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SOCIAL SECURITY AND WELFARE Accessing the system through the State Portal, an individual can apply for maternity benefits or a worker’s disability compensation without leaving home. Whereas earlier, an applicant would have visited a number of different offices to collect various documents proving their eligibility, then now, records from hospitals, the health insurance fund and other institutions are integrated via X-Road, eliminating the applicant’s need to visit those institutions in person.

It contains the names, ID codes, birth dates, places of residence and other statistical data (nationality, native language, education and profession) of every resident. Each resident can in turn review and correct his data in the registry. X-Road connects the register to other systems, so when a person applies for childbirth or study allowances, or discounted tickets on public transport, data is retrieved from the Population Register.

POPULATION REGISTER Population Register is the state’s database for holding basic information about each person living in Estonia.


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