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easa010 update

Each summer since 1981, around 400 of the brightest students from every part of Europe have come together for 2 weeks of intense workshops, lectures, exhibitions and events, in the name of exchange of ideas, culture and experience. In the summer of 2010 the 30th European Architecture Students Assembly will be held in city centre Manchester.

July010 Issue xiii Downtex In our previous update the team were delighted to unveil Downtex Mill as the location for this year’s accommodation. As previously mentioned Downtex Mill is a four storey mill building on the bank of the River Irwell, and will house not only accommodation but lectures, debate space, a café, and evening entertainment for the participants; the building itself providing a tangible link between Manchester industrial history and the assemblies theme of Identity. The team has been working very hard on the structure of the mill and also with the police and

Downtex Warehouse

fire services to make this venue a fitting place to house the large number of students that will be coming to Manchester and are very excited with our progress. However it is not too late to be apart of this as all of this is made possible from donations and sponsorships from you. If you would like to have your company advertised in the venue please contact Tom Bennell at

Donate Button economic downturn we finding it very difficult to secure official sponsors for the assembly. So this is an appeal for donations of any kind to help us to reach our budget targets, if you feel you can help please visit our web site and find a green donate button located on the home page. Your donation will directly fund materials and tools required for the 25 workshops on offer to the 400 participating students and help realise a memorable and successful event for all those involved.

We are less than 2 weeks away from the event and are very grateful for all donations we have received and support from sponsors, however due to the

If you could pass this information along to any colleague or friend who you feel would be interested the EASA UK team would be eternally grateful.

Downtex Warehouse

Hope Mill



easa010 news

We are also proud to unveil another building to the family of EASA venues in Manchester. MadLab is a former 1000 sq ft shop in the northern quarter of Manchester is to host all of the media and theoretical workshops of the assembly.

easaDAY The culmination of the EASA assembly this year is to be marked by easaDAY, and we are very excited to say that we have confirmed all of the spaces in Manchester to host this fantastic event. On Saturday the 14th of August, 8 external public spaces, and 4 indoor exhibition spaces have been confirmed to show the outputs from the workshops on what will be a very public event in the city. We have worked closely with the Council’s events team and both EASA and the easaDAY have both been recognised as part of the council’s official summer events, for what will be an amazing send off to the event and all of its participants.

University of Salford UPDATE The University of Salford are a major sponsor of easa010 and we are very pleased to say that they will be hosting a day work during the event. The University of Salford will be running a design workshop over two days. The aim of the workshop is to challenge EASA participants

#13- July010

Each summer since 1981, around 400 of the brightest students from every part of Europe have come together for 2 weeks of intense workshops, lectures, exhibitions and events, in the name of exchange of ideas, culture and experience.

to design a concept for a shelter/stage/installation as a symbolic element of the regeneration process started in Chapel Street and Islington area. It hopes to design and possibly create some form of architectural installation.

Competition Winners The competitions to tutor and participate in our last two workshops have now finished. Work is well under way to help realise the design for new artists studios in Hope Mill. They will provide private studios as well as communal social space that aims to provide a dynamic hub for local artists and creative people in Ancoats. They will be built during the assembly as our flagship workshop. A team of about 25 people will be working flat out to complete the scheme within the two weeks. We would like to thank BURO HAPPOLD for the advice they have given us relating to the design. The Docu+mation workshop will gather as much information from the activities of the assembly and will document it with an innovative and fresh perspective. Hope Mill winners: Alison Katri, Christina Kontana, Christina Tsakiri, Tonia Papanikolaou Docu+mation group: Alba Minguez Moreno, Biljana Stambolieva, Bojana Boranieva, Dicle Kockar, Igor Sladoljev Oleksandra Polyakova, Selma Alihodzic, Stefan Jovicic


EASA rubs off on NoiseLAB

easa010 news

We have been associated with Noise for some time, working closely on different projects. EASA have now inspired Noise to do an ‘Architecture Challenge’ shop window in the front of NOISELAB to bring architecture to the attention of about 1 million passersby in Manchester. The design is by a recent RCA Architecture graduate and will be installed on Tuesday 27th July. NOISE provides a highly accessible and innovative platform to young creatives; offering credible media coverage and the exposure to kick start their careers in the creative industries. NOISE originated in Australia in 1998 where it has become the voice and vision for young Australia, regarded as an established and important part of the country’s cultural landscape.

Get Involved: Walking tours and Archi-hour Day As part of easa010 we have always maintained that we want to Integrate with the local communities as much as possible, as leave as big a Legacy as we can. To do this we are organising as many events for the general public and the Manchester architecture scene to get involved with. During the first weekend of the assembly we will ne taking the participants on walking tours throughout

#13 - July010

Each summer since 1981, around 400 of the brightest students from every part of Europe have come together for 2 weeks of intense workshops, lectures, exhibitions and events, in the name of exchange of ideas, culture and experience.

the city, giving them an insight into its diversity and charm. We need YOU to help with this, and volunteer a few hours on Sunday 1st August to take a group of European Architecture Students round Manchester. You needn’t have any architectural experience, just an interest in the city that you wouldn’t mind sharing with interested students. It can be as long or short as you like, we only ask that it starts about 2pm (from near Victoria Station if possible) and finish before 6pm as we have a Civic Reception at the Town Hall. It can have rest stops, tea stops, or bar stops, we only ask that it is interesting! We also have an event on Sunday 8th August called Archihour Day where we pair up local architects and participants to give one hour of free architectural advice and consultation to whoever requests it. We are still looking for local Architects who could give an hour of their day, and for people who want an hours free advice! In both instances, and for walking tour guides, please email as soon as possible to arrange the details.

The event starts on Saturday 31st July so keep an eye on www. for daily updates on all the goings on. As always, send any comments and queries to info@easauk. net.


easa010update #13  

Issue #13 of easa010update. A digested read of news and info related to the organisation of easa010.

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