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Big Bear Camping The ABCs of Camp Cot Shopping: Most Common Brands to Choose From There are people who find camping as a rewarding experience, and should be done with the whole family or a group of friends on warm summer months. Of course you have to take comfort essentials with you, including a cozy camp cot that you’ll use for sleeping. If comfort is what you truly seek, then foldable cots are your best option. They’re easy to carry, assemble, and they fit in most camp trailers without fuss. Ever tried sleeping on a roll-out bag in the ground? Comfy? Probably not, so camper, you deserve something better than a sleeping bag. Don’t be a cheapskate when it comes to sleeping gear, because no matter how hard you survey the ground where you’re planning to lay out your sleeping bags, there will always be a stone, rock, or pothole that can make you feel uncomfortable. That’s why it’s still best to invest on a sleeping cot rather than a rolled sleeping bag. So now, the problem would be where to get the best one. This article will offer you a lot of choices when it comes to finding reasonably-priced camping cots that are durable, comfy, and long-lasting. So first off, it’s nice to start on comparing brands and varieties of camp cots that are readily available for comparison. You can try searching online for choices. These camp cots come in different sizes, designs, and colors to choose from. Make sure you downsize various choices to the ones which are within your price range. Another way to find out which sleeping cot is the best is to get in touch with a manufacturer or camping gear store. Ask for price lists and check out the brands and the actual merchandise that they offer. The following are some of the brands that always earn a good number of positive reviews from campers and every day consumers alike.

LL Bean Swedish camp cots – these babies are a must-try. They don’t squeak when weight is laid on them and they’re made of high-quality materials. At an affordable price of around $8 per cot, plus the comfortable foam padding that each product has, that’s already a good buy. Alps Mountaineering Camp Cots – when you travel with coleman pop up campers or other RV World choices, you may want to check out the cots from this brand. They offer bigger sizes that can accommodate two people in one cot. There’s more elbow room with the Alps brand too. Rothco – if you’re looking for a portable and lightweight alternative to a double camp bed that’s easy to carry, then check out the sleeping gears offered by Rothco. They fold easily and come out small, but they also offer more elbow room. No camper wants to rub their elbows with cold steel bars especially at night, right? Cabella – this is one of the leading cot manufacturers in the country that you just can’t miss. They come padded with thick foam, plus Cabella cots offer firm back support to prevent the onset or aggravation of lower back problems like abnormal spine curvature. Juggle your choices and purchase the most comfortable camp cot that you can find, now! So here’s a guide to shopping for the perfect camp cot. Get the best value for your money by checking out the following ideal and totally affordable brands that you can choose from.

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The ABCs of Camp Cot Shopping: Most Common Brands to Choose From  
The ABCs of Camp Cot Shopping: Most Common Brands to Choose From  

So here’s a information to shopping for the easiest camp cot. Get the most productive price on your cash by testing the next ideal and total...