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issue 06 · volume 12 24 Tuesday JULY 2012 Tonight: HEAVY METAL NIGHT

NO STAGE? FANTASTIC NORWAY Yes! There will be a fantastic sphere stage constructed for FLOW festival designed by the competition winning slovenian team. Unfortunately due to “health and safety” it cannot be built by the EASA participants. Instead they will have a professional company put it together next week. Speaking to STAGE tutors Alja and Larisa it is clear they are quite disappointed to have come all this way and have their workshop cancelled on a technicality. If the decision had been made earlier, they could have prepared something else. Now they are thinking to take time to travel around the area. Unless there is another constructive workshop that needs a helping hand?

If not everyone, a lot of curious souls might have been questioning the suspicious existence of the red van in the middle of the grounds. This caravan used to belong to an architecture practice hosting a travelling exhibition. However for now, FANTASTIC NORWAY is under the hands of Pekka’s parents serving as a travelling coffee shop. Signs attached to the van say they will be selling coffee (2 tokens), croissants (2 tokens) and apple pastries (3 tokens). Only on its first day of business and it already seems to be gaining popularity. Well I suggest you try it out!

DISCUSS! UMBRELLA NEEDS YOU Another debate to be held today by The Three Little Pigs at 5.oopm at the bar. Everyone is invited to join and voice their thoughts about the issues in question. Free coffee for those participating in the debate. Today's discussion -

WASTELANDS - something to be designed or preserved?

Umbrella needs all of you out there to send photos from your workshop, from your visits around Helsinki, and from late-night partying! Email us asap on

Any hints about which countries might be bidding for EASA 2014? Let us know if you have any insights or heard any rumors. Email us on

u m b r e l l a n e w s p a p e r @ g m a i l . c o m h t t p : / / E A S A N e w s p a p e r . t u m b l r . c o m


24 Tuesday JULY

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easa fm your words

WRITING IS BUILDING - Rafael Kopper (Austria) Since High-School is far behind me by now I don't know how much space is required for 500 words anymore. We used to know this kind of stuff: the approximate space needed for a specific amount of words and the time it would take to complete the task. We measured in words and pages, square-meters didn't mean anything back then. But in my endeavour to master space on a rather different scale, this knowledge got lost. I'm in a bus in Helsinki. Again. But reading and writing in a moving vehicle a two very different things. While I find the monotonous sounds of a train relaxing and its steadiness equally suited for reading and writing, my latent fear of airplanes makes reading inside them hard and being creative aboard impossible. Creativity can't exist above three maybe four kilometres of height, especially when you’re not on a mountain but inside a claustrophobic metal cage, constructed maybe decades ago, flying over a vast ocean, in which, should you survive the always immanent crash, chances of being rescued are slim at best. Cars aren't suited for obvious reasons, unless you're merely a passenger.


Back to the buses, my bus, driving through an unfamiliar city. I never wrote anything other than calendar notes while on a tram, metro or bus before and the notion of people being able to get a glimpse inside my mind discomforts me. On the other hand I'm actively observing these people, able to capture them in my notebook, whether they like it or not. I guess that levels the playing field. Though it's not hot outside the air-condition is running, cooling the bus to uncomfortable 18,19 degrees. I asked the female bus-driver for directions to Suvilahti, since I don't know the way back after randomly hopping on and off before without any sense of orientation. Except for an Asian couple which doesn't look like tourists and a young mother with a child toying with a pink flower the bus is empty. A lot of stops are passed without people entering or exiting. A blonde girl around my age just got on, texting. She's smiling at her cell phone each time a short vibration indicates new message. The Asian couple fell asleep, resting their heads against each other. As I get off the bus, the driver apologizes for not being able to help me.

GET INSPIRED! It seems like a lot of people are wandering around Wastelands aimlessly. It’s hard to see what is going on here sometimes, it all seems to be happening behind the scenes. With some workshops cancelled and others not signing up to one at all - there are a few people who feel very lost. But if you walk around with an open mind and say YES to everything, you could find yourself in some very interesting situations. EASA can be a very unstructured place and problems with materials arriving, power-cuts, missing tutors means it can be quite frustrating at times. Don’t feel guilty if you are suddenly struck with inspiration to start your own 1-day workshop. You can invite participants from other workshops, make a poster, ask for materials, be your own tutor. We might even give you a featured article in umbrella. There is no excuse for being bored here, one of the lessons you will learn is that you are responsible for your own fun. There are plenty of open-minded creative people who will help you. And if you find yourself going back to bed after breakfast, WAKE-UP! There are a many events happening around the city as part of the World Design Festival and you have a free pass to travel around the whole area of Helsinki. Get into the EASA spirit and make something happen today! Make a map of something you discovered, write about it in Sontikka newspaper, make a little movie and submit it to EASA.TV or go on EASA.FM and host your own radio show. If you have any ideas send them to - we would like to see more random stuff happening around the place.

Do you have an announcement to make? Want to request your favourite music or just say hello to your friends? If you have an iPhone you can download the Hindenburg FIELD RECORDER APP and record it. Send it to and we will put it ON AIR. immediately or at your requested time. Or just pop by in the studio : ) Do so and win a pair of brand new AKG headphones!!

EASA FM 93.6 Mhz Find us on facebook:

24 Tuesday JULY

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crazy balkans

BALKAN NIGHT The lights were colourful, people were smiling and laughing, and the dancing was foolish. Yesterday’s Balkan music night proved a success! Everyone was going crazy, running, jumping, trying the swings. It was definitely a great start for the second week. After national evening, everyone would be looking forward to some quiet time and resting. However, yesterday’s party was definitely a kick-off for the others to come. Let’s hope for some more crazy!


24 Tuesday JULY

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lost and found duties worlds best lovers


Zaha Hadid’s recently-opened Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku caught fire today. Flames started in the ceiling and, according to the Emergency Situations Ministry and Azerbaijani Prosecutor General’s Office, were successfully prevented from spreading throughout the inner parts of the museum. Thankfully, no one has been hurt.

It hasn’t been long since the architecture world was sadden by a fire that caused extensive damage to Le Corbusier’s Unité d’Habitation in Marseilles.

LOST - black sunglasses at the girls’ bathroom - red raincoat - spotty red drinking cup (J.P.) - transparent spotty blue drinking cup - nokia charger - white i-pod charger with a wheel - sleeping bag - health - dignity

WORLDS BEST LOVERS After yesterdays publication on the worlds best lovers, a lot of countries seemed pissed off at the results. As mentioned before, a table will be set up during dinner, where all the EASA ladies will get the chance to vote for their favourite lovers. And guys, I hope you managed to convince some of the ladies to vote for your country. Let's see how this war will evolve. Good luck to all!

FOUND - teapot (transparent one) - LOTS of umbrellas - pink tooth brush - sunglasses

NCs @INFO POINT - Bosnia - Bulgaria - Clea - Croatia

NCs @TUTOR POINT - Italy - Lithuania - Macedonia - Liechtenstein MORNING DUTIES - Spain 1 - Spain 2 - Sweden



we've been receiving some complaints that there are no "comfortable" spots for "after hours of love". Please be kind enough to advice those desperate lovers if you have discovered a decent spot!

Happy birthday Tomas Kubak! Vsetko Najlepsie. " Vypi bo natalo nalej bo vypito"! From the Slovakia team If you know of anyone celebrating his birthday on EASA, send us an email on

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