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Earth Tech: Grouting Solutions Welcome to Earth Tech, a geotechnical construction company serving homeowners in Florida by providing proven solutions to sinkhole problems. Owning a home represents a tremendous investment, and the thought of losing that investment because of a sinkhole is a legitimate concern. When sinkholes happen, finding a company qualified to help you can be difficult. Since 1991, Earth Tech has provided peace of mind to more than 2,000 Florida homeowners whose homes were affected by sinkholes. Hopefully, this will never happen to your home, but if it does, it is important that you realize there is a solution that works, and Earth Tech is the company to call. In order to understand how our solutions work, Earth Tech believes it is important for you to understand the problem of sinkholes and how they happen.

Grouting: An Effective Solution Remember how we said that the flowing water enlarges the passageways in the limestone and allows soil particles to be carried deep into the earth? Grouting seals off those passageways in the Limestone and prevents the soil from moving downward. Initially, the geotechnical engineer develops a plan locating the grout injection points within the effected area. Earth Tech then drills steel casing into the ground, all the way to the top of the Limestone. These pipes will be used to inject the grout material at the top of the problem area and into the soils above to restore the stability of your home. The grout material is a cement based product that Earth Tech normally produces in our own batch plant. It looks like mortar that you might lay bricks with. Grout is delivered in concrete mixer trucks which dispense the material into the pump. The grout travels through lines and hoses that are attached to the injection pipes that were drilled into the ground. As it is injected under pressure, the grout fills the voids and passageways and densifies the soil that has been weakened as a result of the sinkhole activity. As the injection pipes are withdrawn, each zone of soil is treated from the bottom of the drill hole to the top. This is how we can be sure your sinkhole problem is stabilized.

Why Earth Tech? While the problem and the solution may sound simple, they are not. We have invested years of development and millions of dollars to provide you with unmatched service and the most experienced team in the stabilization industry. Earth Tech has developed and built specialized equipment and finely tuned processes to insure you of the certainty that your sinkhole problem is solved. Our supervisors average more years of service in the stabilization business than any other company, and, they gained their experience with us, so we know they were trained correctly. In order to provide a constant supply of grout material and insure a timely completion of your project, we built our own Batch Plant and use it exclusively to supply Earth Tech grouting jobs. No other company devotes as many resources to your project as Earth Tech. Earth Tech is committed to you. Let us help you with your sinkhole problem. You will be glad you did. We stake our reputation and our future on every job.

How Sinkholes Happen The Florida landscape consists mostly of sandy soils with a porous limestone bedrock beneath. As water from rain flows through the soil, it becomes mildly acidic and, in geologic time, develops passageways and cavities within the limestone. Over time, the passageways can enlarge enough that

in addition to water flowing through them, they also permit soil particles to move into the limestone. This is the beginning of a cover subsidence sinkhole and if there is something on the surface above it (like your home) it can begin to settle or sink. This is just like sand flowing through an hour glass into the void below.

This is the most common type of sinkhole. Given the proper diagnosis and a well designed stabilization plan, this problem can be successfully resolved. This is no easy task... You need a specialist. For cover subsidence sinkholes the most common solution is Grouting.

SELECTING A CONTRACTOR IS A BIG DECISION..... CHOOSE WISELY At Earth Tech, we work hard to turn your present sinkhole problem into a memory. From our shiny white trucks to our respectful employees, we will make your home our priority. Choose Earth Tech and you will have the commitment of the most experienced stabilization company in the business with all the resources to support our commitment to you. A sinkhole is a serious problem.. Especially if it is under your home. This may be a new problem to you, but it is all we’ve been working on since 1991. We’ve helped over 2,000 homeowners just like you. One at a time. The choice is yours... The right choice is Earth Tech.

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Earth Tech Grouting Brochure