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Oct. 2010

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This is the easa011 bulletin. In it you will find all the information and news related to the XXXIst European Architecture Students Assembly and to the forthcoming events that will be organized on the months previous to the summer Assembly.

Dear EASA, This is the first easa011 bulletin and the beginning of a periodic communication we want to have with you from now till the XXXIst EASA starts. As you all know, we have already been working for a year setting up the basis for the upcoming months. During this last year many institutions, companies, architects and collectives have been contacted and we have achieved a certain grade of diffusion and acceptance at the regional and national level. Many parties are showing to us their enthusiasm. Expectations are high. At the same time our group is numerous and already many of you have showed to us the will to collaborate. We thank you for that. easa011 wouldn’t happen without all our work, but it wouldn’t happen either without you. Remember that we all make EASA. And because we believe that EASA does not happen only during two weeks a year, we want to share with you all the organization process, letting you know regularly how the event is being carried out. Needless to say that feedback is welcome. So far, so good, the easa011 organizing team

Sun Sea Sand, Cadiz

IN THIS ISSUE · welcome greeting · upcoming easa011 events · deCOASTruction · a pinch of history · easa011 updates

new website legal framework easaSITE Madrid

easaSITEs Cadiz trip Mad-Cad private sponsorship European commission grants collectives involved in easa011 easaDAY at easa011




easa011 presentation Where? Polytechnic Architecture School of Madrid When? 29th October 2010. Time tbc.


202,500 In 2007, the Spanish

The easa011 organizers will be making a presentation on the next year’s European Architecture Students Assembly at the ETSAM on 29th October. The presentation is intended to show the attendees what the event will be about and to spread the news among young students interested in getting involved for the event. deCOASTruction symposium Where? Polytechnic Architecture School of Valencia When? 16th December 2010. Time tbc. A symposium organized by EASA Spain will be held at the ETSAV of the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Five lecturers have been invited to present the state of the Spanish Mediterranean coast analyzing it and discussing solutions towards the last decades’ massive construction effect.

44% of the Spanish population lives

in coastal towns that represent 7% of the territory.

touristic sector was in its 6th consecutive year in revenues. However, 202,500 new hotel rooms where built.

42,000 In 2006 there were a 20,000,000 In Spain there hundred project to make extensions in is land, whose use has recently been changed to residential, compromised for building circa 20,000,000 new homes.

leisure harbours to provide 42,000 new moorings.

The European Parliament 8 In the las 20 years the coastal terri- AUKEN approved on 2009 the Auken Report detory has been urbanised at a rythm of 8 football fields area a day.

+25,4 Between 1990 and 2000,

the urbanization grew a 25,4%, while the population increased in a 5%

3,000,000 new homes were planned in 2007 in coastal towns.


In 2008 the home sales dropped a 30%. In 2009, there were still half a million homes not yet sold, almost a half in the coast.

Spain has been the country that more has contributed with public funds over the last months to uphold the housing sector


At the moment Spain counts with 416 golf courses. The water consumption by a golf course is the equivalent to a town with 10,000 inhabitants.

x2 In 2006, the number of built houses

doubled the planned number: 1,479,000 new homes.


In 2004, the budget to maintain the touristic infrastructures (airports, ports, hotels, beaches, etc.) was a 25% higher than the revenues created by

nouncing the real estate abuses in Spain threatening to freeze community funds.

A PINCH OF HISTORY Cadiz The city was originally founded as Gadir (in Phoenician “walled city”) by the Phoenicians, who used it in their trade with Tartessos, a city-state believed by archaeologists to be somewhere near the mouth of the Guadalquivir River, about thirty kilometres northwest of Cadiz. (Its exact location has never been firmly established.) Cadiz is the most ancient city still standing in Western Europe.[1] Traditionally, its founding is dated to 1104 BC[4] although no archaeological strata on the site can be dated earlier than the ninth century. One resolution for this discrepancy has been to assume that Gadir was merely a small seasonal trading post in its earliest days. Later, the Greeks knew the city as Gadira or Gadeira. According to Greek legend, Gadir was founded by Hercules after performing his fabled tenth labor, the slaying of Geryon, a monstrous warrior-titan with three heads and three torsos joined to a single pair of legs. As late as the early third century, a tumulus (a large earthen mound) near Cádiz was associated with Geryon’s final resting-place.

EASA011 UPDATES NEW WEBSITE On Monday 11th October, the easa011 website changed its image and got updated with new info. Keep checking it to get all the news related to the next summer Assembly. LEGAL FRAMEWORK It took quite a while. Before the summer we issued all the necessary documents to the relevant authority to constitute EASA

in Spain as a non-profit Association and when we came home after the summer holidays, we received a letter announcing that it had already been legally constituted. Thumbs up!

PRIVATE SPONSORSHIP Knowing that most companies close and open their past and new budgets by the end of the year, the best thing to do is to be ready by then.

easaSITE Madrid All the arrangements are taking us quite a while to formalize a contract for using a venue in Madrid. We are trying our outmost on two options, just to be on the security side: ‘Matadero de Madrid’ (you all know about that) and the former ‘Tobacco Manufacturers’ building. We are having a decisive meeting for that by the end of this month.

We have started an intense campaign of promotion through fairs, internet and contacting companies directly.

easaSITEs Cadiz The easaSITE is one of the issues in which we are putting more effort at. In recent talks with the City council we have agreed to use two of the three fortresses for punctual events during easa011. Sleeping wouldn’t be allowed there due to a lack of space to fit we all. San Sebastian castle, the big fortress surrounded by the sea we are showing to you since incm009 is a possibility we are working on, but not the only one. This fortress is under restoration at the moment and the works won’t finish until some weeks before the Assembly starts. This fact makes risky to work on only that option. However, if the restoration is finished by the scheduled date, there is a considerable chance of getting it. We have achieved to get to the right people and they liked the idea of having EASA in Cadiz. Apart from that option we are working on two more, both consisting on a school+sports hall in the same complex. Them two are located in the city center have a good combination of spacious inside spaces and outside areas. TRIP MAD-CAD We are having various meetings during the following weeks trying to find companies that could sponsor this trip. This journey will be one of the biggest expenses of the Assembly and therefore we are looking for interested parties to sponsor this precise action.

Some parts have already showed us their interest and we have the feeling that many things about this will be known by the beginning of 2011. European Commission grants The European Commission has an extensive program of grants. However them all are very very specific on their fields of action. We have researched grants for specific activities that could match with the EASA activities (e.g. funding the easa011 documentary through the MEDIA grants), but many of them are meant for standing professionals or for other activities different from what EASA is. So far we have only found a feasible grant that can be applied for easa011, and it is the Youth in Action program, that was also received in easa008. Because of that, we would be very happy if you have any experience with European institutions grants that could apply to easa011 and could tell us. COLLECTIVES INVOLVED IN EASA011 As it was presented on our first presentation at the incm009, we want to involve collectives that are relevant to the theme and that could push forward the interaction with locals during the event. We are in contact with 4 collectives at the moment and so far they’ve been very enthusiastic with easa011. We’ll be giving you more details in following issues. EASADAY AT EASA011 We want to make of the easaDAY in easa011 a day with a big impact in the local community of the city. For these reason, apart from the exhibition of the easa011 workshops, we have invited local artists to develop parallel activities to be exhibited on the same date.

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