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On the 31st of July 2010 400 of Architecture from 40+ countries around Europe and beyond will converge on Manchester for the 30th Annual European Architecture Students Assembly. easa010 will be the first time since EASA’s creation in Liverpool, in 1981, that an Assembly will be held on these shores. Following in the footsteps of previous Summer Assemblies easa010 will blend three decades of EASA tradition with innovations and surprises and the Mancunian spirit. The Assembly, as ever, centres around workshops producing work as investigation of the Assembly’s theme - this year Identity. There will be world class lectures by leading thinkers in fields related to Architecture, design, urbanism and more. Working closely with civic authorities easa010 will be coming to the people. Throughout the assembly specially arranged events will allow public access and interaction with the most creative and exciting for-student-by-student event of its kind and scale in the world. The Assembly culminates in a city wide exhibition of workshop output and public engagement.


EASA: European Architecture Students Assembly. EASA was established by students and tutors of Liverpool University in 1981 as a way to bring talented students together to discuss the issues facing both the profession and urban environments. Every summer since then around 400 of the brightest students from every part of Europe have come together for 2 intense weeks of; workshops, lectures, exhibitions and events, in the name of exchange of ideas, culture and experience. In the years since EASA was first conceived it has been held in such ambitious and inspirational situations as; a train travelling across Scandinavia, a renovated WWII destroyer moored to the banks of the Danube in the centre of Budapest and even, in 1988, behind the Berlin wall in East Berlin. At the 2008 meeting of representatives from each country the UK successfully bid to host the 2010 event. EASA is a network of students. It is by students for students of students. EASA has no standing affiliation with any organisation, be it academic or corporate. EASA has no centrality; there is no board or chairman. In theory every student in Europe is connected via their NC (National Contact) to every other student. EASA requires no annual fee and has no form of membership.

ASSEMBLY Each easa summer assembly is unique with the organising team and location stamping their own personality on the event. This is clearly demonstrated by with the varied nature of the locations of the four most recent events.


Common features running though the years are the compact and no frills aspects of the accommodation and amenities for the participants in general. Participants are told to expect camping conditions, with large communal sleeping areas the norm. All participants share in a duty roster for cleaning all of which adds to the feeling of unity which is vital to the event and equally so unique for this type of event. 2005 Switzerland expose the participants to the spectacular mountainous landscape of the Alps. 2006 Hungary brought the event to the city, with the accommodation and facilities located on board a renovated WWII destroyer on the bank of the Danube. 2007 Greece move the event to the Athens industrial orbital town of Elefsina. 2008 Ireland ambitiously cut a section through the country moving from Dublin to the small town of Letterfrack on the west coast. 2009 Was held in Valcominica, to the North of Milan. A school complex will be the home for all the aspects of the assembly. Due to being the future organisers of easa, the UK team has a larger than usual quota of participants.


1981 Liverpool England Starting up the EASA experience 1982 Delft Holland Uncertain future 1983 Lisboa Portugal social spaces 1984 Aarhus Denmark turning point 1985 Athens Greece Interpretation and action 1986 Torino Italy Architecturi Latenti 1987 Helsinki Finland Architecture and nature 1988 Berlin Germany Dimension between 1989 Marseille France Heritage et Creative 1990 Karlskrona Sweden Exploration 1991 Kolomna USSR Regeneration 1992 Urgup Turkey Vision 2000 1993 Sandwick Scotland The Isle 1994 Liege Belgium Consommer l’Incinsumable 1995 Zamosc Poland Beyond the borders 1996 Clermont l’Herault France Dream Builders! 1997 The Train Scandinavia Advancing Architecture 1998 Valetta Malta Living on the edge 1999 Kavala Greece Osmosis 2000 Antwerp/Rotterdam Belgium/Holland Dis-similarities 2001 Gokceada Turkey No theme 2002 Vis Croatia Senses 2003 Friland Denmark Sustainable Living 2004 Roubaix France Metropolitain-Micropolitain 2005 Berguen Switzerland Tran Trans Transit 2006 Budapest Hungary Common Places 2007 Elefsina Greece City Index 2008 Dublin - Letterfrack Ireland Adaptation 2009 Darfo Italy SupermARCHet 2010 Manchester UK Identity

IMAGE PARTNERSHIP easaUK2010 is looking for major collaboration for the assembly. EASA UK2010 offers a unique opportunity for individuals, associations and companies to get involved with an event that will engage with the residents and building industry of the city of Manchester, the national press, and a generation of young architects from across the continent. The status of partner is reserved for companies, or individuals, that lend substantial support to the organisation of easaUK2010, whether that is through a substantial amount of funding or the lending of equipment, primary spaces and/or other technical skills, thereby representing a role vital to the production of the assembly. Partners will work closely with the organising team - something reflected in their elevated status and within the organisation’s output. They will enjoy top billing on all EASA 2010 output and materials; their logo or company name will also feature prominently during all events run by the organisation - including all run up events.

CONTACTS easaUK2010 Ltd is a non-profit company set up to facilitate the organisation of easa010. To support the organisation Ask Developments have loaned the use of 43 Hulme Street, part of First Street, to the team.

easaHQ easaUK2010 Ltd 43 Hulme Street Manchester M15 6AW e-mail Phone

0161 2350808 web

021_02 - partnership  

Info Document 021_02

021_02 - partnership  

Info Document 021_02