.



Lovely 1 bedroom apartment with front facing balcony overlooking the gardens. The internal decor is well maintained and comprises 1 large sitting room, fully applianced kitchen with an outside covered multi-purpose patio area, 1 large double bedroom and a bathroom with walk in shower. Leading from the entrance hall is a further room, ideal for office or second bedroom.



Beautifully apppointed and spacious 3+ bedroom villa with private pool and generous outside spaces, including poolside kitchen, middle sun deck and upper roof terrace. The 3 main bedrooms are on the first floor, one with ensuite dressing room, and also includes a family bathroom. The staircase leads to the roof terrace, which offers panoramic views of Tavira and the ocean. The lower basement presently houses a games salon, but is generous in size and offers design choices for the purchaser.


UK clients please see or call+44 (0)121 769 0455




Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,

from the East Algarve Magazine team.


7from gifts

Citizen Watch 199€ Ourivesaria Ferreirinha, Tel 281 023 255 Rua da Liberdade no 79

Tavira Small Bica Cups 2€ each Aroma ao KG 50, Rua Liberdade Tel 964 304 622

Handbags by Kozii 18€ and 20€ Tel 281 027 306 See map on page 26


Doors on Canvas Small 35€, Large Canvas 45€. Earrings 12.90€, Necklace 22.90€ Casa Das Portas See map on page 26

Port wine 275€ Soares Rua Josė Pires Padinha 67-70 Tel 281 381 839

Rose Gold Babies Necklace 48€ Ourivesaria Ferreirinha, Tel 281 023 255 79 Rua da Liberdade

Tavira Christmas Baubles 3.99€ each Aroma souvenirs 32 Rua Josė Pires Padinha Tel 964 304 622



Use Contrast to Change the Appearance of a Quilt


How Colour Choice, Contrast (Colour Value) and Colour Warmth can make or break a quilt

t's easy to change a quilt's appearance entirely by altering the contrast among its fabrics. Although technically called colour value, contrast is simply a term that refers to how light or dark a fabric or another material is in relation to the surrounding fabrics. An understanding of contrast (colour value) is an important quilt-making skill that helps quilters decide how to arrange patches of fabric to either blend or create divisions with each other. Experiment with Contrast One of the best ways to get comfortable with contrast is to experiment with quilting fabrics placed on a design wall. A piece of flannel works just fine because it grips fabrics but so does a piece of batting or a slab of thick foam insulation. Gather a group of fabric swatches of different colours. Place swatches side by side on the wall, starting with the lightest fabric and moving across the wall, adding darker pieces. Step back. Does the line of fabrics blend subtly from light to dark or are there fabrics that pop out to interrupt the flow? Re-sort the fabrics and check again. You didn't do anything 'wrong' if the organization still isn't quite right. It's easy to sort fabrics when they're all basically the same colour, but throw in multi-colour fabrics and sorting becomes more of a challenge, in part because you're adding another characteristic that changes contrast colour warmth. Colour Warmth Affects Contrast in Quilts What is Colour Warmth? Look at a standard colour wheel and imagine a line running vertically down its centre. ● Colours to the left, blues and greens, are regarded as cool colours. ● Reds and yellows, to the right, are warm colours. ● Cool colours tend to recede in a design while warm colours pop into view.

1 2 3


Examples of Colour Warmth in the Drawings

● Top L: two cool colours -- the darker colour comes forward ● Top R: two medium-light colours -- the warm orange-yellow comes forward ● Bottom L: two cool darks blend together ● Bottom R: two dark colours -- warm red comes forward Contrast in Printed Fabrics When you work with quilting fabrics, it won't take you long to discover that it's sometimes hard to judge the contrast of florals and other prints because contrast changes throughout the surface of the fabric. Cut a piece of fabric in one spot and you might get a very light example cut in another area and you could get a dark. Keep that characteristic in mind as you choose fabrics for your quilts. How to Preview Colour Value in Quilting Fabrics

Easy Ways to Preview Contrast ● Use a computer drawing program to create a mock-up outline of the quilt. Save the "blank" document. Fill in areas with light to dark shades of grey, using the "save as" command to keep

your blank document intact. Reopen the blank document and create another variation. ● View fabrics through a filter that removes colour. Filters are helpful, but they can provide skewed results because different filter colours display warm and cool fabrics in varying ways. ● Use a scanner or copier to make black and white photocopies of fabrics, then sort them for colour value. It's easier to judge value when you remove the influence of colour. ● View fabrics from a distance. Buy a peephole at the hardware store - the little magnifying glass you look through to see who's knocking at your door. Turn it around and look through it backwards to get a "far away" view of your fabrics or blocks. ● Find a book that focuses on colour tips for quilters. ● Pay attention to quilts at shows and online. What value arrangements do you like or dislike? Alter Contrast to Change a Quilt's Appearance

Change the colour value/contrast of fabrics in your quilt blocks and you'll see an immediate difference in the quilt's layout. Quilts in the online quilt show are excellent examples of how different a quilt looks when colour and contrast are varied. Remember that the fabrics you choose determine the starting points of dark and light. For example, put medium blue next to a white patch and it's a dark. Sew the same medium blue fabric alongside a black patch and it can become a medium. Contact Gillian by email and tell her “your side of the story”. gillstap@aol. com


Christmas Herbs and spices Interesting facts about the Herbs and Spices we use at Christmas time


elieve it or not, in times past there were things more valuable than gold, silver, and even diamonds. They were the items people coveted, and those who could afford them really wanted -- they were spices and herbs. In the days before refrigeration and modern cookery, food was pretty bland without spices and herbs. There are many spices and herbs that are generally associated with the Christmas period that we've all heard of, but others many may not know much about. So, let's explore some of the more popular Christmas Time herbs. In traditional Christmas stories and songs, especially those revolving around the birth of Christ, you hear a lot about frankincense and myrrh. How many of us can raise their hand and actually say what they were? Even better, how many of us can say where they came from? Well, frankincense and myrrh are both dried tree sap resins, meaning that they come from trees whose common names are frankincense and myrrh. Frankincense is genus and myrrh is Commiphora. They were considered so valuable that they were taxed at each place they passed through. The clearer and darker the resins, the higher the quality and price they fetched. By the time they reached Jerusalem, only the kings could afford them. Cinnamon The spice, cinnamon comes for the bark of a tree and it is probably one of the oldest known spices

used by man, since it is known to date back to 4000 B.C.As a medical herb, it is used with digestion and the spice is antiseptic. It is now thought to lower blood pressure. Clove Look at the head of a nail, and you'll see the reason why the name of this herb evolved. The word clove comes from the Latin word clavus, meaning nail. the shaft and head of the clove bud looks like a nail. In the 16th and 17th centuries, cloves were one of the most precious spices of Europe and they were worth more than gold. The primary uses of cloves in herbal medicine are to relieve nausea and vomiting. It is also used to treat flatulence. Before the invention of Novocain in dentistry, cloves were given for tooth aches. Fennel Fennel, the perennial variety with the yellow flowers, has majestic feathery leaves. It originates from the Mediterranean, but can be found growing throughout much of the world. It is very pungent, fragrant, and has a wide variety of uses. It is an invasive species in both the U.S. and Australia. Fennel seeds are ancient medicinal remedies, when it comes to digestion and hunger. Starving Puritans would chew on them during religious fasting to keep from growing hungry. Some cultures chew on them to relieve the feeling of being over-fed. Ancient Romans chewed on the stalks because



they believed it would keep them from becoming fat. Ginger Ginger is a favourite medicinal herb and spice used not only for cooking -- but to aid digestion and treat stomach upsets, diarrhoea, and nausea for thousands of years. Thanks to popular children's literature, Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without ginger, gingerbread biscuits, and gingerbread houses. Lavender Just about everybody loves the scent of lavender. It's said that it must have been present with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. In medieval times, lavender was considered a holy safeguard against evil. The myth was in many Christian homes, which a cross of lavender hung over any door, what protection from evil. Mint Mint, which is actually Minthe -- is a sweet scented herb that contains menthol, which is what gives it the unique quality of being a known aid to digestion. Crushed mint leaves are one of life's treasures to smell. Mint’s true name is Mentha. This hearty aromatic perennial is probably one of the most easily recognized herbs, just for its aroma. It grows best in wet area and can be considered to be invasive. Mistletoe Mention mistletoe and it brings smiles and warm memories of being caught under the mistletoe for a stolen kiss. The tradition of hanging sprigs of this herb as an emblem of love and good


fortune goes way back before 200 B.C. It's not known exactly why or when the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe started, but it is generally accepted that it was in the 16th century, possibly in England. Rosemary In terms of Christmas legends, rosemary has a special place. The flowers of rosemary were supposed to white, but it's said that after Mary laid her blue

cloak upon the branches of a rosemary bush, the flowers took on the blue colour of her garment. Therefore according to folklore, rosemary was said to bring happiness for anyone who smelled it on Christmas Eve. Sage Sage is a common meat rub herb that started its herbal career, as a healing herb that was thought to have cured everything from snake bits, eye problems, infections, epilepsy, intoxication, memory loss, worms, and intestinal problems. The truth is that it is a good food preservative. Thyme Today, aside from being a common herb for roasting meat, it is also used in dried flower arrangements, bouquets, and potpourri. Many people would identify thyme as a kitchen herb used in roasting, especially with holiday meals. Nutmeg Nutmeg may not look the most interesting of spices but it has been used for everything from embalming Ancient Egyptians; a treatment for piles in the Middle Ages to being a well-known alternative to marijuana. Natives of the Banda Islands, Indonesia rub nutmeg oil on the stomach as a treatment to flu and also rub it onto the forehead to treat headaches. It would seem the reason so many of these herbs and spices appear in the foods we eat at Christmas is due to the fact they are all associated with treating colds and flu.





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Expert financial advice By Adrian Hook, Partner, Blevins Franks

Switzerland shares information on two million financial accounts


he era of financial privacy is world. The data exchange occurred at over. Switzerland, once the the end of September, with financial bastion of banking secrecy, information relating to 2017. It will be has begun automatically repeated annually. Over a hundred exchanging information jurisdictions have committed to on financial accounts owned by non- automatic exchange of information so far, with another 42 developing residents. This was a landmark moment in countries in the pipeline. the history of international banking Switzerland was under international and cross-border tax planning. pressure for years to stop allowing Although expected, it still feels a little people to use its banks to hide funds unbelievable considering it is not that away from the tax authorities. It long since Switzerland was insisting it slowly made various concessions, but stopped short of would not give up its automatic disclosure. secrecy laws. This was a landmark Then in February 2014, In October 2018, the Swiss Federal moment in the history of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation Tax Administration and Development confirmed that it had international banking (OECD), presented handed over details on and cross-border tax its new standard on accounts held at 7,000 automatic exchange Swiss banks, trusts, planning. of information, the insurers and other Common Reporting financial institutions. The information was Although expected, it still Standard. A couple of later, all OECD passed on to tax feels a little unbelievable months countries signed a authorities in EU countries as well as considering it is not that declaration committing to automatic exchange Guernsey, Jersey, long since Switzerland of information between Isle of Man, Iceland, jurisdictions – a Norway, Australia, Canada, Japan and was insisting it would not breakthrough moment – and Switzerland was South Korea. give up its secrecy laws. one of the signatories. In a statement, And it has now made its the Swiss tax administration explained: first exchange. “Identification, account and financial We can expect the tax authorities here information is exchanged, including in Portugal to use the information they name, address, state of residence and receive from not only Switzerland, but tax identification number, as well as the many jurisdictions around the world information concerning the reporting collecting data under the Automatic financial institution, account balance Exchange of Information agreement, and capital income. The exchanged to their advantage. They can compare information allows the [local] tax it to the information the taxpayer has authorities to verify whether taxpayers provided on their tax returns. have correctly declared their financial So, if you have not already done so, you need to carefully review your tax accounts abroad in their tax returns.” This information sharing takes planning, the way you hold your assets place under the Common Reporting and what you declare and where, to Standard, which applies Automatic ensure you are following double tax Exchange of Information around the treaties carefully to pay tax in the right

country, and that the arrangements you use to hold assets are fully compliant. Tax planning remains alive and well. You can often use tax-complaint arrangements in Portugal and the UK to lower tax liabilities, particularly on your capital investments. Take personalised, specialist advice. Keep up to date on the financial issues that may affect you on the Blevins Franks news page at www.


Expert financial advice Keep up to date with our Finance expert, chartered accountant Ricardo Chaves from All Finance Matters.

Things You Should Know About Capital Gains Tax


capital gain occurs when you sell something for more than you spent to acquire it. This happens a lot with investments, but it applies to personal property too. Are you planning to sell your home? Find out what tax you will have to pay and how to reduce this liability. You can’t hide from the tax department Any property transaction performed in Portugal must be reported to the Tax Authorities by the notary that executes the deed. This means that when you declare the sale on your tax return, the tax authorities already know of it, so if you fail to include this on your declaration, the taxman will be after you. It’s mandatory to file a tax return every time you sell a Portuguese property Irrespective of your tax domicile, if you sold a property located in Portugal, this means that you need to declare it in your tax return in Portugal. Regardless if there was a gain or not, it’s mandatory to make this declaration, which happens normally in May of the year following the sale, in case of individual ownership, or within 30 days after the sale, in case of corporate ownership (companies without activity). Declaring the sale doesn’t mean you need to pay tax You only pay tax, if you had a gain on the transaction. So if you sell something

for more than the purchase price, then the difference is a capital gain and that is reported on your taxes. Please note that the value you paid for the property needs to be adjusted, according to the inflation coefficient, applicable to the year of purchase. This means that the purchase value will increase for the capital gains calculation. Also, some expenses will be included in the tax return and deducted from any gain obtained. In which cases are your sales tax exempt? It is possible to be exempt from tax in certain situations. For example if the property was acquired prior to 1989, it’s not liable to any CGT. Nevertheless, taxpayers will still have to declare these operations. But this is not the only tax exemption on capital gains from the sale of a property. The law provides, for example, that if you use the full amount of the sale of a property to buy another home (only applicable to tax residents and only in the sale of their primary residence), to build a home or purchase of land intended for the construction, you don’t pay tax on capital gains. Please note that this reinvestment of the gains, needs to happen within 36 months and can be done in any EU country. Expenses allowed to deduct your capital gains From the sale of your property you can deduct, the costs incurred with

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the purchase operation and sale of the property (eg IMT and registers on the purchase, real estate commission on the sale, etc). Taxpayers can also deduct costs incurred in maintaining the property over the past twelve years, such as property refurbishments or other money spent to increase the value of the asset, including the cost of the energy certification. Residents vs Non-residents individual ownership If you are non-resident for tax purposes, the tax applicable to your capital gain, will be 28%. If however you are resident, the tax will be levied only on 50% of the gain and you will be taxed according to the tax bracket applicable to your overall income. However, if you are non-resident and EU national, it’s possible to opt for the same rules of the residents and taxed only on 50% of the gain. Contact us and we will tell you how this can be done. Obviously, in this case, although the non-resident is taxed under the same rules as a resident, because this is not his primary residence, the gains cannot berolled over if he buys another property; that will only be available for those residents, that sell their main residence and buy another property which will be their main residency. How does the reinvestment work? If you are resident and this is your primary residence, you can reinvest


10% extra contents cover in December! the proceedings of the sale in another property purchase within the EU. This needs to be done on a purchase made between 24 months prior and 36 months after the sale. If the reinvestment in the new property is lower than the total sale, then the tax will be calculated pro-rata. Please note that if you declare on your tax return that you wish to reinvest the proceeding of the sale and then fail to do so, or reinvest a lower amount, the tax will be re-assessed and you will pay interest. Even if you do not plan to sell your home for now, it is important that you keep all supporting charges and make sure these invoices include your name and fiscal number and very important: the correct address of the property. The repayment of mortgage loans, incurred to purchase the property, will also be taken into consideration, when calculating the tax return. It’s important that you plan ahead, as you can’t afford any tax surprises. Please feel free to visit us for a friendly chat and ask us for a capital gain tax simulation on your property. If you fear that you may be liable for a big capital gain tax bill, then let’s study your case, we may encounter a way of substantially reduce this tax burden.

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DESIGNED FOR THE OVER 55’S Monte da Palhagueira offers 33 houses and apartments, exclusively designed for the over 55’s. Set within a traditional village development of 22 acres, just 20 minutes drive from Faro International Airport, the village nestles in the tranquil and picturesque hillside of Gorjões, Faro in the Algarve. EXCELLENT FACILITIES The village offers many unique features, including its own own Anglican Church, public restaurant, tennis court, two swimming pools and an ornamental lake, all set within traditional village surroundings, bounded by stone walled lanes and terracotta tiled buildings. COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND In addition, village properties all have access to British trained medical staff, on duty at all times, via an aid call system linked to the village nursing home. MAKE AN ENQUIRY For Roberts on ++351 289289 990900 For further further information information please pleasecontact contact Clive Alexandre Neves on ++351 990 900 E-mail: ΙWeb: E-mail: Monte Monte da da Palhagueira PalhagueiraVillage, Village,Gorjôes, Gorjôes,8005-488 8005-488Sta. Sta.Barbara Barbarade deNexe, Nexe,Algarve, Algarve,Portugal. Portugal. Part of the Amesbury Abbey Group, Church Street, Amesbury, Wiltshire SP4 7EX


Expert financial advice By Andy Oliver, deVere, Portugal.

A love affair with property


he british have a long love affair with the idea of owning property as tangible evidence of wealth, but can lining up property to provide for your retirement pot play a leading role? In a ONS wealth and asset survey the proportion of adults who believe property is the most lucrative way of saving for retirement has increased to the highest level since the UK Office for National Statistics started asking in 2010. Around 49 per cent of people said that property was the best way to save, this is up from 46 per cent in the previous year and 40 per cent in the first edition of the survey. The British obsession with property is unlikely to fade soon. While further data from the wealth and assets survey found that about 78 per cent of those eligible had begun paying into a workplace pension scheme, the proportion of people saying this would make the most of their money has fallen from a peak of 26 per cent in the 2012-14 survey to 22 per cent in the latest one. For many people, a brick-and-mortar investment is easier to understand then the vagaries of the stock market and this can increase the appeal of property as an investment. “The twin benefits of employer pension contributions and tax relief are seemingly not whetting the appetites of pension savers,” said Nathan Long, senior pension

analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown. Noting how auto enrolment has nudged millions to save within a workplace pension, he added: “It may not be until employer minimum contributions rise in 2018 and 2019 that we see this change. There may be a clue in the declining popularity of cash savings accounts and ISAs. Interest rates are pretty low, so those options have not been particularly lucrative for those who depend on living off interest. Stocks were the other option to see an increase in popularity alongside property, and have also benefited from low rates. Jane Goodland, responsible business director at Old Mutual Wealth, said that the rise in the popularity of property may be due to the complexity of pensions. According to the survey, 42 per cent of adults said they agreed or strongly agreed that they did not have “sufficient understanding of pensions to make decisions about saving for retirement”. But is property the best investment?This depends on whether you live in the property, or let it out. Owning your own property outright means you will not have to pay rent during retirement, but you would have to move to realise any capital gains. However, just 23 per cent of adults expected to downsize as a means of getting income in retirement. This compared to 68 per cent who

expected to rely on an occupational or personal pension in retirement. Still, the past three decades or so have been enormously lucrative for those who invested in property. Between 1987 and 2017, average house prices in the UK have increased fourfold, according to Land Registry data. Although buyto-let investors are now being taxed more heavily on the income from their properties, those who have been in the market for a long time will be sitting on substantial gains. Some market commentators believe this extraordinary rise will not be repeated again, given that houses are increasingly unaffordable for new buyers and interest rates may rise again soon. However David Miles, a professor of economics at Imperial College and a former member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, has argued that under plausible assumptions, house prices could keep rising faster than wages forever. That would make them an unaffordable luxury item like private jets, but, a good investment for those who can still afford to buy. If you are interested in finding more out about property investment or pensions, get in contact with one of deVere Portugal leading financial advisors who will be more than happy to give you a helping hand.


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deVere Portugal is a permanent establishment of deVere Spain S.L, which is authorised to trade in Portugal and registered with DGS nº J2807, PI 43 insurance with AIG Europe Limited Sucursal in Spain, appropriately qualified according to the law. • 7NPP5X • V1.1/260718

‘The Random Players’ present ‘A Christmas Quarrel’ at São Brás Museum

A CHRISTMAS QUARREL Comic entertainment with a festive theme Background history When Maria II of Portugal died giving birth to her 11th child the country was overcome by a terrible sadness and a prolonged period of mourning. Aged just 32 Maria’s doctors had informed her of the risks of having so many children. Ignoring their advice she famously told them, “If I die then I die at my post.” At the time of her death her oldest son was just 16 and it fell to her widowed husband Ferdinand to act as Regent until the boy came of age. It was an unexpected turn of events when Ferdinand declared he intended to marry again. This time his chosen bride was an actress and opera singer, much younger than himself. His first cousin, Queen Victoria, regarded the young woman as a highly unsuitable match and made serious objections. Not only was she a commoner but her chosen profession was frowned upon by the frumpy Queen. Simultaneously another cousin, the lascivious Duke Ernst, head of the Saxe-Coburg dynasty, encouraged Ferdinand’s marriage plans and between the three of them an almighty row ensued.


The play begins Conducted through a series of insulting letters sent between the occupants of Pena Palace, Osborne House and Coburg Castle, the Christmas of 1868 was far from festive. The eccentricities of all the characters involved have resulted in a play that is highly entertaining. Queen Victoria – petulant and controlling as ever – the love struck Ferdinand, the incompetent Duke, his soppy wife and live-in mistresses come head to head in a battle of royal wills The actors Formed five years ago as a theatre group of ‘random players’ this is their fourth production based upon the shared history of Portugal and Britain. Written by Algarve resident Carolyn Kain, published and performed in both countries, they include the Rhyming Diary of Mrs Pepys – about the Portuguese Princess, Catherine of Braganza married to Charles II – and The Passionate Pilgrim – about Philippa of Lancaster married to João I. Last year the ‘random players’ branched out into film-making and received an Honourable Mention at

Faro’s International Film Festival. The new production includes a cast of 15 and a pianist playing the occasional popular song and Christmas tune. Held in the ‘Old Gallery’ at São Brás Museum, the auditorium and stage will be lavishly dressed to celebrate the festive season. Profits are being donated to the São Brás Bombeiros. Bar opens half an hour before the production and there will be a 20 minute interval. Friday December 14th evening performance at 7-30 p.m. Saturday December 15th matinee at 4 p.m. Sunday December 16th matinee at 4 p.m. Tickets 10 euros / 8 euros for Amigos of the Museum To book tickets in advance telephone: 966 329 073 or Email: Photography: - Peter Kain




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ark and Janet O’Shaughnessy from the Association Animals Lost Paradise found would think that looking after 150 rescue animals was a full time job, but it seems not. Starting in December they will be embarking on a new venture to help fund the sanctuary. Purrfect Pet Transport is a European and UK pet transport service that sees them using their years of experience with animals being used to ensure your beloved pet gets the best possible treatment on its journey. They said “Travelling long distance’s is bad enough for people, but when it comes to animals it is a totally different situation. We want to ensure that every pet that travels with us has the comfort and the breaks to make the journey as relaxed as it can be” They have had their vehicle fully inspected and has the required type 2 certificate issued from DEFRA/APHA meaning that it has all the requirements in accordance with the animal welfare act 2006. It has controlled rear air conditioning and lighting so your pet will be kept in a nice environment and won’t have the flashing of lights during night time travel. With a choice of cage sizes to suit most requirements and with notice even the largest of dogs can be catered for. Currently they are travelling once a month with departure dates available from their website www. and they will be transporting animals both ways. They have decided to work on a door to door basis with prices starting at £250 for either your dog or cat, but to get a firm quotation you just need to give them a call. Also they have full pet travel insurance to guarantee your pet is covered whatever the circumstances and full RAC European business breakdown cover with the important like for like vehicle replacement in the event of a breakdown, meaning that your pets journey will never be to disrupted and prolonged unnecessarily. Finally, with the drivers having pet first aid certificates you can be sure that everything is covered and your pets will be in the best of hands for the journey with Purrfect Pet Transport. Lastly, they will also donate 5 % of every customers invoice total to the charity, meaning by using Purrfect Pet Transport you are also helping animals in need.



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Malcolm Muggeridge


Olhão 50 receive the trophy from António Camacho (Chief of Staff, Presidência na Olhão Câmara)

Olhão Tournament A Rip Roaring Success!


All the latest sports news from Chris Wright.

onths of planning came to a successful conclusion when East Algarve Walking Football staged their inaugural Olhão International Walking Football Tournament at the Estádio Municipal de Olhão with its 4G astro-turf pitch, superb facilities and extremely accommodating staff. Teams from Ipswich (Suffolk), Shrewsbury, Herefordshire, central Portugal, Silver Coast (westcoast, north of Lisbon), Lagos, Vilamoura, São Brás, Tavira and Olhão played forty-eight games with thirty-two hours of playing time spread over two days. With all players being over the age of fifty and some well into their seventies - 80 year-old David Truman (Tavira 60) being the oldest - there were bound to be a few aching muscles and creaking joints! There again the health benefits of walking football are well documented - reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke while improving blood pressure. Positive changes in postural balance, blood pressure and resting heart rate, lowered cholesterol, improved blood sugar levels, bone density and improving reactions, whilst slashing the odds of suffering from type 2 diabetes. There are also many psychological and mental health advantages to playing walking football – namely high levels of personal reward and satisfaction with reduced levels of stress. As well as these EAWF São Brás


benefits the friendships made and stories told have create enduring memories. As referee Heidi Emery, who flew over from the UK especially for the tournament, said, “It has been a fantastically well organised tournament and I’ve made many new friends, thank you.” The first action saw the Silver Coast Strollers beat Team Herefordshire 3-0 and Olhão 60 overcome The Walker Brothers (central Portugal) 4-0. The Walker Brothers and EAWF Tavira 60 each lost their opening four games but remained in good spirits whilst ‘home favourites’ EAWF Olhão 50 and EAWF Tavira 50 dropped points against Shrewsbury 99ers and São Brás. Lagos Strollers won the Bowl Trophy whilst Team Herefordshire picked up the Plate Trophy. The final game of the day resulted in EAWF Olhão 50 and EAWF Tavira 50 going head-to-head to decide who topped the group with Olhão 50 edging the game 1-0 thanks to a Neil Morris goal. With 163 goals scored over the two days there was no shortage of action and before presenting the trophies António Camacho (Chief of Staff, Presidência na Olhão Câmara) congratulated everyone for participating in an event that the Municipality of Olhão was proud to support. The last word goes to Richard Pike of Shrewsbury 99ers, “we had a wonderful time and there is no doubt we will return; thank you so much for your hospitality.” Walk, don't run!

Sport Ryan Gauld at Farense

Olhanense (red/black) try a new slant on at a free-kick



n the Campeonato Portugal (Division D) SC Olhanense remain unbeaten at home following victories against Vasco da Game Vidigueira (Beja) 2-0 and Os Armacenenses ((Armação de Pêra)1-0. Sandwiched between these two games was a long trip to the Azores to play SC Ideal on the main island of São Miguel. Going into the final minute of the game, with the score at 1-1, disaster struck when skipper Tiago Barros put through his own goal and the team returned home pointless. The state of the Olhanense pitch, only re-laid three years ago, is giving cause for concern and needs urgent remedial work. Rumours are that the next two home games - 9th December against Ferreiras and 16th December Redondense - may be played at the Municipal Stadium. To check the latest situation go to :

Tavira (white) in action against Oriental (Lisbon)

Ulrich Graffe (FC Prostata) with their trophy



avira Vela compete in the 3rd Division of the National Handball League and have made an impressive start to the new season. Their 32-20 victory over Oriental (Lisbon) at the Municipal Pavilion Dr. Eduardo Mansinho Sports Hall, Tavira was their fourth consecutive victory and maintains their hundred percent record. Handball, the most important team sport in Portugal after football and roller hockey, is a fast 7-a-side game most popular in continental Europe with a reputed 27million players worldwide.



n the Segunda Liga newly promoted SC Farense have been in positive mode securing eight points from their last four games up to the end of November. Irobiso has scored three of their five goals in the games against CD Piedade (1-0 home), Varzim (1-1 away), V.Guimarães (2-2 home) and CD Mafra (1-0 home). Former Dundee United protégée Ryan Gauld, who signed for Sporting Lisbon four years ago, is on-loan at Farense and is starting to make an impact at the Faro based club. www.



ortugal, the Netherlands, Switzerland and England will contest the finals to be staged in Porto and Guimarães from the 5th to the 9th June. Portugal confirmed there place in the semi-finals, with a game to spare, after a hard fought goalless draw against Italy in Milan. England secured their place in the finals with a late comeback against Croatia thanks to goals from Lingard and Kane.

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Property required for purchasing clients in the following areas; Moncarapacho, Tavira, Estoi and Sao Bras area for established real estate company Russell and Decoz, Lda. Telephone 289 792785 – email

The Tavira Pop Choir at the Quinta da Fonte do Bispo is now starting at 2.30 pm on Sundays. All are welcome to enjoy this fun activity, make friends of all nationalities, learn a bit about music and enjoy the tea and cakes. Email: Gillian: for more information.

Good quality properties required in the area of Tavira, Moncarapacho, Estoi, Sao Braz, Manta Rota and Praia Verde by established estate agency Land & Houses Algarve – Yellow Homes. Call 281 320 281 or email Good quality rentals villas and apartments with pool required by established property management and letting agent Happy Homes Algarve. Call 281 320 283 or email rentals@ Este Algarve Propriedades Lda is a long established, licensed estate agency, with its head office in Cabanas, If you would like to sell your property we would be pleased to offer our services. Contacts: geral@ tel: 281 370277 or 951165

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Music for parties, bars & restaurants, Call Richy, 281 971 484 See English mobile mechanic, repair/ servicing/electrical etc. No job too big or small. Quote you happy, all makes and models of cars, vans and light commercial vehilcles. Call Paul on +351 914 417 580 or +34 642 458 853, email paul.titcombe@

Painting for Pleasure. Beginners onwards. Wed., mornings 10.30 - 12.30 Afternoons 14.30 -16.30. At Mesquita near Sao Bras. Tel.289 845 561

Looking for Swedish teacher to teach small children. Call Leo 912510860

YOGA & PILATES - contact Hazel on 91 307 5555 or email: for details

Looking for private music lesson for three small children Tavira area. Call Leo 912510860

Scottish Country Dancing at the Casa do Povo Moncarapacho, Thursdays 5.30 ~ 7.30PM.e-mail David on daviddenman1@

Alcoholics Anonymous Do you have, or is there someone you know that has a problem with alcohol? There is a solution. Please call: (00351) 916 457 733. English speaking.




Help required in exchange for rent free accommodation 916 949 826 Portuguese conversational classes by native Portuguese speaker who is also fluent in English. For more information contact Ana: 914 958 446 or Skype classes possible after initial contact.


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Rua Goncalo Velho, 20B, Tavira, 8800-349 Tel 00351 936 616 676 www.facebook/buakaotavira.thaimassage

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Treatment Massage for pain relief



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R. Palm


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Profile for Richard Bassett

Dec18 East Algarve Magazine  

The Best Guide to the Eastern Algarve, Covering Olhao, Tavira, Santa Luzia, Luz Tavira, Fuseta, Castro Marim, Cabanas, Monte Gordo, Vila Rea...

Dec18 East Algarve Magazine  

The Best Guide to the Eastern Algarve, Covering Olhao, Tavira, Santa Luzia, Luz Tavira, Fuseta, Castro Marim, Cabanas, Monte Gordo, Vila Rea...