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Saarevaht, Keeper of the Islands Saarevaht is a solitary, island-dwelling soul. He is very protective of his home and loved ones. Saarevaht can communicate with plants and animals or even turn himself into a fox or an eagle. He is not always open to communicating with others, but is always kind and willing to introduce his world to other friendly and peaceful folk. However, Saarevaht can still be easily angered by carelessness and aggression. The places in Estonian nature most suited to you are: islands, sea and beaches.

Murumemm, Mother of the Meadows Murumemm is a true socialite whose radiance is simply contagious. While she is full of fascinating stories, she likes to keep things in perspective. Murumemm can take the shape of a bird or a deer or effortlessly communicate with any creature on the vast fields of Estonia. Though skilled at blending into a crowd, she can never truly go incognito, because the uplifting spark she carries distinguishes her. The places in Estonian nature most suited to you are: cultural landscapes, islands and forests.

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