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Calendar of events 2016–2017 September 21–26, 2016 Days of Estonian Design at Washington DC Fashion Week, USA. November-December 2016 ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’ exhibition at Borealis Festival in Caen, France. April 2017 participation in Milan Design Week, Italy. December 2017 ‘Size Doesn’t Matter’ exhibition in Paris, France.

For someone whose passion is tasteful cooking and dressing – ‘Tie&Apron’ by Andres Labi.

XI Tallinn Design Night Festival As always, there will be exciting exhibitions here from both Estonia and abroad. But this year, for the first time in the history of the festival, you can walk through Design Street, where more than 25 teams from Estonia and beyond are to display their works... or find yourself at the Fashion Cross surrounded by the artwork of over 40 Estonian fashion brands... Or why not take the floor at Pecha Kucha Night – a format originating in Japan, where you have just 20 seconds to show 20 slides and express your accompanying thoughts. The festival program will include lectures and workshops for grown-ups and kids, an auction, fashion shows, design excursions, flash talks, film nights, light installations, music, pop up shops, and as per tradition the gala ceremony of the Estonian Design Awards. ‘This year we are extremely happy to present a brand new documentary­ style art book entitled Woods and the Sea: Estonian Design and the Virtual Frontier, compiled and edited by US-German design journalist Michael Dumiak and published by London-­based Black Dog Publishing,’ rejoices Gurjanova, a designer both by profession and by her own definition. ‘The book is a portrait of Estonia’s design fabric, a narrative on the bases of 25 interviews featuring among others the Grand Old Man of Estonian design Bruno Tomberg and the only Estonian ‘’fashion doctor’’, sustainable fashion designer Reet Aus.’




2016 FALL

Sleeping mask aka face blanket ‘Ööloom’ by Karmen Heinmaa, Johan Kallas, Jan Plaan and Mihkel Virkus.

Life in Estonia. Fall 2016  

Land of Innovation.

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