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Feb. 2011

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This is the easa011 bulletin. In it you will find all the information and news related to the XXXIst European Architecture Students Assembly and to the forthcoming events that will be organized on the months previous to the summer Assembly.

EASAday Last 28th January the first edition of the EASAday took place in more than 25 different European cities comprising lectures, presentations, exhibitions and parties.

EASAday Viena

EASAday Madrid EASAday Zagreb

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Carnival of Cadiz Where? Cadiz When? From 3rd until 13th March 2011

20 years of the Coastal Act

The Carnival of Cádiz is one of the best known carnivals in the world. Throughout the year, carnival-related activities are almost constant in the city; there are always rehearsals, public demonstrations, and contests of various kinds.

INTERVIEW WITH DANIEL LOPEZ, representative of Ecologists in Action in Cadiz and a member of the committee of energy and waste in Andalusia. Q: What do you think has meant 20 years in Cadiz Coastal Act? A: The balance is a bit ambivalent. There are some great achievements and breakthroughs. I remember when the Coastal Act was published and it was a smash, it was a totally progressive law, for us it was heavenly music. Then, of course, when you by tracking the age of 20 you see that great progress but also major gridlock. Say urban level, the Coastal Act has garnered a resounding failure. He has failed to stop the “concrete Tsunami.” Our reports show, and unfortunately what we see progress from one year to another, and that the law protects us initially, provided the DPMT, the easement area expandable to 200 meters has not been done virtually anywhere. In short, money has been planning ahead and not backwards. In urban issues is a law absolutely betrayed and forgotten. The problems have been for example, the number of barriers and blockages that have had the time to implement it, both times by the administration, and especially the huge amount of interest and tensions that are pushing the coastline, a Instead of generating tremendous gains. Another problem is the combination of skills. As the competent authorities are of different political stripe you know that the situation will be total paralysis.

10 for 10 Where? Ljubljana When? 24th-25th January 2011

Flickr | Guatman

In short, that law has been used as a weapon between administrations and others, and the law has not been particularly thin attempt to make the large number of competent authorities agree. This law does not provide any mechanism for coordination, only requires the skills and this theme is left to the goodwill of the government. A sample of discharges level is the truth

that was quite innovative, although it has become a bit obsolete, especially with the Water Framework Directive. What was then usual, which was that all coastal municipalities send their waters into the sea without debugging, absolutely unpresentable, was addressed in the law establishing fees and landfill. It is getting all the municipalities if they have the filter, with at least the intention of having it. The law had many chances but the truth is that absolutely menguaditos achievements, and then also lacked rearrange the house. Coastal demarcations were an administrative tool rather maladjusted in relation to how ambitious was the law, because bodies were quite bureaucratic, technocratic, where there was not a biologist, and where it was understood that on the coast I had to do was just work and more works and the quality objective naturalistic and scenic coastline, although it was incorporated into the law, technicians had no intention of carrying out and sometimes even a clue. In short, the law has been a very good but with a degree of practical application rather insufficient, and that should now be complete and perfect with a character a little more inclusive, more complete and complex than the coast. *Continue reading on:

A PINCH OF HISTORY Spanish Constitution of 1812 The Spanish Constitution of 1812 was promulgated 19 March 1812 by the Cádiz Cortes, the national legislative assembly (Cortes Generales “General Courts”) of Spain, while in refuge from the Peninsular War. This constitution was effectively Spain’s first (see Constitutions of Spain), given that the Bayonne Statute issued in 1808 under Joseph Bonaparte never went into effect. The 1812 Constitution established the principals of universal suffrage, national sovereignty, constitutional monarchy, freedom of the press, and supported land reform and free enterprise. The constitution, one of the most liberal of its time, was abolished by Ferdinand VII upon his return to Spain 24 March 1814, but was reinstated during the Trienio Liberal of 1820–1823, and again briefly in 1836 and 1837 while the Progressives prepared the Constitution of 1837. From 1812 to 1814, the Constitution was never really fully in effect: much of Spain was ruled by the French, while the rest was in the hands of interim governments focused on resistance to the Bonapartes rather than on the immediate establishment of a constitutional regime, and the overseas possessions experienced the chaos of a power vacuum. The Spaniards nicknamed the Constitution La Pepa because it was adopted on Saint Joseph’s Day.

On 2012, Cadiz will celebrate the 200 aniversary of the stablishement of the 1812 constitution gatherin in the city, events, exhibitions and other hapenning that will take place all over the Cadiz Bay. source: wikipedia.

EASA011 UPDATES easa011 raffle The lucky number drawn for the raffle has been: 03216, a number sold in Czech Republic. We would like to ask the lucky winner to contact us on info@easa011. es METALOCUS & Pasajes We’ve recently signed agreements with a couple of Spanish architecture magazines you all will be able to see in your welcome packs this summer.

AVANZADA Kieran Donellan (IE), Garrah Breathnach (IE)

In the meantime you can have a look at their websites: METALOCUS PASAJES

EASA011 WORKSHOPS Last 20th February the list with all the selected workshops to be framed inside the XXXI European Architecture Students Assembly was released through the easa011 website. The selected workshops are: ---WORKSHOPS---


Natalja Dozdeva (LV), Zakhar Bogdalov (LV), Antonina Bogdalova (LV)

[d]Lux Jonny Curtis (UK), Zahra Taleifeh (UK)


Pavle Stamenovic (RS), Jelena Mitrovic (RS), Davor Eres (RS)

Coast-Tourist Wildlife

La Cometa

Miguel Setas (PT), Karolina Konecka (PL)

Tinatin Gurgenidze (GE), Martin Michette (UK), Alkistis Thomidou (GR), Tobias Schmitt (DE)



Pekka Ijas (FI), Ville Mellin (FI), Eero Alho (FI)


Frederik De Smedt (BE), Alexander – M. Bauer (BE), C. Alper Derinbogaz (TR)

Ivan Grcic (RS), Nikola Grabacic (RS/UK), Predrag Apostolidis (RS)

Emerging Space



Ewa Szymczyk (PL), Gosia Spasiewicz (PL)

Roland Dániel Németh (HU), Anett Farkas (HU)

Paranoid Tourism

Carlos Ferrandis Guillén (ES), Gerko Kolbach (NL), G. Beaudin (US)

Paolo Maselli (IT), Alper Kurbak (TR), Urtza Uriarte (ES), José Ballesteros López (ES)

Small Interventions

The Super-Perception Experience

Urban Body Transplant

Julian Grossman (DE), Malte Wittenberg (DE)

Francisco García Triviño (ES), Katerina Psegiannaki (GR), Ricardo Paternina Soberón (ES)

Natalja Boljsakov (RS), James Brazil (AU), Cesar Daoud (LB/FR)


Pimp my Space

Three Little Pigs

EASA kitchen / Tapaland

Marko Vukovic (RS), Milos Zivkovic (RS), Janko Tadic (RS)

Chris Maloney (UK), Donnchadha Gallagher (IE)

Ümit Mesci (TR), Zeynep Bacinoglu (TR) / Stef Bogaerds (NL), Tomas Dirrix (NL), Marten Dashorst (NL)




Snowglobe Denis Adnet (BE), Arnaud Kinnaer (BE), Charly Fortis (FR), Pierre-Luc Filion (CA)

Clemens Conditt (AT), Thomas Klein Yvonne Michel (CH), Alex Maxwell Andreas Nordström (SE) (AT), Jakob Braun (DE) (UK)

PARTICIPATE! Sticky Art Hana Draskovic (RS), Stefan Jovicic (RS), Jurij Lozic (SI)

Dear NCs, if you wish to collaborate in these monthly bulletins either with articles, pictures, etc. write to an email with the subject ‘easa011 bulletin‘, an we will be happy to include it in the following issues.

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