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Health & Beauty Message from the Vice Chairman Health and beauty are complementary to each other. EASECOX has built itself on a tradition of advocating for superior products to benefit users with health and beauty over the years. In honor of this tradition, we have been working well with excellent manufacturers from Japan and Europe which share the same belief, so that EASECOX products can be guaranteed with good quality, gaining reputation through words of million mouths and becoming a trustworthy international brand. Since the birth of its first reshaping undergarment in 1988, EASECOX has been evolving and continually refined for a comprehensive product line, which now includes DIAMANT Tourmaline Fiber Series for body curves reshaping, EASEAROMA Essential Oils Series for body and mind, SUPER CONDUCTIVE Metallic Ion Series for lifestyle health care, MARVEL Skin Care Series, PURENCE Personal Care Series, EASESHAPE Slimming Series, EASENUTRI Health Supplement Series and EASECLEAN Household Cleaning Series. We would continue striving to move forward and provide the best products that can enhance people’s health and beauty. Product is one of the important pillars in running a good business. Quality is always at the top of my list and I have been devoting myself to develop EASECOX new products. Good product without time constraints is the key to brand and business sustainability. I have every reason to trust that EASECOX will reach even greater heights with excellent products from now on. Always a believer in EASECOX is "The origin of health & beauty", this is really all that I wish for.

Steve Lin, Vice Chairman

EASECOX International Group



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DIAMANT Tourmaline Fiber Series


14 16

BRILLIANT Panties Series

EASECLEAN Household Cleaning Series

17 18

PLATINO Series for Men

SUPER CONDUCTIVE Metallic Ion Series

20 24

EASEAROMA Essential Oil Series

EASENUTRI Health Supplement Series

30 32

EASESHAPE Slimming Series

MARVEL Skin Care Series

34 36

PURENCE Personal Care Series

Measurement Table

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Tourmaline Fiber Series

EASECOX International Group adheres to an innovative spirit toward research and develops brand products that contribute to health and body shapes by using unique tourmaline fibers. With computerized measurement techniques, the manually sewed products deliver an exclusive delicacy you deserve.


“Because I am a woman, I fully grasp the real needs of women.” - Amy Lin, EASECOX Founder Amy Lin, the EASECOX founder, was inspired by the idea of water ripples that convert “kinetic energy” into “potential energy”. This is the original concept of fat-shifting undergarment - the birth of DIAMANT. EASECOX has led a legend in undergarment production for decades. The birth of the DIAMANT is to bring you beautiful body curves, health, and confidence.

Beautiful Secret of Tourmaline Fiber

DIAMANT Series is made with tourmaline fibers, by weaving natural tourmaline minerals into the fabric with exclusive technology. Such unique fabric has anion and infrared functions, which improve metabolism and promote health.


Modeling Series Maintaining Body Shape


Keep Fit in Beautiful Curves

The 3D tailoring and extra-long design can improve the modeling effect. This series consists of multi-angled star-shaped anion fibers that can enhance the functions of breathability and wicking moisture.

Modeling Undergarment

Modeling Short Pants

Model No. FA362 Color Black White Denier 560 Size / Cup B : 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95 C~G: 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100

Model No. FE312 (without zipper) FE313 (with zipper) Color Black White Denier 560 Size 64, 70, 76, 82, 90, 98, 106

Model No. FA362L Color Brown Denier 560 Size / Cup C~G: 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100

Model No. FA312L (long-cut without zipper) FA313L (long-cut with zipper) Color Brown Denier 560 Size 70, 76, 82, 90, 98, 106

The Profession of Beauty Designer

Note: The available size and color of DIAMANT in each market may be different, please consult the local office.


Reshaping Series Creating Perfect Curves


Re-build Perfect Body Shape

Creating and adjusting perfect shapes and curves for breast, waist, and hips! Elastic cotton linen with tourmaline fibers does not only enhance shaping effects, but also keeps you comfy, relaxed, and pressure-free.

Reshaping Undergarment

Reshaping Short Pants

Model No. FA397 Color Black White Denier 280 Size / Cup B : 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95 C~G: 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100

Model No. FE388 Color Black White Denier 420 Size 64, 70, 76, 82, 90, 98, 106

Reshaping Long Cropped Pants Model No. FE398L Color Black (Black transparent pattern style)

Denier Size

420 64, 70, 76, 82, 90, 98

Note: The available size and color of DIAMANT in each market may be different, please consult the local office. 09

Protection Series Showing off Body Figure


Sexy Charm

The attractive semi cups present well-rounded breast with natural beauty. Special customized ultra-fine wire is sewn at a 45-degree angle to lift up the breasts without any pressure. Silky-soft cotton linen provides extra-comfy, you can wear with or without shoulder straps on your needs for charm!

Protection Undergarment

Protection Short Pants

Model No. FA303 Color Black Denier 280 Size / Cup B~E : 65, 70, 75, 80, 85 F : 65, 70, 75, 80

Model No. FE323 Color White Denier 420 Size 64, 70

280 Shaping Pants A Model No. FE395L Color Black (Black opaque plain style)

Denier Size

280 64, 70, 76, 82, 90, 98

Note: The available size and color of DIAMANT in each market may be different, please consult the local office. 11

Tourmaline Fiber Waist Shaper Sculpting Beautiful Waistline


Memory Alloys bring slim waist immediately

It is made with soft and breathable elastic fabric, which has good function of wicking moistures. There are six main memory alloys and one supporting alloys on the side to disperse the pressure, giving good support to the waist and spine. It is suitable for people who need support to back muscle, hope to keep good posture and get good waistline at the same time. It is recommended to use with other Diamant undergarment and pants for the best result in waist slimming.

Waist Shaper Model No. FG368 Color Black White Brown Denier 420 Size 64, 70, 76, 82, 90, 98, 106

Please visit EASECOX YOUTUBE channel for Diamant series introduction video and fashion show videos.

Note: The available size and color of DIAMANT in each market may be different, please consult the local office. 13

ARM SHAPER Series Slim Arm to show the perfectness

Upper arm is the focal point for a total slim look, slimmer upper arm will immediately lower your weight 1.5 ~ 2kg visually! With the 360 degree of 3D cutting design, “DIAMANT Arm Shaper� is made with deodorizing functional yarns and tourmaline fibers which can emit far infrared ray and anion for health purpose. It has best effect on arm shaping, breast enhancing and hunchback straightening, giving full confidence and elegancy to the beauty lovers!



Light Carefully selected ultra-elastic breathable fabrics make it refreshing and comfortable to wear all day long.

420 Denier elastic fabrics tone your arms, waist and abdomen with instant effect. Three-row front clasps allow progressive tone-up and flexibility, making it easy to dress or undress without causing deformation.



The push-up design of U-shaped breast support and decorative lace can direct flab from the back and armpits to the chest creating sexy charm.

Ingenious X-shaped back pressurizing design supports a straight posture against slouching and fat accumulation, and creates charming curves.

Arm Shaper- Long Sleeves

Arm Shaper- Short Sleeves

Model No. FG479 Color Black Brown Size M, L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L

Model No. FG480 Color Black Brown Size M, L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L








Lower bust

70-75 cm

75-80 cm

80-85 cm

85-90 cm

90-95 cm

95-100 cm


63-69 cm

69-75 cm

75-81 cm

81-87 cm

87-93 cm

93-99 cm

* It is recommended to wear with other Diamant Tourmaline Fiber Series for the best result in body shaping. * The product launch arrangement is different in various countries; please consult the local office on the supply time. 15

BRILLIANT Panties Series

Brilliant Panties (5 Pieces/ Pack) The Brilliant Panties are comfortable with good permeability. With hips fully covered, its silkysoft texture is quick-dry, comfy, and pressure-free! The crotch with unique woven techniques delivers delicate care. Model No. FB020 Color Black/ Beige/ Pink/ Blue/ Green、 Black×5、Beige×5 Size M, L, 2L, 3L * The launch arrangement of full black/beige pack is different in various countries, please consult the local office on the supply time.

Brilliant HW/HWL Panties (3 Pieces/ Pack)

● The patented cotton linter fiber is silky-soft, skin friendly, and highly breathable. ● The classic briefs has full rise design with perfect coverage. ● The antibacterial crotch lining keeps you clean and ultra-comfy.

Brilliant HWL Panties (with lace)

Brilliant HW Panties Model No. FB030 color Pink Size 16

Black M, L, 2L, 3L


Model No. FB031 color Pink Size

Black M, L, 2L, 3L


EASECLEAN Household Cleaning Series

The concept of health and beauty can be extended to the environment. EASECLEAN Series from Japan is specially designed for EASECOX fabric products. The ultra-cleaning formula with dual enzymes can keep the clothing naturally soft without losing shapes.

Intensive Enzyme Powder Detergent

Intensive Enzyme Liquid Detergent

Model No. EC101 Capacity 15g × 24 Sachets Origin Japan

Model No. EC301 Capacity 500 ml Origin Japan

● Concentrate enzyme dual effect formula ● Technology for intensive cleaning ● Low foaming formula to save water and money

● pH value 7.2~8.5 to care the high-end fabrics ● Fresh, simple and elegant smell of flowers ● Naturally decompose in water, environmental friendly 17

PLATINO Men's Tourmaline Series

Platino series is made with Diamant tourmaline fibers, it is functional garment that focuses on men’s waist and abdomen adjustment. With its strong back and waist support, not only can this product adjust men’s body shape, but it can also assist men in restoring health and body shape against long sitting, incorrect posture and diet disorganization. 18

Handsome Special customized functional garment for men, pressure segmented design has fine tailoring for abdomen flattening and better waist-hip ratio.

Energetic The infrared function of the undergarment keeps the body warm, improves metabolism and circulation, promotes physical conditions and maintains health!

Men’s Short Pants

Men’s Waist Shaper

Model No. ME201 Color Black Denier 280 Size M, L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L

Model No. MG201 Color Black Denier 280 Size M, L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L


SUPER CONDUCTIVE Metallic Ion Series

The Super Conductive Metallic Ion Series is made of specially developed copper and silver metallic fibers, the combination of silver ions and copper ions can provide a synergistic benefit to the human body. They can regulate the body temperature, stimulate the blood circulation, improve the metabolism, balance and stabilize the physical conditions to promote the overall health.


Super Conductive Eye Mask

Super Conductive Eye Mask

Super Conductive Men's Supporting Rings

Model No. HP301 Color Gray Size Free size

Model No. HP302 Color Gray Size Free size

Model No. HP325 Color Gray Dark Green Size Free Size

Super Conductive Men’s T-shirt

Super Conductive Ladies’ T-shirt

Super Conductive Wrist Supporter

Model No. HP304 Color Black Size M, L, 2L

Model No. HP305 Color Black Gray Size S, M, L, 2L

Model No. HP311 Color Black Size M, L, 2L

Super Conductive Elbow Supporter

Super Conductive Neck Guard

Super Conductive Multi-Function Neck Protector

Model No. HP312 Color Black Size M, L, 2L

Model No. HP320 Color Black Size Free size

Model No. HP321 Color Black Size Free size

(L) (1 pc/pack)

(1 pc/pack)

(1 pair/pack)

(S) (1 pc/pack)

(1 pc/pack)

(1 pc/pack)

(1 pair/pack)

(1 pair/pack)

(1 pc/pack)


Super Conductive Waist Supporter Relieves muscle tension and fatigue from longterm incorrect posture. Equipped with memory alloys from Japan to support the waist and correct improper postures. Model No. HP306 Color Gray Size M, L, 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L


Super Conductive Knee Supporter

Super Conductive Calf Supporter

Model No. HP313 Color Black Size M, L, 2L, 3L

Model No. HP314 Color Black Size M, L, 2L

Super Conductive Ankle Supporter

Super Conductive Bra Pads

Model No. HP315 Color Black Size M, L, 2L

Model No. HP316 Color Gray Size Free size

Super Conductive Ankle Socks

Super Conductive Short Socks

Model No. HP318 Color Black White Size M, L, 2L

Model No. HP319 Color Black White Size M, L, 2L

(1 pair/pack)

(1 pair/pack)

(2 pairs/pack)

(1 pair/pack)

(1 pair/pack)

(2 pairs/pack)


EASEAROMA Essential Oil Series

The full series is made in Germany; they are the top grade essential oils of aromatherapy. All raw materials are well selected from the regions where the geography and climate can produce the best and the purest essential oils.


Blending Oil Vitality

Blending Oil Deep Breath

Model No. AR104 Ingredients Melaleuca, red thyme, eye-catching lavender, rose grass, peppermint Capacity 10 ml

Model No. AR101 Ingredients Lemon, thyme, sweet basil, niaouli, silver fir, lilac, rose, etc. Capacity 10 ml

● Mood booster ● Enhance vitality ● Antibacterial protection ● Good memory

● Ease breathing ● Strengthen immunity ● Relieve respiratory discomfort

● Harmony ● Peace ● Calm

● Improve circulation ● Purify ● Prevent water retention

Blending Oil Feel Calm

Blending Oil Purifying

Model No. AR103 Ingredients Sweet orange, bitter orange leaves, geranium, myrtle, pure lavender, vetiver Capacity 10 ml

Model No. AR102 Ingredients Cardamom, lemon grass, grapefruits, juniper, mint, rosemary, etc. Capacity 10 ml




Model No. AR001 Extraction source Wood Capacity 10 ml

Model No. AR006 Extraction source Resin Capacity 10 ml

Roman Chamomile


Model No. AR002 Extraction source Flower Capacity 5 ml


Model No. AR007 Extraction source Leaf Capacity 10 ml

Clary Sage


Model No. AR003 Extraction source Flower and leaf Capacity 10 ml

Model No. AR008 Extraction source Root Capacity 10 ml



Model No. AR004 Extraction source Leaf and stick Capacity 10 ml

Model No. AR009 Extraction source Peel Capacity 10 ml



Model No. AR005 Extraction source Leaf and stick Capacity 10 ml

Model No. AR010 Extraction source Flower Capacity 10 ml

OILS Lemon

Organic Lavender

Model No. AR011 Extraction source Peel Capacity 10 ml

Model No. AR016 Extraction source Flower Capacity 10 ml


Organic Juniper

Model No. AR012 Extraction source Peel Capacity 10 ml

Model No. AR017 Extraction source Fruit Capacity 10 ml


Organic Rosemary

Model No. AR013 Extraction source Leaf Capacity 10 ml

Model No. AR018 Extraction source Leaf Capacity 10 ml


Organic Tea Tree

Model No. AR014 Extraction source Leaf Capacity 10 ml

Model No. AR019 Extraction source Leaf and stick Capacity 10 ml

Sandal Wood

Organic Ylang Ylang

Model No. AR015 Extraction source Wood Capacity 5 ml

Model No. AR020 Extraction source Flower Capacity 10 ml


Jojoba Oil (Massage Base Oil)


Grape Seed Oil (Massage Base Oil)


Energizing Massage Oil


Relaxing Massage Oil


Soothing Massage Oil


Model No. AR201 Extraction Cold-pressed Origin Germany Function * Rich in vitamin E * Rich in linoleic acid compounds * Antioxidant properties * Excellent moisturizer

Model No. AR202 Extraction Cold-pressed Origin Germany Function * Rich in vitamin E and linoleic acid compounds * Nourishing the skin and protect it against radical environment

Model No. AR022 Origin Germany Function * Rosemary, pepper, cypress with jojoba oil * Nourishing and energizing the skin to become young

Model No. AR025 Origin Germany Function * Sandal wood, frankincense, vetiver with jojoba oil * Get relief from fatigue and pressure

Model No. AR027 Origin Germany Function * Multiple rose essence with jojoba oil * Soothing * Soften and moisturize the skin


Essential oils

Essential oils are concentrated plant essences with unique scents and therapeutic effects. It is powerful and small amount can be effective. To use essential oils safely, new user should try only small amount essential oil each time, the concentration and usage frequency can be adjusted according to the user’s physical condition and needs step by step. Body Massage Once to twice a day: less than 1% each time. Once to twice a week: 2.5%~5% each time. ● ●


Massages for topical use - For acute or topical symptoms, external use on specific area, directly apply to the uncomfortable area after diluted. ●



Two to three times a day, dilute 2-3 drops or in 5-10% concentration and then apply to the uncomfortable area. For acupressure, put 2-3 drops onto the hand and apply directly to the acupuncture point. Put 7-8 drops in the bath tub or adjust the amount according to the tub size, water temperature should not be too high. Baths in basin is suitable for specific soreness or discomfort of the body such as hands, feet, and the bottom. Put 3-5 drops of essential oil into the water basin at moderate temperature (to well dissolve the essential oil, add the essential oil into 5c.c. milk and stir the mix gently into the warm water). Put 3-5 drops into essential oil diffuser, amount basing on the size of room. Scent inhalation should not be more than 2 hours to avoid dizziness and discomfort. Or you can put 1-2 drops essential oil onto a tissue, handkerchief, or in the palm, and gently breathe it. * Please finish using the essential oil concotion ASAP. To use essential oils safely, please adjust the concentration and frequency basing on personal condition and needs. Should you have any doubts, please consult with the professionals first.


EASENUTRI Health Supplement Series

With the cutting-edge development by the research team from Europe, Japan and USA, the nutritional supplements can give strong support to health and beauty of the whole family!


Promote metabolism, Nourish energy

AK365 Revival Drink Model No. NU0101 Origin Japan Capacity 10 ml × 30 Sachets/box

AK Strains

● Japan patent ● Promote metabolism ● Nourish beauty ● Energy support ● Maintain health

Keep younger look, Support joints comfort

AK Beauty Delights Model No. NU0301 Origin Japan, Taiwan Capacity 3g × 30 Sachets/box

3 Beauty Factors

● HALAL Certificate ● Nourish beauty ● Move free for being nimble ● Maintain health ● Regulate physical function


EASESHAPE Slimming Series

● Multi plants extract from the ocean by innovative

biotechnology for efficient absorption ● Efficient body lift and cellulite control ● Stubborn cellulite smooths, firms, and refines


Unique innovative slimming combo – more than ONE plus ONE!

Body Multi-effect Serum

Body Contour Cream

Model No. ES301 For all skin Capacity 250 ml Origin France

Model No. ES303 For all skin Capacity 250 ml Origin France

Note: For sensitive skin, skin patch test at inner wrist area is recommended prior use.






Double Effect, achieving five major needs all at once

Sphacelaria Scoparia

Inhibiting and reducing proliferation of fat cells

Lotus Maritimus Flower

Reinforced dissolution on activeness of fat cells

Caffein and Citrus paradise oil Promoting circulation, relieving edema

Full version

Laminaria Digitata

Effectively dissolving fat

Palmaria Palmata

Preventing fat accumulation, firming curves

Short version

Please visit EASECOX YOUTUBE channel for EASESHAPE introduction videos. 33

MARVEL Anti-Aging Program Series

The Marvel AAP combines ancient and modern skincare wisdom to develop a complete anti-aging formula, which unites traditional German homeopathy of moisture-lock and ingredients of Swiss state-of-the-art biotechnology. The Marvel AAP rejuvenates your skin for glory.


Hydrating Toner STEP 1


Model No. PU2101 Intensively moisturize the skin and rapidly supplies epidermis with water that has been lost to recover a radiant condition to the skin.

Intensive Firming Serum


Model No. PU2201 STEP 2

This serum is made up of highly effective firming and anti-wrinkle components. It can achieve “moisturizing,” “repairing,” “antiwrinkle,” and “firming” effects and at the same time elevate the self-protection function of the skin.

Revitalizing Emulsion


Model No. PU2301 STEP 3

This emulsion contains highly effective “stable firming factors”; therefore, it can stabilize the absorption mechanism of the skin, make the skin brighter and cleaner, and restore its elasticity, glow, and moisture.

Ultra Repairing Complex Cream


Model No. PU2401 STEP 4

This cream is specifically designed for dry and mature skin use. It is made of special “protective conduction technology” and delicate moisturizing cream, which aims to prevent the skin from loosening, lighten and hide small wrinkles, and recreate delicate young skin!

Ultimate Revival Mask


Model No. PU2501 S.O.S

This product uses plant stem cells, glutathione and complex antiaging components to conduct active ingredients rapidly into the skin’s inner layers. The accurate repair makes the skin’s texture become firm and delicate, and restores the skin to its radiant and youthful condition.

CC Hydro Cream SPF25 PA+++ (Bright)


Model No. MS5701 Make-up

Multitasking All-In-One Replenish, hydrate, and nourish. Anti UVB and UVA. Achieve dewy coverage for younger appearance. ● ● ●



La Rose de Versailles Personal Care Series Every woman needs a moment to treasure herself. The PURENCE ROSE range takes care of women’s delicate skin and hair through the natural fragrance of essential oils and gentle plant extracts. Moreover, PURENCE La Rose de Versailles Series is the most elegant choice for women who want to pamper themselves.


Rose Versailles Moisturizing Facial Cleansing Foam


Model No. PU1105

In addition to yeast extraction, extreme gentle amino acid formula generates delicate foam dissolving into the skin rapidly, removing the dirt and cleaning the pores. The face will become bright and burden-free without any dehydration.

Rose Versailles Moisturizing Body Lotion


Model No. PU1401

This lotion contains multiple natural plant oils along with active yeast and hyaluronic acid. It can be absorbed easily, moisturizing and nourishing the skin. You will feel your body firm and smooth releasing the fragrance of flowers.

Rose Versailles Moisturizing Shower Gel


Model No. PU1101

This product is made of German organic raw material glucoside along with various plant extracts and has delicate foams which can rapidly dissolve into the pores to remove dirt and excessive fat. You will feel moist and soft after the shower.

Rose Versailles Nourishing Shampoo


Model No. PU1201

Gentle cleansing formula creates soft and abundant foam, so the dirt on the scalp and hair can be removed effectively. Furthermore, the addition of extra plant extracts and vitamin B5 can moisturize and smooth the hair, form a protection layer and prevent the hair from external environmental damage, and thus generate healthy and flexible hair.

Rose Versailles Nourishing Conditioner


Model No. PU1301

This conditioner is made of natural Shea butter and jojoba oil along with various nourishing ingredients, such as plant essence, amino acids, etc. It can repair the split ends and maintain the health of the scalp so that the hair can shine like silk. 37

PURENCE Cleansing Oil Series

This special formula combines natural jojoba oil with the top grade essential oils to create the best emulsion effect. The 4-in-1 Cleansing Oil is the best makeup remover that cleanses and moisturizes your delicate skin with aromatherapy effect.

Citrus Essence Deep Cleansing Oil

Rose Essence Nourishing Cleansing Oil

Model No. Suitable for Capacity Origin

Model No. Suitable for Capacity Origin

AR331 Oily skin 200 ml Germany

Ingredients Jojoba Oil, Grapefruit Peel Oil, Lemongrass Herb Oil, Clary Sage Leaf Oil, Orange Peel Oil, Lemon Peel Oil 38

AR332 Neutral/Dry skin 200 ml Germany

Ingredients Jojoba Oil, Shea Butter, Geranium Leaf Oil, Palmarosa Herb Oil, Rose Flower Extract, Rose Flower Oil

Measurement Table SUPER CONDUCTIVE Metallic Ion Series

Unit: cm


Product Name






Men's T-shirt






Ladies' T-shirt






Waist Supporter






Wrist Supporter






Elbow Supporter

Around elbow





Knee Supporter

Around knee





Calf Supporter






Ankle Supporter






Ankle Socks


Short Socks

Feet length












Recommendations for F Size products


Eye Mask (L)




Eye Mask (S)




Neck Guard


Multi-Function Neck Protector



PLATINO Series for Men Item

Product Name

Unit: cm















ME201 Men's Short Pants MG201

Men's Waist Shaper

BRILLIANT Panties Series Item

Product Name


Brilliant Panties

FB030 FB031

Brilliant HW / HWL Panties

Unit: cm












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