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UGANDA GORILLA PROJECT Adventure, Discover, Experience

Gorilla Project Leader Description

TREK (4 days) Take your journey by foot and boat across the amazing landscapes of Uganda taking on mountains, extinct volcanoes, forests and lakes, taking in breathtaking views along the way.

GORILLAS (1 day) Trek through the mist of the mountains to come face to face with the last remaining wild silver back mountain gorillas

VOLUNTEER (7days) See where your fundraising is going by living and volunteering in a school for a week transforming an empty playing field into a vibrant, exciting and creative playground for all.

EXTENSION TRIP (3days) This is your chance to choose, you can continue the animal theme by walking with Rhino’s and seeing the ‘Big Five’ on safari or taking on the white water of the Nile or Quad biking or even Horse riding.

GORILLA LEADER DESCRIPTION Join East African Playgrounds for an unforgettable year of amazing travel, the incredible sights of Uganda, wonderful people and the chance to recruit and support a team of volunteers in Uganda to help build a playground for a deserving community!

OVERVIEW This is your opportunity to take a project and make it your own; recruiting your own team, encouraging and supporting them in the UK and then experiencing the best of Uganda together. Training - We will provide training to ensure leaders have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to recruit, support and manage a fantastic volunteer project. Recruiting your team - With the support of your University, EAP and fellow leaders you will have a clear recruitment plan to recruit your team of volunteers. Leaders will be given a target number of volunteers to recruit and select by mid-November. Welcome meeting - Leaders are then to hold a welcome meeting enabling volunteers to meet each other, find out a little more about the project, EAP, fundraising tools and ideas, a calendar of events and then a bit of a social. This is to be held a week after the volunteers has been selected. Supporting Volunteers - Leaders must keep up to date with the volunteer fundraising progress. EAP will organise a group fundraiser prior to the end of the semester to get the volunteers started (e.g. Raid or Bag pack before Christmas) and then leaders to organise a second group fundraiser in Feb – March time. In Uganda - The leader’s main responsibility in Uganda is towards the successful managing of volunteer’s participation, as well as the volunteer’s wellbeing and weekend activities: not the project management of the playground. The leaders will be supported throughout by EAP.

REQUIRMENTS Location – At your University and in Uganda Benefits - Being a leader with East African Playground provides endless benefits, to name a few; discounted project costs*, great fundraising incentives**, meeting fantastic people, seeing a beautiful part of the world and helping provide playgrounds for children in Uganda. Also, your CV will be bursting with great skills and experience that future employers will love! *You will only need to pay or fundraise the cost of your trip £1,300 - £1,500 (including £200 deposit) **For each team of 8 volunteers you recruit and complete their fundraising you will get an activity free on EAP! Duration – Sept 2014 – Sept 2015. To give an approximate estimation of time need to be committed, our guidelines would be; a leader will need to dedicate approximately 21 hours a week (for 2-4 weeks) for recruitment, 5 hours a week in the UK to support volunteers, then a full 3 weeks in Uganda over the summer to support the team! Experience – No experience needed just pure enthusiasm and dedication! East African Playgrounds will be there to support you throughout your experience to make it the best project possible tailor made to you and your team!

EAST AFRICAN PLAYGROUNDS East African Playgrounds was set up through this very volunteering project, starting in 2009 with just 8 volunteers and building just 1 playground, maintaining the strong ethics set up with the project has grown from strength to strength. We are a charity set up by students using the motivation of students to make huge changes to the lives of children across Uganda. EAP was born through RAG and have always worked with Universities with the aim to give the best experiences to student’s at the most affordable price. With each of the partners being a charity the trek is working to build a better Uganda.

PLAY TIME A playground offers children the space to make sense of any problems they might be facing, through role play and imaginative games. A playground is a positive asset for any community, accommodating an array of opportunities in terms of child development and community cohesion. By providing an environment that encourages unstructured play it encourages children to think for themselves thus gaining vital problem solving skills, which are often missing in classroom teaching due the rote teaching format.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED We are looking for leader at each University we are working with to take up the challenge of recruiting a team of 8-16 people to take on this new and exciting challenge, places are limited so contact if you are interested. As a leader you will not be expected to fundraise, you only need to pay your costs: Flights: £600 - £800 Trek: £300, Gorilla Permit: £400 Donation to EAP: Your enthusiasm, time and commitment!

TOTAL COST: £1,300 - £1,500 Including deposit

Gorilla Project Leader Description  

Join East African Playgrounds for an unforgettable year of amazing travel, the incredible sights of Uganda, wonderful people and the chance...

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