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STANDING TALL Celebrating heritage at uMkhumbane museum

PROJECTS : Bisate Lodge, Product Testing Institute SPECIAL REPORT: Wineries and Breweries URBAN: Designing for Informality MATERIALS: Bricks, Blocks and Pavers


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Creative solutions to meet your imagination With over 150 years’ experience and millions of products and solutions installed worldwide – from pushbutton locks and door closers to highly complex, networked access solutions with smartphone access – dormakaba is your reliable partner for secure and flexible access to buildings and rooms. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of products, solutions, and services for everything related to doors and secure access to buildings and rooms. In hotels, shops, sports facilities, airports, hospitals, at home or in the office. Worldwide and from a single source. Download the dormakaba 360⁰ City app and discover how we can transform your project. Contact your local architectural consultant for a specification now.


2 Gravel Drive Kya Sands Business Park Kya Sands 2136 011 510 1500 086 694 2794

SERVICE HOTLINE 086 113 6762

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“How can we adjust to the new realities of the construction sector?” “Adapt with the right partner.”

It’s becoming more of a challenge to achieve desired results in the South African Construction Sector. You need a partner entrenched in its intricacies to build new solutions. With our Commercial Property Finance, Lending and Asset Financing capabilities, we’re well equipped to help you find new ways forward.

Authorised financial services and registered credit provider (NCRCP15).

The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited (Reg. No. 1962/000738/06). Moving Forward is a trademark of The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited. SBSA 232203 02/16.

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Light is personal Success the easy way with LEDVANCE® LED luminaires. All the features you need in your daily work: high efficiency, proven quality and easy installation.

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Need multi-room climate control? Restricted installation space?

Samsung DVM S Eco is the solution

Ultra-compact package with side-discharge provides up to 14 HP capacity

Measuring only 940mm wide and 1630mm high, the DVM S Eco with innovative side-discharge technology allows installation in restricted areas, providing an aesthetically-pleasing solution to the challenge of multi-room airconditioning. Three DVM S Eco models are available: 10, 12 and 14HP. A maximum piping length of 160m (all models) ensures complete flexibility of installation, while a 50m installation height difference allows several floors of offices or apartments to be airconditioned from a single unit. With EER of up to 3.84 and COP of up to 4.79, energy efficiency is assured. Front, side, bottom or back piping connections make for easy installation, while Samsung’s Flash Injection technology increases refrigeration flow by 32%, resulting in an expanded operating temperature range from -5°C to 52°C (cooling) and 24°C to -25°C (heating).

For more information on the Samsung DVM S Eco, please contact Fourways Airconditioning. JHB & Central: (011) 704-6320

Pretoria: (012) 643-0445

W & N Cape: (021) 556-8292

Kwa-Zulu Natal: (031) 579-1895

Port Elizabeth: (041) 484-6413

George: 082 380 0708

Bloemfontein: 083 381 0074

Helderberg: (021) 854-5233


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Department: Environmental Affairs REPUBLIC OF SOUTH AFRICA

environmental affairs

Promoting sustainable mobility and accelerating early adoption of low-carbon technologies in alignment to the priorities of the South African government

The Low Carbon Transport Project of South Africa is a GEF-funded UNIDO project, co-implemented with SANEDI

w w w . a m a g r o u p . c o . z a

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supply our supply chain our supply chain our supply chain chain supply our supply chain our supply chain our supply chainour chain our supply our supply chain our supply chain our supply chainour chain supply our supply chain our supply chain our supply chainour chain


energy energy energy energy

A guide to Environmental A guide to Environmental Sustainability A guide to Environmental Sustainability A guide to Environmental Sustainability Sustainability A guide to Environmental A guide to Environmental Sustainability A guide to Environmental Sustainability A guide to Environmental Sustainability A guide Sustainability to Environmental A guide to Environmental Sustainability A guide to Environmental Sustainability A guide to Environmental Sustainability A guide Sustainability to Environmental A guide to Environmental Sustainability A guide to Environmental Sustainability A guide to Environmental Sustainability Sustainability for suppliers and for contractors suppliers and for to contractors suppliers Garden and for to contractors suppliers Garden and to contractors Garden to Garden for suppliers and for contractors suppliers and for to contractors suppliers Garden and for to contractors suppliers Garden and to contractors Garden for suppliers to Garden and for contractors suppliers and for to contractors suppliers Garden and for to contractors suppliers Garden and to contractors Garden for suppliers to Garden and for contractors suppliers and for to contractors suppliers Garden and for to contractors suppliers Garden and to contractors Garden to Garden Cities NPC (RF) Cities NPC (RF) Cities NPC (RF) Cities NPC (RF) Cities NPC (RF) Cities NPC (RF) Cities NPC (RF) Cities NPC (RF) Cities NPC (RF) Cities NPC (RF) Cities NPC (RF) Cities NPC (RF) Cities NPC (RF) Cities NPC (RF) Cities NPC (RF) Cities NPC (RF)

Garden Cities, the nearly 100-year-old Cape residential development company that has taken a leading role in establishing an overarching Green Building methodology, has begun to roll out its series of comprehensive guides, Greening our Supply Chain. Designed both for use within the company and externally via its materials and service suppliers, the guides set out a vision for sustainable green communities and define recommended focus areas for Green Building, according to the environmental sustainability themes: Water, Energy and Materials. Garden Cities has long been a leader in its field, adjusting and evolving to constantly-changing development conditions including being compliant with SANS 10400 XA and other building code regulations well before their release. The development of its own Green Policy resulted in the earlier publishing of a dedicated handbook with guidelines for homeowners. And now the three further handbooks are being introduced to suppliers, consultants and contractors, to encourage their buy-in. A successful programme of workshops has been initiated to introduce the guides which are available to be read on the company website The objective is to ultimately ensure that the cumulative effect of the company’s Green Policy is achieved, with


‘zero waste to landfill’ as the goal. With a dedicated guide for homeowners, and the creation of an environmentally sustainable development code for contractors, suppliers and consultants, Garden Cities aims to set new benchmarks for the development industry and its market. Garden Cities’ leadership in green development thinking, has for instance, resulted in innovative ways of exploiting grey water opportunities with each new residential break. It is meeting the challenge from the City of Cape Town to find alternative water sources and adapting landscaping to be less water dependent while retaining the Garden Cities’ core green characteristics. The initial workshops have been received enthusiastically and the company is positive about the further development and growth of the handbooks and the incorporation of the guides into its entire supply chain and development philosophy. Garden Cities is building homes and whole communities that can adapt to the increasing sustainability challenges facing the Western Cape and the entire planet. With an almost 100 year legacy of rising to meet the needs of citizens of Cape Town, Garden Cities knows the importance of residential development that is appropriate to society both now and into the future.


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Luminos is a world class manufacturer who specialises in highly technical coverings for doors and windows. Our world class window blind products use the best-in-class components from the world’s leading manufacturers. Offering architects, interior consultants and Green Building professionals products that have technical qualities to control light, heat, sound and hygiene.

JM SILKSHADE EFFECT ALU FR is the perfect PVC-free sunscreen textile The fabric has an extremely defined mesh structure that still offers excellent transparency despite a rather small openness factor of 3%. The aluminium coating on the back provides effective protection against glare and the compact structure of the weave ensures that the coating is hardly visible from the inside. SILKSHADE EFFECT is also available in very light colours that still offer transmittance values as low as 5 – 8%. The fabric's two-tone tonic effect with different coloured yarns creates unique visual interest. +27 32 533 4750

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The Formwork Experts.

_Understanding Sustainability. In our company we have been actively living sustainability for many decades because we consider it an important component of efficiency in construction. Visit our website to learn more about our key sustainability focus areas: Products and services, business models, logistics and construction site safety

Doka South Africa Pty Ltd. | PO Box 8337 | Halfway House | Midrand | 1685 Johannesburg | South Africa | T +27 11 310 9709 | F +27 11 310 9711 |

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Editorial advisory board




PROJECT: uMkhumbane museum


SPECIAL REPORT: Sustainability in wineries and breweries 44 PROJECT: Bisate lodge


MATERIALS: Bricks, blocks and pavers


PROJECT: Product testing institute


URBAN: Designing for informality


Products and services directory






STANDING TALL Celebrating heritage at uMkhumbane museum

PROJECTS : Bisate Lodge, Product Testing Institute SPECIAL REPORT: Wineries and Breweries URBAN: Designing for Informality MATERIALS: Bricks, Blocks and Pavers


ON OUR COVER uMkhumbane museum Photograph: Prakash Bhikha

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Editor’s note It’s been a year of extremes. From the global political arena, the weather and even down to the covers of earthworks magazine in 2017. We went from the textured Delft early childhood development centre, which incorporates recycled and natural building materials, to the enormous sleek new Sasol head office, then on to a residential container home in Johannesburg’s suburbia, followed by the accomplished new National English Literary Museum in Grahamstown, and then the Langbos Children’s Shelter in Addo, made by the community from local materials. Gracing our cover for this final issue of the year is the uMkhumbane Museum in Cato Manor – the first museum to be built in the greater Durban area in 100 years. It’s a building that fosters hope for a new legacy for the community there, who now have a remarkable place to reminisce and learn about their distinct heritage. It is also a place where music, celebration and community engagement can take place, and new memories can be made. It was at the 2017 GBCSA Convention that World Green Building Council chair Tai Lee Siang remarked that it is easy to start something, but much more difficult to maintain it. Indeed, earthworks often profiles projects at the start of their journey, when the challenges and excitement of creation and construction are still fresh in mind. It is what happens afterwards, within and around the walls that is much more difficult to sustain and manage. Siang said that ultimately, we sustain what we love. After a long busy year, the December-January break allows us to recharge, and spend time with the people we love, in our favourite places. I wish you a wonderful holiday with those most dear to you, and hope you are inspired to incorporate more of the things that you love into your everyday and working life – a sure-fire way to make things more sustainable. Au revoir, see you in the new year.

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Contributors PETA BROM Peta has a background in housing research and sustainable development planning. She has spent the past 10 years working on sustainability in the built environment. She is a Green Star SA accredited professional and Green Star SA assessor. She is passionate about being part of change that builds a better future.

FEMKE VAN ZANDVOORT Femke is a freelance writer and consultant, passionate about sustainability, green building and about communicating its benefits to the broader public. She has an MSc in communications and is a Green Star SA accredited professional.

KAREN EICKER A graduate of Wits University with a background in corporate architecture, Karen has written for South Africa’s foremost built environment publications. She was commissary general of the 25th International Union of Architects World Congress, UIA2014 Durban. She is a director of the Architect Africa News Network, a founder and director of the Architects’ Collective, and a member of the International Committee of Architectural Critics.

MARY JANE BOTHA A seasoned writer, editor and freelance marketing communications specialist, MJ contributes widely to consumer, trade and academic media platforms. As a mum of three young adults, she cares deeply about the fragile world that they and future generations will inherit, and instills in her family an understanding that even the smallest acts of kindness and thoughtful conservation do make a difference.

ANNE SCHAUFFER Anne has long been a Durban-based freelance journalist, specialising in the broad arena of property, with a passion for the people, design, architecture, landscape and natural environment in which it’s found. She loves nothing better than to take a ride into the wilder side - with binoculars and camera – and disappear into the bush to reconnect with what matters, and reboot.

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EDITOR Christy Borman | 021 447 0822 or 082 777 5746 DEPUTY EDITOR Daniel Gillespie | | 021 447 0822 CONTRIBUTING EDITOR Mary Anne Constable | ART DIRECTOR Bianca-Leigh Nagel | COPY EDITOR Janine Oelofse WRITERS Karen Eicker, Anne Schauffer, Femke van Zandvoort, Peta Brom, Mary Jane Botha ILLUSTRATIONS Designed by MANAGING DIRECTOR Eugene Hugo | | 021 447 0822 or 071 672 3545 SALES DIRECTOR Suna Hugo | | 021 447 0822 or 076 010 1045 PROJECT MANAGER Danielle Hector | | 021 447 0822 SALES EXECUTIVES Michael Bandembwasa, Letta Nkomo | 021 447 0822 DEBTOR'S CLERK Charlotte Ngubane | | 021 447 0822 SUBSCRIPTIONS | 021 447 0822

LUNAWOOD DECKING Lunawood is an outstanding decking material due to its stability and durability. Improved insulation properties make Lunawood an excellent choice for decking.

LUNAWOOD FACADE Thermowood is an outstanding choice for exterior claddings and facades. Thermowood allows Scandinavian softwood to be successfully used in hot and humid weather conditions.

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Agent in Southern Africa: +27 (0) 21 700 2800 More information and inspiration:


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EDITORIAL ADVISORY BOARD PAUL CAREW Paul completed his BEng in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Stellenbosch and worked as a building services engineer in SA and the UK with a focus on heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. He studied Sustainable Energy Engineering at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. After lecturing on building physics and comfort strategies at the School of Architecture at Universidade Austral, in Chile, Paul returned to SA and founded PJCarew Consulting in 2004. With 20 staff, it is the largest group in the country focused on this sector of the construction industry. His focus is on passive and low energy design, thermal comfort strategies, computer simulated modelling, and costing and costrecovery tools specific to green buildings. Paul has lectured at the University of Cape Town and TU Munich, publishes papers and attends local and international conferences.

THULANI VUYO KUZWAYO As the managing executive: public sector at the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) Thulani oversees the creation and implementation of a public sector capacity building strategy by fostering strategic relationships within all three spheres of government and some State-owned enterprises. Thulani has been involved in managing the Green Star SA Certification process and pre-scoping for the development of a sustainability assessment tool for sustainable precincts. Prior to joining the GBCSA, he worked on local and international architectural projects, has been involved in developing Quality Management Systems and has worked as a sessional lecturer at the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of the Witwatersrand.

BRUCE WILSON Bruce Wilson is an architect with an interest in green building design and construction. An associate architect at the Cape Town office of SVA International, Bruce gained a Master’s degree from the University of Pretoria and an Honours Degree at the Technical University of Eindhoven. He has recently completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Property Studies at the University of Cape Town. His key experience includes design of education facilities, student and social housing, and mixed-use retail or commercial projects. He is a Green Star SA AP, and a low carbon consultant with the UK Chartered Institute of Building Service Engineers.

JUTTA BERNS-MUMBI Jutta is a sustainable building consultant and entrepreneur, with a strong academic and professional background in environmental and development economics. She is the principal and founder at ecocentric, a consultancy specialising in LEED and Green Star SA certification. Among her recent projects are MTN head office’s LEED Silver rating and Hotel Verde’s LEED Platinum certification, both notable firsts on the continent. She was a member of the lead consulting team that developed the Green Star Existing Building Performance Rating tool and was contributor to the Bellagio conference report on Eco-City Indicators, Standards & Frameworks. She believes that “no building is an island” and that shifting the way buildings and spaces are designed, constructed and operated offers the best opportunity for addressing global climate issues, while driving environmental, economic and social sustainability goals.

KEVIN JAMES Kevin is a sustainable business strategist and futurist who founded Global Carbon Exchange (GCX Africa) in 2006. The team at GCX Africa are systems thinkers, developing measurable milestone driven sustainable business strategies. They comprise skilled carbon, energy, water, zero waste and process engineering and sustainability specialists who design and implement sustainable business strategies and can evaluate the feasibility (financial and environmental) of all programmes, always linking outcomes to tangible and intangible business value. Kevin is a regular guest

on Radio 2000’s drive-time experience since 2011 covering energy, climate change current affairs and sustainability. He is a regular keynote speaker, panel participant, debater and moderator.

FABIO VENTURI Fabio founded Terramanzi Group in 2011 and has considerable experience in sustainability and environmental consulting. He is a certified environmental scientist with the Southern African Institute of Ecologists and Environmental Scientists, has chaired the Western Cape branch of the South African affiliate of the International Association for Impact Assessment, and is a founding member of the Environmental Assessment Practitioner’s Association of South Africa. He is a certified carbon footprint analyst and energy efficiency auditor and is a Green Star SA AP. Fabio serves as a faculty member and project assessor for the GBCSA and has lectured at the University of Cape Town and the University of Stellenbosch engineering faculties.

FRANCINI VAN STADEN Francini is an environmental and sustainability professional with postgraduate recognitions from international institutions. Her experience includes environmental impact assessment consulting and public sector environmental management and decision-making. She is positive about industry and academia collaboration in response to environmental and sustainability complexities. She is currently a part-time Sustainability Management MBA student at the Sustainability Management School Switzerland, with an SA sustainability research focus. She represents a student viewpoint that increasingly and outrightly questions sustainability fundamentals; formulates multi-dimensional questions on society, economy and the environment; and envisions the ‘re-constructing’ of society’s relations to the economy and environment for long-term sustainability.

CHRIS WHYTE Use-It is the Waste Materials Recovery Industry Development Programme in Durban which Chris has headed since 2009. It is a multi-award-winning NGO that has facilitated over 2300 jobs in the waste and recycling sector in the last six years. Use-It explore, invent and create opportunities in waste beneficiation that touch on waste management, water management, infrastructure, energy, social upliftment, environmental benefit, economic development, low carbon development, enterprise development and skills development. One key project is development of the 5-Star EcoStandard rated RamBrick technology.

JEREMY GIBBERD Jeremy is an architect, research scientist and sustainable built environment specialist. He has worked on acclaimed built environment projects for the UN, government, the private sector and communities. His research interests include sustainability, inclusion, facilities management, cities, education and community architecture, building performance, assessment systems and indicators. He has developed a range of built environment sustainability tools particularly suited for developing country contexts. He has also provided policy, legislation, urban planning, technical guidance and training work in numerous countries. He is the coordinator of Smart and Sustainable Built Environment Working Group (W116) for the Construction Industry Board.

JEAN PIERRE DE MARIGNY JP is a recent graduate of the University of KwaZuluNatal and winner of the Corobrik Architectural Student of the Year competition for his Masters thesis focused on designing for biodiversity through a water research facility on the Umgeni River. Currently practicing at an architectural firm in Durban, he brings to his work a personal appreciation for the beauty of the natural world and a fascination with the functioning of the ecosystems within it.

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BishopscBishopscour t Drive, Cape Town Oggie FSC European Oak Cerato Danish White, hand-chiselled with WOCA Denmark UV White Oil - 20/6 x 260 x 2200

...wide plank oak floors from sustainable forests. Oggie is proud of being the only flooring stockist in South Africa to attain the internationally recognised Forest Stewardship CouncilÂŽ (License code FSC-C117964) FSCÂŽ 100% certification. Cape Town: 021 510 2846 | Paarden Eiland Johannesburg: 011 262 3117 | Sandton Durban: 031 000 1000 | Umhlanga

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Reaching a blistering 191.8ºC during the winter solstice, a solar thermal oven is now providing daily bread for the SOS Children’s Village in Mamelodi near Pretoria. Development of the prototype came in at a cost of R750 000, which was sponsored by the Embassy of Switzerland to South Africa, Botswana, Lesotho, Mauritius, Namibia and Swaziland, as the embassy decided to equip the orphanage with a professional bakery to cater for their own bread needs and sell the surplus to generate income for the institution. The orphanage houses 60 children, while another 75 children benefit directly from its services and a further 251 form part of its community out-reach programme. By harnessing solar energy, the bakery could be both carbon-neutral and cost-efficient to run. Swiss-born architect, engineer and sustainability thought leader from consultancy Design for Abundance, Eric Noir, says the thermal solar solution delivers an energy cost saving equivalent to two bakers’ salaries just on the oven’s electricity consumption alone. Zwaluw Products tested several designs with the final prototype being operated by two pensioners from Mamelodi, who were selected by the orphanage to undergo baking training to produce the bread for them. Traditional, artisanal baking methods are the most suitable match for the variables inherent in working with solar energy, and the slow fermentation process of traditional ciabatta requires only water, salt, flour and yeast – eliminating the risk of allergens due to additives and reducing wheat and gluten intolerances. The bakery is currently supported by basic facilities in an on-site container, however it could become truly carbon-neutral with the addition of a small earth building to accommodate storage for ingredients and for sales. The building would have solar PV to power the dough mixer and for winter lighting needs.

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Left: Forum de Arquitectura by CEICA, Angola collects the award for Critical Dialogue. Below: The proposed Bank Head Office in Nigeria.

The Africa Architecture Awards – the first-ever PanAfrican awards programme of its kind – culminated in a prestigious ceremony at the Zeitz MOCAA in Cape Town, where the winners were announced. Over 300 projects from 32 African countries were entered in the awards, with 21 entries shortlisted by the master jury.

Final category winners, recipients of a bronze trophy: ■ Critical Dialogue: Forum de Arquitectura by CEICA, Angola (pictured inset) ■ Speculative: The Territory In-between, Cape Verde by Guinea’s Aissata Balde ■ Emerging Voices: The Exchange Consulate: Trading Passports for Hyper-Performative Economic Enclaves, South Africa by Nigerian student Ogundare Olawale Israel ■ Built: Umkhumbane Museum, South Africa by Choromanski Architects, South Africa The People’s Choice Award went to James Cubitt Architects, Lagos for the speculative project titled Bank Head Office in Nigeria (pictured above), which received a Certificate of Excellence at the ceremony. The overall Grand Prix winner was Umkhumbane Museum, South Africa by Choromanski Architects (see p.32 for an in-depth look at the project). They received a bespoke trophy and a cash prize of $10 000.

Beyond merely recognising the winning projects, the inaugural Africa Architecture Awards sparked major interest in and dialogue about architecture in Africa. The post-awards colloquium allowed judges to share their insight into the process of deciding on the winners as well as highlighting the issues that architects and professionals in the built environment face on the continent. By making the competition free to enter and showing all the entries online, the awards uncovered the exciting depth and diversity of architectural projects, research and discussion taking place across Africa. Sponsored by Saint-Gobain, the awards had a steering panel headed by Professor Lesley Lokko and strategic input from ambassador Phill Mashabane, advisor Zahira Asmal, and patron Sir David Adjaye. Chaired by Dr Mark Olweny (Uganda), the jury comprised leading African architects and academics including Anna Abengowe (Nigeria), Guillaume Koffi (Côte d’Ivoire), Professor Edgar Pieterse (South Africa), Patti Anahory (Cape Verde), Tanzeem Razak (South Africa) and Phill Mashabane (South Africa).

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Helping you create natural environments solar load & daylight



thermal comfort


GREENPLAN Passive & Low Energy Building Modelling & Consultation

Expert building performance analysis 021 882 8261 |

stop breaking concrete

discharge to existing sewer line


m fro ba sin

m r froowe sh


the original plumbing solution since 1958 EW_AD148x210.indd Template.indd1 4 Saniflo

Call (021) 286 0028 or visit 2017/11/03 2017/09/22 1:20 7:49 PM AM

SPECIFY ITʼS WHITE & GREEN THE ENERGY EFFICIENT INSULATION LEGISLATION SOLUTION Expanded Polystyrene is used for thermal and sound insulation in walls, roofs, and floors. Loose beads are used as aggregate in lightweight concrete, plasters and renderings. Also used for underfloor heating systems, drainage boards, permanent formwork, foundation and prefabricated wall systems.

EPS Rated A+: Summary of Green Guide Ratings for Expanded Polystyrene - Published by BRETrust 2011

Low carbon footprint Conserves energy Life Cycle Assessment (LCA EPS reduces your projects environmental impact

Fire Retardant

POWERHOUSE Advertising 31652

Recyclable No CFCʼs

Find a supplier

P. O. Box 7861 Halfway House 1685 t: 011 805 5002 f: 011 805 5033

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DISCOVERY HEAD OFFICE IS LARGEST EVER RATED BUILDING The 112 000m2 Discovery head office in Sandton is the largest new build project to get a 5 Star Green Star SA certification from the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA). Developed by Growthpoint and Zenprop Property Holdings, designed by Boogertman + Partners Architects with sustainability consulting by Aurecon, energy optimisation is achieved through the advanced design features of its envelope and building services. High-efficiency air-conditioning leverages an outside air economy cycle and indoor air CO2 monitoring. Low-energy lighting, occupant control, daylight optimisation and a highperformance double-glazed curtain wall are also features. The building is wrapped around a series of sunlit atria that plug into a central concourse and give an abundance of natural light without compromising occupants’ comfort and energy performance. Grey- and rainwater systems, efficient sanitary fittings, an efficient irrigation system and water-wise landscaping contribute to the building’s optimal water performance. In line with the company’s health and wellness ethos, a fully equipped gym, running track, yoga decks and multipurpose courts are set in the indigenous landscaped roof and encourage an active lifestyle, while the expansive ground floor accommodates Discovery’s retail partners, client services, walk-in centre, staff restaurants and coffee shops.

The GBCSA recently announced that the Green Star SA rating system has been rebranded Green Star Africa to support its uptake throughout the continent.

5 STAR AS BUILT RATING FOR FNB IN NAMIBIA After achieving a 4 Star Green Star SA design rating earlier in 2017, FNB Namibia’s Parkside building has achieved a 5 Star As Built rating – the first for a building in Africa, outside of South Africa. Gregory Rice, sustainability consultant at WSP Building Services Africa, says: “As the first As Built rating outside of South Africa, this is a remarkable achievement in itself for the sustainable construction industry in Africa.”

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earthworks A5 Tuesday, 24 October 2017 11:00:09 AM

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TREMENDOUS COSTS OF EXTREME WEATHER According to ClimateWise, a coalition of global insurers, brokers and industry service providers, weather-related catastrophes such as floods, wind storms and droughts have increased 600% since the 1950s, and cost the world economy $170billion in 2016 alone – five times more than the 1980s and a huge leap up from the $103billion in losses recorded in 2015. Closer to home in South Africa, flood events in 2016 racked up losses of R700m in insured losses, while the recent Knysna fires and Cape Town storms in June clocked in at over R4billion in damages. Alarmingly, the gap between the cost of weather catastrophes and the insured values is growing.


POLLUTION PREVENTION PLANS REQUIRED BY DECEMBER 2017 The South African Pollution Prevention Plan (PPP) regulations, which came into effect in July 2017, are an important milestone on the journey to a carbon tax, according to Terry Winstanley, director of Environmental Law at Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr. The PPP regulations require that any person or industry emitting priority pollutants (greenhouse gases) above the threshold of 0.1megatonnes of carbon dioxide must prepare and submit a pollution prevention plan before December 2017. “We also expect more stringent measures in the form of a draft Carbon Tax Bill to be made law to further regulate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Carbon Tax will be used to reduce GHG emissions and is expected to be implemented soon,” she says. During October’s mid-term budget speech, Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba confirmed: “Cabinet has approved the release of the Carbon Tax Bill to Parliament for formal consideration and adoption.” “Putting a comprehensive environmental sustainability plan in place will not only assist businesses to avoid fines or other legal consequences, but can have a measurable effect on longterm cost-saving and efficiencies,” says Winstanley.

Combining knowledge and harnessing the power of community to grow South Africa’s green economy is the ethos behind the newly launched online forum It is a community-based knowledge sharing platform, where stakeholders in the sustainability industry can ask and answer questions related to green building ratings; materials; wellness; energy; ecology; water; transport; and other topics. “Our goal is to generate open-source content that can be easily accessed by industry professionals to help create more sustainable built environments for future generations,” according to the newly launched website.

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2017/11/02 7:50 PM

Energy-efficient glazing is the term used to describe the double glazing used in modern windows in homes. #DAEFEE #B4DFDF or standard double Unlike the original single glazing #5DB7B7 glazing, energy-efficient glazing incorporates coated #23A3A2 #009F97 (low-emissivity) glass to prevent energy escaping through the windows. This makes the #0D7C83 windows highly thermally insulating hence improving the energy efficiency of your home/building and helping to save money on your heating and cooling bills. Low-E glass such as Thermoglass Energy Range has an invisible coating which dramatically reduces heating and air-conditioning costs by keeping more heat in during winter and blocking heat out during summer. (011) 462 1635

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EMIRA DOUBLES DOWN ON RESOURCE REDUCTION Emira Property Fund finalised resourcereduction projects at two of its Gauteng properties in recent months. The first project, the 22 500m2 Randridge Mall in Randpark Ridge, has added a 10 900-panel solar farm, installed on the mall’s roof and across the car port area. Emira says the system can produce about 1.2MW of electricity per day, helping to save 2GW of grid electricity a year. At One Highveld, a retail warehouse property in Centurion, the focus is on rainwater harvesting. The site is a pilot case for Emira, which has seen a 73% reduction in municipal water use thanks to their efforts. The system uses a storage tank, filtration unit and the site’s natural slope to collect and filter water, allowing it to be used for consumption.

Growthpoint Properties has launched its Thrive Portfolio, which features 71 properties that have achieved high ratings from both the South African Property Owners Association (SAPOA) and the Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA). The portfolio, which prioritises quality, aesthetics and sustainability, is currently valued at R16.1billion. Buildings are labelled either Platinum (Premium- or A-grade SAPOA rating, and 4 Star Green Star SA or higher) or Gold (B-grade SAPOA rating and GBCSA energy water performance [EWP] certification or at least a 3 Star Green Star SA existing building performance [EBP] certification). Embracing technology, there is also a Growthpoint app that includes details about all Thrive Portfolio buildings, and near real-time information on electricity and water savings. Rudolf Pienaar, Growthpoint Properties office division director, says: “Sustainability has become paramount and office spaces are being recognised as the ideal locations for implementing sustainable solutions, largely due to the amount of time spent in these buildings. Many clients who occupy our buildings are environmentally conscious, and constantly looking for the next innovation to help lessen their carbon footprints, while prioritising the health and well-being of their people.”

MULTIPURPOSE ROOF SYSTEM LAUNCHED Chemical company BASF and SoloPower Systems, a PV technology company, have launched a multi-layered roofing system that combines thermal insulation, solar power generation, waterproofing and water harvesting. The system can be up to 60% lighter than conventional roofs due to the lightweight construction materials used. Using composite structural insulated panels provides a cost-effective way to comply with SANS 10400XA.

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LAGOS TOWER BAGS INTERNATIONAL AWARDS The Wooden Tower in Lagos, a proposed wooden mixed-use residential development, has scooped first prize at the Rethinking the Future Awards, been awarded bronze at the A’ Design Awards in the architecture, building and structure design category, and was a finalist at the World Architecture Festival 2017. The tower will be built on top of an existing building, and will be constructed almost entirely of sustainably sourced wood. The design will maximise daylight and use natural ventilation, while the wooden envelope will provide shading from direct sun. The building is divided into four – the existing structure and three sections, which are separated by sky gardens. The apartments in the tower are designed around a central core and the roof will feature restaurants with 360° views of Lagos. The building’s design was inspired by the history of the Edo, Yoruba and Hausa people, and this is evident in the design of the building’s envelope.

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WESSA wins Environmental Sustainability Award at 2017 Eduweek Awards The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA) received the award for Environmental Sustainability at the 2017 Education Week Awards, recognising its position as a national leader in environmental education. WESSA invests in youth and facilitates transformation in schools through innovative programmes that offer project-based learning.

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The PACKA-CHING project being piloted by Polyco in Langa, Cape Town, aims to divert 750tonnes of packaging waste from landfill by increasing recycling within selected informal settlements and lowerincome areas around Cape Town and Johannesburg. The initiative’s intention is also to uplift local residents by enabling them to benefit financially. PACKA-CHING is a mobile buy-back service, where people can bring in glass, paper, plastic and cans and in return receive money on specially provided debit cards. In just four days, Langa locals brought 5.2t of glass, 1.9t of paper, 1t of plastic and 295kg of cans to PACKA-CHING and, in exchange, received R5 403.32. Mandy Naudé, Polyco CEO says: “PACKA-CHING presents an income earning opportunity, where everyday South Africans are encouraged to take part in recycling to improve their own lives, the community as a whole and the environment in which they live.” “We are thrilled that over 8.5t of waste, which would otherwise have littered Langa or ended up in landfills, was collected in under a week and we can’t wait to see what will be achieved by the end of the year-long pilot project,” adds Naudé. Plans are in place to extend the PACKA-CHING project to Kya Sands and surrounding communities in Johannesburg in early 2018.

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Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) founding executive chair Bruce Kerswill received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2017 Green Building Convention. He is pictured with GBCSA CEO Dorah Modise and GBCSA chairman Rudolf Pienaar.

GREEN BUILDING PIONEERS RECOGNISED AT GBCSA CONVENTION South Africa’s top rated Green Star buildings and top green building professionals were recognised at the 10th annual Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) convention in October 2017. Omake House (project owner: FAH Properties; accredited professionals: SCE Consulting Engineering) in Windhoek, Namibia, was awarded the Highest Rated Building, while the runner-up was awarded to Belgotex floorcoverings for their 6 Star Green Star SA factory facility (project owner: Belgotex Floors; accredited professionals: Ecocentric). The Best Quality Submission award went to 34 & 36 Fricker Road (project owner: Growthpoint Properties; accredited professionals: RHDHV) while the runner-up was Weirda Gables (project owner: Growthpoint Properties; accredited professionals: Aurecon). Fabio Venturi from Terramanzi Group was named the Established Green Star, with Michelle Ludwig of Ludwig Design Consulting being named runner-up. The Rising Green Star award went to Gregory Rice from WSP, with Ecolution Consulting’s Andre

Harms taking the runner-up prize in the category. This year, for the first time, two specific Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies (EDGE) awards were also presented. The first Ground Breaker Award was awarded to Innovative Housing Solutions (IHS) – recognising the organisation for adopting EDGE early and being an advocate for it in the market, continuing to support and engage with the development of this tool. The Best EDGE Submission recognises an accredited professional who submits a high-quality set of projects for EDGE Certification. The inaugural award went to Fabio Venturi from Terramanzi. Finally, a Lifetime Achievement Award was given as part of the 10-year celebrations, to Bruce Kerswill, the founding executive chair of the GBCSA responsible for starting the organisation in 2007. Kerswill served on the board until 2016. He was also a board member of the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC) from 2009 and is the immediate past chair of the WorldGBC.

Car bumper bed wins SAPRO trophy: Graham Coleman and Gianni Nosenzo of Cycliq were awarded the SA Plastics Recycling Organisation (SAPRO) Trophy for the Best Recycled Product of the Year for their Space Base bed base, made from recycled car bumpers, earlier this year.

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If private- and public-sector land investment in cities concentrates on keeping the haves away from the have-nots, urban sprawl will be encouraged, Professor Edgar Pieterse (left), told Green Building Convention 2017 delegates. “Words such as ‘security’ and ‘exclusive’ that are used to advertise eco estates living basically mean that they are situated as far from the poor as conveniently possible,” said Pieterse, director of the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town. Citing Cape Town as an example to illustrate Pieterse’s point, City of Cape Town councillor Brett Herron, Transport and Urban Development mayoral committee member said that cheap and abundant land on the urban outskirts of the city has encouraged sprawl. He added that it is evident that Cape Town is an inefficient city when one travels, especially during peak hours. The country’s current urban sprawl trend maintains spatial divisions and the resulting township poverty traps forced on their populations, he said. However, the housing crisis could drive the economy and stimulation of that market is needed – especially as there are not many other feasible options, Rob McGaffin, founding member of the UCT Nedbank Urban Real Estate Unit, told delegates. Referring to the Cape Town example, McGaffin said it was ‘fortunate’ to have a housing problem. However, to turn this into an opportunity, housing must move from a social, to a commercial concern. “We’ve got about a 320 000 housing unit shortfall,” he said, and therein lies the demand. McGaffin said that the rental market catering to the 70% of Capetonians earning less than R20 000 per month needs to be catalysed, so that rent for family living spaces can be below R5 000 per month. As cost is key, the sizes must be reduced. Therefore, stop focusing on new builds because with land production, costs of land acquisition, infrastructure and regulatory approval, they are the most expensive type of development and only represent 1% of total stock, advised McGaffin. “Uber reworked the existing stock of available cars, and this same trick can work in the housing market,” said McGaffin. Single storey homes are increasingly being converted to doublestorey across high-rental yield areas. If City authorities brought this trend to a tipping point, it would result in effective localised wealth redistribution, create an economic pillow to pinched homeowners and, with very little new infrastructure or regulatory processes, close the gap on the housing shortfall across the economic spectrum, he said.

2.6% Carbon intensity of the global economy fell by 2.6% in 2016. However, countries at the bottom of the Index (including Indonesia, Argentina, Turkey and South Africa) all had GHG emissions growth which exceeded their GDP growth. - PricewaterhouseCoopers Low Carbon Economy Index 2017

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SOLAR SOLUTION FOR ROBBEN ISLAND World-renowned Robben Island (where South African struggle icon Nelson Mandela was imprisoned in the 1960s and 70s) has installed a new solar energy microgrid. It consists of 1960 solar panels producing 666.4kW, as well as 2420 lithium-ion battery cells, which are able to store 837kW and output a maximum of 500kVA. The microgrid will, according to Dom Wills from Sola Future, “reduce Robben Island’s fossil fuel consumption by 235 000litres of diesel per year, or 50% of previous diesel usage.” Historically, all energy on the island was produced by diesel generators, using up to 500 000litres per year. Diesel will still be used to power the desalination plant on the island, but Wills says the rest of the island’s energy needs will be provided by the microgrid up to nine months a year. It is only during long periods of cloud cover and inclement weather, when the panels cannot produce enough and when the battery reserves have been drained, that the diesel generators will be required to provide power to the museum – which sees approximately 100 000 visitors come through its doors every year – and employees’ residential area, which includes over 100 residences. Tourism Minister Tokozile Xasa says the choice to go solar was guided by a desire to shift to renewable sources of energy. “Preserving our environment and reducing our carbon footprint is critical to the sustainability of the tourism industry.” The microgrid is the first of eight solar projects that the Tourism Department is piloting around the country, to go online.

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#earthworksgreenphoto Jutta Berns-Mumbi of ecocentric was the winner of the #earthworksgreenphoto competition run at the 2017 Green Building Convention, for her image of Gateway West at Waterfall City. The two 13 611m² buildings are aiming for Silver Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) ratings. Highlighting the spirit of collaboration at the 2017 convention, #earthworksgreenphoto competition runner-up Heather Fouche shared her image with colleagues Lucy Vosloo and Barry Bradley from the Nelson Mandela University’s School of Architecture. “We found the conference inspiring, keeping our university on trend and ready to lead,” she added.

TAKING A LOAD OFF The newly launched Green Planet Laundry at Airport Industria in Cape Town treats water as the precious resource it is, with an investment of R700 000 in a water purification system that treats borehole water to a high standard for use in the washing machines. The modular water purification system by Ecotech Hydro is housed within a container in the laundry, and filters, purifies and ozonates the water, which means that fewer chemicals are required in the washing process. The machines are the most energy efficient ones available on the market, and the grey water from machines is once again recycled for re-use. The cleaning products used for laundry and in the facility, are supplied by GeoChem and are phosphate and ammonia free, and specially formulated to work well with the purified water at the facility. The laundry, which now has 30 permanent staff members who were previously unemployed, also features a 21kW solar PV system (by Eco Synergy Systems). There is natural light in the facility as well as a crèche on the premises for children of staff members. Environmental consideration also filters down to the use of recycled paper for tags and recycled plastic for bags. The company caters for the commercial, industrial and domestic markets, and importantly, as the City of Cape Town starts to enforce level 5 water restrictions and water rationing - does not draw on any municipal water for operations.

ONLINE GREEN COURSES NOW OFFERED LOCALLY GreenED is an online resource for professionals and students eager to learn about sustainable design in the built environment and green rating certifications. It provides contextual learning and e-learning for individuals and companies through in-house events, interactive webinars and online courses. Developed by specialists in South African sustainability: Marloes Reinink; Michelle Ludwig and Karen Eicker - introductory, intermediate and advanced courses are available and are accredited as a South African Institute for Architects (SAIA) validated Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity.

In its opening month between September and October 2017, the Zeitz Museum for Contemporary Art Africa welcomed an incredible 70 073 visitors through its doors.

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Over 40 years serving the ceiling and partition industry‌. Creating environments in commercial offices, retail, and healthcare, we provide solutions for fire, sound, moisture, impact, security and comfort with tried and tested systems and products and brands that add value to the industry we serve. Pelican Systems is proud to have been a part of these projects‌MMI Cornubia Contact Centre, Virgin Active Hillcrest Corner, MRP Distribution Centre, Ethekweni Hospital and Heart Centre, Ferrari Umhlanga, VW Ballito and Galleria Mall.

Pelican Systems is a supplier and distributor of commercial and residential interior system solutions including exposed and flush plastered ceilings, pvc ceilings, insulation, cornices, bulkheads, plasters, drywalling, firewalls, toilet partitions, timber, fire and aluminium doors, access flooring and laminate wood flooring.

Head Office / Durban (031) 563 7307 | Pietermaritzburg Branch (033) 345 3701 A full list of stockists is available on the Contacts Page of our website. Find us online at or any of these social media sites

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CULTURAL CO L The highly-commended uMkhumbane Museum in Cato Manor won the overall prize in the 2017 Africa Architecture Awards. It celebrates the rich culture and heritage of the people of Kwazulu-Natal. WO R D S A N N E SCHA UFFE R I M AGE S P RA KA SH B HI KHA

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he uMkhumbane Museum in Durban’s Cato Manor is the first new museum built in Durban in over 100 years, and that alone makes its opening a historic occasion. But it goes beyond that – the museum will also detail the powerful history of the people of KwaZulu-Natal and the adaptation of their culture to urban life in Cato Manor. It is envisaged this museum will have a catalytic impact on the region and its communities in terms of education, social, and economic benefits. The process of selecting an architect for the project goes back to 2002, when the eThekwini Municipality’s architecture department put out a public competition calling for concept design proposals for the museum, which was won by Choromanski Architects. Initially, seven potential sites were identified, and the final site was chosen in consultation with the local community. It was a dump from road construction spoils, with part of the land owned by the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). The university donated the land and the dump was cleared. The initial phase of the project was the construction of a memorial crypt and the reinterment of Zulu Queen Thomozile Jezangani Kandwandwe Zulu in 2012. The queen became “the muse for the project”, says architect Rodney Choromanski. Construction took place from 2014 to 2017 and for Choromanski it was key to connect the new museum to the crypt both visually and conceptually. The site’s position and topography – it sits at the intersection of three political wards and two arterial routes surrounded by local communities – informed the design. The western edge incorporates the historically important uMkhumbane River. The building was limited to the smaller southern portion of the property due to environmental site constraints in the form of flood lines alongside the river and existing underground pipeline infrastructure. The undevelopable portion will be used in future for a park, gardens and outdoor activity spaces.

DESIGN INSPIRATION Choromanski’s design inspiration came from numerous sources, but was strongly driven by African architecture and contemporary art. “We searched for commonalities, like earth-shaped buildings, where the variety of materials is usually narrow, and spatial order is influenced by rituals and ceremonies. “The development begins with context; bulking the building vertically reduced the footprint. It also created a cultural landmark, adding townscape quality to the area, which related directly to the University’s


Location: Cato Manor, KwaZulu-Natal Site area: 20 998m2 Building area (over five floors): 9537m2 Museum footprint: 968m2 Aluminium screen area: 1 036m2 Cost: R80million Construction: • First phase (2012) - Queen Thomozile Memorial Crypt • Second phase (2013) - Landscape & ancillary works (parking, guard hut, ablutions) • Third phase (2014-2017) - uMkhumbane Museum

The first phase of the project was construction of the memorial crypt for Zulu Queen Thomozile Jezangani Kandwandwe Zulu in 2012. She became the muse for the rest of the project.

COMING HOME Queen Thomozile Jezangani kaNdwandwe, the mother of Zulu King Goodwill Zwelithini, was an active anti-apartheid campaigner in the 1950s. A member of the African National Congress and the ANC Women’s League, she was part of various campaigns in Durban during that decade, including the potato boycott, and efforts to stop African men drinking sorghum beer in government beer halls. The queen was buried as a commoner after her death in 1958, and after becoming estranged from her husband, King Cyprian Bhekuzulu kaSolomon, she was said to have spent her final days in Cato Manor. In 2011 King Zwelithini made a request of the eThekwini mayor, Obed Mlaba to help find his mother’s remains, as the family did not know where she had been laid to rest. After a municipal document search, it was discovered that her remains were interred at the Mayville cemetery. A subsequent exhumation and DNA test confirmed that the remains were of Queen Thomozile and the reburial process commenced. She was finally given a deserving burial and unveiling and memorial ceremony in May 2011. The crypt was subsequently built around her.

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There are two kinds of light reflection - specular reflection and diffuse reflection. A specular reflection occurs when light is reflected in a concentrated mirror-like manner, resulting in a discomforting glare; whilst a diffuse reflection is a scattered and unfocussed reflection of light.

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Howard College Memorial Tower on the hill to the east – an art deco war memorial to the young South African men who died during World War 1 – and then on the west hill the Pavilion Shopping Centre, our commercial landmark.” The museum is designed around the gallery spaces requested by the municipality’s Local History Museums team. Museum specifications are stringent and with valuable artefacts and art, specialised interior conditions were required in terms of natural and artificial lighting, thermal and humidity control. Varying gallery floor-to-ceiling heights, with relevant services and structure to support exhibits, were designed to provide flexibility for the curator, while considering sustainability.

MATERIAL CONSTRUCTION The project is primarily constructed from concrete, brick and metal. The materials were sourced locally, and the building was constructed by the local community. The museum comprises a brick exhibition tower, encased on the north with seven steel columns supporting a perforated aluminium screen. This shapes an entrance and defines a 36m vertical courtyard gallery, juxtaposed with a corrugated aluminium facade.

The brick building is intended to suggest a structure being pulled from the earth. Local bricklayers cut the bricks to specific shapes to form the 36m-high handmade “sculpture”, not unlike a clay pot. That, together with the fact that these sub-contractors had never built to this height, meant the skills required were extremely demanding. A month-long on-site advanced bricklaying course raised the subcontractors’ skill set, providing potential for them to create their own future business opportunities. Building with brick posed engineering challenges as the brick was unable to hold its own weight for the heights required in the exhibition galleries. The solution was a set of diaphragm walls (wide-cavity walls with the two layers bonded together by crossribs of brickwork), which increased the rigidity of the high gallery walls. The thick walls provide acoustic insulation, thermal mass and help to waterproof the structure. A perforated aluminium screen made from triangular modulated 1.2m aluminium panels is representative of a ceremonial African mask. The panels form an organic combination of a network of triangular fractals in leaf-like patterns, interspersed with larger cut-outs and smaller ones that resemble Zulu beadwork. The screen creates a mysterious entry into the building, as well as defining a gallery atrium.

Above: Local bricklayers constructed the 36m-tall brick portion of the building. A month-long on-site advanced bricklaying course raised the subcontractors’ skill set. Left: The perforated aluminium screen creates a mysterious entry into the building.

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The fourth level houses a dedicated administrative floor with offices, a research area and boardroom, and the fifth level, on the rooftop, is a partially covered space with extensive views, ideal for functions. The ground floor includes a multi-purpose space for functions, lectures and hosting regular classes, as well as a café that spills out into the main atrium.


The perforations on the aluminium screen were made to a specific size to achieve a cooling effect, and is also representative of a ceremonial African mask.

To counteract the harsh sun, the screen curves around the building’s north side. Choromanski worked with the air-conditioning specialist, as the perforations needed to be a specific size to achieve a cooling effect – too big, and they would heat the building. “You had a percentage you could cut from a structural point of view, and a percentage from a heat-loading perspective. This was computer-assisted, then laser cut. The screen’s finish was intentionally non-reflective to avoid harming birdlife within the Durban Metropolitan Open Space System (D’MOSS). Bird boxes were shaped into the external facebrick to encourage a warm habitat,” says Choromanski. In addition, there are deep strip windows, limiting light and heat, and creating a glow of filtered light within the exhibition areas. Ecophon solo baffles, which are made from glass wool, create a lightweight suspended ceiling, radiating across the spaces and concealing the 0.8m services void.

MUSEUM LAYOUT The museum has five levels. The first three are designated for permanent exhibitions exploring the rich culture and history of the broader region, Cato Manor and its people. The first level begins with the region’s ancient history, with the story progressing up the three levels to the documentation of the community’s forced removals in the 1950 and 1960s, and the redevelopment of greater Cato Manor from 1993 onwards. Temporary exhibitions will also be housed here.

Getting the internal climate right was a big component of the museum. All the lighting is low energy and fitted with motion sensors, and natural light is controlled by the appropriate positioning and shape of windows, as well as deep reveals. Darker interiors were preferred, with spotlights on the exhibits. The air conditioning comprises an ice chiller plant, which makes ice in the low-energy usage periods, and recycles during the daytime, as well as external air pulled in over cooling radiators, which reduced the size of the HVAC system, and thus reduces energy consumption. The building is controlled by a building management system (BMS). Community involvement was not only consultative around the site selection, content and building design, but hinged strongly on local job opportunities and skills transfer. “Architecture differs from art as it has to resolve challenges. Often decisions have more than one purpose. For example, brick was used because the community works with that. Importantly, as the bricklaying skills improved, working on a higher value project enabled local contractors to improve their Construction Industry Development Board grading, so they can move up the ranks to become bigger employers themselves,” says Choromanski. There is massive economic scope here for education and tourism outreach programmes.


• LED lighting sensitive to high-level artefacts, with motion sensors reducing energy usage • Materials were used in their natural state as far as possible and where paint was required, a low VOC option was used • Water-efficient fittings • Controlled thermal, humidity and lighting to exhibition spaces • Sprinkler system only active in areas when required • Perforated aluminium screen protects from north sun • Diaphragm brick walls increase stability and reduce amount of concrete required • Brick walls are low-maintenance, inert and create thermal mass • Brick walls house bird boxes, encouraging nesting; opportunity for research and education • Strip windows made of UV resistant glass; deep reveals reduce solar gain and glare • Computerised building management system (BMS) • Natural light and ventilation to cores on the east and west, which reduces building heat gain

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FUTURE PROSPECTS The R80million third phase of the project is more a beginning than an end, with the team looking forward to finalising exhibitions and scheduling ongoing public events within the facility once open to the public, as well as embarking on longer term planning for expanding the museum. Choromanski recently presented a paper on the project to the Union of International Architects Conference in Seoul, South Korea, and received an outstanding paper/design presentation award. He believes the complex journey to create the uMkhumbane Museum demonstrates how public spaces and buildings in disadvantaged communities can be achieved. WATCH: To view a video on the uMkhumbane Museum, visit: www.africaarchitectureawards. com/en/entry/umkhumbanemuseum


The uMkhumbane Museum scooped the overall Grand Prix prize at the 2017 Africa Architecture Awards. Sponsored by Saint-Gobain, the awards aim to inspire the future of African architecture. Over 300 projects from 32 countries were entered into the awards. The judges shared their thoughts on the winning project: Mark Olweny Kampala, associate dean and senior lecturer of the built environment at Uganda Martyrs University “The key driver that came out in this project was its process, and how they attempted to engage with the community to get a final project. The idea that the community is a very big part of what architecture could be and why we should start building this into the way we deliver projects.” Phill Mashabane Johannesburg, co-founder Mashabane Rose Associates “The project itself has got great intentions. It is an extraordinary intervention, seeking to lift up the environment, and especially, through rigorous discussions, it is the process that finally makes the success or the failure of the building. As a piece of architecture it can be used to change the lives of people in the environment.” Tanzeem Razak Johannesburg, founder Lemon Pebble Architects “We shifted the objective from the ultimate product seen as a beautiful object in space, to its inception and how the design evolves from the first contact between user and maker. Defining who the users and the makers are, allowed the makers to become all the subverted voices that had been excluded before. The design evolved from just object making, into something bigger and wider and more inclusive.”


Client: eThekwini Municipality, Parks Recreation & Culture Unit, Durban Local History Museum, Cato Manor Area Based Management Architect: Choromanski Architects, Rod Choromanski, 031 303 2985, Principal Agent: Ian Rout & Associates, Ian Rout, 082 414 3846 Quantity Surveyor: Edgecombe Hayes-Hill, Ian Hayes-Hill, 031 566 2977 & Altak Africa, Allan Govender, 031 202 0020 Structural Engineer: LSC Brunette, Sada Naidu, 031 266 8118 Civil Engineer: Eyethu Engineers, Nirvana Loutan, 031 303 7630 Electrical Engineer: Igoda Projects, Lihle Ngcobo, 031 536 7300 Mechanical Engineer: Parsons&Lumsden, Nigel King, 031 764 7727 Fire Engineer: Parsons&Lumsden, Dave Knight, 031 764 0779 Facade Engineer (Screen): Linda Ness Associates, Linda Ness, 031 572 4153 Environmental Consultant: NS Environmental, Nishal Sewruttan, 031 502 1822 EMB Group: Marshall Govender, Elias Mechanicos, 031 569 5415 Ceiling: KZN Timbers and Ceilings, Shaamlin Govender, 031 705 5179; Extreme Facades, Jan Barnard, 072 219 7755 Structural Steel: Shesha Engineering, Kruban Pillay, 031 500 6534 Steelwork: CV Steel, Vivian Perumal, 031 539 3253 Aluminum Screen: Hampsons Interiors/Facade Solutions, Ken Lloyd, 031 569 5024 Electrical: KSN Electrical, 031 563 1620 Mechanical: AmaKhaza Moia, 031 205 9118 Fire Services: Fire Check 031 579 1340

Evan Lockhart-Barker from St. Gobain, uMkhumbane architect Rod Choromanski and Africa Architecture Awards judge Guillaume Koffi. Anna Abengowe New York, founder of Worldwide Architecture “This was the project that most exemplified how we are trying to break open the silos of architectural practice and move away from the isolated iconic object. The engagement with the community specifically has been so deep and so precise, and it may not have led to the most aesthetically pleasing architecture project from the way architects like to imagine and resolve architectural issues, but I believe that it upheld the values of how complex an architectural project can be, the kinds of skills we can bring and importantly that the project is publicly funded.” Edgar Pieterse Cape Town, director of the African Centre for Cities “We wanted to use the award to set a different kind of precedent. We as a jury couldn’t be influenced by the future, but one of the things that we are deeply aspirational about is that the cultural programming of this particular winner will take off in the way that the investment in the physical building has allowed. The building calls out, not just for a response in Cato Manor, on heritage questions and identity, but what struck us is its metropolitan significance. We are really confident that the architectural machinery will be matched by the programming that will be made available. One can only hope that publicly funded institutions of this nature, which have a much more profound cultural and economic and distributional impact, will in fact be activated with this kind of architecture.”

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Cairnmead Industrial Consultants provide Clients with a unique Consulting Service within the Occupational Health and Safety discipline. We take pride in implementing the understanding required in the industry, as well

Christof Lourens Managing Director

as the theoretical knowledge involved. We assist our Clients with the relevant hands on application of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations and associated Southern African National Standards in their business. Our Consultants are fully equipped with a mobile office enabling them to compile and issue reports on site.

We strive to protect our Clients by ensuring that documentation and physical audits are done on all Contractors appointed on a Project. We further ensure that the Tenants and their Contractors act to their Legal responsibilities.

Heidi Jager Interior Design Consultants offers a turnkey design service, from Project Analysis Interior Design consultant and project coordinator Heidi Jäger offers a complete turnkey design and Creative Design sourcing procurement, with particular focus onDesign, locally designed and service including allto aspects of aand contract such as Project Analysis, Creative sourcing and manufactured products. Mindful of each clients personal style and budget, bespoke solutions procurement. Particularly interested in locally designed and manufactured products. are tailored to individual projects ensuring a smooth transition from inception to completion. Her approach to design has proven successful, since the company’s inception in 1991, and has Heidi Jager, an Interior Design Consultant and project coordinator,has considerable experience steadily gained an exciting portfolio of clients. With considerable experience delivering projects delivering projects as diverse as residential, work place,resorts and guest houses. specialising in: work place, residential and hospitality, predominantly resorts and guest houses. Within HJIDC sustainability and social responsibility are considered fundamental to creating spaces and are an integral of all design work . Heidi quality considers sustainability and social part responsibility as fundamental

to“ Icreating quality spaces, believes haslives the power to transform lives andreembrace believe that design hasShe the power todesign transform ,and embrace the adaptive use of adaptive reuse ofthe spaces thatofre-establish environments and enhances the quality of life. spaces to enhance quality life by re establishing environments. I focus on connecting

interior and exterior spaces, fashioning interiorscapes that create a sense of space specific to the Her style – clean lines and a fresh chic look, connecting interiors with exterior spaces, to personal requirements and expectations of the client.” fashion interiorscapes that create a sense of place. Taking care of every detail of the project, “ I take careenjoyable of each detail of than your overwhelming. project personally to ensure anclient’s enjoyable making the process rather Mindful of her budgets and and positive designsolutions experience for you.” personal life style, she designs are bespoke to suite individual projects and meet expectations. SACP PAD 44683704client’s – Professional Interior designer IID. Recently completed my Masters Degree in Design. “ItAissustainable possible tourban achieve beautiful, stylish spaces to reuse suit allprojects budgets” (Heidi. 2016) design approach to adaptive in Cape Town.

Mobile +27 (83) 269 5087 tel: 012 346 5752 | fax: 086 685 1118 | email: 78 Kalkoen St, Monument Park, Pretoria, 0181 | website:

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South Africans are known for their love of wine and beer, but given the resource-intensive processes required to produce these beverages, winemakers and brewers need to adopt a more sustainable approach. earthworks profiles progressive thinkers in the field. WO R DS DANIEL GILLESPIE IMAGES ISTOCKPHOTOS, SUPP L IED

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From power plant To home and industry

We light up Africa

A reliable power supply is critical to Africa’s growth. With global expertise and vast local experience, WSP’s expert team of engineers, project managers and environmentalists have been instrumental in the success of power projects all over the continent. We are passionate about our continent’s sustainable development. Our generation and transmission experience across gas, coal and renewable energy allows us to future-proof our projects, helping our clients to meet Africa’s power needs.

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ave water, drink beer”. It’s a trite cliché used by many – and also wholly incorrect. Products like beer and wine are incredibly resourceintensive, from the land needed to farm grapes and grain, water for irrigation, to the power needed to run the cellars and breweries. Added to that is the embodied energy from transporting raw materials to production facilities, the materials that go into packaging the final product, and the carbon footprint required to get the products out to retail. As an example, The Water Footprint Network, an NGO based in The Netherlands, estimates that as much as 74ℓ of water can go into making one beer, while up to 105ℓ is used to produce just one glass of wine. With statistics like these, it’s understandable that many wine farms and breweries in South Africa have identified the need to operate more sustainably. For these companies, it will cut costs in the long term, but it also ties in to their philosophy of doing business responsibly.

SPIER: A MODEL FOR SUSTAINABLE WINE FARMS Spier wine farm, situated on the outskirts of Stellenbosch, is widely known for its sustainable initiatives. Heidi Newton-King, sustainability director at Spier, says it has been a core part of the

farm’s philosophy since the Enthoven family took over. “The ethos of custodianship and stewardship has been the driving force at Spier since the property was bought by them in 1993”, she says. In 2003 Tanner Methvin was appointed Spier’s first sustainability director. “It was a revolutionary decision at the time,” says Newton-King. “Tanner is just the most dynamic, forward-thinking professional in this field and he really helped us to rethink everything we were doing. From that point on, sustainability has been something that we have built into our whole business.” Newton-King, who holds an MSc in Sustainability and Responsibility from Ashridge Business School (2016) in the UK, took over the portfolio in 2013 and has continued the work Methvin pioneered. She is particularly proud of the recent successes achieved with waste management at Spier. Most recent stats show that for the period June 2016 to May 2017, just 1.75% (5 821kg) of the waste generated across Spier was sent to landfill. “Each section of the business sorts waste individually, with waste storage and categories differing before it is taken to the farm’s sorting facility and sorted a second time to make absolutely sure the waste can’t be recycled, and to help us identify any new non-recyclable items in the waste stream,” Newton-King says.

Spier wine farm near Stellenbosch in the Western Cape has had a sustainability director since 2003. Beyond energy, water and waste initiatives, Spier even acquires carbon credits through regenerative farming practices.

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Indoor greening is not only aesthetic but also reduces noise and improves the interior climate. CUTTING EDGE LANDSCAPERS Rothe Plantscapers create: lush spaces with aesthetically delightful gardens and indigenous trees

carbon-positive scorecards for environmentally responsible governance safe working and educational establishments

We specialize in the following:

Rock fall Protection measures • Sprayed Concrete Solutions • Lateral Support Systems • Rock Drilling at Heights • Stabilized earth walls • Installation of soil anchors • Barring down of unstable rock

Guncrete Geotechnical (Pty) Ltd

2048 e-mail: e-mail: Tel: 011 011943 4938270

The integration of greened surfaces into contemporary architecture presents novel design opportunities, promoting optimum Full landscaping design, installation and maintenance ventilation by noticeably reducing heating Tree felling Weed and alien control Interior and airconditioning costs. Irrigation plants supply and maintenance installation and maintenance Water feature design and installation Horticultural training

We specialise in industrial landscaping with distinctive knowledge in industries with the highest health and safety standards. Current clients include office blocks, residential developments, mines and learning institutions, including Sasol, Wits, UNISA, Eskom and Advtech. Rothe is a 100% black-owned, level 1 B-BBEE contributor with impeccable blue-chip industrial safety standards.

The Jakob® ROPE SYSTEMS Webnet is a custom-manufactured premium quallity product that is highly compatible with creative Exclusive care is the currency in which Rothe operate. We are client-centric, care for our staff contemporary architecture. – their training and safety – the communities in which we operate and for the environment.

We are affiliated with the Green Building Council, the Business Ethics Network (BEN), Interior Plantscapers Organisation (IPSA), AgriSETA, the South African Landscapers Institute (SALI) and LIA (Landscape Irrigation Association of SA).

Penny-Farthing Engineering SA (Pty)Ltd Tel: 041 3721708 e-mail:

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Rooted in Care

Tel +27 (0)11 460 1744 | Email | | 011 492 0450 | | 011 071 1978

Rothe_Dec2015.indd 1

2017/11/02 10:32 PM 2017/10/27 12:58 8:16 AM 2017/01/11 PM


The focus on waste reduction follows decade-long efforts to reduce water use. The initial goal 10 years ago was to reduce municipal water consumption by 50%, but this target has been met and exceeded, and now all wastewater at Spier is recycled at an on-site treatment plant. Both black and grey wastewater is treated at the plant, which has a capacity of one million litres, and treats 50million litres annually. Additionally, all water consumption at Spier is constantly monitored, with 400 water-saving devices in operation across the public spaces and in the wine production facility. This has seen consumption drop by 55% in the conference centre and by 15% in the hotel since 2007. Spier’s livestock farm manager, Angus McIntosh, is also using regenerative farming practices like highdensity grazing. “This is a technique that involves frequent stock rotations aimed at using livestock to mimic nature by restoring carbon and nitrogen contained in livestock and poultry urine into the soil profile,” says McIntosh. This enables the farm to avoid the loss of carbon from the soil, something that happens when land loses its cover of natural vegetation and becomes denuded and degraded through practices such as intensive agriculture and monoculture, or the use of inorganic pesticides and herbicides. In this way, the farm is able to acquire carbon credits – 6 493tonnes for 2016. Those credits paid out R204 000, a sum that was shared by the 27 farm workers, who each earned an average of R4000.

The connection to the staff was a deliberate one, says Netwon-King, who is also the director of human resources at Spier. “Every single person who joins Spier needs to understand what our role and purpose is, and find for themselves the space to do business differently. We made sure we took our staff with us on this journey. That’s been our strength – sustainability is not an item on an agenda, it’s not something in a board report, it’s happening every day, with every person.”

Above: The waste sorting centre at Spier, where all waste materials are seperated before being recycled. In the period of a year, just 1.75% of the waste generated across Spier was sent to landfill. Below: The wastewater treatment plant at Spier features a zen pool in the shape of a yin yang symbol.

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Newton-King uses the example of a programme at Spier called “Individual Learning Spend”, which allocates an amount for each staff member every year, over and above their salary, that they can choose to spend on anything for their own personal development. “Our staff love it, and it’s been very successful,” says Newton-King. “This year, based on a suggestion by a staff member, we have implemented it as Individual Sustainability Spend. We said, ‘let’s allow everybody to use that money for anything that’ll make them more self-sufficient at home’, whether that is just buying a low-flow showerhead, low-energy LED bulbs, or a solar geyser. We wanted to make it clear to staff: this is more than just what you do at work every day, it’s about what you do at home too.” Johan Jordaan, Spier’s senior winemaker for red wines, has seen a change in his staff in the cellar: “For us, there was a goal set to save 20% water and energy by 2017. Initially it was met with resistance – people thought that there was only one way to

earned the right to carry the programme’s sugarbird logo on their labels. The initiative currently has 38 wine farms in its ranks. Shelley Fuller, WWF-SA’s Fruit and Wine programme manager, says as a result of their work in the wine industry, around 17 700hectares of natural areas have been set aside for conservation, with legal agreements signed between the landowners and WWF-SA. “The Conservation Champion programme has a role to play in supporting the producer by making the market requirements more tangible and relevant to how they manage their farms and run their businesses in a sustainable manner,” she adds.

USING THE CAPE SUN AT CBC It’s not just wine farms that are reaping the benefits of switching to sustainable practices. The craft beer industry in South Africa has grown exponentially in the past decade, and there are a number of established brands investing in sustainable technology.

Water usage in the cellar has halved per litre of wine produced. do things, but as we went along we all bought into the philosophy. It’s become second nature now, and we have exceeded our targets every year (currently electricity savings are 24%, and water usage in the cellar has halved per litre of wine produced). The big thing for us is we wanted our staff to take this back to their communities, to influence the people around them, and they are doing that.”

THE CONSERVATION CONNECTION Spier is also a member of The World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF-SA) Conservation Champions, which grew out of the former Biodiversity and Wine Initiative started by WWF-SA in 2004. Conservation Champions are leading wine estates that have made material commitments to saving energy and water. They also commit to protecting biodiversity on their land, by setting aside areas of the farm to preserve threatened indigenous flora and fauna found in their region. An app listing all of these farms and their offerings, which launched in October 2017, makes it easier for people to find out which wine farms have

The Cape Brewing Company (CBC), based in Paarl, made a statement in 2015 by installing a solar thermal system to heat their brewing water. The process started in 2014 when CBC put out a tender specification for a solar thermal system. Assisted by the Centre for Renewable and Sustainable Studies at Stellenbosch University, the brewery identified that it could reduce use of paraffin to heat brewing water by 50% through the implementation of renewable technology. E3 Energy Group was contracted to build a bespoke system for the brewery. Doran Schoeman, director and owner of E3, believes the fact that CBC has a management team drawn from diverse nationalities, including Swedish and German, helped them make the leap to greener processes. “They already knew the benefits of what solar thermal could do for their process, having seen sustainable technologies in action in Europe,” he says. E3 installed solar thermal collectors on the roof to transfer solar heat, through a heat exchange station, to a custom-made locally-manufactured 10 000ℓ

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them understand and make use of the data that is now available to them. The big focus has been on embedding sustainability in all the departments – from brewing to packaging and the restaurant.” The next step is to make the entire brewery carbon-neutral. Harms says the aim is to make this happen by the end of 2017. That would make Darling Brew the first entirely carbon-neutral craft brewery in South Africa.


Darling Brew aims to be the country’s first carbon-neutral brewery by the end of 2017.

water storage tank inside the brewing facility. In the two years since installation the system has worked efficiently, with data provided by an online monitoring tool showing that efficiencies have been greater than expected, exceeding the initial desire to reduce paraffin consumption by 50%. While the system was expected to pay for itself after six years, based on current performance, Schoeman believes that timespan will be reduced.


Perhaps the most widely known craft beer brand in South Africa, having been around for over a decade and kick-starting the so-called craft beer revolution in the country, Jack Black Brewing Company is a leader in the craft beer world. The organisation also plans to be a leader in sustainability at their brewing facility in Diep River, Cape Town. Malcolm Human, operations manager at Jack Black, is part of a young, dynamic team passionate about not just ticking the “green” boxes, but making a real difference to the way the brewery makes beer. Human has put together a sustainability plan for Jack Black that he is in the process of implementing, focused mainly on reducing energy usage, and removing the facility from its reliance on the municipal water supply. “I’ve identified three projects that I think can really help us become more responsible brewers,” he says. The first of those, and the priority for Human, is getting off the municipal water grid. Currently Jack Black uses municipal water for all of their needs, including brewing and cleaning, but as the

Further up the Cape coast, Darling Brew, run by Kevin and Philippa Wood, produced the country’s first carbon-neutral beer in 2016 (see issue 34 for details). Already well-known for their commitment to wildlife conservation (each of their beers is named after an endangered species, and proceeds from sales go towards species-specific conservation programmes), the Woods have taken their environmental commitment further, having contracted sustainability consultants Ecolution to collaborate on a sustainability plan for the brewery as a whole. Andre Harms, director at Ecolution, says the first phase of the plan has been to make sustainability part of the ethos at Darling Brew. “We’ve engaged with the brewery and all staff At Jack Black brewing company in Diep River, Cape Town, a number of sustainable to help them understand how initiatives are in the pipeline, part of the company’s efforts to reduce energy and they use resources in their daily water use. operations. It’s been about helping

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H2: LowH2: Hazard: Inside above ground Low Hazard:

Inside above ground

H3 H3


H3: H3: Moderate Hazard: Outsideabove above Moderate Hazard:Outside ground ground H4 H4

H4:H4: Outsideininground ground High Hazard: Outside High Hazard: H5 H5



Tel: 011 974 1061

H4 – High Hazard: Outside in ground PLEASE CONTACT: H2H5 – Low Hazard: ground Tel: 011 974water 1061 – High Hazard: Inside Outside above in contact with heavy wet soil or in fresh – High Hazard: Prolonged immersion in sea water H3H–6 Moderate Hazard: Outside above ground

H6: High Hazard: Prolonged immersion in sea water.

H6: High Hazard: Prolonged immersion in sea water.

H4 – High Hazard: Outside in ground H6 H2 H3 H4 H5 H5 – High Hazard: Outside in contact with heavy wet soil or in fresh water Working A5 FINAL.indd 1 EW_AD 4 H 6 –Template.indd High Hazard: Prolonged immersion in sea water

2/21/17 9:04:45 AM

2017/11/02 9:32 AM

SHOPPING CENTRES Branches: Pretoria: (012) 542 7554 Vereeniging: (016) 450 5800 Cape Town: (021) 959 9000


Independently tested at the CSIR according to SANS 10237 for negative wind uplift, Result – 1,95kPa/1,3=1,5kPa

Clip base manufactured from high tensile steel with TECHNYL ® C 216C V30 (a type of Nylon 6.6) extruded anchor towers.

Proven over the years to be a reliable roofing system.

Over 2 000 000m2 securely covered.

Only clip that would allow for lateral movement if sheet dimensions change due to hardness of input material.

System allows for non-abrasive expansion and contraction of the sheet due to non-abrasive nylon technology clip.

57 JO UR N AL 7 • O CTO B ER /N O VEMB ER 2 0 1 7

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brewery is situated in a high water table area, there is a natural source flowing beneath their feet. Human says the plan has always been to tap into the water table below the brewery: “The reason we haven’t done it yet is because it’s taken us almost two years to develop a system that will get the water to the perfect, consistent quality we need for brewing. The quality of the water in the ground here is not perfect. It has a high iron content and a lot of organics, which means we need to use a reverse osmosis system to make it suitable for brewing. It’s a big capital investment, but we’re at the point now in the Cape where we no longer feel comfortable using municipal water for brewing. We hope to have the system up and running by January 2018.” Second on the priority list for Human is installing solar PV panels on the large brewery roof. “We’ve been planning a solar PV system since the first quarter of 2017. We have calculated that the panels would be able to supply about 25% of our energy needs, with a projected saving of almost 70tonnes of CO2 annually. This will be implemented once we have reached set out growth targets in alignment with our sustainability plan.” The third priority for Human is to reduce reliance on paraffin for heating the brewing water. “We use a paraffin boiler to heat all of our water. But we know that we are losing a substantial amount of heat through our boiler chimney. However, that chimney is located conveniently close to our hot water tank. So we’ve investigated a heat transfer system that will take heat from the chimney, circulating water through it, to help heat the water that way. That could reduce our paraffin use by 20 to 25%. The only thing holding us back from installing the heat exchanger is our production capacity – we’re not running 24/7 yet, and the system will only work optimally if we’re doing that, as opposed to the five-day production schedule we have currently. We’ll reach that barrier soon, and then that efficiency will come into play, as it’s a relatively inexpensive investment.” The entire Jack Black team is excited about implementing the projects. As pioneers in the craft brewing industry, they want to set the example of being at the forefront of innovation and sustainability too.


When discussing sustainability, the human aspect is often sidelined. South African Breweries (SAB), which produces the majority of beer sold in the country, and controls the entirety of hops and malt barley production in South Africa, is focusing on its ‘emerging growers’ programme as part of their sustainability efforts. In the Southern Cape, SAB has 14 emerging farming entities producing barley across 2800 hectares for their malting plant in Caledon. According to Frikkie Lubbe at the SAB Barley Farm (SABBF) in Caledon, these emerging growers are local farm staff who were identified by SAB. “We’re taking guys with only basic farming skills outside of farm labouring, and providing them with assistance to learn how to run farms on their own.” The programme is set up so that eventually the emerging growers will be able to operate their business without assistance from SAB, and provide employment to individuals from within the local community. SAB has numerous other sustainable intiatives in place, such as the partnership with WWF-SA to clear alien vegetation in the Outeniqua mountain catchment area, SAB’s hop-growing region. By clearing water-hungry alien vegetation, SAB and WWF-SA say that up to 1billion litres of water could be added to the catchment area every year. Other initiatives include SAB’s zero waste policy, reusing spent grain for animal feed and the reuse of waste water for fertiliser and energy.

MOVING FORWARD More wine farmers and brewers are making positive changes regarding their resource consumption, and hopefully these leaders in the field can influence others to make sustainable initiatives standard operating procedure, rather than the exception.


Spier: Heidi Netwon-King, Johan Jordaan, Angus McIntosh, 021 809 1100 WWF-SA: Shelley Fuller,,, 021 657 6600 Jack Black Brewing Company: Malcolm Human,,, 021 447 4151 E3 Energy Group: Doran Schoeman,,, 082 973 7876 Darling Brew: Sarah Farrell,,, 021 286 1099 Ecolution: André Harms,,, 021 385 0909 SAB: Azure Janneker,,, 079 505 6966

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CONTEXTUAL RESPONSE Bisate Lodge, located near Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park, combines luxury and responsible eco-tourism. WORDS KA RE N E I CKE R IMAGES SUPPLIED BY WILDERNESS SAFARIS

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Glacier is the only glass supplier in the country with a dedicated focus and understanding of the refrigeration industry. Glacier has established a commanding market position providing specialist products supported by technical expertise and a dedicated experienced team in the activities namely, Glass processing, Insulated Doors and Shelving. Glacier Glass process and distributes a wide range of Glass products. Our product are made to AAAMSA, SAGGA and the National Building, as well as SABS specifications. GLASS PROCESSING SERVICES We cut and process glass from 3mm up to 19mm, for various needs in the Refrigeration, Architectural, Domestic appliances and Automotive industries. Double Glazed glass units and Toughened Own glass services are available on request. PRODUCTS ● Insulated sealed standard and step glazed units ● Insulated sealed glass units can be gas filled ● Frameless showers ● Screen-printed glass ● Oven glass ● Glass shelving ● Tabletops ● Balustrades ● Flat automotive glass

TEL: +27 11 613 8120 CELL: +27 61 422 7205 WEBSITE:

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nown as “the land of a thousand hills”, Rwanda is characterised by undulating mountainous terrain. The 42hectare site of Bisate Lodge, chosen for its proximity to the Volcanoes National Park, is within the amphitheatre of an eroded, extinct volcanic cone and offers sweeping views towards the Karisimbi, Bisoke and Mikeno volcanoes. The luxury lodge has six units of 91m2, each comprising a bedroom, reception space and bathroom, together with reception and entertainment spaces totalling 670m2, and a staff village.

UNIQUE CONTEXT Keith Vincent, Wilderness Safaris CEO, says: “Bisate offered an opportunity to use the Wilderness Safaris model of responsible ecotourism to contribute to positive conservation and community empowerment in a unique and exciting environment. While minimising our environmental impact during the construction and running of Bisate, we have also begun an ambitious reforestation project that will provide a haven for a wide array of life endemic to the Albertine rift.” Located within an ecologically sensitive context, and with its major drawcard being the opportunity for mountain gorilla sightings, Bisate created a visionary reforestation programme that so far has seen over 15 000 indigenous trees planted in partnership with Tuzamurane Cooperative, a

local agricultural cooperative. “The objective is to encourage natural recolonisation of this restored forest land by endemic and indigenous bird, amphibian, insect, reptile and mammal species – with as many as 15 Albertine Rift endemic bird species expected to recolonise the restored forest,” says Vincent.

DESIGN CONCEPT Rwandans are passionate about protecting their gorillas (there are fewer than 1000 mountain gorillas alive in the world today), and tourism plays a major role in the massive efforts to preserve the animals’ diminished habitat. This is evident in the annual national ceremony of Kwita Izina, held to name the new gorillas born every year. “Bisate was an opportunity to tease out a contemporary architectural response to the stimuli of a primordial volcanic landscape, the great primates that dwell there and an all but lost human heritage,” says architect Nicholas Plewman. “The primary design informants were emotional and subconscious responses to the volcanic mountain terrain and the gorillas inhabiting it. Thinking about these animals and their genetic relationship to humans led to NUTSHELL considering what was behind the Location: Adjacent to Volcanoes National Park, Northern Province, Rwanda first human shelters at a very Start date: September 2016 conceptual level. End date: June 2017 Area: 1220m² Cost: $6million (about R80million) Accommodation units: Six (91m2 each)

The spacious lodge rooms are suspended on a hillside overlooking the valley and the surrounding volcanic peaks.

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AFFILIATIONS: • South African Council of the Architectural Profession • Gauteng Institute of Architects • South African Institute of Architects • Green Building Council of South Africa • South African Property Owners Association LEVEL 2 (AAA+) BBBEE CONTRIBUTOR Suite 2b No. 8 Arnold Road, Rosebank Johannesburg 2196 South Africa Tel: +27 11 880 1170 Fax: +27 11 880 112267 Web: E-mail :

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Plewman says: “We wanted to create a woven nest suspended on a hillside, with beautiful pod-like buildings of a transient quality. This vision became more solid and permanent through the process of responding to engineering requirements and the skills of the builders, which are more geared towards working with conventional masonry and concrete.” Inspiration was also drawn from the King’s Palace in Nyanza, an impressive museum constructed from traditional materials and restored to its 19th Century state. Plewman adds: “We looked at the historic building tradition of royal Rwandan architecture through the use of textures, patterns, the notion of basket weaving, and the inclusion of harvestable materials – and took the opportunity to speak to the current rural vernacular through the home kiln-fired brickwork in the lodge’s interior walls.” A very practical and real need was that of moving guests with relative ease around an incredibly steep slope at a high altitude. The project brief also required rigorous access control in order to preserve the site’s natural biodiversity, so designated pathways follow a carefully contoured network. In this very fertile context, the pathways are organic in form and composition, being made from porous sponge-like volcanic stone that will soon be covered with moss and plants.

INTERIOR INSPIRATION The interior design is drawn from a variety of aspects of Rwandan lifestyle, particularly the colourful textiles and use of texture. Caline Williams-Wynn of Artichoke Interiors says: “Rwanda is a proud and impressive country that has overcome tragic social adversity. The approach to life is reflected in the way that the people care for their surroundings – they treat their land with a great deal of respect. Roads,

The interiors of the lodge drew inspiration from the local history and culture, particularly the King’s Palace in Nyanza, and feature a number of natural textures such as grass matting, palm, bamboo and Blackwood timber.

pathways and gardens are neat and devoid of litter. Lively markets where colourful textiles, fruit and vegetables are traded are inherent in the way of life.” The use of texture was extremely important in reflecting the natural fauna and flora. Grass woven matting, palm and bamboo were used to clad the walls; while locally sourced Blackwood timber was crafted to form the parquet floors. The Imigongo art form, traditionally made using cow dung mixed with soils of different colours and then painted in geometric shapes, was used in the embellishment of many of the furnishings, carpets, upholstery and floor tiles, and was the inspiration for geometric designs on the ceilings in the wine room and cellar, while the textures of goat- and sheepskins, and black and white cow hides, reflect the rural way of life in the villages.

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The emerald green in the textiles and chandeliers is reminiscent of the verdant greens of the rainforests as well as fabrics worn in the vibrant Rwandan markets. Williams-Wynn was also responsible for the staff uniform designs, which use vibrant local textiles that become living hues moving along the pathways of the lodge. Williams-Wynn says while the location and environment were the greatest influences, the facility is in keeping with modern trends in eco-hospitality destinations. To this end, industrial elements were used to enhance the lodge’s aesthetics and functionality, including steel door and window frames that were painted black. Throughout the interiors, black was used to create the illusion of certain elements receding, so that visitors’ attention would be drawn to the vivid hues and views of the landscape.

MATERIAL INNOVATION Plewman explains the material selection was a balancing act between sourcing local and sustainable materials, and the practical constraints of the climate. “We found that all locally sourced material has an incredibly short shelf life, with no solutions available to treat effectively against mould – local materials just disappear in this climate. This is why locally available building materials are limited to concrete, IBR sheeting and masonry.” Synthetic thatch was sourced from a supplier in Gauteng because organic thatch would disintegrate rapidly. Plewman says the synthetic material is a reasonable simulation of the real thing, with enough texture that moss and lichen should cover it with time. For the same reason, timber could not be used for columns and floor supports, which

The ibyansi milk jug motif has been used throughout the lodge, featuring on everything from floor coverings to furniture.

• Reforestation programme has seen over 15 000 indigenous trees planted to date • Designated pathways follow a carefully contoured network to limit pedestrian damage to the site • Biophilia brought in through colours and textures that reflect the natural fauna and flora • Where possible, locally sourced materials were used • Natural light and views through skylights, glass doors and windows • Local builders employed for stone masonry and weaving on balustrading • Energy consumption reduced through thermodynamic geysers and LED lighting • No air conditioning • Space heating with closed combustion wood-burning fireplaces • Buildings are insulated and perform well thermally • Three wastewater treatment plants treat all grey- and blackwater • Domestic water supplemented by rainwater harvesting fed directly into the water mains • Pathway system designed to catch, reticulate and retain stormwater runoff from the site

were constructed in concrete and therefore have no maintenance requirements. Where possible, locally sourced materials were used, such as kiln-fired bricks in the interior walls, Blackwood timber for flooring, volcanic stone in the fireplace surrounds, natural “flamed” granite for many surfaces, and bamboo, reed and papyrus for interior finishes and woven balustrades. Chandeliers are made of recycled glass, and the black and white Rwandan ibyansi milk jug motif was reused across a number of elements.

CONSTRUCTION CHALLENGES Considerable challenges were experienced during construction due to the altitude, slope, high rainfall, rural location and the need to import a large percentage of materials into the landlocked country, as well as the excessive cost of building. As the site is an extinct, half-eroded volcanic cone, there was no access by vehicle and a nearby district road had to be repaired, enlarged and extended by several kilometres to reach the location. All materials had to be carried by hand up to the site, including rocks, bricks and bags of cement. Similarly, with no electricity or water provided by a district or municipal authority and no option to drill an effective borehole in the porous volcanic soil, the owners were responsible for servicing the site, resulting in novel rainwater collection and storage systems being devised. As the site is located entirely on a deep layer of black soil of volcanic origin, Cape Town-based structural engineers, De Villiers Sheard, were obliged to use deep concrete bases and ground beams to anchor the building into the hillside to support cantilevered, suspended slabs. On each slab, parabolic steel frames were constructed encircled by a horizontal hoop ring beam to create the structure for a “cocoon”. Laminated timber ribs were then attached to the ring beam,

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Making a Fashion Statement

Folding Sliding Doors


Entrance Doors

Single Door

Cottage Panes

Replaced Windows

Tri Sliding Doors

Manufacture & Installation of Custom made Aluminium & Glass. Quality products, approved by SABS specification. Doors: French • Folding • Sliding • Pivot Windows: *Top & Side hung *Folding *Sliding *Shop Fronts, *Sunrooms, *Skylights, *Atriums, *Mirrors, *Showers, *Balustrades, *Replacement of Wooden & Steel Windows and Doors • • Montague Gardens Tel: 021 551 0080 • Fax: 021 551 0061 • Willie: 083 261 1769 • Jo: 083 564 4053

External Venetian Blinds How can WAREMA Sunshading contribute to Green Star ratings?

A good amount of natural daylight and intelligent control of solar radiation are the hallmarks of the new generation of “green” buildings, and increasingly form part of building codes and objectives of organisations. A large portion of the sun’s rays penetrate through glass and is absorbed into the room. This direct radiation effect can cause discomfort for occupants, thus requiring airconditioning to cool down the building. Even on cold days, the sun’s effect (in the form of glare) can become quite uncomfortable. External Sunshading entirely overcomes these issues by means of deflecting a substantial portion of solar radiation and controlling flow of daylight. As a cost saving measure, clear glazing can be used, since it is no longer the glass, but the external Sunshading system, that is controlling the flow the solar radiation. It is common for external blinds to lower room temperatures by around 10 degrees. This means great savings on cooling costs and depending on location may remove the need for cooling altogether. An ideal combination for South Africa’s intense radiation is double glazing (highly effective in preventing winter heat loss) together with external shading to lower the heat gain. Buildings created with these measures enjoy a comfortable and stable temperature all year round. A product like WAREMA external venetian blinds provides complete control over solar gain. The blades are incrementally adjustable and coupled with a WAREMA control system track the path of the sun to optimize the interior condition. When the sun sensor measures that exterior conditions are dull, the blinds are retracted to maximise the penetration daylight! Benefits: Increase room comfort! • Enhance daylight! • Save energy costs on cooling & artificial lighting! Reduce building costs! • Get Green Star ratings!

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Unit 5, Nobel Park, Nobel Street The Interchange, Somerset West Tel: 021 852 8785

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which were clad in waterproof scales of marine ply with insulation installed inside to protect against the cold, damp climate. These were waterproofed and thatch was then fixed to horizontal round bars attached to raised ribs on the waterproofed ply. 3D modelling was used to resolve the junctions of the three cocoons, and a lot of site supervision was needed to resolve how the structural components came together. Plewman says the project timelines demanded an expedient process using experienced contractors, rather than assembling and training a team from the local community. As the whole building had to be completed in a mere eight months, the main contractor and sub-contractors were co-ordinated across South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, which was logistically challenging. Conversely, the contractors were constrained by conventional skills, so realising local traditional textures within the given timeframe was difficult. Local builders were, however, employed to carry out select tasks, such as stone masonry and the weaving on balustrading and, in total, 250 people were employed during construction. The lodge now employs 45 people, of whom only Rob and Ingrid Baas are not Rwandan, with half of the staff drawn from the local community.

SITE-RESPONSIVE SERVICES All services implemented respond to the highly specific nature of the site. Because of the almost permanent cloud cover and daily rainfall, the use of a solar PV system was not feasible. As the municipal power supply is interrupted frequently, a generator provides back-up power. Energy consumption was reduced as much as possible through several mechanisms: n Hot water is generated by thermodynamic geysers with lower power requirements than a conventional heat pump system. n No air conditioning is necessary and space heating takes place through closed combustion wood-burning fireplaces. n Buildings are insulated and perform well thermally. n Skylights in certain areas lessen the need for artificial lighting, and LED lights have been installed throughout the lodge. Three wastewater treatment plants were installed on-site to deal with all grey- and blackwater, with contaminants being removed through a system that uses aerobic and anaerobic cultures, aeration and UV treatment. Treated effluent is then used to irrigate Bisate’s reforestation programme.

Domestic water is supplied both from the municipality and from rainwater that is harvested, recycled and fed directly into the water mains – with the intention being to switch off the municipal mains supply during very rainy periods. The entire pathway system was designed to catch, reticulate and retain stormwater runoff from the site, to also be used in the reforestation programme.

THE 4 C’S In terms of operations to date, Ingrid Baas, general manager of Bisate Lodge, says: “The big challenge is for our staff to increase fitness levels to move between various points of the lodge! There has not been any serious challenge with how we use the building and our guests enjoy short walks from the main areas to their rooms, all of which offer spectacular views. Our six-villa lodge is quite intimate, and our entire operation runs on maintaining a light camp footprint. “Bisate Lodge was built using the 4 C’s sustainability ethos of Wilderness Safaris. This means that Conservation, Community and Culture sit alongside Commerce as our blueprint and we place equal emphasis on these areas. There is a great degree of community engagement, with a number of our staff from the local area around Bisate being employed for the first time in hospitality. We also purchase local produce as much as possible. “Our new exciting venture is that, from 2018, we will be setting up a Children in the Wilderness (CITW) programme in conjunction with local schools. The main goal is to empower children from rural areas to protect the environment as future custodians of this land. It also helps to teach sustainability practices and facilitate awareness about the environment so that children learn to appreciate nature and be empowered to protect it.” The venture is a fitting vision for an endeavour that seeks to contribute positively to conservation and community empowerment in this unique and sensitive environment.


Client: Wilderness Safaris, Keith Vincent,, 011 257 5019 General manager: Ingrid Baas, c/o Nirvani Pillay (PR & media relations manager), 011 257 5019,, Architect: Nicholas Plewman, 011 581 5601, Interior designer: Caline Williams-Wynn, Structural engineers: De Villiers Sheard, Case Bakker,, 021 689 2377

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PAV NG WITH GOOD INTENTIONS Renowned for their durability, bricks are said to have been used since 5000 BC. Progress has meant that bricks, blocks and pavers now come in many forms. earthworks delves into the sustainability of these as a building material. WORDS FE M KE VA N Z A N DVOORT IMAGES ISTOCKPHOTOS, SUPPLIED


lthough naturally abundant, the clay to make clay bricks needs to be mined. It is then mixed with water and cast into the desired shape. The bricks are left to dry for a day before being fired in a kiln at temperatures between 1000°C and 1200°C. This process produces a brick with a very dense and stable structure, which does not crumble or spall – even under extreme conditions – and is not affected by groundwater, acid rain, or chemicals when used for a foundation or a wall. Brick walls do not conduct electricity or lightning and can withstand high levels of heat without damage. Sometimes recycled and industrial waste aggregates, such as fly and incinerator ash and waste glass, are mixed with the clay. In all cases, the high temperatures used in the manufacturing process render the bricks environmentally safe and no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are emitted. The concrete used to make concrete blocks is usually a mixture of Portland cement, sand, and gravel, mixed with water. The mixture may also

contain chemicals to shorten curing time, or to increase compressive strength. Sand and gravel can be replaced by crushed expanded clay, shale, or slate to create a more lightweight block. This mixture needs to be heated to about 1000°C, while the usual concrete blocks do not need such high temperatures to cure. The major environmental impact in the manufacturing of concrete blocks is caused by the use of cement, which is a major contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Cement can sometimes be partly replaced by other materials (such as ground granulated blast furnace slag), without compromising strength. Contrary to most concrete products, clay bricks can be re-used and recycled completely, while retaining strength. According to the Clay Brick Association of South Africa (CBA), 36% of clay bricks are estimated to be recycled. After this, bricks can be crushed and recycled as aggregate for road construction and concrete product manufacture, or used to cap non-toxic landfills and site levelling.

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to other factories wherever natural gas is available. Besides CO₂ reductions, the use of natural gas significantly reduces the ash and dust levels in the The most significant environmental impact of clay atmosphere, providing for healthier and cleaner work brick is due to the use of fossil fuels, primarily coal environments,” explains Shangase. in South Africa, in the kilns during the production Corobrik is reducing its environmental impact at phase. The process of firing emits high levels of CO₂, the manufacturing stage by improving the efficiency and substances that cause respiratory issues. Of the six different kiln types used in South Africa, of drying and firing systems and dematerialisation. “Process changes have increased production flexibility continuous firing technology performs best in terms of environmental impact because the process doesn’t and reduced energy consumption during peak load periods. Investing in new extrusion technology need to be stopped and started, reheating the kiln has facilitated a reduction in brick mass without each time. Thus improvements can be made on the compromising quality and performance attributes,” production side by moving towards continuous says Shangase. The environmental benefits resulting firing technologies and using higher quality, cleaner from the lower mass and different multi-corehole fuels for burning. Natural gas costs more than coal configurations have been faster drying, less fuel per gigajoule (GJ) of energy produced but is 50% used during drying and firing, and more bricks per cleaner, releasing just 48kg of CO₂ for each GJ of transport vehicle delivered. In addition, the new energy compared to the 97kg of CO₂ emitted from corehole configurations (typically with ten holes coal, says Musa Shangase, commercial director at instead of the usual three) have seen an 8% reduction brick manufacturer Corobrik, which uses natural in mortar usage per square metre of brickwork. gas at six of its 14 clay brick factories, coupled This is because the smaller holed multi-core with more efficient fuel firing systems. “Corobrik configurations (compared to the bigger cavities of is committed to extending the use of natural gas a three corehole brick) reduce the individual cavity spaces into which CLAY BRICK LIFE CYCLE ANALYSIS mortar is able to permeate during While the embodied energy of building materials is the bricklaying process. important, energy use over the life of the building dwarfs energy used during production of materials, Shangase says in terms of says Piet Vosloo, professor at the University of the mining process, systematic Pretoria’s Department of Architecture. Professor Vosloo and rehabilitation of all quarries is his colleagues completed a detailed life cycle analysis (LCA) of the environmental impacts of local clay brick production and undertaken in accordance with utilisation, commissioned by CBA at the end of 2016. Choosing a approved rehabilitation plans and material that is sustainable during the life cycle of the building is thus important. regulations governing the industry. He adds that despite their best A second, parallel study compared the thermal performance of efforts, Corobrik’s exploration the six most often used wall construction methods over three building typologies and over the six South African climatic has not led to a justification for regions. The thermal performance study found residential waste materials from alternate buildings constructed with double-cavity clay brick walls to have waste streams to be recycled into the lowest heating and cooling requirements of all commonly used walling systems in South Africa. In temperate climate production processes, as this would zones, potential energy savings of 30% were found for residential put their quality standards and buildings built of solid brick walls, while savings of 70% were found for insulated cavity brick walls. Even higher savings were health and hygiene practices at risk, evident in the hotter regions of South Africa and in non-residential particularly in the case of toxic dust buildings, where electricity use for air conditioning was much from furnace waste. They tested higher. Hollow concrete brick was found to provide the poorest thermal performance. Nico Mienie, technical director of the CBA, waste such as vermiculite, blast says the LCA shows how critical the cavity and insulation is in furnace sludge, glass and bagasse. any walling. Mienie says: “This research will lie behind the CBA’s The greatest potential for the consulting work with the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), with the goal of improving building regulations. Single clay brick sector to reduce its walls of lightweight concrete bricks, hollow blocks, or concrete environmental impact, according to panels are very common in subsidised low-cost housing and community buildings like schools and clinics. While, in general, the CBA, is by educating the building clay brick is more expensive than cement bricks or blocks, they sector on the need for the design of will, over time, save in operational cost.” The high initial carbon energy-efficient buildings and the footprint of the building process is largely reduced by the long life expectancy of clay brick (conservatively about 50 years). importance of choosing suitable building materials.

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© Terraforce

Despite high emissions associated with cement, good reasons can be given to use concrete pavers. Terraforce, a licensor specialising in modular hollow core concrete retaining and erosion control blocks, has seen its products used in many sustainable ways. Some of these projects include permeable roads and parking areas, stormwater canals, lake and seashore protection, and sand-dune stabilisation. The process and materials used to make the product are similar to the production of other concrete blocks, but materials vary according to what is locally available. A typical mix would include cement, 9mm crusher stone (sometimes replaced or mixed with recycled concrete or burnt clay bricks), coarse crusher sand, fine filler sand and water. The

At 01 on Mutual in Pretoria, Corobrik face bricks have been laid in a Flemish bond on the first few parking levels to allow for natural ventilation. This also creates visual interest on the facade, making it attractive and hard wearing, and lowering the need for maintenance and painting.

Clay brick’s capability for regulating indoor thermal comfort and lowering heating and cooling energy usage compared to lightweight wall structures, such as light steel frame (LSF), makes it a good choice for use in all types of buildings below 10 floors across South Africa’s major climatic zones, says Shangase. Its ability to absorb and release thermal energy over an extended period makes it particularly suitable in buildings that have 24-hour use – namely, where people stay overnight. Clay face brick buildings are durable, require very little maintenance, and no plaster or paint. The only limitations of brick, says Shangase, might be for applications in buildings where ground conditions are best suited for lightweight structures and in the case of high rise buildings where it may be more economical in terms of foundation specifications to use lighter-weight wall panel systems.

Use of Terraforce modular hollow core concrete blocks can bring about sustainability benefits through projects involving permeable roads and parking areas, stormwater canals, lake and seashore protection, and sand-dune stabilisation.

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PERMEABLE PAVERS TO THE RESCUE 12M HIGH RETAINING WALL SYSTEM BUILT WITH SPECIALIST GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING Limited space and precipitous slopes called for some specialist geotechnical engineering in the construction of some of the concrete block wall structures in Bakoven on Cape Town’s Atlantic seaboard. The walls were built to retain a steep granite embankment which was cut to create a building platform for the construction of Infinity, a luxury sixstorey apartment block offering spectacular views of the Atlantic and the Twelve Apostles mountain range. Apart from the sea-facing front elevation, the remainder of the building is enveloped in a cocoon-like concrete block wall structure of varying heights and angles. The walls were designed by structural engineer, Fred Laker, with geotechnical engineering input on the three walls at the rear of the property from Kantey & Templer Consulting Engineers for the principle retaining components. All the walls were built by Dassenberg Retaining using L12 retaining wall blocks supplied by CMA member, Terraforce.

being only 300mm. Steel reinforced, the waler beams measured 350mm thick and about 1 000mm high. They were constructed on the upper and lower wall sections and spanned the full width of the embankment face. Further reinforcement was achieved by filling the blockwork in the lower half of each of the three main concrete block walls with steel reinforced concrete. Free-draining sand was used to fill the space between the blocks and the embankment. The total combined height of the back-yard walls is 12.4m. The lower wall is the highest at 5.6m. The middle wall tops 3.7m and the upper wall 3.1m. Each wall was built at an angle of NESTLED AMONG THE OAKS, 75Ëš. There are two narrow terraces between the lower and middle walls the Old Potters Inn, a charming 1830 and the middle and upper walls.

heritage building - once a pottery - now offers comfortable bed and breakfast A sophisticated sub-surface drainage system was built into the design accommodation. This National Monument is to handle the percolation of water from the slope and to prevent thought to be the oldest building in Greyton, the build-up of pore pressure. In addition, rain water flowing off the dating back to 1830's. mountain slope is captured in athe stone filled trapezoidal concrete channel The owner, Madeleine Gerntholtz, needed which drains away from the wall into the stormwater drainage system. Geotechnical site inspections and a detailed slope stability analysis accessible parking space for her clients Perforated 100mm pipes were installed at the bottom of-the fill material conducted by Kantey & Templer revealed that the bulk of the materials especially in winter, when thepipes existing parking behind each wall. These drain into core drain (gulleys) which exposed in the cut face took the form of deeply weathered granites. It turned into a mud contacted specialist retaining wall contractor, Dassenberg Retaining Systems, for a quotation on under in turn drain into stormwater pipes. The stormwater pipes run was determined thatbath. if left Gernholtz unsupported parts of the embankment could a permeable paver eco-surface, who introduced lawn paver, Terracrete, helptrap stabilise while the building and drain into to a salt which the thenground, flows into municipal be prone to instability during periods of high rainfall.her to a locally made hard drainage. still maintaining an attractive, rustic look. Following an assessment of various options & Templer Construction commenced withsupport excavations toKantey form level surfaces, then the addition of clean sand and A2 Bidim underlay for Fire escape staircases on each sidefor of the property were built as part of recommended two of the threecompleted main rear concrete stability and fithat ltration, and finally with theblock hardwalls lawnbepavers, filled with topsoil in preparation grass planting. theand retaining wall structures usingfilling Terraforce’s 4x4 Step blocks. provided with tie-back concrete beams. Overall, an 300kN affordable, yetanchorages attractive, and solution waswaler provided for the client the blocks are currently increasingly with grass, Installed by Dassenberg Retaining Systems. Terraforce blocks supplied by Geofabric reinforcement was not an option in this instance due to the creating the desired look. space between the retaining wall block facing and the embankment face

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Klapmuts Concrete for the Western Cape.


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The Afzelia Environmental Consultants (Pty) Ltd and Associates offers a professional service with the ability to tackle a wide range of environmental, health and safety issues anywhere on the African continent. We provide personalized environmental services geared to your organisations’ specific requirements in an efficient and meticulous manner aimed at achieving your precise aims and objectives. •• •• •• • • ••

• • •• ••

Basic Assessments; Basic Assessments; Scoping and Scoping and Full FullEIAs; EIAs; Environmental andSocial SocialImpact Impact Environmental and Assessments (ESIAs); Assessments (ESIAs); Environmental Risk, Fatal Flaw, Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Due Diligence and Screening Assessments; Assessments; Water Use Water Use License LicenseApplications Applications and General Authorisation Authorisation and General Applications; Applications; Mining and Material Source Mining and Burrow Pit Applications; Applications; Waste Management Waste ManagementLicense License Applications; Applications; Air Quality Assessments Assessments&& Air Quality Emission Applications; Emission Applications;

Environmental Management •• Environmental Management Programmes (EMPr); Programmes (EMPr); • Pre-Compliance and Compliance Pre-Compliance and Assistance (S24G ComplianceServices Assistance Services Applications); (S24G Applications); • Environmental Control Officer • Duties; Environmental Control Officer Duties; • Designated Environmental Officer • Duties; Environmental Site Officer Duties; • Environmental Site Officer Duties; • Wildlife Management Services; • Wildlife and Conservation Area • Management Visual Impact Assessments; Services; • Visual Agricultural and Soil assessments; Impact Assessments; • Agricultural and Soil assessments; Botanical, Faunal, Avian, • Botanical, Avian, Reptile Reptile andFaunal, Amphibian and Amphibian Assessments; Assessments;

Wetland Delineation •• Wetland Delineationand and Functionality Assessments; Functionality Assessments; • Aquatic Ecologicaland andRisk Risk Aquatic Ecological Assessments; Assessments; • Surface Water Quality • Surface Water Quality Assessments; Assessments; Rehabilitation Management •• Rehabilitation ManagementPlans Plans and Monitoring; Monitoring; •• Marine andEstuarine EstuarineImpact Impact Marine and Assessments; Assessments; • Heritage Building Assessments; Heritage Building Assessments; •• Mine Engineering and Project • Management Mine Engineering and Project Services; • Funding Application Management Services;Processes Public and Private Sector for • for Funding Application Processes Projects; Public and Private Sector Projects;

•• Defi nitive Feasibility Definitive Feasibility Assessments Assessments to Bankability; to Bankability; Mapping; • GIS Mapping; Public Participation Facilitation •• Environmental Awareness and Translation Services (Zulu, Seminars, Lectures and Training; Xhosa, Afrikaans, Swahili, French • Public etc.); Participation Facilitation Translation Services • and Occupation Health and Safety Services. (Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Swahili, • French Tourismetc.); Pre-feasibility and Feasibility Assessments; • Occupation Health and Safety • Landscape Architectural Services. Services.

The Consultants(Pty) (Pty)Ltd Ltdisisaa proudly proudlyBEE BEE Level Level11 certifi certified withrecognition recognitionofof135% 135% TheAfzelia AfzeliaEnvironmental Environmental Consultants ed with PO Box 37069, Overport, Durban, 4067 E: C: 0836019411 T: 031 303 2835 W:


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• Latest in Solar PV and Heat Pump Technology • Commercial and Residential Projects • Attention to System Performance and Financial Payback • Experienced Installation Team

Tel: +27 (0)21 424 1935

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mixture is added to a mould box that moves up and down, leaving the demoulded product on wooden pallets. Holger Rust, co-owner of Terraforce, says the entire process involves feeding concrete into the mould while a vibration process is applied with simultaneous pressure exerted via a tamper. “While the tamper holds down the compressed product, the mould is hydraulically lifted to expose the fresh blocks on the wooden pallets. A conveyor then moves the pallet with the products to the curing area. Depending on the level of sophistication, this could be air-curing or controlled curing in heated curing chambers. Heat or steam is applied to speed up the process.” Rust says some of the companies licensed to manufacture Terraforce blocks have crushing plants installed to use their own rejects as well as concrete from elsewhere. “The crushing plants are used to crush reject concrete products of any kind and we generally achieve the strength that we require in terms of our standard specifications. Corobrik in KwaZulu-Natal makes our products from crushed reject clay bricks, mixed with sand and cement,” Rust says. Rust says they would not be able to use clay for their products because their blocks are mortarless and hollow, and therefore require a different manufacturing process. “It would be hard to achieve the minimum dimensional tolerances required for mortarless blocks, apart from the very complex firing process required for bigger, hollow products,” he says. Rust is not aware of anyone having attempted to make such blocks from clay, as deformation would occur during the energy-intensive firing process.

equipment is mobile and can be easily transported. The CEBs do not need to be fired and the building process does not use conventional mortar. Instead, diluted slurry made from the same mixture used to produce the blocks is used to cement them together. Chris Whyte, managing director of USE-IT, says although USE-IT has the certification and compliance needed in terms of local regulation and legislation, and even has its product rated as the first 5-Star rated EcoStandard building product in Africa, they struggle to get the product into the mainstream. “The challenges largely relate to issues

Compressed Earth Blocks manufactured by USE-IT incorporate building rubble. The blocks consist of 25% mixed inert builders’ waste, 5% cement stabilising agent, and 70% soil and do not need to be fired.

ALTERNATIVES Although not always financially viable, adding other materials to the traditional clay brick can have surprising benefits. Adding wool, for instance, is said to increase strength by 30%, while sawdust may be added to lower its weight. Financially viable or not, many of the alternative building technologies struggle to gain acceptance by the mainstream building industry. Cost-effective, energy-efficient, strong and durable, Compressed Earth Blocks (CEBs) are another alternative to consider for the residential market and make a good sustainable alternative to the typically-used concrete blocks. USE-IT has developed a technology to use building rubble as a component of the mix in making building blocks. The blocks consist of 25% mixed inert builders’ waste, 5% cement stabilising agent, and 70% soil. The blocks can be manufactured on site as the

around preferential procurement policy, supply chain management and materials specification. This is specifically pertinent in the low-cost housing market where we have the additional complication of tenderpreneurs and corruption. When we do get through all these obstacles, we find that the building industry is not geared, or is unwilling, to work with alternative building materials as it takes just too much effort to change what they have been doing for the last few decades.” On a positive note, USE-IT is currently building the R30million Hammarsdale Waste Beneficiation Centre in Mpumalanga, where CEBs are the main structural element of the build. They are also collaborating with an international consortium, Steelheart International Foundation, to look at the

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The I-Cat office in Pretoria by Earthworld Architects makes use of an unusually dark onyx brick, which, when recess-jointed with a visible white sand, a weaving pattern emerged. See earthworks issue 30.

implementation of eco-village developments across Africa where there are multiple green elements to create off-grid, sustainable communities with the CEBs being the main structural elements. “We are also collaborating with local manufacturers to assist in bringing down the cost of the equipment to make it more attractive, and are negotiating with the brand owners to make the modifications we have determined are necessary for local application of the technology,” Whyte concludes. Henry Kamphof of Habiterra Blocks, an interlocking concrete block company in North America, says South Africa is a world leader in interlocking block technology. The blocks are lighter than usual by the addition of fly ash or pumice stone to the concrete mix. The interlocking nature of the Habiterra blocks means no mortar is required, making the construction process easier, faster and cheaper. The blocks are used in other Southern African countries, and are currently under review for exclusive control and use by several South African companies. The Habiterra technology was originally targeted for large-scale single storey affordable housing projects around the world, but now a large construction multinational is looking into using the Habiterra technology for high-rise buildings, as the party wall systems, which could reduce construction material wastage in high-rises by over 15%.

Another alternative is Envirobuild rubber paving bricks, which are made from recycled truck tyres. The rubber bricks are much lighter than brick or concrete paving and some products come in sheets to be laid quickly and easily with less breakage. They are also easy to lift and replace should repairs to water pipes or under floor cabling be necessary. Whether using bricks, concrete pavers, CEBs or alternatives; materials and embodied emissions are important and should be taken into account, but context specific suitability and long-term viability of each choice is paramount.


Clay Brick Association of South Africa: Nico Mienie, technical director, 011 805 4206,, Corobrik: Musa Shangase, commercial director, 011 871 8600,, Habiterra: Henry Kamphof, director, +360-966-6289,, Terraforce: Holger Rust, co-owner, 083 658 1056,, USE-IT: Chris Whyte, Managing Director, 082 415 8138,, University of Pretoria: Department of Architecture References: Life cycle of clay brick walling in South Africa - The Clay Brick Association of South Africa: Technical Report 7A and A Thermal Performance Comparison between six wall construction methods commonly used in South Africa - The Clay Brick Association of South Africa: Technical Report 7B

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Testing laboratories are usually artificially lit, blisteringly hot and noisy burrow-like spaces, which makes South Africa’s new Product Testing Institute – an airy, stylish and comfortable facility that has recently joined the country’s elite clutch of 6 Star Green Star SA buildings – all the more impressive. WO R D S M A RY JA N E B OTHA P H OTOGRAP H Y ROB DUKER

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76 Product Testing Institute.indd 77

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he Product Testing Institute (PTI), strategically situated in the automotive and tyre-manufacturing cluster in the Coega Industrial Development Zone (IDZ) outside Port Elizabeth, is designed to facilitate research and innovation in product life cycle and recycling, with a particular focus on the tyre industry. Not satisfied with a mere nod to its environmental sustainability mandate, the building project incorporated innovative and meticulously calculated initiatives that have earned it a Green Building Council South Africa (GBCSA) 6 Star Green Star SA rating under the Public and Education Buildings rating tool. Millions of waste tyres lie piled or strewn around South Africa, with millions more added each year. While some make their way to recycling facilities, others are burned for scrap metal content or warmth, releasing noxious fumes and liquids in the process. The Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa’s (REDISA) Integrated Industry Waste Tyre Management Plan aimed partly to drive research and development into smarter and more efficient tyre recycling processes, and it is out of this mandate that the PTI was established. The PTI’s aim is to create opportunities for resource sustainability and the circular economy by performing tyre testing to international homologation standards, critically analysing the environmental impact of tyres throughout their life cycle, and developing an environmental rating system for tyres. In addition, the PTI has partnered

with Nelson Mandela University’s Centre for Rubber Science and Technology to provide training and facilities for practical research by its students. For now the new building is quiet, with just a few full-time employees, as the PTI waits for decisions on new funding, the complex testing machinery to be procured and installed, and the facility to be readied for accreditation to ISO standards. In full thrust, it will accommodate 40 staff and have the capacity to swell to 60 with visitors.

DESIGN PUT TO THE TEST A double-volume storage, testing and laboratory section pairs with the brick and mortar side of the building, which incorporates offices and an auditorium/lecture space. One of the criteria for sustainable architecture is to ensure long life of a building, so lead architect Hubert Sieg, of Imbono FJA Architects, created a potential multi-purpose building that could be easily adapted for alternate uses in future, rather than just building a laboratory for testing tyres. While its design has achieved a minimum impact in terms of energy, water and materials, occupant well-being received equal care. PTI general manager André Strydom says the building’s design creates a brilliant connection to its environmental reason for being. “The PTI is focused on improving our environment and the lives of South Africans as we establish ways for the tyre industry to go green. Some of our


Location: Coega Industrial Development Zone, Nelson Mandela Bay GBCSA rating: 6 Star Green Star SA – Public and Education v1 Construction commencement date: May 2016 Completion date: April 2017 Total gross floor area: 4200m2 Local content: 30% SMME involvement Total value: R75million

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Can upgrade existing 220V Barrier to 12V Barrier with battery back-up





JOHANNESBURG BRANCH Tel: +27 11 674 4441 • Fax: +27 11 674 4450 • Email: • 18 Minerva Avenue, Leaglen, Florida, Roodepoort, Johannesburg CAPE TOWN BRANCH Tel: +27 21 551 0849 • Fax: +27 21 551 8627 • Email: • Unit 2 Crest Park, 12B Longclaw Drive, Montague Gardens, Cape Town

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1. Passive interventions include shading fins on the facade to reduce unwanted heat. 2. ‘Feel-good materials’ like timber and raw concrete were incorporated and there is an indoor/ outdoor flow. 3. Diffused natural light and fresh air flood the double volume testing areas.


specialist equipment is the only example of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa. We have the potential to make a positive impact, not only on the environment but also on the industry, the economy and the job market. “I have worked in the tyre industry my entire career – this facility is among the world’s best, something in which South Africa can take real pride. It’s wonderful to work here: beautiful, calm, clean and inspiring,” he says. Occupant comfort and well-being is one of the PTI’s successful point gains on the Green Star scorecard, which rated it highly in the category of Indoor Environmental Quality. Sieg says quality of working life should be a critical consideration, particularly in a green building. “We tried to change the nature of traditional clinical laboratories and create a pleasant human space. Diffused natural light and fresh air flood both the testing areas and the office building. We have incorporated feel-good materials like timber and raw concrete where possible, and there is a clear indoor/ outdoor flow.” The project scored most highly in the Green Star rating under Innovations, with creative thinking and ideas incorporated into the design. Sieg invited Eric Noir, of Design for Abundance, to be part of the team’s initial creative thinking, while green building consultant Francois Retief, of Sow & Reap, provided a sounding board and managed the Green Star process.

BUILDING STRONG Design began in 2014, and construction was a quickfire 11 months, starting in May 2016 and finishing in April 2017. “For a complex laboratory building, the project went very well, although it demanded sweat equity and a tremendous team effort. One of our biggest challenges was the tight timeframe while ensuring that we never compromised on our green building rating goals. To ensure that we stayed on track, we built a penalty clause into the contract agreement. Fortunately, the contractor, Aveng Grinaker-LTA, was equally passionate and professional about the project,” says Sieg. For its Port Elizabeth-based team, this green building was a first. Paul Mason, project manager, agrees it was “a tough project”, which tested the team to their maximum, but of which they are now deservedly proud. “The tight time frame left no room to slip up and the detailing in the building is intense, with complex finishes. We put our heads together and came up with some non-traditional solutions – such as using specially designed 9m shutters and self-compacting concrete to pour concrete walls in a single pour rather than sections. This saved substantially on construction speed, while maintaining quality.” Mason says one of the biggest sustainable wins as the contractor – and one they will carry forward with other projects – was to compact and reuse the

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76 Product Testing Institute.indd 81

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In all, the project scored a total of 75 Green Star SA points, especially high in the categories of innovation, water and energy. • Renewable energy from 120kW PV solar array • Natural ventilation to research storage area • Energy-efficient heating and cooling systems with motion-sensor shut-off • Energy-efficient LED lighting and lighting sensor controls • Solar hot water generation • Passive interventions include vertical shading fins on the east/west facade to reduce unwanted heat (saving electrical cooling), while still allowing in daylight • Fully integrated building management system • Retained natural vegetation for landscaping mitigates the need for irrigation • Rainwater harvesting from the roofs is stored in tanks and utilised in toilets, urinals, showers, and the courtyard water feature • Xeriscaped roof garden helps to stabilise indoor temperatures • Occupant comfort and well-being prioritised through indoor environment quality • Natural, diffused daylight achieved through balance of glazing and shading. Auto-sensor blinds avoid glare in office and lab areas • High percentage of glass offers sweeping external views • Fresh air (in excess of 12.5ℓ/s/person) is provided to all occupied areas • Low levels of toxic solvents were ensured in paints, flooring, adhesives and joinery • High acoustic quality afforded to all spaces, reducing noise from external and building services, and minimising reverberation in the auditorium • Dedicated printing exhausts are provided in the printing room to remove any toxins created • Prioritised parking and recharge points for electric cars • Bicycle storage, lockers and showers

builders’ rubble in non-structural elements wherever possible. This saved the cost, the time and the extra carbon count of having to cart it away to landfill. Approximately 70% of the works material is local content, which Mason said was easily sourced, with the exception of the structural steel. There are no steel mills in the Eastern Cape, so this had to come from the Northern Cape. Local small, medium and micro-enterprise (SMME) involvement tallied to about 30%.

LOCAL GREENING One of the dangers with the Coega IDZ and the nature of the buildings that are built there is their potential to strip the natural vegetation. To mitigate that, new builds are required to do a search and rescue operation of the natural habitat before construction starts. Endangered plant species are removed to a nursery at Coega and made available for reuse in landscaping. “In addition, we undertook two of our own initiatives,” Sieg explains. “Rather than creating one large concrete hardstand, we mapped out the delivery trucks’ route and only built there, so the facility now includes two green lungs in the hardstand area. Secondly, we combined the need for fencing, which damages vegetation, with our need for a retention pond, creating a rectangular pond along the fence line, which also contributed towards our GBCSA points.”

The office building was designed around a green courtyard, which offers protection from the region’s infamous wind as well as adding to the positive working environment. “We created winter and summer gardens in this space, with cool shade under the wooden pergola, puddles of winter sunshine under the acacia trees and a water feature to mask intrusive noise,” says Sieg. Landscaping in the courtyard includes stones harvested from the building site. All landscaping is xeriscaped, including the earth mound roof garden leading out from the boardroom, which further insulates and moderates temperatures in the auditorium beneath it due to its thermal mass. By fortunate coincidence, the PTI site is next to Aldo Scribante Race Circuit, which can be viewed from the roof garden. Additional Green Star points were scored by the creation of a yard at the racetrack with a local community monthly contract for tyre removal to the recycling plant. Sieg says extensive calculations went into the building’s water usage, with potential savings reinforcing the business case for rainwater harvesting. There are four 6000litre tanks underground, plus another four Jojo tanks with a 10 000ℓ capacity above ground.

LETTING IN THE LIGHT Natural lighting and fresh air is maximised in all the circulation spaces, while the habitable spaces (boardroom and offices) optimise their use of air

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76 Product Testing Institute.indd 82

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Best Business Decision

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The walkways around the courtyard edge include plenty of glass and natural ventilation. The tranquil gurgle of the courtyard water feature dampens noise from the N2 highway and the testing laboratories.

conditioning and natural light through clerestory lighting. The walkways around the courtyard edge include plenty of glass and natural ventilation. To facilitate the natural flow of air, ceilings are angled to direct hot air through penetrations in the floor slab and ceilings into a dedicated natural ventilation extraction system which exhausts through four lobster cowls in the four corners of the courtyard space. Effort also went into the acoustics, with acoustic dampening control throughout as well as the tranquil gurgle of the courtyard water feature to dampen noise from the N2 highway and the testing laboratories. The harvested rainwater for this is fed from one of the underground tanks and the renewable electricity generated by the photovoltaic solar array on the roofs – which the architects claim is arguably the biggest in the city. “We squeezed in the maximum number of panels that could physically fit on to the roof,” Sieg explains. They are arranged in four solar arrays, each connected to its own grid-tied inverter, providing a total of 120kW. “The cost of electricity in the Coega IDZ is punitive so it was a cost-saving exercise as well as a green consideration.” The saw tooth roof is angled northwards to maximise exposure. On the south side, it is glassed to allow a flood of natural light into the warehouse and vastly minimise the costs of artificial lighting. The offices have automated blinds, which engage when there is glare. Throughout, an intelligent

building management system optimises these features and functionality.

A GREEN VISION “During construction, we extended green building lessons, not only to the labourers on-site but also to the neighbouring community. They were given talks on sustainability and we arranged for artists to run workshops along this theme, at which people created artworks on small panels of leftover pallet wood reflecting what they had learned,” says Sieg. These works now feature in an art installation in the office area, thereby maintaining the connection with the community and reminding PTI employees and visitors of its greater greening purpose.


Client: The Product Testing Institute, André Strydom, general manager, 083 661 5741 Architect: Imbono FJA Architects, Hubert Sieg, lead architect,, 041 365 3691, 082 878 9883 Main contractor: AVENG Grinaker-LTA, Paul Mason,, 041 365 4565 Electrical and mechanical engineer: CA du Toit Consulting Engineers,, 041 585 7559 Structural and civil engineer: Sigma Consulting,, 041 364 0574 Green building consultants: Sow & Reap Consulting, Francois Retief,, 074 272 2911; Design for Abundance, Eric Noir,, 083 473 3629 Health and safety/environmental consultants: CLC Consulting, Chris Castle,, 083 321 2430

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TrilliumSeries adiabatic coolers

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External Venetian Blinds How can WAREMA Sunshading contribute to Green Star ratings?

A good amount of natural daylight and intelligent control of solar radiation are the hallmarks of the new generation of “green” buildings, and increasingly form part of building codes and objectives of organisations. A large portion of the sun’s rays penetrate through glass and is absorbed into the room. This direct radiation effect can cause discomfort for occupants, thus requiring airconditioning to cool down the building. Even on cold days, the sun’s effect (in the form of glare) can become quite uncomfortable. External Sunshading entirely overcomes these issues by means of deflecting a substantial portion of solar radiation and controlling flow of daylight. As a cost saving measure, clear glazing can be used, since it is no longer the glass, but the external Sunshading system, that is controlling the flow the solar radiation. It is common for external blinds to lower room temperatures by around 10 degrees. This means great savings on cooling costs and depending on location may remove the need for cooling altogether. An ideal combination for South Africa’s intense radiation is double glazing (highly effective in preventing winter heat loss) together with external shading to lower the heat gain. Buildings created with these measures enjoy a comfortable and stable temperature all year round. A product like WAREMA external venetian blinds provides complete control over solar gain. The blades are incrementally adjustable and coupled with a WAREMA control system track the path of the sun to optimize the interior condition. When the sun sensor measures that exterior conditions are dull, the blinds are retracted to maximise the penetration daylight! Benefits: Increase room comfort! • Enhance daylight! • Save energy costs on cooling & artificial lighting! Reduce building costs! • Get Green Star ratings!

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EMBRACING Informality should be taken into consideration when planning urban spaces. Prominent urban designers and urbanists explain how policy objectives can be translated to design solutions that stimulate the informal economy. WORDS PE TA B ROM


or developers targeting middle and upper income developments, the only designs that consider informality tend to be those aimed at removing its traces. But taking consideration of informality and giving it space to co-exist and integrate with formalised systems and economies is now recommended by Cape Town’s Urban Design Policy. The new Sustainable Precincts Green Star Africa rating tool includes the requirement for an urban design review that (for up to eight points) reviews the site layout and urban design. The technical manual lays out direct guidelines for the review, but also requires that the review confirm the designs are aligned to regional and national policy objectives. Hence, a project seeking compliance with the Gov-2 credit will need to think about how its design aligns with the objectives of addressing the

88 Informality.indd 88


legacy of apartheid spatial planning and, although not expressly a requirement of the manual, if policy is followed, should also consider informality.

DEFINING INFORMALITY The word informality conjures images of haphazard shacks built between piles of rubbish, surrounded by polluted rivers, and prone to environmental disasters such as flooding and fires. Look a little deeper, though, and it’s apparent that people are finding ways to meet their basic needs within the context of an economic and governing system that has failed them. Anton Cartwright of the African Centre for Cities (ACC) says: “Informality is what happens when there is a vacuum in service delivery and local people find creative ways to fill the gaps. When we want to find solutions to informality, we need to look at the

2017/11/02 10:19 PM



ORMALITY ways people have provided for themselves within those contexts for clues.” The thinking from a policy perspective is that the creative solutions that people on the ground find are often adaptable and more efficient than the solutions that can be provided by centrally-run services. The aim of academics and policy-makers is to find ways of supporting them, providing mechanisms for gradual formalisation. What does this mean for the formalised city – the ordered city centre, leafy middle-class suburbs and meticulously planned malls? How should corporate developers be considering informality and is it even relevant to them? There are a few ways of thinking about this, but for the purposes of this article, informal trading is scrutinised. Interviewees consistently highlighted three key design principles that can be used to develop a supportive environment.

SUPPORTIVE AGREEMENTS The idea of supplementary and symbiotic trading is the first area for consideration. In towns throughout Southern Africa, the pavement outside the local general store is where fresh produce is sold. Gareth Haysom of the ACC points out that fresh produce can sometimes be delivered better than retail chains due to local distribution systems and reliance on social capital for regular trading. “Many customers will buy their dry goods such as maize and oil from the supermarket and buy the fresh food outside,” he says. Due to their adaptability, informal traders are able to take advantage of commuter times that are outside of the traditional operating hours of grocery stores. This has several positive outcomes for public transport users and pedestrians. Firstly, there is the convenience of being able to purchase goods

issue 41 // // 89

88 Informality.indd 89

2017/11/02 10:19 PM

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2017/11/02 10:02 AM


en-route and secondly, street traders provide activity and passive surveillance along walking routes, increasing the perception of safety. This was an important point for the City of Cape Town’s Marco Geretto, who highlights the role that traders play in activating the in-between spaces of a city. Geretto says tenants are often able to influence design decisions, particularly when agreeing on lease conditions with developers and centre owners. “Many of the anchor tenants will try and negotiate clauses that limit competition within the mall and informal trading outside the mall. Incorporating opportunities for smaller traders on the perimeter of malls is often perceived as being counter to the marketing image the mall wants to project to potential customers. Ideally, we’d like to see proposals that facilitate economic progression and that create a variety of spaces within retail developments for informal traders to formalise and get a foothold in the retail environment.” Cavendish Square in Cape Town was acknowledged for its efforts to provide such a gradient, but that acknowledgement was not without criticism. A road between the main mall and the older Cavendish Connect building – previously the Link Mall – which links Cavendish to Main Road, was pedestrianised

and roofed stands were installed with opportunities for traders to rent. Haysom says: “The walkway between the Connect building and the mall is interesting because it seems to attempt to provide the kind of space we are describing [and similarly the rental of stands within the court areas], but it is understandably curated quite carefully.” A walk through this space on a busy Saturday afternoon reveals that it is predominantly occupied by cottage traders and home industries, and it also has its fair share of the resale of bulk Chinese imports (offering much cheaper goods than those in the mall itself), the likes of which are popular among street hawkers. What will make the integration of informal markets into formalised trading spaces work depends on the terms of trading agreements. Thiresh Govender of Urban Works says: “I would really encourage bringing economic diversity into developments as an idea. I am concerned that the way this plays out is that the established market players are accommodating informal traders only on terms that they are comfortable with and that the terms of engagement are skewed in favour of protecting their products, risks and finance mechanisms instead of a sincere attempt to accommodate informality.”









Micro-manufacturing 15%





Food & Drink










34% 6%






















Source: Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation: Informal micro-enterprises in a township context: a spatial analysis of business dynamics in five Cape Town localities.

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88 Informality.indd 91

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MOVEMENT Informal trading usually clusters around natural movement paths. Public transport hubs are the most immediately obvious network points within the South African context. Geretto asks that urban designers analyse the pedestrian routes that people are likely to follow from transport stops to commercial hubs, and then provide trading opportunities and active edges along those routes in order to facilitate informal trading and micro-enterprises. For shopping malls, this means considering smaller trading units along the edges of their development, with wide pavements along those routes, instead of blank walls on to those routes where informal traders and pedestrians fight for space. By adopting this approach, not only do developers create opportunities for smaller businesses, but they are able to have greater control around what happens on the edges of their buildings. This can result in a winwin situation for everyone. Zoning and trading licences can be important planning and regulatory mechanisms for facilitating the formalisation of survivalist and vulnerable traders. The Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation (SLF) cites the case study of Eveline Street in the suburb of Katutura in Windhoek. Eveline Street has emerged as a commercial corridor in this township. In order to understand the nature of the informal















Change in the number of liquor retail outlets from 2011-2015

Heightened police raids

Source: Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation: Formalising Informal Micro-Enterprises Project

economy on Eveline Street, SLF surveyed the existing informal economic activities and studied the development of supporting infrastructure. Business activities on Eveline Street are facilitated by the fact that the road verges are wide, with raked edges. The informal equivalent of meter cabs are thus able pull off the road at any point, and trading mushrooms around the natural drop-off and collection points for waiting cabs. Eventually the road became famous for informal street-side bars. Instead of clamping down on illegal trading, the city of Windhoek rezoned the road as commercial so the bar owners could access liquor licences and continue to trade legitimately. Eveline Street became a trendy location and evolved into a tourist destination. Andrew Charman of SLF says: “Although this resulted in more restaurants and bars opening, for each leisure business there were new supportive businesses such as car washes, hair salons and house shops that were able to legitimately trade alongside them.” When comparing pre-zoning activities to the economic activities after rezoning, the number of traders doubled, which was symptomatic of massive stimulation of the local economy. Charman says: “This indicates that there is a strong need to reform land-use systems, including zoning” so that trading rights can be extended, and the local economy can be stimulated.


The Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation (SLF) is a South African think-thank whose mission is to enhance possibilities for the realisation of human potential in the emergent city through research, community engagement and innovation. A key area for the foundation is the township economy. Since 2010, SLF have pioneered research to understand the scope and scale of township micro-enterprises and identify the main obstacles to economic growth. Micro-enterprises contribute towards a sizable portion of economic activity and play an important role in lifting people out of poverty. Working in townships, SLF objectives are to strengthen policy, conceptualise innovative enterprise development projects and develop appropriate infrastructure for micro-enterprises. For more information, go to:

issue 41 // // 93

88 Informality.indd 93

2017/11/02 10:20 PM









Architectural Features

Customised solutions executed by skilled local artisans in our Bertrams Factory, Johannesburg - | 072 197 9479

Rossco_Earthworks_Dec EW_AD Template.indd 42017.indd 1

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INFRASTRUCTURE One of the biggest challenges facing the formalisation of microenterprises is the lack of supporting facilities. Traders need secure facilities for storing their wares; sanitation and ablution facilities; shelter from the elements and if processing food, cleaning and wash-down facilities. Haysom uses the example of small-scale fisheries and related trading activities. “Planning

The SLF has spent several years building up inventories of township trade activities throughout Southern Africa and has taken this as a core concept from their learning. “I think it is absolutely essential that design responds to a strong understanding of the workings of the informal economy,” says Charman. In research conducted by the SLF through nine townships in South Africa, the average number of micro








Source: Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation: Formalising Informal Micro-Enterprises Project

for the informal trade of fish coming off the small boats would involve gutting and storage facilities as well as sanitation and ablutions,” he says. In this way, optimal trading facilities are provided, which afford continuity of trade over long hours. The gutting and trading of fresh fish on the docklands occurs at the modal interchange between land-based transport and water-based transport, and so is consistent with the analysis that informality tends to cluster around movement modal interchanges. Haysom says: “One particular location choice is at transport interchanges but others such as house shops, and designated and planned trading areas, all form part of the multiple trading typologies that are ever present. Informality is one of the main livelihood activities in many [African] cities.” Charman also has some criticism of the idea that informal trading can only be designed around public transport nodes because the Eveline Street case illustrates the potential of business corridors. “A rethink of the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) strategic framework is urgently required with a view to enable organic developments and foster investment by micro-enterprises”, he says. The type of infrastructure provided should respond to the existing uses, while barriers to investment, such as land tenure and zoning, should be reduced.

enterprises per 1000 people was 36. The core obstacles affecting business were found to be crime; street trade restrictions; absence of land to establish business infrastructure; price competition; police harassment; and business license restrictions. Geretto sums it up: “I believe in building urbanity rather than projecting an image”. What he is alluding to is that cities should be designed to provide spatial arrangements that support people from all walks of life and support their needs as they move through the city, going about their daily work. Cities should be fundamentally designed for humanity, dignity, safety and economic security.


Anton Cartwright: African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town (UCT),, 021 650 5903 Gareth Haysom: African Centre for Cities, UCT,, 021 650 5903 Marco Geretto: Transport and Urban Development Authority, City of Cape Town,, 021 400 7573 Andrew Charman: Sustainable Livelihoods Foundation,, 021 761 2993. Thiresh Govender: Urbanworks, Urban Design and Architect,, 011 023 5232

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2017/11/02 10:21 PM

EW_AD Template.indd 3

2017/11/03 1:16 PM

LIGHT GAUGE STEEL The low mass per m2 (between 2-10kg) of this roofing system ensures both savings on the supporting structure as well as on transportation and erection costs whilst also being vermin proof and non-combustible. Large sections of the roof can simply be pre-assembled on the ground and hoisted into position on the walls – making this one of the most viable systems with a large range of applications up to a clear span of 40m. Supported through a substantial network of licensed truss suppliers, Ultra-Span is equally ideal for all local and export applications where it can be pre-assembled or site assembled.

creating the advantage

The non-combustible solution. MiTek Park,754 16th Road, Randjespark, Ext. 34, Halfway House,1685. Midrand (Head Office) Tel: + 27(0) 11 237 8700 Cape Town Tel: 021 905 0244 • Durban Tel: 031 700 6332 • Port Elizabeth Tel: 041 581 7525 email: • *MiTek

Industries South Africa (Pty)Ltd, a division of the worldwide MiTek Group.

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2017/ 18 PRODUCTS & SERVICES DIRECTORY Welcome to the 2018 earthworks products and services directory. Within these pages you will find a collection of product manufacturers and service providers which have featured in the magazine either through advertising or editorial content. These companies share a commitment to promoting sustainability in the built environment. IMAGES: ISTOCKPHOTOS, SUPPLIED

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98 Product Directory.indd 99

2017/11/03 12:41 PM

PRODUCTS DIRECTORY Bricks, blocks & pavers


Building management & monitoring systems


Building systems


Ceilings & roofs


Cement & concrete


Chemicals, adhesives, sealants & membranes




Construction materials












Renewable energy




Shadings & shutters








Windows & doors




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98 Product Directory.indd 100

2017/11/03 12:42 PM



Products Clay face bricks; Clay non-face bricks; Clay pavers. Certification – ISO 9001; ISO 14001; OSHAS 18001

ALGOA BRICK T 041 466 0203 E W Products Cathcart travertine (FBX); Bedford travertine (FBS); Kariega travertine (FBA); Colonial ironspot (FBA); Grahamstown clinker (FBA); Light blend rockface (FBA); Econo 90 plaster brick (NFP); Maxi 90 plaster (NFP); Super Maxi 90 plaster brick (NFP); Stock plaster brick (NFP); Grade S engineering (14 MPa and 28 MPa); Cala travertine (FBX); Heritage satin (FBS)

CAPE BRICK T 021 690 2020 E W Products Concrete bricks and blocks; Retaining wall blocks; Decking blocks; Wet cast paving products. All using recycled construction and demolition material

CLAY BRICK T 011 431 1030 E W Products Clay stock bricks; Clay maxi bricks; Clay semi-face bricks; Iron stone semi-face brick; Saxon semi-face brick; Clay inner brick

CLAYTILE T 021 884 4589 E W Products Imperial and maxi clay bricks; Pavers; Klompies; Quarry tiles; Brick tiles; Wine racks. Certification - 4 Star ECO Standard

CRAMMIX T 021 981 2115 E W Products Clay face bricks; Plaster bricks; Pavers and special shaped bricks

OCON BRICK T 016 428 7300 E W Products Clay stock bricks and Semi-face bricks. Certification – CBA

TECHNICRETE T 011 674 6900 E W Products Building and infrastructure – Paving; Concrete masonry; Erosion walls; Retaining walls; Drainage; Kerbs; Precast products. Mining – Pre-bagged; Support packs

AUTOMATION AUTHORITY T 076 540 0393 E W Services Lighting control; Blinds and curtains; Audio; Home cinema and video; Surge protection; Business solutions; Night clubs and restaurants; Theatre and stage

BLENDWELL CHEMICALS T 011 805 9940 E W Products Industrial cleaning products – Green Clean; Food Safe; Floors; Degreasers; Kitchen; Bathroom; Home and office; Car cleaning; Laundry

BUILDERS WAREHOUSE T 0860 284 533 E W Products Carbon track energy management system

TERRAFORCE T 021 465 1907 E W Products Hollow core retaining blocks

DRAIN VAC T 0860 666 848 E W


Products Wet and dry central vacuum systems; Whole house water filters

T 011 663 2000 E W


Products Natural stone tiles and slabs; Bamboo; Ceramic; Porcelain; Hardbody; Pavers; Terrazzo; Slim line terrazzo; Venice stone quarts; Exposed aggregate

COROBRIK T 031 560 3111 E W


Additional Suppliers • Also see Cement & Concrete; Construction Materials; Flooring

T 012 483 8624 E W Products Smart metering solutions; Wattkeeper; Single phase smart meters; Three phase meters

GREEN WAVE AUTOMATION T 011 465 3149 E W Products Building management; HVAC control; Data centre monitoring; Solar PV

HONEYWELL AUTOMATION CONTROL SOLUTIONS T 011 695 8000 E W Products Building management systems; Energy management solutions; Building air quality control; Integrated building solutions

HUB PARKING TECHNOLOGY T 011 794 4525 E W Products Zeag Pay on Foot parking systems. Certification – ISO 9001:2008

INTEGRATED PEOPLE MANAGEMENT T 087 550 0760 E W Products SALTO wireless access control locks and systems; IMPRO access control systems; HIKVISION CCTV systems; VIRDI access control and biometric readers; SAFLEC access control systems; ZKTeco access control and biometric readers; ANVIZ biometric readers, SAFRAN (SAGEM) biometric readers; Integrate, supply, install and maintain access control; CCTV; Time and attendance, and enterprise resource solutions


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98 Product Directory.indd 101

2017/11/03 12:42 PM

Products Cleaning; Hygiene; Specialised cleaning; Pest management


FLEX BUILDING SYSTEMS T 012 541 3660 E c.slabbert@flexbuildingsystems. com W


T 012 667 5890 E W

Products Modular PVC-based building system

T 031 705 2519 E W

Products Electricity/energy usage monitoring device (multi-point logger)


Products Modular roof planters for an instant green roof


T 011 237 8700 E W Products Prefabricated timber and roof trusses


MONIER COVERLAND T 011 222 7300 E W Products Roof tiles; Concrete roof tiles; Clay roof tiles; Roof components; Energy-efficient roofs; Other roofing solutions

T 011 794 6571/6 E W

T 021 859 5193 E W

Products Container houses; Park homes; Prefabricated office units; Medical facilities

Products Timber homes



T 031 563 7307 E W

ABP BUILDING PRODUCTS T 011 822 5252 E W Products Expanded polystyrene building systems

BMI STEEL STRUCTURES T 016 365 5572 E W Products Portal frame structures for factories, warehouses, shopping centres, churches, workshops and farm sheds

DOKA SOUTH AFRICA T 011 310 9709 E W Products Design, sale and hire of formwork systems – FRAMI lightweight walling system; TOP 50 large area formwork system; Dokaflex slab formwork; Dokadek lightweight modular slab formwork; MF 240 climbing formwork; Staxo HD shoring system. Certification – ISO 9002

T 033 346 2555 E W Products Custom-built steel structures

Products Econogrid for suspended ceilings; Jumbo Grid for flush plastered ceilings; Econotile gypsum vinyl tiles; Jumbo drywalls;

Jumbo plasterboard; Jumbo insulation; Jumbo soundtherm. Certification - ISO 9001:2008

Additional Suppliers • Also see Building Systems; Construction Materials; Walls

CEMENT & CONCRETE AFRISAM T 011 670 5500 E W: Products Cement; Readymix; Aggregate and premix

CEMCRETE T 011 474 2415 E W Products Water repellent cement

UMNYAMA IKHAYA T 073 254 1514 E W Products Project developers of completely off-the-grid green sustainable modular housing

UNITED FIBRE CEMENT COMPANY T 021 933 0052 E W Products UCO solid wall building system; Asbestos-free – Cellulose fibre cement boards; Roofing; Ceiling; Fascia; cladding; Decking; Fencing

Additional Suppliers • Also see Contractors; Construction Materials; Walls

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98 Product Directory.indd 102

2017/11/03 12:43 PM




T 011 706 4560 E W

T 011 314 8310 E W

Services Engineering designed slab solutions; Detailed packing drawings; On-site backup consultation; Installation – rib and block, and hollow core slabs; Engineer certificates and rebar. Products – Hollow core slab; In-situ concrete; Maxi lintels; Mesh; Light boxes; Lintels; Pre-stressed ribs; S Range; N Range; Hollow blocks and trays

Products Penetron; Penetron admix; Penecrete mortar; Penebar SW-45 rapid; Penebar SW-55; Peneplug; Seal coat; Peneseal SH; Peneseal pro. Certification: Ecospecifier global; ISO 9001:2008; Green label – Singapore; ISO 9002; CE – European Union approval; BASTA

GREENLITE INSULATED CONCRETE T 021 704 0707 E W Products Jumbo block and insulated lightweight screeds

PPC CEMENT T 011 386 9000 E W Products SUREBUILD; BOTCEM; UNICEM; OPC; Unslaked lime; Hydrated lime; Limestone

Additional Suppliers LAFARGE T 011 657 0000 E W Products Cement; Concrete; Readymix; Crusher rock; Sand and stone

• Also see Chemicals, Adhesives, Sealants & Membranes

CHEMICALS, ADHESIVES, SEALANTS & MEMBRANES AFRICOTE T 076 723 4630 E W Products Bonding agents; Chemical anchors; Concrete bonding; Concrete crack repairs; Concrete floor hardeners; Concrete floor repairs; Concrete repair mortars; Curing compounds; Epoxy adhesives; Epoxy grout; Floor coatings; Hypalon bandage systems; Joint sealants; Monshrink grouts; Precast repairs

Products Enviro-friendly architectural precast concrete products

CONTINENTAL WATERPROOFING T 011 914 2559 E W Products Waterproofing paints and products



T 011 822 2320 E W

T 011 450 0263 E W

Products Bonding agents; Chemical anchors; Concrete bonding; Curing compounds; Epoxy adhesives; Cementious patching and grouting; Hypalon bandage systems; Joint sealants; Waterproofing

Products Double glazing components; Sealants/ adhesives/tapes; Gaskets; Facade membranes; Structural glazing; Fire protection; Foams; Architectural glass; Window/door hardware; Sunscreens; Aluminium extrusions; Software; Safety and instrument protection supplies; Thermal break profiles; Glazing tools; Consumables; Aluminium composite panels


Products Extensive range from oil and gas to chemicals, plastics, performance products, agricultural products and fine chemicals. Energy and resources – Gas treatment; Water solutions; Wind energy; Solar thermal; Photovoltaic. Paints & coatings – Dispersions; Pigments; Resins; Additives. Plastics and rubber – Performance polymers; Plastic additives and pigments; Rubber additives

BASF T 011 203 2400 E W

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98 Product Directory.indd 103

2017/11/03 12:43 PM

LIQUID RUBBER T 021 863 3344 E W Products Liquid rubber A-200; CreteSafe A-Primer; SealProof B-200; CreteSafe B-250; MetalSafe B-300; HighBuild S-200; TrowelGrade B-400; CreteSafe T-300; Equipment

MARIS POLYMERS T 011 708 3603 W Products Waterproofing coating system based on polyurethane resins

Additional Suppliers • Also see Cement & Concrete; Coatings

undercoats and sealers; Waterproofing; Metal primers; Wood coatings; Light industrial paints


COATINGS ACRYLICON T 086 673 1369 W Products AcryliCon flake system; Acrylicon industry system; Lacquer system

AFRICOTE INTERNATIONAL T 011 201 7300 E W Products Wall and floor coatings; Décor products; Special effect paints; Enamels; Cement-based paints; Floor screeds; Gleamcote and Skimcote one coat OVA; Kolovcote-T

COTECT PAINTS T 012 804 1021 E W Products PlasterSkim; ContractorSkim; FullSkim; PlasterFix; Interior and exterior paints; Roof paints; Primers,

T 011 861 1000 E W Products Luxurious Silk; Magic White; Roofguard; Wallguard; Pearlgo Waterbased; Weatherguard; Supergrip; Timbapreservative; Primer sealer; Rubbol; Weatherguard Ultrasmooth; Gloss enamel

Additional Suppliers • Also see Chemicals, Adhesives; Sealants & Membranes

CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS ALTERNATIVE TIMBER T 016 341 2111/2 E W Products Decking; Walkways

ARCELOR MITTAL PRONATURE PAINTS T 021 556 1238 E W Products Wall finishes; Wood finishes

T 016 889 9111 E W Products Long and flat steel products; Chromadek roofing

BILDWARE RUBIO MONOCOAT T 011 466 0273 E W Products Rubio Monocoat Oil + 2C

SHERWOOD WOOD SOLUTIONS T 011 389 4746 W Products Wood stripper; Varnishes; Sealers; Preservers

T 031 332 5764 E W Product Architectural ironmongery – door handles; Cupboard handles; Locks; Hinges; Door holders and door stops; Door bolts; Floor springs; Door controls; Emergency exit hardware and security products; Paint

BLUESCOPE T 021 442 5420 E

W Products Zincalume; Clean Colorbond Thermatech; Clean Colorbond Ultra; Clean Colorbond Ultra Matt; Clean Colorbond XPD; Colorbond XPD Pearlescent; TrueCore

BLUE WILLOW ALUMINIUM T 087 820 8208 E W Products Curtain Walls; Cladding; Windows; Doors; Louvre products; Shopfronts; Other architectural aluminium products

BUCHEL T 012 300 2700 E W Products Ironmongery and doors; Paint; General hardware; Powertools and handtools; Safety and welding

DESIGN HARDWARE T 011 792 9900 E W Products Architectural Ironmongery – Door handles; Cupboard handles; Locks; Hinges and related accessories such as doorstops and door controls (e.g.

104 // // issue 41

98 Product Directory.indd 104

2017/11/03 12:44 PM


door closers and floor springs); Bathroom Accessories – Heated and normal towel rails; Soap dishes; Dispensers and toilet brush holders

DUVHA LISWA T 011 418 8322 E W Products Carbon steel; Stainless steel and aluminium; Special steel; Roofing material

ECLIPSE T 021 555 2282 E W Products Functional furniture fittings. Hardware – Blum and accessories; Handles; Chairs; Tables

ECOBRICK EXCHANGE T 041 373 6209 E W Services An environmental awareness enterprise facilitating social projects using low-cost EcoBricks made from unrecyclable plastic waste

ENVIROCORK T 031 916 2875 E W Products Cork fabric

FOREST CREATIONS T 021 703 7082 E W Products Custom-made furniture; Wooden basins; Wooden flooring; Decking; Wooden frameless stacking doors; Architectural beams and alien timber supplies


Products Hardware to the architectural aluminum industry – Silicone sealants; Architectural glass hardware; Wooden window and door hardware; Folding door hardware

IAN FULLER AGENCIES T 011 610 1700 E W Products: Exotic hardwood – Oak; Maple; Cherry; Ash; Walnut; Board products – MDF board; Chipboard; OSB; 3 ply spruce boards; Marine ply

MACSTEEL T 011 871 0000 E W Products Steel products; Aluminium; Carbon steel; Stainless Steel

PG BISON T 0860 579 196 E W Products Bisonbord; Supawood; Decobord; Melawood; Formica; Thesen; Woodline, Decobord; Surface innovations

PHICOR ARCHITECTURAL PRODUCTS T 041 451 0388 E W Products Aluminium windows; Doors; Curtain walls; Balustrading; Metal work; Cladding; Frameless showers

RAMMTECK E W Services Rammed earth construction



T 021 671 2600 E W

T 011 868 4901 E W

Products Roofing; Facade cladding; Water drainage; Certification – IBU Environmental Product Declaration (EPD); ISO 14025; BRE Global Environmental Profile and certificate; C2C Cradle to Cradle certificate

Products Gypsum boards; Drywall partitioning; Ceiling tiles and accessories; Ceiling solutions in metal; Magnesium oxide board; Access flooring

SA FENCE AND GATE T 011 542 0460 E W Products Panel systems; Galvanised wire in coils; Barbed wire; Diamond mesh; Hexagonal wire netting; Razor wire products; Droppers; Gates; Posts; Field fence

SAINT-GOBAIN T 012 657 2800 E W Products Interior building solutions group incorporating – Ecophon sound absorbing ceiling and wall absorber systems; Gyproc – lightweight building materials for all interior lining applications; Isover – thermal and acoustic insulation solutions; Weber – industrial mortar


V-CORE T 0049 21 905 9758 E W Products Vermiculite boards; V-Lite exfoliate; V-Mix insulation; V-Bond adhesive; V-Brick fire bricks. Certification – SANS 10177 P-2

W&B HARDWARE T 021 948 4881 E W Products Architectural Ironmongery – Door handles; Locks; Hinges; Door controls; Sliding door gear; Domestic and commercial bathroom accessories – Heated towel rails; Toilet roll holders; Soap dispensers

WILEC T 011 629 9300 E W Products Magnet wire; Packaging and masking; Single row deep groove ball bearings

Products Architectural steel

Additional Suppliers


• Also see Building Management & Monitoring Systems; Building Systems; Ceilings & Roofs; Contractors; Walls

T 051 451 2166 E W Products Light framing steel for walls, roof trusses and floor joists; Fixed roofing system; Steel purlins; IBR widespan roof sheets. Services – In-house engineering; Engineering certificate; Delivery to site; Installation of roofs; LSF structures; Free quotations and full costing for light steel frame houses

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98 Product Directory.indd 105

2017/11/03 12:44 PM

FLOORING BATES ACCESS FLOORING T 011 608 4270 E W Products LF raised access floor system solutions; Pentafloor solid feel access floors; FS system solutions; Kingspan raised access flooring systems; Legrand Soluflex cable management systems; Intercell cable management; Floor coverings; Accessories

BELGOTEX FLOORING T 033 897 7500 E W Products Carpets; Vinyl; Artificial grass

BERGVIK T 021 851 1966 E W Products Raised access flooring for data centres, electrical rooms, call centres and control rooms; Load bearing ceilings

Products Matting systems, nonslip mats and anti-fatigue matting to improve floor level

DEKTON T 011 974 8914 E W


Products Cladding; Floor coverings; Ventilated facades; Worktops

T 016 930 3600 E W


Products Tiles – Floor tiles; Wall tiles. Sanitaryware – Basins; Baths; Bidets; Shower trays; Toilets; Urinals


T 031 461 3411 E W Products Manufacturers of epoxy floor coatings; Polyurethane screeds; Methyl methacrylates; Vinyl esters and self-leveling floor screeds

INSO ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTIONS T 011 708 4443 E W Products Aluminium windows and doors; uPVC windows and doors; Frameless glass doors; Showers and partitions; Wooden flooring, Window blinds. Certification AAAMSA and SAGGA certified, SANS 613, SANS 204, SANS 10400XA

ITALTILE T 0861 555 109 E W Products Tiles; Mosaics; Timber and stone cladding; Sanitaryware; Bamboo flooring

T 011 452 7961 E W

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98 Product Directory.indd 106

2017/11/03 12:44 PM


KEVIN BATES FLOORING & CARPETING T 011 608 4270 E W Products Flooring; Carpets

MOSO BAMBOO FLOORING T 086 111 4971 E W Products Bamboo flooring

NOUWENS CARPETS T 021 465 2211 E W Products Commercial and residential carpets

OGGIE T 021 510 2846 E W Products Hardwood flooring

QUARTZ CARPET T 086 178 2789 E W Products Stone flooring

SYNTHETIC SPORTS SURFACES T 083 236 1155 E W Products Artificial turf

TRAVIATA FLOORING SYSTEMS T 011 453 0296 E W Products Laminate flooring; Vinyl flooring; Accessories

UNION TILES T 011 663 2000 E W Products Natural stone tiles and slabs; Bamboo; Ceramic; Porcelain; Hardbody; Pavers; Terrazzo; Slim line terrazzo; Venice stone quarts; Exposed aggregate

VAN DYCK FLOORS T 0800 227 738 E W Products Home and office flooring; Laminate flooring; Wall expressions; Vinyl flooring; Enviro-build and outdoor

WEBER FLOORING T 012 657 2800 E W Products Flooring - Floors and screeds; Floor coating; Insulating aggregates; Floor care; Tile fixing - Standard adhesives; Premixed adhesives; Technical adhesives; Grouts; Pool plaster and pool paint; Waterproofing and surface preparation; Plaster and decorative finishes; Concrete repair

Additional Suppliers â&#x20AC;¢ Also see Bricks, Blocks & Pavers; Chemicals, Adhesives, Sealants & Membranes; Construction Materials

GLASS ACTIVE GLASS T 011 477 6490 E W Products Sliding doors; Sliding folding doors; Single-hinged doors; Double-hinged doors; PTT windows; Sliding windows; Slide hung windows; Horizontal sliding windows; Clear glass; Opaque glass; Safety glass

issue 41 // // 107

98 Product Directory.indd 107

2017/11/03 12:45 PM

DISCOUNT GLASS AND ALUMINIUM T 021 551 0080 E W Products Manufacture and installation of custom-made aluminium and glass. Quality, SABS approved products, including doors, windows, sunrooms, showers, mirrors and replacement of wood and steel

INSO ARCHITECTURAL SOLUTIONS T 011 708 4443 E W Products Aluminium windows and doors; uPVC windows and doors; Frameless glass doors; Showers and partitions; Wooden flooring and window blinds. Certification – AAAMSA and SAGGA certified, SANS 613, SANS 204, SANS 10400XA

NGWENYA GLASS T 021 418 0654 W Products Art of fusion; Glasses; African animals; Botanical; Bowls; Candle holders; Decanters; Hospitality; Jugs; Paper Weights; Potjie; Pewter; Stoppers; Vases

PFG GLASS T 011 360 1000 W Products Float glass (ClearVue); Patterned glass (DecorVue); Laminated glass (Intruderprufe and high-performance products); Mirror; Solar glass and sealants

Additional Suppliers • Also see Shadings & Shutters; Doors & Windows; Construction Materials

HVAC AHI CARRIER SA T 011 878 6000 E W Products Chillers; Rooftop package units; Fan coil units; Air-handling units; Controls; Heat pumps; Maintenance and parts

AIAC AIR CONDITIONING T 011 794 6290 E W Products Precise air conditioning; IT cooling; Chillers; Comfort cooling; Condensers and condensing units; Air-handling units

BALTIMORE AIRCOIL COMPANY T 021 371 7121 E W Products Efficient water saving cooling tower

EVAPCO SA T 011 392 6630 E W Products Evaporative closed-circuit coolers and condensers for 100% full wet operation; Hybrid closed circuit coolers and condensers for 50/50% wet/dry operation; Adiabatic closed circuit coolers and condensers for 80% dry operation; Dry closed circuit coolers and condensers for 100% full dry operation. Certification – Cooling Technology Institute

FOURWAYS AIR CONDITIONING T 011 704 6320 E W / Products Samsung residential and commercial air-conditioners; Alliance residential and commercial

air-conditioners and heat pumps. Certification – ISO9000/1, ISO 14001, CE Approval, TUV; Six Sigma

insulation; Isotherm geyser blanket; Granric insulation – Metal building insulation


Additional Suppliers • Also see Building Management & Monitoring Systems; Renewable Energy; Consulting Engineers

INSULATION DRAINAGE INSULATION & PROTECTIVE SYSTEMS (DIPSYSTEMS – DIPS) T 072 215 7028 E W Products EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) and Neopor (Graphite enhanced Polystyrene) insulation for all buildings; Drainage, insulation and waterproofing protection boards for retaining walls and inverted roofing; Passive and irrigation boards for inverted roof gardens and planters. Certification – SANS 10400; CSIR tested


T 031 538 8700 E W Products Specialised non-woven fabrics – Spunsulation; Spunbond; SMS; Coated and Laminated Products; Diaper back sheets and femcare non-woven product; Breathable film; Breathable textile backsheets. Certification – ISO9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2005; Agrèment SA-Multiple certificates for roofing products; International BRE and BBA certification on certain products

LIGHTING ALTSA T 011 486 3552 E W Products LED energy-efficient lighting solutions


T 086 010 5231 E W

T 012 998 3869 E W

Products Eco-insulation from cellulose; Fibre ceiling insulation

Products Steel poles; High masts; Street lighting; Flood lighting; Urban lighting; Commercial and industrial lighting

ISOBOARD T 021 983 1140 E W Products Thermal insulation for roofs; Ceilings; Floors; Walls. Certification – EcoStandard


ENLITE LIGHTING T 011 234 4878 E W Products LED downlights; LED flat panel; LED lamps; LED tube; Undercabinet LED lighting; LED batten; LED anti-corrosives; LED bulkheads; LED floodlight; LED highbay; LED wall washer; LED strip kits

Products Isotherm thermal

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98 Product Directory.indd 108

2017/11/03 12:45 PM




T 021 528 8400 E W

T 041 995 3111 E W

Products Fittings – Outdoor; Indoor; Components; Project lights; Lamps – CFL; Incandescent; Halogen; Discharge; Speciality; LED; Carbon filament; Compact fluorescent

Products Envirolight energy-efficient streetlights and warehouse lights. Certification – ISO 9001:2008; ISO/ TS 16949:2009; ISO 14001:2004; Ford Q1; EC Directive 2007/46

ILANGA LIGHTING T 011 614 4327 E W Products Street lights; Floodlights; Bulkheads; Industrial fluorescent; High bays; Post top fittings; Explosion proof; Bollards; ALGAS reflectors

LEDVANCE T 011 207 5600 E W Products Luminaires

MAGNITECH T 011 618 2720 E W Products Industrial and commercial lighting solutions – LED, HID and solar; LED, HID and solar floodlights; Bulkheads; Post tops; Street lights; High bays

RADIANT T 021 521 2500 W Products Lighting and electrical solutions inspired by the environment; Accessories; Ceiling lights; Down lights; Lamps; Outdoor; Spotlights; Wall lights;

Chandeliers; Effect lighting; Utility lights; LED; Footlights



Products General – LED fittings and LED lamps; Fluorescent fittings and tubes; HID fittings and lamps; Halogen lamps; High power CFL lamps; Household fittings; Electrical. Professional – Industry lights; Floodlights; Street light modules; Street lights; Panel lights

Products Electrification products; Process automation; Power grids; Discreet automation and motion

Additional Suppliers

Products Geothermal heating and cooling systems; Hot water addon; Central heating and cooling; Console units; Solar heaters; Water geysers; Atmospheric water; Solar refuse compactor

• Also see Electrical Engineers; Renewable Energy


BIO2WATT T 087 135 2409 E W Product Biogas

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98 Product Directory.indd 109

2017/11/03 12:45 PM




T 044 382 1507 E W

T 011 317 3637 E W

T 084 649 4740 E W

Products Inverters; Batteries; Solar panels

Products Energy-efficient lighting; HVAC; Solar PV systems; Cogeneration (CHCP)

Products Commercial and domestic solar systems; Solarpowered and AC borehole pumps; Diesel and petrol generators; LED tube and bulb; UPS (uninterrupted power supply systems)

ECONAVITAS RENEWABLE ENERGY & WATER SOLUTIONS T 0861 511 059 E W Products Battery backup systems; Lighting; Solar PV power; Water heating; Water storage and harvesting

EE PRO T 083 649 9365 E W Products Construction kits for solar carports; Production units for holiday homes; High-energy production PV; Installation on residential buildings; Free field solar farm projects; Electricity planning

FLORAD T 086 010 2704 E W Products Flat plate solar collectors; Evacuated tube solar collectors; Water-based underfloor heating and electrical underfloor heating

GLOBAL ENERGY MANAGEMENT T 084 084 7999 E W www.globalenergymanagement. Products Smart meters; Power factor correction units; Services – Municipal account reconciliation; Municipal consulting work and electrical audits

HEATTECH T 087 943 7471 E W Products Electric water heaters; Solar water heaters; Heat pumps

KESTREL RENEWABLE ENERGY / EVEREADY T 041 401 2500 E W Products Wind turbines (600W, 800W, 1kW, 3.5Kw, 3.5Kw with brake); Full turnkey energy solutions; Full turnkey water pump solutions

KWIKOT T 011 897 4600 E W Products Solar water heaters direct system; Solar water indirect system; Low-pressure solar system; Solar installation components

MICRO CARE T 041 453-5761 E W Products Marketing material; Design and develop customised products; Technical support; Repairs; Product training; MPPT charge controllers and accessories; Pure sine wave bi-directional invertors; Battery monitoring system; Solar pump controllers; Grid-tied solutions and accessories; Rural solar solutions; Solar communications; Industrial solutions. Certification – VDE; ISO: 2001

POWERMODE T 011 235 7750 E W Products Q-on 3-Series UPS; Q-on S Series UPS; Q-on battery balancing harness; Powermode monitoring portal (PMP); Backup batteries; Generators

SOLAR BEAM T 031 563 9685 E W

SONNEKRAFT & SOLAR ENERGY T 011 326 3956 E W Products Thermosiphon set; Solar hot water; Hot water and backup heating; Solar power generation; Pool heating set

SOVENTIX T 021 852 7333 E W Products Residential solar systems; Commercial and industrial solar; Solar farms installation and service; Utility investments

SUNTANK SOLAR T 012 804 9061 E W

Products Solar geysers

Products SunTank collector; Direct solar water heating system; Indirect solar water heating system



T 011 675 1114 E W

T 083 251 1622 E W

Products Rooftop and embedded generation solar PV solutions

Products Self-powered street lights



T 082 478 2478 E W

T 082 454 3590 E W

Products SolarTurtle solar kiosk; SolarTurtle solar container


Products Solar panels; Tankless electric water heater; Large-scale water heating systems; Solar water heater; Solar battery; Inverters; Solar street lights; Solar lighting

T 021 421 8001 E W


Products Sunmodule; Rack systems; Inverters; Suntrol monitoring systems; Charge controllers

T 011 879 2000 E W Products Voltex solar water heating systems; Voltex lifelite rechargeable solar lights; Solar PV

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98 Product Directory.indd 110

2017/11/03 12:46 PM


Additional Suppliers • Also see Building Management & Monitoring Systems; Building Systems; Water; Services: Renewable Energy

SANITARYWARE AFRICAN WATER CONTROLS T 011 331 9425 E W Products Wall showers; Hand showers; Brass showers; Outdoor showers; Shower hoses; Shower adaptors; Shower arms; Tap accessories; Vandal-resistant showers; Water filters

ENVIRO LOO T 011 762 1624 E W Products Waterless, non-chemical sustainable sanitation facilities

GEBERIT T 011 444 4507 E W Products Toilets; Urinals; Showers; Bathtubs; Bidets

LIBRA BATHROOMS T 016 360 6000 E W Products Baths; Showers; Accessories

PLEXICOR T 016 360 6000 E W Products Baths; Showers; Accessories

issue 41 // // 111

98 Product Directory.indd 111

2017/11/03 12:46 PM



T 016 360 6000 E W

T 012 666 8000 E W

Products Ceramic sanitaryware – Basins; Toilets; Bidets; Urinals; Hospital and lab sinks

Products Louvres; Shutters

WATERWAYS T 011 794 7506 E W Products Taps; Mixers; Plumbing; Baths; Basins; Toilets; Sinks; Geysers; Hardware; Pipe fittings; PVC and copper pipes

Additional Suppliers • Also see Construction Materials; Water

SHADINGS & SHUTTERS AC SCREENS & SHUTTERS T 021 590 5090 W Products UV-resistant solar fabrics; Awnings; Exterior and interior screens; Roller screens


Products Awnings and screens

T 011 826 5959 E W


Products Facade technology



T 012 348 3514 E W

T 032 533 4750 E W Products Roller blinds; Venetian blinds; Panel blinds; Vertical blinds; Motorised blinds; Outdoor blinds; Wooden shutters; Aluminium shutters

SHADE FOREVER T 021 671 6304 E W

Products BSIMAC (Version 9) Building Energy Analysis Software

T 012 654 0559 E W Products Prodways; Solutions; 3D printers; 3D scanners; Software; Hardware; DIY robotics; 3D Printer filament



T 075 537 2036 E W

T 021 852 8785 E W Products External Venetian blinds



Products Roller shutters; Patio awning; Outdoor Venetian blind; Indoor blind or curtain

SOLARMOR T 021 951 6571 E W Products Window and film tinting

IRISS); Detectus; CallSense; Postum

IQELA SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS T 021 981 1267 E W Products Software solutions

WORLDSVIEW TECHNOLOGIES E W Products BIM solutions for architecture engineering and construction professionals; Autodesk distributor


Products Stainless steel centre poles; Cantilever patio umbrellas

Products Canopies; Sunscreens; Aluminium shading

Products Venetian blinds (aluminium or wooden); Bamboo roller blinds; Vertical blinds; Aluminium shutters; Wooden plantation shutters; Roman blinds; Roller blinds

T 021 510 8892 E W


T 021 551 9698 E W

T 021 550 2970 E W


Products Alusoft; Athena; Drafting services

Additional Suppliers • Also see Services: Energy Modelling

WALLS BIT GROUP T 011 615 8657 E W Products Boards; Ceilings; Everything with dry walling (includes screws); Walls; Plasters


T 016 986 8000 E W Products Cladding

Products Performance analysis suites for architects, engineers and students; IES TAP; ESOS Auditor; ERGON; SunCast on the Cloud; IES consulting services


COCOMOSAIC T 0861 114 971 E W Products Coconut shell, mahogany and reclaimed mosaic tiles, which are lightweight, decorative and boast acoustic properties

Products Curaru (Codenamed PIXYZ); Spectari (Codenamed

112 // // issue 41

98 Product Directory.indd 112

2017/11/03 12:46 PM


PELICAN SYSTEMS T 031 563 7307 E W Products Econogrid for suspended ceilings; Jumbo Grid for flush plastered ceilings; Econotile gypsum vinyl tiles; Jumbo drywalls; Jumbo plasterboard; Jumbo insulation; Jumbo soundtherm. Certification – ISO 9001:2008

ROMANO SUSTAINABLE SOLUTIONS T 011 802 4460 E W Products Signage and print; Solar PV; LED lighting; Modular construction (cladding)

SMOOTHEDGE T 011 555 5360 E W Products Floor/wall products – Aluminium, stainless steel and brass sections; Adhesive; Sealant; Floor screed; Standard extrusions


WATER AKURA MANUFACTURING ENGINEERS T 021 872 2224 E W Products Advanced wastewater treatment; Water transfer stations; Material recovery facilities; Balers; Compactors; Conveyors; Shredders; Dewatering; Containers


Products Sewage treatment and recycling for reuse; Rainwater harvesting systems; Uninterrupted and backup water systems; Water purification systems for softening, filtration and disinfection

CREST OPERATIONS T 0861 086001 E W Products Solapool Panel – solar pool heating

Products Amanzi SA class C volumetric water meters 15 mm & 20 mm; Smart metering – iMvubu restrictor valve; Water meter boxes – above ground, wall mount or surface box; Plastic ball valves (with trickle flow). Certifications – NRCS; ISO4064 Class C; SANS 1529-1; SANS 1529-1; JASWIC; ISO 9001


AQUAPOL T 011 615 4144 E W Products Installation of the Aquapol device, Monitoring and Service

Products Wallpaper; Customprinted wallpaper; Branding; Graphic design; Installations


• Also see Bricks, Blocks & Pavers; Ceilings & Roofs; Construction Materials


T 086 124 6269 W

T 032 944 6034 E W

T 021 465 6547 E W

Additional Suppliers


T 011 100 4822 E W Products Ultrafiltration; Desalination units; Filtration products; Ion Exchange resin; Nano H2O Reverse Osmosis Membranes; Pressure vessels. Certification – ISO9001:2008

AQUARISTA T 012 804 4129 E W Products Rainwater harvesting; Greywater; Pool backwash; Municipal backup

T 021 761 3759 E W Products Eco pools; Greywater systems; Natural water filtration consultancy

FAB TANKS T 011 762 7955 E W Products Glass reinforced plastic sectional tanks; FAB steel tanks

GRUNDFOS T 010 248 6000 W Products Water systems and services for buildings; Water supply; Wastewater; Industrial; Irrigation and agriculture; Electronic speed control pumps; Centrifugal pumps; Circular pumps


T 011 840 0840 E W Products Eltako building automation systems; Wireless electricity monitors; Intelligent lighting controls; Rainwater harvesting; Municipal water backup; Wastewater systems; Stormwater management; Heat pump for hot water and heating; Solar thermal systems for hot water and heating; Hydronic fireplaces; Underfloor heating and cooling; Wall heating and cooling; Ceiling panels for heating and cooling; Off-grid PV systems; Gridtied PV systems

MASKAM WATER T 021 9816546 E W Products Wastewater treatment; Pumps and filters; UV treatment

PULA WATER SYSTEMS T 083 629 1653 E W Products Gro Wall 4; Grow Wall facade; Turf cell; Gravel cell; Flo cell; Flo tanks; Filtration units; Sundry items

ROTO TANK T 022 433 2342 E W Products Vertical water storage tanks; Vertical chemical storage tanks; Septic/conservancy tanks; Silos/hoppers and conical tanks; Underground storage tanks; Open top bins with lids; Accessories


Products Specialised equipment; Sewage and effluent; Potable water treatment; Process maintenance

T 021 286 0028 E W Products Sanipro; Sanivite; Sanishower; Sanipack; Sanispeed;

issue 41 // // 113

98 Product Directory.indd 113

2017/11/03 12:46 PM

© CapeNature

Sanicubic; Sanibest Pro; Sanicompact. Certifications – ISO 9001; ISO 14001; NF-C 15-100; EN 12056-4; EN 12050-3; EN 12050-2

SBS TANKS T 031 716 1820 E W Products Water systems; Prefabricated water storage and reservoirs tanks. Certification – ISO9001: 2008

SIZABANTU PIPING SYSTEMS T 031 792 9500 E maneshreeg@ W www.sizabantupipingsystems. com Products Pipes for agriculture, industrial and infrastructure; O-PVC; M-PVC; U-PVC




T 011 452 6514 E W

T 011 466 8250 E W

Products Control valves; Butterfly valves; Air valves; Check valves; Gate valves; Ball valves; Specialist valves

Products Waterhuse pumps; DragonFly pumps; Brass fountain nozzles; Submersive pont lights; Bio-filters; 12-Volt utility pumps

VIEGA T 0836450059 E W Products Pipe installation systems; Drainage technology; Pre-wall technology

VOVANI T 072 249 0825 E W Products Pressure vessels; Ultrafiltration membranes; Flexible pipe couplings; High-pressure pumps; Energy recovery devices

T 083 256 2517 E W

Additional Suppliers • Renewable Energy; Water; Services: Renewable Energy; Services – Water treatment

WINDOWS & DOORS ALUGRO T 012 804 4129 E W Products Aluminium doors and windows; Security mantrap; Roller shutters; Frameless showers; Shop fronts and entrances, Cubicles; Automatic sliding doors; Sliding doors and windows; Arched doors and windows; Folding doors and windows

ALUTECH T 021 981 1550 E W Products Heavy-duty sliding doors; Folding shutter doors; Corner folding doors; Three-section folding doors; Wraparound folding door; Folding doors; Louvre door; Sliding windows; Tilt windows; Heavy-duty sliding windows; Fan windows; Flush glazing

Products Wisy rainwater systems

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98 Product Directory.indd 114

2017/11/03 12:47 PM


ASSA ABLOY T 011 761 5000 E W Products Electromechanical and mechanical locks; Electronic keys and electronic locking cylinders; Wireless access control for doors; Cabinet and cupboard locks; Door and specialised hardware; High security; ASSA ABLOY glass; Key management

DISCOUNT GLASS AND ALUMINIUM T 021 551 0080 E W Products Manufacture and installation of custom-made aluminium and glass quality, SABS approved products – Doors; Windows; Sunrooms; Showers; Mirrors; Replacement of wood and steel

Products Door hardware, Master key systems; Interior glass door systems; Lodging systems; Safe locks; Movable walls; Entrance systems; Electronic access and data; Services; Key systems

FENSTER T 021 510 0921 E W Products Aluminium windows and doors; Sun-control blinds; Roller shutter

T 011 510 1500 E W

T 016 933 0483 E W

KSW WINDOW WAREHOUSE T 011 955 4493/4/5 E W

Products Curved stacking doors; Straight stacking doors; Ultrafolding frameless stacking doors; Frameless glass folding doors; Frameless glass hinged doors; Frameless glass pivot doors; Frameless glass sliding doors

Products Steel windows (standard, awning); Steel doors; Aluminium windows; Aluminium doors; Wooden doors; Wooden windows; Roller shutter doors; Garage doors; Concrete lintels; Concrete airbricks



T 021 422 2322 E W

T 011 392 1709 E W

T 012 802 1032 E W

Products Handles; Door controls; Bathroom accessories; Windows

Products Classic doors; Wooden doors; Glass doors; Modern doors; Custom-made wood doors; Custommade glass doors


Products Albany high-performance doors; Crawford overhead sectional doors; Crawford docking solutions; Megadoor vertical lifting fabric door; Teckentrup roller shutter doors; Teckentrup hinge doors. Product Certification – EPD (Environmental Product Declaration)




T 031 572 4450 E W Products Aluminium windows and doors

T 011 626 1001 E W Products Straight sliding doors; Folding doors; Stacking doors; Tracks/channels/brackets; Special track systems; Fittings

MONL FRAMES T 016 455 3344 E W Products Manufacturer and supplier of light steel building

issue 41 // // 115

98 Product Directory.indd 115

2017/11/03 12:48 PM

frames, including steel window frames, trusses and building frames

REYNAERS ALUMINIUM T 011 570 1800 E W Products Aluminium door solutions; Aluminium windows; Aluminium sliding doors and folding doors; Aluminium curtain wall systems; Solar shading; Complementary services; Care products; Conservatories; Handles

MISCELLANEOUS ALLWOOD TECHNOLOGY T 011 392 1221 E W Products Sales and maintenance of wood working machinery; Automatic pane processing machines; Beamsaws; Edge banders; Panel saws; CNC’s; Solid wood lines

ANDREAS STIHL TECHNAL T 087 160 0355 E W Products Geode curtain walling suite; Geode single glazing; Geode double glazing; Geode flush facade; Geode beaded facade; Geode toggle facade; Safetyline; Noteal; Suneal

Additional Suppliers

Products Stihl and Viking outdoor power tools

ANTALIS SOUTH AFRICA T 011 688 6000 E W Products Digital printing equipment; Digital and litho consumables and packaging solutions


T 011 783 9048 E W

T 011 434 0224 E W

Products Internal signage solutions; External signage solutions; Wayfinding solutions; Neon signage; Regulatory signage; Digital signage; Hotel and leisure; Modular signage solutions; Custom requirements

Products Generators; Welder generators; Water pumps; Rammers and compacting equipment; Lighting plants; Concrete saws; Drive units and poker needles

CALORE SUSTAINABLE ENERGY T 021 276 0276 E W Products Built-in fireplaces; Freestanding fireplaces; Outdoor and cooking; Water-heating systems

CAPE ABLE T 021 945 4185 E W Products Systems and personal computers; Telecommunication; Audio visual; Components; Connectivity; Consumables; Peripherals; Software; Accessories

DESIGNER POOL COVERS T 0861 000 891 E W Products PoolLock automatic safety covers; PoolDeck automatic slatted covers; Cover Pools SafeT3; Automatic pool covers; V5 Easy Glide; Safety nets; Local safety covers; Thermal blankets

EXECUFLORA T 011 025 9933 E W Products Plants; Green walls; Flowers

© Jason Buch

• Also see Construction Materials; Glass; Shadings & Shutters

T 033 846 3800 E W


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98 Product Directory.indd 116

2017/11/03 12:48 PM




T 031 207 2327 E W

T 083 231 4516 E W

Products Customised wallpaper; and banners

Products Water-soluble fertilizers; Macro and micro nutrients for crop production and ornamentals, to be used in hydroponic, aquaponics, fertigation and foliar applications; Multicote controlled release fertilizers suitable for landscaping solutions; Haifa Turbo-K granular compound fertilizers suitable for spreading on lawns and flower beds

FIREFOX MULTIBRAAI T 012 666 9379 E W Products Braais; Extraction systems; Open wood fires; Flue-less gas fires; Sundries

FREEDOM WON T 082 256 7430 E W

KEMACH JCB T 011 826 6710 E W

Frosted window film; Transparent window film; Living wall; Box frame glass whiteboard; Whiteboard paint


MIELE T 086 006 4353 E W Products Baking and steam cooking; Hobs; Cookerhoods; Coffee machines; Refrigerators; Freezers; Wine units; Dishwashers; Washing machines; Tumble dryers and ironing systems; Vacuum cleaners

MPACT T 011 994 5500 E W

Products Freedom Lite - Lithiumion batteries; Electric mobility

Products Backhoe loader; Compaction equipment; Excavator; Rough terrain forklift; Skid steer; Telescopic handlers; Wheel loader



Products Paper business – Recycling; Paper manufacturing. Plastic business – Polymers; PET preforms; Bottles, jars and closures; Plastic FMGC containers; Plastic containers; Styrene and PET trays and cling film

T 011 262 4116 E W


T 011 624 1509 E W Products Chairs; Workstations; Soft seating

Products Framed acrylic print; Framed paper print; Wallpaper;

Products Contemporary green lifestyle accessories

T 031 701 6565 E W

T 011 508 5074 W Products Elevators; Escalators; Moving walkways; Movement technology

PRIME CLEANING SUPPLIERS T 021 551 4579 E W Products Wetrok Ecofloor; Wetrok Intense; Wetrok Endurer; Materia Tri Dispenser; Vela Tri Dispenser; Mila Tri Dispenser

TECH EXPRESS T 011 467 0227 E W Products Computers; Displays; Projectors; Printing; Data encryption; Ergonomics; USB flash drives; Cables

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2017/11/03 12:48 PM

EW_AD Template.indd 3

2017/11/03 1:15 PM

PLAN - for a perfect finish in CONCRETE ... THEN - get a perfect CONCRETE finish!

• • • • • • • • •

EW_AD Template.indd 3

• Fax: + 27 11 822 2354

Bonding Agents Chemical Anchors Concrete Bonding Concrete Crack Repairs Concrete Floor Hardeners Concrete Floor Repairs Concrete Repair Mortars Curing Compounds Epoxy Adhesives

• • • • • • • • •

• email:

Epoxy Grout Floor Coatings Hypalon Bandage Systems Joint Sealants Non Shrink Grouts Pre Cast Repairs Shutter Release Oils Wall Coatings Water Proofing

5241 A.Shak CC Earthworks FP DEC’17

• Tel: + 27 11 822 2320

2017/11/02 10:11 AM


Rooibos Ltd (1 MW)

Bosman Family Vineyards (80 kWp)

Ceres Fruit Growers (1 MW)

Stellenpak (420 kWp)

WITH OVER 40 YEARS OF SOLAR EXPERIENCE, SOLARWORLD OFFERS: Highest quality solar modules made in Germany Linear 30 year performance guarantee More than 30 years presence in Africa Established African distributor and installer network SolarWorld Africa (Pty) Ltd. · Email: · Tel: (021) 421 8001 WWW.SOLARWORLD.CO.ZA

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2017/11/02 10:13 AM

Turn any desk into an active workspace with QuickStand Eco

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2017/11/02 10:13 AM



Civil engineers


Consulting engineers




Electrical engineers


Energy modelling


Environmental services


Green building consultants


Industry bodies






Professional services


Property investment & management


Quantity surveyors




Renewable energy


Structural engineers


Sustainability consultants


Urban design and planning


Water treatment




122 // // issue 41

122 Services Directory.indd 122

2017/11/03 1:03 PM



AMA ARCHITECTS T 011 807 7505 E W

Services Architectural services for green buildings; Interior design; Interior design consultation

Services Environmentally sustainable architectural design; Interior design; Project management - commercial, retail, leisure, residential developments, residential houses, and industrial



T 011 447 5101 E W

T 086 111 3396 E W

Services Economically viable and ecologically responsible commercial architecture; Office; Medical; Education; Residential; Retail; Interior design

Services Architectural design; Project management; Interior design; Architectural draughting; Procurement; Turnkey solutions; Sourcing contractors; Green building design


BILD ARCHITECTS T 012 346 1295 E W

Services Standard professional architectural services – Retail; Corporate; Education; Mixed-use; Residential; Interior

Services Architectural services; Pre-briefing exploration services; Bild renewable services; Costestimation services



T 011 477 8738 E W Services Architectural design; Interior design; Proof of concept specialists; Acoustic specialists; Community engagement; Container specialists; Professional model building

AXIENT ARCHITECTS T 010 203 9379 E W Services Full service solutions – Commercial; Industrial; Residential; Retail; Architecture (locally and internationally)

Services Strategic spatial planning; Project conceptualisation and design; Coordination and management of sustainable, environmentally geared projects

CS STUDIO ARCHITECTS T 021 433 1191 E W Services Studios; Education; Institutional; Health and welfare; Tourism; Marine architecture; Heritage; Community development; Arts and culture; Commercial; Industrial; Planning and urban design; Landscaping

DANIEL & ASSOCIATES ARCHITECTS T 087 802 6404 E W Services Conservation; Convention centres; Education; Industrial; Corporate offices; Residential; Retail; Sports; Urban Design; Religious; Mixed-use

T 021 421 6803 E W Services Architecture; Interior design; Urban design

Services Architects embracing social, economic and functional challenges; Urban design; Interior design; Medical



Services Architecture – Concrete; Natural; Wood; Brick; Steel; Commercial; Institutional; Residential; Sustainable and interior

Services Specialists in interior architecture and commercial design


T 083 325 0891 E W EkoTektureArchitects Services Architecture

ELEMENTAL ARCHITECTS T 011 568 2424 E W Services Architectural design: High density residential; Commercial; Green building implementation

ELPHICK PROOME ARCHITECTS T 031 275 5800 E W Services Offices; Residential; Retail; Hospitality; Industrial; Public; Education; Master planning



T 021 930 9210 E W

T 021 448 8686 E W


Services Industrial; Commercial; Communal retail; Residential architecture and construction


T 012 346 5400 E W


T 011 482 1648 E W Services Architecture; Urban design; Spatial planning; Asset planning; Interior design

GHA INTERNATIONAL T 011 026 5007 E Products Architecture and design

Services Social and green architecture in rural environments

issue 41 // // 123

122 Services Directory.indd 123

2017/11/03 1:03 PM

GLH ARCHITECTS T 011 486 2770 E W Services Offices; Retail; Residential; Hotels; Hospitals; Industrial; Institutional; Sustainable; International; Competitions


Services Architectural services; Interior design

JAKUPA ARCHITECTS T 021 462 1824 E W Services Architectural services; Urban design; Interior design


T 012 244 3249 E W

T 021 788 2515 E W

Services Architectural design; Project management; Construction

Services Architecture

KOOP DESIGN GROW ARCHITECTURE T 082 681 4454 E W Services Building or site surveys; Ecological and landscape planning; Commercial/Industrial/Retail/ Institutional design; Residential buildings; Competitions and research-based design

T 031 201 2415 E W Services Full architectural service; Site planning; Urban design and way-finding; Landscape design; Interior layout; Specification of interior finishes and fittings; Furniture design and the manufacture thereof; Street furniture; Branding and placemaking elements



Services Architecture

T 011 837 4185 E W


Services Architecture; Urban design

T 043 726 7786 E W


Services Design and marketing; 3D modelling and HD renderings; Consultant coordination; Building contract administration; Conceptual design; Green building strategies; Construction supervision; Technical documentation


T 021 462 4500 E W Services Architectural urban design; Interior design; Space planning; Project management services; Structural consultancy; Outsourcing

MAKEKA DESIGN LAB T 021 425 5211 E W

Services Full scope of architectural services; Urban design and special development planning; Interior design; Turnkey design solutions; Heritage design; Research and development in architectural theory

MARK THOMAS ARCHITECTS T 021 685 2738 E W Services A collaborative practice offering a full range of architectural services

MMA DESIGN STUDIO T 011 880 1170 E W

NICHOLAS PLEWMAN ARCHITECTS T 011 447 3414 E W Services Innovative and ecologically sustainable design and project implementation, from inner city to remotest wilderness

PARAGON & PARAGON INTERFACE T 011 482 3781 E W Services Architectural services; Space planning and interior architecture; Corporate workspace design and implementation services


Services Architecture; Urban regeneration; Design; Research; Strategic thinking

T 021 465 9702 E W


Services Architectural services – Corporate; Retail; Residential; Industrial; Sport

T 012 361 0355 E W Services Architecture and urban design – Memorial; Interior; Student accommodation; Sport; Residential; Portfolio; Education and research

NEWTOWN LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS T 011 4626967 E W Services Landscape master planning and urban design; Open space planning; Ecological planning and design; Environmental planning, including environmental impact assessments and environmental management programmes; Visual impact assessments and computergenerated photo simulation; Site and landscape design for domestic, commercial and industrial sites; Landscape master planning for quarry and landfill end-use plans; Landscape rehabilitation plans

RUBEN REDDY ARCHITECTS T 031 301 6122 E W Services Architecture; Healthcare specialist services; Sport bid development; Sport consulting; Sport event planning; Urban design

SAGNELLI ARCHITECTS T 031 536 8160 E W Services Architecture – Residential; Recreational; Commercial; Vision projects

SAVAGE + DODD ARCHITECTS T 011 782 8188 E W Services Architecture; Housing; Social housing; Urban regeneration; Housing Conversions; Universities

124 // // issue 41

122 Services Directory.indd 124

2017/11/03 1:04 PM


SIMPLY SUSTAINABLE T 078 147 8945 E W Services Rammed earth specialists; Design and construction

STUDIOMAS ARCHITECTURE & URBAN DESIGN T 021 461 9297 E W Services Architecture; Urban design

SVA INTERNATIONAL T 021 421 4276 E W Services Architecture; Urban design; Project management; Interior design; Engineering

TARCH ARCHITECTS T 015 295 3354 E W Services Architecture; Project management; Interior design

VAN DER MERWE MISZEWSKI ARCHITECTS (VDMMA) T 021 423 5829 E W Services Architecture – Residential; Corporate; Retail; Public; Education

Additional Suppliers • Also see Green Building Consultants; Interior Design; Urban Design & Planning


T 021 418 1405 E W

T 021 526 9400 E W

Services Structural engineering; Water and wet service; Mining engineering; Civil engineering; Municipality services; Quantity surveying; Environmental and electrical engineering

Services Asset management – Bridges and civil structures; Building design – Bulk transport; Bulk water; Environmental planning – Geospatial systems; Infrastructure advisory – Mass transit; Power generation, power transmission and distribution services; Project management; Rail and mass transit; Roads and transport networks; Water and wastewater treatment; Water resources management

T 041 505 8000 E W

T 011 776 8700 E W

Services Consulting firm specialising in engineering and energy solutions

Services Construction; Developments; Building and housing; Infrastructure; Pipelines; Pipe services; Sanitation


GENESIS GREEN STEEL T 041 372 2113 E W Services Turnkey design; Manufacture supply; Construct light gauge steel projects

T 011 717 7703 E W

Additional Suppliers • Also see Consulting Engineers; Contractors; Environmental Services

consulting; Specialist technical services





Services Urban development and planning; Sustainability development; Urban politics and governance; Energy-efficient buildings and cities; Architectural design and construction


T 011 805 5414 E W Services Mechanical engineering; Electrical engineering; Sustainable green consulting; Project and programme management

ARUP T 011 218 7600 E W Services Building design; Economics and planning; Infrastructure design; Management

BOSCH PROJECTS T 021 914 2756 E W Services Water; Wastewater; Building development; Roads and land development; Industrial agriculture; Sugar and sugar equipment; Renewable energy; Project management and engineering

C3 CLIMATE CONTROL CONSULTING ENGINEERS T 011 608 1851 E W Services HVAC – Heating; air conditioning; Ventilation; Extraction; Data centres; Vertical transportation – Lifts; Lift traffic studies and escalators

VUSA COLLABORATIVE T 083 259 4113 E W Services City architecture; Urban management; urban development

issue 41 // // 125

122 Services Directory.indd 125

2017/11/03 1:05 PM

CINTRO CONSULTING ENGINEERS T 012 345 1533 E W cintro Services Office buildings; Substations; LV and MV Reticulation; Street lighting; Residential; Light industrial

DLINK HOLDINGS T 011 512 0096 E W Services Provision of research, advisory, consulting and project management services for – Climate change adaptation and mitigation; Hydrology; Resource management; Natural resource management; JSE Social Responsibility Index (SRI) assessments; Institutional capacity building; Carbon disclosure reporting

EMCON CONSULTING GROUP T +264 61 224 725 E W Services Energy specialists; Building services; Project management

E3 ENERGY GROUP T 021 905 9715 E W

Services Infrastructure delivery; Health, Education; Water and sanitation sectors; Roads

INVELAPHI ENGINEERING T 013 752 5614 W Services Mechanical engineering; Electrical engineering; Generic engineering; Facility condition assessment; Facilities management; Equipment operations

KANTEYS & TEMPLER T 021 405 9600 E W Services Civil; Structural; Mechanical; Electrical; Geotechnical; Petrochemical; Environmental; Urban and rural development; Roads and transportation

LULEKA CONSULTING ENGINEERS T 011 824 5807 E W Services Structural engineering; Geotechnical engineering; Roads and stormwater; Township development; Housing


Services Engineers – Heating; Cooling; ESP Solar Power

T 021 531 4452 E W

EVN AFRICA T 015 291 2020 E W

Services Architectural acoustic design; Architectural acoustic modelling and auralisation; Noise control and acoustic specifications

Services Project management; Water and sanitation; Structural; Agricultural; Roads; Design and Planning



T 031 765 7752 E W Services Civil and structural engineering; Project management; Construction management;

Water and sanitation; Housing; Transportation engineering; Traffic impact analyses; Street and road design; Utility analysis and design; Signal and street lighting design; Traffic growth management plans; Traffic demand management and speed zone investigation; Roadway planning and design; Intersection and roadway design/pavement evaluation and design

MOTT MACDONALD T 021 820 5900 E W Services International engineering consultancy – Buildings; Digital Infrastructure; Education; Environment; Health; Industry; International development; Oil and gas; Power; Transport; Urban development; Water

NAKO GROUP T 012 685 0900 E W Services Environmental management; Infrastructure; Management services; Mining; Industrial; Structures; Transportation; Electrical; Chemical

PURE CONSULTING T 011 447 9554 E W Services Structural, civil and facade design practices with a sustainable approach to engineering

ROYAL HASKONING DHV T 021 936 7600 E W Services Engineering and project management; Urban and rural development; Asset management; Building structural design and technology; Environmental and sustainability services; Industrial process engineering; Infrastructure and design

RPP KZN CONSULTING ENGINEERS T 031 303 2602 E W Services HVAC consulting mechanical engineers

SMEC SOUTH AFRICA T 021 417 2900 E W Services Design and engineering solutions – Project conceptualisation; Feasibility; Planning; Design; Construction; Operation and maintenance; Social services

SOTIRALIS CONSULTING ENGINEERS T 012 991 0516 E W Services Structural engineering; General building and civil engineering works

SPOORMAKER & PARTNERS T 012 663 3125 E W Services Mechanical; Electrical; Energy and water management; Fire Protection; Wet services

SRL SOUTH AFRICA T 021 680 5305 E W Services Specialist consultants – Acoustics; Noise and vibration

SUTHERLAND ENGINEERS T 021 425 0065 E W Services Structural, civil, mechanical, electrical and facade engineering services

126 // // issue 41

122 Services Directory.indd 126

2017/11/03 1:05 PM


V3 CONSULTING ENGINEERS T 044 691 2305 E W Services Comprehensive consulting service in all aspects of civil and structural engineering

WORLD WIDE INDUSTRIAL & SYSTEMS ENGINEERS (WWISE) T 086 109 9473 E W Services ISO Implementation; Auditing; Training and Maintenance. ISO 9001:2015 - ISO 14001:2015 - OHSAS 18001/ISO 45001 - ISO 27001:2013 - ISO 20 000-1:2011 - ISO 50 001:2013 - ISO 22 000:2005

WSP T 011 361 1300 E W Services Sustainability consulting and designing; Engineering services; Property and building management; Infrastructure, Industrial, Energy and environmental projects

CONTRACTORS BALOO PLUMBING T 021 418 1123 E W Services Construction plumbing and maintenance; New geyser installation; Complete plumbing installation; Restaurant refurbishment and turnkey projects; Solar geysers; Geyser repair and maintenance; Kitchen renovations; Restaurant plumbing maintenance; hotel plumbing maintenance; Drain rod unblocking and industrial jetting machine; Leak detection; Rainwater harvesting systems

BARROW CONSTRUCTION T 011 727 3600 E W Services Construction

BOVELL ROSS PROJECT MANAGEMENT T 082 465 9514 E W Services Project and construction management


Services Rammed earth construction


Services Land procurement; Project planning and cost analysis; Project management; Property development; Turnkey construction of projects, including site services; Infrastructure development

FACILITIES SUPPORT GROUP (FS GROUP) T 011 011 2200 E Services Office fit-out and refurbishments; Space planning; Design; Project management; Construction management; Turnkey design and building services

GHC AFRICA HOLDINGS AND ORIGIN AFRICA PROJECT T 011 706 0615 E / W / Services Commercial management; Construction management; Development management; Project management

GREEN DESIGN T 044 384 0167 E W Services Green building design and construction

T 011 794 1177 E W Services Specialists in commercial, industrial and residential developments; Super basements; Bulk earthworks and platforms; Sport field levelling and drainage; Parking areas and road entrances; Stormwater, water and sewer lines; Rehabilitation of landfill sites; Retaining walls

SFI GROUP T 0860 555 734 E W Services Technical maintenance outsourcing HVAC and electrical maintenance; Refurbishment and retrofit projects

THE CONSTRUCTION COMPANY T 021 510 1951 E W Services Recognised leader in quality of construction, safety and client satisfaction

TIBER CONSTRUCTION T 011 430 7700 E W Services Building contractors

MURRAY AND ROBERTS T 011 456 6200 E W Services Oil and gas; Underground mining; Power and water; Infrastructure and buildings


TIRO SECHABA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY T 082 857 5926 E W Services Commercial developments; Retail centres; Factories; Offices; Restorations and alterations; Developments; Hospitals and clinics; Roads; Stormwater

issue 41 // // 127

122 Services Directory.indd 127

2017/11/03 1:05 PM

VE RETICULATION COMPANY SOUTHERN AFRICA T 044 697 7662 E W Services Electrical contracting; Supply, installation and commissioning of electrical infrastructure


BFBA CONSULTANTS T 021 421 0860 E W Services Electrical consulting services

MAGNET ENERGY T 031 274 1053 E W

T 011 321 7200 E W

Services Turnkey electrical solutions

Services Building construction; Civil engineering; Roads and earthworks



Services All aspects of the electrical contracting field, specialising primarily in – Office buildings; Shopping centres; Hotels and casinos; Industrial buildings; Clinics; Hospitals; Housing; High-rise apartments; General reticulation projects

T 031 266 4879 E W Services Turnkey fit-out and refurbishment specialists

Additional Suppliers • Also see Civil Engineers; Electrical Engineers; Construction Materials; Consulting Engineers


T 011 202 2420 E W

SNA CONSULTING ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS T 031 465 3020 E W Services Green building installations; Renewable energy; Energy auditing and management; Reticulation; Building services; Hospital services; Industrial electrical services; Sport stadiums; Mechanical services

Additional Suppliers Also see Consulting Engineers

Services Electrical and electronic; Renewable energy (solar)

BDE CONSULTING ENGINEERS T 044 801 9700 E W Services Electrical engineering


CAPE EA PRAC T 044 874 0365 E W

T 021 882 8261 E W

Services Environmental assessment practitioners – Environmental impact assessment; Policies and plans; Awareness and training programmes; Feasibility assessments

Services XA-rational assessments; Building performance modelling; Green Star SA modelling and reports; Daylight, glare and thermal comfort; Wind analysis; CFD airflow


STRUCTATHERM PROJECTS T 021 975 2419 E W Services SANS 10400XA Energy usage in buildings; Energy efficiency; Rational designs; SANS 10400XA training; Energy design and regulations for buildings; Energy modelling and management services

Additional Suppliers • Also see Architecture; Consulting Engineers; Green Building Consultants, Sustainability Consultants

ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES AFZELIA ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS T 031 303 2835 E W Services Environmental impact assessment; Local and international mining services; Public participation and translation; Project management; Hydrogeology investigations; Risk assessment and management at petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated sites; Environmental awareness seminars and training services; Strategic environmental policy and planning services; Occupational health and safety

T 086 112 4228 E W Services Environmental solutions; Dust solutions; Water solutions; Fire solutions

ISIDIMA DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT T 021 531 0429 E W Services Civil, environmental and ecological engineering; Hydrology and water management; Design and development of sanitation technologies; Water-sensitive urban design and sustainable urban drainage; Community-based implementation, Operation and maintenance; Decentralised infrastructure

NTC GROUP T 011 462 2022 E W Services Environmental compliance and sustainability consulting

SEATON T 012 667 2107 E W Services Environmental Planning and management; Environmental compliance officer services; Water use applications; GIS and mapping; Tourism development and marketing; Special interest tours to Southern Africa; Wildlife documentaries

128 // // issue 41

122 Services Directory.indd 128

2017/11/03 1:05 PM


SHANGONI MANAGEMENT T 012 807 7036 E W Services Environmental, health and safety consulting specialising in solutions for management systems – Legal compliance; Risk management; Technical, safety and environmental management

Additional Suppliers • Also see Consulting Engineers

GREEN BUILDING CONSULTANTS AGAMA ENERGY T 021 701 1754 E W Services Green building services; Renewable energy consulting; Sustainable design services

ECOCENTRIC T 011 447 2811 E W Services Green building certification (Green Star SA, LEED & EDGE); Energy modelling (Thermal & Daylight); Interior Architecture; Commissioning

ECOLUTION T 021 385 0909 E W Services Building commissioning process; Energy modelling; Green building certification; Green building design; Sustainability consulting


Services Green building consultancy (Green Star, LEED, WELL Being and EcoStandard Ecoproduct); Green education; Commercial interior architecture


Additional Suppliers • Also see Architecture; Energy Modelling; Renewable Energy; Sustainability Consultants



Services Innovative construction products assessment

T 021 426 4050 E W

ASPASA T 011 791 3327 E W Services Representing companies producing aggregate and sand, better known as operating quarries, sand pits and crushing operations

SOLID GREEN T 011 447 2797 E W Services Consulting services – City architecture; Urban management; Urban development


T 011 805 5002 E W Products The association representing expanded polystyrene manufacturers, raw material suppliers and equipment suppliers in South Africa - Walls; Floors; Roofs; Sheets; Flotation; Blocks; Display; Shape moulded; Packaging

Services Green Star certification; Energy solutions; Green building consulting; Education

Services Passive and low-energy design; Water management strategy; Sustainable design management; Material evaluation and strategy; Building rating systems


CSIR T 012 841 2000 E W Services Scientific and technology research, development and implementation organisation for socio-economic growth

GREEN BUILDING COUNCIL SOUTH AFRICA T 086 104 2272 E W Services The Green Building Council SA leads the transformation of the South African property industry to ensure that buildings are designed, built and operated in an environmentally sustainable way

ICLEI-AFRICA T 021 202 0381 E W Services Local Governments for Sustainability is the leading global network of over 1500 cities, towns and regions committed to building a sustainable urban future

T 074 272 2911 E W Services Strategy; Guidance and capacity-building; Certification (Green Star); Simulations; Compliance (SANS 10400-XA)

TERRAMANZI GROUP T 021 701 5228 E W Services Environmental – Environmental permitting; Rectification; Risk evaluation; Management; Training; Green Building – Certification; Rationale Design; Professional peer review; Training and capacity-building

issue 41 // // 129

122 Services Directory.indd 129

2017/11/03 1:06 PM



T 011 317 0000 E W

T 011 782 1315 E W

Services Regulatory body for contractors in the residential building market

Services Representative body and official voice of the architectural profession in South Africa



T 011 314 4021 E W

T 011 883 0679 E W

Services Representing all sectors of the South African plastics industry, including polymer producers and importers, converters, machine suppliers, fabricators and recyclers

Services Representative body and official voice of the commercial and industrial property industry in South Africa

POLYSTYRENE PACKAGING COUNCIL T 021 010 1493 E W www. Services Represents the major players in South Africa’s polystyrene manufacturing industry. The council has expanded its operations to become a facilitator between the recyclers and suppliers of recycled polystyrene (post-consumer and post-industrial), and the buyers representing the various endmarkets.

RICS T 011 467 2857 E W Services A professional body that accredits professionals within the land, property and construction sectors

SACAP T 011 479 5000 E W Services Regulatory body for the architectural profession in South Africa

SASSDA T 011 883 0119 E W Services Stainless Steel Development Association promoting the sustainable growth and development of the industry; Technical information, advice, education, training and skills upgrading; Industry business development support in – Architectural; Building and construction/casting/importers/tube and pipe manufacturers

INTERIORS FORMIST SIGNATURE SPACES T 082 906 3755 E W Services Interior design and implementation – Residential; Commercial

FVE INTERIORS T 021 461 7045 E W Services Retail shop fitting; Commercial and corporate interiors; Hospitality designs and project management

ORVALL CORPORATE DESIGNS T 012 665 0618 E W Services Architectural design and space planning - Inception; Concept and viability; Design development; Documentation and procurement; Construction contract administration; Close-out

Services Instant lawn; Sports field and golf course construction; In-house irrigation design; Landscaping services

INSITE T 012 667 2780 E W Services Landscape architecture

LANDMARK STUDIOS TSK INTERIORS T 011 477 6179 E W Services Interior design and space planning; Project management; Construction management; Renovations; Tenant installations

Additional Suppliers • Also see Architecture; Contractors

LANDSCAPING CAPE CONTOURS T 021 788 1202 E W Services Zeoplant; RainQueen Corrugated planters; Worm farms; Succulent frames; Kokedama (Japanese Moss Balls); Plants; Services; Green walls (Design, installation and maintenance); Residential garden design; Pot collection; Commercial tenders

EASY GRASSE T 021 820 4739/082 411 8398 E W Services Design, delivery and installation of artificial lawn

T 011 052 8700 E W Services Landscape architecture

ROTHE PLANTSCAPERS T 011 492 0450 E W Services Full landscaping design; Installation and maintenance; Tree felling; Weed and alien control; Interior plant supply and maintenance; Irrigation; Water feature design and installation; Horticultural training

SYNTHETIC SPORTS SURFACES T 083 236 1155 E W Services Supply and installation of artificial turf

TARNA KLITZNER LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS T 021 686 2917 E Services Landscaping service

Additional Suppliers • Also see Architecture; Urban Design & Planning; Products: Miscellaneous; Services: Miscellaneous

EVERGREEN TURF T 011 948 7913 E W

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122 Services Directory.indd 130

2017/11/03 1:06 PM

© Hotel Verde


PROFESSIONAL SERVICES CLIFFE DEKKER HOFMEYR T 011 562 1000 E W Services The Wind Energy Association’s law firm; Full service commercial law firm





Services Contract documentation; Commercial support; Dispute management and resolutions; Training



Services Land retail property development

Services Turnkey development; Finance; Programme management; Utility solutions; Business property strategies; Structured property finance; Property investments; Commercial and office accommodation; Industrial developments; Project management; Outdoor media and advertising; Professional consultancy

T 011 648 9500 E W

T 011 644 4200 E W Services Insurance, investment, healthcare and financial planning solutions exclusively for graduate professionals

Services Domestic and export trade credit insurance; Bid/ Tender bonds; Retention bonds; Performance bonds; Advanced payments bonds



T 021 110 0799 E W

T 011 269 7600 E W Services Legal services – Commercial law; Tax, Forensics & IP

FEDERATED EMPLOYER’S MUTUAL ASSURANCE COMPANY (FEM) T 011 359 4300 E W Services Merit rebates and loadings

Services Professional services; Property investment and management; Quantity surveyors

T 021 886 5262 E W

T 011 087 0200 E W

AMDEC GROUP T 021 702 3200 E W


Services Property development and investment business

ATTACQ T 010 569 8892 E W Services Invests in and develops local and international commercial property. Portfolio includes – Retail; Industrial; Office; Mixed-use; Hotels; Building management and monitoring systems; Building structures

T 011 032 3950 E W Services Property asset management; Property development; Facilities management; Projects and consulting

EBF GROUP T 071 266 5740 E W Services Providing professional integrated and innovative project development and consultancy solutions

ATTERBURY PROPERTY T 010 596 9800 E W Services Development; Asset management; Leasing; Corporate services

EMIRA PROPERTY FUND T 011 028 3100 E W Services Real estate investment trust

issue 41 // // 131

122 Services Directory.indd 131

2017/11/03 1:06 PM

GROWTHPOINT PROPERTIES T 011 944 6001 E W Services Property portfolio; Spaces to let; Investor relations

INTERNATIONAL HOUSING SOLUTIONS T 087 236 8686 E W Services Owner and tenant administration; Marketing; Contracts; Maintenance

JOBURG PROPERTY COMPANY T 010 219 9000 E W Services Portfolio management; Property asset management; Property development; Property management; Facilities management

KAGISO TISO HOLDINGS T 011 562 2500 E W Services Investments




T 021 550 7000 W

T 021 411 5000 E W

Services Commercial, industrial and residential property development

SOUTH POINT MANAGEMENT SERVICES T 011 489 1900 W Services Student accommodation development and management

SPIRE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT T 021 685 4020 E W Services Total property portfolio management

Services Property investment, development and management

Additional Suppliers • Also see Architecture; Consulting Engineers

Services Quantity surveying services

IN-HOUSE QUANTITY SURVEYORS T 032 946 0346 E W Services Scoping; Budget and scope appraisal; Procurement stage; Appointment stage; Construction stage; Final account stage; Planning; Document control

Services Property development – Student accommodation

STANDARD BANK T 0860 123 000 E W business

Services Investments in TMT; Energy; Enviro; Logistics and Infrastructure


Services Property development – Residential; Office; Retail; Industrial

T 011 217 7700 E W

T 011 784 0870 E W

T 021 794 0904 E W

Services Banking; Borrowing and investment

T 0861 333 444 E W




T 0861 639491 E W


Services Sustainable business in property investment and management


T 032 439 4000 W Services Land and property development

TUHF T 086 000 8843 E W Services Financing property investors in the inner cities of South Africa

132 // // issue 41

122 Services Directory.indd 132

2017/11/03 1:07 PM


KIWANGO QUANTITY SURVEYORS & PROJECT MANAGERS T 010 035 0820 E W Services Provision of quantity surveying services; Estimating and cost advice; Documentation and procurement; Contract administration and final account

MAINE CONSULTING QUANTITY SURVEYORS T 011 465 0096 E W Services Quantity surveyor services

MLC QUANTITY SURVEYORS T 011 283 1500 E W Services Viability analysis; Cost planning; Procurement – Tender documentation; Bills of quantities; Tendering and negotiation; Cost management; Contractual control; Project coordination and control of turnkey and lump sum contracts; Cost management or infrastructure and engineering services contracts; Reinstatement cost estimates for insurance purposes

PENTAD QUANTITY SURVEYORS T 011 548 4000 E W Services Quantity surveying services; Property development advisors; Construction economic analysis; Budget estimates and cost planning; Design and construction evaluation; Advice on alternative design parameters; Value engineering; Contract documentation; Scrutinising and analysing tenders and quotes

PRODIGIOUS CONSULTANTS AND PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANTS T 021 110 0799 E W Services Professional services; Property investment and management; Quantity surveyors

SHEVEL & SIMPSON T 021 465 8585 E Services Quantity surveying services



T 011 799 7104 E sean.mandy@neopakrecycling. W


Services Paper compacting and baling; Office collections; Shredding; Archive clear-outs; Certified document destruction; Recycling aids; Recycling programmes

Products Solar PV installation, Repairs and maintenance; Energy efficiency consultation; Building integrated PV; Energy management; Electrical contracting

T 021 852 4692 E W


RECLITE T 021 934 0039 E W Services Recycling of all lamps

USE-IT T 031 765 2349 E W

T 086 898 000 E W Services Energy solutions for various applications – Generators; Diesel engines; Parts and Solar thin film PV


Services Waste beneficiation; Waste diversion; Waste materials recovery

T 072 340 6234 E W Products Biogas; Turnkey renewable energy plants providing cost-effective electricity from agricultural waste

issue 41 // // 133

122 Services Directory.indd 133

2017/11/03 1:07 PM





T 021 424 1938 E W

T 082 809 0190 E W

T 0413661911 E W

T 021 421 9764 E W

Services Solar PV and hot water solutions; Solar engineering; Green building

Services Supreme solar solutions â&#x20AC;&#x201C; System design and component selection; Installation and training; Maintenance; Verification

Services Contour and fixed tilt; Contour and tracker; Anchoring solutions; Rooftop systems; Installations; Certification (SANS 0160/EN1991-1-4)

Services Regulatory approvals; Design; Procurement; Construction; Operation and maintenance; Energy purchase agreements

EMVELO T 010 593 0440 E W Services Resources and sustainable development infrastructure company

GENESIS ECO-ENERGY T 083 460 3898 E W Services Renewable energy developments; Wind energy projects; Solar projects; Solar rooftop and embedded generation; Wind farm development; BioEnergy; Ocean and marine hydropower

MLT POWER T 087 943 2299 E W Services Installation of solar inverters; Solar panels; Renewable energy batteries; Solar accessories; Solar system installations; Inverter repairs; Solar system maintenance

PENDO ENERGY SOLUTIONS T 010 035 0232 E W Services Design and project management of renewable energy; Substations; Power lines; Cable networks; Building services; Housing projects

SIG ENERGY INVESTMENTS T 043 748 1557 E W Services Renewable energy and sustainable technology investment firm; Sustainable building consultants; Project development; Renewable policy consulting

SMA SOLAR TECHNOLOGY SA T 021 826 0600 E W Services PV power plants; PV diesel hybrid; Residential PV systems; Commercial systems; Independent power supply, Gridtied and off-grid solutions

SOLAR AFRICA T 087 095 0553 E W Services Owns, installs, operates and maintains solar systems

SOLARSUN SOLUTIONS T 082 787 0172 E W Services Personalised quotations for PV grid-tied and off-grid systems; Consulting and design; Professional installations; Maintenance programmes

134 // // issue 41

122 Services Directory.indd 134

2017/11/03 1:07 PM


SOVENTIX T 021 852 7333 E W Services Solar farms – Project development; Financial development; EPC; Operation and monitoring

TERRA FIRMA SOLUTIONS T 021 300 1620 E W Services Solar PV plant; Software; Training academy

Additional Suppliers • Also see Consulting Engineers; Electrical Engineers; Green Building Consultants; Products: Renewable Energy

STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS BOMAINPASA BAC T +34 91 702 1584 E W Services Consultancy; Site supervision; Materials laboratory; Inspections and site testing; Project management; Studies and simulations

E4 CONSTRUCTION T 011 465 5200 E W Services Construction services in residential, multi-storey, warehousing, modular building, hospitals/clinics and schools. Methodologies – Structural insulated panels; Light steel framing; Conventional building; Concrete; High-end residential; Modular building systems as well as commercial and industrial buildings

Additional Suppliers • Also see Civil Engineers; Consulting Engineers

SUSTAINABILITY CONSULTANTS DESIGN FOR ABUNDANCE T 083 473 3629 E Services Consulting on matters of sustainability in the built environment, from building to urban scale, with offices in South Africa and Mauritius

ECO HARMONY T 012 654 3808 E W Services Sustainability consulting; GBCSA Green Star SA APs; Residential eco and power consultants and advisors; Project management professionals

ECOSIS T (+230) 464 0455 E W Services Green buildings; Sustainable communities; Energy; Social impact strategy; Partnership brokering; Green building technology (natural pools and green roof systems)

GCX AFRICA T 021 702 4058 E W Services Sustainability in business – Carbon management; Energy management; Water management; Waste management; Supply chain optimisation

GAUGE T 082 857 1318 E W Services Multidisciplinary specialist consulting practice focusing on sustainability, inclusion, and the built environment

issue 41 // // 135

122 Services Directory.indd 135

2017/11/03 1:08 PM


Services Architects and urban planners




T 082 903 4457 E W

T 021 531 9864 E W Services Water conservation systems, including rainwater harvesting; Greywater systems and water purification

Services Natural building consultants

T 021 671 1138 E W

Services Water recycling solutions; Distributor of Dehoust


Services Planning; Urban design; Architecture; Development work related to the spatial, economic, social and quality of life of people and settlements


T 021 788 6538 W Services Sustainability team support; Project management; Training and capacity building; Sustainability reporting; Event greening

Additional Suppliers • Also see Architecture; Consulting Engineers; Green Building Consultants

URBIS T 021 202 0383 E W Services Town planning



Services Urban development economists

ACTUALITY T 072 810 2715 E W Services Urban systems intervention design and process management; Training and capacitybuilding; Speaking engagements

ARG DESIGN T 021 4482666 E W Services Urban design – Spatial development frameworks; Building guidelines, Site development; Architecture – Design; Construction administration; Green building advice; Town/city planning – Rezoning; Subdivision; Low-income housing and informal settlements; Transportation


Additional Suppliers • Also see Architecture; Industry Bodies; Consulting Engineers


T 087 980 0327 E W Services Mobile packaged water treatment; Waste water treatment; Rain and greywater harvesting and treatment

BIOBOX T 086 124 6269 W Services Sewage treatment and recycling for reuse; Rainwater harvesting systems; Uninterrupted and backup water systems; Water purification systems for softening, filtration and disinfection

Products and Services Chemical waste destruction; Pharmaceutical waste destruction; Medical waste treatment; Tyre waste management; On-site waste management; Land remediation; Recycling and disposal of general waste; Transport and logistics of hazardous toxic waste; Supply of waste packaging; Training on waste management; Environmental consulting services

• Also see Consulting Engineers; Contractors; Environmental Services; Products: Water

MISCELLANEOUS BIOMIMICRY SA T 076 578 6574 E W Services Online training and education; Biomimicry consulting

BOOMGATE SYSTEMS GO2GREEN ECO & WATER SOLUTIONS T 021 851 7258 E W Services Bioremediation; Greywater systems; Rainwater harvesting; Environmental management systems; Specialised consultation

A-THERMAL T 011 316 1800 E W

Additional Suppliers

T 021 551 0849 E W Services Design and layout of entry and exit lanes; New and custom-made access control products; Sheet metal work; Power coating; Electroplating; Sandblasting


T 011 472 4664 E W

T 022 492 2749 E W

Services Fire compliance; SHEQ; Specialised fire systems

Services Installation of intelligent technologies; Rainwater harvesting; Greywater recycling; Blackwater treatment; Water backup; Pool water recycling; Water shedding protection

GALLAGHER T 011 971 4200 E W Services Technology solutions; Security and risk management; Personnel workflow; Operational continuity

136 // // issue 41

122 Services Directory.indd 136

2017/11/03 1:08 PM


GAUTENG PILING T 011 465 7751 E W Services Auger piling; Micropiling; Underpinning; Limited access piling; Geotechnical piling

NU FLOW T 087 160 0386/011 425 3379 E W Services Restoring failing pipe systems with eco-friendly green technologies

PAMBOUKIAN LIGHT DESIGN T 011 880 2831 E W Services Light designs services – Hospitality; Leisure; Retail; Public and corporate events; Culture and residential

PROJ-I-TECH T 011 609 4977 E W Services Lift and escalator consultants – Due diligence audits; Annual “on-going” consulting; Detailed equipment condition evaluation and report; Maintenance agreement contracts; Bid and negotiation services; Modernisation specifications; New construction projects

RESOLUTION CIRCLE T 010 020 3300 E W Services Small-scale manufacturing; Chemistry tech station; Events and hosting; Tech stationery; R&D lab rental

Services Integrated facilities management; Technical services; Cleaning; Hygiene; Pest control; Office plants; Water; Landscaping; Turf; Security; Parking management; Catering; Remote camp management; Marine services; Customised VIP protection and services; Aircraft charter services

equipment, modernisations and inspections of lifts, escalators and hoists; Comprehensive consulting service for lifts, escalators, hoists and moving walkways; Conduct regulatory and safety inspections for lifts, escalators and hoists to ensure that units are compliant with Department of Labour regulations



T 011 886 2660 E W

T 012 347 7879 E W

Services Audio-visual implementation for control rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums; Video conferencing; Control; Audio; Displays and projectors

Services Mine and land surveys; Aerial surveys; Construction surveys; 3D laser scanning and modelling



T 011 715 3600 E W


T 086 122 2556 E W

T 086 022 5584 E W

Services Project managers for the design and installation of new

Services Financial services; Consumer goods; Coal mining; Power; Cement manufacturing; Tourism and gaming

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122 Services Directory.indd 137

2017/11/03 1:08 PM

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2017/11/02 10:14 AM


Award winning LED lighting solutions

Desirable LED lighting for any new project Tel: 011 234 4878

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2017/11/02 10:15 AM

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UARY 2018

2017 - JAN




Receive earthworks for a year at only R150!*


*Registered tertiary students pay R90. Additional postage costs apply if outside South Africa.

How to subscribe

G TALL STAratNingDheIN ritage at

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Celeb museum uMkhumbane

itute Testing Inst ge, Product : Bisate Lod PRO JEC TS ies s and Brewer ORT : Winerie SPE CIA L REP rmality igning for Info URB AN: Des ks and Pavers S: Bricks, Bloc MA TER IAL


021 447 0822 “earthsub” to 33102

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Engineered to keep your roof

Best Performing WIDE-COVERAGE CONCEALED FIX System on the market



• Achieves 2kPa* hold down in negative wind uplift load tests at maximum span • State-of-the-art clip** features a solid anchor base, ensuring unyielding clip engagement at every rib • Unique system provides enhanced underlapping edge stability • The clip angle is maintained ensuring that shoulders remain in contact with edge spur • Deep pans with longitudinal rib embossing strengthens the sheet and allows for excellent water run-off and minimal dust collection *

Results after a 30% safety reduction factor


Design Registration# F2017/00455

Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Polokwane, Nelspruit, Bloemfontein. Email: | Further branches throughout SADC, Southern and Eastern Africa.

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Profile for earthworks magazine

Earthworks December 2017 – January 2018  

Earthworks magazine focuses on sustainability in the built environment and green building and architecture. This issue includes features on...

Earthworks December 2017 – January 2018  

Earthworks magazine focuses on sustainability in the built environment and green building and architecture. This issue includes features on...