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27 California Buildings News • January/February 2016


MAY 11, 2016 | HYATT REGENCY ORANGE COUNTY “Invest in Success” is IREM Orange County’s annual conference and trade show that serves property managers from both residential and commercial sectors. The conference offers timely and interactive forums on leadership, trends and issues targeted specifically for today’s dynamic market. The popular trade show provides the opportunity to stay current with new products and services while networking with current and potential clients. Keynote speaker Carey Lohrenz, the Navy’s first female F-14 fighter pilot, will share her top lessons in leadership by equipping leaders of all kinds with the tools to bring a team to peak performance.

To purchase a booth or learn about our sponsorship opportunities, please visit, or contact the IREM OC Chapter office at (714) 258-8377.

from personal experience how valuable AIA can be. “The most common question we get from people contemplating joining the AIA is what can the AIA do for me? The AIA operates at three levels: national, state and local. The AIA benefits its members both directly and indirectly. The AIA benefits architects directly through the sharing of information and providing access to the largest body of information on the practice of architecture to its members. The AIA benefits architects indirectly through advocating at both the state and national levels on issues of vital importance to the profession. This advocacy is responsible for the passage of bills that benefit and protect architects. In addition, the AIA lobbies against the passage of bills that would damage the profession.” Property management executive Anne M. Sparks, with NextPlay LLC in Pleasanton, is president of the Building Owners and Managers Association of Oakland/East Bay. She regularly takes time from her corporate responsibilities because she sees her involvement in BOMA to be directly related to her business’ success. “I have found value in BOMA both as a large company employee and a small business owner. There is only so much knowledge a person can derive from books. I have found that personal and professional growth is best achieved through collaboration and networking which is why I encourage everyone at Next Play to be involved with BOMA. “While BOMA takes time away from the office and daily routines, it more importantly opens the door to more efficient ways to do business, save money and be ahead of the curve. I recently chatted with a The Outstanding Buildings of the

Year (TOBY) judge who said she is planning to adopt many ideas she saw during her tours of other principal buildings. Managers need to be trained by their company to provide their company’s style of business. However, to be relevant you need to look beyond the inner workings of your company and adapt things that other companies are doing.” Product and service-centric groups are also valuable associations that complement membership in more general industry organizations. For instance, the National Fire Protection Association provides invaluable services to every type of structure. “NFPA is the leading information and knowledge resource on fire, electrical and related hazards with 60,000+ members globally. Approximately 30% of our 4,500 California members have been members for 10+ years and 50% have been members for 5+ years,” says NFPA’s Lorraine Carli, Vice President of Outreach and Advocacy. “An NFPA membership provides members with one-onone help with their technical standards questions on our 300+ codes and standards; a subscription to NFPA Journal® and bi-monthly newsletters; voting privileges; and special access to the ‘Members Only’ section on NFPA’s new online community, NFPA XchangeTM.”

Not All Benefit From Association Memberships You often hear companies complain that they joined a local association, but it didn’t produce sales, so they dropped out—usually after one year. In most cases, they failed to (Continued on page 28)


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