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Jan. 2011

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This is the easa011 bulletin. In it you will find all the information and news related to the XXXIst European Architecture Students Assembly and to the forthcoming events that will be organized on the months previous to the summer Assembly.

NYE 010 - Porto First of all, we (the Portuguese team) want to thank you all that came! It was amazing to have you here. It was a wonderful experience, even with the 39ºC of fever in bed the week after, or the overcrowed party where all the toilets were flooding, or the beer tap that gave us electric shocks - it was all worth it. A few weeks have passed already since Porto was hosting an event for a small EASA group. For those of you who don’t know, we managed to get most people a good architectural overdose, a relaxed but amusing workshop, some inspiring lectures, few nights out with lots of wine involved, bingo, freestyle dancing in downtown clubs, and most of all, of course, the NYE event. Surprisingly even for us, we organized a barely legal party, right downtown in our “accommodation” (basically, an art gallery in old building in the heart of the city), that suddenly had 500 people inside, and we have no clue how they got there. Still, thank you strangers who helped us make a very profitable party! So, as most of you know, everything is being donated to Spain, and we hope this will be a small help for the team. That week passed by very fast, but we hope that everyone had a good time, and wish to see you all soon under the Cadiz sun! Marina Gonçalves

NYE010 Porto

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UPCOMING EVENTS easaDAY Where? All around Europe (The organising cities and places will be communicated in the following issues) When? Friday 28th January 2011. This year, for the first time in the history of EASA, a Europe-wide simultaneous event will take place in every European country with the aim of promoting EASA. The events will be run by the EASA network and the revenues will directly go to easa011. If you are an NC, let us know time and place and we will upload all the info at

10 for 10 Where? Ljubljana When? 24th-25th January 2011 Ten for then is a project organised by students of architecture for students that are interested in architecture a little bit more than just the study program has to offer. The whole point of it is presenting 10 works in a short but very insteresting way, maybe funny, but basically, out of the box!

deCOASTruction Guidelines for Coastal Treatment (extract). Ministry of the Environment of Spain.

When undertaking the interpretation of the status of the securities or assets of the strip adjacent to the coast, we often find highly degraded coastal areas, although, fortunately, they are reversible to some extent. Excessive urbanization of coastal areas, the recognition of private property in certain enclaves granting certain concessions, the existence of private accesses in many residential areas and the inadequacy or absence of public access to the coast, are issues that influence not only the environment conservation of these places, but also the quality of life of users of these places, since the environmental quality has a determining influence on people’s safety.

Spain is a country with a coastline of about 7,880 km logn, and it is a fact that much of it has been progressively experiencing a strong urbanization process, which resulted in a fully urban use of much of the coastline. Many uses and activities on the Spanish coast are, however, crucial from the economical point of view. However they also involve a degradation that in the long term is bad for the coastal region. It is essential to protect the coastline from the strong demands that it faces, since this is an area characterized primarily by its high sensitivity and an area of difficult recovery of its physical values. Therefore it is necessary to arise a concern on the coast, upgrading it so that it serves as a barrier to urban sprawl, protecting public spaces and rehabilitating coastal edges that are especially affected. [...]

Projects for the transformation of the urban waterfront, treatment schedules and coastal paths are focused to achieve open access, transit and public use of coastal terrains and to allow a more pleasant life at the coastal edge, fully satisfying the expected enjoyment of the sea and the coastal territory and strengthening further the touristic future in a major part of the coastline. Continue reading on: es/secciones/acm/aguas_marinas_litoral/directrices/pdf/directrices_sobre_ borde_costero.pdf

A PINCH OF HISTORY Carnival of Cadiz

The Carnival of Cádiz is one of the best known carnivals in the world. Throughout the year, carnival-related activities are almost constant in the city; there are always rehearsals, public demonstrations, and contests of various kinds. The city of Cádiz is often noted for having the most humorous people in Spain. Consequently, the central themes of the carnival are sharp criticisms, often of a political nature, clever plays on words, and the off-beat imagination displayed in revelers’ costumes, which, unlike in carnival venues elsewhere in the world, do not emphasize the glamorous or scandalous.

improvise accompanied by guitars, kazoos, a bass drum, and a variety of noisemakers. Other than the chirigotas, there are many other groups of performers: choruses; ensembles called comparsas, who sing in close harmony much like the barbershop quartets of African-American culture or the mariachis of Mexico; cuartetos, consisting of four (or sometimes three) performers alternating dramatic parodies and humorous songs; and romanceros, storytellers who recite tales in verse. These diverse spectacles turn the city into a colorful and popular open-air theater for two entire weeks in February. The Concurso Oficial de Agrupaciones Carnavalescas (the official association of carnival groups) sponsors a contest in the Gran Teatro Falla (see above) each year where chirigotas and other performers compete for prizes. This is the climactic event of the Cádiz carnival. source: wikipedia.

EASA011 UPDATES Participant pack The participant pack is on its way, and will be available by the announced date. It will be a document comprising all the information about procedures that potential participants should know. As well we are working on a promotional spot to promote the event all around Europe. Coca-cola We are proud to announce that Coca-cola will collaborate with easa011, as it has been recently agreed. CLEA In July 2003, an agreement was signed by members of EASA and CLEA in Peru to encourage the exchange between both organisations through a permanent quota in easas and ELEAs.

The Carnival of Cádiz is famous for the satirical groups called chirigotas, who perform comical musical pieces. Typically, a chirigota is composed of seven to twelve performers who sing, act and

Since then exchanges of information and participants have occurred in a yearly basis. This exchange will continue this year thanks to Mauricio Salmeron, participant in easa009, that will undertake the figure

of NC for CLEA students. Big hi to him!

easa011 and its media partners easa011 is working hard on promoting the event nationally and internationally. To ensure a reasonable coverage for an event of such an impact in 2011. Because of that we are proud to count with our media partners: · Edgar Gonzalez, born in Mexico and living in Madrid is one of the most read Spanish bloggers in the architecture circles. · tectonicablog: Tectonica blog is the Internet counterpart of the Tectonica magazine, a Spanish architecture magazine centered on the constructive side of architecture. · proyectosinergias: Proyecto Sinergias is a Spanish architecture blog started by architecture students from differen architecture schools of Madrid. It covers architecture news with a special stress on students concerns.

PARTICIPATE! Dear NCs, if you wish to collaborate in these monthly bulletins either with articles, pictures, etc. write to francisco. an email with the subject ‘easa011 bulletin‘, an we will be happy to include it in the following issues.

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