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Living in Portugal or planning to move here? The only book you need.

The Blevins Franks Guide to Living in Portugal is considered the definitive guide to the tax and wealth management issues facing UK nationals moving to and living in Portugal. This new 7th edition, 150page book, will answer your questions on a range of topics. It is based on our 40 years’ experience in cross-border financial planning.

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PUBLISHER & DESIGNER Richard Bassett EDITOR Richard Bassett EDITORIAL CO-ORDINATORS Richard Bassett Snr. ADVERTISING Call 961 700 200 or email DISTRIBUTION 3,500 copies printed. All advertisers are issued copies for distribution, along with retail outlets. COVER PHOTO Richard Bassett. All rights reserved. Except for normal review purposes, no part of this magazine may be reproduced without the written permission of the publisher. Every care has been taken in the preparation of this magazine, but the contents are only meant as a guide to readers. The proprietors of this magazine are publishers not agents or sub agents of those who advertise therein. The publisher cannot be held liable for any loss suffered as a result of information gained from this publication

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As temperatures soar is there a better way to cool down than ice cold, ice cream? This month we introduce 'stir fried' ice cream, now available in Tavira from our friends at Shushi d'arte. We also meet Monte Rei's new chef Rui Silvestre, who at the age of 29 was the youngest Chef in Portugal to earn a restaurant a Michelin star. Back in October 2012 we first met Luis and his wife Tania from Casa de Chรก, Amor Perfeito, in Sรฃo Brรกs; they are now celebrating their 12th anniversary. We revisited them to see how they've updated their tea shop. As usual we bring you all our regular articles from our experts in Health, Property, Gardening and Finance, together with a great golf tip from Bradley Dye at Monte Rei Golf. Have a great month.

Richard Bassett Editor

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NEWS Local news. HEALTH Antioxidents. PEOPLE Meet Chef Rui Silvestre. PLACES Stir fried ice cream. PROPERTY Alojamento Local, The good, the bad and the Ugly.

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PROPERTY Property of the month.

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PLACES Amor Perfeito.

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GARDENING Phytonutrients. FINANCE Finance news from Blevins Franks.



FINANCE Finance news from Ricardo Chaves.

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FINANCE Financial advice from deVere. BOOKS Algarve authors debut novel. SPORT The latest from Chris Wright. GOLF PRO TIP From Bradley Dye. CLASSIFIEDS Grab a local bargain.


News The Algarve's oldest Museum reopens in Faro


he Maritime M u s e u m A l m i r a n t e Ramalho Ortigão, the oldest museum in the Algarve reopened on Friday, 27th July. According to the Southern Maritime Command, a reopening ceremony will take place at 11:00 am in the Maritime building at the harbour in Faro. The museum houses an ethnographic collection on maritime activity and the Algarve’s fishing industry where equipment, tools, instruments and all things maritime are on display across three rooms. The museum will be open

between 14:30 and 16:30 on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays with Wednesdays reserved for booked visits for groups. The Almirante Ramalho Ortigão Maritime Museum - the oldest in the Algarve - was created on January 4, 1889 and then was called the Museu Industrial Marítimo da Escola Pedro Nunes. Its collection was assembled from objects and models built privately by the Navy Officer, António Artur Baldaque da Silva, a collection that was exhibited at the Paris World Fair (Exposition Universelle) in 1900. In 1916, the collection

formally was handed over to the Navy and Commander Ramalho Ortigão helped preserve and reorganise the exhibits to form the basis of the Museum opened in 1931 in the Southern Maritime Department. In 1946, the Maritime Museum was renamed the Museu Marítimo Almirante Ramalho Ortigão, in honour of its founder, and settled at its current address between 1962 and 1964. Rua Comunidade Lusíada 8000 – 253 Faro telf.: + 351 289 894 990 | fax: + 351 289 894 997 | museu.ramalho.ortigao@

Algarve In the Box, brings a piece of Portugal to your home. Local producers, handcraft, the best of “gourmet” and authentic Algarve in a Box for you, your family or friends. @Algarve in the box (Facebook and Instagram) Contact and orders from France via our website. Contact and orders outside of France by email:

Cacela Velha destruction landowner faces €5 million fine



he Ministry of the Environment is to issue a penalty of up to €5 million on those responsible for stripping bare an estimated 30 hectares of protected landscape at Cacela Velha, Vila Real de Santo António. The reason for the destruction still is not known but the Ministry of the Environment now has stated that it had not authorised any such clearance work and that the devastation is an environmental crime. The land is privately owned, is classified as Agricultural Reserve (RAN) and Ecological Reserve (REN) and is in the Ria Formosa Natural Park. Olive, carob and fig trees have been destroyed in addition to ground cover habitat. The Jornal de Baixa Guadiana always claimed that the work was illegal but points out that the 24 hour time delay, between reporting the illegal activity and it being halted, allowed further wanton destruction. The Ministry for the Environment finally has responded to calls from various environmental associations, stating that it, "also will require the perpetrators to take measures to restore site to its original condition," which technically is impossible but worth adding to the fine. According to the ministry, the bulldozing


of trees and ground cover, "has caused significant environmental damage, extending to surrounding areas, increasing the erosion process in cliffs and water lines and creating instability and destruction of natural systems," as well as having affected "substantially and negatively" plant species and fauna. The Ministry denies the work was ever authorised but the Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests (ICNF) was said to have given permission for the work under Decree-Law 124, which regulates the compulsory cleaning of land for fire prevention purposes. Célia Ramos, Secretary of State for Planning and Conservation of Nature, dismissed the argument that fire breaks were being made. On July 5th, the GNR’s environmental protection division, SEPNA, explained to environmental groups that the land cleaning had been authorised by the ICNF, but was prompted to organise a second inspection which resulted in the suspension of work as it had exceeded an authorised boundary and trees were missing. The person who carried out the work, presumably the landowner, faces a stiff fine for destroying mature trees and habitat on protected land within the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

Massage Therapies & The Bowen Technique Sports Massage

Deep Tissue Massage


The Bowen Technique

In the comfort of your own home, gym

or office & in a clinic near Olhão

(00351) 912 540 071 Gareth Bullock - Algarve Therapist for 10 years

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Pro Sports Massage & The BowenTechnique

NOTICEBOARD The East Algarve International choir sings traditional songs from all over the world!

Thursday, July 19, the Barbershopchoir from Moncarapacho 'Bella a Cappella' has ended its season with a smashing performance at Jazzcafé Cantaloupe in Olhão. On 4 September the weekly rehearsals start again at Casa da Misericórdia in Moncarapacho. More info can be found on our website

We are looking for an enthusiastic musical leader and....welcome new members: Experienced musicians Male and female voices, (with or without experience) Rehearsals every thursday in Luz de Tavira,feel free to contact: Rineke Hofman East Algarve International Shanty Choir +351 926684061



Fresh bread, croissants & pastries made daily using French flours on site! Teas, coffee, chocolate and fresh orange. See Facebook for details: 'La Baguette Française De Tavira' Located close to the castle, 20 rua Dos Mouros Tavira T: 281 403 070 E:




What antioxidants are and what they are for, by Duarte Arrais, Fisioclube, Fuzeta


efore you get into what antioxidants are, you need to know what an oxidizer is. Free radicals are unstable and very reactive molecules that steal electrons from other molecules (oxidation). This process results in the formation of more free radicals. Without an antioxidant to stop this chain reaction, it could continue to such an extent that all molecules were oxidized. Oxidation can cause cell death, which can lead to many diseases and physical imbalances. Antioxidants are substances that prevent the formation of free radicals in the body that favor cell aging and the onset of diseases such as cancer. Thus, antioxidants combat premature aging, help in cell regeneration and help prevent disease. Antioxidants can be found in natural foods and in vitamin and mineral supplements. However, antioxidant

supplements, as well as any other supplementation, should be advised by a qualified health professional. The adequate consumption of antioxidants protects the body from the action of free radicals, protecting the cells from damage in its structure (DNA) and preventing problems such as: aging, cardiovascular diseases; atherosclerosis; cancer; Alzheimer's disease; lung diseases and autoimmune diseases. The main antioxidants in foods are vitamin A, C, E, flavonoids, carotenoids, lycopene, omega-3 and selenium. ANTIOXIDANTS IN FOOD Foods are the best source of natural antioxidants, and a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and grains provides the body with the antioxidants needed to prevent disease. Some examples of antioxidant foods are tomato, acerola, orange, strawberry, grapes, red fruits in

general, cabbage, watercress, broccoli, carrots, rice, wheat, whole grains such as flaxseed, chia and sesame, nuts and cashews, and also in some drinks like green tea and natural juices. ANTIOXIDANTS IN SUPPLEMENTS Antioxidants can also be found supplements, and some examples of antioxidant-rich supplements are multivitamin supplements, omega-3s, vitamin C supplements and beta-carotene (vitamin A) supplements. It is important to remember that antioxidant supplementation should be done according to the guidance of a health and wellness professional, and that healthy eating is necessary for the beneficial effects of antioxidants to be achieved. Visit Fisioclube Holistic Therapy Center, where we can improve your quality of life and well-being.



Benamor Golf




We are here

Professional friendly service for both men and women, Cutting, colouring, perming and re-styling. CONCEIÇÃO DE TAVIRA, OPEN ALL YEAR ROUND TEL: 916 765 082

Gents Cut 10€, Ladies Cut & Blow Dry 20€.

Mon closed. Tue 10-4pm. Wed 9.30-2.30pm. Thur 10-4pm. Fri 10-3pm. APPOINTMENT NOT ALWAYS NECESSARY 8

Art For Everyone

Find us in front of Hotel Vila Gale Tavira. Rua 4 de Outubro, 24, Tavira Telephone 96 201 2111

Fisioclube FUZETA

HOLISTIC THERAPY › Osteopathy › Physiotherapy › Global Postural Re-education (RPG) › Nutritional Therapy › Iris Diagnosis › MicroKenesitherapie › Neuromuscular Balance › Auricular Therapy › Neural Therapy › Therapy Taping › Cupping Therapy › Quantum Therapy › Flexion-distraction system › Neural Biopunture

Tel 962 777 701


Ruy Barros Hairstyling & Beauty Salon Ladies & Gents Welcome to our new space in the centre of Tavira! With a professional and friendly service. Cut, colouring, perming, hair extensions, hairstyling, hair treatments, massages, face/body treatments, make up artist, epilation, laser, lash extensions, gel nails, nail art, gel polish and much more. MON - SAT 09.00H - 19.00H All year Travessa Zacarias Guerreiro No16, Tavira Tel +351 281 023 636 Mob +351 964 888 810 or 913 999 906 Email: Rui Barros Cabeleireiros e Estetica


» Back neck & shoulder massage » Hot stone therapy » Deep cleanse facial » Eye collagen treatment » Mini anti aging facial » Foot & Ankle massage » Bright eyes treatment » Lip collagen treatment

PAMPER YOURSELF, YOU DESERVE IT... I look forward to seeing you...

Tel; 919 630 255 9


Reaching for the stars Meet Chef Rui Silvestre, Monte Rei's new head chef with the experience determination and proven track record to Bring Monte Rei their first Michelin star.


he annually published Michelin Red Guide is the the oldest European hotel and restaurant reference guide (established in 1900) and awards up to three Michelin stars for excellence to a very few select establishments. The prestigious rating system is used to grade restaurants on their quality, with one star signifying "a very good restaurant", two stars are "excellent cooking that is worth a detour", and three stars mean "exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey". Rui Silvestre has recently joined the distinguished Monte Rei Golf and Country Club as their head chef, bringing a brand new menu. His cosmopolitan career history has seen him become the youngest chef in Portugal to attain a Michelin star in Portugal, for Restaurant Bon Bon at the age of just twenty nine. Born near Porto, Rui moved to the south of Portugal with his family when he was 10. His large family were influential in the kitchen and he studied at chef school in Portimao. Normandy, France under the instruction of


Star chef Nicolas Delgado was where Rui started at the lowest level in the kitchen and within just four months he was promoted to Sous Chef, number two in the kitchen. He then moved to the South of France to the 3 Michelin Star chef Christophe Bacquiè, and then to Budapest in 2009 at restaurant Costes as executive chef, achieving the very first Michelin Star awarded in Hungary, which was awarded to the restaurant just four months after Rui joined them. He spent one year at Restaurant Bon Bon in Carveiro which is where they achieved the Michelin Star status in record time, literally in just one year, so the youngest and quickest chef to receive this accolade in Portugal. Rui insists on the finest quality and local produce and also it is he that buys and deals with his suppliers, meeting local fisherman, butchers and producers. He has spent a lot of time working very hard as well as traveling around the globe with his wife, fine dining to experience being a guest as well as creating exquisite dishes. “We are what we eat and health and nutrition from local sources from the most basic state are vitally importantâ€? he explained. His passion for the complete


People fulfillment of the dining experience for all his clients is paramount. Fine local products, such as the purple shrimp, only found in two places in the world; here in the East Algarve and also in Italy, as well as the magnificent scenery will ensure a fine dining experience at Monte Rei’s Vistas. Lighter dishes and lunch from the Terrace Grill are also available at the Club House where there is also now a new menu. Rui’s ambition is for Monte Rei's dining experience to be internationally known as one of the finest in Europe in the very near future, on par with the reputation Monte Rei has as Portugals No. 1 golf course, and comfortably inside Europe's top 10. With his immense skill, experience and determination, plus the help of Andre Simão his Commis Chef with whom he has worked with for 4 years, Rui says with confidence that he has "all the right tools to work with to make this happen". Rui’s ethos is that everything can always be better and his produce is always seasonally changing. Together with the gastronomic culture of his family, he has brought “taste and emotions” that are essential to dining. We look forward to seeing Monte Rei appearing in Michelin Guide in the near future. It was a pleasure to meet him and the team.



Rua da Liberdade n.ยบ 37, Tavira Tel: 00351 281 326 011 Restaurant & Take-away




Experience 'Stir fried' Ice Cream, made to order as you watch, here in Tavira and only at Xapa 45


ur friends at Sushi d'art have just opened the first ice cream parlour in Tavira to serve ice cream rolls. Originally from Thailand, 'Stir fried' ice cream is made from a base of either yoghurt or cream. At Xapa 45 you have a huge choice of extras to choose from. Once you have picked your ingredients (anything from Kit-Kat to Mango), your ice cream maker will pour your choice of base onto a metal pan chilled to between −18ºc and −35ºc. This is then constantly


mixed and chopped with two metal spatulas until all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed. Your ice cream is then flattened over the ice pan. The spatulas are then used to scrape the ice cream up into rolls, and voilà; beatifully presented ice cream in your choice of delicious flavours. Next time you're in Tavira why not give them a try. You'll find them on the main road up from the square towards the Post Office, two doors along from Sushi d'art at Rua da Liberdade N°45 - Tavira. Alternatively see their facebook page 'XAPA 45'







Copos & Petiscos

Portuguese food with a delicious French twist!

Rua Poeta Emiliano Da Costa, 8800-537, Tavira

Tel: 916 562 645

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STUDY For 12 PEOPLE From the



Prayers for healing, Like Jesus. Tavira Christian Centre Thursday 6pm Phone Beth 966807604

“One of the most sublime utterances that any being has ever spoken on this earth.” Malcolm Muggeridge

Malcolm Muggeridge

Tel 967 668 252



•Direct Sales•Business House BUSINESS AND & HOUSE Clearances•Free Valuations CLEARANCES Antiques + •Online Catalogue & Monthly Auctions!! Collectables LONG AND SHORT TERM STORAGE 07.00 PM


For details of all Auction TRANSPORT + REMOVALS Next Auctions: dates VISIT and items see US, OPEN; SAT. 5 APRIL TUESDAY TO FRIDAY 09.30-5.30 our website. SAT. 3 MAY SATURDAY 09.30-12.30. TH


OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Mon-Fri 10am-6pm, Sat-Sun 10am-3pm


TEL +351 967 195 619


To Tavira

Benamor Golf EN125 Conceição WE ARE HERE 


To Cabanas


Sitio do Besouro, Conceição Open: Mon - Fri 09.008005-416 to 14.00 Faro AUCTIONSat: STARTS: Open Auction days 10.00 Email: Tel: 289 832 380 914 774 832 438380 Tel: Mark – 914 774 438Tlm: Office – 289 email: ITEMS BROUGHT TO Sítio do Besouro, Conceição, FARO AUCTION HOUSE:

OPEN: 09.00

Pick up your FREE copy of the East Algarve ONLY Magazine here!BY APPOINTMENT

GPS 37º04'55.27" 7º54'51.46"


São Bras


N2 1,6km


N2 Faro








A very well maintained property withtownhouse a nice landscaped PRICE REDUCTION! This charming is located garden and a private individual pool. Quietvery location in Conceição, a quiet area of Tavira. It offers large10 minutes walk to and Tavira centre. accommodation comes with a front and back garden.

Recently built ground villa 3 minutes from Monte Rei golf and This beautiful floor apartment in Conceição e 8km fromisthe beach. The plot is 12,000m2. Cabanas a great investment forover holiday rental. ItWellis in finished,condition modernand décor andeasy views from every perfect offers parking too. window.

Second refurb is apartment Urb Mato Espirito. This large floor townhouse located ininVila Nova deSanto Cacela in a Very high spec with views south to the sea and north to gated community of 8 properties. It features a communal pool thelarge countryside. Lovely covered balcony. with sitting area and comes fully furnished.

Located in Faz Fato inisa in peaceful settingjust on a a few This stunning apartment a closedcountry condominium spacious plot of 3,260m2 with established trees. It also minutes from the centre of Luz da Tavira. Perfect for someone features smallpeace plunge pool. who wantsasome and quiet but to be close to the centre.

The Best of the Algarve Close to Beaches & Golf Rua 1º de Maio 32, 8800 -360 Tavira Tel: +351 96 25 66 421 -



Alojamento Local. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Property expert Paul Greenhalgh from Land and Houses Algarve on property investment. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT ALGARVEAN COTTAGES





Happy Homes Algarve is currently looking for additional good quality rental Villas and Apartments to offer to our customers for next season. If you have a property to let, please contact us for more details'

Confused about the new rental law? Contact us for specialist advice. C o n t a c t us t o d a y : 2 81 32 0 28 3

h a p p y h o m e s l d a. R u a D r. P a r r e i r a 1 3 7 next to Barclays Bank 8 8 0 0 - 3 46 T a v i r a






LHV - 1062

Covering the whole of the Algarve as independant real estate agents, we can provide you with unbiased advice when you decide to purchase a property and can introduce you to a wide choice of reputable mortgage banks, architects, lawyers, builders, chartered surveyors and interior designers. We have been in business for over 16 years, finding the right property for countless satisfied clients. We currently have over 900 properties available online and would be very pleased to help you find your ideal home.

If you are the owner of a good quality property and wish to sell, please contact us to arr ange an appoin tment TA VI RA

R u a J o sé P i r es P a d i n ha 1 7 8 880 0 - 3 5 4 T av i r a


C o n t a c t us t o d a y : 2 81 32 0 28 1

www.l a n d a n d h ous es a lga r v e. c om


N 1 2 5 , B e n f a r r a s , B o l i q u e i me 81 0 0 - 0 6 8 B o l i q ue i m e


ew rules regarding short term holiday letting are not only a setback for the holiday sector but also for other parts of the economy as it is adding uncertainty to homeowners and prospective buyers interested in covering some of the expenses by renting out properties. This is an issue which has been highlighted by various property associations like the Association of Hospitality, Restaurant and Related Institutions of Portugal (AHRESP), Associação dos Profissionais e Empresas de Mediação Imobiliária de Portugal (APEMIP) and the Association of Local Accommodation in Portugal (ALEP). The Algarve remains one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. Although a small percentage of vacationers are home owners, the majority are either staying in hotels or private holiday accommodation. It is worth pointing out that while you are having a good time staying in your rented villa, apartment or village house, you may be putting your family at unnecessary risk. By law, all private short term holiday accommodation need to have a rental license also known as licença de Alojamento Local (AL). These properties pass legal and safety requirements to protect you and your family. Although the number of licensed properties has been increasing since holiday letting portals such as Booking and AirBnb threatened to de-list properties without a license, the odds are that you may be staying in an unlicensed dwelling as out of an estimated 200,000 available accommodations in Portugal only approx. 25% (51.000 properties registered by year end 2017; source Deloitte) are legal and registered with the correct license. It is public knowledge that the A.L. legislation is a mess. It resemblance

more the times long gone by, like the Wild, Wild West. Spaghetti westerns such as the Good, the Bad and the Ugly give a good impression of the rough times with excellent music blended in. Those were the days of God-fearing law abiding citizens, poorly drafted laws, weak law enforcement, all varieties of tugs and plenty of violence and gunfights. Except for the violence and gunfights, the situation regarding short term holiday letting offers great similarities. For excellent music, blend in some Fado. The Good in this story are the owners of AL licensed properties and their property managers who have gone out of their way to comply with an ever changing law, arranging for the proper registration of vacationers at SEF (department of boarder control and immigration), who are paying tax over their rental income in Portugal while at the same time having to deal with unfair competition from unlicensed properties and their illegal support teams who are often paid under the table. These holiday homeowners often have gone out of their way to create a homeaway from home and who want to share their little piece of paradise with you. You know that you are staying in a licensed property when: * It has an AL number * It has a complaint book, fire and safety precautions * You will receive a payment receipt (must mention the certificate number of AT authorized billing software), a hand written or self made receipt are illegal The Bad are the politicians and law enforcement organs. Instead of drafting a comprehensive law that is practical, enforceable and that has the support of citizens, they have not been able to come up with one ever since the introduction of AL in 1997. The initial law was so poorly drafted that even if a homeowner wanted to comply they could not obtain the mandatory rental license from the authorities. This only changed 20 years later when the law was amended with a simplified licensing process. The first licenses were issued in 2008. Also, the lack of law enforcement is damaging to the sector and is unjust to those who are compliant. Getting away with noncompliance undermines the rule of law in general; why bother if there is only the threat of fines and no enforcement? The current fine for an individual is Euro 4000 and for a company Euro 40.000. Furthermore, the tax authorities are only occasionally doing inspections. When they do, they check licensed properties and are more concerned about an owner having included in the declared rent the commission paid to the holiday letting portal. This commission can be as high as 10%. The tax revenue from AL was approx. 130 million in 2017. If half of all bookings came from portals, the shortfall of tax by not including the commission in the reported rent could be as high as approx. Euro 6.5 million. Whether this

commission should or should not be included (as tax is paid by the portal over this amount, it would be taxed twice which seems incorrect), on paper this is a significant amount. However, it pales in comparison by the loss of revenue from unlicensed/untaxed properties, which amounts to a loss of approx. Euro 390 million. As the tax authorities do not feel they are responsible for checking if a property is licensed, neither ASAE and nor the local council, it comes back to the government. The government could have shown leadership with the recent change of law. However, the new legislation regarding the AL law and approved by Parliament (and effective 60 days later) passed with favourable votes from the ruling Left Bloc, the Socialist and the Communists has made it Ugly. Councils are from now on allowed to restrict the number of licenses in a neighbourhood. In addition, homeowners with a condominium can also be stopped renting out to vacationers in case a majority of neighbours are against it, for whatever reason. In addition, condominiums can also demand an additional and controversial payment of fees when a property is rented out of up to a 30% to cover the increased use of communal areas by holiday makers. Instead of a national law with clear rules and regulation, decision making has now moved to a local level where subjective reasons can and will come into the equation. Instead of unifying homeowners at condominium meetings it will more likely divide them. On a more positive note, the controversial obligation to register at Segurança Social and pay social security will be scrapped starting 2019. Also, the tourist tax will be scrapped thanks to Brussels. Cities like Lisbon, Porto and Sintra who levy Euro 1 to 2 Euro per night will have to stop the practice. There were plans to introduce this tax in the Algarve too. When introduced in 2014 the current Prime Minister António Costa thought this to be a good idea which he thought could bring in between Euro 7 to 8 million per year. One can not stop but wonder as to why politicians and tax authorities are fixated on relatively small amounts, when the loss of revenue from undeclared rental income amounts to approx. Euro 390 million. Robert Bijker Director Land & Houses Algarve – Yellow Homes www.landandhousesalgarve. com Tavira Office Rua Dr. José Pires Padinha 178 8800 - 354 Tavira Tel: 281 320 281 Fax: 281 321 901 (AMI – 6232) Vilamoura Office EN 125, Benfarras Boliqueime 8100 - 068 Boliqueime Tel: 289 301 294 Fax: 289 301 439

Algarve roof & property renovations From leaks to roofs and balconies, to complete renewals. Guttering supplied and fitted, flat roofs specialists and complete property renovations insode or out; All maintenance work, painting, jetwash service etc. Call Jason Tel: 960 136 445 or 281 324 602

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Property of the month


RUSSELL & DECOZ REAL ESTATE Tel: 00351 289 792 785 Mobile 963 085 580 Email:

4 Bedroom Villa with Pool and Garage. Sitting in 6.240m² beautifully landscaped gardens with an orchard.

Don't miss your opportunity to view this exclusive listing: Large, light & airy villa with central heating & a/c set in lovely gardens with possibility for some lawn tennis. Enjoy the outside bar area or hang out by the shaded BAR-B-Q terrace.

* Mains water & water from neighbours borehole * cistern * 3 phase electricity, private drainage * air conditioning * solar panels * central heating * alarm * smoke detectors * SAT-dish * telephone / internet * salt water pool * bar * BBQ & poolside shower * landscaped gardens * irrigated gardens with extensive lawns * seating areas * Mature citrus orchard * Fully fenced - remote controlled Entrance gates * video-phone intercom * cobblestone drive way * garage for 2 cars * carport for 2 cars * Rental licence. REF:- 1746VN LOCATION:Location Near Pechao. ENERGY CERT:- C


AMI License nº 870 - Member of APEMIP nº 1178 Av. Maria Lizarda Palermo 43a, 8700 - 081 Moncarapacho, Algarve, Portugal

PROPERTY REQUIRED: Moncarapacho, São Brás, Estoi, to Tavira area, please call or mail.



Tavira Castle

1 Elle Salon 2 Ruy Barros 3 Thai Massage

To Tavira train station and Lidl

Paio Peres Correia

1 La Baguette

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al 1 mM

R. Silva Domingues Av. D o

c Tavira Câmara t Tourist Information

BARS & CAFES 1 La Baguette 2 Somewhere Else (Daves Bar)

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Abstracto Traditional Portuguese Cousine

Tel: Chuttcha +351 924 289 594 Vorakorn +351 923 145 282 Facebook: Thai Massage Expert

• Foot Massage (Reflexology) • Oil Massage • Traditional Thai Massage • Therapeutic Massage for Pain Relief • Sport Massage (Deep Tissue) Av Dr. Mateus Teixeira de Azevado TAVIRA, 8800-379 Loja No 24 From the station walk down to center

Rua Dr. Antonio Cabrera, 34 8800-344, tavira Tel 937 037 712 Gardens


Rio Gilao

Roman Bridge

Restaurante Abstracto

Bishops Square


Rua Dr Jose Pires Padinha, n.86 8800-354 Tavira - Portugal (Opposite the old market) (00351) 918 050 612

Wall Decoration Canvasses Woodprints Alu-Dibond Prints Gallery Prints

Postcards Coasters Foto Souvenirs Workshops Photography Shipping costs EU* 9,90€

♦Draught Guinness ♦Coors Light ♦Large selection of ciders ♦Hot & cold food served all day ♦Fun friendly atmosphere for all the family ♦Sky sports & BT sports Rua Almirante Candido dos Reis. Tel 926 763 653.

*at, be, cz, de, dk, es, ie, it, fr, lu, nl, pl, pt, se, uk


Company AMI 7673 Office: Tel/Fax 281 952 820 Mobile: 00351 911 041 862 Casa Anibal R/C loja B, Estrada da Manta Rota 8900-038 Vila Nova de Cacela



VILA NOVA DE CACELA 120.000€ Ref 2343

• Three bedrooms • One bathroom • Good sized living room • Equipped kitchen • 2 verandas one east & one west facing • Close to shops, market, trains etc. • Air con in living room and one bedroom • 2nd floor no lift




TEL+34 642 458 853 or 00351 914 417 580



• Large townhouse • Close to the beach • Patios front and rear • 4 Bedrooms in total plus loft • Three bathrooms • Air conditioning • Equipped kitchen • Mosquito screens

TEL+34 642 458 853 or 00351 914 417 580 email:

MAIN OFFICE – (Waterfront) Ava Ria Formosa, Centro Comercial Loja 2, 8800-591 Cabanas de Tavira TEL: 281-370277 Mobile: 91 7212498 OFFICE – E.N.125, Cevadeiras, 8900-024 Vila Nova de Cacela TEL: 281-951165 Mobile: 91 2177055 LICENÇA No 504-AMI


3 BED HOUSE WITH GARDEN + GARAGE - VILA NOVA DE CACELA - Roof terrace with view of the sea and countryside, big garden, within walking distance to the village with all amenities. €285.000. ENERGY CLASS E

2 + 1 BED TOWNHOUSE INCL. SPECTACULAR MEZZANINE + GARDEN - MANTA RÔTA - situated in a very quiet area, approx. 1 Km from the long sandy beach of manra rôta. €235.000. ENERGY CLASS C



MANTA ROTA 270.000€ Ref 2349






AMI 8799

LwL, Nº40a, Rua 1º de Maio, 8800-360 Tavira Office: 00351 281 327 656, Voip: 02070999193 Email: Web:

Traditional Two Bedroom Villa with Country & Sea Views – Tavira, 170,000€ Ref: 4596243

Bright villa, with great views and a charming homely feel, set in a pretty countryside location, only a 15 minutes’ drive away from Tavira. The south facing terrace and garden are just the right size to relax, enjoy the sun or shade and appreciate the big boats crossing the ocean line. This property would be perfect as a holiday or permanent home.

Three Bedroom Quinta & Two Ruins with Building Potential – Quelfes, 495,000€ Ref: 4549447


This very typical Algarvian Quinta (Farmhouse), is ideally located just five minutes from Olhao. The main house is bursting with character, yet has recently been renovated, giving you the best of both worlds. It sits within a very large beautiful plot, with many fruit trees, and two ruins, that subject to planning, can be built on. Making this property ideal as a home, or as a fantastic project, which could be turned into a business.

Modern 3 Bed Townhouse with Stunning Sea Views, Jacuzzi & Pool – Fuseta, 475,000€ Ref: 4605205


Spacious, modern townhouse in a unique location, a few mins walk from Fuseta’s beach. Plenty of natural light, great finishes and beautiful terraces with fantastic views. Fuseta with all its amenities is only a few minutes away. Perfect for a rental business, holiday or permanent home.


EXCLUSIVE LISTING IN CABANAS REF: 1089-A • 50m from the water front • Internal area: 11535m² • Balconies: 58.16m² • Roof terrace: 118,28m² • 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms • Natural light • Energy rating: B• Price: €290.000 To visit call us today on (00351) 927 617 131 AMI 9917



Amor Perfeito


As they celebrate twelve years in business, we re-visit Luis and Tania from Casa de Cha, Amor Perfeito


ão Brás de Alportel is home to Casa de Chá, Amor Perfeito, an attractive, cosy, modern, tea room and snack bar, fondly known as “The Love Shack”. Back in October 2012 we met owners Luis and his wife Tania. Their delightful Tea room has over 100 varieties of teas, from traditional loose tea leaves to herbal and fruit teas. They also offer sports channel and full wi-fi connection. Both from Barreiro, near Lisbon, Luis and Tania met in 2002 and married in 2004. The Tea room was originally Luis’s mother’s holiday home. As it had so much unused space, they decided to use the lower level to create the cafe in 2006. Now, as well as tea, they have an amazing choice of delicious hot chocolates, such as white hot chocolate, traditional dark chocolate, or chocolate with strawberry or banana. They also offer pizzas, snacks, home made ice-cream, and 26 types of savoury crepes; a huge choice! All this can be enjoyed on the decked outside patio, inside with stunning views of the hills or now in their brand new tea garden. The lovely grassed garden is smoke and pet free, and totally enclosed, so perfect for families. A friendly, comfortable spot to meet with friends for something a little different, or just a good old Cuppa. We hope you get a chance to visit Luis, Tania and their friendly staff soon.


São Brás de Alportel Rua Colégio de São Brás, 405 A CP: 8150-132

Tel: 914 267 339

Open 7 days 7.00am - Midnight We are Over 100 here varieties of Teas São 26 varieties of Brás Crepes 23 varieties of Lidl Hot Chocolate Ice cream, Tavira Loule Pizza & pastries Faro



Patchworker's corner Introducing the wonderful world of Patchwork Quilting. If you're looking for a new hobby that will keep your body and mind active, this could be it!


here are lots of quilting techniques that every quilter should master and over the next few months we will show you some tips and methods that are on nearly every experienced quilter's 'must know' list. To start with - Never Let Yourself Become Discouraged Beginning quilters are sometimes overwhelmed by the hundreds of new terms and techniques they encounter when they make their first quilt and the confusion is often compounded because of the many ways to accomplish every quilt-making task. You'll discover which quilting methods work best for you as you become more experienced but getting comfortable with the must-know skills will help you sew accurate quilts on your very first try. Develop Your Rotary Cutting Skills Rotary cutting is a technique that every new quilter should master because it allows us to bypass the time-intense method of constructing templates to mark and cut individual pieces of fabric. You'll love the freedom that rotary tools provide, and speedy cutting is a fantastic motivation for continued success. Rotary Cutting Is a Time Saver for Quilters Rotary cutting is one of the most time-saving skills a quilter can master because it eliminates the need to mark and cut individual patches of fabric. Not only does rotary cutting speed up quilt assembly, if done correctly it will most definitely enhance your accuracy. Rotary cutters resemble pizza cutters, with an important difference -- their blades are razor sharp so they can


slice through the fabric. I'll never forget how frightened I was many years ago when my seven-year-old daughter came to me crying, her hands covered in blood. She had found a new rotary cutter, which I thought was tucked away safely, opened the package and proceeded to cut construction paper. Thankfully, her cuts weren't deep. Many styles of rotary cutters are available, all with different shapes of handles and a variety of protective sheaths. In general, larger rotary blades allow you to cut more layers of fabric at once but cutting too many layers at a time can destroy your accuracy, so get plenty of practice before you stack loads of fabrics. Replace the rotary blade when it no longer makes a swift, clean cut through the cloth. Read more about rotary cutting safety tips and learn how to rotary cut long strips of fabric. Rotary Cutting Mats (selfhealing mats) Quilting fabric is cut on a special rotary mat. The mats are slightly rough to help grip the fabric, and they're made of a material that protects the rotary blade and keeps it from becoming dull too quickly. Most rotary mats are self-healing, meaning that any nicks the blade leaves as is passes over the mat are not permanent. Some mats are reversible, with a dark and a light side that lets you choose a colour that contrasts with the fabric you are cutting. Most rotary mats are marked with a grid, which provides a good general guide to fabric placement but is not accurate enough to measure strips for cutting -- you'll need a rotary ruler for that task. Purchase the largest mat you can afford that fits your work area because

large mats make it much easier to cut fabric into strips. Because they warp easily, keep your rotary mats out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. Learn how to clean and care for a rotary cutting mat. Quilting/Patchwork Rulers You'll use acrylic, see-through rulers to align the fabric and hold it firmly against the cutting mat. Choose rotary rulers that are marked with very thin lines. It's much easier to align the edge of your fabric accurately under a narrow line than it is to guess where it's at under a broader marking. There are hundreds of kinds of rotary rulers. Start with the basics and add to your collection as you discover which rotary rulers work best for your needs. Basic Rulers for Your Collection ● 6" x 24" ruler is a must and enables you to make nearly any type of cut. It should be marked with 30-, 45-, and 60-degree lines, with dimensions in 1/8" increments. ● 6.5" x 6.5" square ruler is perfect for aligning and cutting squares and triangle-squares. Dimensions are duplicated along two adjoining sides, with a diagonal guideline running through them. Rules should be in 1/8" increments. ● 12.5" x 12.5" square ruler helps you make sure blocks are square, but you'll find lots of other uses for it, too. Rotary equipment makes it easy to cut patchwork shapes for quilts and to square up the ends of strip sets when you use strip piecing techniques to make quilts. If you are having trouble finding any of these tools, or you want information on Patchwork Quilting in the area, please contact Gillian by email: info@


Phytonutrients What they are & how they help plants?


hyto’ or plant nutrients are protective compounds produced by plants to minimise damage from UV radiation, insect attack, toxins and pollution. Kind of like an internal security system. Pretty amazing hey? One bonus is that scientific research shows many of these same phytonutrients also benefit us when we eat these fruits and vegetables as a whole food. These compounds work in synergy with each other for optimal health, a bit like how an orchestra makes


beautiful music when each musician plays their part at the right time. Many phytonutrients also produce the natural intense pigments of colourful fruits and vegetables. For example, the purple in plums or glossy skinned eggplant and deep blue in blueberries. They are also responsible for the smell and flavours of foods. Fruits and vegetables contain concentrated sources of a huge variety of phytonutrients. So putting colour on your plate and especially purple foods may help prevent disease and promote healing.

WHAT ARE THE HEALTH BENEFITS OF PURPLE FOODS? I’ve read so many scientific research reports on this topic and learned so much about how healing some of our everyday foods can be. Here, I just want to summarise a few of the reasons to eat (and grow) more purple foods. PROTECTION AGAINST CELL DAMAGE Some of the most valuable pigments in purple foods are known as anthocyanidins which are responsible for the purple-blue colour of fruits like blueberries, raspberries, blackberries



and grapes. They are antioxidants which help protect against oxidation and damage to the cells. There are many studies on different types of berries that indicate they can have wide ranging health benefits. Studies indicate anthocyanins may help protect against the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke by stopping clots from forming. They also can prevent some cancers and diabetes, as well as improve memory. A Japanese study on purple fleshed sweet potatoes found they contain high levels of anthocyanins. These help

destroy free radicals which prevent damage in the body, reduce blood pressure, protect the liver and regulate glucose levels. Not bad for a humble spud! Glad I’m growing these tubers as a ground cover in my garden. The purple leaf tips are also edible. So, one of the roles that purple pigments play is to help protect against damage in the body that can lead to disease. ANTI-INFLAMMATORY AND ANTICANCER PROPERTIES Purple foods also contain Flavonoids (flavonols) including Resveratrol with anti-inflammatory properties. This


compound may also help combat many diseases, decrease blood pressure and promote healing. Numerous studies have shown Resveratrol has anti-cancer effects by helping inhibit growth of cancer cells and directly causing cell death. Exciting stuff! Studies showed some foods have very high levels of this valuable phytonutrient. E.g. Concord purple grapes, red wine (yay!) and berries – especially mulberries. According to one research paper “Many studies have linked these compounds with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anticarcinogenic properties, protection



against both heart disease and cancer (of certain types), as well as a reduction in the risk of diabetes and cognitive function disorders.” HOW CAN YOU GET MORE PURPLE FOODS IN YOUR DIET? There are a wide variety of fruits high in these phytonutrients. These include many berries. For example, blackberries, mulberries and blueberries. But also, vegetables with purple skins and flesh including purple sweet potato, eggplant, red cabbage, beetroot and purple potatoes. Likewise, figs, purple olives, red onions and even lettuces with purple/red leave also contain these nutrients. But there are LOTS more! For example, black/purple mulberries are easy to grow in a pot or your garden. I grew both my small trees from cuttings. Within one year, they were fruiting and I get 5-6 harvests/year, allowing me to freeze bags of berries as well as enjoy them fresh. You can do the same even if you have a small space. So don’t think you have to spend a fortune on buying fruits and vegetables. There’s a huge number of edibles you can start adding to your diet to boost the health benefits. 3 TIPS FOR EATING PURPLE FOODS To get more purple vegetables on your plate, start to intentionally choose to grow or buy varieties with purple/dark red/blue colours... If you eat other orange fruits or vegetables,

1 36

try swapping orange sweet potatoes for purple fleshed ones. Try to mix up the colours you eat. If you love kale, why not get the benefits of eating both green and purple pigments with a purple kale variety? Consciously look for purple vegetable varieties when you shop or visit farmers markets. For example, a simple way to eat more red cabbage, purple kale and other leafy vegetables


is to buy or grow them as microgreens. You only need a tiny space and can eat the rewards within 1-2 weeks rather than waiting months for a full head of cabbage to grow. Smart hey? Instead of just your usual greens, add red oak leaf or frilly lettuce varieties in salads. Similarly, get creative with purple kale, basil, endive and Asian green varieties. COOKING TIPS FOR PURPLE FOODS Leave the skin on your vegetables and fruit where possible. This increases the fibre and nutrient value. I NEVER peel my sweet potatoes or potatoes. Instead, I just wash and scrub the skin well before cooking. All that extra goodness and flavour can benefit your health. Anyway, when you cook vegetables in dishes like curries or casseroles, you never taste the skin! Why not start a new trend in your household with purple sweet potato wedges? Remember, some phytonutrients are heat sensitive and water soluble. So, to maximise their health benefits, try roasting and lightly steaming. This helps retain the purple colour when cooking vegetables with soluble pigments. E.g. Purple King beans, Purple Sweet Potato and Purple Cauliflower COLOURFUL CHOICES So, if you’re thinking about what to grow in your garden, purple plants offer you a wide variety of health benefits. I hope you’re inspired to try growing and eating a rainbow of fresh ingredients.








EN 125, c.p. 126-E 8800-118 Luz de Tavira e-mail: Tel: 281 961 189

To Olhão

To Moncarapacho EN125


Find us on facebook at:

Geojardim Landscaping & Garden Center


BBQ Islands

Luz de Tavira

Awnings & Shades

To Tavira Look out for the Yellow flags

Patio Heaters


VISIT OUR SHOWROOM! 272A, Rua do Comércio, B135 Almancil

Tel.: +351 289 356 233



Jon Wright, a regular visitor to Tavira to see his father (Chris Wright) and step-mother, has been making waves in the street culture scene in the UK and even further afield including Portugal


The story of Sports Banger

nder his colloquial name of Jonny Banger, aka Sports Banger, he is revered as the bootlegging king of the UK fashion scene. Jonny has finally gone legit as he has teamed up with British based tennis brand Slazenger. Named ‘Slazenger Banger’, the collaboration has flown off the shelves of all the SportsDirect stores nationwide that it has been stocked in since the end of June. The range is already becoming, like Jonny’s previous sportswear bootlegs, the go-to garment of choice for UK ravers and festival-goers this summer. Mixing luxury items like champagne flutes, bathrobes and lilos with more obvious sportswear choices like leggings, sports bras, t-shirts and trainers, the unisex collection is simplistic in its design, but playful in the yellow themed colour schemes. Jon quotes ‘For the many, not the for few’ as the reasoning behind his pricing, which for contemporary sportswear is ridiculously low. With trainers only costing £29.99 (€34) and t-shirts going for £14.99, this kind of affordability is something rarely, if ever, seen in such a collection. Esquire magazine voted his classic white trainers as Number One in their recent top 50 poll. How did this all come about and why did Jon decided to put £5 notes in the soles of his new trainers! Jonny said, “It was my birthday, so I did myself a birthday t-shirt. It said 'FREE TULISA' after she had just been arrested. There followed a music festival and I was asked to provide the top acts, Skream and Jordan Rizzle Kicks, with the FREE TULISA t-shirts which they wore on stage. The whole thing went viral. The t-shirt got a lot of attention, so I quickly knocked up


a website and the Sports Banger brand was born. TEAM NIGELLA T-shirts soon followed and the Beckham family were spotted wearing his TEAM ROMEO shirts. Jon then produced a T-shirt, in support of the junior doctors strike, which featured the NHS logo above the Nike swoosh. Jon continued, “My Mum died of leukaemia when I was fifteen and she had been a psychiatric nurse so the NHS means a lot to me. It was amazing how the T-shirt captured the essence of the campaign”. Singer and songwriter Paloma Faith was featured in the ‘Sun’ newspaper wearing it and even Dame Cathy Warwick (Professor, Scottish midwife, trade union leader and abortion rights activist) donned the NHS swoosh T-shirt when she was created a Dame at Buckingham Palace! A large chunk of the profits went to support the junior doctors. Jonny was asked why the collaboration with Slazenger when he had turned down the likes of Adidas and Reebok? “I love Slazenger, it's got proper history. Ralph Slazenger was from Manchester and moved to London Cannon Street in 1881, opening a shop selling rubber sporting goods. In 1902 Slazenger became official supplier of tennis balls to Wimbledon and seven years later Ralph Slazenger was made Sheriff of London. In 1966 the World Cup footballs were Slazenger and two decades later they introduced the optic yellow tennis ball to Wimbledon. I wanted to use better fabrics and colours, with a better cut, but wanted to keep it true to everyone with the price point. I didn't want to ham-fist a trendy version or put off original Slazenger wearers. You can wear Slazenger alongside Slazenger Banger”. Jon has done much to support local youth and mental health

charities in north London and will continue to do so. One local youngster, who had been banned from almost every shop in Seven Sisters Road, is turning his life around and now regularly helps Jonny in his shop and print studio. To produce his own range with no restrictions, rather than just dropping one t-shirt at a time, was like a dream. “Not having to post it myself has been amazing. I've gone from having the longest delivery terms to the quickest! I've put out a lot of singles – hit t-shirts – but this is like my album.” Jon’s mantra is “Start where you are, use what you've got, and do what you can If you've got an idea, do it and stand behind it. If there's no heart or passion in it, don’t bother” and he added: “I never liked the ‘are you cool enough to wear this‘, and ‘have you got enough money to wear this’. Everyone's invited. There's a history, sound, vibe behind the whole thing. What's the story behind the fiver in the bottom of the trainers? Jonny says: “When I was at school in Colchester I remember a rumour of Reebok Classic ice soles with fivers in. I’ve got testimonials from lots of people, saying they have seen them, but I still don't believe them. I still can't believe I got official permission from the Bank of England to print money for these trainers! Jonny has got lots planned and is looking forward to getting some records out on his HERAS label. It's all about the sound, fashion and art that comes from the sounds. As Jonny says, “You can close your eyes but you can't close your ears”. The record label HERAS is named after the fence. The music sounds like the visual image of the fence; hard, obnoxious, industrial and metallic but with classic design.

Expert financial advice By Adrian Hook, Partner, Blevins Franks


Moving to Portugal? Five questions that could save you money

f you are relocating to Portugal, could also pay no Portuguese tax on or have already moved, you have gains from UK property. made an excellent choice. Not Even outside of NHR, Portugal can only is it a beautiful place to live, be highly tax-efficient with the right Portugal can actually offer many planning. financial advantages. How should you hold savings and Make the most of tax-efficient investments? opportunities and avoid costly Do not assume that what was taxmistakes by exploring these five key efficient back home is the same in questions, ideally before moving. Portugal. ISAs, for example, become taxable in Portugal once you are nonWhere will you be taxed? You need to establish when you UK resident. Portuguese residents will become resident in Portugal and can access opportunities to enjoy liable to Portuguese taxation on your extremely favourable tax treatment on capital investments, so explore your worldwide income and gains. You usually become tax resident after options. Always make sure your wealth spending 183 days in Portugal, but if and assets are suitably diversified you have a permanent home here, you and structured appropriately for your could be considered resident from the circumstances. day you arrive. Be wary also of UK What is the right currency mix for rules – just 16 days’ back home could you? unintentionally trigger UK tax residency Once in Portugal, your expenses will and bring you in line for British taxes. mostly be in Euros, so keeping savings With careful planning and flexibility, and investments in Sterling exposes it is possible to time your residency you to exchange rate fluctuations. change to minimise tax liabilities – Consider flexible structures that let and maximise opportunities – in both you diversify by holding investments in countries. multiple currencies. How much tax will you pay? What are your property options? New residents can enjoy significant When is the best time to sell your tax benefits for their UK property or buy first ten years through Do not assume that what a Portuguese home Portugal’s ‘nonto limit capital gains was tax-efficient back habitual residency’ tax and stamp duty (NHR) regime. If in both countries? home is the same in Poryou have not been Will you have to pay Portuguese resident ‘wealth tugal. ISAs, for example, Portuguese within the last five tax tax’? Getting it right years, apply for NHR could save become taxable in Portu- here through the local tax thousands, so take gal once you are non-UK care to establish your office soon after arrival. Besides offering a approach. resident. Portuguese resi- best fixed 20% income tax While answering these rate to those employed dents can access opportu- questions can provide in ‘high value-added’ peace of mind that nities to enjoy extremely professions, NHR your financial affairs potentially lets you are in order, crossfavourable tax treatment border taxation is receive most foreign income – including UK Take on capital investments, so complicated. pensions and rental personalised, expert explore your options. income – tax-free. You guidance for the best



results. Summarised tax information is based upon our understanding of current laws and practices which may change. Individuals should seek personalised advice. Keep up to date on the financial issues that may affect you on the Blevins Franks news page at www.





Expert financial advice Keep up to date with our Finance expert, chartered accountant Ricardo Chaves from All Finance Matters.

Readers Q&A


rom time to time we receive questions from our readers, for specific situations that sometimes may be similar to the queries of other readers. In view of that, we decided to publish the answers. If you also have some questions regarding tax in Portugal, please feel free to send it to us.


Can you explain the tax implications of selling a property here? I understand that if I downsize and move from my house to an apartment, I will be taxed on the difference between the sale and the purchase price. Is this correct? And what if I sell but don’t buy, and choose to rent? First of all let me tell you that you can only use the reinvestment to avoid capital gains if you are resident and the property you are selling is your main residency. This means that your address at the tax office, must be the address of the property being sold. You are only liable for tax, if you had a gain on the transaction. Please note that the value you paid for the property needs to be adjusted, according to the inflation coefficient, applicable to the year of purchase. This means that the purchase value will increase for the capital gains

calculation. Also, from the sale of your property you can deduct, the costs incurred with the purchase operation and sale of the property, costs incurred in property over the past twelve years, such as property refurbishments or other money spent to increase the value of the asset, including the cost of the energy certification. If after this, you still made a gain, then you can reinvest the proceedings of the sale on another purchase within the EU. This needs to be done on a purchase made between 24 months prior and 36 months after the sale. If the reinvestment in the new property is lower than the total sale, than the tax will be calculated pro-rata. So in this case, if you are selling for 400.000€ and your tax bill was going to be 25.000€, you will only be tax exempt if you reinvest the full sale price 400.000€. If your new apartment only costs 200.000€, then your tax bill will be 12.500€, has you only reinvested half. If you decide to rent and not to reinvest, then you are liable for the full tax bill. The payment of the capital gain, occurs in August of the year


I still have a property in the UK and a bank account there, credit cards etc, but am spending an increasing amount of time at my home in the Algarve, where I also have a bank account and debit cards. I am not a resident. My clients are UK based, and I invoice them for consultancy services in the UK and in sterling. Can I continue with this if I take up residency here. Would I be better off invoicing them in Euros from my Algarve address? It's important that people realise that even if they are non-resident, but the consultancy services they provide are made from a fixed based in Portugal, it should be taxed here anyway. The same would apply for a Portuguese resident, operating from a fixed based in the UK. On another note, if you are spending more than 183 days per year in Portugal, then you should be taking tax residency. To be able to invoice your clients from Portugal and be registered here, either as a resident or as a non-resident you would need to register under category B. If you are non-resident and registered on the simplified regime, you would be taxed at a fixed rate of 18.75%, irrespective of your earnings. So, per each 10.000€

"If you are spending more than 183 days per year in Portugal, then you should be taking tax residency"

"You can only use the reinvestment to avoid capital gains if you are resident and the property you are selling is your main residency"

tlm:+351 281 029 059 email:


following the sale.



Villas from: £140,000 Ι Apartments from: £95,000

DESIGNED FOR THE OVER 55’S Monte da Palhagueira offers 33 houses and apartments, exclusively designed for the over 55’s. Set within a traditional village development of 22 acres, just 20 minutes drive from Faro International Airport, the village nestles in the tranquil and picturesque hillside of Gorjões, Faro in the Algarve. EXCELLENT FACILITIES The village offers many unique features, including its own own Anglican Church, public restaurant, tennis court, two swimming pools and an ornamental lake, all set within traditional village surroundings, bounded by stone walled lanes and terracotta tiled buildings. COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND In addition, village properties all have access to British trained medical staff, on duty at all times, via an aid call system linked to the village nursing home. MAKE AN ENQUIRY For Roberts on ++351 289289 990900 For further further information information please pleasecontact contact Clive Alexandre Neves on ++351 990 900 E-mail: ΙWeb: E-mail: Monte Monte da da Palhagueira PalhagueiraVillage, Village,Gorjôes, Gorjôes,8005-488 8005-488Sta. Sta.Barbara Barbarade deNexe, Nexe,Algarve, Algarve,Portugal. Portugal. Part of the Amesbury Abbey Group, Church Street, Amesbury, Wiltshire SP4 7EX

invoiced, you would pay 1.875€. If you were resident, the tax to be paid would depend on your overall income, as the taxation would be on a sliding scale. For instance, if invoicing only 10.000€ per year and without any deductions, you would be paying 1.144€. But on the first year you register as a sole trader, the calculation would be over 50% of the income and over 75% on the second year, so a lot lower. Also, as a resident you may deduct other expenses, such as medical bills and use the number of dependents as a tax deduction. So the tax bill is likely to be lower than this. As a new resident, you can also apply for the Non-Habitual residency scheme and your tax rate would be set to a maximum of 20% of your income. This is particularly attractive for tax payers with high levels of income. Please note that if you decide to become Portuguese tax resident and rent the property you leave in the UK, you will be liable for tax on your rentals in the UK (if above the threshold). In Portugal you will also have to declare this income, but Portugal grants an international tax credit for tax paid in the UK, and then assesses the rental income under Portuguese rules. Please feel free to send us the questions you may have to ricardo@allfinance. pt. We will select some of these to be published.

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Rua 1 de Maio 26B r/c, 8800-360, Tavira Car Motorbike Travel Health Boat Pet Business Community


Expert financial advice By Andy Oliver, deVere, Portugal.

How No-deal Brexit could affect Expat Pensions


ttention has recently focused For expatriates with UK personal on a potential aspect pensions and insurance contracts – of a post-Brexit world – which can run into decades beyond whether expatriate Britons Brexit –– this means they may no longer receiving private pensions be able to receive payments in the EU or insurance payments from the UK will post-Brexit (the UK State Pension is not affected). Providers would face the lose access to their money. As things currently stand, many UK dilemma of choosing between breaching businesses who conduct financial contract law (by failing to honour their transactions in the EU or European contracts with members) or breaking Economic Area (EEA) are set to lose European law. the legal right to continue cross-border The problem runs both ways as it trading after Brexit. This outcome will be affects EU nationals in the UK receiving from EU companies. the case if nothing is to change between payments now and the date the UK leaves the UK chancellor, Philip Hammond, EU. The reality is that this is one of the acknowledged it is in the interest of crucial issues being addressed in Brexit all parties to protect their citizens and negotiations and one would think, with businesses by avoiding a cliff-edge. He both citizens and businesses potentially confirmed work was already underway to affected, it is of mutual benefit to agree a put “comprehensive plans in place for the full range of possible solution in time. outcomes [that would] However, after a No-deal Brexit avoid unnecessary recent debate on costs and disruption Parliament TV entitled could make it illegal on individuals and ‘The progress of the businesses as the UK UK’s negotiations to pay pensions to leaves the EU.” on EU withdrawal’, So far, the UK has Huw Evans, Director British expats living offered to extend General of the ABI existing arrangements (Association of British for EU companies Insurers), spoke out in the EU operating in the UK about the problems that British expatriates would continue to throughout the Brexit transition period (up face if a ‘no deal’ Brexit was to become to 31 December 2020). While the EU has the outcome. It is estimated that 38 not yet reciprocated, Brexit negotiations million British policyholders are affected are on-going and much depends on by this issue. If the domestic law that what is agreed. For example, in the event allows cross border trading isn’t sorted of a ‘softer’ Brexit, there may be little out prior to Brexit, many pensioners could disruption here. If the UK remains in the find they won’t get paid their pension. It customs union (or similar arrangement is important to note that each country to the EEA), maintaining cross-border of the EU has a different arrangement. access for UK businesses would be In a survey with City law firms of eight relatively straightforward. With the recent different EU countries; they found that Brexit white paper from the UK, Michel there were eight different regimes. So Barnier, EU’s Chief Brexit negotiator this isn’t a blanket risk across all 27 said that although some aspects of the countries, but it is a classic issue of the government’s white paper were “useful”, type which requires regulators with the other aspects were problematic because they threatened the integrity of the single political blessing to sort the issue out. Today, UK businesses that provide market. “There are other points on financial services to Britons living in EU which we have a problem because they countries are able to do so under the contradict, they clash with, the European EU’s free movement of capital rules as Council guidelines. They contradict my members of the EU. After Brexit, unless clear negotiating guidelines. Indivisibility similar arrangements are in place, they of the four freedoms, the integrity of the are set to lose the right to operate within single market, these are key points. This is our main asset. We are not going to the EU.


negotiate on that. The United Kingdom has known that from the outset.” Further going on to state “It is quite right that there is agreement on nothing until we have agreement on everything. But what is perfectly clear to the 27 EU member states and the European Parliament is that what has been agreed in December and March has been agreed for good”. However, it is important to remember that overseas access to UK payments is not exclusive to being within a trading bloc like the EU. Many British expatriates living abroad, such as those retired in Australia and Canada, are able to legally receive their UK pension today without any problems. While there is little cause for expatriates affected by this issue to panic, there may be action you can take to ensure you maintain uninterrupted access to UKbased private pension and insurance payments. Depending on your situation, you may be able to transfer your benefits into a structure that is already compliant in your country of residency. By transferring UK pensions into an EU/EEA-based Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS), for example, you could unlock additional benefits, such as tax efficiency and currency flexibility. Having the freedom to choose whether to invest and draw income in Euros or Sterling is not only convenient for expatriates living in Europe, it can reduce exchange rate risk during these volatile times. Moving your money to a QROPS or similar structure would also shelter it from future UK taxation (including lifetime allowance penalties) and offer more choice in who will inherit your pension benefits. Even if the potential ‘cliff-edge’ issue does not affect you, it is a good idea to review how your pensions, investments and assets are structured. For the best results, explore your options with deVere Portugal's financial advisers who specialise in cross-border cases. They can help you establish the most suitable approach for your personal situation and objectives. Act sooner rather than later to make sure you secure the best outcome for you and your family, regardless of Brexit.


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deVere Portugal is a permanent establishment of deVere Spain S.L, which is authorised to trade in Portugal and registered with DGS nº J2807, PI 43 insurance with AIG Europe Limited Sucursal in Spain, appropriately qualified according to the law. • 7NPP5X • V1.1/260718


Algarve Author debuts first novel Algarve Author, Trevor Holman, debuts his first mystery novel titled The Mijas Murderer.


he Mijas Murderer, is the first book in an ongoing series titled, The Algarve Crime Thrillers. The series features two main characters, Michael Turner and Doctor Samantha Clark, who reside in a quiet, picturesque town of Algarve, Portugal. Michael Turner is a successful crime writer, and Dr. Samantha Clark is a former police surgeon who now runs a medical practice. Life in the quiet town takes an abrupt shift, when Michael discovers one of his friends has been brutally murdered. Suddenly, he finds himself being asked to solve a reallife murder. He recruits his best friend, Dr. Samantha Clark and together they become entangled in a complex case. Their undercover escapades take them across

the globe: from Portugal to the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, South Africa and the Bahamas. Full of action, adventure, and romance, The Mijas Murderer is an unmissable read, as it introduces readers to the beginning of a thrilling mystery series. The Mijas Murderer, published by Austin Macauley, was released on February 28, 2018. Price: $15.99 ISBN: 9781947353787. It is available in Amazon, Barnes & Noble as well as other bookstores around the country. Advance review copies are available upon request. For more information, please visit: www. About Trevor Holman: Trevor Holman is English and was born, brought up and educated in south London, where he worked for many years as a professional

musician before moving to Norfolk, also in the UK. For most of that time Trevor’s career was centered around music and advertising, all the while serving in court as a part time magistrate. In 2003 Trevor and his wife, Frances, moved to the Algarve, where he began a fruitful collaboration with a lyricist, and the two of them have written in excess of one hundred songs, as well as four complete stage musicals. Trevor is now concentrating full time on his writing career, and is currently working on this series of ‘Algarve Crime Thrillers’, of which ‘The Mijas Murderer’ is the first. Trevor and his wife still live in the Algarve. Contact: Cassidy Colarik, 646.512.5767

Helping the Animals of the East Algarve


tray and unwanted animals in Portugal have always been a problem, but still, even with new legislation about animal welfare and local council initiatives towards helping people sterilize animals, the number on the streets continues to increase. It is for this reason the East Algarve magazine has decided to help with raising funds for a local East Algarve animal sanctuary. The Association Animals Lost Paradise Found is a newly formed association being run by our friends who have worked with the magazine since its beginning, writing the gardening article, but they have always been involved in animal rescue since they moved to Portugal 10 years ago. They are based in the area of Alcoutim and currently have a total of 142 rescued animals at their shelter. Charities are always dependent on support from


Every little helps... if you can spare a few coins you'll be helping this great cause. others through various methods and here is where we have decided to help. We have agreed to try and raise needed funds through the support of the magazine via means of asking people to make a small donation when they pick up their free copy of the magazine. It is obviously not compulsory for you to make a donation, but no matter how small, your money would go a long way in helping the animals. You will be able to make your donations at the magazine collection points in the charity tins with the magazines. The objective is to try and help raise sufficient funds to enable the shelter to not only feed and care for the animals, but also help towards building more animal enclosures. You can, of course, check out the sanctuary at www. associationanimalslostparadisefound. com were you can see all the good they do. We would like to remind you that you

are not obliged to make a donation, but if you should decide to, I know your donation will be appreciated and used to give animals the care needed.



Costa Esuri RESERVATIONS: COSTA ESURI GOLF CLUB Urbanización Costa Esuri Avda Juan Pablo II, S/N, A49 – Salida 131 21400 Ayamonte, Huelva, Spain Tlf:(0034) 959 328 071

Algarve - UK - Algarve Weekly Van service from the UK Full or part loads Comprehensive Insurance For a FREE quote call 00351 966 978 937


Home grown spices imported from India gives a unique flavour producing the best Indian cuisine in the East Algarve!





Algarve Stadium

Ronaldo and modric go head-to-head in the Algarve All the latest sports news from Chris Wright.


lgarve football fans are in for a real treat when Portugal entertain Croatia at the Algarve Stadium, Faro on Thursday 6th September. The thought of 33 year-old Cristiano Ronaldo leading the European

Midfield tussle Maritimo (green/red) and Farense

Champions into battle against the World Cup runners-up and his former team mate at Real Madrid, 32 year-old Luka Modrić, is a mouth watering prospect. Ticket prices are €10, €12.50 & €15 with a special deal for families. Go to: www. to register, order and pay. Tickets

can then be collected from the Ticket Office at the Algarve Stadium on the day of the game but be warned, arrive early as the queue to collect tickets can be lengthy. Certain supermarkets may also sell tickets closer to the date.



C Farense warmed up for their return to the Segunda Liga with a preseason 4-1 win over Premiera Liga outfit Maritimo (Madeira). In their first competitive game the Faro based side beat Penafiel in the first stage of the Allianz League Cup. A tight 0-0 draw ended when the home side won 5-4 in the penalty shoot-out. Manager Rui Duarte was without new signings Daniel Fernandes, Perisic, Markovic, Teles and Mayambela whose international clearance failed to materialise in time to play. No doubt the new ignings will be available for the opening league game of the season against FC Famalicão on 12th August at the Estádio de São Luís (behind Faro Hospital). SC Braga ‘B’ are the visitors on the 26th August.


Ronaldo in Juventus shirt



ristiano Ronaldo has finally said farewell to Spain with his €112m transfer from Real Madrid to Juventus. The sensational news not only created media mayhem but also sparked an unprecedented stampede to acquire his Juve shirt. The maestro has already captured the hearts and minds of the Bianconeri faithful with the club rumoured to have shifted some 520,000 jerseys, bearing the Portuguese attacker’s name, in just twenty-four hours! To put this extraordinary event into context let us look at the transfer of Neymar from Barcelona to Paris Saint-Germain twelve months ago for a world record fee of €222m. The French club was reported to have sold 10,000 of the Brazilian’s jerseys on the first day and a mere 120,000 within the first month. Most clubs receive a standalone fee from their kit manufacturer, in this case Adidas, who then take 85-90 percent of the revenue from shirt sales. Half-a-million shirts sold would see Juve bank somewhere in the region of €5m to €8m. So perhaps the real winner here is the manufacturer and not for the first time given that Adidas supply the kit of Ronaldo’s former club Real Madrid.




ast Algarve Walking Football continues throughout August at Olhão and Tavira with visitors more than welcome to join in the Fun, Fitness and Friendship. The only proviso is that the Tuesday sessions at the José Arcanjo Stadium, Olhão (behind McDonald’s on the EN125) are only for those over 60 years-of-age. Plans for the Olhão International Walking Football Tournament on the 15th/16th November are coming to fruition and with cheap EasyJet flights from Manchester starting that month it is hoped more teams from that area will be joining the festivities.

Welcome to the website for walking football in the Eastern Algarve region of southern Portugal. Walking football is a slow-paced version of the beautiful game aimed at the "more mature" person (with no upper age limit).



wo young Portuguese managers, 43 year-old Sérgio Conceição and 41 year-old Marco Silva, went head-to-head at the Algarve Stadium last Sunday as FC Porto took on Everton FC. After two consecutive defeats against Portimonense and Lille, both 2-1, Porto were happy to return to winning ways with a slender 1-0 victory thanks to Marega's fifty-first minute goal. Turkish international Cenk Tosun was the pick of the Everton forward line whilst Brahimi, Otávio and Aboubakar looked sharp for reigning Primeira Liga champions Porto. The Algarve Football Cup was won by Lille, with four points after a win over FC Porto and a 0-0 draw with Everton.


C Olhanense start the new season with a trip to Pinhalnovense on the 12th August with the first home game a week later against local rivals Louletano. In an effort to encourage more fans to return to the José Arcanjo Stadium, Olhão (behind McDonalds on the EN125) the club are offering members a reserved seat at €15 (€5 per match pay-as-you-go) or for only €50 a reserved seat and admission to all home games (17) plus any home games in the Portugal Cup. Former Farense and Olhanense goalkeeper Ivo Soares is the new boss who last season was in charge at Armancenenses. Joining him as his assistant is João Armando and the new goalkeeper coach is

Gabriel Caetano. The list of reinforcements is based on young up-and-coming players: goalkeepers João Azul (exArmacenenses) and Léo (ex-Marítimo), defenders Sekou (exCastrense) and Pedro Costa (ex-Oleiros), midfielder Atabu (ex-Armacenenses) and forwards Lucas Salinas (ex-Armacenenses) and Kainã (ex-Felgueiras). The midfield pairing of Leleco and Tiago Barros remain from last season. All the new signings (except for Léo) competed in the Campeonato de Portugal last season and are under 25 years-of-age with the exception of João Azul who is thirty. The first pre-season training game against newly promoted Ferreiras (Albufeira) showed encouraging signs with a mix of experience and youth.



5 Minute Read: Avoid blow-up holes This months tip from Bradley Dye, assistant professional at Monte Rei Golf


ithin the game of golf, not every shot can be perfect and certainly not every hole can have the perfect outcome. Golf is a game of percentages and playing to your strengths, not to impress your friends. You don’t draw a picture on the scorecard. It’s the least shots that win you the money! There are many common mistakes with distance perception and taking on shots which don’t need to be taken on. To avoid the big numbers on the scorecard, take on the shot or use the club to hit the shot with the highest chance of success. If you have narrow fairways, don’t try and thread the needle. Stick to your common ball flight such as a draw, aim accordingly and commit to the shot, rather than trying to manipulate a shot. You have more chance of hitting the fairway sticking to your strengths of hitting that stock shot. Negative thoughts hinder the average golfer; having the correct

Pro stats


the trap. Damage limitation is key. Carry distances are key to getting the ball over trouble and onto the putting surface. There are too many golfers who think they hit it further than they do, or just want to impress their friend by hitting a PW as far as their 9iron. Be realistic in how far you hit it and make sure you make the carry distance and avoid the trouble. Tight lies around the greens opt for the chip and run shot, this is not the most commonly used shot but is the most effective and shot with the least risk. Every golfer wants to nip it off the turf to play the “Hollywood” shot. This is more times unsuccessful than Name: Bradley Dye successful. Opt for less loft and From: Darlington, England play a chip and run to get the ball Club: Monte Rei Golf close to the hole. & Country Club Using these simple thinking Position: Assistant Golf Professional processes and keys to success will help lower scores and reduce Turned Pro: 2015 off Scratch your handicap. Background: BA Hons Golf For individual, group or playing Management Degree, University of lessons call +351 281 950 950 or Central Lancashire. District, County email Lessons & University Golf Teams. include all equipment hire, golf Career Low Score of 66 (-6) balls and water.

mind-set is key to success. Visualise the shot you are wanting to play. Erase the trouble from your internal vision. This is going to help you create a positive vision and make a confident swing. It’s okay to be nervous, just slow down your pre-shot routine to keep calm. Nasty bunker lies or tight flags is where the percentage play comes into place. Play for the heart of the green and take the two putt. You never know you also may get lucky with a putt dropping. This will save taking two or three attempts to get out of

Quinta do Vale Golf Until 15th September 2018


Green fee - 40â‚Ź 2 Players + Buggy - 100â‚Ź Quinta do Vale Golf Resort Eiras da Achada Apt. 137, 8950-909 Castro Marim Tel +351 281 531 615 Email:

These offers are subject to availability and previous reservation, valid for reservations made from today and not for previous confirmed bookings. They are not cumulative with any other offers available during the same dates VAT INCLUDED

51 45 49

Free Classifieds P R O P E RT Y Property required for purchasing clients in the following areas; Moncarapacho, Tavira, Estoi and Sao Bras area for established real estate company Russell and Decoz, Lda. Telephone 289 792785 – email

Beautiful Portuguese saddle including stand. €500. Tack available tel 967060982

Good quality properties required in the area of Tavira, Moncarapacho, Estoi, Sao Braz, Manta Rota and Praia Verde by established estate agency Land & Houses Algarve – Yellow Homes. Call 281 320 281 or email

Garden multi-tool, petrol engine, 3T blade shrub cutter, chain saw, strimmer & hedge trimmer. Petrol can. As new. Used once genuine reason for saie 165€ Tel. 289845561

Good quality rentals villas and apartments with pool required by established property management and letting agent Happy Homes Algarve. Call 281 320 283 or email rentals@ Este Algarve Propriedades Lda is a long established, licensed estate agency, with its head office in Cabanas, If you would like to sell your property we would be pleased to offer our services. Contacts: geral@ tel: 281 370277 or 951165 Holiday rentals, house centre Fuzeta sleeps 4/5: Central Tavira holiday cottage to rent, two persons: Dutch couple, are looking for a long term rental house in the area between Olhão and Tavira. Tel. 00351 961 745 670 FUSETA, Modern House, Fully Equipped, Lovely views, roof top terrace with jacuzzi, 3 balconies, 3 bed, 3 bath, quiet area, pool area great for children, certified B. Licence for rent, very good investment. Price 450.000 euros M: 913915076 Top floor 3 bedroom apartment, Cacela private sale 97.500 Tel: 913 499 001

Tavira Sewing Sue any sewing jobs please email: Music for parties, bars & restaurants, Call Richy, 281 971 484 See English mobile mechanic, repair/ servicing/electrical etc. No job too big or small. Quote you happy, all makes and models of cars, vans and light commercial vehilcles. Call Paul on +351 914 417 580 or +34 642 458 853, email paul.titcombe@



New camper for salel 2017 only 7 months with 10000km xgo dynamic 28 alkoven 6 persons 39000 eur german plate. For fotos see contact :920253905

Looking for a parking space to buy or to rent Carangueijo or Santo espirito / TAVIRA Pls email Urgent! Garages / storage wanted to rent in tavira! +351 912 236 445 Alcoholics Anonymous Do you have, or is there someone you know that has a problem with alcohol? There is a solution. Please call: (00351) 916 457 733. English speaking.

Wooden Garden table & chairs. Round table with a hole in the centre for an umbrella and four Director chairs with red material. 60 Euros Tel 932 074 836.

ACTI V ITI ES Painting for Pleasure. Beginners onwards. Wed., mornings 10.30 - 12.30 Afternoons 14.30 -16.30. At Mesquita near Sao Bras. Tel.289 845 561


YOGA & PILATES - contact Hazel on 91 307 5555 or email: for details

for private advertisers ONLY.

Scottish Country Dancing at the Casa do Povo Moncarapacho, Thursdays 5.30 ~ 7.30PM.e-mail David on daviddenman1@

Business ads are charged at 1€ per word, min 6 months

Email Ads to (Max 9 words for free ads)

S E RV I C ES Algarve roof & property renovations Call Jason Tel: 960 136 445 or 281 324 602


Face Massage

Massagem de Facial

Foot Massage

Massagem de Pes

Oil Massage

Massagem de Oleo

Back, Shoulder, Neck

Costas, Ombros, Pescoco Massagem Tailandesa


Tratamento Tradicional


Beco de Sa

n ’An nt




Traditional Thai Massage

Tratamento de dores por R. Alm . Ca alivio de massagem nd i ian


io c



s Re


da Asseca

R. Ja


R. dos P elames

T Loauvira nge

çalo Ve


aG ad ad

R. D

R od



Pra ça


Ca lç

rda L

os C ais


a An n on na eD ad ad Ca lç

R. E dua

R. d

r. Jo s

e Pir es P adin


R. A ma


Rua Goncalo Velho, 20B, Tavira, 8800-349 Tel 00351 936 616 676 www.facebook/buakaotavira.thaimassage

Travess aD

e ad Paio Peres Correia

Pal ma


Ca rlo s

R. D




R. D



Roman Bridge

Tra ve s

da Fonte sa

ale ria



R. Gon

es P ess


im J


e Jo

s R. Jo



a Co

no d


eta E R. Po

R. D


eA gu a

l rte Rea Vaz co

rA nto n

da or R.B



. Ca

R. Alm


Treatment Massage for pain relief



ar ce lin o

R. D

r. Parre


Fra nc o va o R.




R. Palm


r. J

Profile for Richard Bassett

Aug18 East Algarve Magazine  

The Best Guide to the Eastern Algarve, Covering Olhao, Tavira, Santa Luzia, Luz Tavira, Fuseta, Castro Marim, Cabanas, Monte Gordo, Vila Rea...

Aug18 East Algarve Magazine  

The Best Guide to the Eastern Algarve, Covering Olhao, Tavira, Santa Luzia, Luz Tavira, Fuseta, Castro Marim, Cabanas, Monte Gordo, Vila Rea...